In the following criminal cases, the WatchTower Society - Jehovah's Witnesses religion served as the spiritual element of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's formative environment, or otherwise served as a major influencer of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's behavior. The following cases are often tragic, and speak for themselves.



The WatchTower Society has proclaimed in its AWAKE! magazine that Jehovah's Witnesses are "the best oriented, happiest, and most content group of people on the face of the earth. They get along better with each other than do people of any other religion, tribe, or social group. [Jehovah's Witnesses] have the least need for psychiatrists."

In contrast, a former Jehovah's Witness Convert who had spent 8 years as a Jehovah's Witness Elder, including serving as the Presiding Overseer of a Massachusetts congregation, later revealed that during his relatively short tenure at that single Massachusetts congregation, that that Massachusetts congregation's Body Of Elders had had to deal with four Jehovah's Witness Couples who were engaging in wife-swapping; five incidents of Jehovah's Witnesses physically assaulting others -- including use of weapons; one case of drugs being sold at the Kingdom Hall; and a variety of miscellaneous domestic abuse cases, sexual abuse cases, thefts, etc. Yes, the WatchTower Cult is a virtual "spiritual paradise".

*****************                 *****************

NEW HAMPSHIRE v. DAVID UNTO PETRELL is an ongoing 2020-22 New Hampshire criminal prosecution of David U. Petrell, then of Ashland, New Hampshire. On a Friday evening in March 2020, at around 7:00 PM, Holderness police received an anonymous telephone call CLAIMING that David Petrell was on his way to the Holderness NH Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses with the intention of committing suicide. (Friday nights are a favorite with JW Elders for holding Judicial Committee hearings.) Quickly responding police found an inebriated and armed David Petrell, then age 37, inside the Kingdom Hall. The highly intoxicated Petrell obeyed police commands to lay down his weapons, and fortunately the Holderness police were not the typical shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later dumbasses that now abound in many law enforcement agencies. Despite reports to the contrary, shots fired by Petrell were outside the Kingdom Hall, as was the pouring of the gasoline (on the door).

David Unto Petrell is the son of PROMINENT Jehovah's Witness Elder Paul U. Petrell, of Milford, Maine. Paul Petrell, a real estate developer, died prematurely in 1988, when David Perell was only five years old. Helen Petrell, a paralegal, never remarried, but reared David and his four siblings on her own. Helen Petrell was a Catholic convert who apparently was converted to the WatchTower Cult during her two-year service with the Peace Corp in Brazil during the 1960s.

David U. Petrell was an honor roll student in high school, who also was approved as an "exemplary" Jehovah's Witness to work on RBC projects. Prior to the events of March 2020, David Petrell's only run-ins with police were possibly alcohol related traffic incidents. At his arraignment, David Petrell entered "not guilty" pleas to charges of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, and arson to an occupied/historic structure. Outcomes unknown.


SOUTH DAKOTA v. BRENT L. HANSON is an ongoing 2021-22 South Dakota FAMILICIDE prosecution. Brent Hanson is a former WATCHTOWER BETHELITE, who allegedly was discharged from WATCHTOWER FARMS for sexually deviant conduct in the 1980s. Brent Hanson and his seven siblings were reared as Jehovah's Witnesses in Milbank, South Dakota, by JW Mother Margaret Iona Hanson, who was baptized in 1960.

Brent L. Hanson, age 57, is charged with the gruesome deaths of his brother Clyde E. Hanson, age 59, and his much younger 9-months pregnant wife, Jessica Hanson, age 29, who reportedly was under the care of mental health professionals. Brent Hanson co-owned a multi-unit apartment home with Clyde Hanson and Jessica Hanson. Brent Hanson beat his brother to death with a baseball bat on a Sunday, while Jessica was away. Brent Hanson hacked Jessica to death with a machete when she returned home on Monday. Brent Hanson cared for the couple's unharmed three year-old son until Brent turned himself into police on Wednesday.

Allegedly, elderly Clyde Hanson met young Jessica back around 2015 on a specialized Jehovah's Witness matchmaker website. They supposedly married after meeting in person only one time. Both Jehovah's Witness families allegedly have members who have been treated by mental health professionals. This is almost point-by-point about what we have warned "marriage shoppers" elsewhere in this website.


SOUTH DAKOTA v. MORRIS WAYNE HANSON was a 2011 South Dakota SERIAL CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution. Morris W. Hanson, age 67, currently is serving 38.5 years in state prison after PLEADING GUILTY to one count of first degree rape in Milbank, in 2011, when he was also age 57. Ineligible for parole until 2040. Morris Hanson was originally charged with sexually molesting and raping three local children under the age of 13 between 2008 and 2010.




OREGON v. RANDY LEE GUZEK was/is a 1987-2020? Oregon MURDER case in which the 18 year-old  perpetrator received the DEATH PENALTY. On Sunday night, June 28, 1987, 18 year-old Randy Guzek, of Redmond, Oregon, and friends, Mark Wilson and Ross Cathey, armed themselves before going to the rural home of Rod and Lois Houser with the intent of either burglarizing or robbing/murdering the residents. The Housers were the hated guardians of Guzek's recent ex-girlfriend, and they wound up being murdered and robbed. The Trio was soon arrested. Wilson and Cathey confessed, implicating Guzek. Both men testified against Guzek in exchange for reduced sentences. A jury found Randy Lee Guzek guilty of two counts of aggravated murder and sentenced him to death. The typical death penalty appeals followed until 2015, and even thereafter.

The GUZEK INC. crime spree was only three months old. Prior to that, Randy Guzek had been a 3.9 GPA "honor roll" student, a "high school tutor", and the winner of a national award in "engineering". It was in March 1987 when Randy Guzak and various accomplices first began to burglarize what was estimated to be 50-100 homes in Deschutes and neighboring counties.

Local Jehovah's Witnesses did a great job keeping the WatchTower Cult from being tied to California-transplant Randy Guzek, but the "leftovers" leave just enough hints to determine that there was at least some hidden connection. Multiple Jehovah's Witnesses in Deschutes and neighboring counties were the victims of Gulek's burglaries, and those victimized JWs had to admit to investigators that their homes had been burglarized while they were attending JW meetings -- both local and circuit. Although several JW homeowners testified against Randy Gulak, the news media quoted only Guzek's recent new friend, Mark Wilson, regarding Guzek's connection to the WatchTower Cult -- who testified that Guzek had "joined" the Jehovah's Witnesses solely to learn when they would be away from their homes. People unfamiliar with JWs may fall for that BS, but noone with even the slightest knowledge about the inner workings of the WatchTower Cult would swallow such crap.


BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA FAMILY OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES v. SHERWOOD FOREST CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, PATRICE HOOKFIN, ET AL. (2004-21) This is a series of failed Louisiana civil court cases which resulted from multiple sexual assaults which occurred to a African-American minor female one night in May 2003. These are the allegations asserted by the plaintiffs.

Jehovah's Witness Parents Walter W. Price and Mysterie Price (now divorced/remarried) gave permission for their 13 year-old daughter, FPrice, to spend the night with 20 year-old Patrice Hookfin (now married and employed as a schoolteacher), so that they could get an early start in "field service" the following morning. The Price Family were told that the two girls would be staying at the home of Patrice's mother, Margaret Hookfin, who was a "Regular Pioneer", and hosted weekly "Congregation Book Studies" at her home. Instead, Patrice Hookfin and FPrice ended up at a house-party where FPrice became extremely inebriated and was repeatedly sexually assaulted by five or more attendees.

FPrice was eventually dropped-off at her JW Parents house sometime the following afternoon. Still intoxicated, FPrice was taken to the hospital, where the sexual assaults were documented. Interestingly, when the Prices confronted Margaret Hookfin, she allegedly stated that Patrice Hookfin and FPrice had left her home that morning at around 7:30 AM to go out in "field service". FPrice alleged that she had not been at Margaret Hookfin's home all night/day.

After the Price Family reported the events to their BOE at the Sherwood Forest Kingdom Hall, Patrice Hookfin was "disfellowshipped", and FPrice was "publicly reproved". At the judicial committee hearings, Mysterie Price was not permitted to participate, and neither would any of the congregation elders speak with her about the matter. Only Walter Price was permitted to accompany FPrice. (See this website's HOMEPAGE about notifying the authorities when this occurs.) The Price Family further alleges that most congregation members soon knew many of the details, and that one "elderette" even asked FPrice if she were pregnant as a result of the multiple sexual assaults.



Julian C. Clinton was born January 24th, 1970 in Newport, Rhode Island to Charles and the late Yvonne Elder Clinton. He was also the stepson of Beverly Clinton. He accepted Jehovah at an early age and a man of faith. He was an active member of the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall. ... He was a long-time member of AA [ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS] and NA [NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS] where he enjoyed motivating and speaking with other. ...


OPINION: Meet the Moultons, the worst family in Sarasota history.

Introducing the Moultons, the worst family in America since Charlie Manson's.

Go ahead, find one worse than this crew: Sexual abuse of grandchildren, domestic battery by strangulation of a sister, hiding for a decade after killing a young mother, and -- get this -- they still found time to run two assisted living facilities in our area for residents with dementia.

No, really, you have to hand it to these guys. Even the Manson Family couldn't multi-task like this. They just killed people. That was about it. The Moultons gave sponge baths in between their crimes.

How the state of Florida has allowed the Moultons to operate in Sarasota and Manatee counties is sickening. Just think if you had placed a loved one in their care, a parent who had raised you, someone now slipping away. Actually, don't think about it at all.

Once, facility residents watched as a SWAT team showed up to arrest Benjamin Moulton while he was fixing the sprinkler system. Imagine looking out the window during arts and crafts time and seeing a worker being carted off in cuffs for breaking into a woman's home and pulling a knife on her.

Benjamin Moulton, 43, confessed to a homicide from 2011.

In 2005, a man named Earl Moulton and his wife Sue started Sunniland Manor in Sarasota. Three years later, they opened Silver Lake Manor in Bradenton. There are no records that indicate improper care was given, at least to the patients.

In 2010, 17 charges were filed against Earl Moulton for sexually abusing two of his granddaughters -- ages 5 and 12. Of those charges, six were capital sexual battery, and five others carried life sentences. Moulton received a minimum of 135 years in prison, which is where he died in 2016.

In the original complaint, Earl Moulton's daughter claimed he had violent incest with one of his sons, and after being confronted with it, he attempted suicide.

What he did to his grandchildren overall is simply unspeakable and will not be reported here. In 2010, according to records, he had his 5 year-old daughter "pinky promise" not to tell a secret after she spent the night. He was confronted with it and again tried to kill himself, this time with pills at his assisted living facility.

When his arrest warrant was issued, he was at a local hospital after being Baker Acted, and the home address on the warrant was Silver Lake Manor.

Detectives determined the sexual abuse began in 2007, which meant it was happening while Earl Moulton was running both assisted living facilities.

Three years after Earl Moulton's arrest, his son Earl Moulton III was charged with domestic battery by strangulation for choking his sister, the same person who filed a complaint against Earl Moulton for sexual abuse of his granddaughters. At least one of the granddaughters witnessed the choking incident, records show.

Silver Lake Manor shut down after Earl Moulton went to prison, but his wife Sue continued to operate Sunniland Assisted Living Facility in Sarasota. Still does in fact.

According to an investigation by the state's Agency of Health Care Administration, her son, Benjamin Moulton, lived at the facility, did handiwork there, and was also Chief Financial Officer for a few years.

In December 2011, according to an account in the Herald-Tribune, Benjamin Moulton drove a prostitute who was nine months pregnant to a motel by the airport for sex, choked her unconscious, raped her, and left her for dead. She lived.

A few weeks later, on Jan. 26, 2012, Moulton broke into the home of a Sarasota woman and pushed her into a bedroom while armed with a knife. He was charged with burglary and battery and listed Sunniland as his address.

Because of that arrest, the state fined Sunniland $2,000 for allowing him to stay on the property and voided his Level 2 background screening, but apparently never followed up over the years because Benjamin Moulton was still around up until last week.

That's when he did something unheard of. He walked into the Manatee County Sheriff's Office and admitted to killing 29-year-old Nicole Rose Scott on Dec. 11, 2011. Apparently, he "found Jehovah and couldn't live with the guilt."

Her body was found partially nude in a ditch north of University Parkway. She had been strangled to death, a black shirt around her neck. A knife was found a few feet from her body.

That the state allowed a killer to be around elderly residents with dementia for nearly a decade is unconscionable and needs to be investigated.

Sunniland's website, meanwhile, does not mention if any more killers are living on the property, but it does proclaim this: "Without stress, our residents live together in a small, family-like surrounding." Family-like, eh? Sounds a little stressful to me.

Source: Sarasota Herald Tribune, Chris Anderson, Columnist (edited).


People need to know what goes on behind closed doors:

Ingol woman speaks out about late mum's welfare at Leyland care home

She didn't touch her mum for 11 months until the morning of her death and was restricted to seeing her through her bedroom window.

That was the harsh reality for Lesley Ryan, who along with brother Paul, had raised numerous concerns about the welfare of her mum Marie while she was residing at the Jah-Jireh care home for Jehovah's Witnesses in Leyland.

The mum-of-three from Ingol is urging people to check up on their elderly relatives in homes and to "never give up" in ensuring they are safe after her concerns had instigated a full investigation by a health watchdog.

Lesley said she wants to encourage people to make sure their elderly relatives are being cared for

Lesley said: "I am trying to make people aware of what can go on behind closed doors and want to tell the story of how harrowing it was to see my mum on the day she died and how unbelievably shocking and heartbreaking it was.

"We finally managed to see her the morning that she died, because with Covid-19 and the lockdowns none of me or my siblings had seen her for a year. We had window visits and that was it, the home never tried to facilitate any way for us to actually see her.

"I became concerned about her health and welfare just from seeing her through the window and the state she was in. She had suffered badly with depression and her nerves and I know how much it affected her and how badly the lockdown had made it worse but it still wasn't enough for me to see her."

Her worst fears were exposed in the home's most recent report after two inspectors found the home to be 'inadequate' with 'visibly unclean' areas, soiled bathroom equipment and instances where staff put vulnerable residents at risk after failing to wear PPE or adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.

Marie Waring died just days before her 97th birthday

Lesley remembers harrowing moments seeing her mum looking 'stick thin' on the day she passed away.

She claims her mum's bedroom was dirty and unclean and that she had 'felt like a burden' when calling the home to check up on her.

And after raising her concerns with the Care Quality Commission, it carried out an investigation into the Leyland home under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act.

The Jah-Jireh care home, where Marie resided before she passed in February

Lesley claims that the care home, on Beechfield Court, had repeatedly told her that she could not go inside the home to see her mother but said she had witnessed managers letting other visitors in without PPE.

The CQC findings also revealed that the home had failed to consistently follow current legislation, adding: "the registered manager and their staff had not consistently followed current legislation, standards and best practice guidance to achieve effective outcomes. This included national COVID-19 guidance on allowing visitors into the care home."

It also found areas of the home were 'visibly unclean' with communal bathroom equipment found 'soiled' and personal equipment, such as walking aids were also dirty.

The past year continued to be detrimental to Marie's health, with Lesley adding that she had been told her mum was 'doing okay and eating well' by care home staff in the lead up to her tragic death on February 13, just two days before her 97th birthday.

Lesley and her husband Martin with a picture of her mum Marie

But seeing her on that difficult last morning proved otherwise, according to Lesley.

She added: "I had got in touch with the home many times about trying to see her on the grounds that I had noticed she was deteriorating but I was always told that she was doing okay.

"I feel like I was told lies just to keep me in the dark as her condition got worse. I was told she was doing okay and eating, but what I saw was totally different to that and I can't believe that is my last image of her.

"I had called the home on multiple occasions and was told that I had to stop calling and let the staff get on with their work, it was so rude and I just couldn't believe how cruel it was, especially during such difficult circumstances.

"When I saw her on that final morning when I was finally allowed in, I can't even begin to explain the shock I felt. She had black all over her hands and feet because she had started to die, it was just horrendous.

"She went within half an hour of us being there but after a year of not seeing her, I knew she was holding out for us and clinging on to see her family. The room was absolutely filthy and we have had no apology or acknowledgement from the home since."

"I just knew by talking to my mum and looking at her that something was wrong and it just broke all our hearts. I feel like she had been left in that room and was rotting away. We should've been allowed to see her before it got that bad but we weren't allowed in until she was on death's door.

It may now be too late for Lesley and her family, but the mum-of-three from Ingol is now encouraging people to always check that their loved ones are being cared for in residential homes.

Rights for Residents are among other organisations set up during the Covid-19 pandemic in a bid to fight against care homes for families to see their loved ones.

Lesley said: "Nothing came as a surprise to me in that care home report. It just confirmed everything I already knew and it was just absolutely heartbreaking. That home should be held accountable for its actions.

"I feel like we were ignored and told lies, because nothing could have prepared me for seeing my mum as I saw her in that room and how distraught we all felt.

"I would urge anyone in this position to just keep on fighting and pushing and never give up. Make sure your parents or loved ones are being looked after and given the care they need and if not, take action."

The Post contacted the care home for a response but it declined, adding it could not comment on individual circumstances.

However, responding to the CQC report, a spokesperson told the Post: "We acknowledge the CQC report, and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to address the matters raised."

"We are contacting our residents and families individually to keep them informed. Since the inspection, improvements are continuing to be implemented.

"With this in mind, we aim to ensure that the Leyland Home returns to its previous overall "Good" rating at a future inspection."

Source: Lancashire Post, August 11, 2021.


A TIPSTER alleges that the conservatively well dressed husband and wife subjects of the following media article allegedly are/were prominent Jehovah's Witnesses then living in California, but were originally from Texas, and had once lived in New York. TIPSTER further alleges that that fact was reported by initial San Antonio media articles, but that "someone" allegedly went on a campaign to have the "Jehovah's Witness" identification deleted from such articles. Of course, the "New York" residency as a Physician's Assistant, beginning in 2003, naturally raises the question whether this couple were once WatchTower "Bethelites"? We solicit confirmations/denials.


Express News

Guillermo Contreras

June 14, 2019

Enrique Gonzalez [Jr.] walks from the federal courthouse with his wife Gladys [Liliana] Gonzalez on Tuesday after he was found guilty on lewd behavior charges aboard an airliner earlier this year. Friday, he was fined $500 but no jail time.

A man found guilty this week of performing a sexual act on a flight to San Antonio was slapped Friday with a maximum $500 fine.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Richard Farrer said he believed Enrique Gonzalez, 49, who is originally from the San Antonio area, made "a one time mistake" when he masturbated on a United Airlines flight carrying 76 passengers on Feb. 3.

Another passenger seated near Gonzalez witnessed the act and reported him to the flight crew.

Gonzalez, who lived in California, faced a $500 fine and/or up to 90 days in jail. The judge didn't impose any jail time.

His lawyer, David Cavazos, said during Friday's hearing that Gonzalez is a licensed physician's assistant who gave up that career to do missionary work.

"He was on his way back to Texas to come back and live here with his mom, who is dealing with Crohn's disease and is not doing very good," Cavazos told the judge. "He got carried away with his wife and made a horrible mistake, and he's remorseful for it."

Gonzalez's case is a rare example of what happens to those caught performing sexual acts on planes, often referred to as joining the "Mile High Club."

Gonzalez was arrested when the plane landed, and he spent several hours at the Bexar County Jail. His wife paid $1,000 to bail him out. On a police body camera video played during Wednesday's trial, she acknowledged helping him with the sexual act, but said nothing was exposed because they were covered with a shawl. She was not charged.

At trial, the judge found Gonzalez guilty of a federal misdemeanor charge of lewd, indecent or obscene conduct in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.

"I am paying in heart and soul for my indiscretion on that dreadful evening," Gonzalez told the judge. "I am most regretful to my family and my dear friends , for the embarrassment, the confusion ... this caused. They deserve better."

Cavazos asked the judge to sentence Gonzalez only to the night he served in jail, with no fine or other additional time behind bars, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Bettina Richardson argued the crime called for more.

Richardson noted that the flight crew believed there might be a confrontation between the outraged witness and Gonzalez.

"As flight attendant pointed out, this isn't only about the lewd conduct," Richardson said. "It is about what it can turn into." -- END ARTICLE.


Enrique Gonzalez Jr. is a PHYSICIAN'S ASSISTANT licensed in Texas, New York, and California. As a result of the above conviction, in March 2020, the Texas Medical Board (licensed 2001) reprimanded Enrique Gonzalez Jr. (1970) and fined him $1000.00. In June 2021, the New York Board (licensed 2003) simply fined Enrique Gonzalez $500.00 -- calling his and his wife's actions a "mutual display of affection" not visible to others. The California Medical Board took ZERO action.




I, [F.B.I. Agent] Gregory Pratt, do hereby state and depose as follows:

On February 3, 2019, ENRIQUE GONZALEZ was observed by another passenger to be masturbating on United Airlines Flight Number 5755 from Los Angeles International Airport to San Antonio International Airport. The witness, seated across the aisle from Gonzalez, stated Gonzalez' penis was fully exposed and Gonzalez was rubbing it up and down. According to the witness, the criminal conduct began when the cabin lights were dimmed and continued for approximately 30 minutes, during which, Gonzalez met the witness' eye and continued his conduct. When interviewed by San Antonio Airport Police, Gonzalez' wife admitted she "played with it" during the flight.

*************************                        *************************



COMMONWEALTH v. MATTHEW VERSCHAEREN was a 2018-21 Australia criminal court case. In May 2018, Matthew Verschaeren, age 33, was arrested on the charge of IMPORTING 82 grams of PURE methamphetamine, with a street value in excess of $20,000.000. At the time of his arrest, Verschaeren also had 3.3 grams of GHB on his person. In March 2021, the Australian Judge TYPICALLY apologized for sentencing Matt Verschaeren to 28-42 months in prison, while crediting MV with already having served 139 days in jail.

Along with three siblings, Matt Verschaeren had been reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses by parents who still are Jehovah's Witnesses. MV left formal primary schooling during Year 7, and thereafter was home schooled by his JW Mother until age 14. Thereafter, MV was employed in various construction trades. At age 18, MV began a life of alcohol and drug abuse. MV has two children from two separate "relationships". MV's criminal record includes prior convictions for offences involving acts of dishonesty, weapons offences, violence, threats, stalking, driving offences, damaging property, and breaching a Community Corrections Order.

In 2010, MV was jailed 3-5 years after pleading guilty to intentionally causing serious injury to his then "partner". MV smashed a glass over her head and stabbed her in the neck with a piece of glass. Paroled in 2013, MV breached and served the remainder of his sentence. Released in 2015, MV began living with a new "partner". That relationship ended in 2018, and MV began living with another woman with whom he was living when this offence occurred. Both MV and his partner were methamphetamine users.

The Prosecutor characterized this crime as a "relatively unsophisticated importation" from the United States of 82 grams of PURE methamphetamine. With a street value in excess of $20,000.00, there was no evidence that MV actually had paid for the METH. The METH was parcelled in a clear plastic bag and concealed inside a microwave oven consigned to MV from the U.S. for delivery by DHL. The consignment was addressed to MV at MV's home address, and MV's mobile phone number was supplied by the American consignor. MV knew the tracking number to enter when making inquiry on the DHL website. When MV made a phone inquiry at DHL as to the delivery of the parcel, MV was told that it had been referred to Customs. MV then gave DHL a false mobile phone number.

"HOW" AND "WHERE" DID THESE DRUG TRAFFICING CRIMINALS FROM OPPOSITE EXTREMES OF THE GLOBE BECOME PERSONALLY ACQUAINTED??? The same place or same type of place where came together the International XJW Child Pornography Ring and the American XJW Financial/Insurance Scam. The ringleader of both were online friends of and held in high esteem by the "host" and his sychophants.

UPDATE: An American XJW reports that back around 2004, they were FINANCIALLY DEFRAUDED by another XJW then living in London, England. The British XJW was one of the most prominent members of the then most prominent XJW discussion forum. When American XJW reported the FRAUD to other prominent members of that forum, British XJW simply LIED and stated that it was American XJW who had attempted to defraud him. Forum members circled around the THIEF, and shunned American XJW.


CROWN v. RONALD MOWBRAY is an ongoing 2020-21 British MURDER prosecution. In February 2020, devout Jehovah's Witness, Ronald Mowbray, then age 81, stabbed his sleeping wife to death. Ann Mowbray, age 81, also was a devout JW, and suffered various physical disabilities. This preventable murder became the object of public outrage after the coroner disclosed that Mowbray had told one or more of his Congregation's Elders of his intent to kill his wife. This murder further revealed that Jehovah's Witnesses as an organization have no established policy which protects vulnerable adults.


LOCK MURDER-SUICIDE. In September 2015, in Queensland, Australia, a longtime Jehovah's Witness Minister named Stephen Glenn Lock, age 56, of Maryborough, found his estranged wife, Karina Lock, age 49, having breakfast in a crowded Helensvale McDonald's restaurant. Reported details are contradictory. It is possible that Karina Lock was there with other Jehovah's Witnesses taking the mandatory hour-long break from the two hour long morning field service. There, "witnesses" claim that Stephen Lock grabbed Karina in a headlock, but he may have been merely attempting to give his beloved her last hug, when he pulled a pistol and shot her in the head. Stephen Lock then shot himself in the head. Katrina died instantly. Stephen died a day or so later after his four Jehovah's Witness children ordered doctors to turn off his life support.

Stephen G. Lock had had multiple problems for several years. Two years seemed to be the magic number. Two years was the age of a restraining order, and the time when he had first attempted suicide, and "two years" was apparently how long the couple had been separated. However, Stephen Lock had attempted to work on his problems. He was seeing a psychiatrist and was taking prescribed medication. He apparently had regained status as a Jehovah's Witness in good standing, since he reportedly had been going out in field service. Stephen Lock had been doing all that he could to turn his life around, but Karina Lock then had moved with their youngest daughter to the Gold Coast -- leaving Stephen with only his former options.

Some Female Coroner named Jane Bentley publicly praised as a "HERO" an only partially identified "Witness David Udinga" for his supposedly having attempted to get Karina Lock back into the car which both Udinga and Lock apparently were sharing. Was David Udinga Karina Lock's boyfriend, or was this yet another instance of one or more Jehovah's Witness Elders sticking their nose into and EXACERBATING a long ongoing domestic issue? How do we know that it was not David Udinga's presence and/or actions that pushed this "ongoing argument" into a "murder-suicide"? Any report/conclusions which relies primarily on the unreliable testimony of "Jehovah's Witnesses" is worthless.

One of the Lock daughters stated that Karina Lock was now "safe" in "Jehovah's memory", as if a supposed "memory" could somehow be endangered. All Bibles except for the WatchTower Cult's NEW WORLD MIS-TRANSLATION BIBLE makes it clear that Jehovah is the GOD of the LIVING, and He DOES NOT replicate "memories". Jehovah resurrects "people".


CROWN v. XAEN LOCK was a 2013 Australia criminal court case. Xaen Lock, age 23, son of Stephen and Karina Lock, appeared in Maryborough District Court on various charges relating to the arson of a home and the assault of an occupant, in February 2013. In what was possibly a drug deal dispute directly involving a friend of Xaen Lock, Lock accompanied the involved party and two other friends to the home in question, where occurred the assault and arson. In November 2013, Lock pleaded guilty to TYPICALLY reduced charges and was sentenced to three years in jail with a parole release date of August 2014.

While in jail, police executed a search warrant at the home of Xaen Lock and discovered cannabis seeds and a water pipe. Lock pleaded guilty to the two charges in exchange for a sentence of time served while awaiting above trial.


CROWN v. XAEN LOCK was a 2016-17 Australia criminal court case. Xaen Lock, age 27, son of Stephen and Karina Lock, appeared in Maryborough District Court for viciously attacking his live-in "partner" of two months in a domestic dispute last December 2016. When the victim received a call from a private number, and refused to tell Lock whom was the caller, Xaen Lock flew into a rage and began choking her against the wall. The woman kicked Lock and managed to escape his grasp, but Lock chased her down and struck her in the head, before threatening to smash her car with his axe if she fled. She somehow managed to lock him out of the house, but he broke open the back door and hit her in the head. She fled their home and hid at a property three blocks away.

Police seized a crossbow and baton from the home, while Xaen Lock was taken to hospital with self-inflicted injuries. A search of Lock's home in January 2017 uncovered a water pipe, one dry marijuana plant, and three live cannabis plants.

Xaen Lock pleaded guilty to choking in a domestic setting, common assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, possessing dangerous drugs, and producing dangerous drugs. He was sentenced to two years in jail, to be eligible for parole next January 2018.


The following excerpts are taken from a 2018 biographical article praising the business success of yet another entrepeneur who was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses:

Brash, bold and bisexual, Daniel Saynt is an only-in-New-York success story. Saturday has shimmered into Sunday at the Clubhouse. Inside a gray four-story building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the paid members, staff, and faculty of NSFW -- part private sex club for millenials, part digital brand marketing agency -- have gathered to drink, smoke and xxxx in between workshops about sex, cannabis and wellness. ...

Saynt's personal journey began a long way from the hipster Brooklyn ... Born Daniel Santiago to Puerto Rican parents, he grew up surrounded by prostitution and gang violence in the Bronx of the 1980s and 90s. ... "We were on welfare and Medicaid. It was very difficult for my parents." He and his parents lived for a time at his grandmother's apartment along with an uncle and two of his cousins -- whom he refers to as his brothers -- after their father was imprisoned. (That uncle of Saynt's eventually succumbed to heroin addiction and died.) ...

During middle school, after a group of young drug dealers tried unsuccessfully to recruit Saynt into their gang, one of them pushed him down a flight of stairs. His family home-schooled him for a time after that. ... "He was always the brightest one," in his family, says Christopher Rojas, one of the two cousins who lived with Saynt in the Bronx. "He was always focused in school, always trying to do his own thing. When he believed in something, he believed very strongly in it." ...

Saynt's parents -- primarily his mother -- also raised him as a Jehovah's Witness. "In the morning, you'd wake up at six a.m. to go preach," Saynt says, "and all the crackheads are out, moving around slowly like zombies." ...

While he knows his family remained in the religion in part as a means of "protection" from the chaos that surrounded them, being a Jehovah's Witness led to some alienation for Saynt. He had limited time to spend with friends as the religion demands hours of weekly Bible study, church attendance and preaching -- either by going door-to-door, making phone calls, or dishing out information on the streets. Members of the faith cannot date until they're 18 -- and even then can only see other Jehovah's Witnesses, under adult supervision. ...

Further complicating matters was his sexuality, not welcome in the denomination. He says he had his first sexual experience at age 13, with another boy. ... For a while Saynt thought he might grow up to be a missionary, but by high school, he'd lost his faith. In addition to his sexuality, the release of "Jurassic Park" was an unlikely turning point. Saynt adored the film and recalls a Jehovah's Witness magazine article reminding members that dinosaur bones are inventions of Satan meant to generate disbelief in Bible scripture. ...

His parents eventually earned enough money to move themselves and their son to Monroe, a northern suburb of New York City, where Saynt spent the last couple years of high school. He started using drugs, mostly pot and ketamine, and stopped attending church. Still, he credits his religious upbringing with instilling his prodigious work ethic, and says all the preaching he did trained him to effectively communicate with conviction. ...

Sayt says his relationship with his parents, who remain in the church, is better than it's been, having found a degree of mutual respect. But there are ups and downs. "It's frustrating because it's similar arguments often," he says, adding that they know a bit about what he does, but don't seem to grasp the scope of it. "Most of [the conflict] comes from a concern and a worry to make sure that I'm O.K. But for the most part I love them very much. I want to be closer to them." None of Saynt's family members have been to his sexy parties, though his cousin Christopher Rojas will help with handiwork at the Clubhouse sometimes.

Excerpted from: The Jehovah's Witness Kid Who Became a Millennial Sex-Club Guru by Michael Stahl.


In January 2018, in England, at the Cornwall Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, a JW male named Davies allegedly assaulted an Elder named Jones during the course of a judicial hearing investigating Davies for his alleged use of marijuana. Jones suffered a fractured hip. Davies was disfellowshipped, but it is unclear whether such was for drug use or the assault.


LAUREN STUART SUICIDE-FAMILICIDE. In March 2018, at the family's recently purchased home in Keego Harbor, Michigan, Lauren Stuart, age 45, committed suicide after first murdering with a handgun her husband, Daniel Stuart, age 47, her son, Steven Stuart, age 27, her daughter, Bethany Stuart, age 24, and even the family dog.

Lauren and Daniel both had been reared as Jehovah's Witnesses. They had reared Steven and Bethany as Jehovah's Witnesses. The Stuarts had last attended the nearby Union Lake Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. However, the Stuarts' relationship with the WatchTower Cult had ceased by 2018.

Over the previous decade, Daniel and the kids had successfully moved on. Daniel Stuart was a data solutions architect for the University of Michigan's Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Both Steven and Bethany had graduated from college. Steven Stuart worked with computers. Bethany Stuart was a graphic designer.

Obviously, Lauren Stuart had not moved on. Her exit out of the Cult was marked by depression and mental illness. Online sources are replete with speculation about "why" the murders and suicide. "Shunning" by former family members and friends is at the top of most lists -- rightfully so. However, what jumped out to this editor was age-40s Lauren Stuart's recent avocations -- modeling and personal training (fitness). We suspect that Lauren Stuart probably had a secret.


ALABAMA v. WILLIAM LEWIS PAYTON and ALABAMA v. WILLIAM LEWIS PAYTON. William Payton is a 44 year-old African-American "devoted" Jehovah's Witness "baby-daddy" of eight, who lived in Huntsville, Alabama before he was sent to state prison. One of Payton's multiple "baby mommas", 27 year-old caucasian redhead Tonya Lynn Amerson, was found dead in October 2015. Payton was initially charged with Amerson's murder, but charges were dropped when sufficient evidence for Payton's conviction could not be obtained from her dismembered corpse. In 2016, William Payton was charged with abuse of a corpse. Convicted in 2018, Payton was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

In 2016, William Lewis Payton was prosecuted in an adjacent county on a 2014 indictment for sodomy and sexual abuse of a child (female) under 12 years old. Outcome unknown.


TEXAS v. ISIDRO MIGUEL DELACRUZ was the 2014-18 CAPITAL MURDER prosecution of Isidro M. Delacruz, a 27 year-old Hispanic "loser" from San Angelo, Texas. Reared by a mother who joined the WatchTower Cult when he was about 10 years old, Delacruz did poorly in school, and did even worse after school. Delacruz was repeatedly in trouble with the law before the night in 2014 when he went over to visit a girlfriend who woud not allow the drunk inside. When Delacruz broke-in through a window, that girlfriend fled her apartment leaving her sleeping 5 year-old daughter alone. The angry Delacruz slashed the girl's throat in frustration. She died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. The only good part of this story is that Isidro Delacruz received the DEATH PENALTY.


PENNSYLVANIA v. JACOB SULLIVAN is an ongoing 2016-2020 capital MURDER prosecution that will continue in the appellate courts for the foreseeable future because Jacob Sullivan, age 40s, was sentenced to DEATH for the rape, torture, murder, and dismemberment of his complicit girlfriend's (Sara Packer) mentally-challenged 14 year-old FOSTER daughter, Grace Packer. Jacob Sullivan was the step-son of a Jehovah's Witness ELDER during his teen years, and even was baptized into the WatchTower Cult before being disfellowshipped after getting a girlfriend pregnant. Typically, zero prior criminal record.


OREGON v. RICHARD WADE CONKLIN was a 2016-18 Oregon criminal prosecution. In 2016, the Jehovah's Witness Parents of a 28 year-old developmentally delayed female discovered sexually explicit notes authored by their daughter which referred to family friend and fellow Jehovah's Witness 78 year-old Dick Conklin as her "boyfriend". Discovered, Richard W. Conklin, of Lebanon, Oregon, turned himself in to police. Conklin confessed to having sex with the mentally challenged victim, whom he had known since she was an infant, for several years. In 2018, Richard Conklin was convicted of multiple sexual assault charges, including sodomy, and received a 20 year prison sentence.


TEXAS v. SANDRA JEAN MELGAR was a 2014-17 Texas MURDER prosecution of a female Jehovah's Witness named Sandra J. Melgar. In December 2012, relatives of husband, Jaime E. Melgar, then age 52, and wife, Sandra Melgar, then age 52, came to the Melgar's nice suburban Houston home around 3:00 PM to help prepare for that evening's celebration of the couple's 32nd wedding anniversary. (Jehovah's Witness Couples are permitted to celebrate their anniversaries.) The arriving relatives discovered the home's garage door open, and went inside. Jaime Melgar was found stabbed to death (31 times) in one closet, while Sandra Melgar was found naked and bloody while tied-up in a master bedroom closet. Sandra Melgar claimed to have been unconscious throughout the ordeal -- not knowing what had happened. Supposedly, the Melgar's home had suffered a violent home invasion around midnight the previous evening. Sandra and Jaime supposedly had been held captive in the same bathroom by home invaders (whose faces she never saw), when she later woke up restrained in the closet.

Jaime Melgar worked as a computer programmer, and had a $500,000.00 life insurance policy. Sparse details seem to indicate that Sandra Melgar may have been having an affair and wanted out of her marriage. There may have been a co-conspirator. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, the only quick way for her to be eligible to re-marry and remain a JW was for Jaime to die. Sandra Melgar's Jehovah's Witness friends stuck beside her throughout the trial. (Typical -- JWs persecute the innocent, and co-conspire with the guilty.) In August 2017, Sandra Melgar was found guilty of murder. Sandra Jean Melgar was sentenced to 27 years in prison, and was given a $10,000.00 fine. Case will be featured on an upcoming DATELINE NBC segment.



GARY McCREADY v. THOMAS MOORE was a 1985-86 California appellate court decision which involved a Jehovah's Witness Elder named Thomas Moore. In March 1985, Gary McCready and Mark Pyle were placing anti-watchtower leaflets on the windshields of automobiles street-parked near the Palm Srings Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses when they were assaulted by a group of male Jehovah's Witnesses led by Elder Thomas Moore. McCready also had his camera broken and a window in his vehicle broken during the scuffle. McCready first won an unspecified amount in small claims court in 1985, which Moore appealed. The appellate court ruled in McCready's favor in 1986.
GARY McCREADY and MARK PYLE v. WATCHTOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK was a 1986 California lawsuit which was based on the scenario described above. The WatchTower Society settled this lawsuit with McCready and Pyle for the amount of $12,500.00.


In February 1981, multiple students on the campus of the University of Lethbridge, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, observed an adult female going from newspaper box to newspaper box removing without payment every single copy of the just released issue of the weekly student newspaper. In its next weekly issue, the student newspaper identified the THIEF as a local member of the Lethbridge Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, named Marilynn Bagu. It was estimated that Marilynn Bagu had stolen around 600 copies, or one-third of the previous issue. Marilynn Bagu reportedly was upset with the student newspaper's previous week's front page coverage of multiple assaults and/or batteries on a news photographer and others by multiple ELDERS at the Lethbridge Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not known how this scenario ended, but we suspect that someone paid for 600 newspapers to keep this matter from receiving any further publicity, and to keep Marilynn Bagu from being arrested and prosecuted.

Earlier that month, University of Lethbridge history professor and local Jehovah's Witness Elder, James Penton, had been summoned to a judicial committee hearing at the Lethbridge Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses to answer charges of "apostasy". Instead of attending that kangaroo court, James Penton sent a letter which was hand delivered by his son, David Penton. Various other persons who wished to testify on behalf of James Penton had presented themselves, but were refused entry inside the Lethbridge Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Also in attendance was a local news photographer, who was eventually ordered off the premises by a summoned police officer. After leaving to make a telephone call to verify his legal right to take photographs from adjacent public areas, that photographer returned to the public sidewalk adjacent to the Lethbridge Kingdom Hall -- only to be physically chased away by an unidentified Jehovah's Witness Male wielding an ice scraper.

Having been informed that the local JWs were continuing to harass the photographer, David Penton returned to the scene. There, a Jehovah's Witness named Clifford Black reportedly PUNCHED David Penton, who returned the single blow with one of his own. When WatchTower City Overseer Larry Marleau noticed that the photographer had returned and was taking photographs of the Black-Penton scuffle, Larry Marleau reportedly physically went after that photographer -- chasing him for one block before giving up the chase. The photographer again cautiously returned to the scene, but reportedly was physically chased away a second time by WatchTower City Overseer Larry Marleau, who reportedly was uttering a gutteral war-like growl at the photographer. Neither David Penton nor the news photographer filed criminal charges against their "christian" attackers.


In December 2017, a Ministerial Servant and LDC construction worker (previously RBC -- Regional Building Committee) living in Florida died in a single automobile accident on his way home from his employer's Christmas Party. Seven months previous, this Ministerial Servant was arrested locally for DUI. This exemplary JW received a Kingdom Hall funeral. 

*****************                   *****************

ILLINOIS v. DEXTER BARNES is an ongoing Illinois CAPITAL MURDER prosecution. In June 2017, SSI recipient, Dexter Barnes, age 47, literally BUTCHERED his African-American Jehovah's Witness Parents, Johnnie Erwin, age 73, and Shirley Erwin, age 69, inside their northside Chicago apartment. Johnnie Ervin had been stabbed 11 times in his torso, arms, back, face, and abdomen. Erwin's intestines were hanging out his sides, and parts were found in the kitchen sink. Shirley Erwin had a single stab wound to her chest. Dexter Barnes' 72+ arrests date back to the 1980s, and include charges of drug sales and drug possession, for which he received an 18-month prison sentence in 2005. Other charges include criminal trespassing, theft, aggravated battery, domestic battery, and robbery. Additional arrests occurred under multiple aliases. Dexter Barnes also was accused/charged with domestic battery against Shirley Erwin in 2006, 2010, 2013, and twice in 2014. Increasing jail terms of 18 days, 45 days, and 100 days did not deter Barnes from abusing his JW Parents.


QUEENSLAND v. SHAE KATHLEEN DAKERS and QUEENSLAND v. ROBERT KYLE DAKERS were/are related SEPARATE Australia criminal prosecutions of a married Jehovah's Witness Couple. Around February 2015, Jehovah's Witnesses Robert Dakers and Carol Dakers reported to police that gold jewelry and loose diamonds worth more than $30,000.00 AU were missing from their Palm Beach home. The Dakers told police that the secret hiding place had been known only by themselves and their son, Robert Kyle Dakers. In January 2016, daughter-in-law, Shae Dakers, age 35, was charged with one count of burglary and three counts of fraud. Shae Dakers admitted to police that she had sold jewelery on three occasions to a pawn shop in Coolangatta. Some of the allegedly stolen items were amongst the items sold by Shae Dakers. However, Shae Dakers alleged that she owned all of the items that she had sold. Some items had been inherited from her own family, and some items had been gifts given to her and/or her husband by Robert and Carol Dakers. In September 2016, after multiple preliminary proceedings, the Prosecutor dropped all charges against Shae K. Dakers without explanation. Husband, Robert K. Daker, was arrested on charges of theft and receiving stolen property. Outcome unknown.


TRINIDAD v. MURPHY is an ongoing 2017 Trinidad MURDER prosecution. In June 2017, while he slept in the bedroom that he shared with his 19-year-old (step?) brother, 18-year-old Jonathan Murphy was stabbed repeatedly in his back by his unidentified older (step?) brother. JW Mother, Pam Goolcharan, and the victim's unidentified stepfather were awakened around 6:15 AM on a weekday morning by their younger son's outcry. The victim reportedly managed to flee his bedroom before collapsing. The unidentified Perpetrator was alternately described by his JW Parents as suffering from depression and being mentally ill. The Perp later told police that he had awakened (dreamed?) and heard God/Jesus tell him to stab his brother. The Perp got out of bed and retrieved a 10 inch kitchen knife, and then began stabbing his sleeping (step?) brother. After attending to the fleeing victim, JW Parents reportedly found the Perp sitting in his bed reading his Bible. Local media described the Perp as an"avid member of the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall in the area". Several fellow JWs reportedly showed up at the Police Station to offer support for the Perp, who they said had become very withdrawn recently, and was keeping mostly to himself, and reading his Bible. The victim eventually died of massive blood loss. Unanswered by the media is whether the victim received medical attention and whether the victim's JW Parents refused to allow a blood transfusion.



A Tipster reports that in April 2016, two Jehovah's Witness neighbors have started "feuding". What makes this spat particularly interesting is the HYPOCRISY exercised against an elderly, infirmed JW Widow by her neighbor, who is a multiple-times divorced JW Male Contractor. (To keep this story from getting too confusing, we will give this JW Male the moniker,"Harreschou".) Harreschou not only has been married multiple times, but he also has repeatedly relocated long distances across the United States. Harreschou has lived in three west coast states, one east coast state, and even an in-between southern border state. Harreschou's current "position" status in his latest Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is unknown, but Harreschou has served as both a Ministerial Servant and an Elder in his previous congregations.

These two feuding Jehovah's Witness Neighbors currently own the last two adjacent houses on the same side of a deadend street. No houses are located across the street from either JW home. These JWs live in a small town where there is no zoning, and where there are few if any laws regulating the use of private property. JW Widow, who is now in her mid 70s, has lived in her home for over 40 years. Harreschou and his now "former" JW Wife purchased the home adjacent to JW Widow about 7-8 years ago. Although only Non-JWs, including white-trash renters,had previously lived in that house for as long as JW Widow had lived next door, shortly after the Harreschous moved next door to JW Widow, JW Widow had a privacy fence constructed at her expense -- reportedly because Harreschou earns his living as a miscellaneous building contractor, and Harreschou's ancillary construction business activities on his small 60x100 residential lot was aggravating JW Widow.

Significant to this latest spat is the fact that since Harreschou owns the last house on the street, and since there are no houses located across from him, Harreschou apparently "believes" that he also owns the city street in front of his house. Harreschou regularly leaves parked in the street two or more of his three vehicles, and he occasionally even parks in the street a large trailer containing construction materials and/or construction debris.

Recently, Elderly JW Widow's 19 year-old grandson moved in with his grandmother. Grandson likes cars, and owns two. In the last few days, Grandson purchased a late model car body salvaged from a "totaled" vehicle -- from which Grandson intends to salvage some auto body panels. The delivering rollback wrecker was unable to unload the "shell" (no drivetrain) in JW Widow's yard, so as the only option, that "shell" was unloaded sitting half on the street in front of JW Widow's lot, and sitting half on the easement between the street and JW Widow's lot. The unloading operation took 30 minutes or longer. Afterwards, after all the MEN had left, "Big Puzzy" Harreschou came outside into the street and began complaining that the "shell" was blocking the street and blocking his mailbox. Harreschou threatened JW Widow's newly-arrived-to-visit JW Sister (latter 70s) that if JW Widow did not have the "shell" moved pronto, "I'm going to call the State Police ... ."

Interestingly, the HYPOCRITE Harreschou has his own mailbox erected -- not in front of his own property -- but in front of JW Widow's property, because if Harreschou's mailbox was located in front of his own house, it would be blocked by his own three vehicles and trailer -- most of which he regularly parks out in the middle of the street.

TYPICAL Jehovah's Witnesses HYPOCRITES. Two sets of weights and measures. One set for themselves. One set for all others.


Tipster further reports that another Jehovah's Witness Elder and his family -- whom we will give the moniker, "THE CURRS" -- recently purchased one of the two corner lots/homes at the entrance to this same dead end street. Elder Curr constructed a new privacy fence beside/behind his new home -- with the side which runs alongside the city street being constructed 4-5 feet beyond his property line onto the adjacent city street easement -- so as to make his tiny backyard larger. Now, drivers making a right hand turn into that dead end street must slow nearly to a stop to make certain that no other cars are coming, nor are there children bicycling or playing in the street. One homeowner has proclaimed that the first time that this "illegal" fence causes them to have an "accident", or even "incident", there is going to be a JW Elder named as a co-party in any resulting civil lawsuit -- not to mention that that JW Elder is first going to get the CRAP kicked out of himself.

It is no wonder that younger Elder Curr thinks as he does given that he was reared in the corner lot home across the street, where his own JW Elder Father Curr, who ran an HVAC business, had constructed a single lane parking area which ran half the length of his property line, which was ENTIRELY half on the city street and half on the city easement. NONE of that JW Elder Curr's parking area was even on that JW Elder's own property. This entire situation has for decades created a traffic hazard given that same-side traffic approaching the 90 degree curve at JW Elder Curr's home must swing into the oncoming lane whenever JW Elder has one or more of his cargo vans, passenger vans, autos, etc. parked in the "illegal" parking area. Even neighborhood pedestrians are endangered since there are no sidewalks -- especially the children living in the houses across the street.


COLORADO v. RALPH LEROY CANDELARIO was a 2014-16 Colorado FIRST DEGREE MURDER prosecution in which Jehovah's Witness Minister Ralph L. Candelario, age 52, of Walsenburg, Colorado, was convicted of brutally murdering his "cheating" second wife of less than five years, Pamela Kay Candelario, age 48, in January 2014. Candelario staged a supposed two day-long home invasion as cover for this murder. Ralph Candelario was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Ralph Candelario's first estranged Jehovah's Witness Wife, Dena A. Candelario, then age 36, went missing in August 2004 from her Pueblo, Colorado home, and has not been seen since. The JW Couple had separated in January 2004, and both Jehovah's Witnesses began "dating" other people even though they were not divorced. Ralph Candelario began "dating" a former JW girlfriend named Dana Franklin, and Dena Candelario disappeared soon thereafter. In 2010, Ralph Candelario began "dating" a second "separated-but-still-married" JW female named Pamela Palmer, whose daughter, Shannon Palmer, was "dating" one of Ralph and Dena Candelario's two sons -- Aaron Candelario.(Certainly sounds like there is a whole lot of "dating" going on in the Colorado JW community, where all the JW Elders must be deaf, dumb, and blind. All of these JW "daters" must have been reporting 10 hours of field service every month. In the JW Cult community, "dating" is only a "sin" if you are reporting an insufficient amount of field service. A JW simply can report 10 hours of field service every month, and then they can discreetly "date" whomever they like, so long as that second JW being "dated" is also reporting 10 hours of field service every month.)

Many believe that Ralph Candelario murdered Dena Candelario, and that his getting away with that first murder emboldened him to commit the second murder. DATELINE NBC did an entire hour on this WatchTower Cult soap opera in April 2016. The DATELINE NBC website has much more info that was provided to them by Aaron Candelario and his very attractive, well-spoken, now ex-wife, Shannon Palmer.


COLORADO v. JUNE LENORE CANDELARIO was a 2006-07 Colorado criminal court case in which Ralph Leroy Candelario's then 61 year-old widowed mother, June L.Candelario, of Commerce City, Colorado, pled guilty to only one countof felony "Conspiracy to commit Child Abuse" and unknown counts of misdemeanor child abuse charges, rather than go to trial on all the charges for which she had been indicted -- one count of felony "Kidnapping - second degree", one count of felony "Attempt to Commit Child Abuse resulting in Serious Bodily Injury", and 37 misdemeanor counts of child abuse.

June Candelario was arrested in May 2006 after her then 13 year-old grandson, Nathan Woehlert/Candelario/Joiner -- over whom June Candelario had had physical custody since 2001/02, and eventually adopted -- finally told schoolmates (one of whom told his mother, who called authorities) that for approximately THREE YEARS (apparently after Candelario's husband/babysitter died in June 2002)that his GrandMother had been locking him in a 46 inch x 30 inch x 35 inch plastic dog kennel four evenings per week when she went to work at the Jefferson County Jail from 4:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Not only could the pre-teen boy (64 inches tall, 110 lbs) barely move, if at all -- squashed into the fetal position inside the small dog kennel -- but he was not given any food or water, plus if he had to relieve himself, he had to live with the consequences until his GrandMother arrived home. (Nathan gained 40 pounds during the 12 months in state foster care following June Candelario's arrest.)

In an EXTREMELY GENEROUS PLEA DEAL offered to June Candelario by the Adams County District Attorney Donald Qwick, June Candelario was sentenced to a minimal three years in prison, with one year probation thereafter. Interestingly, June Candelario had been employed with the Colorado State Patrol for less than one year back in 1989, and had worked as a"Pretrial Service Officer", during the 1990s and early 2000s. At the time she committed these heinous crimes, June Candelario was employed with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as an "Inmate Counselor" at the Jefferson County Jail.


UNITED STATES v. JOSEPH ANDREW DERUSSE was a 2015 Kansas federal KIDNAPPING prosecution. In January 2015, a Hispanic Jehovah's Witness minister -- publicly alleged to have been a former WATCHTOWER BETHELITE and then current Ministerial Servant -- named Joseph A. DeRusse, age 24, of Austin, Texas, decided to woo his ex-girlfriend, whom had broken up with him three weeks previously, by abducting her at gunpoint, handcuffing her, and blindfolding her, and then taking her to a bed & breakfast in Kansas. Texas police tracked nutjob using the GPS on the victim's cellphone. Newton, Kansas Police were notified, and they pulled Joseph Derusse's auto over out on I-135. The victim told police that nutjob had removed the handcuffs and blindfold as soon as they had left Texas. The firearm turned out to be a BB pistol modified to look like a real handgun. Nutjob apparently had reservations for three weeks at a Kansas B&B, where he hoped to woo the victim into marrying him. He even brought along an engagement ring. Joseph Andrew DeRusse was convicted of federal KIDNAPPING in November 2015, and designated as a "Violent Offender". Sentence unknown.


TEXAS v. JOSEPH HENRY DERUSSE (1975-79) and TEXAS v. JIMENEZ ELSA DERUSSE (1975-77) were related MURDER prosecutions of the Jehovah's Witness Parents of the above Joseph Andrew DeRusse. Elsa DeRusse, then age 22, pleaded guilty to the charge of "Injury To a Child" in exchange for a sentence of 20 years in prison. Joe Henry DeRusse, then age 26, went to trial using the INSANITY DEFENSE, but was convicted of MURDER, and received a 26 year prison sentence. Both convictions were affirmed on appeal.

Joe and Elsa DeRusse then had three children -- a one year-old daughter named Jennifer DeRusse, a 25 month-old son named Joe Henry DeRusse, Jr., and a 5 year-old son from Elsa's previous marriage, named Fred X. On the first Saturday morning inOCTOBER 1975 -- which was then the latest date that the WatchTower Cult had predicted for Armageddon, after their 25 month-old son would (could) not get out of bed and get ready for FIELD SERVICE, Joe DeRusse "only spanked him lightly with my hand". When Joe DeRusse later discovered that his son was not breathing, Joe DeRusse first telephoned one of the "Elders" at their local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, before Joe DeRusse and Elsa DeRusse then drove their "unresponsive" 25 month-old son to the ER at the Robstown Riverside Hospital. The infant Joe Henry DeRusse Jr. was DOA.

Attending nurses later testified that the child's corpse looked as if it had been run over by a car. The Medical Examiner testified that the child had been severely beaten to death -- with at least 75% of the child's body area covered with bruising that extended from the top of the head to the tops of the feet -- and that the infant died of internal bleeding. The DeRusses admitted to police that they had been regularly beating their 25 month-old son with their hands, belts, a wooden paddle, and electrical cords, for the past two years.

These JW Parents believed that their 25 month-old son son was DEMONIZED, and that DEMONS were the cause of the young child's abnormal misbehaving. The torturous physical abuse heaped onto the 25 month-old child was seen as being directed at the DEMON and the bad behavior instigated by the DEMON. This DELUSION apparently was well known to the DeRusse's fellow Jehovah's Witnesses, and particularly the Congregation Elders, and apparently, nothing was done to discourage that delusion nor the resulting physical abuse. One psychiatrist testified that Joe DeRusse had told him that he previously had burned the soles of his son's feet with matches; that both DeRusse and his wife previously had poured jalapeno pepper juice in the boy's mouth and eyes; and that on the night that the child died, he had been left tied to a door so that he could not raid the refrigerator -- a habit which his JW Parents had been trying to break.

Joe and Elsa DeRusse had two more sons after Elsa was paroled -- Jesse Gabriel DeRusse around 1984, and Joseph Andrew DeRusse around 1990. Joe H. DeRusse possibly committed suicide in 2002.


OHIO v. TYLER JOHN ECCARD. In January 2014, Tyler J. Eccard, age 20, of Mount Orab, Ohio, was arrested on charges of domestic violence. Outcome unknown.


TRAGIC DEATH OF MARIAH ANN SHOEMAKER AND INJURY OF THREE INNOCENTS. In October 2013, the Black River Falls, Wisconsin Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses granted the privilege of a "double-funeral" to "exemplary"Jehovah's Witnesses, 16 year-old Mariah Shoemaker, and her divorced 38 year-old Jehovah's Witness Father, Scott Wallace Shoemaker, son of Ronald Shoemaker and Mary Jean Shoemaker, of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

On Saturday afternoon, October 19, 2013, just after 4:00 P.M., Scott W. Shoemaker, blew through a STOP sign just outside Hudson, Wisconsin, and was T-boned by a minivan driven by Jason Edwards. Fortunately, the innocent Edwards received only minor injuries, but lost his vehicle to Scott Shoemaker's negligence. While Scott Shoemaker's 14 year-old son, Brock Shoemaker, received non-life threatening injuries, Shoemaker's 16 year-old daughter, Mariah Shoemaker, and 12 year-old daughter, Nicole Shoemaker, both received serious life-threatening injuries. Scott Shoemaker was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

Typically, some media reported/insinuated that 16 year-old Mariah Shoemaker died at the scene of the accident, or soon thereafter, while other media eventually reported "the truth" that Mariah Shoemaker, whom had been wearing a seatbelt, actually had survived the accident, but had died two days later at Children's Hospital, in St. Paul, Minnesota, after being transferred there from Regions Hospital. Hmmmm??? Blood transfusions refused??? The official "cause" of Mariah's death -- injuries received as a result of the accident -- was not reported until two days later -- October 23, 2013.

GENERAL CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY v. SCOTT SHOEMAKER was a 2010 civil lawsuit filed against Scott Shoemaker by a Wisconsin insurance company to collect a previous $16,947.00 automobile accident judgment obtained against Shoemaker -- probably related to the following criminal prosecution.

WISCONSIN v. SCOTT SHOEMAKER was a 2007-08 Wisconsin DUI-Accident prosecution in which Scott Shoemaker pled "Guilty" to only one of four charged counts, after spending 30 days in jail, and losing his Driver's License for 14 months. Shoemaker also was ordered to pay restitution (apparently did so only after being sued above), fined $793.00, ordered into alcohol rehab, and placed on Probation for two years.
WISCONSIN v. SCOTT SHOEMAKER was a 2006 Wisconsin prosecution of Driving after Revocation, which possibly was after a Minnesota DUI prosecution.

SCOTT SHOEMAKER v. PEGGY GAEDE SHOEMAKER was Scott Shoemaker's 2001 divorce which he INTERESTINGLY filed against the mother of his three children.


CROWN v. DEREK ROSS and CROWN v. DEREK ROSS were related 2005 and 2016 British criminal prosecutions of a"committed Jehovahs Witness who [takes] his faith seriously", who not surprisingly does not like police officers. In 2005, Derek Ross was convicted of "wounding" one or more police officers, and was sentenced to 39 months in prison.

On an evening in January 2016, police were summoned to the Ross home in South Elmsall by Ross's stepson, who reported that Derek Ross was intoxicated and threatening the safety of his mother. There, a male and female police officer negotiated with Derek Ross for him to temporarily leave the family home for the night, when Ross erupted and attacked the two officers. Ross repeatedly punched the female police officer in the face until she was unconscious. Ross then struck the male police officer over the head with a glass bottle, which Ross then broke and attempted to use as a slashing weapon. After being bitten and having his eyes gouged by Ross, the male police officer and requested reinforcements finally managed to control Ross. At the scene, and later at the jail, Derek Ross continued to spit blood at the officers and threaten to kill them.

If Derek Ross had attacked and had beaten two American police officers in the same ways that he attacked these two English police officers, who were armed with nothing but the typical nightstick, there would not have been any judicial proceedings to further discuss. However, in the more LIBERAL and more civilized Great Britain, Derek Ross was treated more like a victim than a perpetrator.

In February 2016, Ross cut a deal with the local Prosecutor, who has the fine English name of MEHRAN NASSIRI, and pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of assaulting a constable, and two counts of criminal damage, in exchange for the typically British sentence of a mere 9 months in jail. The Leeds Crown Court Judge practically apologized to Derek Ross for what that judge apparently thought was a particularly harsh sentence. Apparently, LIBERAL English Judges and Prosecutors are competing with LIBERAL Canadian and Australian judges and prosecutors to see who can give violent Jehovah's Witnesses Criminals the lightest sentences. See Aussie case below as well as our British, Canadian, and Aussie child molestation case summaries. You have to be a FOOL to believe that what this world needs is more LIBERALS and more LIBERAL thinking. You also have to be a FOOL to believe that what Europe, North America, and Australia needs is more Muslim immigrants and more modern Islamic philosophy incorporated into our European-based societies.


QUEBEC v. HERMNGILDE GAGNON was an alleged criminal complaint filed around 2006 by a then Jehovah's Witness named Madeleine Guillemette, which alleged sexual assault against a "Hermngilde Gagnon". The complainant -- possibly later disfellowshipped, but seeking reinstatement -- was subsequently inappropriately contacted by a female attorney associated with Jehovah's Witnesses -- possibly at the "suggestion" of a JW Elder -- who attempted to convince Madeleine Guillemette to drop her complaint. That female attorney was subsequently "quietly" disciplined by the Quebec Bar Association for that improper contact with Madeleine Guillemette. Does anyone have ANY INFO whatsoever about anything mentioned above???


QUEENSLAND v. DAMON FRANK CALANCA (1992) and QUEENSLAND v. DAMON FRANK CALANCA (1993-94) were two Australia criminal court cases which aptly demonstrate what can happen when IDIOT LIBERAL PROSECUTORS and JUDGES fall for the DECEPTION and LIES put forth by FIRST-TIME CRIMINAL DEFENDANTS who have been reared as DEVOUT JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. In these particular instances, Damon F. Calanca, of Innisfail, Queensland, Australia, had been reared by "strict Jehovah's Witness" parents -- thus, the victims and other actors also may have been associates of the WatchTower Cult.

In December 1991, when he was 24 years-old, Damon F. Calanca TWICE attempted to MURDER a romantic rival named Paul Mellick. Under the guise of wanting to talk to his former girlfriend's new boyfriend about that former girlfriend's welfare, Calanca persuaded the new boyfriend -- Paul Mellick -- to get into Calanca's car. Calanca then drove to a secluded area where he stopped to "talk" with Mellick. At some point, Mellick and Calanca exited Calanca's vehicle -- probably after Calanca pulled out a knife and began "to clean his toenails". When Mellick attempted to re-entered Calanca's vehicle so that Calanca could take him home, Calanca stabbed Paul Mellick in the back. Mellick managed to wrestle the knife away from Calanca, and attempted to flee. Calanca then attempted to run over Mellick with his automobile.

After Paul Mellick reported the TWO MURDER ATTEMPTS to police, Damon Calanca told police that his "discussion" with Paul Mellick simply had been motivated by his sincere concern for the welfare of his old girlfriend, and that the stabbing simply had been an unplanned and unfortunate result of that heated conversation. Calanca further claimed that he had not attempted to hit Paul Mellick with his vehicle, but rather had been following after Mellick simply in order to take Mellick home.

The police did NOT buy into Damon Calanca's excuses. However, the local idiot Prosecutor did. After being informed that Damon Calanca had been reared as a "strict Jehovah's Witness", whom had had no previous serious run-ins with the law, the idiot Prosecutor offered Calanca a plea bargain which Calanca accepted -- to plead "Guilty" to one count of "unlawful wounding"and one count of "dangerous driving". The Prosecutor further recommended to the Judge that Calanca should NOT serve prison nor jail time. The idiot JUDGE also swallowed Calanca's story hook, line, and sinker -- sentencing Damon Calanca merely to two years PROBATION and 200 hours of community service. Unbelievably, even after the Prosecutor's bosses decided to appeal the sentence after protest from the victim, his family, and the general public, the Queensland Court of Appeal upheld the ridiculous conviction and sentence.

Only a few months later, in January 1993, Damon Calanca successfully MURDERED Gabriel Meyer, who was the 17 year-old brother of Fawn Meyer, who was either that same former girlfriend, or another former girlfriend, who had recently returned to her native United States to live. Calanca apparently was hoping that Fawn Meyer would return to Australia for the funeral, which would give Calanca another opportunity to reconcile with Fawn. Using the same modus operandi as he had done with Paul Mellick, Damon Calanca lured his victim to an isolated location where Calanca gave Meyer a drink of Sustagen which had been laced with 14 or more Vicks cold capsules and Maxalon anti-vomiting tablets. Calanca then suffocated Meyer by placing a plastic bag over his head. Calanca buried Gabriel Meyer's corpse in a shallow grave.

When questioned by police, after first deceiving them as to where and how Meyer died, Calanca eventually claimed that he had killed Gabriel Meyer because Meyer had made a homosexual advance towards him. In 1994, Damon Calanca was convicted by a jury of murder, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, under Aussie law, Calanca has been eligible for parole since 2006, but has been denied multiple times. However, because of Calanca's "typically" excellent prison record, Calanca has been permitted to participate in the Aussie Work Release program.


GHANA v. EFFORT DANKWA is an ongoing 2015-16 ATTEMPTED MURDER prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness Husband named Effort Dankwa. Effort and Benita Dankwa are fellow Jehovah's Witnesses who met at the Tema Community 11 Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 2006. The couple dated for five years, and then were married in 2011. Although the couple were not attempting to have children, Benita became pregnant in early 2015. In August 2015, when Benita was seven months pregnant, she woke up one morning feeling strange and paralyzed. Benita had to persuade Effort to call a taxi to take her to a maternity center. There, it was discovered that Benita had been gunshot, and that the bullet had passed all the way through her chest. Benita had to be sent to a larger hospital, where it was discovered that she was permanently paralyzed because the bullet had struck her spinal column. The newborn had to be delivered by caesarean section in mid-September. In September 2015, police learned that that Effort Dankwa had been carrying on an extra-marital affair for five months. Effort Dankwa was not formally charged until January 2016. Outcome pending


SOUTH AUSTRALIA v. BRETT DARREN MARDON was a 2012-15 Australia criminal court case which received much international attention. However, the circumstances of the Jehovah's Witness Perpetrator have not always been presented accurately, and the prominent status of the family of Jehovah's Witness victims has been ignored.

First, the "poisoning" victims were a family of Jehovah's Witnesses living in Stirling, South Australia, named Ben Anthonysz, then age 45, his wife, Karen Griggs Anthonysz, then age 39, and their three children (ages 4, 9, and 10 in April 2011). Karen Griggs Anthonysz is the daughter of South Australia's one-time most prominent Jehovah's Witness Elder, Eric John Griggs, who was a prominent real estate developer who eventually had legal problems within his business dealings with the WatchTower Society.Despite such, daughter and son-in-law Ben Anthonysz maintained their relationship with the WatchTower Society, with Ben Anthonysz serving as a longtime Elder at the Crafers Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. (For additional details regarding the business dealings of Eric John Griggs and his family, including son-in-law Ben Anthonysz and daughter Karen Griggs Anthonysz, see court cases, ERIC JOHN GRIGGS v. AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES COMMISSION and DAVID JOHN GRIGGS v. AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES COMMISSION.)

Second, the perpetrator, Brett D. Mardon and his family had begun associating with Jehovah's Witnesses when he was 17 years-old, while they lived in Whyalla. Brett Mardon was thereafter baptized at the age of 19. Brett Mardon eventually married a fellow Jehovah's Witness. Years later, in 2010, the Mardons began experiencing marital issues, and Brett Mardon eventually committed adultery. After suffering self-condemnation for six months with thoughts of moral uncleanness and dishonesty, Mardon first confessed to his wife, and thereafter to an Elder at the Crafers Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Routinely, the Crafer Body of Elders formed a "judicial committee" of three JW Elders to handle the matter -- one of whom was Ben Anthonysz. Self-confession of a secret sin is generally interpreted as evidence of the sinner's required remorse and repentance, with the sinner thereafter merely being sanctioned by the "judicial committee", and only "publicly reproved" before the congregation. Instead, Ben Anthonysz and the two other members of the "judicial committee" decided that Brett Mardon would be "disfellowshipped" (excommunicated) out of the congregation, and "shunned", thus causing Mardon the loss of his entire social structure.

Initially a great shock to the life of this loyal Jehovah's Witness, Brett Mardon came to accept the committee's decision as part of the price that he had to pay for his having "sinned". Brett Mardon committed himself to attending every Kingdom Hall meeting so as to prove his remorse and repentance, and thereby eventually being "reinstated" as a member of the Crafers congregation. For more than a year, Brett Mardon suffered in silence through the shame of being "shunned" by his former congregants at those Kingdom Hall meetings. However, both the typical "six months" and apparently even "12 months" passed without the Elders at the Crafers Kingdom Hall believing that Brett Mardon was worthy of reinstatement. Brett Mardon formally petitioned for "reinstatement" three times, but each time his request was denied. Mardon not only suffered the loss of friends and family, and the resulting depression, but Mardon even specifically avoided forming new social relationships with non-JWs so as prove his seriousness about rejoining the local Jehovah's Witness community. At the same time, Brett Mardon also attempted to mend his relationship with his wife. Mardon wanted to relocate to a new area where they could start over, but every time that he convinced his wife of such, Mardon's wife would discuss the relocation with the Crafer Body of Elders, and they would convince her otherwise. Gradually, Mardon's wife turned against him, and eventually divorced him in 2012.

Despite Brett Mardon's multiple and persistent attempts to make things right with his wife and his congregation, every effort he made to do things right was marginalized or blocked by the Crafers Body of Elders. Brett Mardon eventually came to believe that JW Elder Ben Anthonysz was intent on destroying his life, and that Ben Anthonysz was his main enemy. Mardon became obsessed with Ben Anthonysz and also came to believe that Ben Anthonysz was stealing money from the congregation. Beginning in March 2011, in hopes of catching Ben Anthonysz in his own "secret sin" -- for which Ben Anthonysz might also be "disfellowshipped" -- Mardon used his knowledge of the fact that the Anthonyszs often left a key to their home in one of the home's doors to repeatedly enter the Anthonysz's home to search for "evidence" against Ben Anthonysz. Apparently unsuccessful, Brett Mardon's mental condition apparently deteriorated to the point that beginning in August 2011, Mardon began to put small amounts of glyphosate -- a type of weed killer -- into the milk, juice, and other drink containers inside the Anthonyszs refrigerator whenever he secretly searched their home. Mardon did so three or more times before he was caught by a hidden video camera set up by the suspecting Anthonysz family, who had repeatedly detected the foul tasting liquid in their drinks.

In May 2015, Brett Darren Mardon, then age 49, was tried and convicted on 2 counts of theft, 3 counts of serious criminal trespass in a place of residence, and 3 counts of attempted create risk of harm. Brett Mardon was sentenced to a 35 months maximum prison term, but served only 11 months.


BEN ANTHONYSZ, KAREN ANTHONYSZ, ET AL v. BRETT DARREN MARDON was a 2015-16 civil lawsuit filed by the Anthonysz family against Brett Mardon seeking $100,000.00 damages due to the anguish and fear of not knowing the eventual consequences of possibly having ingested small amounts of weed killer placed in their foodstuffs by Mardon. That lawsuit was settled for AU 32,000.00 in September 2016.


WASHINGTON v. JOSEPH McENROE. In March 2015, Joe McEnroe was convicted of six-counts of aggravated first-degree murder for shooting and killing his girlfriend's parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson, age 60s; his girlfriend's brother and sister-in-law, Scott and Erica Anderson, age 30s; and that couples children, Olivia Anderson, age 5, and Nathan Anderson, age 3. The murders occurred in 2007 at the rural Carnation, Washington home of Wayne and Judy Anderson as the family gathered to celebrate Christmas Eve. Joe McEnroe and his girlfriend, Michele Anderson, both then age 29, were angry at her parents and brother over perceived "financial" slights. Although the four adults were each shot multiple times to put them down, they and the two children were finished execution-style with a shot to the head. This pair of NUTS met each other through an online dating service around 2001/2. Joseph McEnroe disclosed his past connections with the Jehovah's Witnesses during the penalty phase of the trial.


Michael Lee Stevens, age 39, of Morehead, Kentucky, died at home in August 2015 of a "suspected" drug overdose. Michael Stevens received a "funeral home funeral" conducted by an "out-of-town" Jehovah's Witness Elder from the nearby Olive Hill Kentucky Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, named Markus Giese.




Michael Lee Stevens was the only child of Marty Wheeler Stevens and Lois Ann Stevens, who all owned LYING LEE'S USED CARS, which had two sales locations in Morehead, Kentucky and Ashland, Kentucky. The Ashland location of LYING LEE'Swas managed by a "brother" of Lois Stevens, named Darrell Wayne CONN, who allegedly at that time was an Elder/MS at the Olive Hill Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

In July 2013, dozens of law enforcement officers with the FBI, IRS, Kentucky State Police, Louisville Metro Police, and the Rowan County Sheriffs Department, plus private agents of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, armed with search warrants, swarmed two residential and three business properties owned or occupied by Marty Stevens and Lois Stevens, and their son, Michael Stevens. Business records, miscellaneous personal property, and several alleged stolen or improperly documented vehicles were confiscated from the two LYING LEE'S USED CARS sales lots. Outcome unknown.

KENTUCKY v. MARTY W. STEVENS. Marty W. Stevens, then age 57, of Morehead, Kentucky, had previously been arrested and indicted in 2012 and earlier in 2013 on charges of Theft by Deception -- Over $10,000.00 and Receiving Stolen Property -- Over $10,000.00. Outcome unknown.

KENTUCKY v. DARRELL WAYNE CONN. Darrell W. Conn, then age 49, of Olive Hill, Kentucky, was arrested at the Ashland LYING LEE'S sales location on the day of the raid for allegedly possessing a stolen firearm, and Darrell Conn was formally charged with RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY -- FIREARM. Outcome unknown.


KENTUCKY v. DENIVET C. GAMBALIE. In June 2014, an African-Italian Jehovah's Witness named Denivet Gambalie, age 27, of Nancy, Kentucky, who is an employee of her Jehovah's Witness Family's accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation business in Somerset, Kentucky, named Fast Tax, Inc. (according to their webpage, Denivet is their "Notary Republic"), was arrested by the Kentucky State Police on charges of (1) No Operators License -- Moped, (2) Careless Driving, and (3) DUI. The MARRIED JW FEMALE was arrested at 3:09 AM on a Thursday morning -- reportedly driving a MOPED. There was another arrest in November 2014 on a "First Offense" DUI charge which may have related to the original June 2014 incident, or possibly was a second incident if the first DUI charge had been dropped. Outcomes unknown.


ONTARIO v. MICHAEL SMITH was a 2009-14 Canada Jehovah's Witness MURDER case. While multiple media articles indicate that the victim, Eugena Slade Smith, had been reared as a Jehovah's Witness, and was an active Jehovah's Witness during her marriage to her husband, Michael Smith, the religious status of Michael Smith is curiously not mentioned by anyone -- not the media, not the victim's JW Family, not Michael's family, not other friends and relatives who commented publicly after the murder. If Michael Smith had NOT been a Jehovah's Witness, then all the Jehovah's Witnesses who talked publicly about this MURDER would have repeatedly made that point to the media that Michael was not a JW. The absence of such denials is telling. Additionally, there are multiple pieces of this puzzle which point to Michael Smith being a Jehovah's Witness, including the fact that Michael Smith was continuously in communication with multiple members of his wife's Jehovah's Witness family during their separation.(Michael even telephoned Eugena's Aunt after the murder to tell her that he wished that "he had been stronger".) If CRAZY Michael Smith had not been a JW, then Eugena Smith's JW Family would have been happy that Eugena was divorcing Michael, and they would have done nothing to encourage Michael or to help him sustain the broken marriage. Thus, we believe with plenty of evidence that the convicted MURDERER Michael Smith was also a Jehovah's Witness.

Eugena Artemise Slade was born in Ontario, Canada in 1974 to a large family with ten children. Probably originally Catholics, the Slade family at some point converted to the WatchTower Cult. Michael Smith is the son of Joseph Smith and Sadie Smith, also of Ontario, Canada. Eugena and Michael first met in 1998, but typical of JWs, did not marry until 2000, when Eugena was 26 years-old, and Michael was 28 years-old. A daughter, Jaydn Smith, was born in 2003. After purchasing their first home in St. Thomas, Ontario, in 2006, the marriage quickly began to fall apart. Rightly or wrongly, Michael genuinely believed that Eugena was carrying on an extramarital affair with one of his former co-workers -- Tim Veal. In January 2007, Eugena asked Michael to move out, which he did. However, only six weeks later, Eugena requested that Michael move back home. In March, Eugena again asked Michael to leave, which he again did. Although Michael slept elsewhere, the unemployed Michael Smith spent much time at the family's home helping with Jaydn and household chores.

On June 3, 2007, Eugena informed Michael that she wanted a legal separation. On June 7, at 2:32 AM, Eugena sent Michael a FACEBOOK message to a fake account that Eugena knew to be Michael letting Michael know that the marriage was over. Michael read that message at 4:25 AM and went straight to the family home and let himself inside. There, Eugena and Jaydn were sleeping together in Eugena's bed. Michael likely attempted to have sex with Eugena, who refused. Michael then STRANGLED Eugena to death while Jaydn slept next to her. Michael likely forced sex on Eugena either before, during, or after her death. At some point, Michael woke up Jaydn, dressed and fed her, and then took her to his parents' home. Michael Smith then returned to the family's home where he again raped Eugena's corpse. In all, the evidence seemed to indicate that Michael Smith raped Eugena Smith orally, anally, and vaginally before, during, and after her death. Afterwards, Michael Smith made a fake attempt at suicide -- downing several bottles of non-narcotic cough syrup, while leaving the bottles which did contain codeine -- which all made Smith sleepy. Police found Michael asleep in the bed with Eugena's corpse at 6:40 AM -- after Michael had telephoned in his "suicide". The ER exam disclosed no overdose of any medicine.

After his arrest, in 2008, Michael Smith spent two months at an Ottawa psychiatric hospital, where he claimed to not remember murdering Eugena Smith. Michael did however admit obsession with pornography and having sexual fantasies that included rape and other violence, including strangulation and choking. At the 2009 trial, Deanna Mizon, a Jehovah's Witness friend of both Eugena and Michael, testified that Michael had told her in June 2007 that the couple's separation was due to his obsession with pornography. A co-worker of Eugena's testified that Eugena had complained to her that Michael expected her to perform like porn actresses performed.

A 5-week long trial took place in Spring 2009, and Michael Smith was quickly found guilty of first degree murder by a jury. Smith was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years. On appeal, both the conviction and sentence have been upheld.


PAPUA NEW GUINEA v. PETER OLOMBOL was a September 2014 criminal court case which involved a 52 year-old Jehovah's Witness male who physically attacked one of his male relatives at their common home in Mendi, in April 2011, after the victim refused to immediately pay back an overdue loan. The victim's arm was broken and his head injured. Olombol pleaded guilty and received a suspended one year sentence, plus restitution.

We are including this documented court case here because the COBE/Presiding Overseer of the Mendi Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, named James Wena Kolip, provided character testimony for Olombol, stating that he had known Olombol for four years as a "faithful, dedicated and good person within our congregation and community". INTERESTINGLY, the court record also states that Peter Olombol "has two wives".


BRITISH COLUMBIA v. BENJAMIN JAMES McBEATH is an ongoing Canadian criminal case involving Benjamin J. McBeath, who was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses by adoptive JW Parents whom McBeath states treated him very well. Ben McBeath pursued higher education and became a Certified Management Accountant. McBeath's career peaked when he became the Chief of Finances at Matsqui Penitentiary.

Unfortunately, Benjamin James McBeath's life has went astray in other areas. McBeath met his future wife in 1998, and they married in 2001, when McBeath was about 24 years-old. Jacob McBeath was born in 2007. There were problems throughout the marriage which resulted from McBeath's drug use, numerous infidelities, and his violent and controlling treatment of his wife, whom McBeath physically and emotionally abused. In August 2011, Wife and three year-old Jacob moved out of the family home after McBeath punched her two or three times. Later that same month, McBeath assaulted her again, and she pressed charges. McBeath received a two month jail sentence. In September 2011, McBeath broke into his wife's home, vandalized property, and when wife arrived home unexpectedly, he assaulted her and abducted Jacob.

Benjamin J. McBeath was eventually arrested, and in December 2011, he pled guilty to abduction of a child under 16, assault causing bodily harm, and being unlawfully in a dwelling house. In May 2012, Mcbeath was sentenced to 38 months in prison. McBeath was paroled in March 2013. On appeal, McBeath's sentence was reduced in July 2014.


BRITISH COLUMBIA v. BENJAMIN JAMES McBEATH (1999) and BRITISH COLUMBIA v. BENJAMIN JAMES McBEATH (2009). Ben McBeath was convicted for assault with a weapon in 1999. In 2009, McBeath was charged with criminal harassment, uttering threats, and assault, arising out of an incident where he threatened a woman with whom he was having an extra-marital affair, and her boyfriend. The charges were dropped, and McBeath entered into a peace bond.


ALBERTA v. TREVOR DAVID BOBOCEL was a 2011-14 Canadian MURDER prosecution of Trevor D. Bobocel, who was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in an extended JW Family in Alberta. Tevor Bobocel had a low IQ, and had mental health issues dating back to around 1999, but he refused to acknowledge such, and refused medication and treatment. Bobocel was more recently diagnosed with a delusional disorder of mixed type, primarily persecutorial and jealousy.

Trevor Bobocel and his common-law wife of fifteen years had five children. Since 2007, or previous, the marriage had gradually fallen apart, and the wife was in the process of leaving Bobocel. In March 2011, Trevor Bobocel, then 39 years-old, killed his wife at their home in Wandering River, Alberta. Bobocel murdered her by hitting her in the head with a hammer three times while she slept. Trevor David Bobocel pled guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bobocel must serve a minimum of 15 years before he will be eligible for parole.


VIRGINIA v. DAVID HERNANDEZ SHUMAKER is an ongoing 2013-14 Virginia criminal court case which involves a 28 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister named David H. Shumaker, of Rochelle, Virginia. The ALLEGED victim is an unidentified, recently divorced 38 year old Jehovah's Witness female who attends the same Culpepper Virginia Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

On the morning of December 17, 2013, David Shumaker borrowed a "friend's" car to drive to the Richardson Elementary School, in Culpepper, where he waited for the victim to bring her children. While the victim was inside the school, Shumaker donned a ski mask and hid inside the victim's van. When the victim entered her van, Shumaker threatened her with a knife, and told her to drive away. However, the victim escaped from her van and ran inside the school building. Leaving the knife and mask behind, Shumaker ran after the victim inside the school. There, school officials locked Shumaker inside an office and called 9-1-1 as he attempted to explain that the whole matter was nothing but sexual "role-playing".

David H. Shumaker allegedly told police that he and the 38 year-old Jehovah's Witness Divorcee had had a previous sexual relationship, and that he had simply been attempting to fulfill one of her "rape fantasies". The victim denied such, and alleged that Shumaker had been "stalking" her, and that he had even once been found inside her home. Interestingly, media reports indicate that the victim has written letters to Shumaker during his incarceration. In February 2014, David Shumaker was indicted on three felony charges -- abduction with the intent to defile, carjacking, and wearing a mask in public. It will be interesting to see if this case ever sees the light of a courtroom. Something tells me that the prosecutor is going to find that his principal witness is less and less cooperative.


NAMIBIA v. SELMA NAMBI was a 2014 criminal court case. After denying the crime for five months, while allowing others to be accused of such, in July 2014, a female Jehovah's Witness named Selma Nambi, age 21, admitted that she had stolen $4000.00 USD from fellow Jehovah's Witness Nadia Lourdes Manuel Da Silva, with whom she lived. Having pled guilty and made partial restitution, she was hand-slapped with a fine and no jail time. Selma Nambi used the stolen money to pay for tuition, books, etc. at the Polytechnic of Nambia.


TERRY JOHNSON - DONALD JOHNSON MURDER-SUICIDE. In January 2014, Terry Johnson, age 58, of Berea, Ohio, walked into the MetroHealth Medical Center, in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was being treated for mental health issues on a then out-patient basis, pulled a handgun, and fatally shot herself in the head. Several hours later, security guards found Donald Johnson, age 61, dead inside a vehicle parked in the Medical Center's parking garage. He too had been fatally shot in the head. Reportedly, the Johnsons had separated about two years previous after filing bankruptcy, but had remained married, and had recently discussed re-uniting. Online observers report that the Johnsons were Jehovah's Witnesses.


COLORADO v. ISABELLA YUN MI GUZMAN was the 2013-14 Colorado capital MURDER prosecution of 18 year-old Isabella Guzman, who is believed to have been reared by Jehovah's Witness parents and possibly JW stepfather. Robert Guzman and his Korean wife, Yun Mi Guzman, divorced around 1999 when Isabella was only 4 years-old. Only a year later, Yun Mi Guzman remarried to a eight years younger Ryan Paul Hoy (former Bethelite???). Isabella went to live with Robert Guzman and his presumably new wife when she was 7 years-old. It is unclear exactly when Isabella returned to live with the Hoys, but as Isabella grew older, her relationship with her Mother became strained and eventually contentious.

On a Monday in late August 2013, Isabella broke up with her boyfriend, and Isabella ended up chasing him off with a golf club when he attempted to retrieve some property from the Hoy's home. The next day, Isabella and her Mother got into an argument of unknown topic during which Isabella spit in her face. Yun Mi Hoy, age 48, who interestingly must have been in the habit of sleeping separately from her husband, asked Ryan P. Hoy, age 40, to sleep in her locked bedroom that Tuesday night because she was afraid of Isabella. When she awoke on Wednesday morning, she had a threatening email on her telephone from Isabella. When Yun Mi arrived home from her Portrait Studio business on Wednesday afternoon, Isabella again threatened her Mother, who then called the Aurora, Colorado Police to the house at 5:02 P.M.. The police talked to all the parties and left thinking that the situation had been de-escalated. Yun Mi Hoy then telephoned her ex-husband, Isabella's father, Robert Guzman, who came over around 7:00 P.M. and counseled Isabella about "teenage rebelliousness" and her need to respect her elders.

"I went to talk to her because her mother was worried and wanted me to talk to Isabella. So, I went to talk to Isabella and we sat down in the backyard looking at the trees and the animals and I started to talk to her about the respect that people should have for their parents. And I was trying to let her know that she should be obedient to her parents, not rebellious, that she should try to listen more and everything was going fine. ... In the conversation, I thought that I made progress, but obviously it didn't do nothing, because hours later, this thing happened. ... Isabella is a good kid. She's good hearted. But I don't know what could've happened -- honestly -- to provoke this kind of reaction."

Isabella stayed in her room for the rest of the evening. Yun Mi Hoy then returned to her photography business until she again arrived home around 9:30 P.M. Around 10:00 P.M., Yun Mi Hoy went upstairs to take a shower before going to bed. While in the shower, Isabella slipped into the bathroom and attacked her Mother with a baseball bat. After Yun Mi went down, Isabella pulled a knife and stabbed her more than 150 times, plus cut her throat. Isabella was finally interrupted by Ryan Hoy who came upstairs to see what was the commotion. Curiously, Isabella did not attempt to hurt Ryan Hoy, and Ryan Hoy did not attempt to stop the escaping Isabella. Isabella left the Hoy home and spent the night in her car at a nearby parking garage, where she was apprehended the next day.

In June 2014, after months of psychological evaluations, the Prosecutor asked the Colorado court to accept Isabella Guzman's plea of "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity", and to confine her in the State Hospital for treatment until she is no longer a threat to herself or society, when further court hearings will decide her further fate. During Isabella Guzman's evaluations, she was found to be hallucinating and talking to persons not present. Isabella Guzman was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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