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Click, A FELLOW JEHOVAH'S WITNESS STOLE MY IDENTITY, to read a longer story posted on its own dedicated webpage about an age 30s 3G Jehovah's Witness sexual predator who stole and used the identity of a much younger JW in order to assist his efforts to seduce worldly teenaged girls.  


CALIFORNIA v. JASON MORRIS GORSKI was the 2016-18 California criminal prosecution of a HOMOSEXUAL Jehovah's Witness SCHOOL TEACHER who was appointed as a congregation ELDER during the same 2007-08 time period  during which he was carrying on a homosexual relationship with a 13 year-old boy who also was a member of that same Cypress California Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. This catastrophe evidences what "Evil Spirit" appoints the leadership of the WatchTower Cult.

Jason M. Gorski, then age 34, and his 13 year-old male victim had even more in common -- Southwestern Longview Private School, in Long Beach, California, which reportedly was owned/operated by local Jehovah's Witnesses primarily to serve local Jehovah's Witness families. Jason Gorski taught at the school for 4 years, and his victim was one of his students. Probably not coincidentally, the school was closed soon after this scandal became known.

Jason Morris Gorski was arrested in 2016, in South Carolina, where he had been living since 2010. In 2017, Gorski pled guilty to two counts of Lewd Acts with a Child Under 14, and in January 2018, he was sentenced to six years in prison.


ILLINOIS v. ERIC GREGORY MASSENBURG is an ongoing 2016-20 Illinois criminal court case involving a self-professed lifelong African-American Jehovah's Witness named Eric G. Massenburg, now age 48. Eric Massenburg reportedly is now housed in Winnebago County Jail, which he is suing for allegedly violating his constitutional rights by withholding certain publications of the WatchTower Society. Massenburg is charged with multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child. The alleged victims were a 8 year boy and a 10 year old girl -- both living at the same Rockford, Illinois address.

ILLINOIS v. AVERY EUGENE MASSENBURG was a 2016-17 Illinois criminal court case. Then age 19, this SON of Eric Massenburg was arrested in February 2016 at the same time as was his father. Son was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual abuse, and was sentenced to 7 years in state prison.

INDIANA v. ERIC GREGORY MASSENBURG was a 2004-06 Indiana court case in which Eric Massenburg. then age 34, was arrested for repeatedly sneaking into a foster home and having sex with two mentally handicapped teenaged girls -- one age 14 and one age 17. Massenburg pled guilty to a single count of criminal confinement, and was given a 3 year SUSPENDED SENTENCE to be served on probation. Massenburg completed such, and his felony conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor. Massenburg reportedly ended up on Indiana's Sex Offender Registry after this case.

A 2010 Indiana USDC decision includes this snippet (edited):  " ...  Richardson also testified that [CPS] had substantiated [an] earlier claims of sexual misconduct with a minor involving Eric Massenburg -- one from May 22, 2000 involving his eight year old niece ... ."


FLORIDA v. GEORGE CALVIN BIGGS was the 2016-17 Florida criminal prosecution of a "rumored" former WATCHTOWER BETHELITE, JW Elder and Pioneer, and Circuit Assembly speaker at time of arrest in 2016, named George C. Biggs, age 37, of Port St. Lucie, Florida's River View Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Former owner/operator of Royal Carpet Cleaning. Also recently lived in Tennessee and Arizona, and there also operated carpet cleaning and/or janitorial services. In June 2017, George Biggs pled guilty to two counts of sexual battery on a child and two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child, and Biggs was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The female victim is alleged to have been a step-daughter. George Calvin Biggs allegedly molested his step-daughter on multiple occasions from the time that she was 8 years-old until she was 12 years-old. 


SOUTH CAROLINA v. LARRY JAMES TYLER is a pending 2017 civil commitment proceeding pursuant to the South Carolina Sexually Violent Predator Act. Larry James Tyler, currently age 64, is an incarcerated African-American Jehovah's Witness Minister, who was reared by JW Parents in Darlington, South Carolina. James Tyler is one of those rare A-A males reared in the WatchTower Cult who actually was baptized as a teenager, and thereafter became a committed practicing Jehovah's Witness. In 1973, as "exemplary Jehovah's Witnesses", Larry Tyler and his first wife, Angela Joyce Williamson, received the "privilege" of a Kingdom Hall wedding. A TIPSTER "alleges" that Larry Tyler "possibly" served as a BETHELITE before Tyler and his bride "possibly" went on to serve the WatchTower Society as a traveling CIRCUIT OVERSEER couple.

SOUTH CAROLINA  v. LARRY JAMES TYLER was a 2011-13 South Carolina criminal prosecution of Larry J. Tyler on various charges relating to his having given a cellphone reportedly containing nude pictures and indecent texts to a child (possibly male) under the age of 12. Additional devices found in Tyler's home contained 41 images of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Larry J. Tyler ultimately was convicted by a jury on one count of disseminating harmful material to a minor, one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, one count of criminal solicitation of a minor, and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, second degree. Tyler was sentenced to 8 years in prison, but apparently received parole or early release -- subject to above civil commitment proceeding.

TEXAS v. LARRY JAMES TYLER was a 1993-94 Texas prosecution and conviction in Travis County, Texas, of Larry J. Tyler, on the charge of INDECENCY WITH A CHILD - CONTACT. The victim was a 5 year-old girl. Sentence unknown, but Larry Tyler was paroled from prison in 2004, and released therefrom in 2006.

FLORIDA v. LARRY JAMES TYLER was a 2008 Florida conviction for failure to register as a SEX OFFENDER, in Lee County, Florida. Sentenced to 2.6 years. Released March 2010.


PENNSYLVANIA v. JOSHUA MICHAEL ROYCE was the October 2003 conviction of Joshua M. Royce, then age 33 (DOB: 1979), then of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, on the charge of Indecent Assault. Joshua Royce is registered as a sex offender. Sentence unknown. Last known address: Tennessee.


OREGON v. JESHUA JEREMIAH DRAKE. In January 2018, a Clackamus County grand jury indicted Jeshua J. Drake, age 43, on three counts of Sexual Abuse. Such related to alleged incidents which occurred between 1991 and 1993, when Jeshua Drake and his female accuser were both members of the Sandy Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Charges were dismissed in April 2019 when Jeshua J. Drake pled guilty to two counts of Harrassment, and was sentenced to time served.


TEXAS v. DANIEL GARNER is an ongoing 2017 Texas criminal prosecution. In September 2017, "a" Daniel Garner, age 33, of Dallas, Texas, was arrested on a charge of felony possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Daniel Garner was arrested after police received a tip that someone had uploaded a photo of a toddler being raped onto an online chatroom. Investigators traced the image to an internet account used by Dan Garner. An unconfirmed online allegation claims that this Dan Garner is the Jehovah's Witness Minister, and father of one or more young children, who attends a Richardson, Texas Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Outcome pending.


ALASKA v. TROY CHRISTIAN McKENZIE was a 1997 Alaska criminal court case in which then 31 year-old Troy C. McKenzie was convicted of "Sexual Abuse of Minor 2" for the 1994 sexual molestation of a young boy in Alaska. Chris McKenzie was sentenced to three years in prison, but two and a half years of his sentence was suspended. McKenzie was allowed to move back to Oregon (where he was reared) on the condition that he remain on probation and attend a sex offender treatment program. In 1995-96, the Oregon Department of Corrections recommended that his probation be revoked. His sex offender treatment provider reportedly wrote a letter stating that Troy McKenzie "is a fixed predatory pedophile who is extremely dangerous in the community." McKenzie thereafter returned to Alaska to serve out his probation.


TYLER C. DAVIDOW v. WATCHTOWER ET AL. In 2003, Troy Christian McKenzie was named in an Oregon civil lawsuit which alleged that he had sexually molested Tyler Davidow, who was then the 4 year-old son of a friend and employee of Troy C. McKenzie's mother, back around 1984-85. The Davidow lawsuit alleged that when Cathy Davidow learned of her son's abuse in 1985, she went to the JW Elders, but they told her not to make a report to the police so they could deal with it internally. The JW Elders allegedly never addressed the matter. After the Davidow lawsuit was filed, John Muir, a former member of the Corvallis Jehovah's Witness Congregation, came forward, claiming that McKenzie also abused his son, Eli Muir, around the same time period, when he also was 4-5 years old.

Troy Christian McKenzie was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses -- attending five meetings per week and performing door-to-door recruiting work during his formative and teenage years. The WatchTower Cult served as the religious influence during Troy McKenzie's character development. When the alleged incidents of child molestation were allegedly perpetrated, KcKenzie allegedly was a "unbaptized publisher", which is a recognized title or designation within the WatchTower organization. Despite such, there are morally-deficient Jehovah's Witnesses currently posting on the internet that McKenzie was never a "Jehovah's Witness". Jehovah's Witnesses are humiliatingly reduced to defining the term "Jehovah's Witness" in as restrictive fashion as possible so that they can claim every JW who ever commits a crime cannot be called a "Jehovah's Witness", just as JWs and the WatchTower Cult humiliating purposefully define the term "CULT" in such a restrictive fashion that they don't fit the JWs' definition of "cult".


COLORADO v. CHESTER CARL HADDAN III was a 1993 Colorado state criminal case. In October 1993, Chester C. Haddan III, then age 26, of Pueblo, Colorado, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault. Outcome of that prosecution unknown, but same individual is currently a registered sex offender in Colorado, who also has been charged once with "Failure To Register". He is the Son of Chester Carl Haddan Jr., a well known local Jehovah's Witness in Pueblo, Colorado, since the early 1970s.


NEBRASKA v. ANTHONY L. HALCOMB was a 1990-3 Nebraska criminal court case. In 1991, a 28 year-old African-American male, named Anthony L. Halcomb, of Omaha, Nebraska, was convicted of  first degree sexual assault upon two different 5 year-old girls whom he had babysat in the summer of 1990. Anthony Halcomb was found to be a mentally disordered sex offender, and was sentenced to 10-20 years. Halcomb was released in September 2000. At trial, a psychiatrist testified for the defense that Tony Halcomb suffered from multiple personality disorder, and that it was the demon persona that had committed the assaults and later confessed to all who inquired about such. The psychiatrist stated that this demon persona had emerged when Halcomb was seven years old, and that this personality most likely emerged in opposition to the strict Jehovah's Witness upbringing Halcomb had as a child.


COMMONWEALTH vs. JOHN DOE was a 1979 Massachusetts appellate criminal court decision. Sketchy details. "John Doe" was an adult male member of the Hampden, Massachusetts Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Doe was convicted on charges of rape and abuse of a child under sixteen years of age, incest, indecent assault and battery on a child under fourteen years of age, and being a lewd, wanton, and lascivious person in speech or behavior. Specifically, John Doe was convicted of engaging in (possibly four) acts of intercourse with his then eleven year old adopted daughter, and in sexual activity falling short of intercourse with his then eight year old natural daughter. The criminal prosecution was for acts which were alleged to have occurred in 1976. John Doe's wife, the children's mother, was killed in an automobile accident in latter 1976. John Doe even attempted to commit suicide when he was indicted in April 1977. Apparently, Doe was convicted primarily due to the testimony of his by-then twelve year old adopted daughter. On appeal, Doe unsuccessfully contested the exclusion of testimony at his trial, by a by-then 17 year old JW male, who supposedly would testify that Doe's two young daughters had supposedly falsely accused to the deceased mother that the then 15 year old male JW teenager had raped the then ten year old daughter, when he had babysat for the pair and two other JW children, in 1975. I certainly would like to know more of the trial details which led the jury/judge to convict, because the sketchy details in the appellate opinion certainly raise more questions than they answer.


PENNSYLVANIA v. JAMES HOMER was a 1984-7 Pennsylvania murder trial. In 1987, James Homer, 34, was convicted of murdering his 9 year-old daughter, Joyce Homer, and his 13 year-old step-daughter, Danetta Bullock, at the Philadelphia area home of this family of Jehovah's Witnesses. James Homer was sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in prison without parole, as well as 10 to 20 years for arson, which runs concurrently with the two life sentences.

On the evening of February 10, 1984, the fire department was called to the home of James and Denise Homer, where the bodies of Danetta and Joyce were found in a charred first-story front bedroom. James Homer initially claimed to have been at work when the fire started on the mattress. Denise Homer, 30, and daughter Sandy Homer, 10, were at a dentist's office. The scenario apparently was suspicious. On February 14, James Homer checked himself into the hospital for "stress". On discharge, a week later, James Homer was arrested for the murder of the two girls, and setting the fire to cover such up. Homer eventually confessed to strangling to death the two girls, as well as setting the fire and staging the scene. Homer claimed that he and the girls had been watching television when an argument erupted between Danetta and he over which program to watch, which led to him striking her with a bed slat, which then caused him to also attack Joyce Homer. Homer then finished the job by strangling them. Some authorities doubted Homer's tale, and suspected that he had been sexually abusing one or both girls. Such was evidently never proven, and Homer never confessed to such.


NORTH CAROLINA v. JEFFREY HAMILTON GIST was a 2009 North Carolina familicide which managed to escaped the attention of WATCHTOWER WORLD -- until now. In March 2009, a 16 year-old African-American Jehovah's Witness, named Mylin Tierra Bullock, was murdered by her step-father, 32 year-old Jeffrey Gist. Jeffrey Gist had a lengthy breaking-entering criminal record from 1998-2002, and had done 18 months in prison. However, Gist apparently reformed and possibly converted to the Jehovah's Witnesses given the reported several years long marriage to the victim's mother, Michelle Bullock Gist (also reported as Melissa Bullock Gist, and also Jocelyn Bullock Gist), who had two children -- the victim and her younger brother, C.J. Bullock. Mylin Bullock had complained  to friends that Gist was "strict, real strict, and he didn't want her doing a lot of stuff". Gist even walked the 16 year-old to her school bus each day. On a Friday night in March 2009, Jeff Gist and Mylin Bullock argued over what Gist later claimed was their "relationship", while the JW Mother worked her night shift at a local health care facility. Early Saturday morning, Bullock's partially burned and beaten corpse was discovered in the parking lot of a nearby nature preserve. The autopsy revealed that Bullock had died of strangulation. Mylin Tierra Bullock received a Kingdom Hall funeral attended by her extended Durham, North Carolina area Jehovah's Witness family.

Ed Bullock, the victim's Jehovah's Witness maternal grandfather, initially told reporters that no sexual abuse was suspected, but later told reporters that such may have been the motive for the murder. Ed Bullock called Jeffrey Gist "a fine father", and told reporters that his daughter had "vetted" Jeff Gist before marrying him, and that he had even met Gist's parents, who were "professionals". Jeffrey Hamilton Gist quickly admitted killing Mylin Bullock, and eventually alleged that there had been a "relationship" between he and his step-daughter, and that the argument the night he killed Mylin had been the result of his "jealousy" over other males in her life. Gist also gladly pled guilty to the reduced charge of second degree murder, and he was sentenced to only 18-23 years in prison. The plea deal miffed both the local prosecutor and the sentencing judge, but was reportedly made at the insistence of Jocelyn, or Melissa, or Michelle Bullock Gist -- whichever is the name of Mylin Bullock's mother.


CALIFORNIA v. LARRY JOSEPH THIELEN was the California conviction of Larry J. Thielen, DOB: 10/18/1949, on charges of forcible rape and forcible oral copulation with a minor under the age of 14 years-old. Details uncertain, but Larry Thielsen is believed to have been a JW Elder at the time, and his victims may have been a fellow JW married Female and her young daughter. Date uncertain, but possibly 1982.


UNITED STATES v. BRIAN LEE BROWN was a 2001-3 Arkansas federal criminal court case which involved a "Jehovah's Witness" named Brian Lee Brown. Brian Brown testified that he had been "studying" to become a JW for about one year. Brian Brown was employed as a truck driver for an unidentified corporation. During an October 2001 delivery trip to Dallas, Texas, Brian Brown, of Holton, Kansas, stopped along the way to visit (possibly JW) friends in Hutchinson, Kansas. Brown offered to take the friends' ten year old daughter along with him on the delivery to Dallas, and return her the next day on his way back through.  Beyond belief, the child's mother gave Brown a signed note giving permission for her young daughter to go to Dallas with Brown and return the next day. Brown started molesting the girl that night in Dallas. The next day, instead of returning the child to Kansas, he "stole" the truck, and drove to a rural campground in Arkansas, where he raped and beat the child. A suspicious grocery store owner reported the pair, and Brown was soon arrested.

A federal jury convicted Brown of kidnapping and aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and the USDC sentenced him to concurrent terms of life in prison. Brown appealed his conviction on several grounds, including his claim that the government had violated his religious freedoms as a Jehovah's Witness when the USDC ordered that Brown submit a blood sample for DNA testing. The USDC had ruled that Brown did not sincerely hold the belief that donating a blood sample for DNA analysis violated the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witness religion. The USCA also ruled against Brown on this issue noting that a JW Elder testified for the prosecution that JWs did not object to giving blood samples or blood testing. Brown submitted WatchTower materials that suggested that some JW might possibly object to giving blood samples, but the court ruled that "Brown failed to show that forbidding blood samples is a 'central tenet' of the Jehovah's Witness religion."


TENNESSEE v. EUGENE EDWARD HAMBLIN was a 1987-1990 Tennessee MURDER prosecution in which "devout"Jehovah's Witness Minister, Eugene E. Hamblin was found "Guilty" only of "Involuntary Manslaughter" during a jury trial, with the two year sentence then being "suspended".

On HALLOWEEN EVENING 1987, Gene Hamblin, then age 45, of Nashville, Tennessee, tied his ROTTWEILER DOG on the front porch of the Hamblin residence with the INTENT to prevent neighborhood children from "trick-or-treating" at his home. When some of the neighborhood children attempted to walk onto the Hamblin's front porch, they were lunged at by the female ROTT. Those children's father, accompanied by a second, older man named Jack Morris, age 48, walked over to Hamblin's home, knocked, and angrily asked Hamblin what the hell was wrong with him, and verbally threatened both Hamblin and his dog. Hamblin claimed that the pair made a threatening move toward him, so he shoved/punched Morris, who fell backwards into Hamblin's yard. After retreating from Hamblin's porch, the children's father apparently got in a punch before retreating from Hamblin's yard. After knocking Morris down a second time in Hamblin's front yard, Gene Hamblin then grabbed Jack Morris, who was partially physically-disabled, and rammed Morris head-first into a nearby parked automobile. When Jack Morris began to experience widespread paralysis, Morris went to the ER, where he was found to have a swollen and bruised spinal cord. Surgery was unsuccessful. Morris developed respiratory complications, and DIED 13 days later.

At trial, a series of fellow Jehovah's Witnesses served as character witnesses for Eugene Hamblin -- one even publicly condemning Halloween as being "a satanic holiday". Although Morris had initiated the confrontation on Hamblin's own front porch, the jury decided that by the time that Hamblin rammed Morris into the parked automobile that Hamblin already was out of danger from being further harmed by Morris, with Hamblin's continued physical aggression -- that eventually resulted in Morris' death -- thereby being unlawful. In any event, the Judge sentenced Hamblin to a mere two years in prison, and then SUSPENDED the sentence. On appeal, the trial court decision was affirmed.


TENNESSEE v. EUGENE EDWARD HAMBLIN. Eight months after Eugene Edward Hamblin was tried and sentenced in January 1989, a pre-teen girl from Hamblin's neighborhood came forward and accused Hamblin of having sexually assaulted her in his home on at least three occasions when she was 10 years-old.

Gene Hamblin was arrested and incarcerated without bond in September 1989. Although most JWs believed that the sexual assault accusations were false, and in retaliation for Hamblin's "getting off" of the murder prosecution, Gene Hamblin eventually confessed to one or more of the sexual assaults. Typically, Gene Hamblin even told police that immediately after one of the sexual assaults that he had had the 10 year-old girl join him in prayer -- during which Eugene Hamblin asked Jehovah "not to let her do this to me again".

Just prior to trial in 1991, Eugene E. Hamblin, then age 49, somehow cut a deal with the Prosecutor to plead guilty to only one of the three sexual assault charges -- one count of aggravated sexual battery. Sentence unknown, but guideline was 8-12 years.

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Jordan Sex Case Is Over (Edited)
Chicago Tribune, February 15, 1985
... On Tuesday, Minnesota Atty. Gen. Hubert Humphrey III announced that it was "impossible" to say who was guilty and who was innocent of accusations that they had participated in a widespread child sex-abuse ring in this small town southwest of Minneapolis.

A 4-month investigation by state and federal agents has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring any new charges against 22 former defendants in the case because the original investigation was badly mismanaged by prosecutors and police.

"We'll never figure out who was guilty," acknowledged Norman Coleman, the special assistant attorney general who led the investigation. "You can't filter out fact from fantasy."

But that doesn't really help the 2,000 people in this town, including the former defendants, who are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after 16 months that left almost everyone here exhausted, frustrated and angry. Initially 25 people, many of them churchgoing middle-class couples, were arrested and charged with sexually abusing children, including some of their own, atbizarre sex parties.

Only one of them, James Rud, who had been convicted twice of child sex abuse, confessed; he is serving a 40-year prison term. But Rud, the only adult witness in these cases, later recanted the stories he told about others' involvement. The first and only couple to be tried were acquitted last September, and soon afterward the charges against the others were dropped. ... Others in town were suspects but never charged. There were allegations of pornography and even of ritualistic child murders.

Families were torn apart and children put in foster homes where they had no contact with their parents. ... As trying as these months have been for the town, they have been a nightmare for the former defendants. One marriage has broken up and a family lost its home. All of the accused are deeply in debt, and some are still fighting in Family Court to regain custody of their children. Seven of the couples have already filed multimillion-dollar civil suits against Scott County Atty. Kathleen Morris and other county officials, and others are expected to do so.

"What they have done is so inhumane and heartless it is beyond belief," said Coralene Rawson, whose daughter has not yet been returned and who hasn't been able even to speak to her for almost a year. "I'm not going to jail, but I don't feel my name is really cleared," [Coralene] Rawson said.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
February 1987
Edited Excerpts

The investigation began in September 1983 with the arrest of James Rud, a person who later entered a plea of guilty to multiple counts of child sexual abuse. Thirteen of the plaintiffs in these cases were arrested and charged between January 11, 1984, and June 4, 1984. Where minor children were residing in the home, they were removed on temporary police holds after a parent's arrest and subsequently placed in foster care. The two plaintiffs who were never charged nevertheless lost temporary custody of their children.

One criminal case involving two of the plaintiffs in these appeals went to trial, and the County lost. Upon the acquittal of these plaintiffs, the advice of therapists and guardians that testifying at additional trials would be against the best interests of the juvenile witnesses and the development of an investigation into alleged homicides, the county attorney dismissed all pending charges against the plaintiffs and others. The plaintiffs then filed these civil rights lawsuits against Morris and various other defendants. ... ... ...

On September 26, 1983, Chris Brown reported to ... the Jordan, Minnesota Police Department that James Rud ... had been sexually abusing her daughter, S. Krahl. Then Judy Kath made a complaint concerning Rud's abuse of her daughter, V[iolet] Kath. ... Criminal charges were soon brought, and as the investigation continued, additional criminal complaints were filed against Rud, ultimately totalling 108 counts of sexual abuse involving many children. He eventually entered a guilty plea and is serving a term of imprisonment.

After Rud had been arrested and charged and child victims were being questioned, other child victims of Rud were identified and acts of sexual abuse by other adults were described. The magnitude of the job of questioning Rud victims soon exceeded the capacity of the small Jordan police department. By October 1, 1983, Jordan Police Chief Alvin Erickson requested investigative assistance from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

... in early November 1983, the Scott County sheriff's department entered the investigation and the BCA withdrew. ... By the end of November 1983, eight persons had been formally charged including Chris Brown, Judy Kath and Robert Rawson. (Robert Rawson was implicated by two Rud victims as a person who had sexually abused them.) ... ... ... ...

By March 1984, V[iolet] Kath (one of the two Rud victims who had previously described sexual abuse upon themselves byRobert Rawson) also stated that Robert Rawson had been abusing his daughter S[arah] Rawson. On March 22, 1984, detectives Busch and Morgan removed S[arah] Rawson from her home over the protests of her mother, plaintiff Coralene Rawson. Within four days a neglect petition was filed based upon statements by S[arah] Rawson to the sheriff's deputies after she had been removed from her home. On March 31, 1984, plaintiff Coralene Rawson was arrested and charged with sexually abusing S[arah] Rawson. ... ... ... ...

The plaintiffs' connection with these cases grew out of the James Rud prosecution in the sense that nine of the plaintiffs, Tom and Helen Brown, Robert and Lois Bentz, Greg Myers, Daniel and Wanda Meger and Charles and Carol Lallak, were all incriminated by Rud victims (among others) in interviews after the initiation of criminal proceedings against James Rud. Coralene Rawson was implicated by her daughter who had by then been identified as a victim of Robert Rawson. Robert Rawson had previously been arrested as a participant in sexual activities involving James Rud. ... ... ... ...

The claims of Coralene Rawson against guardians ad litem Johnson and Manahan and appointed attorney Walling present two additional issues, one concerning family court jurisdiction and the other alleging interference with S[arah] Rawson's religious observances. In September 1984, the family court found S[arah] Rawson to be a neglected child. In October 1984, S[arah] Rawson recanted her prior testimony. In November 1984, the family court vacated its neglect findings and ordered a new trial. (The state Attorney General's office had replaced the county attorney in the family court proceedings, and state representatives opposed the return of S[arah] Rawson to her parents, as did her guardian.) In February 1985, the Minnesota Court of Appeals dismissed Coralene Rawson's appeal from the family court's order for new trial and refused to enter a summary reversal.Coralene Rawson asserts that the family court lacked jurisdiction or power to order a new trial once the prior neglect findings had been vacated. She also alleges other procedural irregularities.

... Although directed at her daughter's guardians ad litem and appointed attorney, the substance of Coralene Rawson's claims against these defendants amounts to no more than a protest that the family court acted improperly by retaining custody of S[arah] Rawson, ordering a new trial and failing to observe procedural formalities having to do with amending petitions. The irregularities, if any, and rulings by the state courts are not attributable to the defendant guardians and attorney. Nor could these defendants have seized S[arah] Rawson and returned her to plaintiff in disregard of the family court's orders, had they wanted to. Nor did the family court's alleged failure to observe certain procedural rules, if true, result in a clear absence of jurisdiction, creating some sort of jurisdictional hiatus in the family court during which the defendants could or should have seized the child on behalf of her mother. Moreover, plaintiff has offered no source from which a legal duty to do so could be inferred.

In addition, plaintiff seeks to hold the guardians liable for an alleged failure to ensure that S[arah] Rawson attended Jehovah's Witness services while in foster care. Although phrased in terms of impeding first amendment rights to the free exercise of religion, once again the focus of the claim is to hold these defendants responsible for a family court decision that S[arah] Rawson did not have to attend services if she did not want to. We question whether these additional allegations byCoralene Rawson state a section 1983 claim for relief. If they do, however, defendants Johnson, Manahan and Walling are shielded by qualified immunity from further litigation of these claims in the absence of any identified legal duty to behave otherwise or any clearly established legal rights violated by the alleged conduct. ... ... ... ...

Finally, Coralene Rawson's complaint alleges that various defendants including her daughter's guardians ad litem, Diane Johnson and John Manahan, and court-appointed attorney Wright Walling, violated and conspired to violate various Minnesota criminal provisions concerning kidnapping of children, damage and trespass to property, being dangerous offenders and aiding and abetting criminal acts. No authority whatever has been provided to the effect that these statutes create a cause of action enforceable by private individuals under 42 U.S.C. 1983 or otherwise. ... ...

[Footnote]The impression created by the pleadings is that the goal of the investigation was to induce children to incriminate their own parents. However, with the exception of Jane Myers, Coralene Rawson and the Buchans, the plaintiffs were not arrested on the basis of any information obtained from their own children. The interviews in which the Myers children and S[arah] Rawsonimplicated their mothers occurred well after the arrests of their fathers. ...


U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota
November 1987
Edited Excerpts

Robert and Coralene Rawson are parents of four grown children who are not the subject of these lawsuits or otherwise implicated in this matter. (Inserted commentary: Per Cheit and Matthews, adult daughter Samantha Rawson told police during this investigation that she had been regularly sexually abused by Robert Rawson when she was a teenager. Police were unable to file charges due to running of Minnesota's statute of limitations.) The Rawsons also have an adoptive daughter, S[arah Naomi Tiffany] Rawson, whose biological mother is Coralene Rawson's sister. Robert Rawsonwas first implicated as a suspected child abuser in interviews of V. Arendsee and V[iolet] Kath conducted November 23, 1983. V. Arendsee (daughter of Judy Kath) claimed that [Robert] Rawson had sexually abused her at least twenty times dating to 1979. V[iolet] Kath claimed that [Robert] Rawson had abused her at least seven times during that period. [Robert] Rawson was arrested November 22, 1983 and charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. Subsequently, in a March 6, 1983 interview conducted by detective Patrick Shannon of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, S. Krahl identified Robert Rawson as a suspected child abuser. Additional charges against [Robert] Rawson were filed March 19, 1984 based on these allegations. Thereafter, S[arah] Rawson, V[iolet] Kath and Robert Kath, 18-year-old son of Judy Kath, implicated [Robert] Rawson in claims of child sexual abuse. Additional charges against Robert Rawson were filed and [Robert] Rawson was arrested March 30, 1984 based on the allegations of S[arah] Rawson and V[iolet] Kath and Robert Kath.

In an interview conducted March 26, 1983 S[arah] Rawson identified her adoptive mother, Coralene Rawson, as an adult who had participated in acts of child sexual abuse. V[iolet] Kath likewise made statements which implicated Coralene Rawson. Allegations against the Rawsons were corroborated in part by physical evidence recovered from the Kath residence, including miniature bowling pins, and candles contaminated with human feces, and by a physical examination of S[arah] Rawson conducted March 26 and 29, 1984 by Dr. Barry Bershow, which was partially confirmatory of sexual abuse.

S[arah] Rawson was taken into protective custody March 22, 1984 and placed in emergency foster care. A neglect petition was filed March 26, 1984. By order Dated March 28, 1984 the family court assumed immediate custody of S[arah] Rawson with a finding that there was probable cause that a juvenile protection matter existed and that the release of S[arah] Rawson would endanger her health and welfare. The court continued S[arah] Rawson's foster care placement following a placement review hearing on April 11, 1984. By order dated September 24, 1984 following an eleven-day trial, the court found that S[arah] Rawson had been sexually abused and was neglected. The court's findings were vacated November 9, 1984 following S[arah] Rawson's recantation of her trial testimony. Following a second trial, by order dated April 22, 1986 the court again found S[arah] Rawson dependent and neglected and her placement in foster care was continued. This decision was overturned by the Minnesota Court of Appeals on other grounds. See In the Matter of the Welfare of S.N.T.R., ... (Minn.App.1987). A new petition was subsequently filed and S[arah] Rawson remains in foster care. As with the other Scott County defendants, all charges against the Rawsons were dropped October 15, 1984.

Coralene Rawson filed suit October 18, 1985, naming Scott County, the Scott County HSD, Morris, Tietz, various deputies and social workers, and the Minnesota Attorney General as defendants. Robert Rawson filed suit November 1, 1985, naming Scott County, the Scott County HSD, Morris, Tietz and various social workers and deputies as defendants. ... ... ... ...

As for the remaining cases, the facts and circumstances known to officers on the dates of arrest establish without dispute that the arresting officers had probable cause to arrest Judy Kath, the Germundsons, the Rawsons, Irene Meisinger and Terry Morgenson. ... ... ... ...

[Footnote] Other information known to officers during this time period and on which they justifiably relied in believing that child victim-witness sexual abuse allegations were not without substance include: ...; Robert Kath's statement that he had seen Judy Kath and Coralene Rawson sexually abusing V[iolet] Kath and S[arah] Rawson with candles and a miniature bowling pin (an allegation corroborated by a subsequent physical examination of candles and a bowling pin found at the Kath residence); ... .


UNITED STATES v. MARK RICHARD DALLMAN (1997) and UNITED STATES v. MARK RICHARD DALLMAN (2017). In 1997, Mark R. Dallman was convicted of felony rape of a child in Pierce County, Washington, and is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In July 1995, Dallman raped a 6 year-old girl.

In August 2013, Mark Dallman was living at an RV park in Missouri without having registered as a sex offender. Deputy sheriffs went to Dallman's residence where he presented a Missouri driver's license bearing the name John Monroe Sanders, a Missouri man who died in 1971. Dallman had been using Sanders's name since at least 2007, having used the internet to find and steal the identity of a young man who had died without survivors. Dallman had been residing as Sanders at the RV park for approximately 18 months. Dallman was arrested as an unregistered sex offender.

After Dallman's arrest, a search was conducted on his computer, which revealed a video of child pornography. The search of the computer was challenging because the computer was organized in a highly complicated manner with multiple partitions, operating systems, and hard drives. (This JW child predator and skilled computer nerd likely also had an online presence with regard to the WatchTower Cult. The only question as to which discussion boards he belonged is whether they were JW boards or XJW boards, or both?)

Mark R. Dallman, age 62, was charged in three counts: failure to register as a sex offender, possession of child pornography, and receipt and distribution of child pornography.  The two child pornography counts were dismissed following a successful motion to suppress the search of his computer. On November 17, 2016, Dallman pled guilty pursuant to a plea agreement to one count of failure to register as a sex offender after traveling in interstate commerce in violation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

The USDC sentenced Dallman to time served followed by supervised release for life. Mark Dallman also was prohibited from possessing or using any electronic device with internet access without the prior approval of his probation officer.  The USDC did make this concession: "The Probation Officer shall attempt to allow the defendant computer access as necessary to participate in religious services, activities and studies pertaining to [the Jehovah's Witnesses]." However, the USDC stated that communications with Dallman's Jehovah's Witness Family would be left to the mail, telephone, and prison visits.


ARKANSAS v. BARRY WAYNE REGISTER was the 2018-19 criminal prosecution of a career criminal who has been in and out of jail and prison in multiple states multiple times over his 57 years. Barry W. Register also is a jailhouse lawyer who passes time filing lawsuits against jail staff and others. In 2014, when initially incarcerated in an Arkansas county jail, Barry Register quickly requested religious instruction from a local Jehovah's Witness Elder, and later requested that the jail arrange for baptism by that JW Elder.

In September 2018, while once again out of jail/prison, Barry Register was arrested on charges of false imprisonment, aggravated assault, human trafficking, along with multiple drug and firearms charges, after a female ran inside a PILOT truckstop asking for help to escape from Register, whom the woman claimed had been holding her for a week at gunpoint, and had been forcing her to prostitute herself. Outcome unknown.

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KANSAS v. MYOUN L. SAWYER, IN RE CARE & TREATMENT OF MYOUN L. SAWYER, ETC. are multiple Kansas state and federal judicial actions over the past 30 years. Myoun Sawyer has been in and out of prison since 1991 for either pleading guilty to or being convicted of attempted aggravated sexual battery, aggravated battery, domestic battery, eight counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, and criminal threat. In Re Care & Treatment of Sawyer determined that Sawyer qualified as a sexually violent predator (SVP), a person who Kansas law says "ha[s] a mental abnormality or personality disorder and [is] likely to engage in repeat acts of sexual violence if not treated for [his] mental abnormality or personality disorder."  The Kansas Court of Appeals agreed with the trial court that there was overwhelming evidence that Mr. Sawyer was an SVP. 

Myoun L. Sawyer was placed in the Sexual Predator Treatment Program (SPTP) in August 2011. Later, Sawyer served another criminal sentence in the custody of the Kansas Department of Corrections. Sawyer was returned to the SPTP at Larned State Hospital in October 2017. There, Sawyer "fellowships and studies with the Jehovah's Witnesses". Sawyer recently has engaged in open masturbation, inappropriate sexual comments to staff members, exposing himself, verbal abuse, threatening behavior toward peers and staff, screaming, and throwing feces. Myoun Sawyer looks forward to discharge from the system when he can attend his local Kingdom Hall and engage in field service.


ILLINOIS v. JASON M. GONZALEZ was a 2015 Illinois murder conviction. Jason Gonzalez was a mid-20s mentally ill homosexual who murdered his Uncle, whom previously had been permitting Gonzalez to live with his family. Uncle kicked Gonzalez out of the family home after discovering that Gonzalez was "fixated on children in the family". Jason Gonzalez's "fixation" included videotaping and photographing his nieces and nephews in their underwear. Gonzalez was observed touching them "inappropriately". Who knows what was occurring when and where there were no observers?

Jason M. Gonzalez was sentenced to 45 years in prison, where Gonzalez has befriended Charles Bocock (see below). Now, Gonzalez and Bocock have nothing better to do with their time than file federal lawsuits against prison officials in order to get access to WatchTower publications and worthless POS Jehovah's Witness prison proselytizers. Does anyone really believe that such legal actions are not instigated by those JWs?


JOHN DOE v. SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY BOARD is an ongoing 2017-20 Massachusetts state court case which reveals yet another sex offender Jehovah's Witness prison convert working the system. (Doe was likely reared in a JW family.)

On July 30, 1989, around 4:30 A.M., 25 year-old John Doe broke into and entered the apartment of a 32 year-old woman. He held her at knifepoint, robbed her of $900, and raped her. Doe then fled from the apartment. Eight days later on August 7, 1989, John Doe entered a second building at around 2:15 A.M. Doe found his second victim, a 37 year old woman, asleep on the second floor of her in-law's house. Doe placed a knife at her throat, robbed her of $400, raped her, and fled. Doe was under the influence of crack cocaine during both attacks.

In June 1990, a Superior Court jury found Doe guilty of aggravated rape in connection with the second incident in August 1989. Doe was sentenced to a term of from twelve to thirty years in State prison. In March 1991, Doe pleaded guilty to aggravated rape for his actions in the first incident in July 1989. He was sentenced to a term of from fifteen to thirty years in State prison, to be served concurrently with the sentences imposed for the second incident.

As John Doe's release date neared, a hearing was held on July 19, 2016, at which time Doe was fifty-two years old.  SORB classified him as a level three offender. Only one statutory high risk factor was present in the case, that is, factor 2, repetitive and compulsive behavior. The hearing examiner found that because the two offenses were committed eight days apart, Doe "had ample opportunity to reflect on the wrongfulness of his conduct." The hearing examiner gave this factor full aggravating weight, the highest weight under the applicable guidelines. In rendering his decision, the hearing examiner also considered a number of risk-elevating factors, including the fact that there were two stranger victims, threats, the use of a weapon and violence, the high level of physical contact, and Doe's history of alcohol and drug abuse. The examiner gave full aggravating weight to these risk-elevating factors. Additionally, the hearing examiner considered the fact that Doe had dropped out of sex offender treatment for several years while he pursued a college degree in prison, but acknowledged that he had actively participated since his return to treatment in 2014. The examiner gave Doe's treatment history only "minimal" weight. In a similar vein, Doe had had disciplinary reports in prison at one time, but had had none in the previous eight years.

The hearing examiner also weighed several risk-mitigating factors. He gave full weight to Doe's advanced age, to Doe's educational attainments, religious conversion, and regular participation in religious services as a Jehovah's Witness. He gave some mitigating weight to Doe's family and community support systems, but ultimately concluded that the mitigating factors were "far outweighed" by the aggravating factors, thus resulting in the level three classification.

Doe challenged the classification.  The Massachusetts Superior Court affirmed the Sex Offender Registry Board's (SORB) classification of Doe as a level three sex offender. On appeal, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals reversed and remanded.


TIMOTHY BELL v. ILLINOIS DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES is a 2014-15 Illinois federal civil court case which is related to the 2007 Illinois civil court case, ILLINOIS v. TIMOTHY BELL, and the 2002 Illinois criminal court case, ILLINOIS v. TIMOTHY BELL. In his most recent "jail house" lawsuit, the incarcerated Timothy Bell is suing in federal court to allow outside Jehovah's Witness Ministers to bring a portable "swimming pool" into the Rushville Detention and Treatment Facility, so that Timothy Bell can be "baptized" as an official member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. For unknown reasons, the Director of the RDTF has refused Bell's requests since 2013. What is the Rushville Detention and Treatment Facility, and what is Timothy Bell doing there, you ask?
Around 2002, Timothy Bell, then age 43, of Chicago, Illinois, was convicted of AGGRAVATED CRIMINAL UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT and AGGRAVATED CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT, committed back in May 1998 in Chicago, Illinois. Timothy Bell was sentenced to 8 years in state prison. In 2007, as Timothy Bell approached mandated early release from prison, the state of Illinois brought civil charges against Timothy Bell to have Bell adjudicated under Illinois law to be a SEXUALLY VIOLENT PERSON, which occurred in a 2007 jury trial. To be adjudicated a SEXUALLY VIOLENT PERSON, the State had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Timothy Bell had: (1) committed a sexually violent offense; (2) suffers from a mental disorder (Paraphilia NOS, Sexually Attracted to Non-Consenting Females) ; and, (3) is dangerous to others because the mental disorder creates a substantial probability that Plaintiff would engage in acts of sexual violence in the future. Under Illinois law, Timothy Bell was indefinitely incarcerated in the Rushville Detention and Treatment Facility until such time as it is determined that Timothy Bell is no longer a SEXUALLY VIOLENT PERSON, and he is "safe" to be either conditionally released or totally discharged from custody.
We simply want our readers to know that under the direction of the WatchTower Society, that the Elders at the Rushville, Illinois Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses are actively recruiting additional door-to-door Ministers from a state facility which solely incarcerates SEXUALLY VIOLENT PERSONS who after having served their prison term have been adjudicated to be too unsafe to be released into society. Additionally, despite the fact that the mere presence of an individual in this facility means that MULTIPLE PROFESSIONALS continue to judge that individual to be a SEXUALLY VIOLENT PERSON too unsafe for release into society, the WatchTower Society's own personnel have judged Timothy Bell to be worthy to become an official Jehovah's Witness Minister.
WILLIAM ERNEST SCOTT v. TEXAS PRISON was a successful 2010-11 Texas federal court civil rights lawsuit filed by the "unofficial" LEADER of the 23 Jehovah's Witness INMATES at the Huntsville, Texas state prison. William E. Scott and the other 22 Jehovah's Witness INMATES complained that the prison's policy which required that the JW Inmates could only hold their WatchTower meetings if such meetings were officiated by local Huntsville, Texas JW Elders Thelbert Blume or Jeff Syret was discriminatory given that Muslim inmates were permitted to hold their religious meetings without the presence of a "freeworld" Muslim clergyman.
Interestingly, William E. Scott (DOB 2/03/1959) was convicted in 1990 on two counts of AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD. (One can't help but wonder whether the 23 inmates at this prison who are professing to be Jehovah's Witnesses anxiously looking forward to the day when they will be able to enter the WatchTower Society's "PARADISE" have more in common than just religious beliefs.) William Scott's current projected release date is June 2015, but he may have already been paroled at least once in the past.
QUEENSLAND v. SIMON BLAIR VIZZARD (2002-2016) and MEXICO v. SIMON BLAIR VIZZARD (2003-04) are related international criminal court cases which involve an INTERNATIONAL CHILD PREDATOR who CONVERTED to the WatchTower Cult while he was in prison in Mexico.
In 2002, Simon B. Vizzard, then age 31, and then owner of a computer business in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, calledDISCUS BYTES, was arrested and charged with 33 criminal counts relating to his having sexually assaulted three underage BOYS, ages 11 to 14, between 1997 and 2002. Use of computers and interest in computer games was part of Vizzard's "grooming" of his young victims. Vizzard reportedly also used a "Modeling" scheme as an excuse to photograph young boys. While released on bail, Simon Vizzard fled to Mexico. (If you wonder why a child predator chose Mexico as his sanctuary, see Page 4 of this section. Incest is Mexico's national pastime.)
In November 2003, in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, Simon B. Vizzard was again arrested and charged with sexually assaulting three underaged BOYS, ages 8, 12, and 13. Simon Vizzard was convicted and sentenced to 126 months in prison. While there, Vizzard became a Jehovah's Witness -- so much so, that the Mexican JWs, and now the Queensland JWs, reporting are rallying around and supporting Vizzard.
In February 2012, Simon Blair Vizzard was extradited to Australia to face the criminal charges from which he had fled Queensland in 2002. Vizzard apparently contested the charges until 2014, when he finally pled "GUILTY" to 26 offences. Those offences involved oral sex, attempts at anal sex, having the boys perform sexual acts with each other, and introducing the boys to sex toys and pornography.
Simon Blair Vizzard was finally sentenced in June 2014. With regard to one count of "permit sodomy" and two counts of"attempted sodomy", Vizzard was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. On 11 counts of "indecent treatment of a child", Vizzard was sentenced to six years imprisonment. On seven counts of "wilful exposure", Vizzard was sentenced to three years imprisonment. On four counts of "procuring", Vizzard was sentenced to three years imprisonment. The sentences were all made concurrent, and parole eligibility was fixed at February 2015(What the HELL is wrong with the mindset of Australian judges??? See Page 6 of this same section for many more Australia child molestation court cases where several Australian judges do everything they can do to minimize the jail terms of child molesters.)
In fact, on appeal to the Supreme Court of Queensland, in April 2015, that court unanimously agreed that Vizzard's sentence were "excessive", and reduce such to 4 years each on 3 counts, and 3 years each on the remaining counts. Thankfully, theAttorney General of Queensland contested the release of Simon Vizzard until February 2016, when the Supreme Court of Queensland ruled that Vizzard -- who has been deemed under Queensland law to be "a serious risk to the community" -- be released from custody subject to a 5-year supervision order.
QUEBEC v. DANIEL ROY was a SERIES of 4 QUEBEC criminal court convictions and imprisonments between 1983 and 1990 for RAPES and rape-related crimes such as kidnapping, breaking and entering (home invasion), robbery, etc. (Apparently "sodomy" is not a crime in Quebec, because if it were, Daniel Roy would have been so charged in each of the four trials. The fact that any criminal could be caught, prosecuted, and imprisoned FOUR TIMES for forcible rape and kidnapping within a seven year period in any country on planet Earth condemns the LIBERAL Quebec legal and judicial systems as operated by FOOLS.)
Prior to his first conviction and imprisonment, Daniel Roy (born 1957) had started "peeping" his three younger sisters when he was 13 years-old. Soon thereafter, until he left home around the age of 18, Dan Roy engaged in every manner of sexual activity with his three younger sisters. As an adult, Roy also was a regular "window peeper".
From 1992 to 1994, while serving time in prison, Daniel Roy is recruited by the Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec, and converts.
In November 1995, Roy is released from prison on condition that he accept hormone therapy to reduce his deviant sex impulses.
QUEBEC v. DANIEL ROY was Roy's FIFTH conviction and imprisonment. In September 1997, Roy was caught for the intentionally targeted home invasion and RAPE of a law enforcement-employed female for which he finally would be incarcerated for an indeterminate period.
HOW MANY RAPES did this SCUMBAG commit and never got caught??? Why would any organization -- much less a religious organization that requires door-to-door ministry of its members -- knowingly recruit this SEXUAL PREDATOR???
CALIFORNIA v. AARON L. APODACA was a California 2005-08 criminal court case which provides additional proof that the WatchTower Cult could care less what worthless POSs that it recruits through its nationwide Prison Ministries, so long as the WatchTower Cult can report an increase in its numbers.
In August 2004, the state of California matched Aaron Apodaca's DNA to an unsolved HOME INVASION - RAPE/SODOMY that had been committed in Alameda County in June 1995. Apparently, Aaron Apodaca's DNA had been databased during this CAREER CRIMINAL's most recent conviction and imprisonment, which included prior convictions for auto and residential burglary, auto theft, forgery using another person's credit card, and possession of narcotics for sale. When California law enforcement finally found time in April 2005 to travel to Corcoran State Prison to arrest and question Aaron Apodaca for that 1995 HOME INVASION - RAPE/SODOMY, Aaron Apodaca apparently proudly started off the interrogation with his announcement that he recently had converted to the Jehovah's Witnesses there in Corcoran State Prison.
Aaron L. Apodaca, age 34, eventually was tried and convicted of one count of forcible rape committed during a residential burglary, and one count of forcible sodomy committed during a residential burglary. Apodaca was sentenced to 25 years-to-life on count one. Apodaca's sentence on count two is not known due to re-sentencing. In any event, hopefully this typical California, worthless Hispanic POS will never be paroled, and will never be found knocking doors for the WatchTower Cult. (Notably, Apodaca's re-sentencing was appealed all the way to SCOTUS -- cert denied October 2008.)

BRITISH COLUMBIA v. DAVID BRUCE JENNINGS was a Canadian December 2011 "breach of recognizance"prosecution to which David B. Jennings, then age 48, pled guilty and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. David Jennings was then an "untreated" PEDOPHILE with a lengthy criminal record of sexually assaulting children of all ages and both sexes. In 1985, Jennings was convicted of fondling the genitals of two sisters -- 3 years-old and 5 years-old -- after gaining the trust of their parents, and being invited to stay at their home. In 1992, Jennings gained the trust of another family whom invited him to stay at their home. Jennings was later convicted of fondling the genitals of their 4 year-old daughter and 5 year-old son. In March 2011, Jennings again gained the trust of a family with five young children, and was invited to stay with them. Jennings was later convicted of fondling their 8 year-old son. Jennings also has numerous convictions for breach of probation for contacting children -- including joining churches and engaging in church activities which would permit Jennings to teach and babysit children.

Jennings first relocated to Kamloops in 1998 after the Edmonton Police Department released a "Public Notification" to warn the public that Jennings was an untreated sex offender who posed a risk to local children. Between 1998 and 2012, Jennings had continuous interactions with the police and the British Columbia judicial system. In mid-2011, Jennings was again found to be establishing contacts with children and was incarcerated. In October 2011, Jennings was again released from jail. The Kamloops Police Department issued a "Public Notification" to warn the community of the risk posed by Jennings, and included information about Jennings' modus operandi. Only two months later, in mid-December 2011, Jennings was arrested for the umpteenth time, and again pled guilty to "breach of recognizance" for hosting at his apartment "an adult Jehovah's Witness and a 13 year old boy". Thereafter, Jennings had contact with additional children at a Kamloops Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. That court record noted that "Jennings had initially lied to the RCMP about the circumstances" -- whatever that means. (Everyone who believes that that was the first and only time that Jennings had hosted Jehovah's Witnesses at his apartment, and that that was the first and only time that Jennings had attended a meeting at a Kingdom Hall, please send us your names and contact info so that we can sell such to Nigerian Jehovah's Witnesses.) Maybe, in addition to reforming its internal handling procedures regarding its own pedophiles, the WatchTower Society needs to begin training its door-to-door recruiters how to recognize and avoid CHILD PREDATORS who seek to exploit the eagerness of HALF-WIT Jehovah's Witnesses to make friends with just about anyone willing to listen to their foolishness for more than 30 seconds.


ILLINOIS v. CHARLES F. BOCOCK is an ongoing 2013-17 Illinois criminal prosecution. In June 2013, Charles Bocock, then age 35, of Chicago, Illinois, was arrested during a police online sting on charges of Indecent Solicitation of a ChildTraveling to Meet a Minor, and Unlawful Grooming. Charles Bocock allegedly had been attempting to meet up with a 12 year-old girl for sex. After Bocock was arrested, police searched his Chicago home and reportedly found numerous images of child pornography. Still awaiting trial, in a May 2017 media article, Bocock is quoted as saying that he passes time by "exploring his spiritual options through study and practice of Jehovah's Witness theology". It is unclear whether Charles Bocock was a Jehovah's Witness prior to being arrested, or whether Bocock is yet another jailed potential convert being proselytized by the WatchTower Cult.


NEW JERSEY v. WILLIAM F. DYKEMAN was the 2002-05 New Jersey criminal prosecution and conviction of SERIAL RAPIST William Dykeman, then age 43, of Asbury Park, New Jersey, on various charges relating to FOUR separate "VIOLENT, CRUEL" ABDUCTIONS and RAPES. Bill Dykeman was sentenced to a minimum of 27 years and maximum of 31 years in state prison. William Dykeman has used his prison term to become a devout Jehovah's Witness minister.


FLORIDA v. JAMES HUDSON SAVAGE was a 1988-90 Florida criminal court case in which this 26 year-old Australian National was convicted of robbery, rape, and murder, and initially sentenced to the death penalty. Savage had been brought to the United States by his adoptive Christian Missionary parents. The following pre-trial edited excerpt from the ORLANDO SENTINEL speaks for itself:

Joy From, a 46-year-old Jehovah's Witness, says she knows and loves a different James Hudson Savage. [Joy] From, who has visited Savage in the Brevard County jail nearly every day for 10 months, said he is "so gentle, so tender ... I can't believe they have portrayed him to be a monster like they have". Savage is accused of murdering Barbara Ann Barber, a Brevard County interior decorator, last Thanksgiving eve. [Joy] From met Savage through her ministry work nearly a year ago. She was distributing pamphlets door to door in Melbourne when a man asked her if she was aware that one of his fellow countrymen, an Australian, was in jail. The man showed her a clipping about Savage's Nov. 23 arrest. [Joy] From said she wrote Savage and sent him a religious pamphlet. He wrote back immediately, she said, and their jailhouse visits began. Now she sees him nearly six times a week, discussing religion, his boyhood and his case. ... [Joy] From has been instrumental in bringing Savage's case to the forefront in Australia through her letters and telephone calls. She said she also has fought here to make sure that he is treated adequately, writing letters to jail administrators and state prison inspectors about his confinement. [Joy] From describes her relationship with Savage, whom she calls Jamie, as "as close as two people can get. Our love is stronger and greater than the oneness you share in a marriage". But she could not marry Savage unless he became a Jehovah's Witness because her religion prohibits interfaith marriages, she said. "People ask me if I'm not afraid of him because of all the terrible things he's supposedly done. I ask them, 'Are you afraid of a teddy bear?', because that's what he is, just a teddy bear", she said. "I can tell you from knowing Jamie as I do, there is no way he could have hurt anyone", From said. She said she hopes the truth will prevail during the trial and that Savage will be freed.

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