Readers should keep in mind that we do NOT post a summary of every Child Molestation court case on our website. We only include pre-2001 cases, those post-2001 cases for which we have details/insights not included on other JW Child Molestation websites, and those post-2001 cases which other websites have overlooked (at least until we post such). Thus, no serious researcher of the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse would bypass our website. Visitors from other countries should not skip reading these AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND court cases since some of the best lessons about child molestation in the Jehovah's Witness Community are found within these international court cases.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA v. JOEL MARC MILLER is an ongoing 2019-24 CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution. Sentencing and anticipated appeal pending. In November 2023, Joel M. Miller, age 50, was convicted of MAINTAINING A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A CHILD and PERSISTENT SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD during 2000 until 2006, when the teenage female victim was 11 to 17 years old. Joel Miller, who had been reared by Jehovah's Witnesses Parents, became acquainted with the five year old victim and her seven year old brother around 1994, when he was 21 years old, after the victim's 31 year old mother INTERESTINGLY separated from their father and joined the WatchTower Cult around 1992, in Lobethal. Over the years, Joel Miller "frequently visited the complainant's family and socialised with the mother", and engaged in field service together. The victim's mother suggested that Miller begin bible studies with the victim's brother. Miller and the brother became friends despite the 14-year age difference between them.

The victim testified that Miller started touching her sexually during a congregation get-together camping trip, when she was 13 and in her first year in high school. She said that she was at the campout with her mother and brother. She named other people from the local congregation who were also there. They included Miller, his then girlfriend, and the girlfriend's brother. The victim had consumed alcohol. She said she was "pretty sure" that Miller had provided her and her brother with the alcohol. At one stage, the group was playing a game at night called "Spot the Lantern". The victim was crawling along the ground, and Miller was crawling behind her. Miller told her that the view from where he was was nice, and grabbed her bottom. She was shocked. She did not tell anyone because she believed that she would get into trouble. Around 2003, Miller told the victim that he had "loved her" since they first met when she was 5 years old.

The victim said that the first time that Miller ever had penile/ vaginal sexual intercourse with her was when he accompanied her family on a vacation to Queensland. The victim's family and Miller attended a Jehovah's Witness Convention in Sydney around December 11, 2003. Thereafter, the party of four drove from Sydney to Tweed Heads in the mother's car. They towed a camper trailer. The group either visited or stayed with friends in the area, and visited or stayed in an apartment owned by the daughter of the friends. Once, victim's mother walked into the camper trailer and saw Miller and her daughter lying on two mattresses with their hands touching. She got very annoyed as the holiday progressed. She felt increasingly alienated from Miller and both her children. As a result, she asked Miller to leave but he told her that he could not get a flight. He stayed with the party until the end of the holiday. The victim turned 15 in early January 2004. The party was still on the holiday when she had her birthday.

Miller testified that after he came back from the WatchTower convention in Sydney and the Queensland holiday with the victim's family, he had a five-month relationship with a woman called Ashley. Miller was disfellowshipped in August 2004 (reinstated November 2007). The reason for Miller being disfellowshipped in 2004 had nothing to do with the victim. It had to do with a relationship the accused had had with a woman named Deanna. Pending.


NEW ZEALAND v. GIANE PATRICK WOODS was a 2022-23 criminal prosecution for VIDEO SPYING and possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. In 2022, a "young woman" whom lived in the Woods residence reported to Police that she believed that roommate Giane P. Woods, age 55, was secretly videotaping her after having discovered a hidden camera in her bedroom several weeks previous, but having initially been convinced by Woods that the hidden camera had been installed by a previous tenant. After obtaining a search warrant, the police searched both the residence and Giane Woods electronic devices. Not only was discovered a secret camera in the victim's bathroom, along with stills and video derived from such, but a large quantity of unrelated child porn also was found stored on Woods' computers. Giane Patrick Woods pled guilty in 2023, and was sentenced to a mere three years in prison. Woods gained some sympathy from the court by excusing his mental illness on having been reared as a Jehovah's Witness; being disfellowshipped when he was 16 years old; and being reinstated as an adult.


VICTORIA v. DENHAM VARAS-CURL was a 2022-23 Australia criminal prosecution of charges of downloading CHILD PORN by a 22 year-old male who had been reared in a Melbourne area "strict Jehovah's Witness family". In a plea deal, Denham Varas-Curl, aka online music producer "Tamazhi", pled guilty in exchange for a mere 18-month community corrections order. The child pornography cache allegedly included photos of children as young as 5 years-old.


CVS16 v. MINISTER was a 2018 Australia immigration case in which it is revealed that Jehovah's Witness Elder, Callen McKinley, of Melbourne, Australia, submitted three or more letters -- dated September 28, 2015, March 6, 2016, and July 28, 2016 -- in support of a visa application made by an unidentified Iranian illegal alien claiming in his application to be BOTH a practicing Jehovah's Witness and a practicing Homosexual.


MR TAMAROVIC v. MS GILLARD was an ongoing 2009-14 FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA case which we summarize here for the benefit of our visitors who might be interested in reading the entire lengthy opinion. Divorced Gillard and her daughter had been living with Gillard's mother until this court changed primary custody to the father, Tamarovic, who had re-married a woman with her own two youngsters, and a third with Tamarovic. Sketchy comments seem to indicate that Gillard and her mother are Jehovah's Witnesses. Mentally ill Gillard claimed to have been sexually abused as a child. Gillard's mother alleged in 2011 to CPS that Tamarovic had been sexually molesting the 6 year old granddaughter.

QUEENSLAND v. TAMAROVIC. Tamarovic possibly is a former JW given that the custody case included no religious issues. Tamarovic previously had been convicted of masturbating in public (see BDY case below), and Gillard later claimed that Tamarovic had masturbated at home when young daughter might have been present. Tamarovic also had quite a library of pornography at home, and allegedly watched such when young daughter might have been present. SHOCKINGLY, not only did these disclosures not excite Aussie CPS and court officials, but they even excused Tamarovic's behaviours. Again, primary custody was switched to Tamarovic. Are demons now running the prison colony?




You appeared on 24 March 1988 at the Lakes Entrance Magistrates' Court on two charges of indecent assault. The matter was adjourned for 12 months on a $500 good behaviour bond.

You next appeared on 4 March 1999, Dandenong Magistrates' Court, on a charge of indecent act with or in the presence of a child under 16, and received four months' imprisonment, wholly suspended for two years.

You appealed at the Melbourne County Court on 17 December 2003 on one charge of make/produce child pornography, a Director's appeal from a sentence imposed on 8 July 2003 at the Ringwood Magistrates' Court. The Magistrates' Court order was set aside and you were sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment with a non-parole period of nine months. ...

Following your 2004 incarceration for child pornography offences, ... at approximately [age] 56, you began practising as a Jehovah's Witness. ...

You next appeared at the Darwin Supreme Court on 19 June 2008 on one charge of possession of child abuse material and one charge of exposing a child to indecent material. You were sentenced to a total effective sentence of two years and nine months' imprisonment, to be released after serving 21 months of that sentence, the balance suspended. ...

2018:  Klaus Fichtner, [age 70,] you have pleaded guilty to one charge of carnal knowledge of a girl between the ages of 10 and 16, two charges of indecent assault of a female, one charge of gross indecency with a girl under 16, one charge of carnal knowledge of a girl under 10, a charge of common assault and one of indecent assault. ... There are five victims of your offending, that offending having occurred between 1 January 1976 and 3 August 1982. ... That results in a total effective sentence of 17 years and 4 months' imprisonment and I direct that you serve a period of 13 years before you are eligible for parole.


SAMOA v. NIUTI TUAOIMAALII AUVAE was a 2017-20 Samoa appellate criminal court case which affirmed the ASSAULT conviction of a prominent native Jehovah's Witness Elder named Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae. Probably because the 14 year-old female victim managed to quickly escape the failed sexual assault attempt, Niuti Auvae was sentenced to only 5 months in prison. Edited court decision excerpts follow:

EM was 14 years of age. She lived with her grandparents. EM was instructed by her aunty to buy a soap and washing powder from the shop in the neighbouring village. It was around 5pm ... . On her way to the shop she walked past the house that was rented by the Defendant [Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] and his wife. She saw the Defendant and his 18 year-old daughter playing tag while his wife sat nearby watching them. She saw the Defendant looking at her. On her way back, she again walked past the Defendant's place. He was walking towards the road and she met him whilst walking past the hedge in front of ... the Defendant's rental house. ...

[Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] held up his hand and greeted her and she responded by also putting out her hand. He held onto her hand and pulled her towards him [ask]ing her if they could kiss. She declined. He asked her if she could help him to pick some papayas. She declined and said her aunty was waiting for her. [Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] then asked [the child] if they could have sexual intercourse. She said no. He then pulled her behind the hedge and hugged her whilst trying to kiss her on her left cheek. She managed to pull her hand away and run onto the main road ...

[Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] is a missionary for the Jehovah's Witness Church. He is a 53 years old male and has been working as a missionary for the Jehovah's Witness Church for 25 years. In 2002, he married his wife and she joined his missionary work in various parts of Upolu and Savaii. In 2015, they were transferred to Faala Palauli in 2015. They have an adopted daughter who was adopted by the Defendant's wife prior to her marriage to the Defendant. She lives with her mother's family in Fagalii but was visiting her parents at the time.

On 22nd May 2017, they were doing an outreach in Faala Palauli. After they returned, they had a rest and at 4.30pm, he played tag and other games with his daughter outside whilst his wife was watching. She was unable to participate as she had a sore foot. At around 5.30pm, they finished playing and went to collect some lemons from a neighbour. He then instructed his daughter to prepare a lemon juice whilst he locked the gate.

He walked to the gate, locked it, and walked back to the house. His wife told him to get a papaya so he walked toward the papaya tree, but before he got there, he saw that the papaya was not suitable for consumption, so he walked back towards the house. He heard someone calling him. He saw a man who he later found out was Asovale standing there with a young girl. Asovale was screaming at him and asking him what he had done to the young girl. His wife was in the sitting room and his daughter who was fixing the lemon juice in the kitchen both heard loud voices from the front. They walked outside to see what was happening. The Defendant was talking to Asovale when they got to the gate. The Defendant denied that he had done anything to the young girl. His wife also joined them. Asovale explained to her what EM had told him. She denied that the Defendant had done anything to EM.

... The Defendant denied vehemently that he committed the act for which he has been accused. He is a missionary and a servant of God. He cannot commit such a heinous act whilst his wife and daughter were in the house. He also requested if he could talk to their parents.

After EM left the house with her relatives, the Defendant [Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] and his wife came to the conclusion that the only person that could have committed this offence is a demon impersonating the defendant. He said that the uncle of the victim had said that the land that they were occupying was haunted. None of their beliefs were shared with EM, her uncle and aunty when they confronted them about what had happened immediately after EM reached home. The uncle and aunty also denied that they had shared such beliefs when it was put to the them during the hearing.

In support of their belief, both the Defendant [Niuti Tuaoimaalii Auvae] and his wife referred to an incident where their daughter disappeared when she was demon possessed. The Defendant recalled that she disappeared until Wednesday but could not recall the exact dates. His wife said she disappeared for two days and came back on a Tuesday. They neither searched, looked, or reported her disappearance to the police.

Their daughter supported her parents evidence. She could not remember the exact date except it was a Sunday when her parents were at a church service and after preparing their food, she walked outside and found herself walking on the road. Later she came to her senses when she found herself at the beach resort at Tafua tai. She walked back to their house at Faaala Palauli. She was unable to recall the exact dates when she went on her walk about but it was a week before the current incident. The daughter cried before finishing her story. Her mother sitting in the front row also cried whilst listening to her daughter struggling to remember the details of her experience.

***********************                                ***********************

PAPUA NEW GUINEA v. LENDEN MALABEBE was a 2016 RAPE conviction of a 48 year-old Jehovah's Witness. Lenden Malabebe also had been convicted for manslaughter in 2007, but curiously only had been placed on 2 years good behaviour (possibly a negligent death case). Lenden Malabebe lived in Iyavali village, Goodenough Island, Milne Bay Province, where he was married with 5 children.

In December 2012, at a village party, after 11:00 PM, a probably inebriated Lenden Malabebe lured "Naomi", a friend of his daughter Jemma Malabebe, away from the party -- supposedly to help him find Jemma. Naomi possibly was an older minor. Once away from the party, Lenden Malabebe dragged Naomi into the jungle and viciously raped her. Lenden Malabebe pled guilty, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.


PAPUA NEW GUINEA v. JW JUVENILE MALE was a 2013-16 sexual assault conviction for which the unidentified defendant was FINED and sentenced to four years PROBATION -- having spent 18 months in detention prior to trial. At the time of the attack, Perp was a 17 year-old member of a large extended Jehovah's Witness Family. Perp's JW Parents had divorced when he was young, and both had remarried. Perp had been reared by his remarried mother -- identified as Mary Newton, wife of Daniel Newton, of Siagara village, Misima -- and an unidentified Uncle. Perp's unidentified remarried Father and StepMother had neglected their parental obligations to Perp and his three siblings.

In December 2013, after attending a village party, the inebriated 17 year-old Perp decided to travel to his Father's home in Bwagaoia Station, Misima, Milne Bay Province, and deliver grievances to his Father and StepMother. Arriving at their home the following morning, Perp found a 9 year-old StepSister sitting on the front steps. Perp reached and grabbed the young girl by her crotch, inserting one of his fingers inside her. Apparently, this was historically somewhat of a common type of combination insult and assault in PNG. This was Perp's first arrest, and he eventually pled guilty.


QUEENSLAND v. SIMON BLAIR VIZZARD (2002-2021) and MEXICO v. SIMON BLAIR VIZZARD (2003-04) are related international criminal court cases which involve an INTERNATIONAL CHILD PREDATOR who CONVERTED to the WatchTower Cult while he was serving a lengthy prison sentence in Mexico for CHILD SEX ASSAULT.
In 2002, Simon B. Vizzard, then age 31, and then owner of a computer business in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, called DISCUS BYTES, was arrested and charged with 33 criminal counts relating to his having sexually assaulted three underage BOYS, ages 11 to 14, between 1997 and 2002. Use of computers and interest in computer games was part of Vizzard's "grooming" of his young victims. Vizzard reportedly also used a "Modeling" scheme as an excuse to photograph young boys. While released on bail, Simon Vizzard fled to Mexico. (If you wonder why a child predator chose Mexico as his sanctuary, see Page 5 of this section. Incest is Mexico's national pastime.)
In November 2003, in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, Simon B. Vizzard was again arrested and charged with sexually assaulting three underaged BOYS, ages 8, 12, and 13. Simon Vizzard was convicted and sentenced to 126 months in prison. While there, Vizzard became a Jehovah's Witness -- so much so, that the Mexican JWs, and now the Queensland JWs, reporting are rallying around and supporting Simon Vizzard.
In February 2012, Simon Blair Vizzard was extradited to Australia to face the criminal charges from which he had fled Queensland in 2002. Vizzard contested the charges until 2014, when he finally pled "GUILTY" to 26 offences. Those offences involved oral sex, attempts at anal sex, having the boys perform sexual acts with each other, and introducing the boys to sex toys and pornography.
Simon Blair Vizzard was finally sentenced in June 2014. With regard to one count of "permit sodomy" and two counts of "attempted sodomy", Vizzard was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. On 11 counts of "indecent treatment of a child", Vizzard was sentenced to six years imprisonment. On seven counts of "wilful exposure", Vizzard was sentenced to three years imprisonment. On four counts of "procuring", Vizzard was sentenced to three years imprisonment. The sentences were all made concurrent, and parole eligibility was fixed at February 2015.

On appeal to the Supreme Court of Queensland, in April 2015, that court unanimously agreed that Vizzard's sentence were "excessive", and reduce such to 4 years each on 3 counts, and 3 years each on the remaining counts. Thankfully, the Attorney General of Queensland contested the release of Simon Vizzard until February 2016, when the Supreme Court of Queensland ruled that Vizzard -- who has been deemed under Queensland law to be "a serious risk to the community" -- be released from custody subject to a 5-year supervision order. Extended to 6/11/2021 in 2021.

Simon Blair Vizzard failed to comply with the supervision order, and in March 2017 was arrested and charged with two offences of contravention of the supervision order. In July 2017, Vizzard was convicted and sentenced to two months' imprisonment on each charge suspended for a period of 12 months. By the time he was sentenced, Vizzard had served 128 days in custody on remand.

In April 2018, Simon Blair Vizzard, pleaded guilty to two previously unprosecuted offences. In April 2002, Vizzard rented a $12000.00 camera and equipment from a local camera shop. He took it to a local Gold Coast park for photographing an eight year old boy. The boy's mother left the photoshoot, and Vizzard posed the young boy in togs, oiled the boy's body, spread his legs, and stretched the boy's head down in a suggestive manner. A woman who observed these events intervened and alerted the boy's mother. The next day, Vizzard fled to Mexico, taking the camera equipment with him. Simon Blair Vizzard was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for the indecency offence and two months imprisonment for the stealing. The sentences were concurrent, but were immediately suspended for two years.

What the HELL is wrong Australian judges? See this same section for many more Australia child molestation court cases where several Australian judges do everything they legally can do to minimize the jail terms of child molesters.


VICTORIA v. REARED JW CHILD MOLESTER was a 2019 Australia CHILD RAPE jury conviction in which, yet again, another male Aussie judge sentenced a male child molester to a slap on the wrist. In this instance, the Perp received a sentence of only six years total, with only four years before being eligibile for parole. Perp lived near Bendigo, and had been reared in a practicing Jehovah's Witnesses family with four siblings. Like too many Aussie JWs, Perp stopped attending school at age 15. Perp left home at age 18, and joined the army. In succeeding years, Perp had three longterm relationships which produced multiple daughters, and included multiple "step-daughters". Around 2018, one of those "step-daughters' told a school friend that she had been regularly sexually molested by her mother's boyfriend in 2013-14, when she was 12-13 years old, and Perp was early 50s. It was that friend who eventually reported the matter to her mother and police. Perp and his current wife, who has her own daughters, adamantly denied that Perp was the kind of person who could commit this type crime. Perp will be a registered sex offender for life, yet like all other Aussie child molestation cases, the Perp's name is kept out of the public court record. Ridiculous. The people who can identify the victim via the Perp's name already know who is the victim. Keeping the Perp anonymous puts potential future victims at risk for no real purpose.


QUEENSLAND v. MALIPO MUYOBE was an Australia 2016-17 RAPE prosecution of a 21 year-old African Jehovah's Witness who was a refugee from Tanzania and the Congo. Malipo Muyobe and his "practicing" Jehovah's Witness Family of TEN were admitted into Australia in 2010, when Malipo was 16 years old. Beginning in 2013, Muyobe was arrested numerous times in multiple communities for offenses related to heavy drinking. Such culminated in January 2016 when he had sexual intercourse with a 14 year-old girl whom also had been drinking. Typically, under Australian law and judged by an Australian jury, Muyobe was found "not guilty" of "Rape", but rather was convicted of "Carnal Knowledge" of a 14 year-old. The heavy-handed Australian judge sentenced Muyobe to 10 months in jail. At the time, Malipo Muyobe already had two illegitimate children by his then regular girlfriend, and he possibly impregnated her the third time before he started serving his jail term. (When this editor attended college, African-Americans in my dorm regularly and unapologetically referred to characters such as these on the campus as "jungle bunnies". I never once heard that term used by a caucasian except when repeating in shock what A-A's were saying. I was extremely surprised to learn how much African-Americans disliked Africans. I eventually figured out that one. Africans appreciated their presence here in the United States, took their college studies seriously, attended class, did their homework, etc.)

IN RE MALIPO MUYOBE was the appeal of the federal government's decision to revoke Muyobe's refugee visa and have Muyobe "removed" from Australia. Typically, in January 2019, the Aussie Minister For Home Affairs overturned Muyobe's "removal" based on Muyobe's assurances that he was rebuilding his life as a devout Jehovah's Witness. Apparently, Malipo Muyobe's presence adds to rather than detracts from Australian society.


NEW SOUTH WALES v. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH DE LUCA was a 2017-18 Australian criminal prosecution relating to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY of a male homosexual named Christopher Joseph DeLuca, who was reared in a Jehovah's Witness Family, in which he claims to have been sexually abused.

In March 2017, the Australian Federal Police became aware of Christopher De Luca's activities. He had used his correct name and date of birth when signing up to a messenger application which was being used for illegal activities involving child pornography. Police went to the offender's premises, arrested him, and conducted a search. They discovered that he was in possession of a mobile phone, a USB stick, a laptop, a SD card, and an iPad. Each of those storage devices had child abuse material on it. In total there were 39 images and 150 videos.

Categorised using the Child Exploitation Tracking System, the videos and images are spread across the range of categories, with the most common being penetrative sexual activity between children, or between adults and children. Many involved the most serious forms of child abuse material involving sadism, humiliation or bestiality. The age of the children was from infants up to 16. The sexual activity involved children having sex, or adults have sex with children, but there were a significant number of photographs and images which were even worse.

Christopher J. De Luca's activities went well beyond simply downloading items from the internet and then possessing them. He used a carriage service to solicit child pornography. He asked a male who he believed to be 16 years-old to send him photos of his penis. In another instance, DeLuca was in communication with a person he believed to be an adult on a chat service. That person, DJ, sent the offender an image of a girl who appeared between the ages of ten and 14. DJ told the offender that that was an image of his niece who was 14 years of age, and that he was going to be looking after his niece around lunchtime, and he could get some pictures for him. DeLuca asked DJ to take pictures and videos of him having sex with his niece. DeLuca said explicitly, "I want to see you put your xxxx into her." Things do not get much better when DeLuca asked whether the niece had a younger brother. When told that she does and that he is 11 years of age, DeLuca says, "You could have her and I could have him." Chris DeLuca was not merely soliciting images and videos which are already in existence, but was actually soliciting the abuse of specific children so that videos could be prepared.

As far as the offence of transmitting child pornography is concerned, Christopher J. DeLuca sent images to two individuals and to a group chat which had 50 members. The offence of using a carriage service to make child pornography available relates to a drop box folder where DeLuca sent URLs which allowed others with access to the folder to view child pornography.

Christopher De Luca had no previous convictions, and he expressed to the court his remorse for his misconduct. However, courts must do what they can to protect vulnerable children. Many children are exploited by evil people who satisfy the demand of offenders such as Chris De Luca. If there is no demand for child pornography, then there will be fewer children abused. Courts must impose sentences upon those who possess, solicit, transmit and make available child pornography which will deter others who may be tempted to act in that way in an effort to reduce the enormous harm which children suffer. Mercifully, this Australian Judge sentenced Chris DeLuca to 36 months in jail, with release and probation after only 18 months.


NEW ZEALAND v. MATTHEW GRAEME STARK was a 2012 NZ criminal prosecution and conviction of a Jehovah's Witness named Matthew G. Stark, then age 28, of Rotorua, New Zealand. Matthew Stark pled guilty to having a "sexual connection with a young person under 16", and, "performing an indecent act on a young person". The STUPID NZ JUDGE sentenced Matthew Stark to a mere 8 months home detention, and even deferred that sentence in order to give Stark time to obtain a more "suitable" home.

The otherwise unidentified under-age-16 female -- assumed to be Stark's step-daughter -- was blamed for being the aggressor in this sexual relationship -- apparently by the defense, by the prosecution, and by the court. Allegedly, both Stark and his wife knew that the victim had a "crush" on Stark. Allegedly, Stark had spoken to the victim's father about such, while Stark's wife had spoken to the victim. Despite all this alleged prior intra-family communication, Matthew Stark initiated a sexual relationship with the young victim in early 2012. Over a period of only 3-4 weeks, Stark kissed and indecently touched the young girl, and even showered with her. Supposedly, they did not have sexual intercourse. Matthew Stark claimed that the various incidents had been initiated by the young victim, but that he had failed to stop her.

Supposedly, Matthew Stark accepted full responsibility for his criminal deeds. Stark "voluntarily" turned himself into the police, and had "voluntarily" already begun counseling. Matthew Stark was employed as an "engineer", and supposedly had maintained the "support" of his employer. Stark apparently also maintained the support of most of his family and friends.


NEW ZEALAND v. MATTHEW GRAEME STARK was a 2017 NZ criminal prosecution and conviction of a Jehovah's Witness named Matthew G. Stark, then age 33, of Rotorua, New Zealand. Matthew Stark pled guilty to six counts of possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

Under unknown circumstances, NZ Police executed a search warrant on Stark's home in May 2017. Multiple devices were seized, including Stark's home computer and cellphone. No "saved" child porn was found on Stank's home computer, but the search history and saved tabs revealed websites which offered child pornography. Stark's cellphone was not as clean. Police discovered 195 CHILD PORN stills -- with 87 images being in the most despicable legal category. Stark initially claimed not to know how those images got on his cellphone.

Throughout his sentencing, Matthew Stark was visibly distressed -- crying and physically shaking. The female judge praised Stark for having displayed insight into the impact of his offending, and noted that Stark had high prospects for rehabilitation -- particularly given that Stark's JW Wife supported his rehabilitation. Matthew Stark was sentenced to a mere 14 months and two weeks in prison. Reportedly, Stark mouthed, "I love you", and waved to his family before exiting the courtroom.


VICTORIA v. SACHA DION PRIEST was a 2016-17 Australia criminal prosecution in which a Jehovah's Witness minister named Sacha D. Priest, age 37, pleaded guilty to one count of Persistent Sexual Abuse of a Child under the age of 16 years. Despite the fact that this crime carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison, and despite the OUTRAGEOUS CIRCUMSTANCES of this crime, the TYPICAL LIBERAL Australian Judge sentenced Sacha Priest to a "significant [jail] term" of only 63 months in prison, with Sacha Dion Priest being eligible for parole after serving only 36 months.

Sacha Priest and his JW Mother had been members of the [Latrobe Valley (?)] Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses since around 2004, when Sacha Priest's eventual victim was only 5 years old. She and her brother also attended the same Kingdom Hall with their JW Parents. (Sacha Dion Priest may have lived in New South Wales sometime between 2004 and 2008.) In early 2014, Sacha Priest, then 34 years-old, targeted and began stalking his then 15 year-old victim by striking up a friendship with her brother -- which gave the 34 year-old Priest the excuse to regularly visit the victim's home "to play with" her brother. Quickly, Priest and his targeted victim began to play squash together. By June 2014, 34 year-old Priest and his 15 year-old victim began a "non-sexual, romantic relationship", and would meet at an unidentified mutual friend's place. (The mutual friend of two JWs would likely be another JW.) Interestingly, Sacha Priest's JW Mother knew about this outrageous romantic relationship, because she admitted discussing such with her son, and warning him not to have sexual contact with the 15 year-old girl "because of the age difference".

By November 2014, Sacha Priest had begun to gradually introduce sex into the relationship -- both oral and vaginal. Priest would go to the teenager's home when her JW Parents were at work or out of town. Priest would also sneak in through her bedroom window and have sex while her JW Parents were asleep. Priest also would have her sneak out, and then drive her to remote locations for sex. The teenager broke up with Sacha Priest in May 2015, but they continued to occasionally get together for sex. (Priest was not charged for those more recent sexual contacts in this criminal prosecution, because the victim had by then turned 16 years-old, and she -- interestingly -- claimed to have "little recollection" of those most recent sexual contacts.)At some point thereafter, undisclosed circumstances arose -- possibly hinted below (disfellowshipped?) -- which eventually led to the victim and her JW Mother filing criminal charges against Sacha Dion Priest. Here is an unsettling excerpt from the by-then 17 year-old victim's Impact Statement:

"The very first encounter left me shocked. It wasn't registering what had just happened. But as things kept happening, I began to feel disgusted with myself. I felt trapped and cried every day. I felt God was going to kill me, and if he didn't, then I would. I wanted to die a lot of times after sexual acts occurred, I would cry and then he'd get angry at me, which left me scared. I felt like an object of no value. Depression and anxiety took over my life. I began skipping my monthly period and having an irregular cycle. I stopped doing any type of schoolwork, and began to want to have nothing to do with anybody. I distanced myself from some of my oldest friends and my family, and also quit my job, as I couldn't handle it anymore. I began to self-harm, and associated with people that used me and had no value in my existence, because I thought that's all I deserved. I have no relationship with my father, who had blamed me multiple times for what had happened, and neglected me the entire time. I felt alone and unsupported in a place I was meant to feel loved. I did not feel safe mentally in my own home. I used to be able to feel comfortable in a room full of people I knew, but now I feel scared, anxious and want to leave that room, even if I do know every single one of them. I can't go to certain places anymore, and I hate leaving the sight of the person I feel most safe with, my uncle. I look at all these other young girls who are my age and look like they're having so much fun with their lives. I wish I could feel that way. I wish I could feel empowered and have the confidence a young person going out into the world has, or should have. Every day now I feel angry, I feel like a burden to everyone, as well as to myself."


Age 39 in 2015. Janitorial work history. Married first time in 2000. Son born in late 2004 or early 2005. Second son born in 2009. Separated from JW Wife in May 2009. Divorced in April 2011. Began living with a non-JW girlfriend in 2009. They had a daughter in early 2012. Possibly married by 2015.

In 1984, XJW's father was convicted of one count of "indecent assault" and one count of "exhibiting indecent material in public".

In 2002, XJW's father was convicted of two counts of "indecent assault of a child under 16".

In 2003, XJW's brother was convicted of "obscene exposure".

In 2007, XJW's brother was convicted of "stalking".

In 1993, at age 18, XJW was released on a good behaviour bond after being arrested for exposing himself to a school bus filled with children.

In 1995, at age 20, XJW indecently exposed himself multiple times to teenage girls in public parks and elsewhere. After finally being arrested, XJW was probated and released under court-ordered counseling which was never completed.

After XJW and JW Wife separated in May 2009, first son began to draw sexually-suggestive pictures in kindergarten. Soon thereafter, first son began to claim that he had been sexually fondled and molested by both XJW and XJW's brother on multiple occasions.

There is much more "stuff", but we don't wish to get into any more specifics. This is plenty enough info for anyone who "cares".


B.D.Y. - JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER (his identity ordered hidden by the Australian Judge.) v. CHILDREN'S GUARDIAN of NEW SOUTH WALES was a SIGNIFICANT LEGAL VICTORY in Australia, in 2014, for the WatchTower Society of Australia. Due to the lobbying efforts of former Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia, starting in January 2014, Jehovah's Witness Elders living in the State of New South Wales began to submit to the "Working with Children Check Clearance" under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012.

In January 2014, a 57 year-old JW ELDER, named BDY, who lives in the state of New South Wales, applied for a "clearance" from the Children's Guardian, but "clearance" was DENIED because that "check" disclosed that BDY had been convicted at trial/appeal in 2006 on four counts of committing an act of indecency with another person. Two of those counts related to two victims under the age of 16 years old, and two counts related to two victims under the age of 18 years-old.
NEW SOUTH WALES v. B.D.Y. (2005-06). In November 2005, four teenagers -- three girls and one boy (two age 15 and two age 17) -- reported to Kempsey police that BDY had repeatedly appeared naked, exposed himself, and masturbated towards them from both the exterior balcony and the windows of his apartment. BDY was arrested, but refused to give a statement. BDY pled "not guilty", but was convicted in Kempsey Local Court in July 2006 on four counts of committing an act of indecency with another person. BDY was fined $3000.00. On appeal, those four convictions were affirmed in December 2006. However, based on BDY's record of previous "good character", that judge merely placed BDY under a "good behaviour bond" for a period of 6 months.
BDY is a life-long Jehovah's Witness. He was baptized at the age of 13, and he began serving in positions of authority when he only 18 years-old. BDY has spent most of his adult years as a Jehovah's Witness Elder, with the exception of years 2006-12, when he was "deleted" as an Elder due to him being criminally charged in late 2005. (BDY apparently served as a Ministerial Servant from 2010 until 2013, when BDY was re-appointed as an "Elder".) In recent years, BDY apparently has become a WatchTower Society "NeedGreater", who has made multiple foreign "Missionary" trips to Vietnam, and claims to be ministering to Vietnamese persons in both Vietnam and Australia.
After BDY's clearance check was denied in January 2014, BDY appealed. After this Hearing in June 2014, the Civil and Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales ordered the Children's Guardian to grant BDY a "Working with Children Check Clearance".

The Applicant relies upon five letters from members of the JW community to which he belongs, including his wife. They are not sworn. But, they testify to his character and decency and his commitment to this Church. He has been married to his wife for 36 years and they have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Unfortunately none of those people who provided references indicate any acceptance that the Applicant committed the offences for which he was convicted. All of them, though, have had close and longer term experience of him and testified to his good character. That evidence supports the Tribunal's conclusion that the offences in 2005 were inconsistent with his other conduct and out of character. ... ... ...

The Tribunal concludes that the Applicant has satisfied the onus of proof and has displaced the presumption he poses a risk to the safety of children. The reasons for this finding are: (1) The nature of the offence which did not involve close contact with any child. On the contrary, it was at a distance of 50-60 metres. (2) The particular offences are the only offences with which he has been charged in a lifetime of 57 years. (3) Mr Baron's expert evidence is the Applicant does not pose a risk to children. (4) The strength of the Applicant's religious commitment to the Jehovah's Witnesses since the age of 13, his life in the JW and the life of his family in the church impose considerable pressures and obligations on him to ensure that he complies with the morality of the Church and avoids any untoward conduct towards children. (BDY's four convictions in 2006 OBVIOUSLY proves this point.)

At the Hearing, it was disclosed that BDY has been married for 36 years and he has 3 children and 2 young grandchildren. BDY maintained that he had been a virgin when he got married, and that he has never had relations with anyone other than his spouse. As he had done at trial and on appeal, BDY DENIED that he had committed the acts for which he was convicted in 2006. BDY claimed:

I have always maintained a strict code of personal sexual morality which I have instilled in each of my three children. Such a strict code of personal sexual morality is a fundamental aspect of Jehovah's Witnesses thought, practice and teaching. ... ... I have only once [sic] instance where I had to counsel a child. This was concerning the child's obedience and respect for a parent and was done in the presence of myself, another Elder and his parent. ... ... JW does not have separate Sunday Schools or youth groups as children and young people are taught in the congregation with the adults. So far as visiting is concerned this is always done by two Elders together. ...

... For the last 7 years I have felt that I have had little or no purpose in my life as my life has been devoted to guiding people in the spiritual life. Because I have not been able to pursue my Ministry, I have been learning Vietnamese and helping establish a JW Vietnamese congregation, including trips to Vietnam. ... If I do not receive an Enabling Order from the Tribunal I will not be able to continue with my vocation in JW.

At that Hearing, BDY's legal team presented psychologist Dr. J. H. Baron to recommend that BDY receive the clearance check. Apparently, Dr. J. H. Baron was familiar with Jehovah's Witnesses, and BDY was NOT Baron's first JW patient. Here are a few selected excerpts from Dr. J. H. Baron's testimony:

"Central to [BDY's] core values in identity are his pastoral involvements within his Church community and his engagement with others in a helping role. His active affiliation with his Church community clearly provides him with a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Being barred from exercising ministry as an Elder, therefore, has a significant impact on his sense of worth and his capacity to live out his values. In recent times margins of safety are drawn widely in mane - perhaps most - religious denominations; a Working with Children check is often required even for people exercising a ministry that does not involve working with children and young people in face to face situations. My understanding is that this is also the case with the Jehovah's Witnesses who have in place robust standards of child protection. In my previous employment Forensics Psychology Services (then NSW Department of Corrective Services, Sex-Offender Programs) I had occasion to verify this in a visit to their national and regional headquarters at Ingelburn to discuss their protocols with the Executive Members of their Church; this was in relation to the supervision of one of their members who had a conviction and custodial sentence for a sexual offence, and who was about to be released into the community. As noted above they do not engage specifically in youth ministries; pastoral contacts with minors are within a family context. ... ...

Review of [BDY's] dynamic risk factors (stable and acute) his risk management strategies and his protective factors does not indicate the presence of any risk factors that could raise concerns about the possibility of further charges or convictions. [BDY] is not assessed as posing any appreciable risk to children or young people.

As STUPID as courts and judges are here in the United States, I can assure Australian readers that they are NOT this STUPID!! Any society that fails to protect its own children is a failure itself!! And, any licensed mental health professional who would swear in court that the WatchTower Society "has in place ROBUST STANDARDS OF CHILD PROTECTION" is in my worthless opinion an INCOMPETENT FOOL given the disproportionate numbers of paedophiles within the international Jehovah's Witness community --especially in Australia where the disproportion appears to be even greater. (Go to NEXT PAGE for other child abuse cases from Australia.)
NEW SOUTH WALES v. M.P.B. was a 2011-13 Australia criminal court case. In January 2011, a 71 year-old Jehovah's Witness bus driver, who lived in Liverpool, NSW, was arrested and incarcerated on multiple charges of sexual molestation filed by his 46 year-old daughter and his 23 year-old granddaughter. MPB admitted to 4 counts relating to his daughter and 3 counts relating to his granddaughter. Successfully appealing his original sentence in 2013, MPB ultimately was re-sentenced to 87 months in prison, with a non-parole period of 51 months. MPB is eligible for parole in April 2015.
MPB admitted that in 1972. while he, his wife, and multiple children lived in Picton, NSW, when his daughter was only 7 years-old, that he sexually touched her and made her sexually touch him. Sometime around 1977-79, when his daughter was 12-14 years old, MPB sexually touched her when they visited relatives who lived on the Central Coast. MPB further admitted that around 1997-2000, when his 9-12 year-old granddaughter (yes, the daughter of the above victim, which raises the question asked by all of us incest victims -- if my grandparent molested you, then why did you allow them to also molest me???) visited him from Canberra while he lived in a caravan parked on his brother's property in Ingleburn, MPB sexually assaulted her.
WESTERN AUSTRALIA v. ROBERT GRAEME CAREY was a 2002-03 Western Australia criminal court case which involved a then 41 year-old active Jehovah's Witness Minister named Robert Graeme Carey, of Bunbury, Western Australia, whom had immigrated from England around 1987. While employed as a Driving Instructor since 1997, Robert G. Carey had indecently assaulted three different 17 year-old girls while giving them driving lessons during 2001 and 2002. Robert Carey would use the excuse that an insect was crawling on them to press his hands and brush on the girl's breasts and crotch. Two of the victims were fellow Jehovah's Witnesses, who first reported Bob Carey to their JW Parents, then their local JW Elders, and finally, to the local police. Comments made by the two sets of JW Parents after the prosecution seemed to indicate that there may have been other earlier complaints of similar conduct by Carey which had long gone unheeded. In May 2003, Robert Graeme Carey was convicted of three counts of indecent assault and sentenced to 18 months in jail.
UNIDENTIFIED JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER is NOT originally from New Zealand, but rather relocated to NZ in 1999 -- to an area near Thames, Hamilton, Muriwai Beach, and the Kaipara. At some point, UJWM married or re-married to a(likely Local) JW Female who may already have had two or more children. When UJWM first relocated to NZ, he was employed as a night shift supervisor.
NEW ZEALAND v. UNIDENTIFIED JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER was a previous New Zealand criminal prosecution of the JEHOVAH'S WITNESS CHILD PREDATOR prosecuted in the following court case summary below. Time unknown. Circumstances of the discovery/revealing of crimes unknown. JW PERP was then charged with two counts of indecently assaulting a female, one count of indecent assault on a boy under the age of 12, and breach of home detention conditions. The hardass Kiwi Judge sentenced JW PERP to both "home detention" and "community work".

NEW ZEALAND v. UNIDENTIFIED JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER was a November 2014 New Zealand criminal prosecution of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS CHILD PREDATOR, whom along with his Jehovah's Witness Victims all requested that the name of the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses (within the jurisdiction of the North Shore Police Probation Centre), as well as all their own names, be SUPPRESSED.

JW MINISTER turned himself into NZ Police in May 2014. In September 2014, JW MINISTER pleaded guilty to eight counts of stupefying, five counts of indecent assault on a child, one count of indecent assault of a girl under 12, one count of indecent assault of a girl under 16, three counts of indecent assault of a boy under 16, and two counts of assault with intent to commit sexual violation. In November 2014, JW MINISTER was sentenced to 76 months in prison, and is not eligible for parole until 42 months are served.

In this prosecution, JW CHILD PREDATOR admitted to sexually assaulting SIX CHILDREN between March 2003 and September 2011. JW MINISTER likes BOTH little boys and little girls. All six victims were children of JW Family or JW Friends.

In December 2005, while babysitting a young Niece, JW PREDATOR gave her a sleeping pill so that he could assault her. Niece later had to be taken to the hospital due to the drugs effects. Perp told parents that Niece had accidentally drank his drink which contained a sleeping pill.

Two sisters, ages 10 and 12, once spent the night with JW PERP and JW Wife. JW PERP gave all three sleeping pills so that he could assault the two girls.

On two separate occasions, two different boys, age 10 and 12, spent the night with JW PREDATOR. each time he gave them sleeping pills so that he could assault them.

One boy was groomed and assaulted on multiple occasions from age seven through age 15. Oftentimes the victim was given sleeping pills or alcohol. The assaults occurred during camping and other trips, as well as at JW PERP's home.


JEHOVAH'S WITNESS UPSKIRT VIDEO VOYEUR. A name-suppressed 36 year-old Wellington, New Zealand area, married Jehovah's Witness Minister, who had been reared as a Jehovah's Witness, was arrested in March 2013 for illicitly videotaping up the skirts/dresses of more than 1000 females of all ages over a period of months dating back to February 2012. This JW Minister had altered a laptop bag to conceal a video camera. JW Voyeur also secretly installed a video camera in the bathroom of his own home, and he had also installed a camera in the home of another unidentified person in which he had such access. JW Voyeur was employed in Wellington as a New Zealand government employee at the Department Of Internal Affairs.

The JW Video Voyeur was finally caught in March 2013 when his suspicious behavior was noticed by various security staff at a Wellington department store. Security staff attempted to detain the JW Voyeur, but he denied their accusations and exited the store. Security staff tailed JW Voyeur until police arrived. JW Voyeur attempted to ditch the camera before his arrest, and again denied the allegations.

At his home, police found around 1400 recordings. Some recordings were made inside his own local Kilbirnie Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, and some recordings were even made while engaging in door-to-door proselytizing. However, most recordings were made in other public areas in and around Wellington, such as stores and libraries, during his work hours and lunch breaks. Girls from at least five Wellington area high schools were identified in the recordings. In June 2013, JW Video Voyeur pleaded guilty to a sampling of recordings taken by police. JW Voyeur received counseling for his "voyeuristic paraphilia", and was sentenced to 10 months home detention. JW Voyeur also lost his government job.

NEW ZEALAND v. KEITH ISRAEL VALENTINE was a 2008 New Zealand prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness CHILD PREDATOR with SIX PREVIOUS SEX-RELATED CONVICTIONS. In Summer 2008, while attending a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses located in the Palmerston NZ area while under an extended supervision Order which prohibited Keith Valentine from having any association or contact with persons under the age of 16, Keith Valentine went to the restroom during a meeting, and there spoke to a male minor who "knew" Valentine. One of the JW ELDERS, who were supposed to be "supervising" Valentine, belatedly entered the restroom and ended the exchange of conversation. Valentine thereafter reported himself to his probation officer, who further reported the parole violation to the court system. Keith Israel Valentine, then age 62, appeared before a Judge regarding the probation violation and was sentenced to three months in jail.
This incident illustrates the lax manner in which CHILD MOLESTERS are dealt with in the WatchTower Society's "pedophile's paradise". First, Keith I. Valentine should have been prohibited even from entering the Kingdom Hall's restroom unless accompanied by an Elder. Second, the parents in this Congregation should have been placed on NOTICE of Valentine's history as a CHILD PREDATOR, plus his probation restrictions, and they should have been INSTRUCTED to personally make sure that their child or children were never alone with Valentine in the restroom or anywhere else on the premises, and that they should never ever speak to Valentine. Third, the children in this Congregation should have been individually INSTRUCTED by both their parents and the Elders to never to speak to Valentine, nor to ever be in the restroom when Valentine was in there, nor be alone with him anywhere else on the premises.
Better yet, maybe a CHILD PREDATOR WITH SIX PRIOR SEX CONVICTIONS should be PROHIBITED from attending any meetings at the Kingdom Hall. If the WatchTower Cult feels that it owes these SCUMBAGS anything, then require the local Elders to instruct them PRIVATELY.
NEW ZEALAND v. UNIDENTIFIED SHANNON JW MALE was a 2008-09 New Zealand criminal court case which involved an unidentified Jehovah's Witness StepFather who lived in Shannon, NZ during the 1990s. JW Male was convicted of 10 counts of both SEXUAL ABUSE and PHYSICAL ABUSE committed against his Wife and his two stepsons and one stepdaughter from 1991 through 1996. JW Male was sentenced to 5 years in prison.
From the time she was 7 years-old, JW Male sexually molested his new stepdaughter. JW Male would oftentimes creep into her bedroom and touch her genitalia, and in later years, JW Male forced her to fondle his penis. The four victims testified that they were in perpetual fear of JW Male during the years that they had lived in his home in Shannon. JW Male often beat his new wife and her three children. The children who were all under the age of 14 were beaten with a kettle cord, leather belts, wooden spoons, and sticks. The effects of those years remained with the children who themselves later had problems with drugs, alcohol, and violence. The Judge proclaimed that the ABUSE of JW Male was the blame for the children's many problems later in their lives, and that JW Male had "ruined their lives". The defendant's attorney claimed that JW Male's actions stemmed from his having suffered the same/similar abuse while he himself was being reared as a Jehovah's Witness.

QUEENSLAND v. ANDREW WEST was a 2016-17 Australia CHILD PORNOGRAPHY criminal prosecution. In 2016, Andrew West, age 43, originally/currently of Biloela, Queensland (but who spent years 2000-2015 in England), came to the attention of Australian law enforcement due to his huge amount of pornography downloads -- particularly downloads of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Ultimately, Aussie police found in the home of Andrew West 14 devices containing about 3.5 million files of pornography of all types, including about 600,000 child porn and child exploitation stills and 5000 child porn videos. The TYPICALLY liberal Australia court system sentenced Andrew West to a mere FIVE MONTHS in prison.

Andrew West's defense attorney decided to use the "Jehovah's Witness defense" -- which apparently worked. Andrew West is the youngest of 7 children reared by "extremely strict Jehovah Witness parents". West alleges that until he moved to England around 2000 that his JW Parents kept him so busy performing WatchTower Cult activities that he had little time for anything else. West further alleges that there was "no love or nurturing" from his JW Parents. West indicates that he will now be the fifth of the seven children to do jail time. Readers should note that anyone reared as a strict JW who spent as much time online as once did Andrew West could have been expected to been a regular on certain other websites.

VICTORIA v. ANDREW VAN ROSSUM was a 2007-08 Australia criminal prosecution of an INTERNATIONAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHER named Andrew Van Rossum, then age 34, of Melbourne, who is a divorced Jehovah's Witness father of one daughter (porn collecting reportedly began during marriage). In August 2007, during an investigation of the international trading of child pornography, INTERPOL, in Austria, reported to Australia authorities that Andy Van Rossum was one of 78 Australians, along with 6000 persons in other countries, identified as trading internationally in child pornography. In December 2007, Australia police raided the Clayton South home of Andrew Van Rossum and located a stash of child pornography which Van Rossum had been collecting since 2003. Investigators eventually discovered 227,411 pornographic images of children, some as young as 5 years-old. Police also discovered a list of THOUSANDS of online exchanges with other child pornographers around the planet. Andy Van Rossum was sentenced to 20 months in prison, and 16 months conditional probation thereafter.
Notably, after his conviction, Andrew Van Rossum's Jehovah's Witness ex-wife went around posting all over the internet that Van Rossum had only been trying to collect "adult" porn, and that all that child porn had simply been unintentionally sent along with the adult porn. RIDICULOUS!!!! Van Rossum was SENDING and RECEIVING child porn to and from other child porn traders and collectors. And, despite the fact that Van Rossum had been caught redhanded by both Interpol and Australia Police, and he still got the typically LIGHT Australia sentence of only 20 months -- of which he likely only served a third -- the JW ex-wife proclaims that the Judge, Prosecutor, Psychologists, etc were ALL BIASED against poor little Andy, who although reared as a Jehovah's Witness, never really was one -- despite all his public affirmations.
STATE OF QUEENSLAND v. QUINLAN? was a 1994 Queensland, Australia criminal court case which involved an incestuous Jehovah's Witness Family. The 66 year-old unidentified JW Father was charged with 24 counts relating to incest and indecent assault dating back to 1960s. The 62 year-old unidentified JW Mother was charged with carnal knowledge against nature and deprivation of liberty. During this prosecution, it was learned that the incest had been revealed to the family's local JW Elders during judicial committee hearings in 1972 and in 1993-94. Elders from both hearings refused to assist in the prosecution by claiming "confidentiality" and "clergy privilege".
VICTORIA v. VICTOR WEBB was a 1990s Australia criminal court case. Victor Webb, of Bentleigh, Victoria (suburban Melbourne, Australia), was a Jehovah's Witness Minister in the Bentleigh Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Victor Webb pleaded guilty in Victorian County Court to 8 counts of indecent assault and 7 counts of incest. Victor Webb was sentenced to 10 years years in prison.
However, Victor Webb's criminal prosecution was no easy matter. Victor Webb's victim was his own daughter, Natalie, whom he began molesting when she was a young child of 3-4 years old. Fondling progressed to penetration, and eventually full sexual intercourse. This incest continued until Natalie Webb was 17 years-old. Natalie Webb kept her shame a secret until she eventually told her husband when she was 26 years-old. Natalie's husband disclosed the matter to the Body of Elders at the Bentleigh Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses after first confronting Victor Webb and giving him one week to do so himself, which Webb refused to do. Natalie Webb's husband then reported the matter to Elder Maurice Hadley, who was a close friend of Victor Webb. Initially, Natalie Webb was not believed, but eventually the Body of Elders at the Bentleigh Congregation were forced to form a judicial committee to investigate the matter, and Victor Webb eventually confessed. Victor Webb's penalty? Victor Webb was "privately reproved". Natalie alleges that she and her husband were specifically told not to report the matter to the authorities, but instead that it was their christian duty to now "forgive" Victor Webb for what he had done in the past -- things for which Victor Webb now claimed to be repentant. As a result, Natalie attempted suicide a few weeks later. Eventually Natalie and her husband went to the police, and this criminal prosecution resulted. Only after Victor Webb's crimes were made public did the Bentleigh Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses minimally "publicly reprove" Victor Webb. Victor Webb was NEVER disfellowshipped, even after he was convicted and sent to prison. Instead, Victor Webb's personal friend JW Elder Maurice Hadley told the media that he regularly visited Victor Webb in prison.
STATE OF QUEENSLAND v. LYLE SAMUEL SCHNEIDER was a 1995-2000 Queensland, Australia criminal court case which involved an incestuous Jehovah's Witness Family. In 1995, a nearly 40 year-old Jehovah's Witness Father living in Nanango was charged and convicted on eleven counts relating to the molestation of his then 14 year-old daughter. The charges included one count occurring in 1986 when the family lived in Ipswich, when the daughter was 6 years-old. The balance of the charges allegedly occurred between 1993 and 1995, when the daughter was 12-14 years old. The sexual assaults allegedly occurred when the mother was away from home on vacation, when father-daughter were traveling, when the family was sleeping, etc. On appeal, all eleven counts were quashed. Acquittal was ordered on three counts due to lack of evidence. Retrial was ordered on eight counts due to trial errors. Retrial outcome unknown.
NEW ZEALAND v. JAMES ALBERT LESLIE was a FAILED 2011-12 New Zealand CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution of an active 37 year-old Jehovah's Witness named James A. Leslie, of Waitara. In 2011, an unidentified 28-29 year-old XJW married female, who was by then living in Australia probably for reasons noted below, pressed charges against her older sister's former boyfriend, alleging that James A. Leslie had RAPED her in her own bed back in 1998 or 1999, when she was merely 14 or 15 years old.
At the time of the alleged RAPE, the Victim's family were also active Jehovah's Witnesses, and James A. Leslie apparently was "courting" the Victim's older sister. Leslie visited the family one evening to watch a televised rugby match. After having too much to drink, the then 23 year-old Leslie was asked to spend the night rather than traveling home. The Victim alleged that during the night that Leslie repeatedly got up to use the restroom, but thereafter entered her bedroom as many as 8 or 10 times, where a younger sister was sleeping in the same bed with her. The Victim alleged that Leslie began to sweet-talk her, kiss her, and fondle her during these trips, and such ultimately led to him having sexual intercourse with the minor female -- supposedly against her will.
In 2011, when questioned by a police detective, James Leslie initially denied ever spending the night at the home of the victim. However, Leslie eventually recalled the evening in question, but James Albert Leslie denied that any physical contact whatsoever occurred with the Victim. Leslie recalled that he mistakingly entered the two sisters' room one single time during his trips to the bathroom, and that he apologized for waking the victim.
The NZ Jury in New Plymouth found Leslie "Not Guilty". Typically, as a Jehovah's Witness Minister, James Leslie had had no previous legal troubles, and as multiple juries across the planet have done for decades, the NZ jury apparently gave great weight to that fact. Additionally, the Victim's own credibility was severely tarnished by a recent conviction for having DEFRAUDED an Employer.
James Albert Leslie is likely a JW Elder given that -- TYPICALLY -- the courtroom was packed with supporters from his local Waitara Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, who TYPICALLY clapped loudly and demonstrated when the "Not Guilty"verdict was announced. There was nearly a physical confrontation between Leslie's supporters and the Victim's immediate family.
NEW ZEALAND v. JOHN OLAV BEAVER was a 2006-07 New Zealand criminal court conviction of a prominent 56 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister, which is highly interesting for multiple reasons -- not the least of which is the fact that the internet seems to have been purged not only of the details of John Olav Beaver's CHILD MOLESTATION conviction and imprisonment, but purged of nearly all information regarding John Olav Beaver, who interestingly had been an employee of the NEW ZEALAND POST for 20 years. (Interestingly, when the home of John O. Beaver -- who was probably a JW Elder -- was searched by police, a large cache of pornographic photographs and magazines were discovered.) Adding to the information problem with this criminal conviction is the fact that starting from the very disclosure of John O. Beaver's crimes, Beaver's crimes against children were overshadowed by the more recent and more sensational crimes of the very VICTIM who first revealed that John O. Beaver was a child molester.
NEW ZEALAND v. ANTONIE RONNIE DIXON. Antonie R. Dixon was a career criminal who, in 2003, graduated from theft and other property crimes to the murder of one person and the attempted murder of two others, including his XJW girlfriend, after Dixon went completely CRAZY -- talking with "god", and seeing visions from "god". Dixon was found dead in his prison cell in 2009.

After his murder arrest in 2003, Antonie Roni Dixon, by then age 35, revealed that as a young child who had been reared by a devout Jehovah's Witness Mother living in Grey Lynn, New Zealand, he had been repeatedly physically and sexually abused -- including "ritual abuse" -- by his Jehovah's Witness Mother, and by other Jehovah's Witnesses members of his local congregation -- particularly the Congregation's ELDERS -- including John Olaf Beaver, who had acted as a surrogate father figure to young Dixon.

DESPITE THE FACT that the by-then jailed Antonie Roni Dixon's public disclosure about John Olav Beaver resulted in John Beaver being investigated and eventually charged with the sexual molestation of not only Antonie Dixon, but eventually two other JW Children, and DESPITE THE FACT that John Beaver PLED GUILTY to molesting Tony Dixon and the two other JW Children, and DESPITE THE FACT that one of Antonie Dixon's older sisters corroborated his testimony regarding the molestations by John Olaf Beaver during his own criminal trial, Antonie Dixon's allegations that as a child he was physically and sexually assaulted and "ritually abused" by JW Elders and other members of his local Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses have all been completely and totally dismissed as too TOO INCREDIBLE.

Interestingly, most of the online references to Antonie Dixon have been "scrubbed" of Dixon's allegations of "ritual abuse" by an entire Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and even the fact that Antonie Dixon had been reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Admittedly, many of Dixon's allegations were extremely controversial and outright unbelievable. Dixon once even claimed that his father had been "demonized", and that one of his father's demons had once left his father and "raped" a JW female. Dixon further claimed that it was that every event which led the JW Elders to force Dixon's mother to kick Dixon's father from the family's home when Dixon was six years-old. Dixon even further claimed that when his father died two years later that some of his father's demons went into his JW Mother and some went into himself. Easily dismissable as TOO INCREDIBLE -- except if you consider that the claims that actually could be proven or disprove were proven to be true!!!
STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA v. HENRICUS STEPHANUS LANDMETER (2005-06) and SOUTH AUSTRALIA v. HENRICUS STEPHANUS LANDMETER (2012-15) were two separate District Court of South Australia criminal prosecutions of a serial Jehovah's Witness child molester believed to have been either an Elder or Ministerial Servant at the time of the crimes. Born around 1938, Henricus S. Landmeter immigrated to Australia from Europe in 1968.

In 2005-06, Henricus Landmeter pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault on an unidentified 12 year-old girl during January-February 1984. At the time of the assaults, Landmeter was a married 46 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister. The victim's mother was also a Jehovah's Witness, and a longtime friend of Landmeter's wife. Mother and daughter lived alone, and were frequent guests at the Landmeter's Para Hill West home. "Uncle Harry" became the main adult male figure in the victim's life. As the victim became older, she also started to visit the Landmeters by herself. In December 1983 through February 1984, Harry Landmeter began to sexually molest the victim in a garden shed -- kissing and french kissing, then forced mutual fondling, then alleged digital penetration, then alleged external sex. Probably afraid of being reported, Landmeter confessed to his wife, and then either he or she reported the matter to the Congregation's Elders. Because Landmeter and the victim supposedly only mentioned the kissing and fondling during the judicial committee hearing, Landmeter was merely "publicly reproved" for a nine month period, which included loss of his positional "privileges". The crimes were NOT reported to the authorities. However, one of the JW Elders did testify at this trial held 22 years later. Sentence unknown.

As testimony to the righteousness of the WatchTower Society's SOP of non-reporting criminal activity within its' local congregations, in 2012, Harry S. Landmeter was again prosecuted a second time for assaulting more than 100 times a second JW child victim when that female JW child was between the ages of 7 years-old and 13 years-old, from 1988 through 1998. This time, the "defiant" Henricus Landmeter pleaded "not guilty" to three counts of indecent assault, one count of unlawful sexual intercourse, and one count of persistent sexual exploitation of a child. In August 2014, the by-then 77 year-old Henricus Stephanus Landmeter was convicted of persistent sexual exploitation of a child, and Landmeter was sentenced to six years in prison, with a no-parole period of 4 years.
Notably, this second victim was the child of another family of fellow Jehovah's Witnesses who also regularly socialized with the Landmeter family at both their own home and the Landmeter home. Notably, neither still-active JW Parent testified against Harry Landmeter at his 2014 prosecution. When this victim was around 8 or 9 years-old she had told her JW Father about Harry Landmeter's repeated inappropriate touching and french-kissing, but her JW Father blew her off -- stating that Landmeter was"just being affectionate because he loves you". When this victim was around 15 years-old, after Landmeter's assaults had ceased, she again told her JW Father what Landmeter had done to her when she was younger. JW Father told his daughter to"leave it in the hands of Jehovah. He'll sort it out." In later years, this JW child victim was eventually disfellowshipped for unknown reasons and was "shunned" by her loving, protective Jehovah's Witness Father and Mother.
STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA v. GORDON WILLIAM INSTON was a 2007-09 criminal court case in which an elderly and sick Jehovah's Witness Elder was convicted of repeatedly sexually molesting two of his granddaughters during the 1980s and 1990s. Because of his age (76), health, and the fact that he had attempted suicide post-conviction, the judge sentenced Gordon W. Inston to only four years in prison with 15 months minimum. A closer look at this already well publicized case seems to reveal much more -- read between the lines.

Granddaughters A an B were born in 1978 and 1982, and were the children of one of Gordon W. Inston's own daughters. Around 1983, A and B, their parents, and two brothers moved next door to their grandfather, grandmother, and their youngest child, a son (Gordon Inson had a total of six children). G-A alleges that soon thereafter that her grandfather started putting his hands all over her when she was frequently at the grandparent's home. Often such would occur in what could be interpreted as innocent tickling, playing, and normal handling of a child. Over the years, Inson gradually began to fondle G-A's breasts, groin, and rearend -- initially through her clothing, and eventually under her clothing. Later, G-A was digitally penetrated in both areas. The "playing" would often occur when other adult family members -- including G-A's mother and grandmother -- were not only in nearby rooms, but even while in the same room -- but NEVER when G-A's father was around. G-A also alleged that her Jehovah's Witness Elder grandfather would sometimes tell crude sexual jokes to other JW family members in the presence of A and B, and exhibit sexual behaviour in front of all.

G-B alleged that starting when she was around 4 years-old that her Jehovah's Witness Elder grandfather began to molest her using the same/similar modus operandi -- including doing so when other family members were in the same room, or nearby -- but also NOT when her father was around. However, G-B also alleged that Inson would frequently give her baths, and take photographs while doing so.

Both granddaughters alleged that at least on one occasion that they had been assaulted while on special group Congregation "field service" trips with other Jehovah's Witnesses. G-A related that when she was 11 years-old, and on a group "field service" outing, while stopped for a picnic lunch, that her Jehovah's Witness Elder grandfather came up behind her while she was getting items out of the car's trunk. Inston ran his hands up beneath her blouse and bra, and while fondling her breasts, dry-humped her rearend with his erect penis. G-B related that when she was around 7 years-old, that her Jehovah's Witness Elder grandfather came up behind her and slid his hand down the back of her skirt and panties and fondled her vagina during a similar picnic stop during a group "field service" excursion.

G-A alleged that the sexual assaults on her continued to around 1990, when she was around 13 years-old and finally old enough to realize that such was not normal behavior between a grandparent and a granddaughter. She suffered an anxiety attack when she was 15 and was committed to a hospital. G-A continued to experience emotional harm throughout her teen years into adulthood. G-B alleged that the sexual assaults on her continued until her family moved away in 1993, and thereafter when she returned to the grandparents' home for visits in 1983 and 1994, when she finally was around 12 years-old.

In 2002, G-A and G-B finally acknowledged and discussed their molestation to each other, and in 2003, on G-A's insistence, they disclosed the lessor forms of molestation to the local Jehovah's Witness Congregation. A Judicial Committee was formed and hearings held. Gordon Inston denied the granddaughters' charges, and apparently because there were no other "witnesses", Elder Inston was eagerly exonerated by his fellow Elders.

In 2007, G-A and G-B finally went to the police, which led to Inston being criminally prosecuted and found guilty by a jury on only a limited number of charges. Gordon William Inston maintained his innocence throughout the trial, and even during a subsequent failed appeal. Interestingly, Gordon Inston was supported throughout by not only his local Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, where he remained an Elder, but also by his JW Wife and youngest son, whom had been present or nearby when many of the sexual assaults occurred. G-A and G-B continue to deal with the negative consequences of years of Jehovah's Witness INCEST.

FYI: It has been publicly alleged that a longtime close Jehovah's Witness friend of Gordon Inston has been "privately" accused of incest by one of his daughters, but never reported to authorities. One can't help but wonder if there was/is a nest of Pedophiles in South Australia practicing incest and using the cover of being Jehovah's Witness Ministers to hide their criminal activity.
QUEENSLAND v. REX PETERSON was a 2006 Australia criminal prosecution of a 69 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister, who was widely known in Brisbane, Queensland as a respected Doctor of Homeopathy. In November 2006, Rex Peterson was sentenced to 3 years in prison, with all but 4 months suspended, for having sexually assaulted two unidentified brothers back during the early 1970s. Rex Peterson is NOT the only Jehovah's Witness HOMEOPATH to be convicted as a CHILD MOLESTER. See JAMES BARRATT case in the Great Britain section above.
QUEENSLAND v. BEENLEIGH JW MINISTER was a 2003-04 Australia criminal prosecution of an unnamed 33 year"heavily-involved" Jehovah's Witness Minister, who lived in Beenleigh. In March 2004, Beenleigh JW Minister was charged with digitally raping a 9 year-old boy and a 7 year-old girl while vacationing in December 2003 at the Blue Lagoon water park inside the DREAMWORLD theme park. JW Minister was also charged with assaulting five other children, as well as charged with possession of a "drug utensil". JW Minister was at the Blue Lagoon along with his JW Wife and 8 and 10 year-old children. Interestingly, at his arraignment, someone disclosed that JW Minister had visited the Blue Lagoon water park 20 times during 2003. Sounds as if there had been many, many more victims. Outcome unknown due to typically poor Australia court reporting.
See similar DISNEY WORLD case on previous page for another JW MINISTER preying on children at theme parks. In theCRIME section of this website there is also a case of a JW MINISTER who sexually assaulted a DISNEY character atDISNEY WORLD.

QUEENSLAND v. ANDRE TREWIN (2001-02) and VICTORIA v. ANDRE TREWIN (2009-10) were Australia criminal prosecutions of a serial pedophile named Andre Trewin, who reportedly had been reared in an isolated life as a member of a devoted Jehovah's Witness Family until he was 16 years-old. In 2002, when he was 24 years-old, Andre Trewin was convicted of sexually assaulting MULTIPLE children over MULTIPLE years in Queensland. The intellectually superior liberals in Queensland sentenced Andre Trewin to a mere three years in prison. The deserving Andre Trewin received early release after serving only one year. After his release from prison, Andre Trewin relocated to Victoria, where he moved in with an unaware single mother with an 8 year-old daughter. In 2010, that enlightened Mom told reporters, "A lot of my daughter's friends would come over to the house and never came back, and now I have to wonder why." In June 2009, then 31 year-old Andre Trewin fondled the sleeping 9 year-old daughter of a friend who had invited Trewin to spend the night after an evening of heavy drinking. Once again the Australian liberal judiciary lowered the boom on Andre Trewin -- sentencing him to 10 to 21 MONTHS in jail. They did finally require Trewin's lifetime registration as a sex offender.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA v. DEREK NEIL SMEDLEY was a 1998-99 Western Australia criminal prosecution and conviction of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER*** named Derek Neil Smedley, then age 44, for having repeatedly and regularly sexually assaulted his oldest step-daughter from the time she was 12 years-old until she was 16 years-old, from 1984 until 1987 -- when she became "legal" under Aussie law. (Smedley's sexual relationship with Victim1 continued until Victim1 finally discovered Smedley's "relationship" with her younger sister in 1996.) Although the younger step-daughter testified at this trial that Smedley also repeatedly and regularly sexually assaulted her from 1991 to 1996, when she was 14-18 years-old, Smedley apparently was not prosecuted for those crimes. The trial court judge sentenced Derek N. Smedley to only 5 years in prison. On appeal, that sentence was increased to 8 years, but subject to parole.

***A reader contends that Derek Smedley was never an Elder. Per the court record, Smedley was completely immersed in JW life. Smedley apparently had been reared a JW given that his family members were JWs. Smedley married the two victims' divorced JW Mother after Smedley's first wife was permitted to die rather than receiving a blood transfusion. Smedley was working the sound system at their local Beldon Kingdom Hall during one noted incident. Smedley committed a sexual assault while performing RBC work at the Northam Kingdom Hall construction. Smedley committed another assault while he and stepdaughter SURVEILLED a disfellowshipped former JW's home at night. Smedley displayed little fear of the BOE, and court record quotes even show Smedley's concern for the Beldon congregation. If Derek Smedley was never a congregation Elder some time during all those years, then he probably was a better JW than most of the Elders. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, ... . At a bare minimum, Smedley would have been a Ministerial Servant.
Derek Smedley first began to sexually fondle and molest Victim1 in 1984, when she was only 12 years-old, and before Smedley had married her mother. Victim1 began to babysit for the widowed Smedley -- sometimes overnight -- after Smedley's first wife died after refusing a life-saving blood transfusion. The first time that Smedley had full sexual intercourse with Victim1 was in 1985 -- after Smedley had married her mother. That incident occurred during off-hours at the primary school where Smedley was employed as the school's Gardener -- in the Gardener's Shed.
Victim1 also related how Smedley had sexually fondled her at nighttime in a communal tent erected at the site of the "Quick-Build" for the Northam Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, in March 1987. Victim1 also related how Smedley had given her a "love note" in 1986, while the two of them were operating the sound system from the sound box at the Beldon Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The evidence also included a letter from Smedley to Victim2, which thanked her for not ratting him out to the police. That note included this comment, "What good, would be accomplished by me being in [jail] is far outweighed by the effect on Mum & Sam, the family and the Congregation, keeping in mind Jehovah sees and knows all".
Interestingly, the trial judge noted for the record that the Smedley Family's WATCHTOWER religious beliefs and practices played a role in fostering these TWO INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIPS:
"It is clear to me from the evidence that you were living in what I recall a closed home environment; that is, a home in which you were the dominant person, and in which you exercised your dominance. It's not a matter for me how people express their religious convictions, but I note also that you were living in a home which was part of the environment of a religious group which effectively also assisted in closing off this girl from contact with the outside world. For better or for worse, that's the case. What is for worse is that you exploited that position by, over a period of time, your behaviour in expressing to her promises, lies, and in other ways you in effect seduced or, I suppose more accurately, corrupted her into this course of conduct."

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