In the following criminal cases, the WatchTower Society - Jehovah's Witnesses religion served as the spiritual element of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's formative environment, or otherwise served as a major influencer of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's behavior. The following cases are often tragic, and speak for themselves.

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TENNESSEE v. VANESSA COLEMAN was a 2007-13 Tennessee criminal court case, which most objective observers believe was intentionally subjected to a "liberal media blackout" due to the ANIMALISTIC BRUTALITY committed against the two Caucasian victims by a pack of African-American savages. We would have to concur given that this HORRIFIC CRIME and its years of multiple trials even escaped our attention until 2013, despite this crime occurring in our own local news coverage area.

Shortly after midnight, in the early A.M. hours of Sunday, January 7, 2007, University of Tennessee student Channon Gail Christian, age 21, and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, Jr., age 23, were carjacked and kidnapped from a Knoxville apartment complex parking lot. The Caucasian couple were then taken to a local residence of African-Americans, where they were BOTH subjected to hours of beatings, torture, and RAPE of every conceivable kind, before each victim eventually was separately brutally murdered.

Christopher Newsom's torture included being repeatedly brutally beaten and anally sodomized with a foreign object. Chris Newsom was eventually dragged outdoors, where he was shot execution-style in the back of his head, neck, and back. Newsom's corpse was then set on fire and burned.

Female Channon Christian's torture apparently was more intense and lasted several hours longer. Christian suffered extensive damage to her vagina, mouth, and anus -- including injuries caused by a foreign object. While she was still alive, the African-American animals scrubbed her anus and vagina with bleach, plus poured bleach down her throat, in their attempts to destroy their DNA evidence. After the worthless vermin were done torturing Christian, she was bound, wrapped in multiple plastic trash bags, and dumped into the household's residential garbage cart. There, Channon Christian was left to slowly suffocated to death.

Vanessa Coleman and her four male African-American friends were prosecuted and variously convicted for the above crimes. At the time of her participation in these crimes, Vanessa Coleman was an 18 year-old African-American female, who had been reared by Jehovah's Witness Parents, Gregory Coleman (believed to have been an "Elder") and Linda Coleman, of Springfield, Kentucky. In 2010, Vanessa Coleman was convicted of facilitating the kidnapping, rape, and murder of both victims, and was sentenced to 53 years in prison. In a 2012-13 retrial, Coleman was convicted on all previous charges, except for the murder of Christian, and received a lesser sentence of only 35 years in prison. Unbelievably, Vanessa Coleman will be eligible for parole in 2019.

Does anyone really believe that that this 18 year-old daughter of a JW Elder was the only one of this pack of African-American vermin who had connections to the WatchTower Cult? Also, does anyone believe that if the "race" of the PERPS and VICTIMS were reversed that this crime would not have received ongoing NATIONAL MEDIA for weeks and even months? Instead, noone has even heard of this case.


CALIFORNIA v. JIMMY ROBERT NEWSOM and ALLEVI v. NEWSOM were related 2008-12 California criminal/civil court cases. During his direct examination, the elderly Newsom, age 70s, testified that he is a Jehovah's Witness and an avid reader who studies economics, history, and religion.

In Summer 2007, Newsom loaned two books to apartment neighbor Joseph Allevi's teenage daughter -- "A Human Devil", by Adam Weishaupt and "Paved With Good Intentions, The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America" by Jared Taylor. Allevi described the books as white supremacist material, and he returned them to Newsom and told him to keep such literature away from his daughter. Newsom denied being a white supremacist; more like a "realist".

However, Newsom and Allevi continued to have verbal confrontations for more than one year until physical combat occurred where Newsom struck Allevi with a piece of rebar. Painted as and prosecuted as a "white supremacist", Jimmy R. Newsom was convicted by a Ventura County jury of "assault with a deadly weapon by means likely to produce great bodily injury." The elderly Newsom was sentenced to two years in state prison.

CALIFORNIA v. JIMMY ROBERT NEWSOM. During his Allevi prosecution, Newsom voluntarily testified that he had been unfairly prosecuted in the past for an alleged hate crime after he forced "homosexual pedophile" and "filthy faggot", Roderick Savalo, to move out of the apartment complex. Notably, Newsom was not convicted in that prosecution. During the Allevi prosecution, Newsom testified that he had no problem with any ethnic group, but that he thinks homosexuals are perverts.


INDIANA v. MONTHLY CHECKS JW was a 2013 Illinois criminal prosecution. In April 2013, around 8:30 P.M., on a Saturday night in Michigan City, Indiana, a city police officer observed a CADILLAC CTS driving down a wide boulevard street strike a female standing beside her own parked automobile. Instead of stopping, the CADILLAC CTS accelerated on down the boulevard. By then in pursuit of the CADILLAC CTS, the police officer witnessed the CADILLAC CTS almost strike a vehicle. Swerving to avoid that collision, the CADILLAC CTS lost control, spun multiple times, and finally came to a stop up against the median. The CADILLAC CTS quickly took off again, but this time going only about 15 miles per hour. Joined by a backup patrol car, the two officers finally managed to get the CADILLAC CTS to pull over. However, as soon as the two officers exited their patrol cars, the CADILLAC CTS took off again. Again in pursuit, the officers observed the CADILLAC CTS pull into the parking lot of the Michigan City Indiana Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. On their arrival, the two officers discovered the CADILLAC CTS parked in a designated handicap space in the otherwise empty parking lot. The 58 year-old African-American Female driver shook her fist -- and a cane -- at the two officers as they unsuccessfully attempted to convince the driver to roll down her driver's side window, open her door, or exit the vehicle. The officers were forced to use a "slim jim" to unlock the passenger side door -- all while the driver swatted at them with her cane, and screamed for JEHOVAH to help her.



The CRIMINALS were two bored male JW PIONEERS 

(sons of A-A Elder and caucasian soon-thereafter Elder -- appointment delayed due to vandalism)

speeding around central Indiana in Caucasian's new two-door Mustang sportscar 

racking up field service hours and magazine placements at the vandalized libraries.


Serial Slasher Stalks in Stacks

Jehovah's Witnesses materials targeted in academic, seminary libraries

Religious materials in the libraries of four Indiana universities and seminaries were the target of vandals who mutilated the collection April 26, Jeff Siemon, assistant librarian, Christian Theological Seminary, lndianapolis, told [LIBRARY JOURNAL] that "controversial works about the Jehovah's Witnesses written by non-Jehovah's Witnesses" had been damaged or stolen. The facilities report that some of the books had pages slashed, while others were torn entirely in half. A few volumes were recovered from trash containers where they had been dumped. Staffers at two of the libraries, which are approximately 100 miles apart, gave identical descriptions of a patron who requested the materials just prior to the damage being discovered. In addition to Christian Theological Seminary, the Indiana libraries involved were Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Anderson University, and Marian College. Indianapolis.

Collection trashed

Anderson librarian Richard Snyder told [LIBRARY JOURNAL] that the crime was discovered when a janitor found "three totally mutilated volumes ripped in half in a rest room trash can. Later that week we found 20-plus additional volumes covered up by debris in the bottom of another trash container. We still have four books that we can't account for and are totally missing,"

Though Snyder was unahle to confirm whether the materials were critical of Jehovah's Witnesses as has been suggested, he was able to determine that the works "were not written under any Jehovah's Witnesses' sanctioning."

The incident was reported to campus security, but at press time Snyder said he was unaware of any progress in the investigation. The library has not yet determined the value of the lost material. "We know that a lot of the stuff is no longer in print; who knows what it's going to cost to replace it?" He added, however, that the library is determined replenish its collection. "It's going back in if we can replace it," Snyder said.

Snyder added that the incident at Anderson, as in other places, was accompanied by unwanted Jehovah's Witnesses literature found scattered throughout the building. "Someone had left copies of Awake and The Watch Tower all over the place," he said. -- Reported by Michael Rogers. Library Journal, June 1, 1997.


JEHOVAH'S WITNESS PIONEERS VANDALIZE LIBRARY BOOKS. In May 1997, multiple Indiana newspapers reported the vandalism of 70 or more ANTI-watchtower and ANTI-jehovah's witness books at the libraries of Christian Theological Seminary, in Indianapolis, Marian College, in Indianapolis, Anderson College, in Anderson, Indiana, and Concordia Theological Seminary, in Fort Wayne. Three of these vandalisms occured on the same day -- Saturday, April 26, 1997. Concordia Theological Seminary reported that approximately 30 books were either torn in half or had pages slashed with a knife, or completely ripped out, before then being thrown into trash receptacles. Anderson College reported that approximately 24 books were either mutilated or destroyed. Christian Theological Seminary reported 15-20 damaged or missing books.

Interestingly, at Christian Theological Seminary, in Indianapolis, a Male had inquired whether he could purchase certain WatchTower-related books just before the vandalism was discovered. At Concordia Theological Seminary, in Fort Wayne, multiple Males were remembered to have been browsing in the area where the vandalism was later discovered.

WatchTower Society spokesperson Robert Johnson made a HIGHLY INTERESTING statement to the inquiring media. "We regret that this has been done and we do not encourage this sort of thing at all. ... We have responsible people there [in Indiana] who might have some idea about why this has occurred so that we can prevent it from happening again."

The Associated Press picked up this story, and issued its own version, which was re-published in numerous newspapers across the United States. INTERESTINGLY, the week or so later AP story included this excerpt:

"... Rev. Bob Smith, public services librarian at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, believes the vandals want it to APPEAR that members of the [Jehovah's Witnesses] committed the acts. "If I were going to guess, I'd guess an EX-MEMBER WHO HAD REASON TO SLANDER THE [JEHOVAH'S] WITNESSES."

To the best of our source's knowledge, noone ever confessed to the police, nor to any of the victimized institutions. Within only a week or so after this story first hit the local newspapers, at the College Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, in northwest Indianapolis (including Zionsville), the 20 year-old PIONEER son of an African-American Elder, along with his pioneering partner, the 18 year-old son of a Caucasian Ministerial Servant (now Elder), were both PUBLICLY REPROVED and deleted as Pioneers. The "reason" was "understood" by discerning members of the College Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Carmel Indiana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which both used the same West 96th Street Kingdom Hall. Rumors indicated that EVEN MORE ANTI-watchtower and ANTI-jehovah's witness books shelved at Marion County and surrounding county public libraries had also been vandalized or stolen, but such fact had either not been discovered at some libraries, or had not been reported to the police or the news media. Local JW observers also pondered whether "Robert JOHNSON", at WatchTower HQ, was randomly picked to handle this embarrassment, or was "JOHNSON" intentionally selected to get his surname -- "JOHNSON" -- mixed as "chaff" into these media articles?

Anecdotal stories posted on the internet claim that this was not the first time that devout Jehovah's Witnesses had vandalized or stolen ANTI-watchtower and ANTI-jehovah's witness books shelved at other public and private libraries.


CALIFORNIA v. WILLIAM LLOYD VITON was a 1992-2011 California MURDER case. Although technically not a Jehovah's Witness until he was baptized in prison, it is clear that William L. Viton was surrounded by Jehovah's Witness family and friends prior to the murder. William Viton even stated that he should have been baptized long before the murder occurred. At the time of his arrest, Bill Viton was 38 years old; had a stable family history, and operated his own truck repair business. Bill Viton, of Los Angeles County, had no previous gang affiliation; had no history of alcohol nor other substance abuse; and had no juvenile nor adult criminal record.

In July 1992, the Viton family home backed up to a LA County park. There, a group of drunken Mexicans came to party just outside Bill Viton's chainlink fence. A mobile Mexican radio station was driven across the grass to the selected site. Bill Viton's dog went crazy, while the drunken Mexicans cursed and yelled at the dog, and tried to kick it through Viton's chainlink fence. When Bill Viton confronted the drunken Mexicans, the interchange quickly escalated to cursing and threats of violence. Viton yelled to his wife to call the police, when he was struck by a thrown beer bottle. Viton went inside his home and retrieved a 20 gauge shotgun. When the drunken Mexicans typically were unconvinced by the shotgun, Viton fired a shot into the air to keep them from coming onto his property. Instead of running or leaving, the drunken Mexicans began to rip boards off Viton's neighbor's fence to use as weapons. At about the same time, one of the drunken Mexicans kicked open the rear gate, while Viton was struck in the head by a flying beer bottle. In self defense, Bill Viton leveled his shotgun and fired. One of the Mexican hoodlums was struck. He later died at the hospital.

Bill Viton never stood a chance in LA District Court. He was convicted of second degree murder, and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, plus three additional years with the firearm enhancement. Viton was supported completely by his Jehovah's Witnesses family and friends. He was baptized in prison, where he became a model prisoner. Viton took and completed every available educational course and training. Already a high school graduate, Viton maxed out acheivement test scores. Viton even completed alcohol and substance abuse courses even though he had no such problems.

In 2010, the California parole board determined that Bill Viton should be paroled, but then Governor Arnold Nitwitzer blocked Viton's parole. In 2011, the California Court of Appeals reinstated Viton's parole. William Lloyd Viton appears to have kept his nose clean during his parole. There was a auto-related personal injury civil lawsuit filed against a Torrance municipal employee and the municipality of Torrance that was "settled" back in 2018, though.


CALIFORNIA v. HILBERT PINEIL THOMAS was a 2009-14 California CAPITAL MURDER prosecution which resulted in a DEATH PENALTY sentence. In 2009, African-American Hilbert P. Thomas, age 42, of Garden Grove, California, was a Real Estate Agent whose life was in a downward spiral. Kicked out of his home by his own Jehovah's Witness Mother during his senior year of High School because he did not want to be baptized as a JW, Hilbert Thomas went on to become a hardworking father of two children, who was described as someone who would give you the shirt off his back. However, suffering from the consequences of the aforementioned traumatic event and other negatives associated with being reared as a JW during his formative years, Thomas's good life eventually turned bad. Thomas became an alcoholic, lost his wife and family, and eventually was forced into bankruptcy. By February 2009, Thomas was living with a sibling in Stanton, California, and he did not even have an automobile to use in his real estate business. One morning after his routine of walking his niece to school, Thomas stopped into the sales office of a mobile home dealership where Thomas had noticed a nice looking LEXUS GS 300 regularly parked outside. There, Hilbert Thomas forced the Lexus owner and his secretary to kneel on the office floor in front to him before shooting both of them execution-style in the head, and thereafter fleeing in the Lexus.

Hilbert Pineil Thomas got away with the two murders and the auto theft until October 2009. In that month, police finally located the stolen Lexus while it was parked in a motel parking lot. After setting his ex-wife's car on fire in Los Angeles, she obtained a Protective Order which required Thomas to turn over his firearms to the police. A surrendered pistol was soon connected to the two murders, as the recovered Lexus was also connected to Thomas. Thomas was indicted, prosecuted, and convicted of the two murders. In June 2014, Thomas was sentenced to the death penalty.


ESTATE OF TERRENCE GARBUZINSKI v. LANCE M. LEWIS ESTATE was a 2010-11 Connecticut WRONGFUL DEATH civil lawsuit filed against a deceased Jehovah's Witness Minister named Lance Lewis, which was settled in 2011 for a "substantial" amount of money. Connecticut State Police posthumously charged Lewis with three charges, including NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. This is one of those "hmmmmm" cases in which there was obviously much more to the story.

On a Thursday night, at around 7:00 PM, on March 25, 2010, 36 year-old Lance Lewis of Batavia, N.Y., drove south for three miles in the far-to-his-left northbound lane of I-95 (wrong direction while passing numerous oncoming automobiles), near Mystic, Connecticut, in his Honda CRV, before crashing head-on into a Lexus driven by Terrence Garbuzinski, age 46, of North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Both drivers were killed instantly. Lewis' autopsy yielded no presence of alcohol nor drugs, and no medical condition.

The victim, Terrence Garbuzinski, was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, was a former U.S. Naval Submarine School instructor, and at the time of his death, as a Vice-President of a defense contractor firm, Garbuzinski provided"tactical training" for the crews of every single fast-attack submarine in the U.S. Fleet. Garbuzinski was described as an AMERICAN PATRIOT and a NATIONAL TREASURE by U.S. Navy Admirals, and his death was described as an IRREPLACEABLE LOSS to the defense of the United States.

Lance Lewis was survived by his father, one brother, and two sisters. There is no mention of an ex-wife nor children. A presumed recent photo of Lance Lewis provided to the media showed the 36 year-old to be in tip-top physical condition. In fact, Lewis had played both basketball and football in High School, and had been a member of Batavia's state championship football team. Lewis continued to workout and play sports until his death. According to a sister, Lewis had become a "Jehovah's Witness" only after his mother had died three years previous. Interestingly, Lewis' Obituary asked that "memorials" be made to the Batavia New York Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Apparently, Lance Lewis was not the first nor only Jehovah's Witness in this family -- contrary to the impression given media and investigators.

Lance Lewis had been a "model employee" at U.P.S. -- presumably a DRIVER -- for 9 years. That was -- until the last two weeks of his life -- when Lewis called in sick twice, and missed several more days. Lewis did not show up for work the day of his death, and he failed to call in sick. Lewis' supervisor called Lewis' cellphone, but Lewis only opened and then hung-up the call. Interestingly, after his death, a "friend" painted Lewis as not being a very good driver on interstate highways. None of Lewis' friends or family knew what Lewis was doing out-of-state so far from home on a Thursday evening in March. Eventually someone suggested that Lewis had been traveling long distances to several WatchTower conventions, but this was a weekday in March. Maybe Lance Lewis was on a "mission" which even he did not understand.



HECTOR HUGO JUAREZ SENIOR v. JACOB LUIS ORTIZ was a locally well publicized 2007 El Paso, Texas civil court case decision which few locals likely took the time to research and fully understand. We will attempt to do that for our readers.

On a Tuesday afternoon in January 2004, after school had dismissed, the Son of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER, named Hector Hugo Juarez Junior, was STABBED TO DEATH outside Irwin High School in El Paso by 17 year-old Jacob Ortiz. Shortly thereafter, the decedent's JW ELDER FATHER initiated this civil lawsuit for "damages" against his son's teenage killer. The economic status of teenager Jacob Luis Ortiz is NOT known, but given that this was a CIVIL TRIAL, not a criminal trial, Ortiz was forced to personally pay for whatever quality "defense" that he could afford. In what was probably a farce of a Jury trial in County Court, which was presided over by Judge Carlos Villa, the local El Paso Jury ruled that Ortiz had unjustifiably caused the wrongful death of Juarez Junior, and awarded his JW ELDER FATHER a $21,000,000.00 judgement. Ortiz likely could barely pay an Attorney to show up for court, much less pay a cent of this ridiculous judgment. So, then, why did JW ELDER FATHER bother filing this civil lawsuit. JW ELDER FATHER's attorney told reporters that, "... it's not about money. It's a validation that Jacob Ortiz wrongfully took Hugo's life."Readers who fully understand the ARROGANT, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jehovah's Witness Elders will immediately understand what was occurring in this situation. For those readers who are still wondering why we sound like we are siding with the killer in this case, it is because WE ARE!!! Let's take a closer look at what actually occurred.

The "killer" Jacob Ortiz was a STUDENT at Irwin High School in January 2004. The Jehovah's Witness Hector Juarez was 19 years-old, and he had already graduated from Irwin High School back in 2002. Juarez and Ortiz were trying to "court" the same female student. On the Saturday that preceded the Tuesday afternoon stabbing, Juarez and Ortiz reportedly had already fought, and Ortiz had apparently bested the older Juarez. When Ortiz came to school on Monday, rumors were circulating that Juarez, who reportedly had a REPUTATION as a BULLY who did "real bad things to people", was out to get Ortiz. When Ortiz returned to school Tuesday morning, he took a knife with him for his self-defense. Sure enough, the BULLY Hector Juarez lay-waited Ortiz outside Ortiz's high school, and when assaulted, Jacob Ortiz LAWFULLY defended himself. Jacob Ortiz immediately voluntarily surrendered himself to local police.

The stabbing was witnessed by multiple persons and was fully investigated by police and the DA, who took the case before a local El Paso Grand Jury. After viewing all the evidence, that Grand Jury decided that there was no question but that Ortiz had acted in self-defense, and that no evidence pointed to Ortiz being guilty of any crime whatsoever. Thus, we have no choice but to conclude that this later "civil lawsuit" was nothing but an UNFAIR exercise in arrogant, self-righteousness intended to make a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER look good to his local fellow JWs and their WatchTower Society Overseers.

Hector Hugo Juarez Senior died a premature death in 2012, at the age of 53. One can only wonder how difficult that Hector Juarez made the life of the innocent Jacob Ortiz in an effort to collect part of this ridiculous judgement.


MICHIGAN v. SARA YLEN (2012-2014).The following 2011 GRISSOM criminal court case summary below was posted by us on this webpage back in mid-2011. We are now moving it back to the top of this webpage given that the supposed JEHOVAH'S WITNESS VICTIM, whose name has now been publicly revealed to be SARA HILL YLEN, now age 38, was CONVICTED by a Michigan criminal court in early December 2013 of falsely accusing two other innocent men of raping her in a separate alleged rape in September 2012, and fabricating evidence to support that false accusation. One local reporter who had supported Sara Ylen since 2003, then a "devout Jehovah's Witness", now states, ".. it now appears as if [Sara Ylen] is a serial rape victim, a pathological liar with a martyr complex ... ."

After posting this case summary back in 2011, in which we made our "doubt" about the guilt of Grissom rather OBVIOUS simply by posting it on this webpage, we received criticism from JW and ex-JW readers alike -- particularly from females. Now, a year and a half later, some of those same behind-the-scenes "complainers" and "whiners" are now publicly discussing the latest version of this "Jehovah's Witness" soap opera as if they were not previously aware of this case.

The same media articles reporting Sara Ylen's recent conviction also report that the Supreme Court of Michigan had ordered a new trial for Grisson back in 2012, and that the local Prosecutor had thereafter dropped the case against Grisson, who was released from prison in November 2012 after spending nearly ten years of his life there.


JAMES YLEN v. SARA YLEN was the 2011 Michigan divorce case involving Sara Ylen and her Jehovah's Witness Husband, James D. Ylen, then age 47, who is an Elder at the Sandusky, Michigan Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The couple reportedly married in 1993, and had separated in 2007. Jim Ylen alleged in a court filing that the marriage "broke down due to the wife's complex lies and deceit involving fictitious rapes, kidnappings, pregnancies and illnesses -- all attempts to control others by complaining of physical symptoms." A Psychologist who evaluated Sara Ylen as part of the divorce case reportedly told the judge: "Often feeling dependent and dejected and fearful of rebuff, she may either withdraw from painful social relationships or decide to adapt the role of martyr." The Ylens reportedly had two teenage sons.


MICHIGAN v. SARA YLEN (2012-2014). In a separate Michigan criminal court prosecution, Sara Hill Ylen is facing charges of FRAUD relating to $110,000.00 received by Sara Ylen from her insurance company and a local church from 2009 through 2011. It is charged that starting in 2009 that Ylen began claiming that she had developed cervical cancer from HPV contracted from Grissom during his alleged rape. Ylen received $99,000.00from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan for alleged hospice care, and $11,000.00 for alleged miscellaneous medical expenses from a local church which had held a fund-raiser for Ylen. A Michigan State Police investigation started in May 2012 revealed that none of the doctors whom Ylen listed as having diagnosed her with cancer had actually done so. One local newspaper reported that Ylen's mother, Mary Beth Hill, allegedly a onetime Jehovah's Witness, allegedly had sometimes attended local fund-raisers in place of her daughter. Ylen will go to trial on these FRAUD charges in February 2014.


MICHIGAN v. GRISSOM is an ongoing 2002-2011 Michigan criminal court case in which the supposed rape victim was an adult female, married with children, who was, at a minimum, "reared as a Jehovah's Witness", and possibly continues to be a JW. The victim is the daughter of Dale Hill and Mary Beth Hill, of Bakersfield, California.

In June 2002, the victim accused Grissom of raping her in the parking lot of his employer -- the Fort Gratiot, Michigan MEIJERS store -- at around 12:30 PM, on a Saturday afternoon, in May 2001. In 2003, the defendant was convicted by a jury of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Defendant was sentenced to two concurrent sentences of 15 to 35 years in prison.

In 2005, the prosecutor forwarded a packet of documents to defendant's trial and appellate counsel. The packet contained several police reports, and three anonymous emails, all generally containing assertions to the effect that the victim in this case was a liar and had made false accusations of rape in California, some time after the rape in the instant case, but before defendant's trial. Based on the discovery of evidence that the victim may have made false allegations of sexual assault, defendant filed a motion with the trial court for relief from judgment. The trial court denied that motion, and the Michigan Court of Appeals denied leave to appeal. Defendant then sought leave to appeal from the Michigan Supreme Court, which remanded this matter to the Court of Appeals "to consider whether defendant has a reasonably likely chance of acquittal in light of the newly discovered evidence and in light of the evidence presented against defendant that did not involve the complainant's credibility." In 2009, the Michigan Court of Appeals found "no error and no abuse of discretion, therefore we affirm." In January 2011, the Michigan Supreme Court agreed to review the 2009 Michigan Court of Appeals decision.

Here are some interesting out-of-order excerpts from the 2009 Court of Appeals opinion:
The new information consists of police reports from Bakersfield and Fresno, California. The first of these reports, dated September 28, 2001, recounts that the victim's mother, Mary Beth Hill, reported to the Bakersfield police that the victim was missing. According to the report, the victim was having lunch at a restaurant with Hill and a friend, when her cell phone rang. The victim left the restaurant with her phone and never returned. Hill could not find the victim outside the restaurant, and informed the police that it was "out of character" for the victim to "just take off." Hill added that the victim was raped several months earlier in Michigan, and since "has not been herself."

A second Bakersfield police report, dated September 29, 2001, summarized information the police had received from the victim's father, Dale Hill. Hill reported that the victim called recently and "told him she had been kidnapped and he needed to call the police." The police went to Hill's home and asked Hill if he believed his daughter. The police report documents that Hill replied, "No. I'm afraid it's just a smoke screen. My daughter likes to have a lot of attention."
In the second report, Hill additionally explained that the victim "had been sexually assaulted between the ages of 10 and 12 years, by a female member of their Jehovah Witness congregation." The report continued, "Dale Hill told me the police were never contacted, a report was never made, and [the victim] never received any type of counseling." ... ... ... ... ...
The final California police report was from Fresno. It consisted solely of a narrative by [friend of the victim -Katina] Mamigonian's fiance [a police technician]. In relevant part, he related his opinion that the victim "is possibly mentally unstable and may try to file false allegations against him if (the victim) was willing to lie to his (fiancee) and the police." He therefore "wanted this incident documented in case she does try to do something like that." ... Although the Fresno report includes the victim's story about being kidnapped, and her recantation of that story, it does not indicate that the victim told the fiance about being raped in Bakersfield.

The police report from St. Clair, Michigan, was generated because in 2004, the victim recontacted one of the officers who had been involved in the investigation in the instant case. During that investigation, the victim had mentioned having been sexually assaulted as a child by her father and brother, and she now wished to pursue that with law enforcement.The St. Clair Sheriff's Department referred the matter to the Huron County Sheriff's Department on venue grounds. The Huron County Sheriff's Department notified the St. Clair Sheriff's Department that the victim had reported being the victim of a rape in California, ... .


FLORIDA v. JOSEPH IVAN JENKINS and FLORIDA v. ANGELO PEARSON were related 1998-2000 Florida MURDER court cases in which African-Americans Joseph I. Jenkins and his cousin Angelo Pearson, both of Apopka, Florida, were convicted of first-degree murder and various thefts, and sentenced to lifetime in state prison. In 1998, then 18 year-old Joseph Jenkins and his cousin, Angelo Pearson, age 24, murdered drug-dealer Roscoe Pugh, Jr., age 28, in front of his children during a home invasion robbery committed in Orlando, Florida. This case came to light in October 2013 when Joseph Jenkins was released from state prison in September 2013 after forged documents were submitted to the Florida Department of Corrections dictating the release of Jenkins. Interestingly, a similar scheme had been attempted but failed back in 2011.

Florida media is reporting that Joseph Jenkins was reared in Apopka, Florida by his "devout Jehovah's Witness" Uncle and Aunt (believed to be the parents of Angelo Pearson). The Uncle/Aunt even drove to the state prison to pick up Jenkins and brought Jenkins back to their Apopka home where a "WELCOME HOME!" celebration was held by the Pearson Clan -- during which Jenkin's release was declared to be a "miracle" and an "answer to their prayers" by Jehovah!!!


NORTH CAROLINA v. TERRONE JOSEPH STERLING were 2013 North Carolina arrests of an African-American Jehovah's Witness male using multiple variants of his name -- Terrone Sterling, Terrone J. Sterling, TJ Sterling, Tyrone Sterling, Tyrone J. Sterling, Tyrone Joseph Sterling, etc. Most recent longterm address is Tarsboro, North Carolina and nearby cities, but previous longterm addresses in Greater New York City area. Subject appears to be a son of a JW Elder with similar/same name. In February 2013, defendant was arrested in Wake Forest, NC on misdemeanor charges of Assault on a Female and Violation of a Court Order. Arrested in Raleigh, NC in August 2013 on Failure To Appear charges. Outcome unknown.



Around 8:00 A.M., on a morning in April 2011, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 23 year-old Wellington Menezes de Oliveira returned to the elementary-middle school that he had attended as a child. There, Wellington Oliveira opened fire with two loaded handguns. Twelve students were killed and thirteen students were seriously wounded before responding police wounded Oliveira, which prompted Oliveira to then go ahead and shoot himself in the head, as he had planned to do.

Some follow-up news reports only briefly mentioned that Wellington Menezes de Oliveira had been reared as a Jehovah's Witness, before then relating that, however, most recently, Wellington Oliveira had "turned" to Islam. Many such news reports "led" readers or viewers to conclude that Oliveira had "converted" to Islam, and that it was Muslim teachings and beliefs that motivated Brazil's largest ever mass murder-suicide.

"A longtime neighbor and former member of Mr. Oliveira's church said Mr. Oliveira had been a lifelong Jehovah's Witness before turning to Islam two years ago," reported one media outlet. In fact, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira had been adopted as a baby by a local Jehovah's Witness family, and had been reared as a Jehovah's Witness, along with five other brothers and sisters. Thus, Wellington Oliveira's entire formative experience was grounded in the Jehovah's Witness religion.

In fact, in writings discovered after this tragedy, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira declared that the reason for his committing this mass murder-suicide was the bullying, other abuse, and rejection that he had endured during his years as a student attending this same school.

While there is no reason to doubt the multiple reports that Wellington Oliveira had recently been "exploring" Muslim teachings and beliefs, there is reason to question the "for the last two years" assertion by the interviewed neighbor.

First, local Muslim leaders reported that Wellington Menezes de Oliveira was NOT a member of any local mosque. That would seem to rule out any actual "conversion". That's not to say that Oliveira had not been attending a mosque, or studying the Islamic religion. However, it does raise doubts as to how long and how much that Oliveira was influenced by Muslim teachings and beliefs versus the 21-22 years the 23 year-old Oliveira spent living as a Jehovah's Witness.

Second, in the suicide note found on Oliveira's body, Oliveira requested that he be buried next to his Jehovah's Witness step-mother, interestingly, who had just recently died either in 2010 or 2009. This demonstrated deep affection for his Jehovah's Witness stepMother would seem to rule out Oliveira's having any interest whatsoever in another religion until sometime well after her death in 2010 or 2009, and after Oliveira's period of mourning. It was also reported that Oliveira's "grandmother", also probably a Jehovah's Witness, and also probably a resident in that family home, had also recently died. (That may possibly explain why different media sources reported 2010 and 2009 as different dates for the death of Oliveira's step-mother.)

Additionally, it was reported that after the death of Oliveira's Jehovah's Witness step-mother that Oliveira and his Jehovah's Witness stepfather had moved out of the family home to some unidentified location (keep in mind the question as to whether step-mother died in 2010 or 2009), and that Oliveira's new home apparently was far enough away to require Oliveira to give up his job as a warehouse manager for a food exporter. Neighbors reported that Oliveira occasionally visited the family home back in Realengo, "alone", and that he wore "black" clothing.

Interestingly, from the suicide note found on Oliveira's body, we know that the 23 year-old Oliveira had recently inherited a home in Sepetiba from his "parents" (real? or adoptive?), where he had lived for only the past few "months" of his life. In the suicide note found on Oliveira's body, Oliveira directed the disposition of that home, "which none of my family members need." More interestingly, the suicide note found on Oliveira's body expresses Oliveira's affection for animals and directs that his home be donated to an animal shelter. (Readers, do you know how Muslims feel about dogs?) Oliveira further indicated that if his home was not donated to an animal shelter -- thus going to his relatives -- such would not only violate his final wishes, but also the desires of the "parents" who left that home solely to Oliveira.

NOW, for the FINALE!!! In the opening paragraphs of the suicide note found on Oliveira's body, Oliveira meticulously specified how and by whom (or whom not) he wants his corpse handled and buried after his death. This is the part of that suicide note that was seized on by the news media and others as PROOF that Oliveira was a Muslim, despite the fact that Oliveira's instructions do not include any mention of the burial time constraints so important to Muslims.

However, Wellington Oliveira's instructions should sound familiar to Jehovah's Witnesses who are thoroughly familiar with Revelation chapters 7 and 14's description of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" whom the WatchTower Society teaches are described in those chapters as being co-rulers with Jesus Christ during his millennial reign, and those living forever as occupants of the new paradise Earth. In that suicide note found on Oliveira's body, Wellington Oliveira claims that he is a "virgin". Nothing "impure", nor any sexually "impure" person, is to touch his corpse, so that he remains sexually "undefiled". Oliveira further directs that his burial attire is to consist merely of a single "white sheet" (aka "white robe"), which Oliveira thoughtfully brought with him to the massacre. Oliveira requests that he be buried next to his JEHOVAH'S WITNESS STEP-MOTHER, and that a faithful follower of the LORD quickly visits his gravesite and prays for two things: (1.) That GOD forgive Oliveira for what he had done, and (2.) that JESUS, on his RETURN, awakens Oliveira from the "sleep of death" to "eternal life".

Interestingly, neither Oliveira's Jehovah's Witness relatives nor his alleged Muslim "brothers" bothered to claim his corpse for Oliveira's strict burial. Oliveira was reportedly "dumped' into a local "potter's field" two weeks after his death.

Was Wellington Oliveira CRAZY, or was Oliveira CRAZY LIKE A FOX? Oliveira got his desired "revenge", and "Allah" and the Islamic religion took the blame. Which "evidence" is the best indicator as to who was the "real" Oliveira -- all of the prepared videos and writings that he did in the days leading up to the crime, or the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT found on Oliveira's corpse?


FLORIDA v. JACKY FULLER was a 2013-14 Florida state criminal prosecution. In February 2013, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) charged 13 individuals in Florida and Georgia with nearly 500 felony counts relating to the illegal removal of historic artifacts from Florida public lands and illegally selling such for a profit. A Jehovah's Witness Minister, named Jacky Fuller, age 55, of Fortson, Georgia, was charged with 216 felony counts -- far more than any other single perpetrator in the group of "looters and dealers". In August 2014, Jacky Fuller pled guilty to two counts of theft in exchange for a sentence of 18 months probation.


KANSAS v. MICHAEL WADE VANCE and GEORGIA v. MICHAEL WADE VANCE. Michael Wade Vance is a career criminal currently sitting on Death Row in a Georgia prison. Michael Wade Vance was reared as a Jehovah's Witness. His first significant conviction was for armed robbery in Kansas, in 1984, when he was 23 years-old. In September 1993, Vance successfully robbed a Gwinnett County bank in Georgia. In December 1993, Vance robbed a second Gwinnett County bank. However, this time Vance was apprehended and eventually convicted and given the death penalty. In the second robbery, Vance stole the vehicle used in the robbery; shot and killed the driver of a getaway vehicle he was attempting to carjack; and shot at a second carjacking prospect. Typical of many criminals with a JW background, Vance is reported to be a productive, model prisoner.


JEHOVAH'S WITNESS UPSKIRT VIDEO VOYEUR. A name-suppressed 36 year-old Wellington, New Zealand area, married Jehovah's Witness Minister, who had been reared as a Jehovah's Witness, was arrested in March 2013 for illicitly videotaping up the skirts/dresses of more than 1000 females of all ages over a period of months dating back to February 2012. This JW Minister had altered a laptop bag to conceal a video camera. JW Voyeur also secretly installed a video camera in the bathroom of his own home, and he had also installed a camera in the home of another unidentified person in which he had such access. JW Voyeur was employed in Wellington as a New Zealand government employee at the Department Of Internal Affairs.

The JW Video Voyeur was finally caught in March 2013 when his suspicious behavior was noticed by various security staff at a Wellington department store. Security staff attempted to detain the JW Voyeur, but he denied their accusations and exited the store. Security staff tailed JW Voyeur until police arrived. JW Voyeur attempted to ditch the camera before his arrest, and again denied the allegations.

At his home, police found around 1400 recordings. Some recordings were made inside his own local Kilbirnie Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, and some recordings were even made while engaging in door-to-door proselytizing. However, most recordings were made in other public areas in and around Wellington, such as stores and libraries, during his work hours and lunch breaks. Girls from at least five Wellington area high schools were identified in the recordings. In June 2013, JW Video Voyeur pleaded guilty to a sampling of recordings taken by police. JW Voyeur received counseling for his "voyeuristic paraphilia", and was sentenced to 10 months home detention. JW Voyeur also lost his government job.


FLORIDA v. HERSHEL ALLEN FORDYCE was a 2012 Florida arrest. In June 2012, Hershel A. Fordyce, then age 45, was arrested in Lantana, Florida, on a charge of BATTERY. Complainant possibly was spouse per cited SSA case. Outcome unknown.

Also see: HERSHEL ALLEN FORDYCE v. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, which was a denial of his claim for total disabilty effective March 2011. Hershel Fordyce claimed inability to work despite ability to proselytize.


CROWN v. MICHAEL BIRD was a 2008-09 British UPSKIRT VIDEO VOYEUR case which interestingly has several similar details to the New Zealand case summarized above. In June 2008, 54 year-old, married-with-children Michael Bird, of Newcastle, was arrested by police after a female shopper in a local supermarket notified the store's security staff that Bird had maneuvered a tennis racquet bag between her legs. Mike Bird was not as crafty as some video voyeurs. Bird's digital camera protruded from the sports bag, and was only partially concealed by a piece of clothing. Police discovered only two days of edited versions of the tapings, which were performed at various local supermarkets and department stores, on Bird's home computer. Michael Bird blamed his actions on his overly strict rearing as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Amazingly, local police allowed Bird off with a formal warning. However, the arrest did cost Bird his career as a Sex Abuse Counselor and Senior Social Services employee. By the time this matter was finally disposed in November 2009, Michael Bird had reportedly moved to another country.


CROWN v. RONALD BALLARD was a 2007-08 Canadian criminal court case which involved a 49 year-old Jehovah's Witness named Ronald Ballard. Ron Ballard was employed as an Electrician at the Prince George Airport in British Columbia. Ballard was arrested in May 2007 after female co-workers noticed and reported a peephole cut into the ceiling of a women's restroom used by female airport employees. Further investigation revealed a video camera above the ceiling that was videotaping through the peephole. Ballard eventually admitted that it was he who had installed the camera and who had been videotaping for a period of four to six months his female co-workers who used that restroom. Ronald Ballard pleaded "guilty" to the crime, but in November 2008, Ballard was unbelievably sentenced to only "probation" -- for 30 months. Ballard was ordered by the hanging-judge to write a letter of apology to his former co-workers (he had been fired), plus the judge ordered Ballard not to use a camera nor enter a women's restroom during the 30 month probation period.


CROWN v. LINSEY ATTRIDGE was a 2011-13 Scotland criminal court case in which a "rape liar" pled guilty in June 2013 to minor charges and received the light sentence of a mere 200 hours of community service and placed under social work supervision. Not much is known about Linsey Black prior to May 2007 except that the then 25 year-old had been reared in Grangemouth, Scotland as a Jehovah's Witness by "strict" Jehovah's Witness Parents, Alexander Black and Marion Black. In May 2007, Lindey Black met and began a relationship with a 37 year-old "Financial Advisor" named Gary Attridge, of Falkirk. The couple was married in February 2008 in a civil ceremony attended by 80 friends and relatives. Notably, Linsey wore an ivory-colored wedding gown made by her JW Mother. Linsey's bridesmaid was her sister, Julie Allardyce. These points are made to show that Linsey was evidently then in the good graces of her JW relatives, and the marriage evidently received the JW family's blessing. Interestingly, a daughter was born "soon" after the marriage.

By only 2010, Linsey Attridge left her husband, and she and the daughter moved to Aberdeen to live with a 29 year-old man whom Lindsey had met online. However, the couple temporarily separated in Summer 2011, after Linsey admitted to having sex with one of her boyfriend's friends while her boyfriend was asleep in another room. The couple eventually reunited, but their relationship was very shaky. Desperate to save the relationship, Linsey pretended that she had been brutally attacked in the couple's apartment by two burglars while the boyfriend was out playing soccer. Linsey even punched herself in the face and ripped her clothing to make her LIE credible.Lindsey did not make the claim that she also had been raped until several days later. Linsey thereafter continued to embellish her story apparently to keep the sympathy coming. Next, Linsey claimed that her attackers had threatened to also attack another couple who were friends of the boyfriend, who had been comforting Lindsey throughout the aftermath of her own "pretended" attack, including accompanying Linsey at the follow-ups done by police detectives, and to the multiple testings for STDs, pregnancy, etc. Due to Linsey's LIES, that couple was forced to move out of their own apartment into a hotel for one week.

Then, in August 2011, Linsey Attridge decided to make her LIE even better. Linsey went on Facebook to find her fictional attackers. Lindsey found a profile photograph of a 24 year-old Aberdeen resident and his 14 year-old brother. Lindsey provided descriptions of those two innocents to Aberdeen police as being her rapists. Police took the older brother into custody at his place of employment, while his teenage brother was handcuffed and removed from their mother's home. Before being released later that same day, the bothers were questioned, fingerprinted, and swabbed for DNA. During the following months that it took police to figure out that the two brothers were innocent, the brothers were subjected to "assumed guilt" by many in their neighborhood. The older brother and his live-in girlfriend even had to move their 4 year-old daughter to another school. Even after being cleared in October 2011, the two bothers never received an apology from Linsey nor the police, and are still the subjects of suspicion by neighbors and others who recognize them.

A British reporter recently traveled to Grangemouth, where Linsey had moved back to be close to her JW Family, and attempted to speak with Linsey. An unidentified man answered her door "and insisted she would not be commenting". Later, while on her way to pickup Linsey's daughter from nursery school, Linsey's JW Mother told the reporter, "There are two sides to every story and it is not true what has been written. Linsey has been very upset."


FLORIDA v. JONATHAN LEO LEBARON (2008), and FLORIDA v. JONATHAN LEO LEBARON (2009-13). In 2008, Jonathan LaBaron was arrested and pled guilty to charges of grand theft auto, drug possession, and other minor counts, and unbelievably was only given 12 months probation. Then, in May 2013, Jonathan L. LeBaron, of Salt Lake City, Utah, was convicted of robbing and stabbing to death Richard Jean Gardner, in February 2009, on Gardner's boat docked in the Florida Keys. Jonathan LeBaron, then age 32, was aided by his prostitute girlfriend, Kristen Whitmore, whom arranged the rendezvous with Gardner so that the Duo could rob Gardner. After the robbery-murder, LeBaron and Whitmore fled back to Utah. Kristen Whitmore cut a plea deal to testify against LeBaron, and received an 18 year prison sentence in exchange for her testimony and pleading guilty to second-degree murder. The local jury recommended the death penalty for Jonathan LeBaron despite testimony from John LeBaron's brother and sister which described their mother, Melba LeBaron, as being a devout Jehovah's Witness and strict disciplinarian, who had regularly abused the siblings during their formative years. Sentenced to LIFE in prison.


WISCONSIN v. MYLES SCOTT HANKS was a 2003-04 Wisconsin criminal court case involving an 18 year-old son of a JW Elder named Myles S. Hanks, of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (possibly the Presiding Overseer of the Sturgeon Bay Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses -- if so, we are going to have to dedicate one single page to the Sturgeon Bay Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. See this website FAM3 page. See sister website EMPLOYEES 2059 page). Charged with ROBBERY-USE OF FORCE of two females in November 2003. Pleaded no contest in March 2004. Given 5 years probation and ordered to do 200 hours of community service. Restitution of $572.15 ordered. Fined $200.00.

WISCONSIN v. MYLES SCOTT HANKS. In March 2008, Myles Hanks was charged with "Escape - Criminal Arrest". Pleaded no contest in April 2008 and sentenced to 39 months in prison. Paroled in March 2009.

FLORIDA v. MYLES SCOTT HANKS. Arrested in July 2010 for "public consumption of alcohol". In April 2010 and September 2011, Myles Hanks was arrested in Tampa, Florida on a fugitive warrant out of Wisconsin for parole violation. In October 2011, Myles S. Hanks was arrested in Owensboro, Kentucky by PRISONER TRANSPORT SERVICE on unspecified charge. Family says he is living in Tampa, Florida in 2014.



NEW JERSEY v. LEROY McKELVEY is an ongoing September 2011 New Jersey criminal court case. On Sunday, September 11, 2011, Leroy McKelvey, of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, who is the African-American father of Power 105.1 DeeJay Charlamagne Tha God, was arrested during halftime of the Jets-Cowboys football game at MetLife Stadium, which was attended by past President George W. Bush and other public officials present to honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Tha Godexcuses his father's behavior due to Leroy McKelvey being a "devout Jehovah's Witness". Commenters report that Tha Godwas reared as a Jehovah's Witness by Leroy McKelvey.

Leroy McKelvey, age 59, was reportedly charged with two weapons counts and three counts of aggravated assault after a brawl with a Marine and two other patrons. Reportedly, McKelvey and his three friends and/or relatives drew the ire of those seated around them due to their reported "obnoxious" and "disrespectful" behavior during various portions of the program honoring 9/11. McKelvey's entourage initially drew attention to themselves when they refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Then McKelvey's entourage allegedly talked loudly and acted disrespectfully during the playing of "Taps" and"Amazing Grace".

A United States Marine, who was seated at the end of McKelvey's row, had had enough, and told the pack that they better hope that they did not need to get out, because he was not going to stand up for them. At halftime, Leroy McKelvey challenged the Marine, and a brawl ensued, during which the Jehovah's Witness pulled a TASOR and tased the Marine and two others. McKelvey was arrested, but quickly released on $22,500.00 bail.

Who wishes to bet that before this case is over that the Marines, the Jets, Stadium Management, the state of New Jersey, the Police, and a long list of others BEG these Jehovah's Witnesses for their "forgiveness".


MASSACHUSETTS v. TODD J. BRIGGS was a 2009-10 Massachusetts criminal court case involving a reported Jehovah's Witness Elder (COBE) and Pioneer. In December 2009, Todd J. Briggs, age 48, of Brookfield, Massachusetts, was charged with the theft of a woman's purse from her backpack, which she had left unattended inside the Sturbridge MA Dunkin Donuts, while she went outside to smoke. After a review of the store's surveillance tape, local police tracked down Todd Briggs, who confessed that he stole the purse simply because he had had the "opportunity" to do so. Briggs alleged that he no longer had the purse, but that he had thrown it into a lake after finding only 75c inside. The owner told police that her purse had contained $60.00. In March 2010, Briggs pled guilty to the larceny, and was ordered to pay the woman $288.00 restitution, to pay court costs of $190.00, and was sentenced to one year probation.


OHIO v. VINCENT DAVID PRIESTAS was an October 2012 Columbus, Ohio arrest of Vincent D. Priestas, then age 24, on the charge of Second Degree Felonious Assault. This October 2012 arrest possibly was related to the prosecution and conviction of the January 2011 Lorain, Ohio incident when Vincent Priestas admitted to cutting and stabbing the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. Vincent David Priestas was arrested on a probation violation in October 2015. Priestas is a member of a large, multi-generation family of Jehovah's Witnesses from the Lorain, Ohio and south Florida areas.


OHIO v. WILLIAM A. KERNELL was a New Years 2013 arrest of William Kernell, then age 58, of Sandusky, Ohio on the charge of Disorderly Conduct. Outcome unknown.


OHIO v. WENDELL RICHARD VANNOY was an Ohio December 2011 arrest of Wendell R. Vannoy, then age 47, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio on the charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle Impaired. Outcome unknown.


BRITISH COLUMBIA v. JADAN PALUCK and BRITISH COLUMBIA v. RUEBEN EHIKHAMEN and SASKATCHEWAN v. RUEBEN EHIKHAMEN. In March 2011, R.C.M.P. stopped a speeding automobile owned and operated by Jadan Paluck near Merritt, B.C. Due to the strong odor of marijuana coming from Paluck's vehicle, a search revealed$24,000.00 of cocaine, marijuana, and magic mushrooms being transported back to Saskatchewan for resale. During the stop, Jadan Paluck informed the RCMP officers that the drugs belonged to his friend Rueben Ehikhamen -- the only other occupant in Paluck's vehicle. Paluck claimed that he had no more to do with the large cache of drugs than receive some marijuana in exchange for providing and operating the method of transportation from British Columbia back to Saskatchewan. Subsequently, in March 2013, Rueben Ehikhamen was arrested and jailed on additional drug and weapons charges in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

In September 2013, Jadan Paluck and Rueben Ehikhamen each pled guilty to unknown charges relating to the 2011 arrest. Jadan Paluck was slapped on the wrist with a conditional sentence of seven months of house arrest, which apparently allows him to continue his employment. Rueben Ehikhamen was sentenced to 20 months jail term. The outcome of Ehikhamen's 2013 arrest is still pending.

Reportedly, Rueben Ehikhamen and Jadan Paluck, both in their 20s, have been friends since they were 8 years-old. Rueben Ehikhamen and Jadan Paluck were both reared in devout Jehovah's Witness families in Saskatchewan. Rueben Ehikhamen's father is a Nigerian immigrant named Christopher A. Ehikhamen, who is a prominent Saskatchewan Jehovah's Witness Elder actively engaged in both local congregation and circuit activities. Chris A. Ehikhamen is also an Economics Professor who has taught at multiple universities in Canada, and may have even been a Principal at a Canadian elementary school.


ITALY v. MORENO FURLAN. In January 2010, an Italian Jehovah's Witness Elder and prominent traveling lecturer, named Moreno Furlan, 49, of the Monfalcone, Italy Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, was arrested and charged, along with two others, of allegedly operating a BROTHEL disguised as a beauty parlor.


FLORIDA v. AMALIO CABRERA-GONZALEZ is an ongoing October 2014 prosecution of a door-knocking Jehovah's Witness Minister who is charged with BATTERY ON A PERSON OVER THE AGE OF 65.

On Tuesday evening, October 21, 2014, Amalio Cabrera-Gonzalez, age 77, of Palmetto, Florida, did something which we suspect was a routine aggravation to the other residents of this JW Minister's apartment complex, and which Gonzalez may have been previously warned to cease and desist -- Gonzalez was going from door-to-door sticking WATCHTOWERs between the doorknob and door frame. A 75 year-old female Tenant heard her door moving, and likely knowing the cause, made it to her door before Gonzalez could make his escape. The elderly female Tenant confronted Gonzalez and told him to stop leaving WATCHTOWERs at her door. When Gonzalez continued to leave WATCHTOWERs at other doors, the elderly Tenant continued to confront Gonzalez. Gonzalez, who although 77 years old, is 5'7" tall and weighs 280 pounds. Gonzalez grabbed the 75 year-old woman's right wrist, and raised his other arm in a threatening manner, and yelled, "I CAN HURT YOU!!!" Gonzalez spent some time in jail before being released on a $1500.00 bond. Outcome pending.


CALIFORNIA v. STEVEN MORALES was a 1999-2000 California SERIAL RAPIST prosecution. In July 1999, a 31 year-old Jehovah's Witness Father of two small children, including a 2 year-old daughter, named Steven Morales, of Chino Hills, California, was arrested on 23 counts of burglary, kidnapping, assault, sodomy, and rape, relating to a 6-months long sex crime spree in Orange County. Contrary to claims that Morales was NOT a Jehovah's Witness, Morales was a "Ministerial Servant"who reportedly had given the "Public Talk" (Sunday Sermon) at his Kingdom Hall the week prior to his arrest. Steven Morales was also a former "WATCHTOWER BETHELITE". Morales was "disfellowshipped" only after the JW Elders learned of his pending arrest.

Former Jehovah's Witnesses who intimately knew Steve Morales claim that Morales was an EXPERIENCED DOOR-TO-DOOR JEHOVAH'S WITNESS CRIMINAL. They believe that these Rapes were simply the LATEST of many such sexual assaults which Morales had been committing for years. They claim that Morales got his start by first BURGLARIZING HOMESwhile going door-to-door in "field service". They claim that Morales and another JW Male worked as partners -- one of whom would distract the homeowners while the other robbed the home.

At some point, Steve Morales began to use his employment as a construction worker to "spot" potential sexual assault victims at their homes, and then Morales would return at an opportune time posing as a Jehovah's Witness in field service. That is how Morales managed to sexually assault 4 teenage girls (Morales preference) and one adult female in their own upscale Orange County homes. Morales also sexually assaulted two other teenage girls on a construction worksite. The two sisters, ages 16 and 13, were trespassing during school hours at a Mall under renovation, when Steve Morales approached them and claimed to be a"Truancy Officer". Morales then led them to a backroom where he sexually assaulted both of them.

In October 2000, Steven Morales pled guilty to most charges and was sentenced to 101 years in prison. At his sentencing, Morales apologized to his victims and their families, but he did not reveal a motive nor explanation for his crimes -- probably because Morales had been doing this and getting away with it for years.


PENNSYLVANIA v. SAVERIO MICHAEL PASQUALUCCI was a July 2014 Pennsylvania criminal court case which failed to answer the REAL QUESTION as to whether the now convicted felon is or was a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS.

On April 2, 2014, at around 10:30 A.M., 27 year-old Saverio Michael Pasqualucci of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania -- but formerly of Danielsville, Pennsylvania -- knocked on the door of a Lehigh Township home and presented himself as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. The alone female homeowner -- Barbara Marquette-Cohen -- rejected Saverio Pasqualucci's offer of WATCHTOWER LITERATURE (which was later specifically identified as coming from the Nazareth Pennsylvania Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses), told Pasqualucci that she was "not interested", and closed the door on Pasqualucci. Ten minutes later, Saverio Pasqualucci knocked again. This time Pasqualucci attempted to convince the alone female homeowner to allow him inside by claiming that he was a friend of her husband. When the woman told Pasqualucci to leave, he forced his way inside her home and proclaimed, "I just got made. I'm here to do a hit." Somehow, Marquette-Cohen managed to push Pasqualucci out of her house. Marquette-Cohen locked her door and telephoned the police. Unbelievably, Saverio Pasqualucci still did NOT leave the property. When the police eventually arrived, Pasqualucci was still there -- standing beside his pickup truck, which was still parked in Marquette-Cohen's driveway.

At the July 2014 trial, Barbara Marquette-Cohen stated that she had spoken with someone from the Nazareth Pennsylvania Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, and they not only denied that Saverio Michael Pasqualucci was a Jehovah's Witness, but even claimed that no Jehovah's Witness had went door-to-door in Cohen's neighborhood "in five years". Cohen further claimed that since the April 2, 2014 incident, that "someone" has continued to leave WATCHTOWER LITERATURE at her home. Marquette-Cohen also claimed that neighbors reported seeing Pasqualucci's truck driving in the neighborhood on multiple occasions. As far as it was known, Barbara Marquette-Cohen and Saverio Michael Pasqualucci had never had any contact whatsoever prior to April 2, 2014. Marquette-Cohen stated that the stress from the home invasion had forced her into crisis counseling for the last three months, and that she has lost 32 pounds. Security cameras had to be installed around the home.

At the July 2014 trial, it was disclosed that Saverio Michael Pasqualucci had NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD. Saverio M. Pasqualucci testified that his bizarre behavior on April 2, 2014 was an isolated incident, which had been caused by his taking over-the-counter caffeine tablets that day.

Saverio M. Pasqualucci pled guilty plea to one count of burglary in exchange for a sentence of six months to one year in county jail. A psychological evaluation was also court ordered.


CROWN v. KEITH DACK. In early January 1997, a recently converted 41 year-old, married, British Jehovah's Witness named Keith Dack, of Middlesbrough, England, went door-knocking at the homes of two unidentified local residents with whom Dack apparently had some issue over their unspecified "sexual activity". Keith Dack entered the first home, grabbed an unidentified 40 year-old man by the throat and pushed him against a wall. Dack put him into a headlock, and shouted,"I'll kill you. I'll kill the lot of you. ... I've been sent by Jehovah. You are going to be murdered. I am going to murder you. You know what it's about." Later that same day, Keith Dack went to the home of a second 76 year-old man, who apparently had been at the first home and witnesses the first assault. This time, Dack stared the old man down, and declared, "You know who I am. I know who you are." That old man suffered an angina attack. Keith Dack was arrested, and spent time in jail until his court hearing in April 1997. The British Judge declared that Dack had spent sufficient time in jail for simply attempting to convince two acquaitances to change their lives as he had done recently. Dack was released under terms of two years' supervision.


CROWN v. DANIEL SIMONETTI was a 2009 British criminal prosecution of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER who is a member of the heavily-recruited and heavily-recruiting DEAF JEHOVAH'S WITNESS COMMUNITY (like the biblical roaring lion prowling the Serengiti looking for a vulnerable victim).

In March 2009, Daniel Simonetti, age 31, of Merton Bank, who was employed as a delivery person for a local pharmacist, sexually assaulted an 89 year-old female to whom Dan Simonetti had at other times regularly delivered prescriptions to her home in Ashton. On a Wednesday afternoon in March 2009, after delivering a prescription to one of the victim's neighbors, Simonetti thereafter stopped at the victim's home where he found the door to be unlocked. Simonetti entered the victim's home, and introduced himself as a "trainee doctor" to the victim whom did not recognize Simonetti as her regular prescription delivery person. Simonetti even pretended to talk with a superior on his cellphone. Simonetti instructed the victim to undress so that he could take a urine specimen. Simonetti then proceeded to sexually penetrate the victim causing her bruising, swelling, and immense pain, and thereafter, fear and psychological devastation. At some point, a neighbor who possibly had heard the victim scream out in pain, knocked on the door and interrupted Simonetti before he could do anything worse. Simonetti briefly spoke to the neighbor and left, and the victim then told her neighbor what Simonetti had done to her. Simonetti was arrested two days later, and initially charged with rape. That charge was later dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to sexual assault by penetration.

The trial judge imposed an indeterminate sentence, and ordered Daniel Simonetti to serve at least three years in jail before the Parole Board could decide if and when Simonetti should be released. Dan Simonetti was also ordered to sign onto the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Unbelievably, the trial judge even disclosed that Dan Simonetti had previously ADMITTED having indecently assaulted the 4 year-old daughter of "AN ACQUAINTANCE HE KNEW THROUGH HIS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" back in 1996. Readers should not be too quick to assume that the victim was the child of a fellow Jehovah's Witness. Given this Perpetrator's modus operandi, the judge's verbiage can just as easily refer to an "acquaintance" made during Simonetti's door-to-door proselytizing. Maybe Simonetti was comfortable doing what he did in 2009 because he had done the same thing previously -- at least once back in 1996, and probably multiple times thereafter.


A Homeowner in Cookeville, Tennessee posted the following on the internet in 2008 (edited for clarity):

Now, I have never seen a Mexican Jehovah's Witness, but sure enough a big van load of them pulled up and parked in my neighborhood early last week. I would say at least 10 piled out of it. Some of them were children. They were knocking on people's doors, and a woman and a young boy came to my door. I let them in because I wanted to figure out what they were up to. The woman didn't speak English and the little boy translated. Said they were Jehovah's Witnesses, and showed me a scripture in the bible. The passage the little boy showed me was where Jesus fed the people with loaves and fishes. I was trying to be polite even though they began to make me uncomfortable. The woman was looking all over the house and smiling. Suddenly the boy said he needed to go to the restroom. I showed him the way, and while he was gone sat there in my living room with a woman who could not speak English. She just kept smiling. After about 5 minutes of discomfort, I got up to look for the boy. When I did, the woman started speaking gibberish at me. Well, the boy was not in the restroom; he was in my bedroom looking around. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "No English". I got him by the hand, and when I turned around, the woman was behind me and picked him up, and they left my house. I watched out the window and the woman started talking to the other Mexicans outside, and they got back in the van and left. I think they were casing my house, so watch out.


ILLINOIS v. LARRY JOSEPH FRANTZ III was the 2010-11 Illinois criminal conviction of onetime honor student Larry J. Frantz III, of Kankakee, Illinois, then age 19. In July 2010, Larry Frantz III was arrested during a traffic stop when police discovered 27.5 grams of cocaine, and patches of the prescription pain killer Fentanyl. Frantz was charged with two counts ofunlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver within 1,000 feet of a school. In September 2010, Larry Frantz pleaded Guilty to the charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver within 1,000 feet of a school in exchange for a 5 year prison sentence, and a $2,000.00 drug assessment fee.

ILLINOIS v. LARRY JOSEPH FRANTZ III was a June 2014 arrest (apparently probated early from prison) for allegedly assaulting his baby-momma during a drop-off of the child. Outcome unknown.

ILLINOIS v. LARRY JOSEPH FRANTZ III was a September 2015 traffic citation -- failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident -- issued to 24 year-old Larry J. Frantz III, of Clifton, Illinois, after Larry Frantz struck in the rear a bicyclist traveling in the same direction as Frantz. Given that the bicyclist reportedly received "severe head injuries", it is unknown whether a civil lawsuit followed.


SOUTH CAROLINA v. DENNIS MORGAN BURGESS. In February 2008, an African-American Jehovah's Witness named Dennis M. Burgess Sr., age 61, of Inman, South Carolina, a self-employed painting contractor, was arrested on charges of"Fraudulent Check under $500.00". Outcome unknown.


FLORIDA v. JOHN WILLIAM MOYER was a 2009 Florida court case which involved John William Moyer of Cressona, Pennsylvania. In an August 2009 trial, a Florida jury convicted John W. Moyer, age 59/60, of misdemeanor battery on "Minnie Mouse" while Moyer and his Pennsylvania family visited Orlando's Walt Disney World theme park in June 2009.

Brittney McGoldrick, a nine-year Disney employee who was dressed in a Minnie Mouse costume, posed with John Moyer for a photograph. McGoldrick accused Moyer of touching her breasts and rear-end. While Moyer refused to testify on his own behalf, McGoldrick testified that she was greeting children when Moyer approached and gave her a hug. She said she hugged him, but then he grabbed her buttocks and her breasts. She said she then pushed him away. She claimed that Moyer offered no apology, but rather repeatedly laughed with what she described as a "creepy laugh". Investigators said three other Disney workers saw the incident and gave police sworn statements backing McGoldrick's account. Prosecutors also had photographs they said showed Moyer groping McGoldrick and being pushed away.

John W. Moyer was sentenced to six months supervised probation, 50 hours of community service, a $1000.00 fine, plus Moyer was required to undergo a mental health evaluation and then undergo any necessary treatment. Moyer was also required to write a letter of apology to the Disney employee.

Although no media article specifically identified Moyer as a Jehovah's Witness, multiple articles quoted Moyer as claiming to reporters after the trial, "I am not guilty, and I pray to Jehovah God that he has mercy on Miss McGoldrick and the jury." The 59 or 60 year old Moyer also told reporters that he doesn't even go on dates with his girlfriend without their being accompanied by a chaperon, which is a common practice of fanatical Jehovah's Witnesses. Family and friends also described Moyer as a "godly man". Additionally, immediate family members of John Moyer can be identified as Jehovah's Witnesses.


SOUTH CAROLINA v. JULIAN DEANDRE BATTLE was a 2009-11 South Carolina MURDER prosecution. A 26 year-old African-American Jehovah's Witness, named Julian Deandre Battle, was arrested on December 25, 2009, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, for the murder of 29 year-old Rafael Dodd, of Memphis, Tennessee. Facing drug dealing and murder charges, Julian Battle talked about the Bible to the Deputy Sheriff who transported Battle to jail. Later, Battle made sure that he informed authorities that, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, he did not celebrate Christmas (priorities, evidently). The first trial of Julian D. Battle, of Taylors, South Carolina, in September 2011, ended in a "hung jury". In the November 2011 re-trial, Battle was convicted of murdering Rafael Dodd, and was sentenced to life in prison.

On the evening of December 24, 2009, Julian "Dre" Battle, and a cousin, named Clinton Dupree Owens (aka Clintonion Dupri Owens), also age 26, and possibly also a member of this extended Jehovah's Witness family, went to the Greenville apartment of Clinton D. Owen's girlfriend. There, Clinton Owens allegedly argued with his girlfriend. When the girlfriend's visiting out-of-state relatives attempted to quiet the argument, Julian Battle stepped in, pulled a handgun, and shot and killed the girlfriend's cousin. Battle claimed that Rafael Dodd had attempted to rob him, and that he shot Dodd in self-defense. Clinton Owens testified at the first "hung jury" trial that Battle had acted in self-defense, and had saved his life. (At the second trial, Owens changed his story, and testified against Battle, in exchange for murder charges against him being dropped.) The accused "robber", Rafael Dodd, just so happened to have a Masters Degree Education, and was employed as a Portfolio Manager at a Memphis area bank. When a second cousin of Owen's girlfriend attempted to call 9-1-1, Battle allegedly took the cellphone from him, and mocked his shooting of Dodd. Julian Battle was arrested the next day at a Spartanburg apartment, along with four other African-Americans, who were all charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, after a significant quantity of crack cocaine and other related items were discovered at the premises.

SOUTH CAROLINA v. JULIAN D. BATTLE. In June 2007, Julian Deandre Battle, then age 23-24, was arrested and charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, after an incident at a Greenville apartment complex in which "Dre" Battle was alleged to have shot a man twice in the leg with a handgun. Even while police were on the scene investigating that first shooting, "someone" fired several more shots at a carload of the victim's friends leaving to visit the victim at the hospital -- some of which shots struck the vehicle. Described by police as a "gang-related"shooting, Battle was apparently never prosecuted -- likely because none of Julian Battle's "ilk" would cooperate with police.


FLORIDA v. PAUL DEAN PRIESTAS was an August 2008 Lee County, Florida arrest of Paul D. Priestas, then age 55, on the charge of AUTO THEFT - GRAND - THIRD DEGREE. Outcome unknown. Paul Priestas is a member of a large extended, multi-generation JW Family living in the Lorain, Ohio and south Florida areas.


CROWN v. POUYA LIBALIZADEH was a 2007-09 Vancouver, British Columbia criminal court case which involved an 18 year-old Jehovah's Witness male arrested for dealing crack cocaine. After hearing from this young Jehovah's Witness Minister and his Jehovah's Witness Minister Father, the Canadian "hanging judge" cracked down on this admitted drug dealer. The Perp pled guilty to trafficking crack cocaine and two later probation violations, and was sentenced to 12 months under house arrest at his JW Parents' home, 30 hours of community service, and counseling.

In November 2007, Vancouver, B.C. police arrested Pouya Libalizadeh in the parking lot of a shopping mall after Libalizadeh was observed selling to a customer. Police were surveilling the car that Libalizadeh was driving because it was known to be used in illegal drug trafficking. Police found 11 additional rocks of crack cocaine, weighing 2.4 grams, and $190.00 in cash in the car. During the bust, a cellphone in the car rang nine or more times with calls from potential customers.

Here is what police and the judge were told. Eighteen year-old Pouya Libalizadeh was reared as a devout Jehovah's Witness by devoted Jehovah's Witness Parents. However, when he was seventeen, he began associating with a wrong worldly crowd. He left home, and moved in with a girlfriend. He was soon addicted to crack cocaine. To support his habit, he agreed to begin selling crack for a local dealer. That dealer supplied the inventory, the car that he was driving, and the cellphone which rang constantly with potential buyers. Miraculously, Libalizadeh was arrested after making his very first sale. Libalizadeh was bailed out that same day by his JW Father, who took him home and helped him turn his life around. Libalizadeh was employed by an Employer (probably a fellow JW), who sang praises about young Libalizadeh. In July 2008, Libalizadeh was pulled over by a traffic cop after Libalizadeh was observed passing another vehicle on a double-yellow line. That cop discovered Libalizadeh was past his curfew, and in possession of a cellphone, which were both probation violations. Libalizadeh was arrested, but again released on bail. Libalizadeh explained that he had had to work late that day, and that he illegally passed the said vehicle simply in his haste to get home.


PENNSYLVANIA v. KEVIN TURNER (times 15 or more past and potential criminal prosecutions). On October 21, 2010, 22 year-old Kevin Turner was shot and killed during the armed robbery of the William Glatz Jewelry store in Philadelphia -- during which William Glatz was murdered. At the time of the Glatz robbery, Kevin Turner was an escapee from the maximum security lockup of a Pennsylvania prison, where he was serving time for one of more previous gun and robbery offenses. The 22 year-old African-American was a "repeat offender" with 15 or more narcotics and gun offenses related to multiple past alleged robberies and alleged burglaries, including three open cases at the time of his escape from prison. Turner had already served a previous two year prison term. Police believe that Turner and one or more accomplices also had armed robbed another Philadelphia area jewelry store on October 18.

Kevin Turner's sister, Faith Spruill, 34, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, told a reporter that her younger brother had served as a "Jehovah's Witness youth minister" as a teenager, but had rebelled under the JW Father's strict upbringing when he was seventeen. Despite Kevin Turner's extensive past history of violence, Spruill told the reporter: "He was desperate. He was on the run. He's young. He obviously wasn't thinking clearly. I don't think it was his intention to kill somebody."


CALIFORNIA v. JAMES JAE LEE (2003) and MARYLAND v. JAMES J. LEE (2008) were previous criminal convictions of James Jae Lee, who in September 2010 was labeled the "Discovery Channel Gunman". On September 1, 2010, James J. Lee, age 43, who had had a ongoing battle with the Discovery Channel over its' environmental policies, stormed the Discovery Channel's Maryland headquarters and took three hostages at gunpoint. After a four hour standoff, James Lee was shot through a window and killed by a S.W.A.T. sniper.

James J. Lee was arrested at the same Discovery Channel's headquarters during a February 2008 protest. Lee was convicted of disorderly conduct and served two weeks in jail, and was ordered to stay 500 feet from the Discovery Channel's building.

James Jae Lee, of San Diego, was also convicted in 2003 in California federal court of attempting to smuggle an illegal alien from Mexico, who had been hidden in a secret compartment in Lee's automobile. James Lee was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

In court documents related to Lee's 2003 conviction and sentencing, James J. Lee's brother, Aaron Lee, described James Lee as"non-violent" and claimed that James Lee did not smoke, drink, or use drugs. Aaron Lee stated in 2003 that his brother had been a "devoted Jehovah's Witness for a decade".


FLORIDA v. RUTHERFORD A. BLACK was a November 2011 arrest of Rutherford Black, then age 41, in Leon County, Florida, on the charge of "Dealing in Stolen Property". Outcome unknown. During the 1990s prosecution of his JW sister's husband and murderer, Chadwick D. Banks, that court record includes allegations that Rutherford Black was then a known drug dealer. His murdered sister, Cassandra Banks, was both an active Jehovah's Witness and a hardcore partier -- sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. All are/were members of a large extended family of African-American Jehovah's Witnesses living in and around Gadsden County, Florida.


WASHINGTON v. SUSAN M. JONES, WASHINGTON v. MARTIN A. JONES, and SCOTT JOHNSON v. MARTIN A. JONES and SUSAN M. JONES are related State of Washington criminal and civil court cases which resulted from the February 2010 attempted murder of a Washington State Trooper and assault on a tow truck operator.

Around 12:15 A.M. on Sunday, February 13, 2010, Susan M. Jones, 45, was stopped for speeding by a Washington State Trooper about one mile from her Seaside, Washington home, but Susan Jones was thereafter arrested for D.U.I. Susan Jones then texted her husband, Marty Jones, regarding her arrest and the impoundment of her car.

Shortly thereafter, as a second Washington State Trooper and a tow truck operator prepared Susan Jones' van for tow, Martin A. Jones, 45, casually walked onto the scene and briefly questioned the Trooper and tow truck operator what they were doing without identifying himself as the owner of the vehicle. Jones then walked away. The Trooper and tow truck operator went back to processing Jones' auto for transport. Marty Jones then slipped back up behind the Trooper, grabbed him, and put a .22 caliber pistol to the back of his head -- firing twice and laughing. Jones then fled with the unarmed tow truck operator in pursuit. Jones stopped and fired at the tow truck operator, who retreated back to the scene. As the tow truck operator checked on the Trooper, Jones, realizing that the tow truck operator was unarmed, returned to the scene apparently to finish off the two "witnesses". Fortunately, the Trooper was still conscious -- being grazed by one bullet, and having a second bullet lodged near an ear. The Trooper was able to return fire, so Jones finally fled for good. The Trooper only had to spend two days in the hospital, and managed to identify Martin A. Jones as the assailant.

In March 2011, after a lengthy 7 week trial during which Jones denied being the shooter, Martin A. Jones was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison. In June 2013, that conviction was reversed on appeal due to a technicality. That decision was appealed to the Washington Supreme Court. Pending is either that decision or a new trial.

Interestingly, Martin A. Jones own family told the news media that he was an active Jehovah's Witness. Marty Jones reportedly was reared in the Kennewick, Washington area, and spent most of his life there abouts, but he did live and work for a time in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, and in Portland, Oregon. Jones family also deny that Jones was the shooter.

In February 2010, Trooper Scott Johnson, presently Sheriff Scott Johnson, filed a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for his injuries, but Jones has little or no money.


WASHINGTON v. CURTIS SHANE THOMPSON and WASHINGTON v. J. DREW THOMPSON. Brothers, Curtis and Drew Thompson, were reared in Oregon and Seattle, Washington by parents who included a devout JW Mother. Curtis has testified that he and Drew began sexually assaulting female relatives and non-relatives early in their lives. Both brothers also were physically aggressive with males. Both Thompson brothers are MONSTERS, who don't deserve the air they get to breath.

In 1985, Curtis Thompson, then age 26, was convicted of breaking into the homes of five women between March 1985 and July 1985, and raping four of them, and attempting to rape the fifth female. In all the incidents, Thompson broke into the women's homes and woke them up before raping them. In one incident, he cut a woman's arm from elbow to wrist, raped her with a broomstick, and punched the woman's teenage daughter in the face when she came home. Curtis Thompson used knives and guns in all these attacks. In one instance, he indicated he had been watching the woman's home and knew when her husband would be gone. In another, he had worked as a painter in the victim's apartment building. Curtis Thompson usually bound his victims, always threatened to hurt or kill them, and tried to cover their faces with pillows or other bedding.

When Curtis Thompson reached the end of his sentence in May 2002, King County prosecutors tried to have him sent to the Special Commitment Center, because they believed that Thompson remained a sexually violent predator. Psychological reports from 1998 and 2002 found Thompson had a moderate to high risk of re-offending. Those reports cited a "deep-seated and currently suppressed anger and hostility toward women in general, which has gone untreated" and "concerns that the increasing tendency towards violence already noted by the prior record would only escalate." One psychiatrist found him to be a sexual sadist. In sessions with mental health professionals, Thompson admitted to sexually molesting relatives, and at age 20, to stabbing a friend in the back -- leaving the young man paralyzed. He also admitted to a history of voyeurism. He had kept guns and knives with him since his teen years as protection during his times dealing drugs. When arrested in 1985, Thompson also admitted to more than 40 burglaries.

However, in prison, Curtis Thompson had become a devout Jehovah's Witness. Thompson refused all available prison treatment programs, while regularly attending JW services, and meeting privately only with JW Elders. Thompson became a model inmate -- having had no problems with female officers. Assisted by the testimony of his Jehovah's Witness mentors concerning his remarkable turn around, the jury at his 2003 civil commitment hearing decided that Curtis Thompson did not meet the criteria of a sexually violent predator. Thompson was released in October 2003 -- moving in with his JW Mother in her Ravenna, Washington home. Curtis Thompson became an active Jehovah's Witness Minister. Thompson obtained a part-time job, and complied with his sex offender registration.

ONLY TEN MONTHS LATER, in August 2004, Curtis Thompson was arrested at the scene during an assault and robbery of two females in the lobby and elevator of their apartment building. Over the following five years, Curtis Thompson not only was convicted of those crimes, but he also was convicted of a previously unsolved apartment rape in August 2004, and convicted of a previously unsolved stabbing murder of a disabled woman in her apartment during an attempted rape in August 2004. Curtis Thompson received multiple life sentences, so this worthless POS will never leave prison.

In September 1990, Drew Thompson was arrested for the MURDER of a female college teacher who lived only five blocks from the home of Thompson and his JW Mother. The victim was missing, and was never found. Drew Thompson had two of the victim's bank cards, and had been maxing out one daily since the victim had gone missing. Thompson also had her automobile. Thompson was convicted and sentenced to prison. However, Drew Thompson is scheduled for release in 2022. Hopefully, the state of Washington has learned their lesson.

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