Starting around 2001, numerous charges of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE or CHILD MOLESTATION occurring within the international Jehovah's Witnesses religious community have been published in newspapers and broadcasted on television and radio across the world. In September 2014, one British newspaper reported that just in the previous four years, 25 Jehovah's Witness Ministers had been convicted on child molestation related charges just in Great Britain (go to our Page 3). Jehovah's Witnesses have as many, if not more, sexual predators in their insulated religious community as does any other religious or social group in the world. Jehovah's Witnesses have been labeled "the most sexually repressed group of people on this planet". That attribution has caused some people to think that Jehovah's Witnesses are less likely to commit sexual crimes than other members of the general population. Growing evidence seems to point to the exact opposite.
A reader emailed us with details of an enlightening encounter that he had with two older female JWs who came knocking at his door back in Summer 2012. The literature presentation was the same old tired "we obviously are living in the 'last days' because ... ." After enumerating a laundry list of today's "evils", the Householder was finally allowed to respond -- but his response was not what the two older female JWs were expecting. Although the two female JWs had yet to identify themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses, the householder replied that, "Yes, times are bad, and some people are very evil." Householder continued that he had just recently read a newspaper article about how the WatchTower religion had just recently lost a major child molestation lawsuit out in California. Finally identifying themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses, the JW Female Duo declared that they had heard no such "news" -- thus it could not possibly be true, or they would know about such. Householder related that the "news" had been "all over the internet" only a few weeks previous. "How could both of you have missed it? Haven't any of your friends mentioned it to you" A big smile came over both JWs' faces. The two older JW females asserted that just about everything "on the internet" about Jehovah's Witnesses was all LIES. If Householder wanted to know "the truth" about JWs, then the WatchTower Society's website was the only reliable source. Householder then related that while caution should be exercised about any info found on the internet, that for the most part, he considered the internet to not only be a highly reliable source of accurate info, but to be both an invaluable and indispensable source of information to all of modern society. The two older JW females again reiterated that just about everything on the internet about Jehovah's Witnesses was LIES. Householder then asked to "what lies" were they referring. The JW Female Duo repeated, "Everything". Householder noticed that the two JWs had become especially nervous, so he continued his train of thought. "Give me some examples." The two JWs ignored the request, and even more nervously attempted to change the subject. Householder did not back down. "Surely after what you both just claimed, one of you can give me one example of a LIE on the internet about your religion, so that I can look it up after you leave and check it out for myself." After pressing the request another time or two without either JW providing even one example, the main JW female speaker finally exploded angerly, "I don't even own a computer. I've never used the internet." The second JW female sheepishly admitted the same before both JW females crawled off the property with their tails between their legs.
After reading/browsing the summarized child molestation cases on our THREE webpages, persons who are further interested in the specific issue of Jehovah's Witness Child Molestation should visit the SILENTLAMBS.ORG website, which is devoted exclusively to the issue of sexual crimes committed against children by members of the Jehovah's Witnesses community. The owner/operator of that website has been featured in multiple international news reports and documentaries broadcasted on nearly every major television network over the past ten years. He is a former Jehovah's Witness Elder who labels the WatchTower organization as a "pedophile's paradise". There is no point in my trying to duplicate what that website already does well.
However, I will post on these THREE webpages those JW court cases which other related websites have overlooked; pre-2001 court cases which occurred before other websites existed; and those post-2001 cases for which I have additional details/insights.
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JOSE LOPEZ v. WATCHTOWER SOCIETY. In October 2014, a San Diego, California trial court judge awarded Jehovah's Witness child molestation victim Jose Lopez a total of $13,500,000.00 in his civil lawsuit against the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York. The award included $3,000,000.00 compensatory damages and $10,500,000.00 PUNITIVE damages. This civil award is significant in that it is believed to be the second largest total judgement against the WatchTower Society made to a single victim of child molestation (settlements excluded). The largest total judgment of $28,000,000.00, in CANDACE CONTI v. WATCHTOWER ET AL (June 2012), also a California civil case, was split between multiple defendants, and is currently being appealed/settled for a lower amount, as will this judgment.
The following 1982 NEW YORK criminal prosecution and conviction of a prominent Jehovah's Witness Elder CHILD MOLESTER is a highly significant court case in this genre because it was this case which likely "motivated" the WatchTower Society Leadership to make the move to eliminate SWORN POLICE OFFICERS from serving as "Elders" in local congregations, where those Sworn Police Officers were privy to the Cult's various internal secrets, including criminal conduct of its growing membership, which the "FAITHFUL & DISCREET SLAVE" wanted to kept hidden from public view.
NEW YORK v. DONALD J. NICHOLSON JR was the 1982-83 New York state criminal prosecution and conviction of a POPULAR and PROMINENT Jehovah's Witness Elder named Donald Nicholson Jr., then age 45, of the Warrensburg, New York Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Donald Nicholson is reported to have served as Convention Overseer or Department Head at multiple WatchTower conventions over the years.

The charismatic and previously well-liked Donald J. Nicholson is alleged to have sexually molested multiple children of his fellow Jehovah's Witnesses over the years before finally being publicly exposed as a pedophile. It is further alleged that multiple reports of alleged molestations may have been "buried" for many years before Don Nicholson finally made the mistake of molesting the young daughter of his own congregation's Presiding Overseer, Lee Steele, who just so happened to be employed as a New York State Trooper.

Allegedly, when Lee Steele initially learned of his daughter's molestation, Steele was pressured to keep the matter within the organization and out of public view. Being a sworn Police Officer, Steele refused to "play ball" with the Circuit Overseer and other WatchTower Cult representatives as to keeping the matter within the organization, or thereafter "shaping" his testimony so as to keep the WatchTower's teachings and policies out of the matter. In June 1982, with the cooperation of Steele and others, Don Nicholson was indicted on two counts of RAPE and two counts of sexual abuse commited against two females less than 11 years-old committed during Summer 1979.

In November 1982, when alleged efforts to intimidate other local JW Elders failed, with Steele and at least one other local JW Elder agreeing to testify honestly and completely against Nicholson, Donald J. Nicholson thereafter agreed to plead "guilty" to only the two counts of sexual abuse -- for which he received a sentence of 27 to 84 months in prison. Affirmed on appeal in December 1983.


Although the WatchTower Society had taught since World War I that its members should not bear arms in the Military, it was not until immediately after this case, where the WatchTower Society was unable to control the Presiding Overseer, that the "FAITHFUL & DISCREET SLAVE" decided that it was no longer a very good idea to continue to allow Sworn Police Officers to serve as "Elders" in its local congregations. Although issued earlier, the new policy was announced to the entire public in the July 15, 1983 issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine, which stated in part:

"During these 'last days,' many employees are expected to carry a firearm. Bank or security guards, watchmen and policemen may even be required to do so to hold employment. But what of the Christian, who is obligated to 'provide for those who are his own'? ... His Bible-trained viewpoint would be different from that of worldly persons, who feel free to carry such weapons and to use them as they see fit in any dangerous situation that may arise. ... He will want to avoid bloodguilt, having in mind Jehovah's viewpoint on the sanctity of blood. ... A mature Christian should try to find unarmed employment. Some Witnesses by talking with their employer have been successful in changing to a job that does not require carrying a weapon. As the world becomes increasingly violent we can no longer regard as exemplary a brother who continues in armed employment. He could be allowed six months to make a change. If he does not make a change, he would not be in a position to hold special privileges of service and responsibility in the congregation."


WILLIAM ERNEST SCOTT v. TEXAS PRISON was a successful 2010-11 Texas federal court civil rights lawsuit filed by the "unofficial" LEADER of the 23 Jehovah's Witness INMATES at the Huntsville, Texas state prison. William E. Scott and the other 22 Jehovah's Witness INMATES complained that the prison's policy which required that the JW Inmates could only hold their WatchTower meetings if such meetings were officiated by local Huntsville, Texas JW Elders Thelbert Blume or Jeff Syret was discriminatory given that Muslim inmates were permitted to hold their religious meetings without the presence of a "freeworld" Muslim clergyman.
Interestingly, William E. Scott (DOB 2/03/1959) was convicted in 1990 on two counts of AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD. (One can't help but wonder whether the 23 inmates at this prison who are professing to be Jehovah's Witnesses anxiously looking forward to the day when they will be able to enter the WatchTower Society's "PARADISE" have more in common than just religious beliefs.) William Scott's current projected release date is June 2015, but he may have already been paroled at least once in the past.
OHIO v. JOEL EDWARD COVENDER was a 1994-2014 Ohio criminal prosecution. In April 1996, a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Joel Edward Covender, then age 27, and then of Amherst, Ohio, was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED BY A JURY of two counts each of gross sexual imposition and felonious sexual penetration for sexually molesting both his Stepdaughter, Amber Slone, (when she was around 5 to 6 years-old) and his Stepson, Joshua Slone, (when he was around 3 to 4 years-old). Joel E. Covender was sentenced to 15 to 50 years in prison. In 1997, the Ohio Court of Appeals AFFIRMED Joel E. Covender's wrongful conviction.
As best as we can put together from media reports, the false accusations of child molestation against Joel Covender began around late 1993 after the paternal grandparents of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone, and parents of the childrens' father, David Slone, discovered the then 6 year-old Amber Slone fondling the genitals of the then 4 year-old Joshua Slone. Thereafter, during multiple recorded inquiries, the then 6 year-old Amber Slone falsely described how her new Stepfather, "Daddy Joel", had been fondling her genitals since she was around 5 years-old. Joel E. Covender was formally charged in April 1994. Amber Slone later gave the same false testimony during the 1996 prosecution, along with false accusations of non-sexual physical and psychological abuse by Joel Covender to both herself and her mother, including Amber Slone falsely alleging that "Daddy Joel" even had told her that there were "demons" hiding under her bed -- all of which resulted in apparently unneccessary extensive counseling therapy for Amber Slone.
In December 2006, Joshua Slone and Amber Slone appeared at a parole hearing for Joel E. Covender, and fully/partially recanted their accusations, and asked that he be set free. Ohio's Parole Board did in fact parole Joel Edward Covender in February 2007. Thereafter, 18 year-old Joshua Slone and 20 year-old Amber Slone began to assist Joel Covender in an effort to gain a new trial. David Slone, natural father of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone, even joined the effort. In 2008, David Slone testified that he had personally "witnessed" his own Mother coaching Amber and Joshua to LIE regarding being sexually molested by Joel Covender. David Slone's testimony is especially interesting given that Joel Covender and April Covender reportedly had had to pursue David Slone for child support payments back in the 1990s -- thus the Covenders evidently had not always had a good relationship with David Slone.
In July 2007, Lorain County Judge James Miraldi granted Joel Covender a new trial, but a series of appeals ensued by both sides. Because Joshua Slone emphatically maintained that he had LIED when he accused Joel Covender of molesting him when he was a young child, the Prosecutor was forced to drop the charges relating to Joshua Slone and proceed only with the charges relating to Amber Slone Broadwater, since Amber Broadwater had simply declared that she had no present memory of being molested by Joel Covender. After seven years of multiple appeals by both sides, the new trial took place in October 2014 -- with the 2014 Prosecutor tasked with the job of proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that in 1993-94 that Joel Covender had molested two young children, who as adults were now recanting their prior accusations.
Joel Covender's basic defense, in both 1996 and 2014, was the same "defense" which was used by the WatchTower Society for decades to deflect accusations of child molestation within its midst -- children are "liars" who are easily manipulated by Satan and his earthly opposers of the WatchTower Society.
At the October 2014 trial, Amber Broadwater reportedly claimed that she had no memory of ever being molested by Joel Covender, no memory of her accusations of such, and no memory of testifiying during Joel Covender's 1994-96 prosecution. Amber Broadwater stopped short of testifying that she had lied when she accused Joel Covender of molesting her back in 1994-96, but Amber did testify that she lied lots of times during that same time period, and that she now "believes" that she was NOT molested by him. Amber Slone's Aunt testified during the 2014 re-trial that back around 2007-08 that Amber Slone had told the Aunt that she was assisting Joel Covender to rid himself of his "registered sex offender" status so that Joel Covender could have a relationship with her younger half-sister and half-brother. The Prosecutor has a tape recording of that conversation. (April Kullman-Slone-Covender-Goode married Joel Covender in Feb 1991, and had another son and another daughter with Joel Covender in 1992 and 1993. One of those children has already produced a granddaughter for Joel Covender.)
Jehovah's Witness Ex-Wife/Mother April Goode reportedly had never ever believed that Joel Covender had sexually molested her two children from her previous marriage, and because she fully supported her JW Husband, she even lost custody of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone from 1996 until 2000. April Covender divorced Joel Covender in June 2000, but April reportedly was pleased that Joel Covender was able to rid himself of all these false charges. It would be interesting to know what Jehovah's Witness connections, if any, which the Kullman, Covender, Goode, Broadwater, and Slone families had/have during this travesty of justice. Although the "Slone" Grandparents reportedly objected to their grandchildren being reared as "Jehovah's Witnesses", there are media "hints" that seem to point to some of the Slone Family having JW connections.
In October 2014, Judge James Miraldi, the same Lorain County judge who ordered a new trial for Joel Covender back in 2007, and who presided over most if not all of the local hearings held regarding such between 2007 and 2014, granted Joel Edward Covender a verdict of NOT GUILTY. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
JOEL EDWARD COVENDER v. OHIO is an ongoing 2013 Ohio civil lawsuit in which Joel E. Covender seeks unspecified damages for "wrongful imprisonment" from the State of Ohio for his conviction related to Joshua Slone's false allegations. Covender's attorney has stated that they will now file a second civil lawsuit for Covender's conviction on Amber Slone's false allegations.
TEXAS v. REGINALD TYRONE JACKSON was a 2005-07 Texas criminal court case. Reginald T. Jackson, then age 50, was arrested in August 2005 on charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Reginald Jackson was convicted in April 2007 of Indecency With a Child - Sexual Contact, and spent approximately six months in jail, and is currently a Registered Sex Offender living in Dallas, Texas.
FIVE FEMALE JW DOES v. REGINALD TYRONE JACKSON ET AL is an ongoing October 2014 Texas civil lawsuit in which Reginald Jackson is accused of sexually assaulting five different Jehovah's Witness Female Children who attended the Greenville Texas Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses during the 1980s and 1990s, where Reginald Jackson, himself the African-American father of three sons and one daughter, served as both a Ministerial Servant and an Elder. Jackson allegedly would begin molesting his victims when they were as young as 4 years-old, and continued molesting them until they were teenagers, or as available.
MISSOURI v. MATTHEW JAMES TULLER was a 2003-04 Missouri state criminal court case. In June 2003, a Jehovah's Witness named Matthew J. Tuller, age 29, of Carthage, Missouri, was arrested for child molestation after his 13 year-old sister-in-law alleged to her mother and police that her brother-in-law had sexually assaulted her hundreds of times over the course of the previous four years whenever she visited at the home of Tuller and her older sister. The victim alleged that Matthew Tuller gained her temporary confidentiality by telling her that he was in love with her. Matthew James Tuller was convicted of first degree child molestation in June 2004, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Tuller was released from prison in June 2011. Matthew James Tuller is the son of a well known Jehovah's Witness in Carthage, named Ronald Tuller, who operated Ron's Mug & Brush Barber Shop until his death in 2013.
MISSOURI v. MATTHEW TULLER was a 2006 pending prosecution in Carthage, Missouri, of "a" Matthew Tuller on charges of "promoting child pornography in the first degree". Outcome unknown. Unknown if this "Matthew Tuller" is "Matthew James Tuller".
FLORIDA v. MICHAEL ROBERT PAIGO is an ongoing 2014 Florida criminal prosecution. In September 2014, a 35 year-old married Jehovah's Witness named Michael R. Paigo, of Lake County, Florida, was arrested and jailed on two counts of  lewd and lascivious battery on a person between 12 and 16 years old. Michael Paigo is an IT professional who has been in charge of the IT operations of three south Florida banks.
Michael Paigo is alleged to have made the acquaintance of an underaged teenage girl at a Lake County Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2013. The pair started texting and calling each other, which allegedly led to the sending of "inappropriate" pictures. The victim alleges that they kissed and touched sexually on two separate occasions. Police allegedly also "stung" Paigo using the victim to telephone Paigo and getting him to admit to incriminating activity.

MISSOURI v. ROBERT J. EISENHOUER ET AL was a 2001 Missouri Supreme Court decision. This case demonstates how cooperative are Jehovah's Witness Elders and the WatchTower Society when it comes to criminal prosecutions of accused child molesters who are members of their Congregations. Missouri officials had accused a Jehovah's Witness, named Robert Eisenhouer, of Cabool, Missouri, of sexually abusing his two stepdaughters -- ages three and four.  Eisenhouer had been charged with two counts of statutory rape in the first degree, and two counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree. From their investigation, Missouri officials believed that Eisenhouer had admitted such to Richard Bloom and Charles Graham, who were elders in the Cabool, Missouri Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.
The two JW Elders apparently refused to disclose such information, so the state issued  investigative subpoenas ordering Bloom and Graham to appear at the Texas County prosecuting attorney's office and "to bring the following: any and all relevant materials, including personal knowledge, regarding State v. Eisenhower".
In response, Bloom and Graham filed a motion to quash the subpoenas. (Bloom and Graham would have been following directions from WatchTower Headquarters.)  In their motion to quash, the Jehovah's Witnesses argued that the subpoenas required them to disclose a "privileged communication" made to them in their capacity as ministers providing spiritual advice and counseling. They argued that compelling them to disclose this information violated their right to "free exercise of religion".
In response, the state argued that the Missouri law which deals with child sex abuse negated the "minister-communicant privilege" in cases of known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Together, Robert Eisenhouer, Richard Bloom, and Charles Graham, argued that the Missouri child abuse law was unconstitutional, because it violated the Jehovah's Witnesses right to "free exercise of religion".
The trial court ruled in the three JWs favor, and quashed the subpoenas. The state appealed. The Supreme Court of Missouri declined to rule on the constitutionality of the Missouri law, but affirmed the quashing of the subpoenas on the grounds that the pertinent statute permitted the subpoenas to be used to obtain only "books, papers, records, or other material."
Interestingly, the criminal prosecution has been repeatedly "continued" up until 2012. Current status unknown. Despite public expressions of outrage by the victims' mother, indications are that she and the victims have been less than fully cooperative with this prosecution.
INDIANA v. JEFFREY CHARLES BUZZARD was a 2013-14 Indiana criminal court case. In 2009, Jeffrey C. Buzzard and his newly wedded wife (his second), Stacy Alane Buzzard, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, were the subjects of multiple articles published in the general media and medical journals which chronicled Jehovah's Witness Stacy Buzzard's much heralded "miraculous" recovery after a complicated surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. Stacy Buzzard died in January 2012. Stacy Hendry Buzzard left behind a teenaged son and a teenaged daughter from a previous marriage.

In March 2013, Jeffrey Buzzard, age 43, reportedly a member of the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Edgewood Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, was arrested on five counts of child molestation and five counts of child seduction after Buzzard's 19 year-old step-daughter was voluntarily admitted to a hospital for treatment for mental health issues. During treatment, she disclosed that Buzzard had started molesting her when she was in the 4th grade, that Buzzard had started having intercourse with her during her 6th grade in school, and that Buzzard had continued doing so until she reached age 18, in June 2011. The step-daughter told police that Buzzard had threatened to commit suicide when she informed him of her plans to report him to authorities. At trial, the step-daughter described how Buzzard used her mother's terminal illness to manipulate the relationship and to trap and isolate her.

In January 2014, Jeffrey Charles Buzzard was convicted on all ten counts, and in February 2014 was sentenced to a total of 126 years in prison. Throughout his arrest and prosecution, Buzzard adamantly denied every allegation, posed himself as the actual victim, and compared his prosecution to that of the "Salem Witch Trials" -- a "typical" Jehovah's Witness.




My Jehovah's Witness Relatives have long maintained a certain degree of prestige within the local Jehovah's Witness community due to my family's JW Matriarch having professed to be "one of the anointed remnant", or, "one of the 144,000", since that distinction in the JW ranks was made by the WatchTower Society back in the 1930s.

Although "Anointed JW Matriarch" never worked outside the home, she also was well-known, or infamous, throughout the local non-JW community as a multi-decades long preacher of the WatchTower Society's "gospel". Anointed JW Matriarch was a "child" of the "Judge Rutherford" era of the WatchTower Society. She was arrested in the 1940s for preaching the WatchTower Society's "gospel" when other JWs also were being arrested. In the early 1950s, for approximately a year and a half (amusingly during the exact same time that Firstborn Son was being drafted into the U.S. Army), Anointed JW Matriarch had a monthly pro-WatchTower column published in the local newspaper, which brought her even more notoriety amongst Local non-JWs. In 1958, Anointed JW Matriarch was amongst the record-setting attendees at the WatchTower Society's much heralded International Convention held in Yankee Stadium.  

Anointed JW Matriarch reared three sons and two daughters, and sadly, many of her grandchildren --- for various reasons, including lack of parenting skills and lack of maternal and paternal instinct on the part of Anointed JW Matriarch's own children. Despite the fact that it was known that Anointed JW Matriarch liked her sons better than her daughters, only her two daughters became and remained JWs.

Both JW Daughters have repeatedly professed that they each look forward to living in the WatchTower's promised earthly paradise -- which they both believe will be co-ruled by their own Mother. Although the two daughters were reared as third-generation Jehovah's Witnesses during the far less morally corrupt 1940s-50s, Youngest Daughter became pregnant out-of-wedlock when she was only 16 years-old, in 1959. After a disastrous marriage and divorce from first Baby-Daddy, Youngest Daughter found her second non-JW husband by breaking up his first marriage. Youngest Daughter did not get baptized until 1973 -- just before Armageddon occurred in October 1975. In the early 1960s, baptized Oldest Daughter did manage to graduate from college before then stupidly marrying a JW Immigrant whom she met at a NYC WatchTower Convention, but that incompatible marriage lasted only briefly. Oldest Daughter shortly thereafter began an affair with an elderly, married non-JW work supervisor, and she was eventually disfellowshiped after the local  Body of Elders finally discovered that both Oldest Daughter and Anointed JW Matriarch had kept that first adulterous affair hidden from the congregation. Oldest Daughter thereafter began a relationship with and eventually married another much older non-JW.

Although all of JW Matriarch's grandchildren from children #2 through #5 sporatically attended the Kingdom Hall during their formative years, only three of Anointed JW Matriarch's multiple grandchildren ever became JWs, but none of the three are JWs now. None of Anointed JW Matriarch's great-grandchildren nor great-great-grandchildren ever became JWs.

Although known to be Anointed JW Matriarch's "favorite" child, her firstborn Son totally rejected not only his JW Mother's WatchTower faith, but even faith in God and the Bible. After graduating high school and attempting college in the early 1950s, Firstborn Son was drafted into the military, and volunteered as an airborne paratrooper. Afterwards, in the 1960s, Firstborn Son eventually settled his family about two hours drive from his JW Mother and siblings. However, over the following decades, Firstborn Son visited his JW Mother only infrequently, and then, only briefly.

The remainder of Anointed JW Matriarch's children married and lived locally. Anointed JW Matriarch's second oldest child, "Second Son", also never became a JW, although he occasionally attended meetings into his early 30s. Second Son earned a public reputation for sexual promiscuity during his teen years (1950s), and thereafter even into his senior years. Second Son gradually developed into a psycho-sociopath. Amongst many others, he was known to have propositioned his own mother-in-law early in his marriage, and later in life, he even propositioned at least two of his own daughters-in-law. Second Son was also believed to have occasionally engaged in sexual contact with both animals and other males during his adult years.

Third Son, ... , well let's just say that he is still living, and may eventually read this. Politely, Third Son also completely rejected his mother's WatchTower faith until the WatchTower Society forecast Armageddon for October 1975. Third Son and wife joined the JWs around 1973, but quickly became inactive as soon as it was apparent that 1975 was just another WatchTower false alarm. Third Son was eventually disfellowshipped after several years of inactivity -- for "adultery" Overall, Third Son was only slightly less "messed up" than was Second Son.

One day, about 12+ years after the death of "Anointed JW Matriarch", one of JW Matriarch's many grandsons mistakingly thought it time to reveal something that had long haunted him. Grandson revealed to Anointed JW Matriarch's Oldest Daughter -- by then a JW Pioneer -- that he had once been propositioned by Anointed JW Matriarch when he was a child.

Grandson related that when he was about 11 years old, he had spent the night at his grandparents' house. Sometime after everyone had gone to bed, and after he had fallen asleep, he was awakened and surprised by Anointed JW Matriarch crawling into bed with him. Anointed JW Matriarch, who reeked of wine, and who was dressed only in a bra and panties, snuggled up to him, and began relating an incident of fornication she had committed in her younger years. Grandson ignored Anointed JW Matriarch as much as possible, turned over and away from her, and pretended to go back to sleep. Drunken Anointed JW Matriarch soon fell asleep, and was gone by the morning.

Grandson also revealed to Oldest Daughter something else that he had never revealed to anyone. Even before he was old enough to enter grade school, he had begun to have the same nightmare that repeated itself until he was 8 or 9 years old. Even as a youngster, Grandson could never remember what about the nightmare so scared him, but only that "it" always occurred in his grandparents' bed.

JW Pioneer Oldest Daughter glared silently at Grandson as he revealed these "secrets". When he had finished, JW Pioneer Oldest Daughter proceeded to denounce Grandson as a "liar", and quickly departed in a "huff" -- never to raise the issue again, even after she did eventually start speaking to him again.

Grandson gradually repeated his "secrets" to some of his other non-JW relatives over the years. While not called a "liar" by the non-JWs, neither was there much of a reaction from them -- not even shock nor surprise. Time passed. Then, one day, Grandson not only told his "secrets" to the widow of "Second Son", but expressed his puzzlement as to why noone in the family had much of a reaction, except for JW Daughter's denunciation.

Second Son's Widow then told Grandson something that she had been keeping a secret since Second Son's death. Widow related that shortly before Second Son's gradual death, he revealed to her that his Mother, Anointed JW Matriarch, had regularly sexually molested him when he was a youngster. The molestation had even included full intercourse, which continued until Second Son reached puberty.
A clue had always been there. Anointed JW Matriarch's lifelong "pet name" for Second Son had been, "My Little Man".


JEHOVAH'S WITNESS INCEST. In the late 1970s, a family of Jehovah's Witnesses "NEEDGREATERS" moved from southern California to serve with the Mount Vernon, Kentucky Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Needgreaters are JW families who move to areas where there are few JWs, and the entire family door knocks 20-25 hours per week. Various family members -- parents and children -- thereafter regularly pioneered and regularly auxilary pioneered for years. In the latter 1980s, the newlywed husband of the last daughter to marry from this JW Needgreater family discovered that his newlywed wife was no novice when it came to sexual matters. She eventually disclosed that she and her father had been regularly having sexual relations for years -- since she was a young teen -- and this allegedly was a family practice that had involved her older sister(s), and was allegedly practiced with the knowledge of the JW Mother. The newlywed JW Husband took this information to the Mount Vernon, Kentucky Body of Elders. Incestuous JW Father, who was then a Ministerial Servant, Literature Servant, and Pioneer, reportedly lost all his "privileges" in the congregation, and was "publicly reproved", but without the reason(s) for such being publically disclosed to the other members of the congregation. In fact, inquiring members were told that Incestuous JW Father had been co-mingling funds while acting as Literature Servant. Shortly thereafter, Incestuous JW Father and Mother relocated themselves and their residential carpet cleaning business to Corbin, Kentucky -- a small southeastern Kentucky city only 40 miles away. No report was ever made to California nor Kentucky authorities, despite the fact that in succeeding years that numerous JW Elders in neighboring southeastern Kentucky congregations were told of this criminal scenario.


That was not the last time that the Body of Elders at the Mount Vernon, Kentucky Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, concealed criminal activity of a sexual nature committed by one of their members from local and state law enforcement. In 1998, a married 23 year-old Jehovah's Witness Husband-with-baby was caught by his JW Wife carrying on a casual sexual affair with the 13 year-old granddaughter of their elderly non-JW female neighbor.Rockcastle  JW Husband had somehow become acquainted with the 13 year-old girl while employed by one of the local JW Elders, whose home and contracting business were located next door to the home of the teen and her grandmother. Shortly after switching employment, Rockcastle JW Husband and family moved to a house which also was next door to the home of the non-JW GrandMother and her granddaughter. It is not known if the sexual affair began while JW Husband was working for JW Elder, or later, after Rockcastle JW Husband moved next door. However, when JW Wife went crying to the Body of Elders with the news of Rockcastle JW Husband's infidelity, JW Wife told the BOE that she had already had multiple conversations with the 13 year-old's GrandMother regarding the situation. Presumably to determine the extent of the spread of bad publicity, and the possibility of conducting damage control, JW Elder hurried to meet with the non-JW grandmother, first, and then later, with other JWs to whom JW Wife had blabbed before warned against such by the BOE. Whatever JW Elder did or said during his meeting with non-JW GrandMother is not known, but the end result was that the crime was not reported to authorities, and local JWs were tactfully advised not to spread knowledge of the crime any further. Eventually, Rockcastle JW Husband was merely "privately reproved" for this minor indiscretion of committing statutory rape.

The result - results? In August 2001, 25 year-old Rockcastle Husband was arrested, investigated, but ultimately not prosecuted for attempted sexual assault on a sleeping 17 year-old female non-relative, who along with a teenage female relative of JW Wife, had been spending the night at his home.

In late 2004, 29 year-old Rockcastle Husband was arrested and indicted on charges of "rape of a child less than 14 years of age" after his wife's 13 year-old cousin, whom had been temporarily living with them, revealed to a school friend that Rockcastle Husband and she were involved in an ongoing sexual affair. That school friend reported what she had been told to her own Baptist Pastor, who, unlike Jehovah's Witness Ministers, immediately notified the authorities. After having spent 53 weeks in county jail, the local Prosecutor allowed 30 year-old Rockcastle Husband to plead guilty to "unlawful transaction with a minor, second degree", in exchange for "time served", after the recently divorced 30 year-old Rockcastle Husband's new "fiance" refused to further cooperate in the prosecution of her "rape".


KENTUCKY v. DANIEL MUDGE was a 2006-7 Kentucky criminal court case which involved Daniel Scott Mudge, age 25, of Danville, Kentucky, in Boyle County, Kentucky. Given that Daniel S. Mudge is the son of prominent Jehovah's Witness Elder, Donald Mudge, a/k/a Don Mudge, whose status as a Jehovah's Witness Presiding Overseer and Special Pioneer has been featured in multiple media articles in New York as well as Kentucky, including one that indicated that he and his son were "partners" in Super Clean Carpets Inc., it is likely that Dan Mudge was also a JW Elder at the time. Notably, no mention was made of Mudge's status as a Jehovah's Witness Minister in the local media's extremely abbreviated coverage of this criminal matter. (A now-retired prominent local JW Elder may still have been employed at the time by the entity that reports/controls news for that area.) In June 2006, the married-with-child Daniel Mudge traveled to an adjacent county to meet a 15 year-old female for sex. Mudge was highly disappointed when he was met by law enforcement officers, who informed him that he had been communicating via computer with a police sting operation. In January 2007, Mudge pleaded guilty to charges of criminal attempt to unlawfully transact with a minor under 16, and distribution of obscene matter to a minor (certain photos of himself). Mudge was sentenced to five years in prison, but did not serve the entire sentence. Notably, Dan Mudge had served only one day in local jail prior to prison sentencing, which indicates that someone hurried to bail him out of jail when he was initially arrested.


KENTUCKY v. GEORGE VERNON was a 1992-3 Kentucky criminal court case involving a Jehovah's Witness Elder or MS named George Vernon, of the London, Kentucky Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, in Laurel County, Kentucky. In the late 1980s, George Vernon befriended the three children (two boys and a girl) of a single JW Mother (an elementary schoolteacher) in the London congregation, supposedly due to there being no fatherly presence. At some point thereafter, one or more of the children told the JW Mother that Vernon was touching them inappropriately. The JW Mother reported this to the local Elders, but Vernon denied such. When the Elders told JW Mother that Vernon had denied such, and no more could be done, JW Mother mentioned reporting such to the local police. However, the Elders warned JW Mother that she could be disfellowshipped (excommunicated) for defaming Vernon. Thereafter, JW Mother and family were allegedly "marked" and shunned within the congregation. Much later, the "touching" was reported to a school authority by one of the children. The school dutifully reported the matter to the police, who investigated and charged Vernon. The local Prosecutor thought that he had a slam-dunk case. That was, until the trial. The Prosecutor got little if any cooperation from anyone other than the victims and their mother. Each session, the seats behind Vernon were packed with local JWs supporting him; with the seats behind the victims being nearly empty. Vernon was ultimately convicted on a lesser charge that resulted in only one year in county jail. Afterwards, the Prosecutor naively sent a futile letter to the WatchTower Society outlining the injustices at the hands of the local JWs that had occurred during the investigation and  prosecution, along with his disgust.


KENTUCKY v. THOMAS DEWAYNE STRATTON was a 2010-11 Kentucky criminal court case. Thomas D. Stratton, age 37, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, was indicted by a Mercer County Grand Jury, in November 2010, on the charge of first-degree sexual abuse, for allegedly subjecting a girl under the age of 12 to sexual contact, between January and June of 2010 (rumored to have been Stratton's step-daughter). In July 2011, in what was probably a plea deal, Thomas Stratton was sentenced to four years in prison on the amended charge of second-degree unlawful transaction with a minor. Apparently, noone had bailed Stratton out of county jail given that he received credit for 266 days served.


SOUTH CAROLINA v. CLIFTON REED JR was a 2008-09 South Carolina criminal court case which involved an African-American male Jehovah's Witness, named Clifton Reed Jr., aka Reed Clifton Jr., then age 28, who apparently was originally from the New York City area, and whom may currently be living in NYC, or elsewhere. In February 2008, Clifton Reed was arrested on charges of Obscene/Criminal Solicitation of a Minor. Interestingly, Reed had made the acquaintance of a 14 year-old female minor while attending a Jehovah's Witnesses "Get-Together" held in Charleston, South Carolina, which had been held two months earlier back during the Christmas - New Years holidays. Thereafter, the 27 year-old Reed began communicating with the 14 year-old teenager via text, telephone, and social media. Those communications rapidly evolved into solicitations for sex with the minor. The teenager reported the inappropriate communications to her JW Parents, who in turn reported Reed to local police. Clifton Reed was convicted in March 2009, and apparently served an unknown short jail or prison term. Clifton Reed Jr. is supposed to be a registered sex offender, but his current residence is unknown.


FLORIDA v. FRANCIS CHRISTOPHER WONG was a 2012-13 Florida criminal court case which involved a Fort Myers, Florida, Jehovah's Witnesss Elder named Francis C. Wong, who is of Chinese heritage. From 2001 to 2011, Francis Wong reportedly molested seven or more young males, ages 11 through age 17, who attended the same Cape Coral Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. In January 2012, Wong, age 41, was arrested on multiple charges of lewd and lacivious behavior. After spending only one day in jail, Wong was released on bond, but thereafter fled to Brooklyn, New York. Wong was eventually caught, and in November 2013, Francis Wong was convicted of multiple counts of lewd or lascivious molestation, and battery. Wong was sentenced to life plus 60 years.


OKLAHOMA v. STACEY GARRETT BEGAY and OKLAHOMA v. TERRY D. BEGAY were related 2011-12 Oklahoma criminal court prosecutions. In April 2011, Tahlequah, Oklahoma police rushed to the rental home of Stacey Begay and Terry Begay after neighbors heard gunfire. There, Tahlequah police discovered that Terry Begay had fired a 9mm pistol four times at her husband, Stacey Begay, and once at her own 16 year-old daughter. Neither were struck by the shots -- although four bullet holes were found in the walls, and another in a couch. Terry Begay told police that she had just returned home and discovered her husband and her daughter engaging in sexual activity. Stacey Begay, age 46, was arrested on child abuse charges, while Terry Begay, age 46, was arrested on multiple assault charges. Stacey Begay later admitted that he and his "adopted" 16 year-old daughter had been engaging in sex for about five months.

The local Okie Prosecutor dropped the assault charges against Terry Begay, and gave her immunity, in exchange for her testifying in the prosecution of Stacey Begay. However, during the September 2012 trial, Terry Begay refused to uphold her side of the bargain, and she was arrested and charged with perjury. Outcome unknown.

At the September 2012 trial of Stacey G. Begay, not only did Terry Begay refuse to testify against her husband, but Stacey Begay recanted his earlier confession, and claimed that he did not remember making the confession, and that he had signed the confession while in a "zombie state", while on unspecified "medication". Presently, not only do Stacey and Terry Begay now claim that their "adopted" daughter was lying about having had a sexual relationship with Stacey Begay, but even that "adopted daughter" has now recanted her previous statements, and says that there was no sexual relationship.

Despite such, Stacey Garratt Begay was convicted by a jury of his peers. In November 2012, Stacey G. Begay was sentenced to 30 years in prison, where he will have to serve at least 85% of the sentence. Interestingly, three members -- probably the "Elders" -- of the Tahlequah, Oklahoma Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses submitted positive "character" statements to the court on behalf of Stacey Begay. According to the pre-sentence report, Stacey G. Begay asked the court to consider his plea for parole so that "I can keep on doing Jehovah’s will."


CALIFORNIA v. CHARLES JONES (1991) and CALIFORNIA v. CHARLES JONES (1996-2012). Described as "very religious", Charles Jones has been a Jehovah's Witness since 1980. Jones has testified at trial that he considers his WatchTower religion to be "very important in his life". At least two psychologists have also labeled Jones a "pedophile", and the state of California has adjudged Jones to be a "Sexually Violent Predator". Jones has repeatedly blamed his personal problems on a dysfunctional marriage, including the fact that his wife was not a Jehovah's Witness, and the fact that his own WatchTower religion discouraged him from divorcing her. Jones has admitted to one psychologist that as early as 1985 that he would visit public swimming pools in order to "touch" young children. Jones' first pedophilia-related prosecution came in 1991, when he molested a 4 year-old girl at an apartment complex, while working at his window blind cleaning business. Jones was convicted of that assault, as well as on charges that he exposed himself to another 7 year-old girl and a 3 year-old boy during that same assault. Jones was sentenced to one year in jail, probation, and mandatory counseling.

Jones claims that at the time of the 1991 offense that he was then "disfellowshipped" because of his habit of visiting prostitutes due to his wife's failure to maintain a normal sexual relationship with him. Jones was "reinstated" in 1994, and Jones was encouraged to begin participating in door-to-door recruiting. In 1996, while still on probation from the 1991 offense, and while continuing to receive court ordered counseling, Jones molested a five-year-old girl while cleaning window blinds in that girl's home. Jones was sent to prison for a total of six years for that offense. Jones chose to stay in county jail at the end of his prison sentence, rather than be transferred to a state hospital where he would receive treatment for his mental illness. In November 2007, the DA filed a petition for Jones's commitment under California's Sexually Violent Predators Act. The trial court determined that Jones was an SVP. The court committed Jones to the Department of Mental Health for treatment and confinement in a secure facility for an indeterminate term. In February 2012, the California Court of Appeals affirmed that Jones was a SVP, but remanded Jones' case back to trial court on the issue of length of confinement.

Interestingly, similar to the CARY VERSE case summarized below, Charles Jones has indicated that if he is released that he plans to reside with a fellow Jehovah's Witness in Coalinga, California, and that he has arranged for a job and a circle of support in Fresno. Jones claims that he last went house-to-house to share his WatchTower beliefs in 1994 or 1995, but says that he does not think he would reoffend if he went door-to-door in the future -- because the "brother" with whom Jones would go out in service would supposedly be informed of Jones' history of child molestation.


COLORADO v. ZURI-KYE LATIFBAY McGHEE and COLORADO v. SOLEDAD McGHEE (Outcome unknown.) were related 2005-06 Colorado state SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER prosecutions. Appeal denied by Colorado Supreme Court in 2010. In August 2006, Zuri-Kye Latifbay McGhee, of Aurora, Colorado, was convicted of 63 sexual assault related charges involving 18 boys and one girl between the ages of 9 and 16, from 2000 until his arrest in July 2005. McGhee was sentenced to 508 years, and barring a miracle, he will never be released from prison.

Zuri McGhee, age 32, was an effeminate African-American male, WHO WITH THE HELP OF HIS MOTHER, Soledad McGhee, age 54, posed as an early-teens male in order to make the acquaitance of, and entrap, his young victims. Zuri McGhee dressed like a teenager, rode bikes and skateboards, played videogames, hosted sleepovers at his own apartment, and hosted parties at motel rooms. He even once dressed up like Michael Jackson during Halloween. Soledad McGhee allegedly also introduced her son to two families with young boys, and even would drive her adult son to overnight sleepovers at the home of child victims. Soledad McGhee was herself also charged with 4 counts of sexual assault.

NEW MEXICO v. ZURI-KYE LATIFBAY McGHEE was a previous 1998 CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution. Prior to relocating to Aurora, Colorado, in April 1999, McGhee was charged with 23 counts of "criminal sexual contact with a minor" in his hometown of Roswell, New Mexico. Those charges involved 6 youthful victims. However, the Roswell Prosecutor allowed McGhee to plead guilty to "contributing to the delinquency of a minor", and McGhee served less than 11 months in jail, and came out with no sex offender record. This is why some Prosecutors will also serve time in HELL.

At the Colorado trial, McGhee's defense attorney attempted to use the "Jehovah's Witness Defense", but the jury did not buy into such. McGhee's attorney claimed that McGhee was a "lost soul" who had been psychologically and emotionally damaged by his upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness. McGhee's unidentified older sister confirmed to reporters that they both had been reared as JWs by Soledad McGhee back in Roswell, NM. The sister even told reporters that when her ex-husband learned that McGhee was relocating to Aurora to live with her, that the (JW?) ex-husband filed a restraining order to keep McGhee away from HIS KIDS.


WASHINGTON v. JASCHA GABRIEL KOZELISKY was a 2002 state of Washington criminal case. According to state records, Jascha G. Kozelisky was convicted (possibly a plea bargain) of fourth-degree assault in 2002. Reportedly, Kozelisky had assaulted (non-sexual) a young female child. (Some former members of Josh Kozelisky's congregation have publicly alleged that the "original" charge/investigation was "sexually-related".)

WASHINGTON v. JASCHA G. KOZELISKY is an ongoing 2008-2012 state of Washington criminal case. In December 2007, then 34 year-old Jascha Kozelisky was caught molesting an "unidentified" ten year-old female (possibly Kozelisky's niece), in her own bedroom, which apparently was located in another residence also located on the same property where Kozelisky resided. Kozelisky was caught by an adult female identified only as the "victim's mother" (possibly Kozelisky's aunt). Allegedly, the victim's mother instructed her young daughter not to tell anyone about the molestation. Thus, it is unclear exactly how authorities were alerted to the ongoing molestations. Reportedly, the later police investigation revealed that Josh Kozelisky had molested the ten year-old female approximately 10 times -- starting when she was only nine years-old.
Reportedly, after a local newspaper published an article about Kozelisky, five persons approached local law enforcement to report that they knew of other young girls who had claimed that they had been molested by Kozelisky, but the people whom those young girls had told about their molestation had failed to report those allegations to law enforcement.
In June 2008, Jascha Gabriel Koselisky, of Port Townsend, Washington, was allowed to "plead guilty" to second-degree child molestation. Stating that Kozelisky was a "perfect candidate" for Washington's Special Sex Offender Alternative Sentencing program, Judge Craddock Verser sentenced Kozelisky to a mere six months in county jail, and thereafter to undergo sex offender treatment for three years. Judge Verser even approved Kozelisky for "work release". Koselisky possibly served only 30 days in jail. Why was Josh Kozelisky worthy of such leniency? Kozelisky was a Jehovah's Witness -- possibly a Ministerial Servant or even an Elder at one time. According to state records, Jascha Kozelisky is a partner with his father, Jaime Kozelisky, at Kozelisky's Home Service, Inc. Jaime Kozelisky was at one time the Presiding Overseer at the Port Townsend, Washington Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jascha Kozelisky was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Kozelisky was allowed to move back to the family compound in October 2010. The "victim's mother" was even appointed as Kozelisky's "supervisor". In November 2011, Josh Kozelisky was arrested on charges of violating the terms of his probation/supervision after the 2008 victim, now age 14, reported that Kozelisky had started entering her bedroom, which she shares with her five year-old sister, without the required supervision of her mother. The "victim's mother" allegedly knew of the repeated violations, but failed to report such to authorities. Jascha Kozelisky faces only another 15-21 months in jail per the terms of his 2008 plea bargain. He will also receive credit for the 30 days jail time served in 2008.
Some former members of Josh Kozelisky's congregation have publicly alleged that this is actually the second "pedophile scandal" which has recently occurred at the Port Townsend, Washington Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It has been alleged that in the mid-1990s, another ELDER confessed to the local Body of Elders to having had sexually molested his own nephew -- assumed to have also been a member of this congregation. It is further alleged that that Child Molestor was NOT reported to police, but simply made to "step down" (resign) as an Elder, and for his home to no longer be used as one of the congregation's "Book Studies".


TEXAS v. ROBERT ALLEN LEE was a 1992-1997 Texas criminal court case. In February 1993, Robert A. Lee, age 43, was indicted for aggravated sexual contact with a child under 14 years of age. Pursuant to a plea bargain agreement, Robert Lee pleaded guilty to the reduced offense of sexual assault. Lee was sentenced to 10 years in prison, probated for 8 years, and a small fine. Bob Lee was released from prison in April 1995 under multiple terms of probation, including that he have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

In June 1995, Lee reported to his probation officer that he was spending two days per week in field service activity. Lee stated that he was going door-to-door in residential neighborhoods and "witnessing" as a Jehovah's Witness, along with other members of his JW congregation. Lee refused to identify the neighborhoods; refused to specifically define "witnessing", and refused to identify the JWs who accompanied him. Lee's probation officer concluded that through these activities Lee could come into contact with children in violation of a condition of his probation. Upon receiving the probation officer's report, the trial court conducted a hearing and ordered Lee to stop witnessing door-to-door. However, Lee was told that he could continue "witnessing" in places where there were no children, such as nursing homes.

Lee supposedly stopped witnessing door-to-door, but began witnessing by telephone. Lee's probation officer then became concerned that Lee might be telephoning children. In July 1995, Lee refused to answer questions whether he was having contact with children, and Lee also refused to answer questions about his telephone witnessing activities -- contending that his "witnessing" was none of the probation officer's business. For those, and other probation violations, Lee's probation was revoked, and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. On Lee's appeal, the Texas Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's sentence, stating in part:

In applying the three Simpson factors for determining whether probationary conditions are valid to a determination of whether [probation officer's] questions were valid, we note that [probation officer's] questions regarding appellant's religious activities, although probably poorly phrased, were directly related to the crime of sexual assault, were directly related to criminal conduct, were designed to prohibit conduct that was reasonably related to future episodes of sexual assault, and served the statutory ends of probation that appellant successfully complete his probation without committing further acts of sexual assault. [Probation officer] was attempting to determine whether appellant was complying with the condition of his probation prohibiting contact with minors. Restricting a sex offender's right to roam residential neighborhoods and telephone strangers contributes significantly both to the rehabilitation of the convicted person and to the protection of society.

In applying Simpson's analysis of this issue to our case, we note that [probation officer's] questions did not relegate to a nonjudicial officer the unrestricted right to make appellant's religious decisions, were not subjective and ambiguous, and did not exceed the diminished expectation of privacy of a probationer allowed to remain at conditional liberty after conviction of a crime. Any convicted sex offender can expect questions from his probation officer regarding his or her contact with minors, even if this contact is made in connection with "religious activities." ... ...

In applying the Macias factors to [probation officer's] questions, we note that [probation officer's] questions were reasonably related to the purposes of probation because they were designed to provide [probation officer] with information necessary to determine whether appellant was contacting minors in violation of a condition of his probation. [Probation officer's] questions also advanced the probationary purposes of protecting society from the wanderings of a sex offender and deterring appellant from using his religious activities as a means for finding potential victims. We conclude that application of the analyses of both Simpson and Macias to this case leads to the reasonable conclusion that [probation officer's] questions were not unduly intrusive into appellant's religious freedom.


CALIFORNIA v. MICHAEL JAMES SMITH is a 1994-2011 ongoing California case involving a Jehovah's Witness named Michael J. Smith. In 1994, Michael Smith was charged with 56 counts stemming from his molestation of four boys in their early teens. Smith met all of his victims through his painting business. In each case, Smith "groomed his victims" by offering them employment, and then befriending them, buying them gifts, taking them on trips, and inviting them into his home. After establishing a trusted relationship, he would molest the boys. Smith pled guilty to 2-3 counts against each of the four victims; and in exchange, the remaining 45 counts were dismissed, and Smith was sentenced to 21 years in state prison.

In May 2005, Smith was released from prison and placed on parole. One of the conditions of parole was that he not have contact with anyone under the age of 18 without the permission of his parole officer. Smith secured full-time employment as a parking lot attendant manager. Smith attended a relapse prevention sexual offender treatment program three times per week. As a Jehovahs Witness, Michael Smith also attended a Napa County Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses at least three times per week.

In December 2005, Smith's parole officer gave permission for Smith to move to an apartment building where there were children. In February 2006, while doing some painting for his landlord, Smith paid an 11 year-old neighbor's boy to help him paint. Thereafter, Smith started buying the boy presents and inviting him to Smith's apartment. In July 2006, the boy's parents finally learned that Smith was a registered sex offender, and advised Smith's parole officer about Smith's relationship with their son. While being detained for his parole violation, a petition to commit Smith as an "Sexually Violent Predator" was filed. At the conclusion of a five-day court trial, the court found that Smith qualified as an SVP, and committed Smith to the custody of the Department of Mental Health for an indeterminate commitment. Smith's attempts to be released have thus far been unsuccessful.


CALIFORNIA v. DANE SCOTT is an EXTREMELY INTERESTING 2001-11 California criminal court case. From Summer 1999 until Summer 2000, Dane "Scotty" Scott worked with fellow Jehvah's Witnesses Jose X and Elder James McQueen at the same Santa Clara, California home improvement company, which was owned by Jehovah's Witnesses, and whose employees were mainly Jehovah's Witnesses.

In December 1999, then 39 year-old Jehovah's Witness Dane Scott "coincidentally" met a 12 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named "Jamie" at a Santa Clara Mall. Starting a few days later, Scott began visiting Jamie's home while her JW Parents were at work. Scott would leave Jamie small amounts of money after she allowed him to fondle her. Over the next 12 months (2000-2001), the sexual conduct gradually progressed to full intercourse. Jamie's JW Mother caught her with a pregnancy test kit in January 2001, and Jamie revealed the affair. Interestingly, it took three days for Jamie's JW Mother to call the police. After a month of investigation, Scott was arrested in late February 2001. By the time this case went to trial in November 2001, Jamie already had been impregnated by some other male.

In July 2000, then 40 year-old Dane Scott, who had by then changed employment, stopped by the home of former co-worker and fellow Jehovah's Witness, Jose X, during the middle of the afternoon. Jose X's 14 year-old daughter Sandra supposedly told Scott that her father was not home and went back to drying her hair after a recent shower. Coincidentally, only a few minutes later, Sandra went into the backyard to pick up after the family's two pitbulls, where Sandra found Scott sitting -- with at least one the family's two pitbulls present. Sandra supposedly ignored Scott, and began picking up after the pitbulls. Scott supposedly embraced Sandra from behind for about five minutes, while fondling her breasts and rubbing his erect penis into her backside. While one of pitbulls watched, Scott dragged Sandra into the garage, forced her onto a couch, and began unbuckling his pants. Sandra then summoned the pitbull, so Scott let her go. Sandra ran into the house, locked the door, and woke up her sleeping JW Mother. Sandra told JW Mother that Scott "had tried to embrace her". Mother and Sandra locked all the doors and windows as Scott went around trying such and hollering for Sandra to come out. JW Mother telephoned Jose X at work, and told him only that Scott was at their house, and was acting strange. Jose X arrived quickly as Scott walked down the driveway. Scott simply hung his head as Jose X chastised him for coming to his house when Scott knew he wasn't there, and scaring his wife and child. Scott was ordered never to return.

Jose X reported Scott to the JW Elders at Scott's Santa Clara Kingdom Hall. Former co-worker Elder James McQueen and Elder Sal Palma met with the family to investigate whether "porneia" had occurred. Sandra reported only that Scott had touched her breasts through her clothes as he embraced her from behind. Sandra denied any direct contact with her breasts or genitals, and did not tell them that Scott had pulled her into the garage. After discussing the matter, and feeling that the matter had been solved by Jose X's ordering Scott to stay away, the two JW Elders and two JW Parents decided not to call the police, and Elder James McQueen even destroyed his notes.

Although Dane Scott was arrested in February 2001, Santa Clara Police did not learn about the "Sandra Incident" until August 2001, when Sandra disclosed the incident to her "psychotherapist". Sandra and her family, and probably every JW in the greater Santa Clara area, knew that Scott was in jail for his affair with Jamie -- the 12-13 year-old Jehovah's Witness. Although Sandra told her psychotherapist that Scott was in jail, and the Jamie affair was discussed with her psychotherapist a week later by both Sandra and her JW Father, at trial, Sandra testified that she did not know that Scott had been jailed for his affair with Jamie until some time after those meetings with her psychotherapist.

At the November-December 2001 trial, for the "Jamie Affair", Dane Myron Scott was convicted of three counts of lewd touching, one count of digital penetration, and one count of sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 14. For the "Sandra Incident", Scott was convicted of one count of lewd touching and one count of misdemeanor assault. Because Scott had four prior convictions for residential burglary and possession of stolen property, and had served two prior prison sentences (before being hired by the Jehovah's Witness Home Improvement Company),California's "three strikes' law kicked in. Scott was sentenced to prison for 100 years to life, and more. Scott's conviction and sentence was affirmed in 2004 by the California Court of Appeals, and he is still "appealing" in 2011.


MISSOURI v. CLARENCE BOUSE was a 2002-2004 Missouri case in which Clarence K. Bouse was convicted of three counts of attempted sexual misconduct involving a child for transmitting a series of six photographs of his genitals via the internet. In November 2001, Clarence Bouse, then age 38, and then working for the Sedalia, Missouri school system, thought he was emailing the photos to a 13 year-old girl living in Livingston County, Missouri, but was in fact exchanging emails with the Sheriff of Livingston County. Bouse made plans with "Carrie" to meet so that they could engage in sex. He also e-mailed several pictures of unidentified couples engaging in sexual activity. Bouse and Carrie eventually made plans to meet at a motel on November 16, 2001, and on November 19, 2001. Bouse, however, never showed up at the motel on either of the planned dates.The state charged Bouse with two counts of attempt to commit statutory rape in the first degree, two counts of attempt to commit statutory sodomy in the first degree, and three counts of attempt to commit sexual misconduct with a child. Bouse waived a jury trial. At the conclusion of the state's evidence, the circuit court granted Bouse's motion for judgment of acquittal on the attempted statutory rape and attempted statutory sodomy counts. The circuit court found Bouse guilty of three counts of attempted sexual misconduct with a child. Bouse's conviction was upheld on his appeal, which mainly dealt with the then poor wording of the relevant Missouri statutes.

Although it is not known if they are one and the same individual, in 1993, a Jehovah's Witness, named Clarence Bouse, of Harrisonville, Missouri(two counties west of Sedalia, Missouri) filed a federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination against Capital Cities ABC Inc. and its' newspaper subsidiary, The Kansas City Star, which had fired Bouse from his job as a pressman, in June 1992. (Did Bouse receive his "pressman" training at the WatchTower Society's world headquarters, as have a multitude of former Bethelites who have gone to work for newspapers after leaving "Bethel"???) 


VIRGINIA v. PAUL SUTHERLAND was a 2011-12 Virginia criminal court case. In April 2012, Paul Sutherland, age 46, of Lebanon, Virginia, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of carnal knowledge of a minor and three counts of forcible sodomy related to his having sexually molested his youngest daughter over a lengthy period of time. In May 2012, Sutherland was sentenced to 90 years in state prison, of which, 45 years must be served. Two to four local JWs reportedly testified on Sutherland's behalf during the sentencing phase of the trial.

Local JW leaders attempted to claim that Sutherland was merely a recent convert, whose recent conversion led him to ceasing the molestation. However, other locals have alleged that Sutherland's wife and other family members were longtime Jehovah's Witnesses, and that Suherland had "been around" the WatchTower religion for several years. Interestingly, they also allege that the molestation had continued throughout Sutherland's "conversion", and for eight months thereafter, until the molestation was finally made public after Sutherland and his wife separated -- possibly after JW Wife discovered that Sutherland had a girlfriend on the side.


MISSOURI v. JIM MAZUR was a 2005-07 Missouri state criminal court case. In June 2005, Jim N. Mazur, then age 63, who then lived in Missouri Valley, Iowa, was charged in Taney County (Branson), Missouri with statutory sodomy relating to the February 2005 molestation of his 7 year-old granddaughter while he and his wife, Bonnie Mazur, visited overnight at the home of a son living in Branson. In June 2007, Mazur pleaded guilty to an amended charge of first degree child molestation, and was sentenced to five years in state prison. Mazur served less than his full sentence. After Mazur's release on bond after arrest, and until time of trial, Mazur allegedly lived with Jehovah's Witness in-laws in Blair, Nebraska -- allegedly a JW Elder and Elderette. This court case was submitted by a tipster who alleges that Jim Mazur was a longtime JW Elder (for several years the Presiding Overseer at the Fort Scott Kansas Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses) who is a member of a large extended, multi-generation family of Jehovah's Witnesses (including family names other than Mazur) who have held prominent Elder and Presiding Overseer positions in Jehovah's Witness Congregations and WatchTower circuits located in Missouri, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and possibly other western states. A second tipster insider alleges that this large, extended MAZUR Family of prominent JW Elders and JW COBEs has multiple secret alchoholics and multiple secret child molestors which has resulted in many of the family's children being "messed up" as adults, plus alleges that there even has been at least one suicide by a family incest victim. Additional documented info welcomed.


KEVIN ROY v. LAKE COUNTY JAIL, ET AL was a 2009-2010 Indiana federal court case. Kevin Roy, approximately age 50, and confined in the Indiana Department of Corrections, filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Lake County Jail officials violated his right to practice his WatchTower religion while he was confined at the jail as a pretrial detainee for nine months in 2007-2008. In 2010, the USDC denied the defendants' motion for summary judgment. Here is a pertinent excerpt:

Roy alleges that the defendants prevented him from practicing his religion while he was at the Lake County Jail. He specifically asserts that he is a Jehovah's Witness, that jail officials would not allow Jehovah's Witnesses to conduct group worship in the jail chapel even though other denominations were allowed to do so, and that jail officials made it difficult for his minister [a local JW named CHASE] to give him spiritual guidance and eventually refused to let him come in the jail. ... "

Googling key terms yields a sex offender website, which lists a Kevin Roy, who then was a 47 year-old African-American male, who had been charged in Lake County, Indiana, under Indiana Criminal Code 35-42-4-3: Child molesting. Googling key terms also yields a Kevin Roy who held a school teacher's certificate (Physical Sciences) in the state of Indiana from 1989 until August 2006, when such expired.


PATTERSON v. PATTERSON and OHIO v. JAMIE LEE PATTERSON were related 2004-5 Ohio civil and criminal court cases which involved a Jehovah's Witness Family in Alliance, Ohio. In 2003, Jamie L. Patterson, then age 35, and Regina Patterson, then age 33, had three children -- the oldest being a boy, and the two youngest being girls. Gina Patterson began to observe situations which made her suspect that improper sexual activity was occurring between her husband and their oldest daughter, who was only six years old. After an incident in October 2003, when her daughter had physical signs of molestation, and told her that such were caused by touching by the father, Gina Patterson separated from Jamie Patterson, and filed for divorce in February, 2004. Gina Patterson reported the situation to Department of Family Services, who in turn notified local police. After a thorough investigation, Jamie Lee Patterson was indicted in December 2004 by the Stark County Grand Jury on a charge of Gross Sexual Imposition On a Victim Under Age 13. A jury found Jamie Patterson guilty of one count of Gross Sexual Imposition. The trial court sentenced Patterson to a three year term of imprisonment, and adjudicated him a sexual predator.


CALIFORNIA JEHOVAH'S WITNESS RAPIST. In 1995 and 1996, an early 20s age Married JW Male reportedly sexually assaulted two different teenaged fellow Jehovah's Witness females living in Riverside, California , but he was never prosecuted for those specific crimes. Married JW Male was eventually convicted of sexually assaulting a youthful non-JW coworker in the early 2000s, and served a short prison term, after that non-JW Victim reported his assault to the authorities.

JW Teen #1 alleged that in 1995, when she was only 14 years-old, that Married JW Male, who occasionally worked for her JW Father, unexpectedly came to her home, while she home-alone, and persuaded her to go with him to his home to see his new pet birds. After showing JW Teen his pet birds, Married JW Male allegedly showed JW Teen his other "bird", and forced her to perform oral sex on him. JW Teen #1 claimed that she did not tell anyone about that first incident because she was afraid she would be disfellowshipped, and that it would break up Married JW Male's marriage.

JW Teen alleged that Married JW Male continued to come to her home when her parents weren't there, but she would not let him inside. JW Teen #1 further alleged that, in August 1996, on a day when she was again home alone, and while she had been smoking marijuana and drinking wine, that Married JW Male entered her home through an unlocked door. Married JW Male and JW Teen ended up performing oral sex on each other.

JW Teen #1 has publicly stated that she EVENTUALLY confessed the events to her local Jehovah's Witness Elders, and that it was only SOMETIME THEREAFTER that she reported the alleged sexual assaults to the local police.

JW Teen #2 publicly alleged that she was also sexually assaulted by that very same early 20s aged Married JW Male during the same time period that he sexually assaulted JW Teen #1. JW Teen #2 alleges that around 1995/6, when she was 15 years-old, that she attended a pool-party "get-together" at the home of a fellow Jehovah's Witness, which was also attended by Married JW Male and his JW Wife. JW Teen alleges that that JW Wife left the party at some point. JW Teen claims that when the other partying JWs eventually went inside to eat, that Married JW Male got into the jacuzzi with her. Married JW Male allegedly
proceeded to fondle her. He also allegedly forced her to masterbate him. JW Teen #2 eventually told her Psychologist about the sexual assault, who encouraged that such be reported to the police. Again, Married JW Male was never prosecuted.

It was not until the early 2000s that these two former Jehovah's Witness Females took the witness stand and told their stories during Married JW Male's later prosecution and conviction for having sexually assaulted a youthful non-JW co-worker. Does anyone else suspect that there is more to these accounts, and that the lack of the two earlier prosecutions were not the fault of the local police or the local Prosecutor's office? Me suspects that the local JW Elders did not become anxious to nail Married JW Male until after he was disfellowshipped after being publicly charged for sexual assault by his non-JW co-worker.


FLORIDA v. HUGH MURRAY is an ongoing 2013 Florida sexual assault prosecution involving a 28 year-old male African-American Jehovah's Witness, who coincidentally was employed as a teacher's aide at the Palm Beach County School for Autism. In June 2013, Hugh R. Murray, of Lake Worth, Florida was arrested on multiple charges, including sexual assault, extortion, battery, and lewd or lascivious behavior. Police allege that the victim of Murray's criminal behavior was a 16 year-old female Jehovah's Witness who also attended the same Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness as did Murray. The then 27 year-old Murray first began "grooming" the then 15 year-old victim back in July 2012. In December 2012, Murray allegedly sexually assaulted his new underaged girlfriend, and reportedly did so repeatedly until June 2013.

In June 2013, Murray allegedly twice showed up unannounced at the victim's home after she stopped answering his cellphone calls. The first time, Murray successfully talked her into sex, despite her alleged attempts to refuse Murray's advances. The second time, the unsuccessful Murray allegedly grabbed the victim by her arms, and threatened to tell her parents about her sexual misbehavior if she continued to refuse to have sex with him. After the second June 2013 incident, the victim called local police after she first told her JW Mother that Murray had merely "grabbed and harassed her".
The police contacted Murray after the report and warned him not to have any further contact with the victim. However, Murray allegedly then began texting the victim and threatening to report her fornications to the JW Elders at their Kingdom Hall, which presumably would lead to the victim being disfellowshipped and shunned, if she continued to cooperate with the police. Later, with police detectives listening in, the victim called Murray's cellphone. Murray told her that she had no right to go to the police, and that she "really screwed up" by doing so. Murray stated that it was he that took a "risk" by being with her, because he could go to jail. Murray asserted that they were both responsible for what happened, and again threatened to tell the victim's parents and the JW Elders at the Kingdom Hall. "You feel the way you do and you did what you did," Murray said. "So, if I was you, I would get things in order. ... Once I come and tell them, this is going to change a lot of things for you." Murray also threatened to post on the internet certain explicit photographs that he had taken of the victum. Hugh R. Murray remained in jail in lieu of $510,000.00 bail. 
FLORIDA v. DONALD BROWN was a 2012-13 Florida criminal court case. Limited sketchy details. In December 2012, in St. Lucie County, Florida, Donald Brown, then age 69, of Auburndale, Florida, was arrested on five counts of lewd and lascivious assault on children under 12 years old. Don Brown was held without bail. An unidentified mother and her two daughters reported and assisted in an investigation of allegations that Brown sexually assaulted the two daughters more than 300 times between 1995 and 2004, when all the involved parties lived in Georgia, and apparently, when all the involved  parties were Jehovah's Witnesses. Brown allegedly began molesting the oldest daughter in 1995, when she was six years-old. The molestations continued until 2004, when the youngest daughter was 11 years-old. Brown apparently was a member of the household up until the mother and two daughters relocated to Fort Pierce, Florida. Sometime thereafter, Donald Brown followed them to Florida.
IN THE MATTER OF K. J. HAMMONS was a 2010?-2013 Michigan state court decision in which the parental rights of a Michigan Jehovah's Witness Father were terminated after he had "inappropriate sexual conduct" with his 4 year-old daughter on at least four separate occasions. Interestingly, HAMMONS successfully argued at trial level that he was "sleeping or in a confused state" when the "inappropriate sexual conduct" occurred, and that he thought that his sexual conduct was directed at his wife, not his child. JW Father admitted to a "longstanding pornography addiction", and posited that it may have contributed to the sexual misconduct at issue and "the lack of intimacy in his marriage". While the Michigan trial court failed to rule HAMMONS sexual conduct to have been "intentional", his parental rights were still terminated. In 2013, the Court of Appeals of Michigan affirmed the trial court decision.

NEW JERSEY v. DYKSTRA was a 2001-3 New Jersey murder court case. In August 2003, a 26 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named Cole Dykstra, son of a JW Mother, named Nancy Dykstra, plea bargained "guilty" to reduced charges of "aggravated manslaughter", and was sentenced to 28 years in prison, for the August 2001 murder of 16 year-old Arthur Trussell.

Cole Dykstra allegedly had recently served as a volunteer "Bethelite" at WatchTower Society world headquarters. Dykstra allegedly either had been kicked out of WatchTower HQ, or had suffered other organizational sanctions, due to alleged homosexual tendencies and/or activities. Dykstra reportedly thereafter attempted suicide. Around October/November 2000, a Ringwood, New Jersey Jehovah's Witness couple, named Terrence Trussell and Vicki Sue Trussell, invited Dykstra to live with them and their two teenaged sons, Andrew Trussell and Arthur Trussell, while he sorted through his personal issues.

It is not known whether the Trussells had known Cole Dykstra prior to his having volunteered at WatchTower HQ, or whether all these Jehovah's Witnesses were recent acquaintances at the West Milford Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. In any event, one can't imagine that the Trussells would have invited Dykstra to live with them and their two teenaged sons if they had known the reasons behind his recent failed suicide attempt. And, if they did not know, such raises even more questions as to why they had not been informed about such by their fellow JWs. Over the ten month period that Cole Dykstra, then 24, had lived with the Trussells, Dykstra had fallen in love with 16 year-old Arthur Trussell, and possibly had made such known via homosexual advances. On the evening of August 5, 2001, 16 year-old Arthur Tressell reportedly had gone out on a date with a female. Such apparently upset Dykstra, and Dykstra and Trussell reportedly argued after Trussell had returned home from the date. Later that night, in the AM hours of August 6, 2001, after Trussell had fallen asleep, Dykstra struck Trussell on the head with a beer bottle, and then stabbed the teenager in his stomach with an 8 inch kitchen knife. Terry Trussell and Vicki Trussell reportedly were alerted to trouble in their home when Dykstra stole and left in one of the family's autos.


ARIZONA v. LEROY GILBERT was a 2003-06 Arizona criminal court case which involved a Jehovah's Witness Elder named Leroy Gilbert, age 78 at time of conviction in December 2004, of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Gilbert pleaded guilty to attempted molestation of a child, and was given the minimum prison sentence of five years. In 2006, the Arizona Court of Appeals denied Gilbert's appeal of the minimum sentence based on his eligibility for probation due to his age and failing health.

Leroy Gilbert's victim was his own granddaughter, whom he repeatedly molested when she spent the night at his home during the 1980s -- when she was under 15 years of age. Granddaughter suffered extensive mental harm from the repeated molestations, including low self-esteem, anger, self-doubt and depression. The victim finally reported her molestations to her Jehovah's Witness Elders around 1997, but Gilbert apparently denied her accusation, and was believed by his fellow Elders. Granddaughter attempted suicide in 1998. In 2003, Granddaughter again raised the matter with local JW Elders and law enforcement. This time, Gilbert admitted the molestations. In Gilbert's prosecution, Granddaughter requested but was denied reimbursement for her mental health expenses due to Gilbert's lack of assets.


UNITED STATES v. BRIAN LEE BROWN was a 2001-3 Arkansas federal criminal court case which involved a "Jehovah's Witness" named Brian Lee Brown. Brian Brown testified that he had been "studying" to become a JW for about one year. Brian Brown was employed as a truck driver for an unidentified corporation. During an October 2001 delivery trip to Dallas, Texas, Brian Brown, of Holton, Kansas, stopped along the way to visit (possibly JW) friends in Hutchinson, Kansas. Brown offered to take the friends' ten year old daughter along with him on the delivery to Dallas, and return her the next day on his way back through.  Beyond belief, the child's mother gave Brown a signed note giving permission for her young daughter to go to Dallas with Brown and return the next day. Brown started molesting the girl that night in Dallas. The next day, instead of returning the child to Kansas, he "stole" the truck, and drove to a rural campground in Arkansas, where he raped and beat the child. A suspicious grocery store owner reported the pair, and Brown was soon arrested.

A federal jury convicted Brown of kidnapping and aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and the USDC sentenced him to concurrent terms of life in prison. Brown appealed his conviction on several grounds, including his claim that the government had violated his religious freedoms as a Jehovah's Witness when the USDC ordered that Brown submit a blood sample for DNA testing. The USDC had ruled that Brown did not sincerely hold the belief that donating a blood sample for DNA analysis violated the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witness religion. The USCA also ruled against Brown on this issue noting that a JW Elder testified for the prosecution that JWs did not object to giving blood samples or blood testing. Brown submitted WatchTower materials that suggested that some JW might possibly object to giving blood samples, but the court ruled that "Brown failed to show that forbidding blood samples is a 'central tenet' of the Jehovah’s Witness religion."


CALIFORNIA v. JASON GLENN HALVERSON was a 2002 California appellate court case which affirmed the 2001 conviction of Jason G. Halverson on the charges of "sexual battery" and "assault with the intent to commit rape" for which Halverson was sentenced to two years in prison. This conviction related to 26 year-old Jason Halverson's April 2000 sexual assault on an 18 year-old LOWES co-worker at her apartment during her lunch break. Halverson apparently followed his co-worker home and made up an excuse to enter her apartment. There, Halverson repeatedly fondled her, and forced her to fondle him. The non-JW female reported the sexual assault to LOWES management as soon as she returned to work, and thereafter to local police.


FLORIDA v. JEWEL BARTHOLEMEW GRIER was a 2001-2011 Florida criminal court case which involved the "molestation" of four Jehovah's Witness teenagers by a then 30 year-old African-American Jehovah's Witness, named Jewel B. Grier. The four Jehovah's Witnesses were members of the Coconut Creek, Florida Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The sexual encounters occurred over a period of several months in 1999-2000.  The four JW Female Teens (two were 17 years-old , one was 14 years-old, and fourth was ??) kept the sexual encounters quiet until telling their JW Parents in May 2001. Jewel Grier was charged with seventeen counts, including lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct, attempted sexual battery, felony battery, battery, and sexual battery. Although there were four victims, the state only prosecuted Grier for crimes against three of the victims. Curiously, the fourth victim did not even testify in the prosecutions.

Sorting out this ten year old and still ongoing case is somewhat difficult because there were two prosecutions -- one with two victims, and a separate prosecution with a victim named Melissa Reynolds, a/k/a Melissa Holmes -- and multiple appeals in Florida Appellate Court and the Florida Supreme Court. The prosecutions may have been separated after the first conviction, in 2004, which was reversed on appeal, and had to be re-tried. Grier was finally sentenced to 15 years in state prison in 2008. He continues to appeal. Interesting excerpt:

The trial court severed the three counts involving one victim, M.R., and stayed the remaining counts involving the other victims. Prior to trial, the State made an ore tenus motion to present testimony from Grier's other alleged victims, L.R., L.H., and P.H., ... . The trial judge ruled that there were an "overwhelming number of points of similarity" between the testimony of the victim and the proffered ... witnesses. Specifically, the trial court noted the following similarities: all four met Grier through their association with the Jehovah's Witnesses; each girl started her "intimacy" with the defendant between the ages of fourteen and seventeen; Grier made comments on each girl's body; Grier was a family friend of each girl (except L.H.); each girl worked with Grier in some capacity; each girl testified that Grier touched her throughout her body; and the alleged molestations happened at both Grier's house and the girls' houses. ... ...

M.R. testified that Grier would kiss and fondle L.H. in her presence, and she related stories that Grier told her regarding L.H.  Grier told M.R. that he rubbed his p___ on L.H.'s body and e_______ on her neck.  M.R. also explained that Grier kept records where he would "rate" girls based on their looks, character, personality, and spirituality. One of Grier's records stated that M.R. was the "hottest thing on the planet" and asked rhetorically if he would "let things go with just a scratch or a sniff," i.e., whether he would pursue a more intimate sexual relationship with M.R.

Following M.R.'s testimony, the State presented the testimony of the two ... witnesses, L.R. and L.H.  L.R. testified that she met Grier at the age of ten when Grier started working with her mother. L.R. explained that she looked up to and trusted Grier as a devout member of her faith. ...

That last statement possibly indicates that Grier had a position and title in the Coconut Creek Florida Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.


FLORIDA v. HENRY WILLIAM HAUCH and FLORIDA v. HENRY WILLIAM HAUCH were two 2007 Florida criminal court cases. In June 2006, a 14 year-old Jehovah's Witness female told family members that a Jehovah's Witness ELDER at the Titusville Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, named Henry William Hauch, age 41, of Mims, Florida, had had sex with her in 1999, when she was only 8 years old. She alleged that the assault had occurred when she had stayed the night with, and slept with, Henry W. Hauch and his wife, Aurora Hauch. Police were initially unable to obtain an arrest warrant based on the testimony of the 14 year-old Jehovah's Witness female, but in January 2007, a second female came forward and alleged that Henry Hauch also had sexually molested her. Outcome of both cases unknown.


FLORIDA v. ALTON MCJUNKIN was a 1993-4 Florida criminal court case. In October 1993, Alton Gene McJunkin, age 47, the PRESIDING OVERSEER of the DeBary Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was accused by an 18 year-old female of sexually assaulting her multiple times between 1986 and 1992. Outcome unknown. Alton McJunkin was a lifelong JW who had been prosecuted during the Vietnam War for refusing to be drafted into the military.


FLORIDA v. ROTELLA was a 2006 Florida criminal court decision. In October 2006, Anthony Wayne Rotella, of Jensen Beach, Florida, pled "guilty" to one count of solicitation to tampering with evidence, and received a 5 year prison sentence. Although the details are unclear, in December 2006, Anthony W. Rotella either again pled guilty, or was convicted, of lewd or lacivious conduct with a minor, which was the original charge for which Tony Rotella was arrested. The additional sentence is not known.

In April 2005, Anthony Rotella, 42, was arrested for offering $20.00 to a 10 year-old boy to have sex with him in the restroom of a Port St. Lucie Super Wal-Mart. During the subsequent investigation, Rotella's computer was seized and found to contain child pornography. During the subsequent months sitting in the Martin County Jail awaiting various hearings, Rotella began to solicit the theft and destruction of his computer hard-drive from the property-evidence room. Rotella also discussed the possible solicitation of the murders of the 10 year-old boy and a former attorney whom Rotella had fired (for which prosecutors considered filing charges, but eventually did not do so due to having been unable to collect sufficient evidence -- see below). Rotella's solicitations came to the attention of the Sheriff in October 2005, and Rotella's visitation sessions and telephone calls were monitored and recorded.

In February 2006, during a series of telephone calls to his sister, Janet, Rotella attempted to use a cryptic "numbers-equal-letters" code, based on the text on page 3 of the January 15, 2006, issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine, to relay a message to his brother, John Rotella, to give a $300.00 money order to the supposed "crooked" Deputy, who Rotella had been led to believe would arrange to steal Rotella's hard-drive from the property-evidence room, and then destroy such.

Although Rotella's mother reportedly nixed the scheme, at least one local media source quoted a local law enforcement official as claiming that Rotellas's siblings wanted to follow through with it, but none of Rotella's family were ever charged. (The "Rotella family" were described as "Jehovah's Witnesses", but the membership status of the aforementioned individual Rotella family members is not known. Notably, Tony Rotella's coded message to his sister required that both he and his outside family members have possession of the exact same back-issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine.) It was the nixing of the scheme to have Rotella's hard-drive stolen and destroyed that prevented the Sheriff's "sting" to continue to its next stage -- the purported murder solicitations -- during which it might have been possible to collect sufficient evidence to charge Rotella with soliciting two murders.


CHILD-MOLESTING PRESIDING OVERSEER KILLED BY JW SON-IN-LAW. We have received a submission which we cannot verify, but which has the "ring of truth". The Editors would appreciate hearing from anyone else who lived in the Atlanta area back in the 1980s who can confirm this case or who knows anything about this case. Around 1985, the 18-20 year-old step-daughter of an Atlanta JW Elder married a 20-21 year-old male JW. Shortly thereafter, JW Wife revealed to her new husband that her JW Elder step-father had repeatedly sexually molested her while she was a child. That fact, plus the fact that JW Elder was promoted to Presiding Overseer, plus the fact that arrogant P.O. repeatedly butted into the business of new couple led JW Son-in-law to quickly HATE his P.O. Father-in-law. (We do not know whether this "matter" had been previously revealed to the congregation, or how handled if revealed, or even if the Child Molestor was a JW at the time that he was molesting his step-daughter. Whatever were the circumstances, SIL apparently did not have the option of taking this matter to the congregation, and for whatever reason or reasons, did not take the matter to the police.) SIL apparently reached his breaking point with FIL after a minor legal incident which gave FIL the opportunity to repeatedly deride his new SIL. SIL purchased a firearm and went to FIL's home and shot and killed him. Again, we are seeking confirmation and clarifying details of this submitted account.


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