In the following criminal cases, the WatchTower Society - Jehovah's Witnesses religion served as the spiritual element of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's formative environment, or otherwise served as a major influencer of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's behavior. The following cases are often tragic, and speak for themselves.

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Yes, it is true. The PSYCHIATRIC UNIT at a small city's Hospital was labeled by hospital staff as "THE KINGDOM HALL" back in the 1980s-1990s.

A retired Psychiatrist, who had practiced in a lightly populated locale, where the numbers of  "Jehovah's Witnesses" were sparse, was recently asked whether he had treated many Jehovah's Witnesses over the years. Pausing to thoughtfully form his answer, he smiled and stated, "Let's just say that there must be a whole lot of Jehovah's Witnesses living in my neck of the woods."

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In May 2016, natives discovered that the remote ancient Otomi religious shrine known as Mayonihka, or Mexico Chiquito, located in San Bartolo Tutotepec, had been severely vandalized. Stone altars had been toppled. Offerings left by worshipers -- fruit, flowers, and paintings -- had been thrown about and destroyed. Stone carvings had been broken.

When he heard about the vandalism, Chapingo University Professor Luis Pérez Lugo, who studies and teaches about the Otomi Indians, went to investigate. After documenting the damage, Professor Luis Pérez Lugo went to the nearby town of Los Pinales. There, Luis Pérez Lugo found a member of the local Jehovah’s Witnesses who ADMITTED to vandalizing the ancient temple -- along with other local Jehovah's Witnesses. Professor Luis Pérez Lugo reported that the JEHOVAH'S WITNESS VANDALS had at one time been regular worshipers at the temple before they had been converted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Professor Luis Pérez Lugo further reported that the JEHOVAH'S WITNESS VANDALS attempted to justify their destruction of the Otomi temple as being a direct command from "Jehovah". (Anyone even slightly familiar with the "Old Testament" knows exactly to what that JW was referring.)

Given the ongoing negative publicity received by Islamic terrorists who routinely destroy ancient non-Muslim religious sites, the WatchTower Society "too-quickly" issued a statement claiming to have already fully investigated the matter, and to have determined that its local Jehovah's Witness members were not to blame. However, honest persons familiar with the WatchTower Society's teachings and practices KNOW FOR A FACT that Professor Luis Pérez Lugo's report "rings true".

For decades, as part of its conversion process, the WatchTower Society has REQUIRED its converts to DESTROY and DISPOSE of those religious objects and items which the convert owns or possesses. Converts are NOT permitted to simply give those religious objects or items to others. Oftentimes, the Jehovah's Witness Teacher makes certain that they are present for the destruction/disposal to "witness" that such destruction/disposal actually was performed.

For example, Catholics converting to the Jehovah's Witnesses are required to destroy/dispose of all their crucifixes, rosary beads, and other religious jewelry, etc. Pictures and statues of Saints, Jesus, Mary, etc. must be destroyed/disposed. Most religious books would also be destroyed/disposed. Similarly, Protestant converts are REQUIRED to destroy/dispose of crosses, all religious jewelry, all religious pictures, statues, certain books, etc. Buddhists and Hindus are REQUIRED to destroy/dispose of equivalent religious objects and items -- especially their family altars. ALL CONVERTS are REQUIRED to destroy/dispose of objects and items which the Convert previously used to celebrate or simply acknowledge birthdays, secular and religious holidays, and patriotism.

Those are FACTS which unquestionably make these accusations against local Jehovah's Witnesses "ring true". This also means that -- as usual -- the WatchTower Cult spokesperson is a LYING STACK OF FECES.

Non-JWs should note that this vandalism -- which is unmistakably comparable to what Islamic terrorists have been doing for years from Lebanon to Afghanistan -- was taken so seriously by the WatchTower Society that it immediately activated its troop of undercover online "secret agents" to rush onto public discussion websites and flood such with denials that this vandalism was something which might be done by a Jehovah's Witness. We even had to correct one website known for its accurate evaluation of rumors which had fallen for convincing denials from undercover agents posing as "normally biased" former-JWs and anti-JWs, and have that website completely change its assessment.


FLORIDA v. NIKOLAI PAUL VOLKOFF was a March 2016 arrest of Nikolai P. Volkoff, age 30, of Fishers, Indiana, in Florida, on 4 counts of various drugs possession, plus possession of drug paraphernalia. Nikolai Volkoff was arrested in May 2016, in Indiana, for probation violation. Volkoff's father is believed to be a JW Elder at the Fishers Indiana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which has an extensive library of old WatchTower literature.


UNITED STATES v. RYAN GASTON was a 2016 Ohio criminal court case in which an African-American DRUG DEALER named Ryan Gaston, age 30, of Euclid, Ohio, pleaded "Guilty" to "Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance" and "Possession of a Firearm in furtherance of a Drug Crime", and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Ryan Gaston was arrested in February 2016 following a traffic stop in which a Cuyahoga County Deputy Sheriff found pills, crack cocaine, and a scale in his car. Additional pills, more crack cocaine, and a firearm were later found at Gaston's apartment. Nearly 1000 Fentanyl pills were found to be mislabeled as Oxycodone -- a recent DRUG DEALER deception that has lead to the deaths of countless unsuspecting drug addicts across the United States. At his sentencing hearing, Ryan Gaston's mother, Linda Gaston, told the judge that she had reared her son as a Jehovah's Witness, but that her son had "made a mistake, but is not a bad person". Typically, Ryan Gaston had no prior felony convictions. Ryan Gaston also claimed that he simply had "made a mistake", and apologized to the court and his JW Family for being "wrong". Notably, this wayward "angel" must have quit high school to "pioneer" as a Jehovah's Witness given the fact that Ryan Gaston claimed to want to complete his GED while in prison.


CROWN v. BRUSTHOLM ZIAMANI was the 2014-16 British criminal court case which convicted the African-Brit Islamic terrorist Brustholm Ziamani, age 18, of London, England, for having plotted beheading attacks on British soldiers and English police officers in London, England. In March 2015, Ziamani was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison, plus the possibility of 5 additional years. In May 2016, shortly after voters in London, England elected that immigration cesspool's first Muslim Mayor, and only days after HALF-WITTED Prime Minister David Cameron lambasted American Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his merely RATIONAL stance against allowing UNVETTED Muslim immigrants into the United States, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales REDUCED Ziamani's sentence to 19 years.

What has been all but ignored by the North American media is the FACT that Brustholm Ziamani was reared in England by extremely strict and devout Jehovah's Witness Parents who had immigrated from the Republic of Congo before his birth. Only 5 months prior to Ziamani's arrest, he was kicked out of his JW Parents' home for fornicating with a non-JW girlfriend -- possibly indicating that Ziamani was a baptized Jehovah's Witness who just had been "disfellowshipped" by the Ziamani Family's Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Ziamani then was embraced by local radical Muslims who quickly converted the disaffected youth to radical Islam. Islam may have struck the match, but the WatchTower Cult made all the preliminary preparations for the bonfire. Readers should know that Ziamani is not the first African-Xxxxxx Terrorist who was reared as a Jehovah's Witness.


VIRGINIA v. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE WILSON (2003-05), VIRGINIA v. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE WILSON (2013-15), and VIRGINIA v. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE WILSON (2014-16) were related Virginia criminal court cases which involved one of the Floyd Virginia Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses' finer families. In May 2014, Christopher E. Wilson, then age 41, of Copper Hill, Virginia, who has a list of prior criminal convictions, including a conviction for "assault and battery" in 2005, was "trespassed" for unknown reasons from the Check Country Store. Two days later, Christopher Wilson's mother drove Chris back to the Check Country Store, where she proceeded to enter the store to purchase alcohol for her already inebriated son. While his mother was inside the store, the drunken Chris Wilson got out of the car and began pacing the parking lot and yelling about his having been barred from the premises. Wilson threatened to assault one customer who was simply watching his shenanigans. Wilson also threatened to kill another observer, who took Wilson serious and hid. At some point, Wilson retrieved a BIBLE from the car. Wilson ripped out many pages, pushed them into one of the store's doors, and then lighted them on fire with a cigarette lighter. Fortunately, the wind was blowing so hard that day that the BIBLE pages were blowing about and would not stay lit. Christopher E. Wilson was later arrested, prosecuted, and convicted on charges of "attempted arson" and "trespassing", and sentenced to 4 years in prison. At the same time, Wilson was given a 12 year suspended sentence for a prior "drug possession" conviction, which could activate if Wilson violates his probation after release. Affirmed by Virginia's Court of Appeals in February 2016.

CHRISTOPHER EUGENE WILSON v. NEW RIVER VALLEY REGIONAL JAIL was a 2015-16 federal lawsuit brought by Wilson (probably instigated at least partially by one of more JW Elders) alleging that jail officials were violating his constitutional rights by not permitting JW Elders to conduct group religious services at the prison. The USDC summarily dismissed this lawsuit after determining that Wilson had regular access to the JW Elders, who had never formally requested permission to conduct group services at the prison.


BRITISH COLUMBIA v. SCOTT CAMERON and SCOTT CAMERON v. BRITISH COLUMBIA are related criminal and civil court cases which both involve Scott Cameron, age 30s, of White Rock, British Columbia, which is a suburb of Vancouver. Reportedly, Scott Cameron was reared as a Jehovah's Witness by Jehovah's Witness Parents. At some point in his life, Scott Cameron took a temporary detour from his WatchTower Cult rearing, and proceeded down a path of drugs, drug dealing, and violent crime. Scott Cameron eventually joined a Vancouver street gang called "Empire", and rose to being the gang's "Vice-President". The Empire street gang has an anecdotal street reputation for targeting underage teenage girls -- giving them drugs and raping them.

In December 2010, Scott Cameron was arrested on Canadian-typically unpublicized criminal charges, which one online poster has alleged were related to a "kidnapping". In February 2011, while in jail, Scott Cameron was beaten, kicked, and stabbed in his face, by incarcerated members of a rival gang. Thereafter released on bail for two years, Scott Cameron spent that time going through drug rehab, and reconnecting with his JW Parents and his previous Jehovah's Witness religion.

In January 2013, Scott Cameron was convicted on Canadian-typically unpublicized criminal charges, and sentenced to 7 years in prison. In Summer 2013, reportedly on the advice of his JW Father, Rick Cameron, Scott Cameron pursued a civil lawsuit against BC for the alleged negligence of BC jail officials not properly separating and protecting Cameron from the rival gang members who beat and stabbed Cameron back in February 2011. That lawsuit was filed in May 2014. In February 2016, the SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA summarily dismissed Cameron's lawsuit for failure to have been filed within the 24 months statute of limitation. Sometime in 2015, Scott Cameron was granted "day parole" by prison officials.


IN RE NUTJOB JW PREACHER is a single series of Canadian court cases which are typical of many other similar series of court cases which we have yet been motivated to post. NJWP is a typically Canadian unidentified 45 year-old unmarried male Jehovah's Witness (father of an adult child), who has been in Canada's judicial-psychiatric system since 2000, or longer. Under Canadian law, convicted criminals are evaluated for mental illness, and if found mentally incompetent, they are incarcerated in a psychiatric facility rather than a penal institution. In this case, NJWP is a regular Preacher of the WatchTower gospel in and around Montreal, Quebec, and sometimes does such in a publicly disruptive fashion. That, despite the fact that the BOE at his Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses should be aware of his ongoing treatment for mental illness, as well as his multiple arrests for violence or threatened violence. NJWP particularly does not like his non-JW father and brother, who NJWP is convinced are trying to kill him. NJWP has threatened them with death multiple times, and in 2008, NJWP was arrested for assaulting his father. In 2011, one of NJWP's neighbor came into NJWP's crosshair as being "Satan". NJWP was first arrested for threatening to kill that neighbor, and was arrested soon after his release for assaulting that neighbor.


QUEBEC v. MARC ANDRE BIBEAU was a 2012-16 Canadian criminal court case which involved a 30 years-long active Jehovah's Witness, named Marc A. Bibeau, then age 46, of Upton, Quebec, who has been declared mentally disabled due to a 1983 automobile accident. In 2000, Bibeau married Carole Perron, who gets paid to care for Bibeau by SAAQ. On the night in question, Carole Bibeau was visiting friends in Montreal.

The Victim is an unmarried female of unknown age, who lives alone. The Bibeaus purchased a home adjacent to the Victim in the early 2000s. Neither party had been in the home of the other until the night in question. On a hot July night in 2012, the Victim left open two windows and her patio door due to not having A/C in Quebec. Around midnight, as the Victim was getting ready to go to bed, she went into her bedroom and took off all of her clothing except for her panties, and then she went into her bathroom. At a point in time when she was standing in front of a clothes dryer, with her back to the door, that door was suddenly pushed open, and Victim was pinned against the dryer. Someone then grabbed one arm and put their other arm around her waist. Victim screamed, shouted, and eventually twisted such that she recognized her attacker as being Marc Bibeau. As the Victim cried, Marc Bibeau calmly told her to "hush". When she continued to resist his advances, Bibeau left the bathroom and the victim's home. The Victim did not immediately telephone the police.

Marc Bibeau claimed that he could not sleep on that night when his wife was away in Montreal, and that while still in his pajamas, nightgown, and house slippers, that he had taken a flashlight outside to view his strawberries in his garden. While doing so, Bibeau noticed his practically naked next-door neighbor walking about inside her home through an unobstructed window. Bibeau claimed that as a Jehovah's Witness who actively went door-to-door, he was afraid that someone else would see his neighbor walking about naked inside her home and want to attack her, so he went over to "warn her" that she could be seen naked walking about inside her home. Bibeau thoughtfully took off his dirty house slippers before entering the Victim's home through the patio door screen. Bibeau then found the Victim in her bathroom, where he merely attempted to get her attention by tapping her on her shoulder. When the Victim started screaming and shouting, Bibeau attempted to calm her. When she persisted, Bibeau simply decided to leave.

Interestingly, as soon as he got home, the mentally-disabled Bibeau made notes as to what had just happened -- as he had been trained because of his poor short-term memory. When Carole Bibeau finally arrived home, Marc Bibeau informed her of what had happened. The next morning both Bibeaus decided to discuss the incident with a local JW Elder, who just so happened to be an Uncle of the Victim. (Was the victim an Ex-JW, and if so, did the Bibeaus know that?? We suspect that there is more to this story than was revealed during the trial.)  One week later, the Bibeaus erected a tarp between the two adjacent homes to block the view.

The Victim then notified the police of her assault. Despite a thorough defense which relied heavily on Bibeau's mental disability, Marc Bibeau ultimately was convicted of "breaking and entering" and "sexual assault", but found "not guilty" of "window peeping", in June 2015. In January 2016, the Court of Quebec, sentenced Bibeau to only 4 months in jail, and 12 months probation. However, Bibeau was placed on the sex offender registry for 10 years. Marc Bibeau either was a completely innocent mentally-disabled man wrongfully convicted, or Quebec Police need to spend some serious time in their unsolved crimes files.


In October 2015, Darius Williams, age 17, of Jacksonville, Florida who was a member of a large, extended African-American Jehovah's Witness Family DROWNED while fleeing and hiding from Jacksonville Police after having ditched a stolen automobile.




(Including INFO that the Media, JWs, and XJWs Do Not Want Reported!!!)

"I did this because JEHOVAH told me to," (there was a good reason that this link was deleted) boasted WDBJ-TV Murderer, Bryce Williams, aka Donald Flanagan, aka Vester Flanagan II, aka Vester Lee Flanagan II. Born to Vester Flanagan and Betty Flanagan in 1973, in Oakland, California, along with sisters Vicki Latrice Owens and Valerie Lynn Garrett, Vester L. Flanagan was reared in an upper-middle class African-American "devout Jehovah's Witness family", as a "strict Jehovah's Witness", according to one of Flanagan's childhood friends. Vester Flanagan openly acknowledged without criticism his rearing as a Jehovah's Witness on his social media accounts, where Flanagan even referred to himself as a "non-practicing Jehovah's Witness".

In Flanagan's 23-page "suicide note" that he faxed to ABC News, Vester Flanagan noted his estrangement from his JW Parents, and even hinted at being "shunned" by his JW Parents -- all photographs of him removed from their home -- which possibly resulted from his being excommunicated, or "disfellowshipped", from the WatchTower Cult due to his sexually promiscuous homosexual lifestyle as an adult. Flanagan further noted that as a Jehovah's Witness Child that he had been unable to participate in holiday celebrations at school, and that he had not been permitted to join the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. Flanagan even mentioned that his father had come to his school and sat in on his first-grade class when there had been problems with his first-grade teacher -- probably over the Pledge of Allegiance. Despite those negatives, Vester Flanagan spoke favorably overall of his JW Parents, saying that he had been "blessed to have had a great childhood", and thereafter noted instances of their support -- such as the time when his JW Mother came to his aid when he was allegedly "bullied" by even another teacher.

Vester Lee Flanagan was one of many African-Americans reared within the WatchTower Cult whom we have previously identified on our SCHOOL page as "40 year-old persecuted losers with perpetual bad attitudes". The accumulated negatives of Flanagan's WatchTower Cult upbringing led only to short stints of employment -- all of which ended badly -- with one television station after another in California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and finally WDBJ in Virginia.

It was no difficulty for Vester Flanagan Junior to buck the WatchTower Cult's teaching against "higher education", since his father, Vester Flanagan, Sr. eventually retired from the Community College of San Francisco as its' "Director of Operations". Vester's mother, Betty Flanagan, who "endured and rose above the oppression of racism", eventually retired as a 37 year-long middle school teacher in Oakland, California. Vester Flanagan Junior obtained his college degree in radio and television from San Francisco State University, in 1995, where his sister Valerie Garrett (Doctorate in Education) had graduated in 1994 and later obtained a Masters degree in 1996. (Vester Flanagan Junior is not the only Flanagan who spent much time dwelling on racial discrimination issues.)

After being fired by WDBJ-TV in February 2013 -- due to repeated displays of "anger" and "threatening behavior" since his initial hiring in March 2012 -- Vester Flanagan filed a racial discrimination and sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC, which was followed by a lawsuit which was "settled" by WDBJ-TV in July 2014. Vester Flanagan also had filed a previous racial discrimination lawsuit in 2000 against another Florida television station employer, which was reportedly also settled by confidential payment to Flanagan.


Vester Flanagan's lifelong "victim mentality" as a person reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses has inspired this Editor to relate another "real JW world experience" which this Editor himself experienced while living in a large mid-western city back in 1996. Editor attended a suburban congregation which was roughly 1/3 African-American and 2/3 Caucasian -- with the BOE split proportionately. One Saturday morning in Summer 1996, Editor went to the Kingdom Hall for field service, where Editor was approached before the meeting by an African-American JW Male who requested to work with Editor. AAJW further explained that his A-A Cousin, who was a Ministerial Servant at the "Downtown Congregation", also had traveled several miles to our KH to work with him that morning. At the "meeting for field service", Editor's wife grouped up with other sisters, and requested that they take Editor's 4D automobile -- to which Editor agreed. However, after the meeting, when Editor asked AAJW if it was okay to use AAJW's automobile, AAJW explained that "lack of transportation" was the reason that he and his cousin had wanted to work with Editor -- who was known to give MONEY to African-American JWs who were in financial straits, and who had even once offered to co-sign on a car loan for an African-American pioneer sister. AAJW explained that AACousin had picked up AAJW from home because AAJW had no-ride to the KH, and that AACousin's automobile had only enough gasoline to get both of them back home. Editor immediately offered to fill-up AACousin's gasoline tank, so off Editor, those two A-A JW males, and one other Caucasian Male went in "field service". After filling AACousin's gasoline tank, AACousin spent every available minute explaining how hard life was as a habitually unemployed African-American Jehovah's Witness. Bigoted white employers simply would not hire him. During "field service" from 9:30 A.M until noon, at around 10:30 A.M., the two AA JWs decided to take a break at WENDY's, which turned into a 45 minute long full lunch after the two A-A JWs complained that they only had enough money for a "soda" and Editor ended up buying full meals for all four male JWs. Although it was only 11:15 A.M., instead of returning to field service after "lunch", AACousin drove Editor to the "hood", so that AACousin could show Editor the lowly house in which this divorced, mid-30s "Ministerial Servant" now shared with his elderly mother. That was AACousin's mistake. On Monday, Editor went to the Office of a Business Client, which just so happened was located only about one mile from AACousin's home (short distance in a large city), where Editor talked the owner into giving AACousin a job interview -- along with Business Client's agreement to HIRE AACousin if AACousin turned out to be anywhere near as good of a person as Editor had related to BC. The job's hours were from 6:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M., Monday-Friday. The compensation was nearly double the then minimum wage. The job involved very light physical activity. Editor telephoned AACousin (age was early 30s) with the "good news" which Editor assumed would be received joyfully. (Some readers are already ahead of me here.) AACousin's demeanor and reaction was as if Editor had attempted to "murder" AACousin -- who proceeded to object about the job's lowly duties, the job's low wage, the job's hours, and pretty much anything else to which AACousin could think to object. Although Editor absolutely dreaded the telephone call that he was then forced to make to his cooperative Business Client, that telephone call did not go as bad as Editor had expected. Apparently, Business Client already knew what was probably going to happened with habitually-unemployed AACousin even before it did. Was that the last time that naive Editor tried to help out a "lifelong victimized" African-American Jehovah's Witness and ending up with Editor being taken advantage of financially, or publicly made to look the fool? Nope. It took several more incidents before Editor finally saw the light.


Having re-lived and recollected the above Summer 1996 "job" incident, this Editor is now motivated to re-live, recollect, and post the above referenced "loan co-sign" incident. Only a few weeks or so after the "job" incident, around August 1996, a Female African-American Jehovah's Witness Pioneer, who was a member of that large mid-western city's JOHNSON clan, who was divorced or widowed, supposedly with no children, who was in her late 40s or early 50s, who was infamous throughout that city for wearing a gaudy "leopard-print" outfit to meetings and circuit events, worked in Editor's car group on another Saturday morning. Sometime during that field service, AAPioneer began complaining about her life circumstances as an African-American Jehovah's Witness, including her not having any personal transportation and how not having a car was hampering her ability to get in her "required pioneer hours". This Editor kept quiet, but made up his mind to do something to help out this "victimized" African-American JW. A few weeks later the opportunity presented itself. Editor contacted the General Manager of a New Automobile Dealership (whom Editor knew personally) about selling a good, late-model automobile to an impoverished elderly female who was a member of Editor's "church". Intentionally leaving out most details as to how this EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN was arranged, the Dealership agreed to sell AT A LOSS a 2+ years-old well-equipped 1994 Ford Tempo, which had 82,000 miles, but which was in perfect condition (no accidents), including new brakes and new tires, for a mere $3100.00, plus tax, title, and license. The Dealership had been planning to put the vehicle on their "used lot" for $6995.00. Editor not only presented this "deal" to AAPioneer at the next Kingdom Hall meeting, but in anticipation of probable financing problems, Editor additionally offered to take AAPioneer to his own personal Bank to seek the financing. Although Editor already had something else in mind, Editor even offered to co-sign AAPioneer's car loan if such was necessary. What Editor did not tell AAPioneer was that if her credit turned out to be so poor as to need a co-signor, Editor planned on simply financing the car himself for AAPioneer. And, Editor had already made the personal decision that if AAPioneer ever slowed or stopped making payments that he would simply "eat" the loss -- no repossession or any attempt at recovering payemnts. THIS WAS A NO-LOSE SITUATION FOR AAPIONEER. All that AAPioneer had to do was simply go along with Editor's arrangements. Assuming that AAPioneer would get back to him ASAP, Editor not only did not hear from AAPioneer away from the Kingdom Hall, but AAPioneer even avoided Editor for one or two meetings at the KH. Editor simply assumed that AAPioneer had "credit problems" which she was ashamed to have disclosed, so Editor decided to approach AAPioneer at the next meeting and disclose my own plan to personally finance the car for her. Approaching AAPioneer, I asked if she had made a decision about purchasing the car. RIGHT TO MY FACE INSIDE THE KINGDOM HALL, AAPioneer stated that she had "gone to the Elders" about my proposition (one of those Elders being an African-American named "Johnson"). AAPioneer further blurted out that those same "Elders" had informed her that $3100.00 for a 2+ year-old 1994 FORD TEMPO with 82,000 miles was way, way too much, and that I (Editor) was TRYING TO RIP HER OFF SO AS TO MAKE A LARGE PROFIT FOR MYSELF. Again, this was an automobile that the Dealership had been planning on setting on their "used lot" for $6995.00, and was now agreeing to sell at a loss. I simply denied the charge without much further explanation, and just like the "koolaid drinker" that I was then, I never said a word to those worthless POS "Elders", who had never asked me a single question about the deal before or after falsely accusing me of being a criminal. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. Neither do certain bad deeds. Are you POSs ever going to break ground on that new Kingdom Hall that has been planned for years now? Unexpected problems seemingly come out of nowhere?


Finally -- STRIKE THREE!!! Only a fews weeks after the CAR GIVEAWAY incident, Editor and Wife were invited to dinner at the home of an African-American Ministerial Servant, his wife, and their combined four children -- all from prior marriages. Thereafter, AAMinisterial Servant's Wife and Editor's Wife slowly became BFFs. Editor did not care for AAMS, and made little effort to associate after the invitation dinner. About two months later, AAMS's wife caught AAMS cheating , kicked AAMS out of their apartment, and filed for divorce. During the following months, Editor's wife helped employed AAWife with her children and other duties and activities, plus gave AAWife small amounts of cash here and there. One Thurdsay night after the KH meeting , EDWife told Editor that AAWife had again invited them to dinner. Editor questioned how AAWife could afford such. EDWife didn't know, so Editor approached AAWife in the KH parking lot after the Sunday meeting to suggest that Editor and Wife take AAWife and her family out to dinner instead. AAWife literally began uncontrollably sobbing while making Editor feel like a "heel". All that Editor can recall from that mess of a conversation is that other JWs had also been invited, so Editor relented and promised to attend. (Readers are probably already ahead of me, again.) Yes, you guessed it, the "dinner" turned out to be a SALES MEETING where another African-American JW Ministerial Servant was selling "paintings", while paying AAWife a "cut" of the proceeds for scamming people into attending the shake-down. Feeling obligated to make some kind of purchase, Editor wound up paying $200.00 for a worthless painting that probably sold for around $49.95, or less, at one of those "starving artists" sales. Editor was finally beginning to become fed up with being taken advantage of by his fellow JWs, and a couple weeks later took AAWife aside and informed her that he did not appreciate being deceived into attending a sales meetings disguised as a "JW get-together". Editor told AAWife that he would have much more preferred to give needy AAWife the entire $200.00 rather than give half or more to some worldly SCAM operation. When AAWife's lips again began to quiver, Editor walked away before AAWife could again open the waterworks. AAWife kept her distance from Editor for a couple months, while EDWife continued helping AAWife as mutual BFFs. A couple months later, after Editor had calmed down over the SALES SCAM, AAWife showed up at Editor's home, and straight out asked Editor if he would give her MONEY to have new "brakes" installed on her automobile, which was only a few years old. AAWife played up the need -- explaining that sometimes the brakes worked and sometimes they did not, and that such scenario was endangering the lives of her three children. Editor gave AAWife all the cash that he had on him at the time, which was $140.00. Two days later, at the Thursday night meeting, AAWife sent over her oldest son to thank Editor for paying for the needed auto repairs which had been endangering the lives of their entire family. By chance, on Sunday, Editor saw AAWife and family drive into the KH parking lot in a different automobile. After the meeting, Editor tracked down the aforementioned son of AAWife, and asked him if something had happened to their car. AASon related that the first car had been repossessed on Friday, and that AAWife had purchased the present car on Saturday. Editor doesn't know if AAWife SCAMMED Editor for cash to help make the anticipated purchase of the second car, or whether AAWife actually spent his $140.00 repairing a car that AAWife knew would be repossessed later that week. In either case, Editor's cup finally runneth over.


As is already known by most "XJW insiders", as are many financial fraudsters, murderers, pedophiles, child pornographers, and other lowlife criminals of every kind, and their family members, Vester Lee Flanagan had been active online for years amongst both the general XJW online community and the extremely active homosexual XJW community -- which dominates and controls the general XJW community. Such explains why XJW reporting of Flanagan's murderous rampage has received limited coverage at best, and what coverage has occurred is often quickly "hijacked" to another topic. We have received reports that some of these self-proclaimed "JW EXPERTS" have been actively using their widespread contacts with the Media to make certain that Flanagan's WatchTower Cult upbringing is ignored by the Media as any cause or motivation whatsoever for his actions. SEE EXPLANATION.



Richard White, aka Richard Harris White, aka Richard H. White, of Kenner, Louisiana, was the 63 year-old African-American JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER who was shot at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, on March 20, 2015, after he entered the airport carrying a bag containing a machete, a high-pressure canister of wasp spray, multiple smoke bombs, 6 molotov cocktails, and other items. There, Richard White attacked two agents at a TSA checkpoint with the wasp spray before pulling the machete and chasing a third, female TSA agent. Richard Harris White was shot three times just before he was able to slash the fleeing TSA agent.

Airport authorities soon located Richard White's automobile which was stopped on the top ramp just outside the main doors of the airport terminal. In the trunk of White's automobile were found three compressed gas canisters containing highly explosive acetylene gas (alternatively reported as "propane" gas), oxygen (which accentuates the explosiveness of the acetylene/propane), and freon (???). Richard White actually may have been planning to CARBOMB the airport terminal, but possibly became frustrated with his inability to effectuate that part of his plan, so reverted to the alternative. 

JW Minister Richard H. White and his JW Wife, Elaine White, had spent the morning of the attack performing door-to-door "field service". Authorities apparently knew that Richard White was a Jehovah's Witness because he may have carrying a "No Blood" card which was found when his wallet was checked after he was shot. That apparently was the reason that published media comments have stated that the "unresponsive" Richard White had declined certain medical treatments at the hospital. Notably, it has been reported that Richard White lived for several hours after arriving at the hospital -- dying only after bleeding out without receiving a blood transfusion. The autopsy apparently failed to identify any of the three wounds as being "fatal".

The general public learned that Richard White was a Jehovah's Witness Minister only when a local reporter interviewed a former neighbor who described White as a meek, gentle, and devout JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. That interviewed neighbor stated that Richard White and his wife attended the Kenner Lousiana Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Although everyone else has been attempting to make out Richard White to be a full-blown crazy, that former neighbor, who knew Richard White and his wife very well, has NOT been quoted in that initial media report, nor in subsequent media reports, making any reference whatsoever to any mental illness nor mental instability on the part of Richard White.

Subsequent media reports have contained statements from White's family confirming that Richard White had been a Jehovah's Witness for many years -- having met his wife, Elaine White, at his local Kingdom Hall and marrying her in 1995. In fact, Richard White and Elaine White spent the Friday morning of the attack performing door-to-door "field service". Richard White thereafter told wife Elaine White that he was going to play golf Friday afternoon, and never returned home before the airport attack. Apparently, Richard White spent the afternoon making preparations for the attack.

Interestingly, as to motive, Richard White suffered from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and within the past week Richard White had expressed concern for his life with his immediate family. In fact, only about a week prior to the attack, White had been hospitalized because of a low blood-platelet count. Who knows how large a TOLL that the WatchTower Cult's "No Blood" policy took on Richard White???


JEHOVAH'S WITNESS SUICIDE BOMBER. On October 1, 2005, Joel Henry Hinrichs III, 21, who was a Junior at the University of Oklahoma, and who was majoring in mechanical engineering, died when the homemade BOMB that he had attached to his body detonated. The time of detonation was around 8:00 PM, and the place of detonation was a bench located about 100 yards just outside the OU football stadium, where an ongoing OU-Kansas State football game was in the second quarter.

Federal, state, and local authorities quickly seized on a statement made by Hinrichs father, Joel Hinrichs, Jr., 61, of Colorado Springs, Colorado -- that his 21 year-old son had allegedly suffered from several bouts of depression over the years, and supposedly had sought out counseling there in Norman, Oklahoma -- to label the incident as nothing more than an intentional suicide caused by depression. Those same authorities worked overtime to disprove that Hinrichs had intended to act as a suicide bomber amongst the large crowd of 80,000 people, either inside the football stadium, or outside the stadium, either during halftime, or after the game was over.

However, those authorities did successfully disproved rumors that Hinrichs had converted to Islam. Given that most Islamic terrorists are religious fanatics by nature, it typically has not been difficult to prove a terrorist's tie to Islam, if such tie exists. That is the Islamic terrorist's whole point. If Hinrichs had had Islamic ties, not even the federal government would have been able to hush up everyone on campus who would have known about such, and keep them all quiet over an extended period of time, especially given that Hinrichs apparently lived either in dorms or university apartments during all of his five semesters at OU.

But, some motive had to be assigned to the "Hinrich's incident", and "suicide" was the least reactive from the standpoint of the general public. Besides, there really wasn't anything else in the life of Joel Henry Hinrichs III which might explain why he would construct a bomb, attach that bomb to his body, and then go sit outside a packed football stadium.

The fact that Joel Hinrichs III was the youngest of five children reared by a Jehovah's Witness Mother who had managed to rear one or more of Hinrich's older siblings as active Jehovah's Witnesses was either not mention by reporters, or mocked as a possible cause when such was mentioned -- "When was the last time a Jehovah's Witness Suicide Bomber blew anyone up?". Typically, every mention of the mother's WatchTower affiliation was accompanied by a mention of the father's Lutheran affiliation.

According to an OU discussion board posting, during Hinrichs' first semester at OU, an OU senior who was an active Christian had discussed religion with Hinrichs on multiple occasions, and that person later supposedly recalled that Hinrichs had indicated that all of his "spiritual beliefs" had come from his Jehovah's Witness Mother. That was a first semester freshman talking to an older fellow student. Does anyone really believe that if Hinrichs would admit that much of a connection to the JWs, then the reality probably was even much more?


UNITED STATES v. THOMAS CARLISLE HINRICHS and COLORADO v. THOMAS C. HINRICHS. Although the FBI had promoted the "suicide" excuse for the death of Joel Henry Hinrichs III, the very next day after the OU explosion, the FBI opened an investigation of Hinrich's 24 year-old brother, Thomas Carlisle Hinrichs, who was an Iraq War veteran, who lived with the father in Colorado Springs (the parents reportedly had separated). That investigation was closed in April 2006, but the FBI continued to "monitor" Tom Hinrichs.

Interestingly, on November 15, 2006, the father pressed charges against Tom Hinrichs for an alleged "assault" which had happened two weeks earlier. Allegedly, Tom Hinrichs had simply "pushed" his father during an argument. More interestingly, Tom Hinrichs was quickly arrested that day at Pikes Peak Community College, where he was a student. There, in Tom Hinrichs' car, police discovered a semi-automatic assault rifle, 80 rounds of ammunition, three rifle magazines, several knives, a bulletproof vest, and a bulletproof helmet.

Based on threats against a local FBI agent made to local police at that arrest, Hinrichs was federally charged in November 2006, and then again in December 2006, based on an earlier threat made during an October telephone conversation with a second FBI agent. In October 2007, Tom Hinrichs was sentenced in federal court to 37 months in prison and to three years probation after his release.

Thomas Hinrichs' father told reporters that Tom Hinrichs was "insane", and that like his younger brother, Joel Henry, he also had been mentally ill for years. "He has been at the bottom of every single pecking order he's been in or near, ever since starting kindergarten."  Regarding both Joe Hinrichs and Tom Hinrichs, the father stated, "These are good kids who somehow missed out on the necessary social skills that it takes to get along in the world, and the results were ugly."


SUICIDE - BOMBING OF MISSOURI KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. On Saturday afternoon, July 26, 2008, at around 1:45 PM, a 52 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named Ralph E. Phillips, of Buckner, Missouri, committed suicide inside the newly-constructed Bates City, Missouri Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses simultaneous with his having set off a gasoline bomb which he intended to destroy that Kingdom Hall.

Ralph Phillips poured a large quantity of gasoline throughout the Kingdom Hall, which when ignited, resulted in a fiery explosion that initially blew out the rear wall and portions of the roof at the rear of the building. Secondarily, the remainder of the Kingdom Hall was heavily damaged by heat and smoke. Ralph Phillips' corpse was found inside the Kingdom Hall, with a single gunshot to the head, which was ruled to have been self-inflicted. It is not known if the gunshot ignited the explosion, or whether Phillips' somehow managed to otherwise ignite the explosion simultaneous with his suicide.

The suburban Kansas City Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, which is located at 6001 Foggy Bottom Road, just outside Bates City, was just recently completed. The "dedication" ceremony apparently had been planned for sometime in August, and will go on as scheduled. Reportedly, the WatchTower Society had members of its' local Regional Building Committee standing by to rush in and rebuild the structure as soon as state and federal authorities completed their investigations. Interestingly, this "religious suicide-bombing" on American soil received no national nor international media attention.


UNITED STATES v. NEW YORK JEHOVAH'S WITNESS BOMBER was a 1980s New York federal prosecution of a yet-to-be-identified 27 year-old "deeply religious Jehovah's Witness" male -- possibly a WATCHTOWER BETHELITE. Enraged when his "girlfriend" ended their relationship, JW Male mailed to her a package that when opened released a spring-loaded blade that cut her hand. A month later, another package arrived at the female's home, which the female began to open before realizing that that apparently unmarked package was also from the JW ex-boyfriend. The female attempted to set down the package when it EXPLODED!!! The female's thumb was broken and she suffered multiple cuts. The female's 18 month-old Niece was thrown across the room by the bomb's concussion. JW male was arrested and charged with sending an explosive device through the USPS mail. The fact that the "deeply religious Jehovah's Witness" Perps's name is unknown, as is any outcome of any prosecution or sentence leads us to believe that he was possibly a "WatchTower Bethelite" whom the JW Victim later was less than thrilled to help prosecute.


KENTUCKY v. MICHAEL NATHANEL GOETZE. In June 2013, Michael Nathanel Goetze, age 32, of London, Kentucky, was arrested on charges of THEFT BY UNLAWFUL TAKING. $10,000.00 bond. Bench Warrant For Court issued/served in November 2013. Further details/outcome unknown.

Michael N. Goetze apparently is a Jehovah's Witness "Needgreater" Minister from the California/Arizona area who relocated to Kentucky, and who owns/operates a carpet cleaning and janitorial business called Advanced Carpet Care in the Laurel County, Kentucky area. In July 2015, Michael Nathanel Goetze went missing for 3 weeks from his wife, Laura Goetze, and their home in London, Kentucky. Mike Goetze was eventually located in California driving an automobile reportedly owned by an unidentified Kentucky third-party, and living out of a small homemade travel trailer.



COLORADO v. DYNEL LANE is the 2015 Colorado criminal prosecution of notorious NUTJOB Dynel Catrece Ridley, aka Dynel Catrece Lane, aka Dynel Catrece Cruz, aka Dynel Catrece Smith, age 34, currently of Longmont, Colorado, but formerly of the Pueblo, Colorado area, who in March 2015, used a Craigs-list ad for baby clothes to lure the pregnant 26 year-old Michelle Wilkins to Lane's apartment, which she shared with her latest husband David Ridley, and her two teenage daughters, Acacia Cruz and Tierra Cruz. When Wilkins attempted to leave, Lane attacked Wilkins from behind, beat Wilkins down, and thereafter surgically removed Wilkins' 34 week-old unborn daughter from her womb (Dynel Lane held an expired CNA license, and her paternal grandmother had been a surgical technician). The baby eventually died at Longmont United Hospital, where it had been taken for care by Dynel and David Ridley.

Given the notoriety of this terrible crime, there is little chance that the complete truth will ever be told about Dynel Lane's past as a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS, but the WatchTower Society and its JW members will never be able to delete the 2002 obituary posted after the drowning death of then 22 year-old Dynel Cruz's 19 month-old son, which indicated that the "memorial service" was being held at the Pueblo, Colorado Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Two weeks earlier, Jason Cruz and wife Dynel Cruz had just relocated back to Colorado from spending several years in the El Dorado Kansas area, which apparently indicates that Jason and Dynel Cruz then held an "exemplary" status with the El Dorado Kansas Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Dynel Cruz also had married Christopher Ross Lane, of Pueblo, Colorado, in 2010.



NEW SOUTH WALES v. ABRAHAM RODRIGUEZ, NEW SOUTH WALES v. RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ, and NEW SOUTH WALES v. HT are related Australia criminal prosecutions which involved a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Rafael Rodriguez (college degree in Economics) and his Jehovah's Witness Son, ABRAHAM RODRIGUEZ, who is a FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE whom we suspect is currently HIDING OUT in the United States.

In August 1995, in Lidcombe NSW, then 18-19 year old Abraham Rodriguez, who was an immigrant from El Salvador, accompanied by a 17 year-old immigrant from Vietnam (believed also to be part of a "Jehovah's Witness" family), accosted with the intent to rob a 16 year-old male high school student named Peter Savage, who was walking home after school sports practice. The victim attempted to ward off the robbery attempt by pulling a can of spray deodorant from his gymbag and spraying the aerosol towards the two JW Robbers. However, Abraham Rodriguez pulled out a knife and proceeded to fatally stab his victim. The two JW Robbers then ran off with the victim's wallet.

Immediately following the assault and robbery, Rodriguez and HT went straight to the family business of another Vietnamese immigrant family (believed also to be a "Jehovah's Witness" family), where Abraham Rodriguez asked a teenage friend (another high school student) of Rodriguez and HT to hide the bloody murder weapon. That second teenage Vietnamese immigrant, named "Le", took the knife, cleaned off the blood and fingerprints, and then hid it.

INTERESTINGLY, more than 24 hours later, during the Friday evening of the following day, JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER Rafael Rodriguez TELEPHONED the Vietnamese High School Student who had the murder weapon in order to get it from him. Although the JW Minister offered to come to the family business to pick up the knife, the two Co-conspirators decided that it would be best if the teenager brought it to Rafael Rodriguez's "Regent's Park" home the following day. "Le" later testified that he recalled that Rafael Rodriguez had thanked him for bringing the murder weapon to his home, and recalled Rodriguez saying, "You're saving my son's life," and "You're doing yourself a huge favour." Convince me that all of these CO-CONSPIRATORS were not fellow Jehovah's Witnesses who did not already know each other.

Sometime in September 1995, the MURDERER -- teenager Abraham Rodriguez -- left Australia for parts unknown. We believe that Abraham Rodriguez may have initially fled to El Salvadore where he was born, then quickly returned to Mexico where he lived as a child for four years, but then eventually illegally crossed over into the United States. Anyone know an illegal Hispanic Jehovah's Witness Male in his late 30s from El Salvador, who may occasionally speak of family living in Australia or speak of his having "visited" Australia??? (Rafael Rodriguez testified in court that Abraham Rodriguez fled to El Salvador, is married, and now has two children of his own. Rafael Rodriguez even testified that he had visited Abraham Rodriguez in El Salvador. Then, why has Australia not sought extradition? Why would Abraham Rodriguez return to live permanently in a country which his family fled in fear of their lives for political reasons. That is why we believe that Abraham Rodriguez is now in the United States.)

The identity of the Perpetrators of this murder and their Co-conspirators remained concealed until 2009, when an unknown person reported HT to Australia law enforcement. HT and then Rafael Rodriguez were each arrested in August 2009. HT pled guilty to charges of robbery and manslaughter, and in April 2012 was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison, but was likely paroled in November 2013.

Believing that Rafael Rodriguez had both aided his son to flee justice in Australia, plus disposing of the murder weapon, NSW prosecutors charged Rafael Rodriguez as an "accessory after the fact to an offence of murder". In 2012, a Jury found Rafael Rodriguez "not guilty" of that offence, but "guilty" of being an "accessory after the fact to manslaughter", because the Jury members did not believe that Abraham Rodriguez had "murdered" the victim under the terms of Australian law. The most that Rafael Rodriguez could be sentenced to prison was five years. That did NOT happen.

Instead, the NSW Judge first sentenced Rafael Rodriguez to a mere two year term, and then he SUSPENDED that sentence. In total, Rafael Rodriguez spent 7 days in jail when he was initially arrested, and then he spent 15 months in home incarceration while awaiting trial. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!! The apparently partially-insane Australian Judge noted for the record:

I have abundant evidence of [Rafael Rodriguez's] good character in a number of testimonials and in the oral evidence of his [Jehovah's Witness] son-in-law, NATHAN IZCI. There is no need to set this material out in any detail. It establishes that the offender has been a consistent worker and is a devoted father, and it attests to his integrity, generosity and loyalty. He is a respected member of the Jehovah's Witnesses church.


On HALLOWEEN NIGHT, 2014, three Jehovah's Witness Teenagers living in the general area of Greenacre Drive in York, Maine, decided to dress up in all black and perform their own version of "trick-or-treat" field service. The three JW Teens apparently were harassing homeowners when one homeowner on Greenacre Drive reported them to police after they reportedly tried to gain entry into that home while mocking Jesus Christ's role as "Savior". If nothing else, this "out-of-the-mouth-of-babes" testimony is superior evidence of the real attitude of Jehovah's Witnesses towards the position held by Jesus Christ in the WatchTower religion. No JW would ever dare to publicly mock the "Jehovah" that Jehovah's Witnesses claim to worship. TYPICALLY, after the police located the three teenagers, and discovered that they were "Jehovah's Witnesses", the police were happy simply to turn them over to their JW Mother. If these three teenage males had been children of atheist parents, or even Catholic parents, their parents would have had to pick them up down at the city jail.


CROWN v. ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI was a 2013-14 British criminal court trial in which a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Andrzej Wojcicki (a Polish immigrant), age 45, of Blackwood, Caerphilly, was convicted of our equivalent of negligent homicide for running over and killing a bicyclist while on his way back home from a WatchTower Convention in July 2013.

On July 21, 2013, at around 8:00 PM, Andrzej Wojcicki, his wife, and two children were returning home from attending a WatchTower Convention held in Coventry, on the A472 near Newbridge, South Wales, when at a traffic light, a vintage sports car pulled alongside the family's Mercedes minibus. Wojcicki pulled out his cellphone and began snapping photographs. As Wojcicki pulled away from the traffic light, he began browsing the photographs that he had taken. About a half mile down the two-lane road, and after reaching a speed of approximately 50 mph, under light traffic conditions and excellent visibility, Wojcicki struck a 30 year-old male bicyclist. Witnesses (not Jehovah's) reported that Wojcicki initially did not even slow down after striking the bicyclist -- seemingly indicating that he never even saw the bicyclist. Those witnesses further reported that after Wojcicki became aware of the accident and returned to the scene, that Wojcicki simply got out of his Mercedes and began snapping more photographs of his victim lying in the middle of the roadway.

At trial, Wojcicki admitted to looking at cellphone photographs while he drove, but claimed that such had not affected his driving, and that he had seen the bicyclist. Wojcicki claimed that the bicyclist had swerved out in front of his minbus, and that he could not help but hit him. Wojcicki further blamed the bicyclist's death on his failure to wear a helmet.

At Cardiff Crown Court, a jury of 12 persons quickly found Wojcicki guilty. Andrzej Wojcicki was sentenced to five years in prison, and his driver's license was revoked for 10 years. Those Brits are real hard-arses. In another hundred years, this will be a 20 pound fine.


I really shouldn't bitch about what goes on in foreign countries. Here in the United States, there probably is not a day that goes by that a DRUNK ILLEGAL MEXICAN of little or no value does not run over and kill a multi-generation American citizen, and such barely gets reported as little more than a routine DUI death. And, that does not even take into consideration the MULTITUDE of other CRIMES committed daily by ILLEGALS from other countries. Readers can pooh-pooh the various "international government conspiracy theories" all they like, but this same lax immigrant mentality has taken over the planet. Back during the 1960s, when the world population was 4 BILLION, hardly a week went by that there was not major media coverage about the world's "population explosion". The fact that the world's population recently passed 7 BILLION barely received a passing mention in the day's news. Third world countries are breeding like rats, and the world powers that be apparently are okay with such. There is a reason for everything. Generally, such questions can be answered by "following the money". This one is bigger than "money".


UNITED STATES v. BRANDON CORREA and NEW YORK v. BRANDON CORREA are ongoing New York federal and state prosecutions. In June 2014, a 30 year-old African-American male named Brandon M. Correa, of Rochester, New York, was arrested by New York State Police and the Secret Service on federal charges of threatening to kill President Barack Hussein Obama. Correa is accused of tweeting threats against the President, Governor, and Lt. Governor. When questioned at his home by the Secret Service, Correa allegedly said that he has received messages from JEHOVAH for more than four years. Agent Joel Blackerby even stated that, "This interview was disjointed with rambling statements pertaining to receiving messages from JEHOVAH even as we spoke, ... ." Brandon Correa's Facebook page even includes posted covers from multiple issues of the WATCHTOWER and AWAKE! magazines published over the past three years. Federal prosecutors expressed concerns about Correa's mental status, and have requested a competency exam. Brandon Correa was indicted by a federal grand jury in August 2014. Correa was re-arrested in early August 2014 after allegedly making even more threats against both the same politicians plus the local Mayor. State charges are pending the outcome of the federal prosecution. In November 2014, Correa was determined to be not mentally capable of standing trial. Correa will continue to receive mental health treatments and will be re-evaluated in March 2015.


FLORIDA v. CHRISTOPHER RODRIGUEZ and FLORIDA v. MANUEL RODRIGUEZ JR are related ongoing 2014 Florida CAPITAL MURDER court cases which involve TWIN BROTHERS, whom the media are describing as "practicing Jehovah's Witnesses". The 19 year-old twin JW Brothers are the sons of Manuel Rodriguez Sr. and a Polish immigrant named  Iwona Dobrzynska (herself reportedly arrested by Altamonte Springs Police in 2000 for domestic violence, and reportedly arrested in 2007 on unspecified charges). Born in New Jersey, the twins were reared in central Florida. Both dropped out of high school before eventually completing their degree at an alternative vocational high school in Seminole County, where they were described as "respectful and very appreciative", but, "starving for ... attention and care."

On January 20, 2014, in broad daylight at around 1:30 P.M., in front of a dozen eyewitnesses who were near the intersection of SR 436 and Interstate 4 in Altamonte Springs, the two JW Brothers shot and killed a local thief named Tevin Demetrius Davis, age 22, whom had robbed "Manny" Rodriguez only a few weeks previous. Witnesses report that Tevin Davis and a friend were walking along SR 436 when the JW Brothers spotted Davis as they drove past. Christopher Rodriguez jumped out of their automobile and attempted to shoot Davis. Davis ran, but was struck by one or more bullets fired by both JW Brothers. After Davis fell to the pavement, there was additional gunfire from both JW Brothers. Davis died from at least six bullets. A Deputy Sheriff apprehended the JW Brothers only a few minutes after the murder. Christopher Rodriguez had in his possession cocaine, 60 grams of marijuana, crystal meth, and oxycodone. He also had 4 firearms. Christopher Rodriguez later told police that he was a drug dealer. Manny Rodriguez had $2100.00 in cash when the twins were arrested.

Authorities at the Seminole County Jail report that a half-brother named Matthew Dobrzynska (himself reportedly arrested by Altamonte Springs Police as a juvenile in 2006 and 2008 on unspecified charges) has sent them WATCHTOWER literature and encouraged them to strengthen their relationship with God. In a letter, he wrote, "In time you will enjoy the more expansive freedom that lies ahead for Jehovah's loyal ones." Housed separately, the two JW Brothers are reported to have each started Bible study groups in their sections of the Seminole County Jail. One can only wonder if the JW Brothers will qualify as WatchTower "Pioneers"?

EDITORS NOTE: We received an email from someone claiming to be a Jehovah's Witness who knows the above family intimately. Despite the fact that that fact alone is additional proof that the family above ARE "Jehovah's Witnesses", the emailer was incredulous that "we" were "falsely claiming" that these people are JWs. We are NOT claiming these people are JWs. Read above. They are the ones publicly claiming to be JWs and publicly doing what JWs do. This was not the first instance of an emailing JW attempting to dissuade us that a publicized criminal was a JW. We repeatedly received emails from one JW Joker claiming that one of our case characters was not a JW, when there were multiple indications and statements of such in the media, including the fact that the criminal's funeral was held at his local Kingdom Hall.


FLORIDA v. PHILIP CHRISTOPHER BARRATT was a March 2014 arrest made in Jacksonville, Florida, by the Duvall County Sheriif's office. Philip C. Barratt, age 36, was charged with Failure To Appear on a previous Misdemeanor, and was released on $10,000.00 bond. Outcome unknown. Philip Barratt is believed to be a member of the WatchTower Society's local Regional Building Committee.


CALIFORNIA v. HILBERT PINEIL THOMAS was a 2009-14 California CAPITAL MURDER prosecution which resulted in a DEATH PENALTY sentence. In 2009, African-American Hilbert P. Thomas, age 42, of Garden Grove, California, was a Real Estate Agent whose life was in a downward spiral. Kicked out of his home by his own Jehovah's Witness Mother during his senior year of High School because he did not want to be baptized as a JW, Hilbert Thomas went on to become a hardworking father of two children, who was described as someone who would give you the shirt off his back. However, suffering from the consequences of the aforementioned traumatic event and other negatives associated with being reared as a JW during his formative years, Thomas's good life eventually turned bad. Thomas became an alcoholic, lost his wife and family, and eventually was forced into bankruptcy. By February 2009, Thomas was living with a sibling in Stanton, California, and he did not even have an automobile to use in his real estate business. One morning after his routine of walking his niece to school, Thomas stopped into the sales office of a mobile home dealership where Thomas had noticed a nice looking LEXUS GS 300 regularly parked outside. There, Hilbert Thomas forced the Lexus owner and his secretary to kneel on the office floor in front to him before shooting both of them execution-style in the head, and thereafter fleeing in the Lexus.

Hilbert Pineil Thomas got away with the two murders and the auto theft until October 2009. In that month, police finally located the stolen Lexus while it was parked in a motel parking lot. After setting his ex-wife's car on fire in Los Angeles, she obtained a Protective Order which required Thomas to turn over his firearms to the police. A surrendered pistol was soon connected to the two murders, as the recovered Lexus was also connected to Thomas. Thomas was indicted, prosecuted, and convicted of the two murders. In June 2014, Thomas was sentenced to the death penalty.


ESTATE OF TERRENCE GARBUZINSKI v. LANCE M. LEWIS ESTATE was a 2010-11 Connecticut WRONGFUL DEATH civil lawsuit filed against a deceased Jehovah's Witness Minister named Lance Lewis, which was settled in 2011 for a "substantial" amount of money. Connecticut State Police posthumously charged Lewis with three charges, including NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. This is one of those "hmmmmm" cases in which there was obviously much more to the story.

On a Thursday night, at around 7:00 PM, on March 25, 2010, 36 year-old Lance Lewis of Batavia, N.Y., drove south for three miles in the far-to-his-left northbound lane of I-95 (wrong direction while passing numerous oncoming automobiles), near Mystic, Connecticut, in his Honda CRV, before crashing head-on into a Lexus driven by Terrence Garbuzinski, age 46, of North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Both drivers were killed instantly. Lewis' autopsy yielded no presence of alcohol nor drugs, and no medical condition.

The victim, Terrence Garbuzinski, was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, was a former U.S. Naval Submarine School instructor, and at the time of his death, as a Vice-President of a defense contractor firm, Garbuzinski provided "tactical training" for the crews of every single fast-attack submarine in the U.S. Fleet. Garbuzinski was described as an AMERICAN PATRIOT and a NATIONAL TREASURE by U.S. Navy Admirals, and his death was described as an IRREPLACEABLE LOSS to the defense of the United States.

Lance Lewis was survived by his father, one brother, and two sisters. There is no mention of an ex-wife nor children. A presumed recent photo of Lance Lewis provided to the media showed the 36 year-old to be in tip-top physical condition. In fact, Lewis had played both basketball and football in High School, and had been a member of Batavia's state championship football team. Lewis continued to workout and play sports until his death. According to a sister, Lewis had become a "Jehovah's Witness" only after his mother had died three years previous. Interestingly, Lewis' Obituary asked that "memorials" be made to the Batavia New York Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Apparently, Lance Lewis was not the first nor only Jehovah's Witness in this family -- contrary to the impression given media and investigators.

Lance Lewis had been a "model employee" at U.P.S. -- presumably a DRIVER -- for 9 years. That was -- until the last two weeks of his life -- when Lewis called in sick twice, and missed several more days. Lewis did not show up for work the day of his death, and he failed to call in sick. Lewis' supervisor called Lewis' cellphone, but Lewis only opened and then hung-up the call. Interestingly, after his death, a "friend" painted Lewis as not being a very good driver on interstate highways. None of Lewis' friends or family knew what Lewis was doing out-of-state so far from home on a Thursday evening in March. Eventually someone suggested that Lewis had been traveling long distances to several WatchTower conventions, but this was a weekday in March. Maybe Lance Lewis was on a "mission" which even he did not understand.



HECTOR HUGO JUAREZ SENIOR v. JACOB LUIS ORTIZ was a locally well publicized 2007 El Paso, Texas civil court case decision which few locals likely took the time to research and fully understand. We will attempt to do that for our readers.

On a Tuesday afternoon in January 2004, after school had dismissed, the Son of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER, named Hector Hugo Juarez Junior, was STABBED TO DEATH outside Irwin High School in El Paso by 17 year-old Jacob Ortiz. Shortly thereafter, the decedent's JW ELDER FATHER initiated this civil lawsuit for "damages" against his son's teenage killer. The economic status of teenager Jacob Luis Ortiz is NOT known, but given that this was a CIVIL TRIAL, not a criminal trial, Ortiz was forced to personally pay for whatever quality "defense" that he could afford. In what was probably a farce of a Jury trial in County Court, which was presided over by Judge Carlos Villa, the local El Paso Jury ruled that Ortiz had unjustifiably caused the wrongful death of Juarez Junior, and awarded his JW ELDER FATHER a $21,000,000.00 judgement. Ortiz likely could barely pay an Attorney to show up for court, much less pay a cent of this ridiculous judgment. So, then, why did JW ELDER FATHER bother filing this civil lawsuit. JW ELDER FATHER's attorney told reporters that, "... it's not about money. It's a validation that Jacob Ortiz wrongfully took Hugo's life." Readers who fully understand the ARROGANT, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jehovah's Witness Elders will immediately understand what was occurring in this situation. For those readers who are still wondering why we sound like we are siding with the killer in this case, it is because WE ARE!!! Let's take a closer look at what actually occurred.

The "killer" Jacob Ortiz was a STUDENT at Irwin High School in January 2004. The Jehovah's Witness Hector Juarez was 19 years-old, and he had already graduated from Irwin High School back in 2002. Juarez and Ortiz were trying to "court" the same female student. On the Saturday that preceded the Tuesday afternoon stabbing, Juarez and Ortiz reportedly had already fought, and Ortiz had apparently bested the older Juarez. When Ortiz came to school on Monday, rumors were circulating that Juarez, who reportedly had a REPUTATION as a BULLY who did "real bad things to people", was out to get Ortiz. When Ortiz returned to school Tuesday morning, he took a knife with him for his self-defense. Sure enough, the BULLY Hector Juarez lay-waited Ortiz outside Ortiz's high school, and when assaulted, Jacob Ortiz LAWFULLY defended himself. Jacob Ortiz immediately voluntarily surrendered himself to local police.

The stabbing was witnessed by multiple persons and was fully investigated by police and the DA, who took the case before a local El Paso Grand Jury. After viewing all the evidence, that Grand Jury decided that there was no question but that Ortiz had acted in self-defense, and that no evidence pointed to Ortiz being guilty of any crime whatsoever. Thus, we have no choice but to conclude that this later "civil lawsuit" was nothing but an UNFAIR exercise in arrogant, self-righteousness intended to make a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER look good to his local fellow JWs and their WatchTower Society Overseers.

Hector Hugo Juarez Senior died a premature death in 2012, at the age of 53. One can only wonder how difficult that Hector Juarez made the life of the innocent Jacob Ortiz in an effort to collect part of this ridiculous judgement.


MICHIGAN v. SARA YLEN (2012-2014). The following 2011 GRISSOM criminal court case summary below was posted by us on this webpage back in mid-2011. We are now moving it back to the top of this webpage given that the supposed JEHOVAH'S WITNESS VICTIM, whose name has now been publicly revealed to be SARA HILL YLEN, now age 38, was CONVICTED by a Michigan criminal court in early December 2013 of falsely accusing two other innocent men of raping her in a separate alleged rape in September 2012, and fabricating evidence to support that false accusation. One local reporter who had supported Sara Ylen since 2003, then a "devout Jehovah's Witness", now states, ".. it now appears as if [Sara Ylen] is a serial rape victim, a pathological liar with a martyr complex ... ."

After posting this case summary back in 2011, in which we made our "doubt" about the guilt of Grissom rather OBVIOUS simply by posting it on this webpage, we received criticism from JW and ex-JW readers alike -- particularly from females. Now, a year and a half later, some of those same behind-the-scenes "complainers" and "whiners" are now publicly discussing the latest version of this "Jehovah's Witness" soap opera as if they were not previously aware of this case.

The same media articles reporting Sara Ylen's recent conviction also report that the Supreme Court of Michigan had ordered a new trial for Grisson back in 2012, and that the local Prosecutor had thereafter dropped the case against Grisson, who was released from prison in November 2012 after spending nearly ten years of his life there.


JAMES YLEN v. SARA YLEN was the 2011 Michigan divorce case involving Sara Ylen and her Jehovah's Witness Husband, James D. Ylen, then age 47, who is an Elder at the Sandusky, Michigan Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The couple reportedly married in 1993, and had separated in 2007. Jim Ylen alleged in a court filing that the marriage "broke down due to the wife's complex lies and deceit involving fictitious rapes, kidnappings, pregnancies and illnesses -- all attempts to control others by complaining of physical symptoms." A Psychologist who evaluated Sara Ylen as part of the divorce case reportedly told the judge: "Often feeling dependent and dejected and fearful of rebuff, she may either withdraw from painful social relationships or decide to adapt the role of martyr." The Ylens reportedly had two teenage sons.


MICHIGAN v. SARA YLEN (2012-2014). In a separate Michigan criminal court prosecution, Sara Hill Ylen is facing charges of FRAUD relating to $110,000.00 received by Sara Ylen from her insurance company and a local church from 2009 through 2011. It is charged that starting in 2009 that Ylen began claiming that she had developed cervical cancer from HPV contracted from Grissom during his alleged rape. Ylen received $99,000.00 from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan for alleged hospice care, and $11,000.00 for alleged miscellaneous medical expenses from a local church which had held a fund-raiser for Ylen. A Michigan State Police investigation started in May 2012 revealed that none of the doctors whom Ylen listed as having diagnosed her with cancer had actually done so. One local newspaper reported that Ylen's mother, Mary Beth Hill, allegedly a onetime Jehovah's Witness, allegedly had sometimes attended local fund-raisers in place of her daughter. Ylen will go to trial on these FRAUD charges in February 2014.


MICHIGAN v. GRISSOM is an ongoing 2002-2011 Michigan criminal court case in which the supposed rape victim was an adult female, married with children, who was, at a minimum, "reared as a Jehovah's Witness", and possibly continues to be a JW. The victim is the daughter of Dale Hill and Mary Beth Hill, of Bakersfield, California.
In June 2002, the victim accused Grissom of raping her in the parking lot of his employer -- the Fort Gratiot, Michigan MEIJERS store --  at around 12:30 PM, on a Saturday afternoon, in May 2001.  In 2003, the defendant was convicted by a jury of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Defendant was sentenced to two concurrent sentences of 15 to 35 years in prison.
In 2005, the prosecutor forwarded a packet of documents to defendant's trial and appellate counsel. The packet contained several police reports, and three anonymous emails, all generally containing assertions to the effect that the victim in this case was a liar and had made false accusations of rape in California, some time after the rape in the instant case, but before defendant's trial. Based on the discovery of evidence that the victim may have made false allegations of sexual assault, defendant filed a motion with the trial court for relief from judgment. The trial court denied that motion, and the Michigan Court of Appeals denied leave to appeal. Defendant then sought leave to appeal from the Michigan Supreme Court, which remanded this matter to the Court of Appeals "to consider whether defendant has a reasonably likely chance of acquittal in light of the newly discovered evidence and in light of the evidence presented against defendant that did not involve the complainant's credibility."  In 2009, the Michigan Court of Appeals found "no error and no abuse of discretion, therefore we affirm." In January 2011, the Michigan Supreme Court agreed to review the 2009 Michigan Court of Appeals decision.
Here are some interesting out-of-order excerpts from the 2009 Court of Appeals opinion:
The new information consists of police reports from Bakersfield and Fresno, California. The first of these reports, dated September 28, 2001, recounts that the victim's mother, Mary Beth Hill, reported to the Bakersfield police that the victim was missing. According to the report, the victim was having lunch at a restaurant with Hill and a friend, when her cell phone rang. The victim left the restaurant with her phone and never returned. Hill could not find the victim outside the restaurant, and informed the police that it was "out of character" for the victim to "just take off." Hill added that the victim was raped several months earlier in Michigan, and since "has not been herself."

A second Bakersfield police report, dated September 29, 2001, summarized information the police had received from the victim's father, Dale Hill. Hill reported that the victim called recently and "told him she had been kidnapped and he needed to call the police." The police went to Hill's home and asked Hill if he believed his daughter. The police report documents that Hill replied, "No. I'm afraid it's just a smoke screen. My daughter likes to have a lot of attention."
In the second report, Hill additionally explained that the victim "had been sexually assaulted between the ages of 10 and 12 years, by a female member of their Jehovah Witness congregation." The report continued, "Dale Hill told me the police were never contacted, a report was never made, and [the victim] never received any type of counseling."  ... ... ... ... ...
The final California police report was from Fresno. It consisted solely of a narrative by [friend of the victim -Katina] Mamigonian's fiance [a police technician]. In relevant part, he related his opinion that the victim "is possibly mentally unstable and may try to file false allegations against him if (the victim) was willing to lie to his (fiancee) and the police." He therefore "wanted this incident documented in case she does try to do something like that." ...  Although the Fresno report includes the victim's story about being kidnapped, and her recantation of that story, it does not indicate that the victim told the fiance about being raped in Bakersfield.

The police report from St. Clair, Michigan, was generated because in 2004, the victim recontacted one of the officers who had been involved in the investigation in the instant case. During that investigation, the victim had mentioned having been sexually assaulted as a child by her father and brother, and she now wished to pursue that with law enforcement. The St. Clair Sheriff's Department referred the matter to the Huron County Sheriff's Department on venue grounds. The Huron County Sheriff's Department notified the St. Clair Sheriff's Department that the victim had reported being the victim of a rape in California, ... .


FLORIDA v. JOSEPH IVAN JENKINS and FLORIDA v. ANGELO PEARSON were related 1998-2000 Florida MURDER court cases in which African-Americans Joseph I. Jenkins and his cousin Angelo Pearson, both of Apopka, Florida, were convicted of first-degree murder and various thefts, and sentenced to lifetime in state prison. In 1998, then 18 year-old Joseph Jenkins and his cousin, Angelo Pearson, age 24, murdered drug-dealer Roscoe Pugh, Jr., age 28, in front of his children during a home invasion robbery committed in Orlando, Florida. This case came to light in October 2013 when Joseph Jenkins was released from state prison in September 2013 after forged documents were submitted to the Florida Department of Corrections dictating the release of Jenkins. Interestingly, a similar scheme had been attempted but failed back in 2011.

Florida media is reporting that Joseph Jenkins was reared in Apopka, Florida by his "devout Jehovah's Witness" Uncle and Aunt (believed to be the parents of Angelo Pearson). The Uncle/Aunt even drove to the state prison to pick up Jenkins and brought Jenkins back to their Apopka home where a "WELCOME HOME!" celebration was held by the Pearson Clan -- during which Jenkin's release was declared to be a "miracle" and an "answer to their prayers" by Jehovah!!!

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