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Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.

Seventeen year old JWMaleTeen (JWT) met his future wife (JGirl) at the motel swimming pool on the Thursday night before the opening day of the summer WatchTower "District" Convention held between JWT's and JGirl's junior and senior years of high school. JWT arrived late that Thursday night to the pool and found there only a few young kids and their JW Parents. In other words, there were no JW teen girls, as 17 year-old JWT had hoped. There weren't even any teen males. JWT passed the time by talking with JW adults sitting around the pool, and playing various pool games with a few of the older kids.

At some point, JWT noticed an adult woman wearing a hideous one-piece swimsuit eyeballing him. She was caring for both an infant and a baby. JWoman gradually increased her unwelcomed eyeballing until JWT said silently to himself, "Lady, I'm not looking for some old divorced woman needing someone to raise her two rugrats." However, the more that JWT tried to avoid eye contact with the woman, the more aggressive she became. JWoman eventually walked right over to JWT and introduced herself. 

As a properly trained JW teen, JWT responded politely and respectfully. After 1-2 minutes of meaningless chit-chat, JWT made reference to JWoman's "two children". JWoman burst out laughing -- explaining that the two kids for whom she had been caring were her young cousins, being the children of her two aunts sitting poolside. JWoman asked, "Just how old do you think I am." Naive JWT answered honestly, "I thought that you were in your mid 20s." JWoman's laughter increased as she explained, "I'm only 16 years old. My birhdate is not until October. I realize that this awful looking swimsuit makes me look much older, but I didn't realize that it was that bad." JWT's opinion of curvaceous "JGirl" instantly jumped from "Yuck!" to "Wow!".

JW Teen Girl explained that her awful looking one-piece was her JWMother's idea. A one-piece swimsuit had been purchased at a store, and then JWMother had sewn onto the bottom of the swimsuit a "skirt" to hide JWGirl's thighs, crotch, and ample rearend, plus horizontal rows of large ruffles were sewn onto the top front of the one-piece to hide JWGirl's large boobs.

JGirl shocked JWT when she blurted out that her "flat-chested" mother was jealous of 16 year-old JGirl's "large breasts". JGirl's open and overly honest speech intrigued JWT. He had never had a JW teen girl speak so freely to him, particularly about her own body as did JGirl. At the same time, JGirl allowed no question but that she was an exemplary Jehovah's Witness. After talking for 15 minutes about her family's dedication to the JW religion, JGirl was summoned by two adults with stern looks on their faces that could kill snakes. Speaking only briefly, JGirl returned and related that her JWDad and JWMom had said that she could not speak any longer with JWT until JWT introduced himself to them.

JWT introduced himself to JGirl's parents, and allowed JGirl's parents to interrogate him for about 10 minutes. JGirl's Parents did not attempt to hide their dislike for the fact that JGirl was attempting to cultivate a relationship with someone who lived many hours drive from them, and particularly the fact that both of JWT's parents toiled six days a week to eek out a living on their small family farm. JGirl's mother glared at JGirl as she explained to JWT that she knew exactly how hard was his parents' lives given that she too had been raised on a "poor" small family farm. JWMom proclaimed that her current leisurely life as the wife of a high earning UAW certainly beat her earlier life on the farm. Of course, it also permitted both her and JGirl to "regular auxillary pioneer".

JWT and JGirl were dismissed to resume their conversation and poolplay for about another hour. JWT and JGirl parted that evening promising to meetup at JGirl's assigned arena seats the next morning before the convention sessions started. JGirl's congregation's assigned floor level seats conveniently turned out to be straight down from JWT's upper arena seats. Friday morning, JGirl and her family arrived late after JWT's family already had arrived and had dispersed for breakfast, restrooms, walking, etc. -- that is, except for JWT who had remained in his seat waiting for JGirl and her family to arrive at the arena.

Given JGirl's parting promise to meetup Friday morning, JWT was both disappointed and hurt when late arriving JGirl did not even bother to look around the arena for him before the morning session started. Neither did JGirl look around the arena for JWT during the mid-session break that morning. At Friday's noon break, JWT jumped up and headed down the arena steps. JWT did not plan on wasting any more time waiting for JGirl to give him her attention. JWT was pissed, and silently wrote off JGirl given all the other available females displaying themselves around the arena.

However, before JWT even made it to the bottom of the arena steps, JGirl turned, spotted him, and began waving vigorously. The already "smitten" JWT wound his way through the crowd straight to JGirl, and acted as if that was where he had been heading the whole time. However, JGirl's parents refused to permit JGirl to walk with JWT out into the arena corridor except to go to the restrooms and return. Except for one such trip, JWT and JGirl spent the entire noon break sitting and talking within earshot of at least one of her parents. JWParents even expressed their displeasure at having to chaperone the conversation.

JWT and JGirl parted with promises to meetup again that evening at the motel's swimming pool. However, JGirl and her parents were a no-show. That ruined JWT's evening and sleep. Saturday morning, pissed JWT did not bother to wait/watch for JGirl. Instead, JWT went "shopping" out in the arena corridor. During Saturday's morning session, JWT watched the backs of JGirl and her parents. Noone bothered to turn and look towards JWT and his parents, not even during the mid-session songs and announcements.

At Saturday's noon break, once again pissed-off JWT hurried out to buy lunch for the family, and returned to eat. While eating, JWT looked down and saw a smiling JGirl climbing the arena steps towards him carrying her lunch. JGirl apologized for not making it to the pool the previous Friday evening. To make it up to JWT, her parents had permitted JGirl to come sit with JWT's family and eat lunch during the noon break. The smile on JWT's face was quickly erased as JGirl then introduced JWT to the cousin standing behind her, whose job was to sit between them and guarantee that JGirl and JWT could never make physical contact. Of course, one of JGirl's parents still repeatedly turned and watched from their seats below. Through JGirl, JWT's parents invited JGirl's parents to dinner that night. However, JGirl's parents declined the invitation claiming that they already had plans for dinner Saturday night. 

JGirl did show up at the pool later Saturday night. JWT and JGirl spent a couple hours playing pool games and getting to know each other better. The two pair of JW Parents talked only briefly, but to make up for the declined dinner invitation earlier that evening, JGirl's parents invited JWT and his parents to sit with them all day Sunday. They accomplished such by arranging for some relatives to switch seats with JWT and his parents.

Sunday was a "home run" as far as JWT was concerned, even though JGirl's parents refused to allow JWT and JGirl to sit next to each other. At the end of the convention, the two families promised to keep in touch via letter. JWT and JGirl had already exchanged telephone numbers and mailing addresses, and for some forgotten reason, they agreed that JGirl would start the exchange of letters the following week.


'"Courting" via letters was nothing new to JWT. During his sophomore year of high school, JWT had exchanged letters for 5 months as "friends" with a JW girl he had met at that year's District Convention. During his junior year, JWT exchanged letters with a girl in his own Circuit for 7 months. This time was different though. JWT was thoroughly smitten by mature JGirl and her curvaceous figure.

JGirl lived about two days letter time from JWT, and she had promised to start writing the next week following the convention. However, one week passed, then two weeks. No letter. So, given his previous experience writing "friendship" letters to the two aforementioned JW girls, JWT mailed his first letter to JGirl. No timely reply. About two weeks later, JWT received a reply "ripping him a new butthole"

That letter was written in JGirl's handwriting, but it obviously had been dictated by her parents. JWT was condemned for assumedly sending that first letter without allowing his own parents to censor it first watchtower-style. Practically everything that JWT had written was condemned line-by-line as "inappropriate", including signing off his letter with: "Love, JWT". JGirl's letter stated that if JWT ever again mailed a letter to JGirl like that first letter, it would be forwarded to his Body of Elders. JGirl's letter said that JWT should think about his sinful mistakes for a few weeks, and then attempt a more appropriate second letter. JWT would know whether that second letter was acceptable if he received a reply from JGirl. If there was no reply, JWT should never write JGirl again.

Every reader of this account probably thinks that JGirl's JW parents had 17 year-old JWT shaking in his boots. Well, you're wrong. JWT was outraged, not only by the content of their reply, but by the fact that JGirl's parents admitted that they had first opened and read JWT's letter to JGirl. Instead of waiting "a few weeks", JWT fired off a "FvckU" letter to JGirl's parents. Copying their style, JWT condemned their condemnation line-by-line. JWT ended his letter to JGirl's JW parents with the threat, "If you ever again open a letter of mine that I have not addressed to you, I will file a complaint against you with the PostMaster General, and send copies of such to both YOUR BOE and the Watchtower Society."

Seventeen year-old JWT had been emboldened by the mistaken belief that JGirl's parents had done something "illegal" by opening his letter. Regardless, it worked. About a week later, JWT received a toned-down partial apology from JGirl's parents promising that, henceforth, they would wait until JGirl first had opened JWT's letters before reading them. Their letter further suggested that JWT write another letter to JGirl keeping in mind some of the "suggestions" that they had mentioned in their previous letter. JWT wrote that second letter to JGirl, and received a fast reply. JWT had no further problems with any of his letters.


JWT quickly added then-expensive one-hour long weekly telephone calls to the weekly exchange of letters.& JWT did not bother to keep it a secret that he had marriage in mind at the end of this school year. Since Armageddon was going to strike any day now, JWT even decided not to return for his senior year of high school. Without discussing such with JGirl or her parents, and to their consternation, JWT thought it more important to work fulltime during the following 8 or 9 months and save up money for the marriage. Besides, even "courtship" during the next nine months was going to be expensive.

By October, JWT had invited himself to spend a weekend with JGirl and her parents. They agreed to JT's visit, but refused to allow JWT to sleep at their home. Neither would they procure lodging with any relatives or friends. JGirl's parents agreed only to provide meals. JWT would have to sleep at a motel, for which he would have to pay. Besides the money issue, JWT's absence from the family farm on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was a real hardship on his own parents, who could not afford to hire a replacement.

JGirl's parents owned a 1200sf 3BR/2B brick ranch, which was located in a subdivision just outside the city limits. That fact will be important later in this story, because such means that the law enforcement agency serving that county subdivision was the County Sheriff's Department, which was headed by an "elected" official, as opposed to the City Police Department, which was staffed by "hired" personnel. For those who don't understand the point, "elected" Sheriffs and their deputies typically are much more compassionate than low-IQ city cops.

In fact, even the street location of JGirl's home and its floorplan is essential to this story. Readers should take the time to fully understand the following. The subdivision street on which was located JGirl's home ran somewhat parallel to the bypass which ran around JGirl's hometown. The rear of JGirl's home faced that bypass, and was only about 150 feet from the elevated roadway which looked down onto JGirl's backyard and home. There was lots of truck and tractor-trailer traffic using that bypass at all hours of the day and night. A major intersection with multiple traffic signals was located only 1/4 mile down the bypass from JGirl's home. That meant that many of the trucks and tractor-trailers driving past JGirl's home were either slowing down for the upcoming intersection traffic signals, or still speeding up after having been stopped at that intersection.


Seventeen year old JWT did his best to plan the day-long drive time so that he would arrive at JGirl's home on Friday afternoon around the same time that JGirl arrived home on the school bus. However, JWT's enthusiasm caused him to arrive at JGirl's hometown about one hour earlier than he had planned. Prior to this day-long, out-of-state trip, 17 year-old JWT had never driven by himself further than 50 miles from home.

Despite being located adjacent to the busy bypass, and near a major intersection, there was not a single convenience store, nor gasoline station, nor restaurant, nor any other business, near JGirl's home where JWT could stop and kill time. JWT had left it to JGirl's parents to reserve him a room at a local motel, but JWT did not know which one or where was that motel. JWT also needed to urinate. So, JWT followed JGirl's directions to her parent's home. It was only 2:30 PM, and JGirl was not due home from school until 3:30 PM.

Tired JWT made the MAJOR MISTAKE of deciding to go ahead and stop. Either JWT had not been told, or JWT had forgotten, that JGirl's UAW father worked "third shift". JWDad slept from 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM. JWT rang the doorbell around 2:35 PM. No answer. No noise. JWT rang the doorbell again. No answer. No noise. Being an experienced door-knocker, JWT still does not believe that he overdone the doorbell, but it did take multiple ringings and knocking before JWMom answered the door wearing a bathrobe. JWMom invited in JWT, but angerly chewed out JWT for disturbing both JWDad's sleep and her shower. JWMom seated JWT in the living room, and ordered him to sit there quietly while she went to get dressed. It wasn't until JWMom had left the living room that JWT remembered that he needed to urinate. Fortunately, JWT's bladder was then only seventeen years old.

However, as usually tough JWT sat there in silence thinking about what had just happened, the nervously exhausted JWT began to slowly cry. JWT tried to hold back the tears as best that he could. Fortunately for JWT, JWMom killed as much time back in her bedroom as she could in order to lessen the amount of time that she had to entertain JWT before JGirl arrived home from school.

JWT managed to stop his crying by redirecting his depression into anger. JWT had lived around "Jehovah's Witnesses" his entire life, thus JWT was thoroughly familiar with "assholes". However, JWT had never met as major a bunch of assholes as were JGirl's parents. Particularly, JWMom was the Queen of Assholes. JWT began to wonder why in the world would he want to become part of this family? Why would he want to be married to the daughter of the Queen of Assholes? It would be only a matter of time before JGirl became her mother.

"Fvck these assholes, I'm going home!!!" JWT got up and headed for the door. Unfortunately, that front door was not even opened halfway when a schoolbus came to a rushing stop out front. As JWT walked outside onto the front porch, a smiling JGirl came running. JWT's plan to leave was sunk. JWT prepared to accept a big hug from JGirl just as she put on the brakes, looked past him, and extended her right hand. No hug. Just a handshake. Then, JWT realized why. JWMom had heard the schoolbus, and had followed him outside.

Back in the living room, JWMom directed JWT to sit down in the same sofa chair next to the front door in which he had just spent the past hour. JWMom sat down on the long sofa across the living room from JWT. When JGirl returned from using the bathroom, JWT finally asked if he also could use the bathroom. When JWT returned to the living room, JGirl and JWMom were fixing tea in the kitchen. After JGirl served such to JWT and JWMom, JGirl took a seat in a smaller sofa chair located in front of the living room's picture window half way between JWMom and JWT.

Over the following hour or so while talking, both JWMom and JGirl would occasionally get up and go to another room to do something, or get this or that. JWT didn't catch on until the third time that it happened, but every time that JWMom left the living room, JGirl would nonchalantly get up out of her sofa chair and move over to the long sofa further across the living room from JWT. As JWMom re-entered the living room, JGirl would nonchalantly rise and go back to the smaller sofa chair nearer to JWT. JWT finally realized, "These assholes are playing 'musical chairs'. They don't even trust me or even their own daughter while sitting right here in their own living room."

Instead of cataloging and paying heed to all those and other long-forgotten "signs" of future problems, JWT did what he had long been trained to do by the Watchtower Society when it came to getting along with fellow Jehovah's Witnesses -- JWT just ignored such.


Readers are now informed that from here forward, we will dispense with the play-by-play and only relate info and/or events pertinent to the theme of this webpage. Otherwise, this story would become book-length.

That Friday night, JGirl had to drive to work at her craft store parttime job from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. After dinner with JWMom and JGirl, JWT checked into his motel room. JWT had been informed that he could return to JGirl's home after JGirl got off work that night, and that he could then stay until midnight. Stupidly, JWT had offered to drive JGirl to work that evening, and pick her back up at quitting time, but JWMom had quickly quashed that idea. JWT missed one of the earlier "signs" of problems to come when JWT asked JGirl what time she would be home. JGirl restated that she got off work at 9:00 PM, but then added the fact that her JWParents REQUIRED JGirl to be home before 9:15 PM.

Later that night, after returning to JGirl's home after she returned from her parttime job, JWT missed even more "signs". After JWDad left for work around 10:30 PM, JGirl whispered that her being permitted to stay up until midnight was a treat. JGirl explained that she was on a strict curfew. She had to take her nightly shower as soon as JWDad left at 10:30 PM, and had to be in her bedroom with the "light" out by 11:00 PM. Unbeknowst to JWT, both 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM would play roles in their married sex life. For now, we are going to leave it to readers' imagination to figure out how habits developed before the marriage translated to problems after the marriage. 

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.

Saturday morning was spent out in field service, which caused major logistical problems when it came to JGirl's parents' rule that JGirl and JWT could never be in a position where physical contact was a possibility, much less ever be alone. JWMom almost required JWT to drive his own car to the Kingdom Hall, but finally conceded to allow JWT to ride along with JGirl and her in the backseat by himself. At the Kingdom Hall, JWMom and JWT worked as partners in one cargroup, while JGirl was sent out with a different cargroup. Inside the Kingdom Hall, JGirl and JWT could not stand and talk any longer than it took to find seating. JGirl and JWT could not sit in the same row, and even in different rows, their seats had to be three seats apart. Even then, someone had to chaperone their exchange of conversation. 

Saturday afternoon was spent at JGirl's home playing "musical chairs" in the living room and board games and cards in the dining room. The same "no-contact" rules applied in the dining room. Basically, JGirl and JWT could sit or stand while playing cards or board games at the 6-chair wooden dining room table, but they, the table and chairs, and the game pieces, etc., all had to be so situated that physical contact between the two teens was impossible. The flaw in that scheme was that JGirl and JWT were sitting close enough to be able to "whisper" to each other whenever JWMom went back to her bedroom, the bathroom, etc. That very afternoon, JGirl whispered to JWT a tale that he did not then believe, but did come to believe after they were married.

It is now important to the story that we discuss the floorplan of JGirl's home. Again, JGirl lived in a 14 year-old 1394 s.f. 3BR/2B brick ranch. Years later, JWT still has never again seen the square footage in the bedrooms area of a ranch-style home distributed as they were in that brick ranch. The two bedrooms on the front side of that ranch and the bedroom and bath/utility room on the rear side were mirror images. That ranch essentially had two master bedrooms -- one in the front corner and one in the rear corner. A common bathroom and closets separated the two large bedrooms. Between each master bedroom and the living room (front) and dining room (rear) were two much smaller mirror image rooms. The room in the front was a small third bedroom, while the room in the rear was a combination bath and laundry room.

While JWMom was fixing dinner later that Saturday afternoon, JGirl asked JWMom if she could be permitted to show JWT her bedroom. JWMom surprisingly agreed. Years later, JWT is still uncertain what was JGirl's intention when showing JWT both her current bedroom and her previous bedroom. JWT missed several important "signs" of future problems during the following mini-tour.

JGirl showed JWT down the home's dark hallway to a closed door to what JGirl stated was her "current" bedroom. That was the very small bedroom located in the front of the home. When JGirl opened her bedroom door, her bedroom was completely dark. When JGirl flipped the light switch, only a single 40 watt bulb barely lightened the small room. That room had one medium size window, but that window had been completely covered over with contact paper. Not a speck of outside light could be seen from that window. That room was so small that it barely contained JGirl's bed and furniture. There was one small closet that was overflowing out onto the bedroom floor. Frankly, the "messy" JWT was shocked that JGirl showed him her bursting at the seams bedroom.

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.

As they exited JGirl's bedroom, JGirl hollered to JWMom and asked if she could show JWT their "sewing room". Again, surprisingly, JWMom agreed. However, JWMom shouted back for JGirl not to show JWT her bedroom, where was sleeping JWDad. JGirl then opened the door to the rear master bedroom. JGirl "whispered" that this had been her bedroom until about a year ago.

JWT politely waited for JGirl to explain further, but she never did, and JWT stupidly never followed up on the mystery, not even after they were married. That very large bedroom was practically empty. An electric sewing machine sat at the far end of the room. A few scattered items sat at the other end of the room. Multiple doors indicated tons of closet space. That rear master bedroom had more large windows (3-4) than it needed looking out onto the home's backyard and the adjoining elevated bypass, which was only about 150 feet away. Before they exited, JWT noticed another anomaly which he has long regretted never asking about. The door to the common bathroom had been NAILED shut.

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.


JWT relates that JGirl and he were "officially" engaged the following February. Curiously, JGirl and her parents made the least event of the official engagement as possible. Again, JWT missed a "sign". JWT simply wrote off the absence of celebration due to the fact that JWT had been talking about a June wedding from the beginning of their relationsip. JWT assumed that by February engagement was simply old news.

Later, one March Sunday at JGirl's Kingdom Hall, JWT was approached by some older female to whom he had never previously spoken. When asked about the wedding arrangements, JWT explained that JWMom and JGirl were handling all the arrangements. JWT told the woman that all he knew was that JGirl and he were getting married sometime in late June or early July. (JWT had been lead to believe that there was a good reason for the current uncertainty, which we won't mention here.) Older JW Female declared, "Oh, I must have been mistaken, I thought that JGirl's birthdate was in the Fall." JWT replied, "Yes, October." Older JW Female stated, "Oh, I didn't realize that you two are getting married at YOUR Kingdom Hall." JWT: "We're not. We're getting married here." Older Female, "Don't both of you have to be 18 years old to get married in this state?" JWT: "Noone has told me that. I'll have to check that out. Thanks." When asked, JGirl and her parents acted surprised, and told JWT that they would go to their courthouse and get the facts that next week.

In fact, JWT and JGirl not only could not get married even with parental consent in JGirl's state, neither could they do so in JWT's state. That meant, "No Kingdom Hall wedding". For a June/July marriage, the two families would have to travel to a state where parental consent was acceptable, and where a civil ceremony could be obtained. (Non-JWs should understand that use of Kingdom Halls for weddings are limited to JWs who are currently "exemplary". JW grooms and brides are formally interrogated by the BOE to determine that they have not committed fornication, nor are involved in any ongoing wrongdoing before the BOE will give permission for use of the Kingdom Hall. Even a wedding party participant with an ongoing "issue" could keep a couple from using the Kingdom Hall. The groom and bride also must present a list of the wedding party participants, so the BOE also can review their "qualifications". To this day, JWT is uncertain whether one or more of JGirl's Elders, or even the entire BOE for that matter, knew some or all of JGirl's legal problems which prevented her from having a wedding either in their Kingdom Hall, or any other Kingdom Hall. JWT just knows that if they did, then they were "accomplices" in the scam, and they can't use "clergy-penitent confidentiality" as their excuse for failing to warn JWT and his parents.) 

Neither JWT nor his parents said, "Hmmmm???" Any readers saying "Hmmmmm???" Had there been a good reason that JGirl's parents had given only token resistance to the idea of JGirl getting married before her 18th birthdate? JGirl's JWParents were well experienced at portraying "resistance" to lots of different things, but in hindsight, JWT now knows that not all of their resistance had been genuine. Some resistance had been "token" resistance. Non-JW readers should understand that many Jehovah's Witnesses are dishonest and deceitful, and they are well-trained, well-experienced, and really, really good at it. They even are able to scam other Jehovah's Witnesses. How do you distinguish such? WatchTower officials would say that the lower you go in the organization the more where you would find such ones. In fact, its the exact opposite. The higher in the WatchTower hierarchy one goes, the more are found the well-trained, the well-experienced, and the JWs who are really, really good at deception and dishonesty.

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.


Fast forward to May. A planned Friday-Sunday visit in late May was going to be JWT's last visit to JGirl's home before their Marriage in early July. By mid-April, all the issues, problems, etc. seemed to have been sorted out, so when JGirl telephoned JWT about a week before that final May visit, JWT was surprised to detect extreme stress in JGirl's voice. JGirl related that JWDad needed to have a "serious conversation" with JWT. JWT asked what was JWDad needing to discuss? JGirl claimed that she did not know. That was the first time that JWT had no doubt but that JGirl was lying to him. But, JWT simply thought, "How bad can it be at this late date?" JWT simply figured that JGirl was stressed out and overreacting about some minor last-minute problem that could be easily solved when he got there.

JWT was so unconcerned about the pending conversation with JWDad that JWT once again missed multiple "signs" which occurred after he arrived at JGirl's home that weekend. Even by that late date, JWT and JGirl had never been permitted to be alone for more than a couple of minutes. When JWT arrived at JGirl's home, JWT immediately detected that everyone's attitude was different. JWMom soon explained that as far as sleeping JWDad and she were concerned, JWT and JGirl were now "married". JWT and JGirl were free to "come and go" (sorry) as they pleased. Not only did JWT not have to check into a motel this trip, but JWT could sleep at their home, in JGirl's bedroom, in JGirl's bed. JWT was not experienced enough to realize that the fisherman was overreacting to the bobbing float, and had decided that he should set the hook before the fish spit it out.

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.

Friday night, before he left for work, JWDad told JWT that he needed to speak with JWT on Saturday afternoon after JGirl and JWT returned home from field service. Saturday, about an hour after they got home from field service, a dressed JWDad exited his bedroom and nervously asked JWT if he would like to accompany JWDad to the auto parts store to pick up a few needed items. This was it. The "serious" talk.

JWDad proceeded to drive all the way through the middle of town to what must have been the auto parts store furthest from his home. On the way, JWDad brought up and discussed several old issues that had long ago been resolved. At the store, JWDad spent only a few minutes gathering a few regularly used auto items. On the way back home, instead of returning the same route back through town that they had come, JWDad drove home using the town's bypass. 

JWT thought that JWDad's "serious talk" had turned out to be nothing of consequence, and was over. However, as they neared JWDad's subdivision, JWDad began to point out various observations about the geography of the bypass and the proximity of the homes in his subdivision. More comments were made specifically about JWDad's own house as they passed by.

As JWDad and JWT sat at the major intersection down the bypass from JWDad's house, JWDad began to stumble and mumble something about one of the families in the subdivision having had some legal problems with one of their children a couple years ago, blah, blah, blah. JWT tuned out JWDad. JWT was just relieved that JWDad had not had anything "serious" to talk about. On his return, JGirl anxiously inquired if all had gone well. JWT told her that JWDad had nothing to say that had not already been handled. Strangely, JWDad's mumblings about "one of the families in the subdivision having had some legal problems with one of their children a couple years ago" had been cached/recorded in JWT's brain, but it would be a year or so before JWT recalled and understood such. 

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Sign. Sign. Sign.


Over Memorial Day weekend, JWT and his parents attended a family reunion where JWT repeatedly had to explain to his non-JW relatives what was going on with regard to his upcoming out-of-state civil ceremony marriage. Being "outspoken" was genetic in JWT's family. One of JWT's uncles eventually asked JWT and his JWParents what everyone else was questioning behind their backs. JWT's non-JW relatives were concerned about the fact that JGirl was willing to pick up and move away from the only town where JGirl had ever lived, where lived her Mother and Father, and where lived within 50 miles the vast majority of JGirl's relatives. Not only was JGirl leaving the only town and family she ever had known, but JGirl was moving so far away that she could not easily visit them very often. And, JGirl was doing all this for a "man" whom she had barely known for less than a year. Uncle TellItLikeItIs declared that JWT and his parents better find out the real reason or reasons that JGirl was leaving, or running away from, her hometown. But, because JWT and his JWParents were "Jehovah's Witnesses" who were smarter than everybody else in the world, they simply ignored the apprehension and warnings of their non-JW relatives.


JWT and JGirl's first apartment was the second story level of one of thousands of solid brick two-story mercantile buildings built in America's cities and towns back during the 1880s-1920s. Those basic buildings were designed for the ground level to be used as a mercantile store and the second story to be used as a residence by the merchant and his family. Typical of where such buildings had been constructed last century, JWT's apartment was located on a strictly retail street one block off main street of JWT's hometown. That meant that there was heavy traffic traveling around all sides of the second story apartment between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, on Mondays through Saturdays. All other times, traffic was sparse. The 4-room second story apartment had 8 windows overlooking the multiple adjoining streets.

When JWT and JGirl first moved into that apartment after returning from their two-day honeymoon, JGirl anxiously aggravated JWT "supposedly" worrying that some passerby, in an auto or walking, might see her through one of those 8 windows walking around in various stages of dress/undress. After first blacking out the windows with sheets, black plastic, and anything else they could find, proper curtains were installed as such could be purchased. Then, JGirl complained everytime JWT so much as cracked those curtains. Installation of mini-blinds did not help JGirl's concerns. Whenever JWT opened the mini-blinds, JGirl complained that cars on streets 300 feet away could see into the apartment. JWT repeatedly took JGirl outside on various days and nights, and at various times, to walk the streets surrounding their apartment to see what could and couldn't be seen through their apartment's windows from street level.

It became difficult for JWT to take JGirl seriously given that JGirl stayed covered head to toe whenever she was not in bed. Whenever JGirl came out of the shower, she wore an ankle-length, long-sleeved granny nightgown that also was practically a turtleneck. JWT doubted that anyone outside their apartment was going to see what he could not see inside their apartment. Finally, one day during yet another argument over JWT opening the curtains and blinds, JWT told JGirl that the only way anyone might ever see her naked was if she opened a window and stood naked in front of it.

About 5-6 weeks after JWT and JGirl were married in early June, they attended their first summer WatchTower Convention together. For reasons then unknown to JWT, JGirl was more excited than necessary to attend such. They arrived at their motel one day early in order to enjoy the swimming pool that Thursday afternoon. JGirl ran JWT out of their room, telling JWT to go ahead to the pool, and that she would be along in about 20 minutes. About 30 minutes later, JWT saw JGirl strutting around like a peacock towards the pool area wearing a new two piece bikini. (see "hideous" above) JWT didn't really mind watching his curvaceous new bride struting around in her new bikini UNTIL ... JGirl stopped, turned, faced a row of elders and ministerial servants sitting poolside, reached down and grasped the top of her bikini bottom, pulled it outward and down, and slowly inspected god knows what. Watching the reaction of all those elders and ministerial servants was better than watching JGirl's bush flash. Needless to say, JWT and JGirl couldn't go back to the pool for the rest of the convention.

Sometime around September, JWT's landlord telephoned JWT at work. Tongue-tied Landlord apologetically informed JWT that some passerbys of JWT's apartment were reporting that JGirl could be seen walking around her apartment in her bra and panties. At lunchtime, JWT drove home and parked. As JWT walked towards his apartment, JWT saw that one of the bedroom windows had the mini-blinds cranked all the way to the top, along with the curtains pulled as wide as possible. Half way to the exterior staircase, JWT watched as JGirl walked past that window wearing dress slacks and a bra.

One Sunday afternoon in October, JWT observed JGirl slowly and methodically ransacking their apartment. On inquiry, JGirl complained to JWT that she could not locate some item which she routinely kept in her purse. JWT helped JGirl re-search their apartment, but they could not locate the item. JWT then suggested that they search their car. While JGirl searched the regularly-used large trunk, JWT ran his hands and arms up under the front bench seat in the passenger compartment. Besides finding an unexpected amount of used facial tissue and restaurant napkins, and other trash, to his further surprise, JWT found a CUCUMBER under the driver's-side seat. Surprisingly, the "waxed" cucumber was fresh -- not shriveled up nor dried out as one might expect a cucumber unexpectedly discovered under the front seat of one's automobile. JGirl expressed zero surprise, explaining that the cucumber must have fallen out of one of the bags of groceries that she had placed in the backseat that previous Friday.

At that fourth-month mark of their marriage, JWT accepted JGirl's explanation without giving such a second thought. CUCUMBERs had been one of those things that JWT had had to adjust to in this new marriage. While growing up, neither JWT's parents nor his grandparents were frequent eaters of cucumbers. Various relatives complained that cucumbers gave them indigestion, including gas, and one relative even claimed that cucumbers were poisonous. In contrast, starting with their very first trip to a supermarket, JGirl purchased multiple cucumbers. In fact, JGirl practically never returned from a grocery shopping trip without having purchased 2-3 cucumbers. Apparently, JGirl (and probably her ill-tempered mother), had longterm "love affairs" with CUCUMBERS. It took JWT more than a year before it finally dawned on him that he was missing yet another "sign".

Later that Fall, on a Monday evening around 9:00 P.M., JWT was watching Monday Night Football when he noticed JGirl taking a shower much earlier than her routine 10:30 P.M. time slot for such. After exiting her shower, JWT noticed JGirl peeping into the living room from the bedroom with obvious intent not to attract JWT's attention. Around 10:00 P.M., JWT finally noticed JGirl strutting around the bedroom completely naked long after exiting the shower. Given that after exiting the shower, JGirl normally would be covered head to toe in the granny nightgown described above, JWT went to see what was up. JWT found JGirl standing completely naked peering out the front bedroom window -- with both the curtains and blind fully opened, and with all the bedroom lights on. JWT also saw that JGirl also had completely opened the bedroom's rear window. Apparently, JGirl had spent the last 30 or so minutes walking runway style from one open window to the other while completely naked.


Some readers might think that JWT's "problem" was funny, and are amused with such. However, when the following weeks became dark and cold as Winter set in, so did JWT's married life. JGirl turned into a "bitter bitch" with whom to live. It got to the point that JWT dreaded going home from work every day. The only question was how many minutes would it be after JWT arrived home before JGirl started a major fight over some minor problem or issue.

It took several months before it finally dawned on JWT that JGirl was only starting fights with him on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. That's right, MEETING NIGHTS. During one of those initial November Meeting Night Fights, JGirl made JWT so angry that he did not feel like getting ready for the meeting, and he did not go. A few weeks later, JGirl again made JWT so angry that he did not go to the meeting again. STUPID JWT!!! He thought that he was punishing JGirl by not going to the Meetings. In fact, going to the Meetings without JWT turned out to be JGirl's goal!!!

By the following February, JWT had not attended a Tuesday or Thursday meeting since November, except to give one talk on the Ministry School in late December. JWT even asked to be taken off the Ministry School schedule. One February Tuesday, a cold front moved into the normally temperate area. By that afternoon, temperatures had fallen into the low 30s, and were expected to hit the upper teens later that night.

By February, JGirl did not have to do much to assure that JWT did not accompany her to the weeknight meetings, but JGirl was taking no chances. Sure enough, JWT had barely made it through the door before JGirl began to nag JWT over some minor problem. Starting to catch on, JWT figured that he could quash JGirl's worries that he might be thinking about going to that night's book study, by stating, "I hope that you aren't going to tonight's meeting. It's getting really cold out there tonight. It's supposed to get down into the teens." JGirl replied, "Of course I'm going to tonight's meeting. You guys are such wimps. My congregation didn't cancel a meeting until the temperature went below zero." JWT: "If you go, get yourself home as soon as the meeting is over before it gets any colder." JGirl: "There's a new study who has started coming to the book study. Sometimes she needs a ride home, so I may be a late."

The Tuesday night book study was 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. When JGirl was not home by 9:00 PM, JWT genuinely was worried. JWT seriously considered calling one of the Elders to see if JGirl had taken the "study" home, and to ask where that person lived, but given that JWT had not attended that night's book study, nor any book study since November, the last thing that JWT would do that evening would be to call an Elder.

JWT started watching out different windows every few minutes. By then, there was ZERO traffic. None. JWT didn't see a single car until around 9:20 PM, when a set of headlights could be seen coming down the mountain pass which led to/from the town's southern interstate exchange. JWT was pleased to watch as those headlights made every turn required to come to his apartment. Then, JWT saw JGirl come to a perpendicular stop at a stop sign one block from their apartment, where a street light illuminated the car. Although JWT didn't understand why, something just didn't seem right as JGirl turned left and slowly drove toward their apartment.

JWT was careful that JGirl did not see him peeping out of the rear, unheated storage room's window that overlooked their parking space. As JGirl came to a stop in their parking space, a nearby street light partially illuminated the interior of their car. Then, JWT realized what was wrong with the picture. JWT could see JGirl's bare forearms gripping the steering wheel. When JGirl had left home earlier that evening, JGirl had been layered up for the deep cold. Earlier, JGirl had been wearing a thick, heavy longsleeve sweater over a thick flannel longsleeve blouse. Over those, JGirl had put on her calf-length heavy Aigner coat.

As soon as JGirl was parked, she reached down for the seat adjustment lever, and pushed the car's bench seat as far back as it would go. Then, it appeared as if someone turned on a blender in the car. Articles of clothing began flying and flipping around the interior and on top of the dashboard, as JGirl laid down in the front seat and began putting on and adjusting her clothing. Yes, brief glimpses of bare body parts were had.

JWT received an adrenaline shot, and instantly became dizzy and sick to his stomach in contemplation of what JGirl must have been doing only a few minutes earlier? Who was he? How did they meet? JWT stumbled back to the living room, turned on the television, crawled under the bundle of blankets on the couch, and pretended to be asleep. A few minutes later, JGirl entered their apartment and no doubt was thankful that JWT was asleep. JGirl went to bed as quietly as she could. Thankfully, in order not to awaken JWT, she left the television going. JWT couldn't sleep, but he was able to watch television until nervous exhaustion took over.


JWT was still sick when he woke up the next morning, and he moped around work all morning. At some point, a coworker cornered JWT and asked, "Didn't you get any sleep last night?" "No, I actually didn't get much sleep last night." "Where do you go every night, anyway? I saw you get on the interstate around 8:30 PM." "What do you mean, 'every night?'" "I see you get on the interstate all the time -- usually around 9:00 PM. Sometimes a little before nine. Sometimes a little after nine." "How do you know all that?" "I started working the closing shift at Interstate Marathon back in January. It's so slow at night this time of year that I mainly just watch the cars getting off and on the interstate. You're the only local car that gets on and off that much. What are you up to anyway?" "I bought an old CB radio a couple months ago, and I've been tinkering with it trying to power it up. I go out on the interstate and talk with truckers later at night after traffic slows down."

JWT's coworker's revelations actually gave JWT some relief. Although JWT had been afraid to ask coworker how many people were in JWT's car, coworker's report seemed to indicate that JGirl might not be "cheating", unless she had picked up a boyfriend and they were having sex while driving around. JWT simply did not know what was going on. The only thing that JWT knew for a certainty was that JGirl had been busted for DWN -- "Driving While Naked".

That Wednesday night, JWT slept like a baby despite the fact that his brain must have been working overtime. When JWT woke up, he recalled a forgotten tall tale that JGirl had whispered to him while they were playing board games in the dining room back during his very first weekend visit to JGirl's home. JGirl claimed that some JW Teens in her circuit had invented the game of "strip slugbug". A carload of JW Teens, usually same-sex, but not always, would drive around watching to spot a VW Beetle, a "red' car, a farm animal, or whatever, with one or more "victims" then being required to remove an article of clothing. JWT had quickly dismissed JGirl's tall tale as typical JW Teen rebellious bravado. JWT began to reassess that earlier assessment.

Starting that Thursday night, to JGirl's disappointment, JWT started back attending weeknight meetings. JWT was forced to mature even more over the following weeks. First, JGirl returned to attempting to start fights every Tuesday and Thursday night, but now understanding fully what had occurred in the past, JWT was able not to fall for JGirl's bait. Second, JWT realized that the only way that he was going to learn more about JGirl and whatever "things" that she was doing was for him simply to be patient, and wait. It did not take too long.

One Friday night in April, on their way to a movie theater, as they drove the interstate and passed tractor-trailer after tractor-trailer, JGirl related to JWT that she had "heard" that some women would sometimes drive up beside of tractor-trailers and expose themselves to the drivers. Had JWT ever heard of such? The lightbulb began to burn brightly. 

Now that JWT finally understood what was going on with JGirl, he began to do what he could do to eliminate her "flashing" opportunities. JWT rented a house surrounded by woods that was far enough off nearby roadways that JGirl could have stood naked on the front porch without anyone seeing her. JWT tried as best as possible to limit JGirl's opportunities to drive anywhere alone. JGirl was manipulated to get a fulltime job -- mainly for the needed income, but also to keep her busy, distracted, and tired.


By the following summer, JWT hoped that JGirl had outgrown her "issue". When JWT and JGirl returned to their motel room after the opening day of their second summer WatchTower Convention together, JWT was exhausted. They were supposed to meetup with other members of their congregation at a nearby restaurant around 7:00 PM, but JWT couldn't keep his eyes open as he laid down in the well air conditioned motel room. JWT dozed off watching television while JGirl took a shower. A blasting commercial startled JWT awake about 45 minutes later. Hoping that JGirl would not realize that he was awake, JWT peeped beyond his pillow only to find a disturbing scene.

The curtains had been opened as far as possible, with their second story motel room looking out onto the adjacent elevated interstate packed with Friday night stop-n-go traffic. Since the motel room's wall window had the typical reflective coating, JGirl had turned on every light in the room. JGirl was walking around the room completely naked except for her hair being wrapped in a towel. It took several minutes for JWT to understand that JGirl was repeatedly putting on the same burlesque show for traffic stopped outside their window.

Naked JGirl would begin her show by exiting the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and slowly walking to the bed next to the window, where JGirl would pretend to sort through her luggage and clothing. JGirl would walk back and forth on all sides of that bed to make sure her audience got a thorough look at both her bare front and rear, before taking the gathered underwear with her back to the bathroom. As soon as the stop-n-go traffic moved on, JGirl would repeat the show.

As soon as JWT was certain that all this was deliberate, JWT faked waking up, putting an end to the show. JWT had no idea how long that JGirl had been doing such before he woke up. JWT just was relieved to leave their room for dinner before the cops, or worse, the Elders, came to their room.


For those readers waiting for us to finish a previous "chapter", please forgive JWT if he does so in his own way. On entering his sexual relationship with JGirl, JWT immediately learned that JGirl did not want to be touched until after 10:30 PM, and JGirl did not want to be touched any place but in her bedroom. Minimum foreplay time was 30 minutes, and that just was enough to get JGirl's motor started. Plan on another 20-30 minutes if you actually wanted to have a good time. Sex with JGirl simply was too much time and too much trouble. When readers suspicions explain "why" all of the above, they then know the rest of the uncompleted chapter.

To finish this webpage, during their second year of marriage, JWT didn't catch JGirl doing any more of what she had done their first year of marriage, both because of JWT's aformentioned efforts, and because JGirl had redirected her sexual frustrations. JGirl began an affair with one of her coworkers. After JWT's and JGirl's divorce, JWT was told that JGirl's favorite place to meetup with her coworker boyfriend was an isolated location adjacent to railroad tracks. There, JGirl would slow or speedup foreplay so as to time their outdoors sex on her car's trunklid until a passing train came along.

JGirl was able to return to her hometown and her JW Parents with a new lease on life after having successfully made it past the local Prosecutor's deadline for JGirl to not have any more run-ins with the law in her state. All existing criminal charges against JGirl were dropped, and because she had been a juvenile, all evidence of such were buried in the state archives far from JGirl's hometown. JGirl got to start her life over with a clean slate.

JWT and his parents were not as fortunate. JGirl and her parents left JWT and his parents back in their hometown to pick up the pieces of this deliberate scam. JWT had been nothing but the primary "mark" of a family of Jehovah's Witness con-artists, and his parents had been secondary "marks". During the following years, JWT and his parents were forced to live down JGirl's antics in a community which was all too happy that some of the local JW assholes had finally gotten theirs. Few people knew everything, or even were accurate about what they did know, but JWT and his parents could not say anything, because the truth was even worse. But that did not stop their fellow JWs from leaking info and flat out fabricating other info to deflect negative public opinion away from themselves and the congregation. JWT soon learned one of the secrets of cult life. While a cult holds onto its members with a death-grip so long as there is something left to take from them, once holding on costs as much or more as turning loose, then a cult member is dropped like a hot potato. Sizzle.