JW Male Divorcee met his future JW Wife for the very first time on the first day of the summer WatchTower District Convention which preceded both JW Teens' senior year of High School. The two 16 year-old JW Teens were quickly attracted to each other, and each JW Teen quickly introduced the other JW Teen to their own pair of JW Parents. The two JW Teens took turns sitting with the other JW Teen's family, and both JW Families sat together during the Sunday sessions.

Although each pair of JW Parents were anxious for their own JW Child to meet and marry a fellow JW who was strong in "the truth", initially, neither pair of JW Parents were thrilled about this possible match given that the two JW families lived hundreds of miles apart at opposite extremes of the District, and neither JW family, nor anyone in their congregations, knew the other JW family, nor anyone in the other congregation.

After the District Convention, the two JW Teens immediately began communicating via all available means. The two JW Teens wanted to see more of each other towards the possibility of marriage after they each had graduated from High School. Both pairs of JW Parents were surprised that "distance" and "absence" did not extinguish the Convention fling. Instead, the long-distance relationship continued to grow, and by that Fall, each family had traveled to spend a weekend with the other JW family and that JW family's congregation. Despite the fact that each pair of JW Parents "typically" had concerns about the other JW Family, after the initial exchange of visits, the resistance of each pair of JW Parents gradually began to weaken.

JW Female was portrayed by her Tiffin, Ohio Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Elders, JW Friends, and JW Family from multiple Seneca County, Ohio, area Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses as an extraordinarily strong Jehovah's Witness. "Reared in the truth", JW Female had been baptized at the age of 12. Meeting attendance and field service were exemplary. JW Female had pioneered, or gotten pioneer hours, every summer after her baptism. JW Female even pioneered several months during her junior and senior years of High School. JW Female had even appeared in Circuit Assembly parts -- being presented as an example for other JW Teens to follow. Secondarily, JW Female also was an "A" student, and even had regularly held a part-time job after turning age sixteen. (Non-JW readers should understand that the WatchTower Cult is a product marketing organization. The worth of individual Jehovah's Witnesses to the Cult is measured by their monthly contributions to the Cult's marketing efforts as documented by the monthly "sales reports" required to be submitted by every member of the sales team. Exercise of christian morals and ethics are secondary to the individual JW's marketing efforts, and any deficiencies in christian morals and ethics are ignored until such deficiencies get in the way of the individual JW's marketing efforts on behalf of the Cult. In fact, the WatchTower Cult has long taught that the quality and quantity of an individual JW's marketing efforts are a precise "gauge" of that JW's "spirituality".)

In contrast, JW Male's Family struggled just to attend congregation meetings and regularly go out in field service, and were looked down on by most JW Pharisees in their own Circuit. Thus, JW Female appeared to be the answer to everything JW Male's Parents had hoped for as a potential marriage mate for their JW Son.

After the initial exchange of visits by the two pairs of JW Parents, JW Male began making scattered weekend visits with JW Female's family and congregation. All courtship activities were chaperoned and otherwise conducted per WatchTower guidelines. JW Male and his JW Parents knew that he was a virgin, and they ASSUMED the same of JW Female given everything they heard and saw from JW Female, her JW Parents, her JW Elders, and other JWs in her Tiffin, Ohio congregation.

By early Spring, "engagement" was the next natural step in the developing relationship, and marriage discussions began. JW Male Divorcee recalls that it was around this same time -- just before the engagement was official -- that JW Female and her JW Mother intentionally started to occasionally drop some vague -- and then seemingly meaningless -- remarks about JW Female's previous "informal" relationship with the son of an JW Elder in their congregation. JW Male and his JW Parents had previously been told that JW Female's only prior relationship of any type had been with a local Elder's Son, but in accordance with WatchTower guidelines, the two JW Teens supposedly had never "dated", but had simply "liked" each other throughout High School. That informal "LIKING" had ended with an informal "break-up" sometime during the Spring prior to the District Convention at which JW Male and JW Female had met.

It was not until after their marriage that JW Male gradually learned that JW Female and JW Elder's Son had had sexual contact of unknown kind and quantity. At a minimum, JW Female's Mother's prior comments indicated that she knew that JW Female was NOT a virgin when JW Male met her. (Before his own marriage a few years later, the aforementioned JW Elder's Son went on to make sexual conquests of two or more JW Teen Females in the Tiffin, Ohio congregation, and possibly other JW Teen Females in nearby congregations. One of the later deflowered JW Teen Females eventually confessed to the local JW Elders, and the pair received "private reproof" due to their "repentant attitudes". Other JW Teens in this same northern Ohio Circuit were just as sexually active -- all while complying with WatchTower rules against "dating", etc.)

JW Male Divorcee also has reasons to believe that one or more of the Elders at the Tiffin, Ohio Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses knew about JW Female's prior sexual relationship with Elder's Son. What JW Male Divorcee was never able to uncover was whether the "fornications" were handled officially by the Body Of Elders through a "private reproving", or handled "unofficially" in some other way. It is JW Male's "opinion" from the scattered pieces of evidence uncovered over several years, that regardless of whether handled officially or unofficially, that there was an intentional conspiracy to keep the "fornications" a secret -- first from JW Female's local congregation, and later, from him, because such involved JW Teens and JW Parents who were highly regarded in their Circuit. JW Male Divorcee relates that he would have known that his JW Bride was NOT a virgin on their wedding night but-for the fact that he WAS a virgin, and then completely ignorant as regards many sexual specifics.

After their marriage that following Summer, JW Wife relocated to JW Husband's hometown, where the JW Newlyweds set up house in a rent-free apartment owned by JW Husband's grandparents, which young JW Husband personally had paid to have remodeled and furnished with all new appliances, heat, and air before this marriage. Even without having to pay rent, the JW Newlyweds struggled financially on JW Husband's "minimum wage" salary. Despite such, JW Husband relates that he was extremely happy with the marriage. JW Husband initially believed that JW Wife also was happy despite the fact that she was unable to start pioneering as she had planned due to JW Wife having to take a part-time job to help out with the couple's living expenses.

About one month into their marriage, JW Wife began to constantly complain about having to drive around in JW Husband's 13 year-old automobile, which JW Husband had purchased from a family friend only 18 months previous due to that auto's low mileage and excellent condition. JW Wife would settle for nothing less than a brand new automobile, even though she was working only part-time, and also only earning "minimum wage".  JW Husband was given no choice but to take JW Wife car-shopping, where JW Husband attempted to steer JW Wife to look only at each manufacturer's lowest price model. However, the JW Newlyweds could not even qualify for financing on even the lowest priced models. That did not stop JW Wife's "constant bitching", so JW Husband's parents agreed to co-sign a car loan just so THEY did not have to listen to her. JW Husband was so aggravated with his new JW Wife for nagging his parents to co-sign their loan that he made the mistake of not even going to the dealership with JW Wife to purchase what he ASSUMED would be the stripped-down basic automobile which they had previously attempted to purchase, but had been denied financing. JW Husband was stunned when JW Wife arrived home driving a loaded sporty mid-tier model automobile. The loan payments would have been worth it if only they had shut-up JW Wife's constant bitching.

However, by only the third month into the marriage, JW Husband learned that JW Wife was also constantly complaining behind JW Husband's back to her out-of-state JW Parents and to the local JW Elders, Elderettes, and others, about every decision he made and seemingly everything he did and said. It was one petty issue after another, and it slowly made his life miserable. Before long, JW Husband could not go to the Kingdom Hall without getting an arse-chewing from one of the Elders, Elderettes, or someone else. Soon, it became easier simply not to go to the Kingdom Hall. While JW Husband's own parents slowly realized what JW Wife was doing and causing, the local JW Elders sided entirely with JW Wife, and turned from being JW Husband's supposed "friends" to being his eager enemies. (For non-JWs, again, it makes no difference how big a scumbag is a JW so long as they are regularly reporting "field service", and they are keeping their "sins" on the down-low. The local JW Elders will side with them in any dispute with another JW who is not reporting "field service". Never forget that the WatchTower Cult is a for-profit international business organization successfully disguised as a NFP religion.)

JW Male Divorcee recalls that it was around the 4th month of the marriage that a non-JW Co-Worker took him aside one day and told him that he had heard through a relative that JW Wife was becoming known as quite a "flirt" at her part-time job -- especially with the older, married Males.  JW Male Divorcee relates that he was not only unconcerned about JW Wife's alleged "flirting", but he even laughed off what his Co-Worker was suggesting about his relatively unattractive wife -- who looked, dressed, and somewhat behaved exactly like "Amy Farrah Fowler". JW Husband was so amused with the idea that his 18 year-old, JW-reared, newlywed Bride would be attracted to older, married, non-JW Males (and vice versa), that he even went home and told JW Wife what Co-Worker had said, and they both had a huge LAUGH. After all, JW Wife never missed a Kingdom Hall meeting, and regularly went out in field service, plus she constantly griped about JW Husband's shortcomings as a fellow Jehovah's Witness.

Roughly three months later, JW Husband's Co-Worker took him aside a second time and attempted an even more stern warning about JW Wife's workplace flirting. However, this time, JW Husband did not bother mentioning his Co-Worker's "nonsense" to JW Wife, since surprisingly, JW Wife had just been offered, and accepted, a very good full-time position at a local governmental agency -- a job normally reserved for locals with political connections. Within only a few short months after JW Wife started working at her new full-time job, the marriage was on life-support. Whenever JW Husband did attend a meeting at the Kingdom Hall, the JW Elders either treated him like dirt or ignored him completely, while JW Wife treated him the same at home.

Around that same time, which was about 9 to 10 months into the marriage, one of the local Jehovah's Witness families -- Lawrence Chase and Esther Chase -- announced that they were going to put their house on the market so they could move out-of-state. Well, from the very beginning, JW Wife had not been happy with the couple's newly-remodeled and newly-furnished RENT-FREE apartment, so JW Wife immediately decided that the JW Newlyweds needed to buy this newer 3 bedroom brick ranch, which sat on a two-acre lot located adjacent to the home of one of the wealthiest men in the county. (To make a long "financing" story short, JW Husband's GrandFather eventually agreed to loan the money to the JW Newlyweds.)

When Wealthy-Neighbor -- who had previously made the JW Sellers a low-ball offer -- learned that JW Newlyweds had agreed to purchase the property at JW Seller's "asking price", Wealthy-Neighbor sent an agent with a CASH offer to JW Husband to tell JW Sellers to make the Deed into the name of Wealthy-Neighbor. Wealthy-Neighbor apparently wanted the property for one of his sons who had just recently gotten engaged. The CASH offer was conveniently the approximate pay-off on JW Newlyweds' recently purchased automobile. JW Husband thought he had struck gold! That is, until he told JW Wife about the offer. JW Wife threw a crying tantrum, and refused to agree to the CASH offer. Not being totally "whipped", JW Husband declined Wealthy-Neighbor's initial offer, and asked for 50% above the initial offer to compensate for the nearly forgotten taxes that would have to be paid on the "income". Wealthy-Neighbor eventually declined the counter-offer --- not because the money was any problem for him, but probably due to JW Sellers informing Wealthy-Neighbor that they would cancel the sale and not sign the Deed over to him if he made a side-deal with JW Husband.

Here is another "chapter" in JW Husband's life in which all the details are not fully known due to the conniving of JW Wife and probably her JW Elders co-conspirators. At some point in the negotiations between Wealthy-Neighbor and JW Husband, "someone" informed JW Sellers about such. The JW Sellers -- Lawrence Chase and Esther Chase -- had absolutely no legal nor moral right to intervene in the extra-curricular negotiations between JW Husband and Wealthy-Neighbor, because JW Newlyweds had agreed to pay JW Seller's "asking price" set before JW Sellers even knew that JW Newlyweds were interested in the property. The problem was that this had been a "private sale", and everything had been consummated by a "handshake" between two Jehovah's Witness families. Again, JW Husband has reason to believe that the JW Sellers intervened and informed Wealthy-Neighbor that they would cancel the sale and not sign the Deed over to him if he made a side-deal with JW Husband.

What JW Husband knows for a FACT is that after multiple private conversations limited to JW Wife, W-N's agent, and himself, everyone in the local JW congregation knew about such -- only INACCURATELY. JW Sellers stopped speaking to JW Husband, and everyone else in the congregation treated JW Husband even worse than they already were treating him -- if such were possible. Over the following months, JW Husband learned that various JWs were falsely claiming that JW Sellers had lowered their asking price to make the "poor" JW Newlyweds a "great deal", and that "ungrateful" JW Husband had then went behind JW Sellers back to one of JW Sellers' other potential buyers to negotiate a profit for himself. As time went along, even that completely inaccurate story gave way to even more ridiculous LYING tales -- all of which had the 18 year-old JW Husband scamming and taking advantage of the retired Lawrence Chase and the Registered Nurse Esther Chase, who were in their 60s and 50s. Again, JW Newlyweds agreed to and eventually paid the JW Seller's EXACT ASKING PRICE set prior to them even knowing the property was for sale, and JW Husband had no clue Wealthy-Neighbor was interested in the property until his agent came to JW Husband after the sale with a cash offer to have the deed made to him.

Not long after JW Newlyweds had moved into their new home, and shortly prior to the first anniversary of this marriage, the same aforementioned non-JW Co-Worker of JW Husband started acting funny one day, and acted as if he wanted to talk, but he did not finally approach JW Husband until the next day. Co-Worker asked where JW Husband and his automobile were, and what had he been doing, two evenings previous. JW Husband told Co-Worker that JW Wife had dropped him off at a relative's house that evening to help with a home improvement project, and that JW Wife then picked him back up about three hours later --- and why did Co-Worker want to know?

Co-Worker related that he had went out to purchase something that evening, but that on his way back home, as he drove past the town's "Cum-n-Go Motel", JW Wife had pulled up to enter the highway at the motel's exit. Co-worker related that traffic had prevented JW Wife from exiting behind him, and that he had pulled into a convenience store parking lot down the street in order to make certain that it was in fact JW Wife. Co-worker related that not only was the car JW Husband's new car, but the driver definitely was JW Wife. Co-worker's stop/turn in the convenience store's parking lot also gave time for a second car to also exit the motel. The second car was driven by a Male Co-worker of JW Wife. Surprisingly, JW Wife's low-ranked, low-compensated male co-worker was an unattractive older married man, in his mid-30s, who had 4 children, and who lived in a shabby trailer park. (Keep in mind that JW Wife was still 18 years old at the time.)

JW Husband went home that evening and confronted JW Wife, who claimed that she had gone shopping after dropping off JW Husband at his relative's house. JW Wife vehemently denied being at the motel with the male co-worker. JW Husband relates that the nuclear storm lasted from the time he got home until midnight, and that their argument got overheated multiple times, but no physical violence ever erupted.

JW Husband relates that because he wanted to believe that his newlywed JW Wife would not have cheated on him, that is exactly what he did --- JW Husband believed JW Wife. While the marriage continued on, it was in terrible shape. Over the following few months, the argument renewed itself repeatedly as JW Husband either spotted signs himself that seemed to indicate that JW Wife was being unfaithful, or he received "tips" from non-JWs. JW Wife repeatedly denied EVER cheating on JW Husband. Whenever JW Husband would make the mistake of telling JW Wife about one of the many "cheating tips" received from one of his non-JW friends, JW Wife would always counter with the "trump-card" excuse that it was all LIES told by JW-HATERS trying to destroy their marriage and/or attempting to slander "Jehovah" and "Jehovah's People". Having been reared with that same ingrained mentality himself, JW Husband believed JW Wife denials -- all while continuing to put faith in JW Wife's unwavering meeting attendance and field service activity, which the WatchTower Society had taught JW Husband were precise "gauges" of any individual Jehovah's Witness's "spirituality".

After a few more months of hell-on-earth marriage, and with the approval of the local Body of Elders, JW Wife moved out and went back home to Tiffin, Ohio to live with her parents. JW Husband caught hell for being a terrible husband from his own JW Parents and relatives, the local JW Elders, and the rest of the congregation. When JW Husband tried to present evidence that JW Wife not only lied about much of the goings-on in their relationship, but that she even might have been carrying on a secret affair, the JW Elders refused to listen to his evidence, and told JW Husband that "so long as JW Wife was regularly attending meetings and going out in field service, and he wasn't, that they would believe whatever she told them over anything that he had to say." That was the last time that JW Husband sought help or even sympathy from the CORRUPT local JW Elders.

After only four weeks of living with her own JW Parents, it was JW Wife who telephoned JW Husband and patched things up. After JW Wife returned home, she was much nicer to JW Husband for a few months, and the marriage went well until JW Wife found a job with an elderly female accountant -- who operated her accounting business out of her home. Shortly thereafter, JW Wife returned to being her true self, and JW Husband again began to see signs that JW Wife was having an affair. JW Husband was soon warned by a non-JW tipster that JW Wife's former co-worker and boyfriend was "visiting" JW Wife at the accountant's home whenever the accountant left home for her routine weekly half-day out-of-town shopping trip. JW Husband confronted JW Wife, who maintained that she had never cheated previously, and that she would never do such a thing. Again, it was all LIES told by "Jehovah's enemies"! A month or so later, non-JW Tipster reported to JW Husband that since Husband had tipped off JW Wife that she and her Boyfriend were being watched that Boyfriend had started parking his car two blocks away in the local Hospital's parking lot, instead of at the accountant's home/office, whenever he slipped away from his job for some afternoon delight.

Around the second anniversary of the marriage, the local JW Elders approved what they hoped would be the finale separation, and this time, the JW Elders even helped JW Wife move out her belongings. However, after only three months of living with her out-of-state JW Parents, JW Wife again telephoned JW Husband and patched things up. It wasn't until months later that JW Husband learned that JW Wife's parents had told her to leave their house -- supposedly due to "something" she had told them, but more likely due to the incoming and out-going telephone calls.

After JW Wife's return, she began a fourth job as a very successful traveling salesperson. JW Wife sold out her starting inventory her very first day on the job, and sales continued strong during the following 8 or so months. (Local non-JWs told JW Husband how and why JW Wife was so good at her new sales job, but JW Husband refused to believe them.) JW Husband was happy because JW Wife seemed happier than he had ever known her to be. JW Husband even custom-ordered a brand new FORD extended van for JW Wife to drive in her new job. About a month later, JW Wife did not come home one day. JW Husband soon received divorce paperwork. JW Husband did not contest the divorce, and the divorce eventually became final roughly 3 1/2 years after the marriage had begun. Fortunately for JW Husband, he was not stuck with the now unneeded expensive FORD vehicle -- for which he had no way to pay -- only because FORD canceled the "build" due to model year changeover at the factory.

However, that was not the end of JW Wife's ABUSE of JW Male Divorcee. Only a few months after their divorce was final, JW Ex-Wife began to telephone JW Male Divorcee and attempt reconciliation. JW Male Divorcee repeatedly said no, but finally agreed to meet JW Ex-Wife half way between their homes for a weekend of sex around what would have been their fourth anniversary. JW Male Divorcee continued to refuse JW Ex-Wife's request to allow her to move back in, but again met JW Ex-Wife for a weekend of sex around the first anniversary of their divorce. JW Ex-Wife was persistent, and approximately 18 months after their divorce, JW Male Divorcee finally agreed to allow JW Ex-Wife to temporarily return home to see how things would go. After only 5 days of sex, JW Male Divorcee realized that he simply no longer loved JW Ex-wife, and he agonized for a day over having to inform JW Ex-Wife that it was time for her to leave. Amazingly, JW Ex-Wife didn't seem disappointed in the least. Apparently, during the daytime, while JW Male Divorcee was at work, JW Ex-Wife also had been servicing the two or more boyfriends whom she also had not seen for some time.

Even at that point in time, JW Male Divorcee did not recognize nor understand that he was continuing to being CONNED by this EXEMPLARY Jehovah's Witness. It took several years after the divorce before JW Male Divorcee was able to unravel, and believe, what all had occurred during the marriage, and was even continuing to occurr after the marriage. Although JW Ex-wife continued to occasionally telephone JW Male Divorcee into her THIRD marriage, she NEVER ONCE in all those years ever admitted to cheating or even to have considered cheating. Even during the first several years after his divorce, JW Male Divorcee maintained hope that he had been wrong when accusing JW Wife of cheating.

However, JW Husband gradually learned that JW Ex-Wife had been cheating for months before JW Wife and Boyfriend #1 had been spotted exiting the motel shortly before the couple's FIRST ANNIVERSARY, and that that affair continued throughout the three separations, the two reconciliations, and even after their divorce. How does JW Male Divorcee know such? Much "missing pieces" info eventually came to JW Male Divorcee indirectly through Boyfriend #1's wife, who had long suspected the affair almost from the beginning. Boyfriend #1's wife provided that info after the affair was confirmed for her when she caught Boyfriend #1 long-distance visiting JW Ex-wife on weekends after her first divorce.

It was not until after JW Male Divorcee finally accepted the fact that JW Wife had had a lengthy affair with Boyfriend #1 that JW Male Divorcee discovered an even more shocking fact which explained why some of the "tips" about JW Wife's cheating during the last year of the marriage had not made "sense", and therefore had been dismissed as false. JW Male Divorcee learned that during her last job as a traveling salesperson that then 20 year-old JW Wife had gone on to enter into a second affair with one of her older married male Customers (early 40s), and that affair was carried on at the same time as her still ongoing first affair. Not only was JW Wife cheating on JW Husband, but she also was cheating on two Boyfriends. JW Male Divorcee is not even certain that those were the only two affairs carried on by JW Wife during the short marriage. JW Male Divorcee long ignored scattered evidence suggesting that JW Wife may have been cheating with multiple Customers during that last year that JW Wife worked as a traveling salesperson. Apparently, the secret password was "Hi!", and everyone but JW Husband knew that.

JW Serial Adulteress's two known affairs continued into JW Adulteress's second and even possibly third marriages, despite the fact that JW Adulteress lived hundreds of miles away from the aforementioned two boyfriends. Not only did Boyfriend #1's Wife catch him making weekend visits to see JW Adulteress, but after the divorce and through her third marriage, JW Adulteress made multiple weekend visits back to JW Male's hometown to supposedly visit with the JW Elder families that she had befriended during her first marriage. Local non-JWs reported sporadically over the years seeing JW Adulteress with each of the two boyfriends during these visits.

JW Male Divorcee eventually learned that his JW Wife's cheating activities were widely known throughout the local non-JW community. While the local JWs saw much of the same evidence, the JWs refused to believe such due to JW Wife's faithful meeting attendance and field service. Instead, local JW Elders continued to welcome JW Adulteress into their homes for several years after the divorce when JW Adulteress occasionally returned for weekend visits, whose real purpose was to rendevous with Boyfriend #1, Boyfriend #2, and no telling who else.

None of JW Male Divorcee's hometown JW Elders ever admitted their errors, nor ever offered an apology, for their years-long aid and comfort to the adulterous JW Wife. JW Male Divorcee is thankful for the concern of local non-JWs. But-for the local non-JWs, JW Male Divorcee does not know how long he would have remained married to JW Adulteress.

Less than two years after Divorce #1, and while JW Serial Adulteress was continuing to occasionally return to JW Male Divorcee's hometown to visit elderly Boyfriends #1 and #2, and less than six months after JW Ex-Wife spent a week with JW Male Divorcee in her attempt to affect a reconciliation, JW Serial Adulteress married one of her own hometown co-workers. It is not known whether JW Serial Adulteress broke up Husband #2's marriage, but after only six months of marriage, Husband #2 divorced JW Serial Adulteress (or possibly had the marriage "annulled"), and Ex-Husband #2 re-married his first wife. 

Only about one year after Divorce #2, JW Serial Adulteress married for a third time -- to a former high school classmate. It is not known whether JW Serial Adulteress broke up Husband #3's first marriage of 2 1/2 years, but this third marriage lasted for less than one year before Husband #3 also discovered that JW Serial Adulteress was again cheating with a much younger coworker.

Only two months after Divorce#3 was final, JW Serial Adulteress married that much younger, never-before-married co-worker. Marriage#4 lasted nine years before JW Serial Adulteress and eventual Husband#5 each divorced their spouses the exact same month, and thereafter married each other five months later. It is not known whether JW Serial Adulteress broke up younger Husband#5's marriage, but he had been married only once previously, and had three children by his first wife. 

Before readers exit this "REAL JW WORLD" experience, and continue on with the public record Court Cases, they should re-read the very first "red paragraph" above -- this time keeping in mind that this supposed exemplary, pioneering "Elder's Pet JW Teen" had already become a practiced deceptive liar and fornicator before she even had entered her first marriage, and she went on to become a serial marital cheaterwho ended up married 5 times by the time that she was 35 years old.

Readers should ask themselves how did a baptized JW Female Teenager, who spent all of her spare time participating in Kingdom Hall activities, develop an insatiable sexual "taste" for multiple older married men, plus the expertise to so effectively lie and deceive others so as to hide such from a husband and supposedly from all the fellow JWs with whom she constantly associated?


This REAL WATCHTOWER WORLD saga would not be complete without relating how "Jehovah's spirit-directed organization" thereafter "punished" the main TWO JW ELDERS (and their JW Elderette Wives) in JW Male Divorcee's home congregation who stood solidly behind JW Serial Adulteress as "enablers" during her multiple ongoing adulteress affairs, and who for all intents and purposes ran JW Male Divorcee out of the congregation.

About six months after the DIVORCE was final, the WatchTower Society invited the local congregation's PRESIDING OVERSEER and JW ELDERETTE #1 to attend the WATCHTOWER BIBLE SCHOOL OF GILEAD*, where they were trained as longterm WatchTower Society foreign missionaries. JW ELDER #1 and JW ELDERETTE #1 quickly failed as WatchTower Missionaries to Ecuador, and returned to the United States. The WatchTower Society then assigned (or more like marooned) JW ELDER #1 and JW ELDERETTE #1 as "Special Pioneers" to a little-valued, historically no-growth, poverty-stricken section of Appalachia, where they currently also operate an internet based business which caters solely to fellow JWs. (*Founded in 1942, the original name was "Watchtower Bible College of Gilead" in the WatchTower Cult's routine modus operandi of exaggeration. In 1947/48, the WatchTower Cult was forced to change "College" to "School" because "Gilead" did not meet the New York Department of Education's standards for use of the label, "College".)

Only a few years after the DIVORCE, the WatchTower Society invited JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 to become "International Volunteers", in the WatchTower Society's "International Volunteer Construction Worker Program". "International Volunteers" are prominent local JW Elders and their wives who are sporadically invited overseas on an as-needed basis to perform work on WatchTower Society Branch Office construction projects. JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 were "privileged" to help build three or more of the WatchTower Society's foreign branch offices. Notably, however, since JW Male Divorcee's divorce, THREE local JW males in their 20s, each of whom had JW ELDER #2 involved in their personal lives, have committed SUICIDE. Despite the fact that fellow JWs across their Circuit have long recognized JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 to be "Typhoid Marys" to be avoided as much as possible, even presently, JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 are working a "special intra-circuit assignment" given to them by the WatchTower Society. Apparently, the WatchTower Society does not own a calculator. If it did, WatchTower officials would know that over the decades that JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 have been responsible for multiple times more people exiting the WatchTower religion than joining.

2014 UPDATE: Some readers familiar with this REAL WATCHTOWER WORLD soap opera have inquired as to why have we long failed to mention that the back-then "33 year-old" JW ELDER #2 was actually a JW Elder originally from JW Serial Adulteress's home congregation -- Tiffin, Ohio Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses -- who followed JW Serial Adulteress over 300 miles to relocate to JW Husband's home congregation about a year after JW Wife married JW Husband. JW ELDER #2 and JW ELDERETTE #2 were not even remotely related to JW Wife, and supposedly were not even close friends. Well, it is now mentioned. Make of it what you wish.

2016 UPDATE: Completely aware of his inclusion in this WatchTower Cult expose, the WatchTower Society continues to select "marooned" former GILEAD MISSIONARY,  JW ELDER #1, to serve as the WatchTower Society's main spokesperson at WatchTower Regional Conventions and Circuit Assemblies regularly held in a small Appalachian city located in/near 4 Appalachian states, which has regularly hosted multiple circuit assemblies and regional/district conventions annually for more than a decade.

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