In late 2015, the Owensboro Kentucky EAST Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses granted the privilege of a Kingdom Hall Funeral (reserved for "exemplary Jehovah's Witnesses") to a person who had had nearly daily interaction with "JW Prostitute" during the first 8 year period that JW Prostitute spent in Owensboro, Kentucky, as well as nearly daily interaction with JW Prostitute's BFF#2(see below; aka "JW WHORE"), and other JW accomplices mentioned in the following story. In JW Ex-Husband's opinion, the deceased should be ranked as a past Top 5 "enabler" of JW Prostitute, if not an "accomplice", and possibly even more.


Both JWs and non-JWs:

Do you know where your JW Wife is right now?

Did your JW Wife really go to the Kingdom Hall this evening?

Which "friends" does your JW Wife go out with after the "meetings"?

Did your JW Wife really go out in field service today? Where did your JW Wife go after field service?

Are you sure that your JW Wife does not have her own unique way of performing "field service"?

Are you sure that your JW Wife is not selling more than WATCHTOWERs?

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(Submitted/Edited: Mixture of "First Person" and "Third Person" Story Telling)


My future wife and I first met and started dating during the first semester of my sophomore year of college and during sheltered 18 year-old future wife's first semester of her freshman year of college. However, as I had already made arrangements, at the end of that same semester, I transferred to another college in another city. Future wife and I maintained a long-distance relationship by cohabitating on weekends, holidays, and summers. Future wife eventually flunked out after two years of college, so I made the worst decision of my life -- I did the morally-proper thing and proposed that we get married. That Fall, I began my final year of school, while new Wife began working at the only jobs that she could find -- at fast food restaurants.

It was at one of those fast food restaurant jobs that a Jehovah's Witness co-worker began "witnessing" to my Wife, and giving her WatchTower literature. My Wife was a prime target for a cult recruiter. She had a "people-pleasing", "follower" type personality. She was depressed from having just flunked out of college. Her dreams of becoming an elementary schoolteacher had just been crushed. She had moved to a new and unfamiliar city, where she did not know anyone but me. We had little money, and we lived in a cramped efficiency apartment. I had only limited time for Wife given that I was consumed with studying and finishing school. It did not take long before becoming a "Jehovah's Witness" was my new Wife's new goal in life. She was baptized at a Circuit Assembly that following Spring. I also joined Wife in attending "meetings" at the local Kingdom Hall.

My first job after college was extremely disappointing. The compensation was terrible -- thus, life was not much better than it had been in college. During those first two years, we relocated to the first job assignment, and later were relocated to a second location. In each of those two small towns, JW Wife quickly made new JW friends with whom she spent much time when she was not working at a series of minimum-wage part-time jobs. I also attended most Kingdom Hall meetings along with JW Wife. After working for my first employer for a little over two years, I finally landed a good job with a different company, which required us to once again relocate -- for the fourth time in just over three years.

My new employer relocated us to a small, out-of-the-way city located on the Ohio River called Owensboro, Kentucky. JW Wife and I stayed in Owensboro, Kentucky for more than seven long years of torture and torment. JW Wife once again quickly made new JW friends at the Owensboro East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Being a "Jehovah's Witness", and doing all the things required of Jehovah's Witnesses -- attending every meeting and "regular auxiliary pioneering" --- became my JW Wife's entire life -- supposedly.

After first relocating to Owensboro, Kentucky, I somewhat regularly attended Sunday meetings for the initial few months, but the increasing demands of my new job soon overwhelmed any interest in the WatchTower religion. Over the following months I tapered off attending meetings, and I gradually made it known to JW Wife that I had no interest in jumping through all the time-consuming hoops which were required by the WatchTower Society to be considered a member in good standing.

However, I NEVER EVER opposed JW Wife being a Jehovah's Witness, or attending Kingdom Hall meetings, or going out in field service, or associating with other Jehovah's Witnesses. In fact, unwittingly to my ultimate destruction, I did everything that I could do to encourage it!!! After all, the WatchTower literature that I had read, and the sermons that I had heard during my visits to the Kingdom Hall all seemed to require strict moral behavior -- particularly strict marital fidelity. I assumed that JW Wife's multiple friends at the Owensboro East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses would not only serve as "role models" for her, but that her JW Friends would also serve as "monitors" of her moral behavior. (The WatchTower Society is correct. Bad associations DO spoil useful habits. However, I did not learn until it was too late that it is "Jehovah's Witnesses" who are the "bad associations".)

In Owensboro, Kentucky, as previously, all that I asked from my JW Wife was that she again find part-time employment to pay for her "incidentals", while I paid for all of our joint bills and for all of JW Wife's major bills. (However, in the following years, I ended up paying off literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of JW Wife's credit card charges that she should have paid out of her own income -- in addition to buying JW Wife THREE new automobiles, which I almost never drove nor even rode-in. One of those autos was even given to JW Wife's impoverished sister instead of trading it in. I also paid off all of JW Wife's student loans, and even paid off her widowed mother's home mortgage when mother-in-law was unable to do so.)

Although at that point in my life, I simply did not want to attend all five weekly meetings and engage in "field service" every weekend -- all of which it took to be considered a Jehovah's Witness in good standing -- I soon discovered that I had been labeled as an "opposer" by both JW Wife, her JW Friends, and all other Jehovah's Witnesses in Owensboro, Kentucky with whom I occasionally had contact. And, I began to be treated accordingly. I learned the hard way, that in "WatchTower World", there are no "neutrals". You are either a JW, a JW Prospect, or you are the JWs' "enemy". Over the following eight years, I repeatedly discovered that both JW Wife and her JW Friends were publicly "assassinating my character" at every given opportunity. (Years later, Husband learned that nearly all "cheating wives" -- JWs or non-JWs -- vilify and make out their husbands to be "villains" to their gathered support system -- both to psychologically justify and rationalize their own misdeeds to themselves, and also just in case their misdeeds become discovered by members of their gathered support system. It is also S.O.P. for Jehovah's Witnesses to completely vilify anyone who thoroughly investigates their religion, and then refuses to join in -- especially spouses of active JWs. Husband also eventually learned that it is much easier for JW Elders and JW Ministerial Servants to fornicate with the Wives of non-members if they first assassinate the character of the JW Wife's husband.)

Soon after I stopped attending occasional meetings at the Owensboro East Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, JW Wife LOST ALL INTEREST IN ME OR BEING MY WIFE -- sexually or otherwise -- that is, except for my nearly totally FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING the ingrate, and providing her with semi-annual vacations to Bermuda, Canada, Hawaii (multiple), Las Vegas (multiple), Colorado (multiple), Utah (multiple), Florida (countless), etc.

In hindsight, my predicament was very much my own fault. Over the previous 2-3 years of my sporadic association with the WatchTower Cult, I had regularly noticed multiple "warning signs" that "things" just weren't "right", but I had always somehow managed to rationalize away or simply ignore those misgivings. Additionally, while practically every other husband of a JW Convert Wife who finds himself in my situation has experience with only one single congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, I had had the luxury of observing multiple different Jehovah's Witnesses, in multiple different congregations, in multiple different locales -- both rural and urban. Eerily, each different congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses pretty much had the same group of "characters" -- they just had different names and faces. The Elders were all the same. The Ministerial Servants were all the same. Their wives were all the same -- from the "nutty" younger wives of MSs to the "bat-shit-crazy" older "elderettes".

I eventually realized that the "training program" for converts to the WatchTower Cult reminded me more of animal training than training programs for humans. In WatchTower World, there is only one "right way" to do anything, and that precise "right way" must be performed every single time, or there will be consequences -- not simply withdrawal of rewards, but even punishment. For example, at other churches, the "regulars" who never miss a service give the appearance of being extremely happy whenever the persons unable to regularly attend services do manage to make it to church. However, such is not the case with Jehovah's Witness "regulars". JW Regulars are almost angry when other JWs fail to attend meetings. At every Kingdom Hall I ever attended there was a routine, trained response for people who miss meetings. JWs initially express the same supposed delight to see you, but in the same breath mention how long it has been since you were last at the Kingdom Hall, and that you must do better in the future. This cordial response has its limits. Make a habit of missing meetings, and fewer and fewer regulars greet you at all. Make a habit of regularly missing meetings, and before long noone greets you period. If those unspoken "punishments" do not change your meeting attendance habits, before long you will find yourself "marked" and being partially "shunned" -- not like disfellowshipped people, but a milder form of shunning.

Another "warning sign" that should have given me pause was when early in my wife's "studying" conversion process the Jehovah's Witnesses made and reinforced the point that Wife's having flunked out of college was a "good thing", and that "Jehovah" likely had manipulated Wife's circumstances so that Wife would be receptive to learning "the truth" -- adding to the JWs' already regular process of making the JW convert believe that they are somehow "special". While that probably served the useful short-term function of alleviating wife's guilt and depression for losing out on her plans to become a schoolteacher, the continued reinforcement of that idea quickly removed any ambition from my wife to pick up herself and make another effort at college sometime down the road.

The worst thing, and the thing that took me the longest to realize, was that as soon as the JWs noticed that I did not have the same degree of interest nor commitment as did JW Wife, the Jehovah's Witnesses covertly began to start driving a wedge between JW Wife and myself. Only shortly after beginning to regularly associate with the JWs, my wife began to criticize every little nit-picky thing about me and the way we did things, while making "suggestions for change" which obviously had come from her uneducated, lower-middle class, half-wit, know-it-all JW friends. There is no doubt in my mind that it was this constant drip-drip-drip of "character assassination" that completely destroyed every last bit of respect and love that JW Wife had once had for me, and which gradually led her into a frame of mind which permitted her eventual lifestyle of "free sex" and prostitution. As you read the continuing story of JW Wife's submission to the total control of the WatchTower Cult, keep in the back of your mind the last words that my JW Wife had the audacity to utter to me, "My biggest regret is that I wasted my best years with you" -- those condemnatory words stated to the person who had done the most positives for her in her lifetime, and to his own destruction had stuck with her until there was nothing more possible to do to help her.

Back to our early life in Owensboro, Kentucky: When JW Wife wasn't working her 24 hours per week at the Towne Square Mall SEARS, she claimed to be "regular auxiliary pioneering", or otherwise in field service, or attending meetings at the Owensboro East Kingdom Hall, or with one of her many JW Friends -- shopping, visiting, babysitting, etc. (Amongst many others, JW Wife regularly "babysat" the two preteen daughters of Kentucky Wesleyans non-JW Basketball Coach married to a JW wife, and the preteen son of another non-JW husband and JW wife. One can only wonder whether the sexually perverted JW Wife ever did anything to those children -- like the time she "bralessly" leaned over in a flimsy loose top and fully exposed her breasts to a teenage male relative.) JW Wife gradually began to leave home around 8:30 AM every single morning of the week. On Sundays, it was for the meeting. Mondays through Saturdays, it supposedly was either for field service or work. I soon found myself doing all of my own shopping and laundry, and eating fast food for every meal -- home alone. JW Wife even gradually started coming home later and later.

By the start of our second year in Owensboro, Kentucky, the only nights that JW Wife made it home before 11:00 PM were Tuesdays and Thursdays -- which were the nights that JW Wife supposedly had been at Kingdom Hall meetings. (Sundays were always a mixed bag. Often, JW Wife came home after the meeting. Other times, it could be anytime between noon and midnight.) MIDNIGHT gradually became what appeared to be JW Wife's own self-imposed curfew. However, JW Wife sometimes did not even make it home until well after midnight. I don't know the exact times, or exactly how often, because by that point in our marriage, I already had been sleeping alone for quite a while. I even eventually stopped inquiring where JW Wife had been so late, so that I did not have to "act" as if I believed whatever LIE she ended up telling.

I soon discovered that JW Wife was LYING to me about anything and everything -- even the inconsequential stuff. JW Wife would never be truthful about the times when she worked or the times when she supposedly was out in field service. JW Wife kept her wages and her personal checking account a total secret -- other than the fact that she was constantly "broke". One day during second year in Owensboro, Kentucky, I received a telephone call threatening to prosecute JW Wife for passing "cold checks". I thereafter uncovered that JW Wife had spent six weeks passing "cold checks" on her personal checking account after I temporarily took away a credit card. SHE TAUGHT ME! To keep JW Wife from being prosecuted, and my being even more professionally disgraced, I ended up going around the city with "hat in hand" paying off nearly two dozen "cold checks" to business owners who included clients of my employer. JW Wife thereafter started hiding and destroying all of her mail -- until it stopped coming to our home. Shortly thereafter, I discovered that JW Wife had obtained her own private mailbox after the post office accidentally delivered to our home a letter addressed to JW Wife's mailbox. It wasn't until years later that it finally dawned on me that having her own private mailbox not only permitted JW Wife to keep her mail from my perusal, but it also allowed her to keep from me correspondence addressed to me where the sender had depended on JW Wife for my mailing address.

Even before the end of our first year in Owensboro, Kentucky, I began to pick up on repeated and continuous signs that JW Wife was having an AFFAIR with one of her minimum-wage SEARS co-workers However, by the time that I figured that out, JW Wife had already moved on to even more outrageous sexual activities and conduct which I never even contemplated at the time. (In addition to other and better evidence that JW Wife was screwing every co-worker and supervisor at the Towne Square Mall SEARS store who wanted to screw her, sometime during the early part of Year 2 in Owensboro, Kentucky, I received an anonymous telephone call during which the Male Caller quickly blurted out that "my wife" was having an "affair" with one of her supervisors -- before the male caller quickly hung-up before I could say anything or ask any questions. A year or so later, I received a second anonymous telephone call during which the Female Caller stated pretty much the same thing. However, this time, I responded back, "Tell me something that I don't already know", before I then hung-up on her.)

While maintaining that "primary affair" with her Main Boyfriend -- which lasted 4-5 years -- JW Wife continued to take on MULTIPLE other sexual liaisons even behind her Main Boyfriend's back -- with other co-workers, customers and other men she met at her job, men she met while partying with her JW friends, men she met while partying with her co-workers, men she met at local bars, etc. ["First Co-worker" evidently assumed the role of JW Wife's "husband", while Husband was relegated to the role of JW Wife's "father" -- the man who paid her bills. Although JW Wife would vehemently deny cheating whenever confronted by Husband, at other times, she would be like a giddy teenager who was about to explode if she didn't at least drop a few scattered hints here and there about her latest boyfriend(s) and their sexual encounters. This eventually included a second shorter longterm affair with "UPS Guy", which is too complex and lengthy for inclusion here. While nearly all of JW Wife's illicit affairs appeared to be "one-night stands" or short-term "casual affairs", the affair with "UPS Guy" apparently started sometime around years 5-6, and continued until Husband and JW Wife moved away from Owensboro, Kentucky. That affair was so meaningful to JW Wife that she effectively told Husband about the affair, herself, after their relocation. "UPS Guy" apparently replaced "First Coworker" as JW Wife's de facto Husband.]

At some point during mid-latter year 2, JW Wife evidently was introduced into the Owensboro, Kentucky "swingers" scene ("group sex") -- either by JW BFF #2, or possibly one of her multiple boyfriends (or girlfriends -- see below). By years 5-6, or even earlier, JW Wife started prostituting -- eventually working on a part-time basis at a local illegal brothel. (It wasn't until sometime in year 6 that it finally dawned on then-naive Husband that his previously continuous financial problems with JW Wife had ceased about a year previous after he finally realized that JW Wife had for some time been declining offers of money to purchase household items and even paying for items without requesting reimbursement.) It is anyone's guess as to exactly how JW Wife gradually moved from cheating with a co-worker to working as a part-time brothel prostitute. My best guess is that JW Wife either was first introduced into "swinging" and "group sex", and eventually "prostitution", by JW BFF#2, who may also have been a part-time prostitute at that illegal brothel, or JW Wife may have been directly recruited by the local brothel recruiter as a result of the "anyone-anything-anytime" reputation she gained amongst the local group-sex swingers crowd.

By mid year two, my own co-workers, acquaintances, and others began to sporadically let me know that JW Wife was being seen drinking, dancing, and partying at local Owensboro, Kentucky bars and even at house parties -- (including "holiday parties") -- while in the company of other Males. At some point in latter year 2 and early year 3, it became evident that JW Wife was even using DRUGS after she repeatedly arrived home staggering, stumbling, and quite disoriented (STONED) -- yet, without any odor of alcohol (nor tobacco odor, nor marijuana odor) on her breath or on her clothing. (Husband relates one late night incident when JW Wife was so "STONED" -- not drunk -- that she and her car had to be driven home by an unknown young-20s male, who even had to help JW Wife out of her car and to her front door, before then running to and jumping into a second waiting car occupied by two other young-20s males.) Then, there were the other countless times that a relatively sober JW Wife arrived home quite late in what appeared to be fresh clothing and/or fresh makeup, and often times even appearing as if she had just recently showered.

It was around this same time that I received my first indication that JW Wife's ever-increasing sexual lust was not limited to males. Around early Year 3 in Owensboro, Kentucky, I received a report that JW Wife had attended an A.M. hours house party as the "date" of a BUTCH LESBIAN. I quickly dismissed that report as an obvious misunderstanding -- while I also completely ignored the fact that JW Wife had no business attending an A.M. hours house party with anyone. It wasn't until 3 years later, sometime in latter Year 6, that I received another report stating that JW Wife and a BUTCH LESBIAN had irritated many of the patrons at an Owensboro, Kentucky bar by making a spectacle of themselves by repeatedly exchanging PDAs. (See also "Gym" scenario below.)

Over the years, I repeatedly confronted JW Wife, but JW Wife would either simply STAND FIRM on her denials, or she would have one of her many LYING JW Friends provide an alibi. (There is no question but that JW Wife spent large amounts of time with many different members of the Owensboro East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Owensboro West Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. JW Wife's #1 BFF swore that her home was JW Wife's home-away-from-home. Husband briefly set foot in that home one time during his nearly eight years in Owensboro, Kentucky.) However, little did I know that Jehovah's Witnesses are just as big of LIARS and HYPOCRITES as are members of other religious denominations. While publicly preaching the highest moral standards, many of those same Jehovah's Witnesses privately slip and and slide around stealthily to do whatever they desire. By the end of the nearly eight years in Owensboro, Kentucky, I had gradually learned that the "coven of female witches" at JW Wife's Owensboro, Kentucky Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses were a mix of liars and hypocrites, who nearly all were mentally ill to some degree. Even various local JW Elders and various JW Elderettes were either publicly proven or publicly rumored to be marital cheaters. I eventually learned that JW Wife's second closest JW BFF -- who had been reared as a JW by a JW Parent whose PROMINENT status as a Jehovah's Witness has been publicized multiple times by the EVANSVILLE COURIER newspaper -- was nothing but a common WHORE who had been repeatedly "disfellowshipped", and then "reinstated" to approved status back within the congregation, due to her family connections within the Owensboro, Kentucky and nearby Indiana Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. I have little doubt that divorced JW BFF #2 either enabled, assisted, or partnered with JW Wife in committing and concealing many of her adulteries (including possibly being the person who introduced JW Wife into the "group sex" and brothel life discussed below given that JW Wife was a "follower" -- not a "leader"). In fact, at JW Wife's Owensboro East Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, there was a whole "pack" of JW DIVORCEES and JW WIVES married to non-JWs who all ran together, and who may very well have been participating in some or all of these very same activities. I also discovered that even the JW Females who were not breaking the major rules would still LIE and COVER UP for their JW Sisters who did. (Husband has little doubt that JW BFF#1 and her non-JW husband KNEW of some of JW Wife's secret life, and conspired to help JW Wife keep such a secret.) I further suspect that there were two or three JW Elders and/or JW Ministerial Servants included amongst JW Wife's multiple paramours during our nearly eight years spent in Owensboro, Kentucky. There was even one suspected non-JW relative of a JW Friend. (Husband has little doubt that each one of JW Wife's multiple JW Paramours thought that his own adulterous relationship with JW Wife was "special", and that he was the only one with whom JW Wife was fornicating.)

Sometime prior to the midpoint of the nearly eight years in Owensboro, Kentucky, I became so overwhelmed with my inability to deal with JW Wife and her multiple bad behaviors that I did something that I rarely had ever done in my entire life. I REACHED OUT FOR HELP!!! I contacted JW Wife's Elders at the Owensboro East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. I do not recall to how many of the JW Elders that I talked, nor which ones, nor even how many times. I do know that the JW Elders ("spirit-directed" janitors, carpet cleaners, and contractors) promised to "investigate" matters and get back to me. Several weeks thereafter, I received a telephone call to which I listened in total disbelief. Some arrogant, stupid S.O.B., whom I didn't even recall speaking to previously, told me that the JW Elders had determined that everything that I had said against JW Wife and her JW Friends were ALL LIES!!! As far as the JW Elders were concerned, I was the one who needed "help", and until I became a JW, I wasn't getting any help from them. I hope that I hung up on that stupid S.O.B., but I was so upset at the time that I don't even remember. I do know that about four years later -- about nine months before we transferred away from Owensboro, Kentucky -- one of the JW Elders mysteriously started coming around our home, alone, with dubious pretenses, and without ever attempting to discuss "religion". (Husband relates that even back when these visits occurred that he had sensed a disturbing comfort level and "familiarity" existing between JW Wife and the visiting JW Elder.)

After seven plus years in Owensboro, Kentucky, my employer thankfully decided to transfer me to a "large city". JW Wife threw an absolute fit when I told her about the transfer, and I suspected (hoped) that she might not even move with me. I really believed (hoped) that there was someone else in her life at that time, and now, here was her opportunity to make a move. However, by the time of the relocation, JW Wife apparently had discovered that none of her many paramours were interested in "buying the cow" from which they had gotten so much "free milk", so JW Wife had no choice but to come to grips with the inevitability of moving.

JW Wife quickly obtained permanent part-time employment at one of SEARs "large city" Mall locations. However, if JW Wife had plans to once again fornicate her way through this new group of co-workers and customers, those plans, along with her extremely active sex life, came to a screeching halt when JW Wife discovered that one of her new "large city" co-workers was an outgoing, grandfatherly (read nosy and meddling) JW Ministerial Servant in his mid-60s, who insisted on coordinating work schedules with JW Wife.

The much-needed relief from years of mental torture and torment afforded me by moving from Owensboro, Kentucky to "large city" was only short-lived. I soon discovered that while I had been able to take JW Wife out of "small city", I would never be able to take "small city" out of JW Wife. Over the following year, there was a continuous series of "revelations" which repeatedly reminded me that I was "sleeping with the enemy". After having had only "semi-annual" sex for most of the years back in Owensboro, Kentucky, JW Wife and I slowly began to renew our sexual relationship, which had been fantastic prior to moving to Owensboro, Kentucky. I now found JW Wife's sexual routine to be very mechanical and unemotional, and JW Wife doing many things differently than I remembered. Given that I mostly had had only "eyes-crossed" semi-annual sex for the past several years, I was very "rusty" when it came to less passionate routine sex. For the first time in our marriage, JW Wife began to repeatedly make insulting remarks about my sexual performance --- including once pushing me out and off of her, while telling me, "Just forget it if that is the best that you can do," during a session when I was struggling against PE, and doing my best. (Maybe JW Wife would have shown more patience if we had first driven down to the local SEARs employee parking lot, or the parking lot of a local bar, and crawled into the backseat of JW Wife's car, or maybe JW Wife would have had more compassion if I had "picked up" JW Wife at the "T-O Lounge", and took her back to my hotel room for a price? I can't help but wonder how patient was JW Wife with the multiple older Hotel Managers, Brothel Manager, Brothel Stud, and all their freebie-seeking older buddies -- including corrupt local politicians and cops who provided "protection" for decades -- as they "trained her" before turning her loose on "paying johns"? See below.)

Shortly thereafter, one night, I initially accidentally brushed up against the "forbidden zone", and JW Wife instantaneously protested loudly, "Not there, I'll be sore for a week!!!" JW Wife's words struck me like a sledgehammer. During the nearly 14 years that JW Wife and I had been engaging in sexual activity, I had accidentally brushed up against the "forbidden zone" on countless occasions, and NEVER ONCE had I attempted A-sex, and NEVER ONCE had JW Wife said or done anything to indicate that she thought that I was attempting A-sex. In fact, NEVER ONCE had JW Wife and I even mentioned A-sex to each other in any context. Why, now, all of the sudden, was JW Wife on alert to the possibility of having A-sex, such that she had thought that was what I was now attempting? And, how did JW Wife know that if she did engage in A-sex, that she would be "sore for a week"? Although I had no desire to engage in A-sex with JW Wife, the very thought that JW Wife had apparently offered up herself in that way to other men, while never once having even offered such an intimacy (not to mention -- "virginity") to her own husband, simply tore apart my soul.

Then, one night a month or so later, I was MORTIFIED when an unusually aggressive JW Wife began to perform a sophisticated sexual act on me that she had never previously ever done to me. Years later, I learned that this sexual act was typically performed by only a limited number of uninhibited "brothel prostitutes" to only "high-end johns" willing to pay much-extra for this "specialized service". JW Wife acted both offended and ashamed when I stopped her and I expressed my revulsion for her having done what I later realized, in all probability, had earned her praise and made her "special" to her johns and madam-pimp at the brothel back in "small city" (see Concluding Section below). The thought of JW Wife previously performing this unsanitary and health-hazardous "act" on other men not only caused me to once again apply the brakes to our sexual relationship, but made me hesitant to even kiss JW Wife on her mouth. (Husband relates that at the time that JW Wife performed the "quasi-sexual" act, that he actually thought that JW Wife had performed a "series of three acts". Regardless, Husband instantly recognized that these "acts" were not something that JW Wife could have stumbled onto accidentally, nor could have learned about on her own. Years later, Husband learned that the series of "quasi-sexual acts" performed by JW Wife was actually a 3-stage "brothel specialty massage". While often requested by older "high-end johns" who have entered the "prostate problems" stage of their lives, this specialty massage is also often requested by younger "high end johns" who believe that the massage intensifies their later orgasm. This 3-stage "Prostate Massage" --- "oral Perineum massage", then "oral Anal massage and oral Anal lubrication", then "digital internal prostate massage" --- is not something that all prostitutes are even willing to perform. This specialized "Prostate Massage" has to be taught to uninhibited, naive "newbies" by the madam or by other experienced co-workers, and has to be practiced and mastered prior to selling such to a "paying john". Stage 2 is always hazardous to the masseur's own health when performed in the unprotected way that JW Wife had performed such on Husband, and Stage 3 can be hazardous to the recipient if not performed properly. Husband admits that he somewhat enjoyed the novelty of "Stage 1", but Husband was mortified and frozen-in-place when JW Wife unexpectedly then proceeded to "Stage 2", and he stopped JW Wife after she briefly attempted "Stage 3". Readers should know that even before proceeding to the "prostate massage" that JW Wife had already performed another sex "act" for the very first time in 14 years which more points to JW Wife being a trained Brothel Prostitute than even the "prostate massage", but we simply can't relate such here even in a Rated-R manner.)

After living 8 or 9 months in "large city", JW Wife very hesitantly informed me that she had been experiencing bouts of pain in her female area over the past several months, and that she had already been seeing a GYN, who had already performed a number of tests -- supposedly without identifying any physical cause for JW Wife's pain, and who now wanted to do out-patient exploratory surgery. As part of the presurgery prep, JW Wife's GYN wanted both of us to come in for a lengthy sit-down. JW Wife assumed it had to do with the NO BLOOD transfusion issue, and I assumed she was correct. At that doctor's appointment, I immediately noticed that JW Wife's male GYN did not seem to care for me at all. I assumed that he thought that I was a JW, and my complete support for JW Wife's opposition to any use of blood would have confirmed that assumption. After everything connected with the surgery had been completed, Male GYN turned to JW Wife and told her -- that with her permission -- that he would like to speak with me privately about a number of other things, which included discussing her confidential medical information. His request caught JW Wife totally offguard, and she really had no easy way to refuse. When she verbally agreed, GYN pulled out a Release Form, and asked her to sign it, which she did. GYN then walked JW Wife out to the waiting room.

When Male GYN came back to talk to me, "smoke was rolling out his ears" as he entered the exam room. I don't even recall exactly what GYN said for the first two or three minutes, or so, because he was speaking in "couched" language that made absolutely no sense to me. The only thing that I do recall is that he kept referring to various "hazards" supposedly related to "your lifestyle". I assumed that he was referring to our being "Jehovah's Witnesses", but I still could not understand why he was so angry, or what being JWs had to do with the "hazards" to which he was referring. I can't even recall whether I eventually asked him, or whether he eventually became more specific because of the puzzled look on my face, but GYN finally used the word "swingers". "What the hell are you talking about?" (or something to that effect), I exploded.

Male GYN immediately understood that my reaction was genuine, and he then told me the following -- as best as my then blood pressure will now years later allow me to recall. Male GYN related that when he took JW Wife as a patient that he had sent for her medical records from her previous GYN, or GYNs, back in Owensboro, Kentucky. Those received records indicated that JW Wife had been repeatedly treated for STDs multiple times during our stay in Owensboro, Kentucky. Evidently, our "semi-annual" sex life had served a worthwhile purpose for me. (Husband relates that sometime during the latter half of their 7+ years in Owensboro, Kentucky that JW Wife TWICE unexpectedly and inexplicably started coming home early and cooking dinner for two straight weeks before just as mysteriously resuming her regular not-at-home schedule. Husband now suspects that these two series of "meals" may have occurred after "semi-annual sex", and that such may have been the means of secretly administering courses of antibiotics to Husband. Don't mistake this segment for paranoia. This "biography" is only intended to cover incidents of JW Wife's illicit sex life. It leaves out many, many other outrageous non-sexual acts -- including physical violence against humans, pets, and inanimate objects -- committed by JW Wife over the years.) More alarming to me, JW Wife's past medical records apparently even indicated that a former GYN had administered follow-up treatment on some sort of vaginal tear or injury that had originally been treated at the Emergency Room of an extremely small private Catholic hospital back in Owensboro, Kentucky (rather than at the large, public Owensboro-Daviess County Hospital less than one mile away).

In summary, new male GYN apparently had somehow drawn the conclusion that JW Wife was only a recent convert to the JWs, and that prior to such that this couple had led a "swinger's lifestyle", and that Husband was the prime instigator of such, and that Wife only grudgingly went along. Apparently, new GYN had got all that from the old records, and apparently, he either had not discussed such with JW Wife, or he had done so in such "couched" language, as he initially had done with Husband, that JW Wife apparently had no clue what new GYN was going to disclose to Husband. Once new GYN understood that the couple had never been "swingers" (at least not Husband), and he realized what obviously had been actually occurring over the years, male GYN quickly ended the consultation. However, Husband was able to extract one additional fact from new GYN -- the DATE of JW Wife's trip to the ER, which JW Wife HAD NEVER DISCLOSED to Husband. Husband later checked his work records and determined that he had been on an out-of-state business trip on the day/night when JW Wife suffered the vaginal injury that required the trip to the now-defunct OUR LADY OF MERCY HOSPITAL's Emergency Room.

Husband maintained his composure as best he could. After all, by that point in time, Husband had lived for several years all but knowing for an absolute certainty that JW Wife was a cheater, and possibly something even worse. There had been the time during the third year in Owensboro, Kentucky, that JW Wife had supposedly gone to the "book-study" at the Owensboro East Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses one Tuesday night, when Husband was awakened by a ringing telephone around 2:30 AM. JW Wife's closest JW BFF#1 informed Husband that JW Wife had been arrested for DUI, and that JW Wife had called JW BFF #1 to come bail her out of Daviess County Jail, but JW BFF #1 could not gather together enough CASH. After Husband bailed out JW Wife, she claimed that she had been at SEARs' "Halloween Party"; that she simply had had too much to drink; that a male co-worker had helped her to her car; and that she was pulled over shortly after leaving the party. Unfortunately for JW Wife, the arresting State Cop just happened to be a friend of a friend of Husband. Husband, State Cop, and mutual friend had even played sports together on multiple occasions that previous summer, and had even hung out together. State Cop later stated to Husband that, "I'm sorry to have to tell you that your wife is cheating on you". State Cop indicated that he had initially observed JW Wife and her "boyfriend" all over each other in the parking lot of the local Holiday Inn. When Husband tried to assert JW Wife's excuse that a co-worker had simply helped her to her car, State Cop became indignant, and told Husband, "I watched them for some time. They were TOGETHER." Although State Cop refused to specifically state such, Husband had the distinct feeling that he was being told that JW Wife and "boyfriend" had had sex in one of their two vehicles. It wasn't until months later that Husband began to wonder whether State Cop just coincidentally happened to be at the right place at the right time that night, or why a State Cop had nothing better to do on a Tuesday night than stakeout possible drunk drivers at a Holiday Inn, in a city/county which had a large city/county police force. Although the DUI occurred at a time when MADD was closely monitoring DUI prosecutions, Husband was still able to use his "connections" with other local friends to get the DUI charge reduced to a "reckless driving" charge, thus saving JW Wife's driver's license. (JW Wife had been reared as a devout anti-drinking Southern Baptist -- in a Southern Baptist church founded by her grandfather and located only a couple hundred yards or so from her parents' home. Husband never took JW Wife to a "bar" during their entire marriage. Although an occasional social drinker, Husband moved away from Owensboro, Kentucky without ever having set foot inside even one of its' bars. It was "Jehovah's Witnesses" who introduced JW Wife to Owensboro's local bar and party scene. May they all ROT in HELL!!!)

Then, there had been the incident during their fifth year of living in Owensboro, Kentucky, when Husband once was working-out at one of his two gyms on a day and at a time when he rarely if ever worked-out at that particular gym, when Husband overheard two early-20s males regaling a small crowd of gym-rats with their latest sexual exploits. These two early-20s males related that they and a third "Absent Friend" -- whom the other gym-rats apparently all knew -- had ALL THREE been "banging" this "Married Woman" for several months. This "Married Woman" worked at the local Towne Square Mall SEARS store. The two gym-rat braggarts related that "Married Woman" worked in the "Paint/Hardware" department (where only a small number of females worked -- including JW Wife). This "fact" was mentioned by the two braggarts only so that they could mock the fact that "Married Woman" knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about "paint/painting" and "hardware", despite the fact that she had worked as a salesperson in the SEARS paint and hardware department for "years", and despite the fact that "Married Woman" even had told them that she was one of that department's TOP SALESPERSONS -- which they did not doubt given "Married Woman's" reputation in Daviess and surrounding counties. The "Married Woman" had told the three early-20s males that she cheated on her husband -- whom regularly traveled out of town on business (bingo!!!) -- supposedly as retribution for "her husband treating her bad". As their boasting session progressed, the gym-rat Duo added in even more details which pointed specifically at JW Wife as being this otherwise unidentified "Married Woman". The gym-rat Duo even made light of one of JW Wife's unique, identifying "personal issues" (bingo!!!). As Husband covertly listened to them, and quickly became sick to his stomach, their story even worsened. The three early-20s males had begun their sexual encounters with "Married Woman" only after OTHER LOCAL OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY MALES tipped them off to "Married Woman's" easy and ready availability for casual sex "whenever she was mad at her husband" -- which was practically "always". The two gym-rat braggarts then started making fun of their "Absent Friend", whom they declared had been "bewitched" by "Married Woman's" expertise at performing Oral sex (bingo!!!), and "Married Woman's" penchant for performing Oral sex publicly -- anytime, anywhere, and especially when she had an audience of watchers and potential additional participants. (They related that on one Saturday night only a few weeks after they had first gotten acquainted with Married Woman that one of the Trio had hosted a "house party". "Married Woman" arrived late after she got off work that night at the Towne Square Mall SEARS store. After having had to help "Married Woman" find a place to park, "Married Woman"asked one of the Trio where was "Absent Friend"? He told "Married Woman" that "Absent Friend" was already drunk and PASSED-OUT on the couch in the living room. "Married Woman" responded that she knew how to revive "Absent Friend". Assuming that "Married Woman" was going to pour water or even beer over "Absent Friend's" head, he and a few other outside party-goers followed "Married Woman" inside the house and into the living room where several other male and female party-goers were drinking, talking, watching television, etc. Gym-rat related that they all were expecting "Married Woman" to put on a "show", but they never expected the "show" that "Married Woman" proceeded to perform. To the shock of everyone inside the house, "Married Woman" went over to "Absent Friend", dropped to her knees, unzipped "Absent Friend's" jeans, found and pulled out the object of her affection, and proceeded to "wake up" passed-out "Absent Freind" right in front of the whole room full of both males and a few females. After "Absent Friend" finally revived, "Married Woman" took the drunk by the hand and led him upstairs. The gym-rat braggarts related that that was only the first of many bizarre sexual encounters that the Trio had had with "Married Woman" -- including other times during which "Married Woman" had had sex with multiple males while a roomful of people watched and other males joined in.) The two gym-rat braggarts wound down their tale by relating that the two of them had recently ceased their sexual encounters with "Married Woman" -- but "Absent Friend" had not -- after they had learned that "Married Woman" was not merely doing a single, double, triple, or more, sexual encounter here and there with people they knew, but they had "heard" that "Married Woman" had become "THE Guest of Honor" at local "group sex parties" (a/k/a "gangbangs") that were hosted nearly every weekend by a local coven of "Satan-worshipers". At these weekly Satan-worshiping "gangbangs", "Married Woman" reportedly had become legendary for her "Oral Expertise", and for regularly servicing every way possible a "train" of both males and females attendees. Husband nearly vomited right where he stood. Husband continued to hear even more of their claims that "Married Woman" was a "WITCH" as he hurried to the nearest restroom -- where he threw-up before going home.

(It wasn't until after Husband had left the gym that Husband recalled a strange incident that had occurred only three months previous on the night that Husband and JW Wife had returned to Owensboro, Kentucky, after spending two weeks in Florida. Having arrived back in Owensboro, Kentucky at around 3:00 A.M. on a May Sunday morning (after midnight Saturday) they first stopped at WYNDALL'S FOODLAND -- then the only 24-hour supermarket in Owensboro, Kentucky -- to get milk, bread, eggs, etc. Although there was only a handful of shoppers in the supermarket, everyone rushed to the single checkout at the same time -- with Husband and JW Wife arriving last in line. After reaching the checkout line, the up-until-then "wired" and extremely talkative JW Wife immediately stopped jabbering and began to act as if she was mad at Husband. JW Wife turned her back to Husband and the rest of the people in the checkout line, and pretended to be repeatedly scanning the rear of the store. Husband's attention was quickly drawn to the FREAK SHOW in front of them. A tall male Shopper, who appeared to be in his late 20s, looked as if he had just stepped out of a DRACULA movie. "Satan" was wearing an ankle-length heavily-studded leather overcoat with matching studded leather boots that seemed to be knee-high or higher. (This was long before "goth" became popular.) When the shopper in front of "Satan" attempted to pay with a check, it took at least 10 long minutes to get such cleared by a manager. During that time, Husband alternated between attempting to talk with JW Wife and glaring at the cashier. It was then that husband noticed that whenever he shifted his position that JW Wife -- still with her back to him -- would reciprocate his shift in an attempt to stay directly behind husband. At some point, as "Satan" also impatiently started looking about, "Satan" apparently caught a partial glimpse of JW Wife as she attempted to HIDE behind Husband. "Satan" evidently "knew" JW Wife, because "Satan" immediately began to make repeated not-so-subtle attempts to see around Husband. Putting two-and-two together, Husband waited until "Satan" made his next attempt. Husband then said something to JW Wife to cause her to turn her face sideways towards Husband. At the same time, Husband stepped aside to give "Satan" a better look. "Satan's" response was instantaneous. His mouth flew open and his head flew backwards in a half-laugh -- indicating that not only did he know JW Wife, but he evidently knew JW Wife in a way that he now found rather "amusing". However, "Satan" made no attempt to speak to JW Wife, nor did he otherwise further acknowledge JW Wife's presence. Instead, until he finally exited the supermarket, "Satan" repeatedly turned and smirked directly at Husband in a boastful and challenging, "I've F****D your wife," sort of way.)

With regard to Husband's well-founded suspicion that JW Wife had turned "Pro" at some point during the latter part of their nearly eight years spent in Owensboro, Kentucky, there had been the time during their next to the last Spring spent in Owensboro, Kentucky that Husband returned home after playing sports one Spring Sunday afternoon, when Husband was shocked to actually find JW Wife home -- watching television in her bedroom. After showering, Husband mischievously walked about naked between the bathroom and his bedroom. JW Wife soon made some sort of smart remark from her bedroom. Husband entered her bedroom and was pleasantly surprised to see that rare "come-hither" twinkle in JW Wife's eyes. As JW Wife sat up on the edge of her (low, frameless) bed, eyes-crossed Husband wasted no time moving in closer at "head" level. JW Wife accommodatingly leaned forward, but then caught herself and stopped abruptly. Playfully, JW Wife stated that she first needed to give Husband a "doctor's exam", and told Husband to lie down on her bed. Although JW Wife then proceeded to perform a well rehearsed "routine", including appropriate monologue, Husband was so busy enjoying having JW Wife slowly, methodically, and thoroughly perform the "doctor's exam" that he did not then realize that JW Wife was simply "too practiced" with this playful "role-playing" for this to have been JW Wife's first time performing such. JW Wife eventually declared that Husband had "passed" her exam, and she then proceeded with the task at hand. Husband was so woefully naive that he had NO CLUE that "playful" JW Wife actually had just perfectly role-played a "brothel prostitute" performing the standard brothel-required "D--k Check" prior to engaging in sexual activity. That was both the first and last time that JW Wife ever performed a "Brothel DC" on Husband. Husband further relates that JW Wife performed her task that afternoon without showing any interest whatsoever in regular intercourse, and even disappointingly finished the "task" in the typically half-hearted "brothel prostitute" manner, rather than in the "fully committed" way which JW Wife had routinely even "demanded" when their sexual relationship had been good. Husband now assumes that JW Wife performed this "Brothel DC" during the early part of JW Wife's career as a brothel prostitute -- when performing a "Brothel DC" would have still been a "novelty" to JW Wife.

Oh well, the exploratory surgery supposedly yielded nothing -- at least nothing that now enlightened GYN would further disclose to Husband. Male GYN did recommend that JW Wife begin seeing a psychiatrist. JW Wife refused. Husband did not care. Husband had finally had enough. There's much more "evidence" than what is listed above, but we had to save some things for the possibility of ... well you know why.

FINALLY, DIVORCED. Husband and JW Wife are now divorced. As Husband had always anticipated ever since moving away from "small city", JW Wife eventually re-married a JW Elder back in Owensboro, Kentucky. (Three guesses as to JW Wife's new JW Husband's occupation. See SEARS above.) Interestingly, New JW Husband apparently somehow knew from the get-go that he would have to keep tight reins on JW Wife. The last that Ex-husband heard, JW Wife and her New JW Husband were in a tight race to see who would make the other's life the most miserable.

Early on, Husband had repeatedly asked JW Wife for a mutually agreeable, non-contested DIVORCE. JW Wife not only repeatedly refused to give Husband a divorce (she wasn't about to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs), but JW Wife even THREATENED that if Husband ever unilaterally filed for a divorce that she would do WHATEVER IT TOOK to destroy his career, and that, "I'll make your life miserable". Two mornings after a FLAUNTED major cheating event (one not even mentioned in this article, but held in reserve), Husband told JW Wife that he was seeing his attorney later that day to file for divorce. Husband got busy that day, and did not follow through with the threat. Next day, at work, Husband received a telephone call from his out-of-state Manager relating that JW Wife had telephoned him the previous day accusing Husband of a bunch of nonsense which he had not believed for a second -- and which Manager even repeatedly refused to repeat to Husband for fear of what Husband might do to JW Wife. Unbeknownst to JW Wife, that out-of-state Manager was a thoroughly worldly-wise individual, who himself had recently finally divorced a longterm alcoholic, cheating, and spiteful wife. Husband's manager had previously spent 25 years performing a certain unique type of work in foreign countries which we cannot identify, for a certain unique entity which we cannot identify, and he immediately recognized JW Wife's amateurish ploy. His telephone call to Husband was simply intended to place Husband on notice as to JW Wife's machinations, and to the fact that if JW Wife telephoned one of the uncaring, drama-averse managers higher up the chain of command that damage/destruction to Husband's career was a real possibility. (Husband is not certain that such did not occur.)

JW Wife's telephone call accomplished its intended purpose. Husband erroneously assumed that if he would simply be patient that eventually one of JW Wife's multiple paramours would be stupid enough to fall in love with her and take the albatross from his neck. Husband simply stayed busy with his career, and stayed tired playing sports and "working out" in his spare time. Despite the low points in their marriage -- only SOME of which are even mentioned here -- Husband NEVER ONCE cheated on JW Wife. Husband now wishes that he had. As many men do, over the many lonely years, Husband had a few opportunities to not only cheat, but to also move on in a quality relationship -- including one highly regretted lost opportunity with a smart, younger co-worker who could have passed for Faith Hill's sister.

EDITORS NOTE: Husband submitted several additional scenarios pointing to JW Wife's infidelity, but such are too complex and/or too lengthy for inclusion above. Here is one of those scenarios that we simply cannot allow to remain unpublished. In fact, this section may be the most enlightening section of all as to what more may have been occurring during the second half of the nearly eight years spent in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Around the end of year five in Owensboro, Kentucky, JW Wife changed her early morning routine for what Husband initially thought was a lessening of the possibility that she was out "whoring around" when she was supposed to either be at work or out in field service. At the time in question, JW Wife was supposedly leaving "for work" at her claimed part-time SEARS job around 8:30 AM -- every morning, Mondays through Saturdays. JW Wife typically wore light makeup, maintained a nice hairstyle, and wore nice clothing appropriate for a salesperson. Then, one day, JW Wife broke that multi-year routine and started leaving for work around 7:30 AM, wearing older slacks/tops, no makeup, and she simply combed-down her wet hair. When Husband eventually inquired about the multiple changes, JW Wife explained that she had been "promoted" to a better paying "stocking" job, where she now worked back in the warehouse area rather than out on the sales floor, plus her hours had been increased from 24 to 32 hours per week. (Shortly thereafter, JW Wife amended that LIE to include that she also continued to work some occasional night shifts as a "salesperson", after Husband inquired why she still did not arrive home until midnight on most Mon-Sat nights.)

Interestingly, for the first time since they had moved to Owensboro, Kentucky, JW Wife even started "demanding" attention from Husband every morning just before she left for work. Curiously, although JW Wife continued to avoid any contact with Husband when she got home at night -- now, every morning, JW Wife not only sought out a "lengthy and passionate goodbye kiss" just before she left for work, but she would even take a few brief minutes to hug, cuddle, and oftentimes even "pet". At first, JW Wife had attention-starved Husband "swooning", but after months of there being no change in JW Wife's nighttime behavior, Husband eventually began to wonder if this was not just simply another "cruel trick" (one of many over the years) by JW Wife to get his "motor" racing every morning, and then walk out and leave him hanging. At the time, it never occurred to Husband that the daily "lengthy and passionate goodbye kiss" routine may have served some special occupational-psychological significance with JW Wife (see the movie "Pretty Woman"). Or, the kissing, hugging, cuddling, and petting may have simply served as an early morning "warm-up" to jump-start JW Wife's own "motor" for the real part-time job to which JW Wife had to go (before morning convention sessions started, and when JW Wife's night shift co-workers were still sleeping).

One morning, months later, Husband could not believe JW Wife's temerity. While both Husband and JW Wife were getting ready for work, JW Wife coyly approached Husband and told him that she had inquired into having a "boob job" performed, and asked if Husband would be willing to pay for it, or alternatively, if he would be willing to sign the surgeon's financing contract. Given the then nearly non-existent state of their sexual relationship, Husband could not believe that JW Wife could think there was any possibility that Husband was stupid enough to agree to such, much less for her to have the gall to even ask. With mouth gaping, Husband responded, "Why in the world would I want to pay to have your T*TS enlarged? Have one of your BOYFRIENDS pay for it!!!" You can believe it or not, but JW Wife completely ignored the "boyfriend remark" and shot back, "So men will also look at me and treat me the same way that they do the women who have big boobs." Months later, Husband reflected back on this conversation and wondered whether JW Wife had just "freudianly" informed him that she had recently turned "Pro", and was now having to compete with other females for customers? It took many more years before Husband learned that women working at a BROTHEL were required to participate in a BROTHEL LINEUP for every customer.

Several months later, on a Wednesday morning, after yet another abbreviated "petting session" just before she walked out the door, JW Wife left for work around 7:30 AM, and as usual, she wore older clothing, no makeup, and she had once again merely combed down her wet hair. That morning, Husband had been preparing to leave on an out-of-town business trip at around 9:00 AM. However, shortly after JW Wife had left "for work", Husband received a telephone call notifying him of an emergency at his local Owensboro, Kentucky office, which required him to cancel his out-of-town trip and come in early. After having handled the stressful emergency, Husband decided to take an early lunch around 11:00 AM. After stopping at a red light, on the opposite end of town from where JW Wife worked at the Towne Square Mall, and after fidgeting with the radio stations, Husband casually looked up. There, sitting directly diagonal from him, in the oncoming lane, was JW Wife -- with a look of sheer terror on her face. JW Wife was wearing one of her "party dresses". Her hair was "poofed up" on top of her head. JW Wife was in full-blown on-the-prowl "war paint" or "whore paint" -- heavy makeup, heavy lipstick, heavy mascara, heavy eyeshadow, etc. Husband instinctively repeatedly waved, but JW Wife acted as if she did not see him. She saw him! As soon as the light turned green, she took off like a rocket. It took Husband four blocks before he could U-turn and go back after JW Wife. On the slight downhill grade, Husband spotted JW Wife stopped two stoplights ahead of the red light that had caught him. Husband doubts that JW Wife could have seen his U-turn, or him sitting behind multiple cars back behind her. However, when JW Wife's light changed first, JW Wife again took off like a NASA rocket. Husband attempted to catch up by driving more than double the speed limit down "main street", but he lost sight of JW Wife's car as it headed towards what were multiple parking areas for a local resort Hotel. Husband twice drove through all of the public customer parking areas, but never again spotted JW Wife's car. It just seemed to have disappeared into thin air. JW Wife arrived home that night around 11:20 PM, dressed in her SEARs sales position clothes, light makeup, and regular hairstyle.

Next morning, while she was in the shower, Husband took JW Wife's car keys from her (poorly-hidden) purse and went to take a look in the trunk of her car -- something Husband had never done previously in all those years. The large trunk of JW Wife's 4-door Chevrolet Celebrity (mobile whorehouse) was jam-packed with clothing, underclothes, and shoes of all types, both dress and casual -- much of it wadded up and dirty, but also many items drycleaned in plastic and lying smashed -- PLUS lots of showering and personal care products -- including a half empty 12-pak institutional CARTON of individually boxed DOUCHE, and a full box of non-lubricated CONDOMs. There was even an inordinate quantity of Fleet ENEMAS randomly scattered amongst everything else in the car's trunk.

That previously mentioned local resort Hotel was widely reputed to be "Mafia-connected". It opened for business only 5 months after the Mafia-connected Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky was infamously torched out of business, and never re-opened. "Local resort hotel" used the exact same public and not-so-public marketing schemes as had the Beverly Hills Supper Club -- specializing in hosting small and large meetings and conventions for businesses, governmental entities, social/frat organizations, etc., as had BHSC; offering the exact same Las Vegas entertainment as had BHSC; and offering gambling and an IN-HOUSE BROTHEL for its convention clientele, as had BHSC. Reliable sources disclose that the Brothel's high-priced, professional, nationally-revolving "Mafia brothel circuit" staff were supplemented by budget-priced locally recruited promiscuous females, who conveniently were able to set their own hours and work as often or as little as they desired. (Not to mention the appeal of possibly getting to "service" a different celebrity entertainer or one of their entourage every weekend. You should have seen JW Wife's face light up when Don Ho once told Husband and she that he still remembered decades later how good -- real good -- that he and his entourage had been taken care of by the Hotel "staff" when he had once entertained there.) The Brothel was located on the Hotel's top penthouse floor. Hotel "guests" and locals who already knew about the Brothel could access such directly 24/7 by taking an elevator to the penthouse floor and simply knocking on the correct door. (The large, open 7-story tall atrium with nothing but a 42" wooden railing guaranteed that noone went up there looking to cause trouble.) Otherwise, a few of the "girls" could always be found at the "T-O Lounge" starting during the noon-hour convention breaks, and at all times thereafter until closing. About 3-4 months after the car-chase incident, one of Husband's co-workers uneasily told Husband that he had seen and even briefly spoke with JW Wife at the Hotel's "T-O Lounge" on the previous Friday night. When later questioned, JW Wife alleged that she and some of her "JW Friends" had stopped in the "T-O Lounge" after attending a Las Vegas show at the Hotel. JW Wife either ignored or had forgotten the fact that she had told Husband that same Friday morning that she was scheduled to "work" that Friday evening. She just did not say where.


EDITOR'S NOTE: When we first published this REAL-WATCHTOWER WORLD AUTOBIOGRAPHY back in 2013, we heavily-edited and deleted much of the submitted material so the account would be short and concise enough to be posted on one of our DIVORCE CASE pages. Now that we have finally moved this AUTOBIOGRAPHY to its own page, both "Husband" and ourselves are now considering whether to include more of the 8-10 additional "Owensboro, Kentucky incidents" which were previously deleted or only summarily mentioned. (Like the "incident" that inevitably happened during the one summer that JW Wife spent regularly riding her bicycle nearly every day a lengthy distance all the way across Owensboro to "cruise" the "dark section" of Owensboro appropriately dressed to advertise her available goods. That's right, JW Ex-wife. Bet you didn't know that I knew that you had done that, or that I knew what inevitably happened. Or, JW Ex-wife, maybe you should try explaining to all your JW friends how someone as overly sexually active as you were for decades never became pregnant. Really??? How many trips did you make to Louisville??? Or, try explaining how someone who regularly and normally drove double and triple the speed limit around Owensboro, plus regularly ran "stop signs" and "red lights", did so FOR YEARS without receiving a single ticket from Owensboro's "finest" -- who were well known for their willingness to "negotiate" traffic stops with willing females.)


EX-HUSBAND'S 2015 ADDENDUM: By Year 6 in Owensboro, Kentucky, I had managed to admit to myself ONLY that JW Wife was a "cheater". I refused to believe the multiple credible reports of JW Wife's lesbianism, satanism, "swinging", gangbanging, drug-taking, etc. Pitifully, I actually took some amount of comfort in my self-delusion that JW Wife was "at the very least" keeping her "cheating" away from the apartment which we shared in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Then, during Year 6 in Owensboro, Kentucky, I finally began to take notice of various "signs" that JW Wife had been bringing some of her lovers to our apartment -- not merely when I was "out-of-town", but even when I was "in-town", but known to be tied up for a definite period of time. I began to see more and more signs that JW Wife was spending time at our apartment when I was working, playing sports, at the gym, etc., and when she was supposed to be elsewhere.

As indicated above, I did my own laundry at least 90% of the time -- although JW Wife would sometimes mix my "whites" in with her "whites" whenever she needed to make up a load of "whites". Being "anally retentive", whenever I did my own laundry, I ALWAYS thoroughly checked the apartment building's washer/dryer before placing any of my laundry in the public machines. However, after showering one day during Year 6 in Owensboro, Kentucky, I grabbed a pair of "tighty-whiteys" out of my dresser drawer, began to slip them on, and nearly pulled a leg out of socket. The pair of "tighty-whiteys" were way-way too small. Although these "tighty-whiteys" were my brand with the same color markings, this pair of "tighty-whiteys" was 4 sizes smaller than my own. I checked, but there was no other "strange underwear" in my dresser.

Only a couple of months or so later, I attended an out-of-state week-long training seminar. I was away from Owensboro, Kentucky, from Sunday noon until around 10:00 P.M. of the following Friday night. Although JW Wife was not home when I arrived home, I was pleased to find that JW Wife had finally taken the time to have the carpet cleaned (carpet was still DAMP at 10:00 P.M.) and to thoroughly clean our apartment from top to bottom. Exhausted from the travel and staying away from home for a week, I slept until noon on Saturday. I then ate and watched television for 3-4 hours before falling back to sleep. I finally woke up again around 7:00 PM Saturday night. After eating again, and finally feeling refreshed, I decided to go to the gym and work-out, since it had been a full week since I had last worked-out. I returned home around 11:30 PM Saturday night, where I first showered before then sitting down in front of the television to eat fast-food that I had picked up on the way home. I had barely started to eat before I heard loud voices outside of the apartment building -- which was rare for our quiet apartment complex even on a late Saturday night. The loud voices entered our apartment building, came up the staircase to the second floor, and got louder as they came down our hallway. BAM! BAM! BAM! With my veins full of naturally produced testosterone from having just worked-out, I cursed, jumped up, and looked out through the door viewer. There stood two mid-20s "Oompa Loompas" -- about 5 and half feet tall and weighing about 150 pounds each -- which over the years I gradually learned to be the PREFERRED STATURE for her boyfriends by JW WIFE (5'4", 125 pounds). Wearing nothing but a pair of gym-shorts, and with my muscles swollen from three hours of pumping iron, I angrily jerked the apartment door open, and as all 6'3" and 285 pounds of me performed a 57" lat-spread flex, I angrily asked, "What the hell do you want?" The knocking Oompa-Loompa who stood closest to the door instantaneously collapsed backwards to the floor as stiff as a tree falls when it is cut down. Sidekick Oompa Loompa tried to catch him, but failed as his sidekick also dragged him down to his knees. I immediately realized that they both were dog-drunk since the hallway smelled like a brewery only in the short time that they had been there. Too drunk to realize that they were compounding their mistake of returning to their girlfriend's apartment, and apparently not even knowing or now realizing that their "girlfriend" was married, "Sidekick Oompa Loompa" asked, "Wha-Wha-Wha-Where is Kathy?" By that point, I was doing everything I could do to maintain a fearsome composure despite the fact that on the inside I was LMAO over the spectacle of both "Oompa Lompas" falling to the floor at the mere sight of my corny bodybuilding flexing. I proclaimed, "Kathy's not here. Now get the hell out of here, and don't ever come back!!!" JW Wife finally arrived home about 30 minutes later. Apparently, these two drunken boyfriends had been confused about where they were supposed to meet up with JW Wife for that Saturday night's sexual rendezvous. I never said a word to JW Wife about this incident.

At the end of a workday in the early part of Year 7 in Owensboro, Kentucky, after arriving home at my apartment complex, and while gathering up "stuff" from my automobile to take inside, I was approached in the parking lot by an obviously distressed female. She was a 22 year-old married woman, who along with her Coast Guard husband and two children, lived in the apartment building diagonally across the parking lot from my building. (Our apartment complex was home to approximately a dozen single and married members of the U.S. Coast Guard, who were stationed in Owensboro, Kentucky, and performed Coast Guard operations up and down the Ohio River.) Until that day, neither of us had ever spoken to the other. As she approached me, Distressed Married Woman (DMW) just blurted out, "Your wife is f--king my husband!!!" Actually, as DMW went on to explain, JW Wife had "f--ked" her husband only one time that DMW knew about. DMW explained that only shortly after her Coast Guard husband and she had been transferred to Owensboro, Kentucky two years previously, she had learned from other Coast Guard Wives that JW Wife was in the habit of "f-king" most of the unmarried Coast Guarders (both those who lived in our apartment complex and elsewhere) stationed in Owensboro. However, just within the past day or so, DMW had been told by a fellow Coast Guard Wife that DMW's "drunken" husband had recently joined in a "gangbang" and had "f-ked" JW Wife at the apartment of two single Coast Guarders where JW Wife apparently had been routinely taking on Coast Guarder "gangbangs" for several years. Although I was initially surprised from the way that DMW had approached me, and by her revelation about JW Wife, I managed to maintain my composure -- given that DMW's revelation was simply a new chapter to be added to an old book. My self-control obviously disappointed DMW, and even my effort to verbally console DMW was met with disinterest. However, after first relating that she had just put her two children down for a nap, and after further relating that her cheating husband was not home, but rather was gone "down river" for a couple of days, DMW then proceeded to invite me up to her apartment for some "revenge sex", which I respectfully declined. DMW immediately stomped away in a huff. Apparently, the seeking of "revenge sex" had been DMW's main reason for approaching and disclosing all of the above to me. I later learned that DMW and her two children left her husband sometime later that same week.

Although JW Wife and I had lived in that apartment complex ever since we had relocated to Owensboro, Kentucky, I found another apartment in a different complex when our lease expired only a few months after the revelation that JW Wife had been "f--king" most of the single males and some of the married males in that apartment complex. I also began to work on getting a transfer out of Owensboro and out of Kentucky. As related above, I was hoping that JW Wife would stay in Owensboro when I left. WRONG!!!


One weekday during our next-to-the-last Summer spent in Owensboro, I got off work early around 2:00 P.M, and went home to change, so that I could go to the gym. I had ZERO expectation that Kathy would be home at that time, so I was surprised to see her Chevrolet Celebrity parked in her usual (non-assigned) parking space. However, there also was a strange car parked in my usual (non-assigned) parking space. As I drove on past the "strange car", I glanced at the license plate and saw that the strange car was from Louisiana. As I entered the foyer of our apartment building, at the same time, I heard the door open at the top of the stairway to the second floor -- where was our apartment -- accompanied by the voices of two loud-mouth females. I stopped and watched as two TOO-OBVIOUS HOOKERS wearing "stripper heels" clumsily descended the stairs holding on tightly to each other and the handrails. Each female was wearing expensive, designer studded bluejeans that looked like they each had been poured into them, along with tight tops which exposed way too much cleavage to be worn out in public. One hooker with DDs was a bleach-blond who looked like she was in her early 40s. The other bleach-blond with mere Ds looked like she was in her early 20s. I stepped aside and allowed them to pass, and then took my time ascending. As soon as they had taken a few steps outside the apartment building, both females again burst out laughing loudly. A couple of days later, I met up with one of my local Owensboro friends who had his own friends who worked in local law enforcement. I gave him a description of the two females and asked if he would find out who were these two females. A few days later, I received my answer. The two females "worked" at the local resort Hotel mentioned above. Their regular place of employment was in New Orleans, but like all the other "girls" who "worked" on the "brothel circuit", they occasionally were temporarily assigned by the "bosses" to other "work-sites" scattered around the country. Notably, the two hookers had been easy to identify because their presence in Owensboro was well known amongst those who kept track of such things. The two hookers were not merely co-workers -- they were MOTHER and DAUGHTER.

******************                 ******************


With regard to the "Coast Guard" section of this soap opera which we first posted in the 2015 ADDENDUM, JW EX-HUSBAND wants readers to know that although he did not mention such in that section, that JW EX-HUSBAND had reasons to believe that JW Prostitute had been introduced into her multi-year sexual relationship with multiple CG Members by the local JW WHORE -- JW BFF#2 (see above) -- despite the fact that most CG Members lived in JW Prostitute's own apartment complex. JW EX-HUSBAND simply had ran with the most obvious connection -- geography.

However, JW EX-HUSBAND has since learned that the 2015 posting of the "Coast Guard" section created quite a stir amongst the inter-connected families of JW BFF#1 and JW BFF#2, who all have been actively attempting to DENY the multiple scandalous revelations contained in this webpage. In fact, the CG section and recent developments in Owensboro had combined to corroborate JW EX-HUSBAND's story even more than we had hoped.

Unbeknownst to either JW EX-HUSBAND or us, only shortly before we published that 2015 ADDENDUM, a member of the East Owensboro Kentucky Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses with close family connections to both JW BFF#1 and JW BFF#2 also had established a "partnership" with members of the CG stationed in Owensboro. Thus, the circumstances of multiple JW Females in Owensboro maintaining the "happiness" of CGers stationed in Owensboro is now PROVEN to have been going on for multiple decades amongst multiple generations of EXEMPLARY JW Families. (Readers are reminded that the CG maintains only a very small contingent in Owensboro to maintain limited CG operations along this stretch of the Ohio River, and that thousands of Owensboro residents have lived in Owensboro for decades without ever becoming acquainted with a single CGer.)


Followers of this webpage also may be interested in the following two latest updates which we have delayed publishing for several years for obvious reasons.

First, around 2011, which was YEARS after JW EX-HUSBAND's divorce from JW Prostitute, and long after JW Prostitute's re-marriage and relocation back to Owensboro, Kentucky, JW Male was opening a pile of mail when he innocently opened what he thought was a routine credit card solicitation. Instead, it was a FIRST BILL from D-Card. JW Prostitute had went to her old employer -- Owensboro's SEARS -- and had purchased a bunch of new clothes, and had received a hefty discount on that purchase by opening a new D-Card credit card account -- onto which the purchase had been placed UNPAID. The only problem was that JW Prostitute had used JW EX-HUSBAND's address and telephone number for her new credit card account, which had resulted in this first account statement being mailed to JW EX-HUSBAND. JW EX-HUSBAND reported the SCAM to D-Card's FRAUD department, and told them that JW Prostitute could be contacted through her legal guardians -- the BODY OF ELDERS at the East Owensboro Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Around 2013, which again was YEARS after JW Prostitute's remarriage and relocation back to Owensboro, Kentucky, JW EX-HUSBAND went shopping in the city where JW Prostitute had lived and worked during their "separation" and eventual divorce, and the city where JW Prostitute had stayed only "months" after the divorce while waiting long enough to make her remarriage to JW Husband#2 appear "biblical".

There, while making a purchase at one store, the MALE STORE CLERK routinely asked JW EX-HUSBAND for his address, zip, etc., which the Male Store Clerk proceeded to punch into his computerized cash register. JW EX-HUSBAND watched as MSC's jaw dropped, and a puzzled look swept across MSC's face. Without realizing what he was saying, MSC exclaimed, "Kathy Xxxx ?????? Why, that's MY OLD GIRLFRIEND. We almost got married back in 20XX." Without hesitation, JW EX-HUSBAND retorted, "Well, Kathy's NOW my EX-WIFE, and we were STILL MARRIED when you wanted to marry her back in 20XX. She married a guy in Owensboro only a few months after our divorce was final." MSC's face turned completely white as he lost all composure. A co-worker had to come over and complete the sales transaction while MSC scurried out of the store, got in his automobile, and left.

Hey, JW HUSBAND #2!!!! Deny it all you like, but your JW WIFE has had SEX with literally THOUSANDS of men. She had multiple "boyfriends" after our separation and before she married YOU shortly after our divorce was finally final. During that same time period, she also worked truck stops whenever she needed CASH, which as you should know by now, is quite often!!! Maybe she now has gotten too old and too tired to still be doing such, but given her track record, you better not let her out of your sight. You also might want to have a blood test ever so often.


JW EX-HUSBAND also wants readers to know that this webpage is not yet complete. The very reason JW EX-HUSBAND is now releasing these 2011 and 2013 incidents for publication is that just within this past month JW EX-HUSBAND COINCIDENTALLY ran into yet another previously unknown person who turned out to have known JW PROSTITUTE in years past, and that person spilled a whole new UNFORESEEN can of worms about JW Prostitute which we will have to "age" before such is published.

Hey, JW HUSBAND #2!!!! Within the past five years or so, has Kathy started paying particular attention to the state political and government news when such appears on your television? Ask Kathy which high-ranking politician is it whom now occasionally appears on your television set every few months or so that she used to service.

JW Prostitute gets around more than a revolving door, which is not the only comparison with that pair that could be made. As goes the old adage, "You can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who has plowed JW Prostitute."

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