Criminal researchers should keep in mind that many Latino - Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS and their questionably "legal" offspring change their states of residence and identification specifics more often than they change their underwear. Never give up on a trace simply because two otherwise apparently same individuals have different DOBs showing on different legal documents in different states. We are familiar with one prominent JW Couple whose Latino - Hispanic wife (born-in child of ILLEGAL MEXICANS) has used 8 different names/signatures on various legal documents as the JW Couple have relocated around the United States over the decades.
************                    ************
Sometime either in the late 1980s or early 1990s, while waiting in a doctor's office, this Editor read a magazine article which was authored by an American Protestant Missionary who had spent time as a missionary in southern Mexico. I still recall parts of that article because, even then as a Jehovah's Witness, I was amazed at the boldness of the magazine to publish the shocking content of that article. The American Protestant Missionary claimed that INCEST was an ingrained, normal part of rural Mexican family life, and he blamed the Catholic Church for such due to the Church having turned a blind eye for centuries. That Missionary went on to predict that in coming decades that the United States would be flooded with cases of INCEST and other child molestations as the numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants continued to flood into the country.
*************                *************
HAWAII v. LOUIS ALBERTO MARTINEZ A/K/A DAVID LOUIS was a Hawaii 2013-16 criminal prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness Minister (Aiea Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses) with multiple aliases -- Louis A. Martinez, David Louis, and David Barber. DOB: 1976. JW Minister claimed to have been a troubled foster child who had been born in Los Angeles, California, and thereafter placed into 30 different foster homes and 19 different schools.

Only in his 30s, JW Minister claimed that he had held a plethora of employment positions over the years working with troubled children. In 2005, using the alias David Louis, JW Minister founded Heart Gallery Hawaii -- the Oahu affiliate of Heart Gallery of America Inc. -- a national organization that recruits parents for hard-to-adopt foster children by publicly displaying photos and biographies of hard-to-place foster children. In 2006, JW Minister authored his autobiography, "Scars That Can Heal", under the alias David Louis. In January 2009, David Louis was named Executive Director of the national organization -- Heart Gallery of America Inc.

In May 2013, JW Minister was indicted for having sexually assaulted in October 2011 a passed-out 16 year-old girl to whom JW Minister had given liquor. Thereafter, JW Minister also was charged with sexually assaulting his 11 year-old daughter in 2011. At some point while out on bail, JW Minister fled to California, and had to be extradited back to Hawaii. In January 2015, a jury deliberated less than three hours before finding JW Minister guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault, one count of attempted felony sexual assault, and two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. In 2016, JW Minister, then age 40, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


NEW YORK v. JESUS MANUEL CANO was the 2006-2009 State of New York criminal prosecution of a CURRENT WATCHTOWER SOCIETY BETHELITE then serving at WATCHTOWER FARM in Wallkill, New York. "Someone"paid the Newburgh, New York law firm of Larkin, Axelrod, Ingrassia, & Tettenbaum LLP to appeal said conviction of the "impoverished" Mexican-Citizen to BOTH the SUPREME COURT OF NEW YORK and the COURT OF APPEALS OF NEW YORK.
In January 2007, after a NONJURY trial in Orange County Court, during which Cano's attorneys did not permit him to testify, WatchTower Bethelite JESUS M. CANO, then age 50, was convicted of (1) Attempted use of a CHILD in a SEXUAL PERFORMANCE, (2) Attempted Promoting a SEXUAL PERFORMANCE by a CHILD, (3) Attempted Criminal SEXUAL Act in the Third Degree, and (4) TWO COUNTS of ENDANGERING the Welfare of a CHILD. Jesus Cano was sentenced to 2-6 years in state prison.
In June 2008, law firm partner John Ingrassia and law firm associate Kathleen Wells represented Jesus Cano before theSUPREME COURT OF NEW YORK in an appeal of the trial court's decision. In its own September 2008 decision, the trial court decision was AFFIRMED. Thereafter, that appellate court decision was appealed to the COURT OF APPEALS OF NEW YORK, which in June 2009 AFFIRMED the appellate court decision.
Jesus M. Cano's "green card" was revoked as a result of these convictions. Jesus Cano was paroled in June 2010, so "removal" proceedings should already have been over and done with by 2014, and Cano should already have been shipped back to Mexico where diddling children is the national pastime. However, we have not located such proceedings or outcome.
Jesus Manuel Cano (DOB 04-28-1956) was a 16 year long BETHELITE who served at WATCHTOWER FARM, in Wallkill, New York, as both a BETHEL ELDER and CONGREGATION ELDER at the nearby Newburgh Spanish Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus Cano also reportedly served as a regular Traveling Speaker for the WatchTower Society to WatchTower Society conventions and assemblies held in various Caribbean islands and Central and South America.
In June 2006, Jesus Cano was arrested in nearby Middletown, New York, after he spent several Saturdays driving around town in his Nissan Altima propositioning multiple underage boys (ages 11-15) for homosexual sex. The "propositioning" not only included Cano straight out asking the boys for sex, but included Cano passing out nude photos of himself with Cano's cellphone number and email address imprinted on such. When Middletown police arrested Cano, they found additional quantities of Cano's leaflets, additional child pornography, condoms, sex lubricant, and even beer.
Police also obtained a SEARCH WARRANT to search Cano's room at WATCHTOWER FARM, where they seized four computers and other electronic equipment, and a large quantity of electronic and hardcopy photographs and other data, including photos of children which appeared to be taken during Jesus Cano's travels to foreign countries. Police also discovered a pornographic DVD made by Cano from other video recordings Cano had secretly taped in MEN'S RESTROOMS at Chicago's OHARE AIRPORT. Those recordings taped men and boys of all ages while they used the urinals at OHARE.
CALIFORNIA v. STEVEN MORALES was a 1999-2000 California SERIAL RAPIST prosecution. In July 1999, a 31 year-old Jehovah's Witness Father of two small children, including a 2 year-old daughter, named Steven Morales, of Chino Hills, California, was arrested on 23 counts of burglary, kidnapping, assault, sodomy, and rape, relating to a 8-months long sex crime spree in Orange County. Contrary to claims that Morales was NOT a Jehovah's Witness, Morales was a "Ministerial Servant"who reportedly had given the "Public Talk" (Sunday Sermon) at his Kingdom Hall the week prior to his arrest. Steven Morales was also a former WATCHTOWER BETHELITE. Morales was "disfellowshipped" only after the JW Elders learned of his pending arrest.
Former Jehovah's Witnesses who intimately knew Steve Morales claim that Morales was an EXPERIENCED DOOR-TO-DOOR JEHOVAH'S WITNESS CRIMINAL. They believe that these Rapes were simply the LATEST of many such sexual assaults which Morales had been committing for years. They claim that Morales got his start by first BURGLARIZING HOMESwhile going door-to-door in "field service". They claim that Morales and another JW Male worked as partners -- one of whom would distract the homeowners while the other robbed the home.
At some point, Steve Morales began to use his employment as a construction worker to "spot" potential sexual assault victims at their homes, and then Morales would return at an opportune time posing as a Jehovah's Witness in field service. That is how Morales managed to sexually assault 4 teenage girls (Morales preference) and one adult female in their own upscale Orange County homes. Morales also sexually assaulted two other teenage girls on a construction worksite. The two sisters, ages 16 and 13, were trespassing during school hours at a Mall under renovation, when Steve Morales approached them and claimed to be a"Truancy Officer". Morales then led them to a back room where he sexually assaulted both of them.

In October 2000, Steven Morales pled guilty to most charges and was sentenced to 101 years in prison. At his sentencing, Morales apologized to his victims and their families, but he did not reveal a motive nor explanation for his crimes -- probably because Morales had been doing this and getting away with it for years, possibly even in New York.

CROWN v. RUDOLFO ALBERT DELEON was a 2000 British criminal court case which involved a then 24 year-old Hispanic-American Jehovah's Witness who is now living back in the United States. In 1998, the then 22 year-old Rudolfo A. Deleon had relocated to live in Scarborough, England after meeting a presumably-female Jehovah's Witness from Scarborough who was vacationing in the United States. After having lived for 18 months in England, in March 2000, Rudolfo Deleon was arrested and subsequently charged with 28 counts of indecent assault against an unspecified number of underage girls over the previous 12 month period -- presumably children of local Jehovah's Witnesses. Deleon pleaded guilty to 14 charges. He was sentenced to three years and 11 months in prison in August 2000. Rudolfo Deleon is reported to have been a WATCHTOWER BETHELITE.

CALIFORNIA v. ARSENIO PACHECO LEYVA was the 2014-19 California criminal prosecution of a SEXUAL PREDATOR who was a devout Mexican Jehovah's Witness Elder. In November 2019, in the best plea deal that he could get, Arsenio Pacheco Leyva, age 57, was sentenced to life in prison for the 1990 kidnapping, rape, and strangling-stabbing murder of 14 year-old Christie Sue Pina. Archie Leyva will have to serve 32 years before he will be eligible for parole.

In February 1990, the corpse of runaway Christie Sue Pina was found by farmworkers in a Castroville, California artichoke field, not far from the Leyva family bakery operated by Leyva's divorced mother and her seven children. Authorities suspected Leyva, but didn't have enough evidence to arrest him at the time. Why that suspicion? Christie Pina was neither Leyva's first victim nor his last.

CALIFORNIA v. ARSENIO PACHECO LEYVA (1988). In July 1987, a 14-year-old girl accepted 38 year-old Arsenio Leyva's offer to give her a ride home from a party to Salinas. Instead, Leyva pulled his van off to the side of a road and forced the 14 year-old to give him oral sex. Two months later, in September 1987, another 14-year-old girl told Salinas police that Leyva had offered her a ride while she was walking to school. Instead, he took her to a vineyard and forced her to have sex with him. Leyva pressed a screwdriver against her neck and threatened to stab her to death if she did not do as he said. In January 1988, Archie Leyva was convicted of two counts felony unlawful sexual intercourse. Sentence unknown.

In 1993, Archie Leyva attempted to kidnap a 13 year-old female as she walked to school, but failed due to the intervention of a Good Samaritan. Identified, Police sought Leyva's arrest. Leyva fled to Mexico, where he eventually settled down in Sonora as a supposed "new" Jehovah's Witness convert, and raised a family under the alias "Rogelio Pacheco Ibarra".

In 2007, advancements in DNA testing linked Arsenio Leyva to Pina's murder. In 2014, Leyva was discovered living in Sonora, Mexico, as Jehovah's Witness Elder, Rogelio Ibarra. Leyva fought extradition until March 2018, and arrived at the Monterey County Jail in May 2018. Leyva denied his guilt until October 2019, when he accepted the aforementioned plea deal. In addition to being convicted for the Pina murder, Leyva also was convicted for the 1993 assault and attempted kidnapping, and was sentenced to 88 months in prison.


CALIFORNIA v. MARTIN RAMOS is an ongoing 2017 California criminal prosecution of a JW ELDER then serving at the Fresno, California Palm West Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. In October 2017, after receiving an anonymous tip, Martin Ramos was arrested and charged with oral copulation of a person under 18, child molestation, possession of child pornography, and showing pornography to a minor. The pornography charges relate to Martin Ramos and his 17 year-old victim allegedly exchanging about 30 photographs via cellphone around September 2017. The molestation and oral sex charges relate to Martin Ramos and his 17 year-old victim allegedly having sex in Ramos' car while driving his victim to and from a Kingdom Hall meeting in October 2017. Ramos supposedly had met his teenage victim three or so years previous -- possibly at another Fresno-Madera area Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Media reports reported that Ramos had been "mentoring" his teenage victim. In JW-speak, we assume that such means that as a JW Elder, Martin Ramos had been "studying" with his teenage victim. This late 2017 sexual assault case simply goes to show that the WatchTower Cult DOES NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY its problem with JW Elders whom are child molesters and/or rapists. If the CULT did take this problem seriously, there is no way that in 2017 that a HISPANIC JW Elder would be permitted to "study" with a teenage girl, and no way that in 2017 that a HISPANIC JW Elder would be transporting a teenage girl to and from the Kingdom Hall with noone else in the car. Martin Ramos, age 43, had been employed for 8 years as a Dispatcher with the Madera Police Department -- until his arrest!!!

Hispanic Robert Eugene Duran (DOB reported by relatives as 12/16/54) died in November 2015, in Sandpoint, Idaho, where as an "exemplary" Jehovah's Witness Minister he was privileged with a Kingdom Hall funeral hosted by the Sandpoint Idaho Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.
"Bob Duran, 61, died on November 21 from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife,Yvonne and close friends at his side. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, Bob served as a local full time missionary for 15 years, teaching others the Bible. He and Yvonne enjoyed missionary service in Africa for several years. Bob loved the outdoors, hunting, camping, and biking."  -- published in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado newspaper.
INTERESTINGLY, one of only a few individuals in the United States named "Robert Eugene Duran" returned currently by Google has had multiple previous residences in multiple different states -- including a Registered Sex Offender originally convicted in Roseville, California, in 2001.
CALIFORNIA v. ROBERT EUGENE DURAN was the September 2001 California conviction of a Hispanic male named Robert Eugene Duran (DOB then reported as September 1953), of Roseville, California, on the charge ofLEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACT WITH A CHILD AGE 14-15 AND OFFENDER 10 OR MORE YEARS OLDER. Prison term unknown. Release date unknown.
Interestingly, Google also currently returns a "Yvonne Duran" as having a previous residence in Roseville, California. The"Yvonne Duran" California DOB does NOT match the "Yvonne Duran" Idaho DOB. A "Diana Duran" also matches various residence locations of a "Robert Eugene Duran"INTERESTINGLY, ...
IDAHO v. YVONNE DIANA DURAN. Yvonne D. Duran, aka Yvonne Duran, of Sandpoint, Idaho, and other various Bonner County, Idaho addresses, was arrested 8 times between August 2013 and April 2015. Outcomes unknown.
CALIFORNIA v. ARMANDO ORTIZ was a 2006-07 California criminal prosecution of a HISPANIC JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER named Armando Ortiz. In March 2007, Armando Ortiz, then age 36, of San Jose, California, was convicted of REPEATEDLY SEXUALLY ASSAULTING the 8 to 11 year-old daughter of a fellow Jehovah's Witness, from 2001 through 2003, while Armando Ortiz was a JW ELDER at their local San Jose Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Armando Ortiz was given the maximum sentence of 12 years in prison. Apparently, whatever "Holy Spirit" directs the Faithful & Discreet Slave and the Jehovah's Witnesses in the selection of the Cult's leaders does not have very high standards, or, was Armando Ortiz the perfect candidate?
Contrary to the WatchTower Society's public statements which claim that ILLEGAL ALIENS are not appointed as Elders or Ministerial Servants in local congregations, Armando Ortiz's own trial testimony disclosed that while Ortiz was a JW ELDER during this 2001-2003 time period that he was having "immigration problems".
Contrary to the WatchTower Society's public assertions that only Jehovah's Witnesses with high moral character are appointed and retained as Elders or Ministerial Servants in local congregations, Armando Ortiz's own trial testimony disclosed that while Ortiz was a JW ELDER during this 2001-2003 time period that he was having "personal and financial problems".
From 2001 through 2003, the apparently SEPARATED/DIVORCED JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER was forced to move in and live with another San Jose Jehovah's Witness, his wife, and his young daughter. Not only did Armando Ortiz soon start DIDDLING his JW Friend's 8 year-old daughter, Armando Ortiz also started SCREWING his JW Friend's WIFE. Its probably a good thing that the family's dog could not talk. One can only wonder why Ortiz's wife and children had left him prior to 2001-03, plus wonder whether this was really the first time that Ortiz had DIDDLED a child.

CALIFORNIA v. JOSE REYES LOPEZ was a 2013-18 California criminal prosecution in which an illegal Mexican Jehovah's Witness named Jose Reyes Lopez was convicted of sexually assaulting and sodomizing his young niece at various times from around 2006 until 2010, when niece was six to ten years old. The attacks always happened when Jose Lopez was living with his sister and brother-in-law and their children in both Redwood City, California and Oregon, which means the victim was always victimized in her own home. Often, other adults or other children were present in adjacent rooms. The attacks traumatized the victim and robbed her of her innocense. When she was 13 years-old, Victim disclosed her "secrets" to a nurse, who properly notified police. Originally sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2016, on appeal, the California Court of Appeals remanded for re-sentencing in 2018.

INDIANA v. ERIC G. JOYA was a 2013-15 Indiana criminal court case in which a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Eric Joya, then age 23, of Indianapolis, Indiana, was convicted of one count of class B felony child molesting and one count of class C felony child molesting, and was ultimately sentenced to two years in prison. Eric Joya and his underage female victim were both members of Jehovah's Witness families who attended a Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eric Joya and his young victim possibly had known other for some time before May 2010 ---- which was when the then 19 years-old Eric Joya began to "groom" the then 13 year-old girl who was still in the 8th grade. In June 2010, the 19 year-old Joya asked the 13 year-old girl to "go steady" with him, and Joya gave her a bracelet. Joya instructed his victim to only telephone him when her JW Parents were not around, so that their relationship was kept a secret. In August 2010, Joya's conscience apparently got the better of him, and he broke up with the 13 year-old girl. However, in September 2010, Joya again began secretly contacting his victim. In November 2010, Eric Joya sneaked over to his victim's home while her JW Parents were away, and had sexual intercourse with the 13 year-old girl. Around November 2011, a JW Elder named Christopher Hollars somehow became aware of what had occurred via unidentified third parties, and he reported the sexual assault to CPS, who began an investigation into the matter. Eric Joya was eventually charged in November 2013, and tried and convicted in August 2014. The conviction was affirmed on Joya's appeal in 2015.
FLORIDA v. JEAN CARLOS GARCIA was a 2009-11 Florida criminal court case which involved a Jehovah's Witness named Jean C. Garcia, who was a married father of two children, who was employed with the City of Deltona's Parks and Recreation Department. In May 2009, Jean C. Garcia and his Jehovah's Witness Wife, Neyza A. Garcia (divorced in 2013), decided to take their two children to Disney World, in Orlando, and camp at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort over Memorial Day weekend.
There, while swimming in the campground's swimming pool, the 29 year-old Jean Garcia somehow "made friends" with a 12 year-old girl -- who was at the campground with her foster family. On the last night of the holiday weekend, while that 12 year-old girl was again at the pool swimming with her two foster sisters, Garcia asked the 12 year-old girl to slip behind some bushes with him -- where they supposedly only kissed. The next morning the pair -- adult and child -- met up in the campground's laundry room as everyone was packing to leave. There, Garcia performed oral sex on the young girl, and unsuccessfully attempted vaginal sex. When the girl got back home with her family in Clearwater, afraid that she might be pregnant, she eventually told her foster mother what had happened. Police were notified, and a "sting" eventually was setup. A female cop posing as the victim telephoned Garcia and told him that she and her family were returning to the Disney campground on Labor Day weekend. She asked Garcia if he would like to "do what they did in the laundry room". Jean Garcia replied, "Yes, but only better." Garcia was arrested when he arrived at Disney World.
Jean C. Garcia was held without bond until May 2010, when he was finally given $25,000.00 bond. In August 2011, Jean Garcia was convicted of one count of sexual battery on a minor aged 12-15, and one count of traveling to meet a minor to commit an unlawful sexual offense, and sentenced to 8 years in prison.
CONNECTICUT v. JOHN MIGUEL FORAN was a 2003-07 Connecticut criminal prosecution of a well-known Jehovah's Witness Minister who had been reared by a JW Pioneer Mother, Rosa Foran, and a prominent JW Elder Father, Jack Foran, of the Colchester Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, who also was a member of the WatchTower Society's Regional Building Committee in Connecticut.

In 2002, Connecticut's Department of Children and Families began investigating John M. Foran, then age 27, of Rocky Hill, CT, about possible sexual abuse of a young female child. That investigation was turned over to local police in January 2003. In July 2004, John M. Foran, an accountant by profession, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of promoting a minor in an obscene performance, 111 counts of possession of child pornography, and 4 counts of impairing the morals of a minor. Police stated that they found 111 pornographic pictures and movies of children on John Foran's computer, including 98 photographs of the young girl, which Foran had taken in 2000 and 2001. John Miguel Foran, age 32, was convicted on unknown charges in January 2007. Sentence unknown. Released from prison in March 2009.

CONNECTICUT v. JOHN MIGUEL FORAN. John M. Foran, 38, of East Hampton, CT, was arrested and charged with violation of probation in February 2013 after an unidentified female reported to East Hampton Police that she had been assaulted by John Foran on Thanksgiving Day 2012, but had been too afraid to make a complaint until February 2013.

CONNECTICUT v. JOHN MIGUEL FORAN. After a two-month investigation, John M. Foran, age 38, was arrested in May 2013 and charged with risk of injury to a minor, second-degree strangulation, second-degree threatening, and third-degree assault of a pregnant woman on Thanksgiving Day 2012. Outcome unknown.

TEXAS v. OSWALD MISIGARO was a 2007-13 Texas state prosecution of an illegal alien (country of origin unknown)who pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child in May 2007, and was sentenced to 40 years confinement on count one and 50 years confinement on count two. Misigaro only admitted to twice sexually assaulting the 8 year-old female victim, but she testified that he had sexually assaulted her countless times since she was 7 years-old. On appeal, when Oswald Misigaro claimed "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel", his former female trial attorney testified that:
"Mr. Misigaro admitted to me that he was in fact guilty of the charge against him. He also expressed that he did not know why this was a big deal because in his Country it is not."
Oswald Misigaro's connection to the Jehovah's Witnesses is made based on his further allegation that his trial attorney had failed to interview witnesses favorable to him because they were Jehovah's Witnesses.
NEBRASKA v. ORLANDO ANTONIO AFANADOR was a 2010 Nebraska CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution. In August 2010, in Colfax County, Nebraska, Orlando A. Afanador, a 46 year-old, Hispanic male Jehovah's Witness, was convicted of third degree Sexual Assault of a Child (male). Afanador was sentenced to 4-5 years in state prison, but was likely paroled in 2012.
In September 2014, Orlando Antonio Afanador was identified as the alleged PERP in four separate federal civil lawsuits filed against the WatchTower Soceity and two different Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses located in New Haven, Connecticut, where Afanador is alleged to have sexually assaulted four different JW Children. It is unclear whether Afanador is a named defendant in these four civil lawsuits. Orlando A. Afanador was identified as having been appointed as both a Pioneer and a Ministerial Servant in his last Connecticut congregation -- despite being a registered sex offender who had served prison time for child molestation, PLUS despite having been "reproved" for alleged child molestation in the first New Haven congregation.
Orlando Afanador possibly has lived in multiple other states using multiple other aliases as is TYPICAL of Hispanics -- both legal and illegal -- living in the United States. We even wonder if this is this Puerto Ricans birth name due to the fact that there was another Orlando A. Afanador of approximately the same age that died in 2004. Other possible aliases:  Afanador Orlando, Orlando X. Afanador, Orlando Marta Afanador, Orlando M. Afanador.
UNITED STATES v. JOEL MICHAEL GARCIA was a 2010 Texas federal prosecution of an ONLINE CHILD PREDATOR, who reportedly was reared in a fine, upstanding, active JW Family living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Reportedly, at the time of his arrest, Joel M. Garcia, age 29, was a Jehovah's Witness Ministerial Servant in a Corpus Christi Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Joel Garcia reportedly is the son of a JW Elder Father and JW Pioneer Mother. An online posting alleges that the JW Elder Father was once disfellowshipped/reinstated for adultery, and another one of their children was once disfellowshipped/reinstated for fornication.
Joel Michael Garcia was nabbed during an undercover internet sting designed to trap CHILD PREDATORS. In early 2010, Joel Garcia began exchanging child pornography with an undercover police officer posing online as a fellow pedophile. In February 2010, Garcia requested to meet with the undercover officer in order to have sexual relations with the subject of one of the photographs. On arrival, Garcia was arrested. A search of Garcia's vehicle disclosed an external hard drive which contained 400 images and 17 videos of child pornography of prepubescent children, some less than a year old.
Joel M. Garcia was indicted in March 2010, and in April 2010, Garcia pleaded guilty to attempted coercion and enticement of a minor and distribution of child pornography. In September 2010, Garcia was sentenced to to 14 years in prison without parole to be followed by a 10 year term of supervised release.
KANSAS v. ARTHUR SOLOMAN CRUZ was a 2001-02 Kansas criminal court case in which Prosecutors alleged that a large extended Hispanic family living in Garden City, Kansas, was rife with incest and child molestation. In Summer 2001, the 14 year-old Granddaughter of Arthur S. Cruz, then age 71, reported to the authorities that she had been sexually molested as a child by two members of the Cruz family. Granddaughter alleged that her Grandfather sexually molested her when she spent summer vacation at his home, when she was 10 years-old. Also in Summer 2001, the 8 year-old TWIN Great-Granddaughters of Arthur Cruz told a fireman that they were currently being sexually abused by their Great-Grandfather. In October 2001, Arthur Soloman Cruz was charged with five counts of aggravated indecent liberties with three children younger than 14, between 1997 and 2001. In an interview after his arrest, Arthur Cruz told a detective that he didn't know any of his grandchildren, and stated that he was "stunned" that anyone would put a Jehovah's Witness in jail.
At the Jury trial held in February 2002, all three girls testified similarly. They said Arthur Cruz molested them when noone else was around, or when a family member was caring for Cruz's sick wife in another room. Cruz would kiss them, and shove his hands down their pants, and fondle their genitals. They all claimed that Cruz told them if they said anything, no one would believe them. Arthur Cruz's TWIN Great-granddaughters also testified that he had sexually molested them numerous times when they were younger -- incidents for which he was NOT charged.
The Garden City, Kansas, Jury found Arthur S. Cruz "Not Guilty". Afterwards, Arthur Cruz reportedly exchanged hearty handshakes and bear hugs with NUMEROUS FAMILY MEMBERS who had supported him throughout his prosecution -- including the Granddaughter who was the Mother of the then 9 year-old TWINS who claimed that Cruz had been molesting them for years. Arthur Cruz and his wife (maiden: Vigil) were the parents of 5 sons and 7 daughters, and had been Jehovah's Witnesses since at least the early 1970s.
Meanwhile, Arthur Cruz's 15 years-old Granddaughter sat with another Cruz female family member and sobbed. That second Cruz female family member also cried, and said that she, too, had been molested by Cruz, and that she could not believe what had just occurred. Arthur Cruz died in 2011.
FLORIDA v. JUAN MANUEL CANCINO and UNITED STATES v. JUAN MANUEL CANCINO are related state and federal court cases involving a DEPORTED COLUMBIAN JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER who likely has returned illegally to the United States where are his wife, children, and his large extended PROMINENT Columbian Jehovah's Witness Family, who own and operate many businesses scattered up-down both coastlines of South Florida.
Juan Manuel Cancino, age 35 in 2015, supposedly legally entered the United States in 1985 along with his Jehovah's Witness Parents. In 2004, Juan M. Cancino married a fellow Jehovah's Witness believed to have been from the Miami area, named Marilyn Hernandez, aka Marilyn Cancino, age 41 in 2015, who is Cuban. The Cancinos made their home in the Naples, Florida area, and quickly had two children around 2005-09 (and may currently have additional children). Juan Cancino was last known to be operating D. C. Networks Inc., in Naples, Florida, a computer support business co-owned with Fernando Cancino (father?). Juan Cancino may currently be earning a living by providing independent computer services or working in one of this Colombian Family's many businesses.
At some point, Juan Cancino began working at Golden Gate High School, where he was both the school's computer technician and the assistant girl's soccer coach. During Fall 2004, apparently not long after marrying 29 year-old Marilyn Hernandez, Cancino struck up a "friendship" with one of the female students -- the 16 year-old victim whom Cancino did not inform that he was only recently married. The victim claims that Cancino began telephoning her at home over Christmas break 2004, and that when she returned to school in January 2005, that she began helping Cancino in the school's computer lab. Within a few weeks, they allegedly had sex for the first time in Cancino's office. Cancino allegedly also had unprotected sex twice with the then 17 year-old student in his office in April 2005. Cancino allegedly asked her to take a pregnancy test thereafter. (Juan Cancino was arrested for DRAG RACING in April 2005, and his Driver's License was suspended in June 2008 for being a Habitual Traffic Offender.) The victim graduated in June 2005, and Cancino reportedly resigned for unknown reasons at the end of that school year. (Did some official at the school know about the illegal affair, but not report it?) Between May 2005 and July 2005, the pair also had sex once at the victim's home while her parents were at work, and once inside Cancino's automobile at a local park.
At some point thereafter, Cancino broke up with his victim who was in love with him. It is not known when the victim finally learned that Cancino was married with a newborn child. At some point, the victim eventually told a friend about the ended affair, and that friend told her own mother, who in turn notified officials at Golden Gate High School (who probably already knew) in February 2006, who in turn (finally) notified police. After the police first contacted Cancino, he allegedly telephoned the victim and asked that she deny the affair.
Juan M. Cancino was arrested in April 2006 on 3 counts of sexual battery and 2 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. In August 2008, the local Collier County Prosecutor -- STEVE MARESCA -- amended the charges DOWN to 5 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor aged 16-17. In November 2008, Juan Manuel Cancino reached a plea bargain deal with the Collier County Prosecutor, and pled "no contest" to only two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor aged 16-17. Although Cancino was then sentenced to two concurrent 15-year prison terms, Cancino was released on bond. In January 2008, as a further part of the plea deal, Juan Cancino's prison sentence was "mitigated", and he was re-sentenced to only one year in county jail(discharged 10/23/09), and four years probation. Cancino is believed to have been deported sometime in 2010-11.
Juan Manuel Cancino is apparently quite a "charmer". Not only did he carry on this affair without his victim learning that he was married, but Cancino also had his wife completely bamboozled. When Cancino admitted the affair in open court, Marilyn Cancino was taken completely by surprised, and thereafter, Cancino apparently continued to fool her given that she told reporters that Cancino's admission was not true, but was simply something required of his plea deal. Marilyn Cancino apparently believes that her POS husband was FRAMED by an infatuated schoolgirl with whom nothing occurred. That's what happens when certain Prosecutors feel that once female students reach the age of 16 that they are pretty much fair game for teachers, staff, and other males -- relatives and non-relatives -- who can run as fast as they can. Maybe its just the Hispanic culture.
TEXAS  v. GAVIN LUIS GARCIA was a 2007-10 Texas prosecution of a "homosexual" Jehovah's Witness named Gavin L. Garcia, 21 years-old in 2007, of Fort Stockton, Texas. Gavin Luis Garcia was ultimately convicted on two counts of Sexual Assault Of a Child (male) occurring in 2007. Gavin Garcia received a 10 year prison sentence, but becomes eligible for parole in January 2015.
FLORIDA v. CESAR GONZALEZ-RUBIO (1998) and FLORIDA v. CESAR GONZALEZ-RUBIO (1999-2001) were two separate criminal prosecutions for sexual assault on children by a Jehovah's Witness business owner named Cesar Gonzalez-Rubio, then age 66, who along with his JW Wife, owned and operated CEASAR'S BUS SERVICE -- a private school bus service in Miami, Florida, which they contracted to the Dade County, Florida school system.
In Spring 1998, an 11 year-old girl on Gonzalez-Rubio's school bus route reported that she had been sexually molested by Gonzalez-Rubio while riding his school bus. Although charged with a felony, in June 1998, Gonzalez-Rubio was offered a plea bargain to a much lesser misdemeanor charge by the Dade County Prosecutor after the victim allegedly changed her accusation that Gonzalez-Rubio had inserted his hand down her waistband and fondled her. Gonzalez-Rubio received probation, and unbelievably, he was allowed by local authorities to continue driving the same school bus route.
In March 1999, Cesar Gonzalez-Rubio was again arrested after local police set up surveillance that caught Gonzalez-Rubio as he coaxed a little boy with candy into performing sexual favors for him. This latest police effort came after a father of two girls -- ages 7 and 11 -- reported that his daughters told him that Gonzalez-Rubio had been molesting them for more than a year, but they had remained silent after promising Gonzalez-Rubio to do so in exchange for candy and cash. Further police investigation uncovered as many as 13 other possible victims.
In May 2001, Cesar Gonzalez-Rubio agreed to a plea deal with the Dade County Prosecutor to plead guilty to 9 counts in exchange for 13 years in prison and 10 years probation -- supposedly made to keep from requiring any of the multiple young victims to testify. Amazingly, reportedly, Gonzalez-Rubio's Jehovah's Witness Wife was allowed by the Dade County school system to continue to operate the contracted bus service. This registered sex offender was released from prison in 2010.
NORTH CAROLINA v. JAHAZIEL LEVI RODRIGUEZ-VASQUEZ was a 2013 North Carolina criminal prosecution. In April 2013, a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Jahaziel Levi Rodriguez-Vasquez, age 28, aka Armando Pacheco, aka Armando Rodriguez-Vasquez, was arrested and charged with raping a 12 year-old girl who attended the Lumberton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The alleged victim's JW Parents reported aka Jahaziel Rodriguez-Vasquez to police in March 2013. They alleged that aka Armando Rodriguez-Vasquez had sexually assaulted their 12 year-old daughter in March 2013 and once in late 2012. Police stated that aka Jahaziel Rodriguez also may have sexually assaulted other minors who attended the Lumberton Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Outcome unknown.
DELAWARE v. MARK G. ZAMBRANA was a 2012-15 Delaware criminal court case which involved a then 26 year-old, then married, Jehovah's Witness named Mark Zambrana, of Wilmington, Delaware. In the summer of 2012, Mark Zambrana, his wife, and his 14 year-old step-son, lived next door to another Jehovah's Witness family with whom they were very close, and whose surname also just so happened to start with a "Z" (what a coincidence). The JW Neighbor Family included a 15 year-old daughter named "SZ".
In August 2012, Mark Zambrana texted SZ and asked her to come over to his house and try-on a blouse he supposedly was planning to give to his wife as a gift -- but to do so "braless"Very interestingly (was 15 year-old SZ really that stupid), Zambrana apparently gave SZ some excuse that neither himself nor anyone else would be home, but that the blouse would be waiting for her in the bathroom. SZ did as requested. SZ came over to Zambrana's home; entered without anyone supposedly home; went into the bathroom; took off her own blouse and bra; and tried-on the blouse. SZ only then noticed a naked leg behind the shower curtain, which a reportedly naked Mark Zambrana was hiding behind. SZ asked Zambrana what he was doing(really?). Zambrana told SZ that he had fantasies about her, and that he wanted to see her breasts. SZ then went into a bedroom to change back into her clothing. On leaving the house, Zambrana grabbed SZ and apologized to her -- while urging her not to tell anyone what had happened. Zambrana also warned SZ that nobody would believe her if she disclosed what had occurred. Zambrana also warned SZ that disclosure of the incident would hurt his wife and destroy his marriage. Zambrana sent SZ additional text messages that evening, apologizing, and again urging her not to tell anyone. Interestingly, the same scenario had taken place only a month earlier, but that time SZ had not taken off her bra, and Zambrana supposedly was not seen hiding in the shower.
Several months later, SZ reported the incidents to her parents, who reported such to the police. Zambrana was arrested and indicted on two counts of Sexual Solicitation of a Child Under 18 To Engage In Prohibited Sexual Act. Zambrana requested a bench trial, which took place in September 2013. Zambrana did not testify at the trial, but the State introduced a video of Zambrana's interview with the police, in which he readily admitted to spying on SZ while she was in the bathroom trying on clothes during the two incidents. He also readily admitted during questioning that he spied on SZ because he was obsessed with seeing her breasts so that he could masturbate, and that he would fantasize about her. Zambrana stated in his police interview that he had an obsession with breasts, and his intention was to see SZ's breasts so that he could masturbate after she left. The Superior Court found Zambrana guilty of both counts of Sexual Solicitation of a Child. Mark G. Zambrana was sentenced to eight years and six months imprisonment at Level V, suspended after one year for six months of home confinement at Level IV, and two years of probation at Level III. Mark Zambrana is now a registered Sex Offender. Zambrana's appeal to the Supreme Court of Delaware affirmed the convictions in 2015.
CONNECTICUT v. JUAN VALENTIN was a 2004-06 Connecticut state CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution of a 64 year-old retired transit bus driver and Jehovah's Witness Minister named Juan Valentin, of East Hartford, CT. In October 2004, while being given a bath, the 4 year-old daughter of an unidentified Jehovah's Witness Female told her JW Mother that Juan Valentin had sexually assaulted her. The JW Mother told her JW Husband, who -- instead of reporting the assault to the authorities -- reported such to the Elders at his East Hartford Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. One of those JW Elders finally reported the sexual assault to the police. After an investigation, Valentin was charged with two counts each of first-degree sexual assault and the morals section of risk of injury to a minor. Valentin pleaded "not guilty", and was released on $100,000.00 bond. In October 2005, Juan Valentine was convicted by a Jury of having had "sexual intercourse" with the 4 year-old child. In January 2005, Juan Valentine was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 20 years of probation thereafter. Valentine must serve all 10 years.
Readers should understand that Juan Valentin did not think that his case would ever go to trial. First, Valentin was the sole care-giver for his infirm elderly spouse. Second, the victim's mother (probably Valentin's daughter or granddaughter) eventually began to openly question the authenticity of her 4 year daughter's claims, and when JW Mother got nowhere with that argument, she then began objecting to having her young daughter testify in court. After the trial, the Prosecutor even made to reporters several veiled criticisms of JW Mother's hindrance of the prosecution.
At the sentencing, about a dozen fellow Jehovah's Witnesses of Juan Valentin's presented letters declaring that Valentin was a"man of good character", who should be sentenced merely to "home confinement"The Prosecutor pointed out that the Jehovah's Witness Minister had had two children with a Mistress during his marriage to an invalid wife. The Judge publicly pointed out that none of Valentin's Jehovah's Witness Supporters had said one single thing in support of the 4 year-old VICTIM whom Valentin had raped. However, Valentin's JW Supporters cried, and some yelled that they loved him, as marshals prepared to take him to prison.
(Interestingly, the retired Hartford transit bus driver needed the assistance of a Spanish interpretor throughout the trial proceedings.)
CALIFORNIA v. SOSTENES SIERRA GARZA (1980s) and UNITED STATES v. SOSTENES SIERRA GARZA (2003-4). Limited details. These cases involve an active California Jehovah's Witness named Sostenes Sierra Garza, aka Sostenes Garza, aka Sostenes Garza Sierra, etc. DOB: 11-28-1934.
In the 1980s, Sostenes Garza, then in his late 40s-50s, attended the Greenfield Spanish Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, in Greenfield, California, and he was employed as a bus driver by the King City Transit Agency in Monterey County. Garza reportedly was a serial child predator who had molested multiple school children whom he had transported to school. After being reported by a victim, Garza was prosecuted and convicted of "Lewd & Lascivious Acts with a Child Under 14", and was sentenced to only 8 years in prison. Despite allegations that Garza's victims included his own daughter, one family member reports that Garza's wife, family, and the congregation stood behind him the whole time, and that after his release from prison, he was reinstated as a Jehovah's Witness.
In 2003, the then 69 year-old Sostenes Garza Sierra was arrested by I.C.E. in Desert Hot Springs, California, where he was living less than one mile from a school. The arrest was part of OPERATION PREDATOR. Removal proceedings were initiated against the legal permanent resident, but apparently were unsuccessful given that Garza was still living in the U.S. in 2011.
CALIFORNIA v. NAZARIO ENRIQUE CRUZ-SANCHEZ was a 2012-14 California state criminal prosecution. In April 2014, Nazario Cruz-Sanchez, age 43, was found guilty of two counts each of having sex with a child younger than 10, oral sex with a child younger than 10, sexual penetration of a child younger than 10, and lewd acts with a child younger than 14, while also finding true sentencing enhancements for multiple victims. The two child victims were the 12 year-old daughter of a live-in girlfriend, whom Cruz-Sanchez assaulted from 2006-07, and the 9 year-old niece of a second live-in girlfriend, whom Cruz-Sanchez assaulted from 2010-12. Cruz-Sanchez was sentenced to 70 years to life in state prison. The second live-in girlfriend was an ILLEGAL MEXICAN, named Estela Garcia, age 28, whom testified that Nazario Cruz-Sanchez told her that "his Jehovah's Witness faith required him to have sex with her niece," "because she [Garcia] was not a virgin when they got together."
CALIFORNIA v. PHILLIP GARRIDO and CALIFORNIA v. NANCY GARRIDO are the notorious California criminal prosecutions related to the Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapping, which have resulted in life prison terms for both Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Despite the criminal prosecutions, and the avalanche of media coverage, THE TRUTH about Phillip Garrido's past life is only now beginning to be made public.

Nancy Garrido was reared as a Jehovah's Witness, first in Texas, and then later in Colorado. The unmarried 25 year-old Jehovah's Witness, Nancy Bocanegra, was introduced to fellow Jehovah's Witness, Phillip Garrido, while Garrido was imprisoned in Leavenworth federal prison for a 1976 kidnapping and rape committed in Nevada. The "delayed" introduction reportedly was made in early 1980 only after Garrido's divorce from his first wife became final. Nancy Bocanegra was introduced to Phillip Garrido by one of his cellmates -- Nancy Bocanegra's Uncle, whom she occasionally visited. Phillip Garrido, age 30, and Nancy Bocanegra, age 26, were married inside Leavenworth Prison, in October 1981, by a non-denominational prison chaplain.

1978 mental evaluation conducted only 8-9 months after Garrido's arrival at Leavenworth states that Phillip Garrido was already, in March/April of 1978, a "very absorbed" Jehovah's Witness practitioner. Phillip Garrido has indicated that his interest in religion and GOD started sometime around 1973-74, and intensified around 1976-77 (Remember that the JWs were then in the middle of their largest recruitment period ever -- 1966 to 1975 -- when the WatchTower Society was predicting Armageddon to occur in October 1975. After 1975, it was "any day now".) During Phillip Garrido's first year at Leavenworth, Phillip Garrido even rejected the idea of a transfer from prison incarceration to an outside psychological treatment program so that he could complete the religious and secular education programs he had by then already started at Leavenworth.(Although the WatchTower Cult has since relaxed its teachings on mental health treatment -- due to the high incidence of mental illness amongst its members -- at that time, Jehovah's Witnesses were proactively discouraged from seeking treatment from mental health professionals.)

So, when did Phillip Garrido first join the WatchTower Cult?  IT IS BELIEVED THAT PHILLIP GARRIDO FIRST STARTED ATTENDING A KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES SOMETIME IN THE EARLY 1970s -- possibly even as early as 1969-70, when Garrido was only 19-20 years old. Garrido either attended the Brentwood, California Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, or the Oakley, California Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, or both, at various times. There is a vague lead which seems to suggest that Nancy Bocanegra was not the first female with JW connections in Phillip Garrido's life. Whether that possible female with JW connections was Garrido's first wife, one of many girlfriends, or even possibly his mother (which opens an enormous can of worms given that is with whom Phillip and Nancy lived all these years), I do not know. I do know that some older JWs in either the Brentwood and Oakley areas probably do know, but evidently are tight lipped.

I also know that Phillip Garrido was arrested and incarcerated multiple times from 1969 through 1974. If, in fact, Phillip Garrido "became a member" of the Brentwood or Oakley congregations during this time period, as one source alleges, then he would have been subject to one or more internal judicial actions by his congregation's Body of Elders. That would mean that Garrido's past history as a Jehovah's Witness would be known not only by one or both of those two California congregations, but probably also by WatchTower Society headquarters, in Brooklyn.

At any rate, it was Phillip Garrido's status as a long-time practicing Jehovah's Witness, plus his marriage to a life-long practicing Jehovah's Witness, that undoubtedly played a significant role in his gaining early parole in 1988 given that nearly every evaluation of any type over the years almost always made positive mention of Garrido's religious beliefs and practices.

Nancy Garrido worked within the healthcare community in multiple states at least as far back as 1981. Nancy Garrido was licensed as a Nursing Assistant in California in 1989 after the couple moved to California after Phillip Garrido's parole from Leavenworth, and 8 months served in a Nevada state prison, where Garrido served short time on a state charge related to the 1976 rape/kidnapping. Between 1994 and 1998, Nancy Garrido worked for a California community agency, Contra Costa ARC, that served adults and children suffering from developmental disabilities. Nancy Garrido reportedly also worked at multiple nursing homes.

Nancy Garrido is reportedly accused by Prosecutors of playing an equal role with Phillip Garrido in the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard. Prosecutors suspect that it was actually Nancy Garrido who forcibly put Jaycee Lee Dugard into the car driven by Phillip Garrido in June 1991. In 1993, Phillip Garrido was returned to federal prison for 38 days because of a parole violation. Prosecutors allege that Nancy Garrido was Jaycee Lee Dugard's sole kidnapper during those 38 days.



Editor's Note: Once again another amazing coincidence from this editor's past. This Editor trained (employment) a 20 year-old female member of this Cleveland area Puerto Rican family several decades ago, and even then this editor's "JW Radar" was blaring due to her regular use of "JW speak" -- the reason that I have never forgotten her scenario. Termination was recommended after observing multiple "moral" deficiencies during the training period -- multiple thefts from multiple co-workers, continuous lying about everything (including telling everyone that her parents were "Russian" immigrants despite looking cookie-cutter PR), and never-ending sexual harassment of multiple male co-workers -- both unmarried and married.

OHIO v. ARIEL CASTROAmerica's latest "child abductor", or "child kidnapper"Ariel Castro, of Cleveland, Ohio, also has multiple Jehovah's Witness connections -- if not "reared" as a Jehovah's Witness. Like the "Phillip Garrido Case", the specifics will probably not be fully disclosed until well after the criminal prosecution has been long completed. Ariel Castro's age 70s mother, Lillian Rodriguez, aka Lillian Castro, is unquestionably a Jehovah's Witness. In the 1960s, Lillian Rodriguez and her four children separated from the father, Pedro Castro, aka Nona Castro, and moved from Puerto Rico to Reading, Pennsylvania, to join Lillian Rodriguez's Rodriguez Clan parents, multiple brothers and sisters, nieces, and nephews. In 1975, Lillian Rodriguez and her four children reunited with Pedro Castro in Cleveland.

SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE: As most readers already know, Ariel Castro hung himself in his prison cell only one month after being imprisoned. Multiple media outlets reported that Ariel Castro's JW Mother and Ariel Castro's sister (believed to have been JW Elderette Marisol Alicea, mother of Jeremi Alicea -- see below) had been repeated visitors to see Castro.


INDIANA v. EMILY CASTRO. Emily Castro, the youngest of Ariel Castro's four children with ex-wife Grimilda Figeroa (deceased), was convicted in Indiana, in February 2008, of trying to kill her 11 month old out-of-wedlock daughter Janyla Gonzalez, and is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence. Emily Castro apparently attempted to cut the throat of her own baby after getting into a fight with her Fort Wayne, Indiana "baby daddy". Emily Castro thereafter also attempted suicide.


OHIO v. JEREMI ALICEA is an ongoing January 2014 Ohio criminal prosecution. Jeremi Alicea, age 26, of Bedford, Ohio, is allegedly the son of Ariel Castro's Jehovah's Witness sister, who allegedly is married to a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Juan Alicea, who had spoke to the media multiple times during the Ariel Castro news coverage. Jeremi Alicea has been indicted by a Cleveland, Ohio area Grand Jury on 21 counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor (downloading/uploading child pornography), and one count of possessing criminal tools (computer), reportedly during online law enforcement "stings" in September 2013 and October 2013.

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CALIFORNIA v. ALEXANDER AVILA (2015)CALIFORNIA v. ALEXANDER AVILA (2011)CALIFORNIA v. ALEXANDER AVILA (1993), and CALIFORNIA v. ALEXANDER AVILA (1984) were California criminal court cases which involved a Jehovah's Witness sex offender named Alexander Avila, aka Alex Avila, age 63 (DOB: 8/02/1952) of Sacramento, California. Alexander Avila was convicted of committing a lewd and lascivious act upon a child under the age of 14 years-old in 1984, and in 1993, Avila was convicted of another felony sex offense of unknown specificity. Each conviction required Avila, on his release from prison, to register his residence with law enforcement for the rest of his life.

In May 2011, after Alexander Avila's 2010 release from his second prison term, Alexander Avila pleaded "no contest" to failing to properly register as a sex offender, and spent another year in prison. In May 2012, after that prison term, Avila once again registered with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team (SAFE). Avila provided the Sheriff's Department with three addresses: his residence, his place of employment, and a residence which he sometimes "frequented".

As Avila had done in 2010, in 2012, Avila FALSELY gave the Sacramento address of Flordelisa Liriano as his "residence".(Flordelisa Liriano was Avila's Jehovah's Witness Mother-in-law in 2010, and Avila's former mother-in-law in 2012. Avila was married to her daughter, Dinorah Torza, but they divorced in 2011.) A compliance check conducted only a few days later revealed that Avila was not living with his former mother-in-law. Alexander Avila was found living at the address which he had registered as his place of employment, which turned out to be the home of a fellow Sacramento Jehovah's Witness named James Durham, who unhappily disclosed to local law enforcement that a local Sacramento Jehovah's Witness Elder had talked Jimmy Durham into allowing Alex Avila to live with him after Avila was released from prison.

Alexander Avila was again convicted of failing to properly register as a sex offender during a 2012 jury trial, and this time he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Affirmed on appeal in 2015.


ARIZONA v. RIGOBERTO FLORES was a 2007-08 Arizona state criminal prosecution of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER whom JW apologists have TYPICALLY publicly attempted to deny being a Jehovah's Witness. First, POLICE INVESTIGATORS publicly labeled Rigoberto Flores as a "Volunteer" at the Buckeye Arizona Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. That conclusion was undoubtedly made after they had thorough interviewed everyone who knew Flores -- including the BOE. Undoubtedly, this is similar to the recent JW Hispanic Child Molester in California whose Body of Elders described him to police as being an "Usher". These CRIMINALS both obviously had recognized positions within their local Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which their BOEs refused to accurately disclose, and in fact -- LIED TO POLICE. Police Investigators also disclosed that this was NOT the first time that Rigoberto Flores had been charged with a sexual related crime.

In October 2007, fellow congregants of Rigoberto Flores at the Buckeye Arizona Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses reported to Buckeye police that Flores had been repeatedly sexually molesting their 8 year-old daughter, at his home, since late 2006, whenever Flores and his wife occasionally babysat the child. Rigoberto Flores, then age 51, was arrested in November 2007 on multiple molestation charges due to admissions he made to police. In September 2008, Flores pled guilty to a single count of Attempt to commit sexual conduct with a minor, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


NORTH CAROLINA v. OSCAR OMAR OSORTO was a 2004-07 North Carolina criminal court decision. Despite being one of the most outrageous cases of its type, this OSORTO case has received only limited coverage. In November 2005, Oscar Omar Osorto Sr., 47, of Liberty, North Carolina, was convicted of using his position as a Jehovah's Witness Elder to repeatedly have sex with two 13-15 year-old sisters -- sometimes inside the Siler City Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The jury convicted Osorto on 12 counts of sexual misconduct with minors under the age of 15. The jury also found the "aggravating factor" that Osorto had used a position of trust or confidence to commit his crimes. Oscar O. Osorto Sr. was sentenced to 25 - 30 years in prison. In February 2007, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled against Osorto and his assertion that a number of technical errors occurred during his trial.

The two teenage girls were the daughters of a single Jehovah's Witness Mother of four, who looked to Oscar Osorto, with his position as a JW Elder, as someone who could help her with counseling her teenagers on spiritual matters. Osoto alleged that he uncovered that one or both sisters were having sexual intercourse with their boyfriends, and that he set up rendezvous for them at local motels in exchange for the sisters agreeing to also have sex with him only a few times. The girls denied such, and testified that Osorto had started molesting them in 2000, when the oldest reached 12 years of age. The incidents allegedly continued until Osorto was arrested in July 2004. By that time, Osorto had allegedly also been pressuring a third younger sister to have sex with him. Although not charged with offenses relating to the third sister during this trial, she alleged at trial that Osorto had also abused her. At the sentencing hearing, Oscar Osorto Jr., told the judge that his father was a man who gave his strength, love, and compassion "to anyone who needed it", and that his father had always supported his family and others.


In the early AM hours of  Monday, August 9, 2004, the five bodies of an entire family of Jehovah's Witnesses -- all ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Nicaragua -- were discovered by firefighters inside a burning house near Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Suspiciously, all five corpses were found in the same bedroom. The corpses were fully dressed, and it appeared as if noone had tried to escape the burning house. The bodies were identified as Jose Denis Meza, 39, Marbely (Zeldon) Meza, 30, Denia Meza, 14, Denise Meza, 8, and Jairo Meza, 5.

Their neighbors and landlord described the Mezas as a "kind" and "nice" Jehovah's Witness family, who regularly attended their local Kingdom Hall, and devoted their free time on weekends to WatchTower activities. Both parents were described as "hard-working" people, who always paid their rent on time. Jose worked as a landscaper, while Marbely was a stay-at-home mom.Others who knew the family more intimately described Jose Denis Meza as the stereotypical domineering Hispanic husband and father -- essentially, a control freak. Before recently moving to the Rock Hill area, this JW family had lived in Fort Mill, SC for at least three or more years, where the Mezas had regularly hosted the weekly "congregation book study" -- a fact that would likely indicate that Jose Meza was at least a "Ministerial Servant", if not "Elder", in that congregation.

A fire scene investigation disclosed traces of gasoline scattered throughout the bedroom. Autopsies disclosed that all three children had been "drugged", and had had their throats slashed, and that Denia Meza had knife wounds to both of her forearms, consistent with "defensive wounds", which would be received while attempting to ward off an attack. Denia Meza's autopsy disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted just before she was murdered. The mother, Marbely Meza, had a slashed left wrist, which could have as easily have been self-inflicted as having been a "defensive wound". Both parents also had drugs in their systems. Both parents died of burns and smoke inhalation.

Jose Meza was due in court on Monday, August 16, to answer to charges that he had been sexually abusing his oldest daughter, Denia Meza, for the past four years. In May 2004, the abuse apparently had been first reported to DSS -- possibly by Denia's 31 year-old cousin to whom she may have confided.  As a consequence of the DSS investigation, Jose Meza agreed to move out and live with relatives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and to have no contact with his children. However, Meza ignored the DSS "safety plan", so he was arrested and formally charged with molestation in July.  However, Meza was released on a $20,000 bond -- on condition that he not have any contact with his children. On August 7, Marbely Meza visited with her husband at his Charlotte apartment, and was overheard to say that she might as well be dead. Despite the court order barring Jose Meza from having contact with his children, neighbors reported repeatedly seeing Jose Meza in the neighborhood, and specifically at the family home on the morning of Sunday, August 8.  Thus, it is possible that he accompanied them to the Sunday meeting at the Rock Hill Spanish Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses -- something else that pointed to Marbely Meza possibly being sympathetic to her husband's plight.


TEXAS v. ERNEST CANTU was a 2003 Texas state court conviction. In October 2003, Ernest Cantu III, of Hereford, Texas, then age 27, was convicted on the charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, which was committed against a 13 year-old female. Ernest Cantu III was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Ernest Cantu is released from prison, but is a lifelong registered sex offender currently living in Amarillo, Texas.


ILLINOIS v. GERSON CARNALLA-RUIZ is a 2006-9 Illinois criminal case which has escaped public attention as belonging in the category of Jehovah's Witnesses Molestation cases. The reason for such is that this family ALLEGEDLY were Mexican illegal aliens, who had limited fluency in English. In 2009, Gerson Carnalla-Ruiz, 38, of Des Plaines, Illinois, was convicted of three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child for three separate incidents involving his 10 year-old disabled, wheel-chair bound daughter, in 2005. Ruiz was sentenced to 40 years in prison. There was an alleged fourth sexual assault for which Ruiz was not charged because such occurred out of jurisdiction.The sexual assaults occurred when the Mother, now the remarried Victoria Uribe, went back to Mexico for three months in the summer of 2005 -- leaving Ruiz to care for their son, Hidel Carnalla-Ruiz, and the victim, who required catheterization every four hours. The daughter did not tell anyone about the assaults until the summer of 2006, when she finally told her mother, after the mother threatened to again leave her alone with her father. The victim also stated that her disclosure was motivated by her having read in a WatchTower publication that parents should not touch their children's privates.


CALIFORNIA v. JOSE LUIS MARTINEZ was a 2006-7 California criminal court case, which involved a 43 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named Jose Luis Martinez, of Fresno, California, who owned and operated Jose's Tires, and worked as a janitor at St. Agnes Hospital. In May 2006, Jose L. Martinez was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting three schoolgirls, ages 6 to 9, walking to and from Greenberg Elementary School, in Fresno, on three separate occasions, in April-May 2006. Police believed that Martinez was responsible for other sexual assaults against children, and eventually charged him with two additional assaults which occurred in 2005; one against a 5 year-old girl. At trial, police testified that Jose Martinez would pull up to the walking children and tell them that he knew their parents, and offer them a ride, and treats. Sometimes he would even buy them fast-food, before taking then them somewhere to "play games".


CALIFORNIA v. JOSE LUIS AGUILERA is an ongoing 2015 California criminal court case. Jose L. Aguilera, age 41, presently of Santa Ana, California, but recently of Tustin, California, was arrested in September 2015 and charged with sexually assaulting four different Jehovah's Witness girls, ages 9 to 11, with whom Aguilera had access to via his association with Jehovah's Witness congregations in Tustin and Santa Ana. Jose Aguilera is alleged to have befriended four fellow JW families in those congregations, and then to have used his own 6 year-old daughter to lure children from those four JW families to visit and play with his daughter, where those victims were molested and raped. Between October 2012 and July 2015, Jose Aguilera is alleged to have molested two victims in Tustin, and two additional victims in Santa Ana. Authorities believe that Aguilera has molested other victims within these and other Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jose Luis Aguilera was charged with two felony counts of kidnapping for the purpose of child molesting, seven felony counts of committing lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, and one felony count of sexual penetration with a child 10 years old or younger. Aguilera also faces a sentencing enhancement for committing lewd acts on multiple victims. Outcome pending.


PENNSYLVANIA v. HECTOR CAMARA JR was a 2011 Pennsylvania criminal court case. In November 2011, a Jehovah's Witness named Hector Camara Jr., age 65, of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual abuse, including aggravated indecent assault, statutory sexual assault, and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. Camara was sentenced to 20-40 years in state prison. The victim was the teenage son of Hector Camara's next-door neighbors. Camara began sexually molesting the boy when the boy was in the seventh grade, and continued almost weekly into the boy's latter high school years. During this lengthy period of abuse, the victim suffered mental and emotional turmoil that manifested itself through outbursts of anger resulting in trouble at both home and school. The boy was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar, and was placed on medication. The boy had to have a classroom assistant at school to help him manage his anger. However, since finally reporting the molestation to his parents, and thereafter, the police, the victim no longer is on medication, and his entire life is now on a course of healing.

Hector Camara reportedly served as a Ministerial Servant in his local Jehovah's Witness congregation. The victim's parents testified that Camara was an ideal neighbor who helped them with their yard work and even painted their home. Indications are that Camara used his position as a Jehovah's Witness Minister to conduct the JW's infamous "Weekly Home Bible Study" with the young victim. At trial, Camara stated, "I'm not a monster", claiming that he had never forced himself sexually onto the child victim, and claiming that the ongoing sexual relationship was "something that just happened". The trial judge told the Jehovah's Witness Minister, "... you are the devil in disguise." The local Pennsylvania newspaper refused to identify Hector Camara as one of Jehovah's Witnesses -- mysteriously claiming that Camara's status as a Jehovah's Witness Minister had nothing to do with the case. We suspect that the newspaper has a JW connection. Even the folks at the Shady Rest Gazette are not that ignorant.


TEXAS v. SERGIO LUEVANO and NEW MEXICO v. SERGIO LUEVANO were separate child molestation criminal prosecutions involving an illegal Mexican Jehovah's Witness named Sergio Luevano. In October 2012, an El Paso, Texas jury convicted Sergio Luevano, then age 42, of indecency with a child under the age of 12 years-old after he was proven to have molested an 8 year-old relative in April 2010. At this trial, a second female relative from New Mexico testified that Luevano had molested her for 13 years. Sergio Luevano was sentenced to 20 years in prison on the Texas charge. Status of New Mexico prosecution unknown.


TEXAS v. JULIO VASQUEZ was a 1997 Texas criminal court case. Reared as a Jehovah's Witness, Julio Vasquez, then age 24, admitted in 1996 that when he was a teenager that he had sexually molested his three younger sisters at their Brownsville area home. Convicted in 1997, Vasquez was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Died in 2002.


NEW JERSEY v. EDGARDO HERIBERTO MADRID was a 1995 New Jersey court case. Incomplete details. In 1995, 36 year-old Edgardo Heriberto Madrid, a/k/a Eddie Madrid, of Prospect Park, New Jersey (originally from Honduras), pleaded guilty to charges that he had sexually exploited, molested, assaulted, and/or raped 19 minors, ages 9 to 14, including only two females, whom he purposefully befriended at a abandoned quarry swimming hole, from 1989 through 1991. Madrid Police first charged Madrid in 1991, and he apparently was even released on bail, but the more that police investigated, the more victims who turned up. Interestingly, Madrid decided to plead guilty during the middle of his then ongoing criminal trial. Madrid declared that he had had an epiphany, and had become a Jehovah's Witness, stating: "I can prove I changed my life around and I'm different now." Although unclear, there are "hints" that Madrid was being influenced by one or more family members, who may have been JWs, which has the "smell" of Edgardo Madrid possibly having had previous JW association.


MEXICO v. ENRIQUE BAHENA ROBLES was a 2006 Mexico criminal prosecution of a 34 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister named Enrique B. Robles, of Cancun, Mexico. In November 2006, an unidentified 16 year-old Jehovah's Witness Female alleged that Enrique Robles, then 28 years-old, had sexually assaulted her back in 2000, at his home, after they had finished "field service". The victim alleged that her older sister and she had come out in field service, and that her old sister was assigned to accompany someone else, while she (only 10 years-old) was assigned to accompany the UNMARRIED 28 year-old male. (Who do you suspect was in charge of field service arrangements that day -- ROBLES?) Robles had also arranged for the victim's older sister to pickup the victim at the end of the day -- not from the Cancun Kingdom Hall -- but at his own home. In 2015, Enrique Robles is probably leading field service under a different name at the Spanish South Bend, Indiana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.


NEW MEXICO v. MARTIN GONZALES. Martin Gonzales, Hispanic male, DOB 4/02/1964, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charges of kidnapping, one charge of  sexual penetration of a child under 13 years old, and one charge of  sexual penetration of a child over 13 years old.


NEW MEXICO v. GEORGE AMBRIZ. George Ambriz, Hispanic male, DOB 11/07/1981, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on one charge of  sexual penetration of a child under 13 years old.


NEW MEXICO v. JESUS VILLALOBOS. Jesus Villalobos, Hispanic male, DOB 7/29/1961, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on two charges of  sexual penetration of a child over 13 years old.


NEW MEXICO v. PETER PAIZ. Peter Paiz, a/k/a Rudy Paiz, Hispanic male, DOB 4/09/1962, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charges of intimidating a witness, and sexual penetration of a child under 13 years old.


NEW MEXICO v. CHARLES LA MADRID. Charles La Madrid, Hispanic male, DOB 6/06/1965, with ties to New Mexico, Tennessee, and Arizona, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charges of intimidating a witness, child abuse, and criminal sexual penetration.


NEW MEXICO v. ALBERT V. LUERAS. Albert Lueras, Hispanic male, DOB 7/27/1962, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charges of child abuse, and second degree MURDER.


NEW MEXICO v. MARCO MENDOZA. Marco Mendoza, Hispanic male, DOB 6/13/1962, with ties to Mexico and Texas, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charge of second degree criminal sexual penetration of a minor.


NEW MEXICO v. DAVID LARRANAGA. David Larranaga, Hispanic male, DOB 3/26/1946, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charge of second degree criminal sexual penetration.


NEW MEXICO v. JOHN DAVID ALARCON. John D. Alarcon, Hispanic male, DOB 4/02/1983, served time in the Penitentiary of New Mexico on charges of fourth degree criminal sexual penetration, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance.


ARIZONA v. TIMOTHY PAUL OLMOS was an Arizona state prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness named Timothy P. Olmos, who was convicted in 2005 of child molestation and sexual abuse of a minor. Timothy Olmos received a mitigated 15-year prison sentence; was placed on lifetime probation; and was required to register as a sex offender. On appeal, like multiple other Jehovah's Witness child molestors, Tim Olmos has unsuccessfully challenged ordered penile plethysmograph testing. Olmos has also unsuccessfully challenged the probation restrictions of limiting contact with minors as a violation of this constitutional right to freedom of religion.

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PARAGUAY v. CARLOS ALCARAZ is an ongoing 2017-18 criminal prosecution in San Antonio, Paraguay, of Carlos Alcaraz, age 62, whom media described as the "Pastor" of the local San Antonio Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. In 2017, the 10 year-old daughter of a JW Mother whom attended that Kingdom Hall told her JW Mother that Carlos Alcaraz had been sexually fondling her since she was 7 years-old. INTERESTINGLY, the 10 year-old alleged victim learned from instruction at school, rather than instruction at her Kingdom Hall, that being regularly felt-up by her elderly "Uncle" was wrong. However, the victim made the mistake of not also informing school officials. JW Mother reported the matter only to the BOE -- not to police. Carlos Alcaraz reportedly was disfellowshipped, but his crimes were not reported to the police. In late 2017, "someone" finally reported the matter to police. Carlos Alcaraz has been arrested, but has denied the allegations. Outcome pending.


TRINIDAD & TOBAGO v. NEIL BISSESSAR is an ongoing September 2016 criminal prosecution. A Jehovah's Witness Minister and secularly employed taxi driver named Neil Bissessar, age 29, of Longdenville, was arrested and charged with "sexual grooming" of an 11 year-old girl under the Children's Act of 2012. Specifically, on two occasions on September 15, 2016, Neil Bissessar is alleged to have engaged in conversations via telephone and social media with the alleged victim telling her to send him pictures of herself, and asking to come to her home. When Neil Bissessar did go to her home, Neil Bissessar was met by a crowd of neighbors who proceeded to beat him up. Nissessar was denied bail despite the fact that his attorney portrayed Neil Bissessar as a 10 year long Jehovah's Witness minister whom had never previously been criminally charged.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS v. OLIVER LEWIS was a 2013-16 Royal Virgin Islands criminal CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution of a 34 year-old African-Guyanese Jehovah's Witness Minister and "IT Specialist" named Oliver Lewis. In early 2013, an unidentified BVI Jehovah's Witness Father discovered that one of his children -- his 13 year-old son -- had been sexually molested on multiple occasions by a fellow Jehovah's Witness whom the family had known for about three years. At some point in the relationship, Oliver Lewis had befriended the JW Family's 13 year-old son, and had began to "groom" the child for the eventual sexual molestation. Initially, Lewis asked that the boy be permitted to assist him with various employment duties that seemed to require two persons. Eventually, Lewis began picking up the child directly from school.
After the boy "confessed" that Lewis and he had been engaging in sexual relations, including oral sex, the JW Father followed WatchTower Cult dictates and personally confronted Oliver Lewis. Lewis "confessed" and asked for "forgiveness". Lewis further requested that JW Father continue to follow WatchTower Cult dictates and handle the matter within the congregation. However, in June 2013, JW Father reported Lewis to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, and Lewis was arrested and charged with four counts of indecent assault and four counts of indecency with a child.

Despite Lewis's previous confessions, Lewis pleaded "Not Guilty". After a November 2015 trial, Oliver Lewis was convicted on four counts of  gross indecency with a minor. In October 2016, Oliver Lewis was sentenced to only 42 months in prison. Lewis also was ordered to pay $10,000.00 in restitution, but optionally could spend an additional six months in prison to avoid such.
TRINIDAD v. TABEEL LEWIS was a 2003-12 MURDER case. In October 2002, on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, a 62 year-old retired female schoolteacher and Jehovah's Witness Minister, named Dayah Ramsook, started a secret sexual relationship with a 17 year-old boy, named Tabeel Lewis, who also attended the same Siparia Trinidad Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. That illicit affair ended a year later, in November 2003, when Lewis killed Ramsook.

Living next door to her brother Dipnarine Ramsook, Dayah Ramsook directed Lewis to stealthily come to her home at around 4:00-5:00 AM for their ongoing sexual encounters. By November 2003, Tabeel Lewis decided to end the potentially embarrassing affair with the elderly Ramsook before it was discovered. However, on the morning that Lewis informed Ramsook of his intention to end their affair, Ramsook became extremely upset and threatened to make their affair public if Lewis broke up with her. Lewis was observed driving away from Ramsook's home later that day in Ramsook's car. When Ramsook was not seen for two days, local police were notified, and they found Ramsook's corpse hog-tied, gagged, and wrapped in a piece of cloth inside her house.

At the 2006 trial, although Ramsook had also suffered manual strangulation to her neck and severe blunt force trauma to her head, the forensic pathologist testified that Ramsook died as a result of asphyxiation due to the gagging and hog-tying. After a nine day jury trial, Tabeel Lewis was convicted of "murder", and given the mandatory death penalty. In Lewis's failed 2007 appeal, he did not deny the killing, but asserted that he was merely guilty of "manslaughter" because he had not intended to kill Ramsook or cause her any serious bodily injury. In Lewis's successful 2011 appeal, Lewis argued that the trial judge should have allowed the jury to consider the mitigating factor (under British law) whether Ramsook had "provoked" Lewis into losing his self-control and committing the violent assault by her threat to publicly expose their secret sexual relationship, which would cause Lewis's great distress and embarrassment. Such could dictate a lessor conviction than "murder" and its mandatory death penalty. The case was remanded for reconsideration on this issue. Outcome unknown.
ZAMBIA v. DENNIS BWALE is an ongoing 2012-13 Rape prosecution criminal court case which is illustrative of the internal workings in Kingdom Halls all over the world. Dennis Bwale, age 28, is an Elder at the Kanyama Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Bwale is "single", but reportedly was engaged to a fellow JW at the time of the alleged rape. The alleged Victim is the unmarried daughter of JW Parents who are also members of the Kanyama Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Victim alleges that in July 2012 that Bwale telephoned her and said that he needed to talk to her, and asked her to meet him and his nephew at their local Kingdom Hall. Once there, Bwale asked the Victim to go for a walk, where they could talk away from the nephew. When alone, Bwale allegedly initially attempted to seduce the Victim, and when that failed, he forcibly raped her.

TYPICAL of WatchTower-indoctrinated Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world, instead of reporting her rape to local police, the victim reported her alleged rape only to her local JW Elders.

TYPICAL of WatchTower-indoctrinated JW Elders all over the world, the JW Elders not only did NOT report the alleged rape to local police, but even instructed the Victim that she was NOT even to tell her JW Parents, and that if she did, she would be Disfellowshipped.

In September 2012, the pressures of keeping the Rape and the Kingdom Hall Judicial Hearings a secret from her own JW Parents became too much for the Victim, and she ran away from home and went to stay with an older sister, and eventually a friend's grandmother. Failing to convince his daughter to return home, JW Father decided to telephone the Coordinator of the Body of Elders to ask the Body of Elders to help find out why his daughter had ran away, and why she refused to return home.

To JW Father's surprise, the Congregation Overseer told him that the Elders were in fact preparing to telephone him for a meeting to inform him that his daughter had accused one of the local JW Elders of having raped her. The Congregation Overseer also instructed JW Father not to say anything to anyone "as the matter could be sorted out quietly without people knowing". JW Father, still having a few un-indoctrinated brain cells, reported the alleged rape to the police.

JW Father and Mother were thereafter able to reconcile with their JW Daughter, who told them about being threatened with "disfellowshipping" by the local JW Elders. JW Daughter explained that she could not keep her rape a secret from them while continuing to live with and see them constantly.

Unbelievably, even during official court proceedings in December 2012, the Lawyer for the accused JW Elder attacked JW Father for having reported the alleged rape to police, since the local JW Elders were "capable of sorting out such matters".
NIGERIA v. JACOBSON CHIBUZOR was a 2008-09 Nigeria criminal case which involved a 37 year-old SchoolTeacher named Jacobson Chibuzor. Jacobson Chibuzor rented a room from a respected female professional in Lagos, Nigeria, who later claimed to have rented the room to him only because he was also a Jehovah's Witness Minister. In September 2008, neighbors responded to the screams of the teenage housekeeper who was being raped by Chibuzor in his room after the other adults had left for work. The 7 year-old daughter of the landlord later revealed that Chibuzor had also been sexually molesting her. The two girls were discovered to have contracted a STD from Chibuzor. Chibuzor later pled "not guilty" and was released on bail. Chibuzor thereafter fled Lagos, and failed to appear in court.





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