OKLAHOMA v. ALAN SCOTT WICKHAM was a 2012 Oklahoma criminal prosecution and conviction for Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To A Child in Seminole County, OK. Sentence: 8 years. DOB:1960. Released from prison in 2018. Lifetime SOR. Oklahoma City, OK. Reared as Jehovah's Witness. Began associating again in prison shortly before release.




ARIANE ROWLAND and JAMIE SCHULZE v. WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC. and WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA is an ongoing 2020-24 Montana federal civil court case in which two sisters have alleged that theIr Jehovah's Witness grandparents, Quentin Laughlin Means and Nellie Means, sexually abused them from infancy in the 1970s until they were teenagers in the 1990s. Quentin Means was an Elder in the Hardin, Montana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

During the 1980s, two Ministerial Servants in the Hardin, Montana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses named Bruce Mapley and Gunner Haines, along with his first wife Joyce Haines, allegedly began sexually abusing these two sisters, as well as forcing Rowland and Schulze to sexually abuse other children, and forcing other children to sexually abuse Rowland and Schulze.

During the 1980s, an Elder at the Hardin, Montana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses named Martin Svenson, along and his wife Millie Svenson, allegedly began sexually abusing these two sisters at the Svenson home.

The sisters also allege that they were sexually abused during the 1980s by other Elders and Ministerial Servants at the Hardin, Montana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, including but not limited to John Clyde "Jay" Donovan, Delbert Hiebert, and James Ward Warnock.


TRACY CAEKAERT and CAMILLIA MAPLEY v. BRUCE MAPLEY, SR., WATCHTOWER OF NEW YORK, and WATCH TOWER OF PENNSYLVANIA is an ongoing 2020-24 Montana federal civil court case in which two sisters have alleged that their father, Bruce Mapley Sr., sexually abused them at their home in Hardin, Montana from their infancy in the 1970s until they were teenagers in the 1990s. However, court documents further allege that there are many other victims and many other perpetrators within this alleged secret Montana Jehovah's Witnesses pedophile ring.

In 2020, these two sisters' mother, Shirley Gibson, who then professed to be an active Jehovah's Witness, signed an affidavit that her ex-husband, Bruce Mapley Sr., had confessed around 1977-78 to their entire family that he had been sexually molesting their oldest daughter. That was after that pre-teen daughter had disclosed that she had been assaulted by Gunnar Hain at his home during sleepovers with his step-daughter. Gibson reported both men to Elder Harold Rimby, who warned Gibson not to report them to the local authorities. Gibson recalls that Hain lost his privileges for a few months, while Mapley went unscathed.

A former Jehovah's Witness Elder, James Rowland, of the Hardin, Montana Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses has signed an affidavit alleging that Bruce Mapley Sr. (Ministerial Servant), Gunnar Lee Hain (Ministerial Servant), Harold Dale Rimby (Elder), and Martin Svenson (Elder) had been sexually abusing children in the congregation from the late 1970s into the 1990s. Rowland states that after learning of the allegations against these men, he attempted to raise his concerns to the other Elders and two Circuit Overseers, but was told never to bring up the subject of pedophilia again.

"When I personally brought up to my fellow Elder Jerry Baker the fact that his father in law, Martin Svenson, was doing horrible things to children, and that we had to do something about it, Jerry Baker told me that because of who his father in law was he couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it."

James Rowland further alleges that in the late 1980s to early 1990s, he became aware that Martin Svenson, Gunnar Hain, and others sexually abused all three of his daughters. Rowland states that he was removed from his position as an Elder for raising objections, then later left the religion.


OBITUARY (edited)
In Memory Of Martin [S.] Svenson, age 92, of Joliet [,Montana]
May 15, 1929 -- June 13, 2021 

Martin [Svenson] married the love of his life, Mildred Stanton, on June 3, 1951, at the Stanton Ranch near Brusett, MT. Martin and Millie enjoyed living in several places throughout Southeastern Montana over the years ... Glendive ... Miles City ... Hardin ... Forsyth ... Joliet. ... He built many homes in Hardin, Miles City, Billings, and in the area around Forsyth. ... Martin was privileged to help on numerous Kingdom Hall construction projects. ... Martin was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses at an International Convention in New York City in 1958. Many of our friends have called Martin a walking Bible Encyclopedia. ... He is safe in God's memory and through the ransom sacrifice paid for us by Christ Jesus he will share in the promise Jesus made at John 5:28,29.

Deb Hunking says ... It will be a wonderful day when you can welcome him back young and healthy. What a wonderful God Jehovah is to give us the promise of the resurrection.

Sabrina and Arthur Kraft says ... Please know that faith has sustained us always. ... The legacy Martin leaves behind is truly a special one. 

Lana Swanson says ... Looking forward to seeing you when the whole world sings Jehovah's praises.

Eugene and Paola Svenson says ... We express our condolences and share in your confidence in Martin's faith and the corresponding hope that he has.

Marcie Burrows says ... Jim and I send our heartfelt prayers ... Jehovah has him in his memory and will give him back to you soon!

Bruce G Mapley says ... Martin was my spiritual father ... Hope to see him soon in the new world.



United States District Court, D. Montana, Billings Division. April 14, 2023.


Before the Court is Plaintiffs Tracy Caekaert and Camillia Mapley's Affidavit/Declaration of Supporting Documents of Costs, Expenses, and Attorney Fees (Doc. 144) filed pursuant to the Court's grant of Plaintiff's Motion for Sanctions (Doc. 135, "Order"). Plaintiffs request $190,723.11 for costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees. Defendant Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania ("WTPA") objects to some of the hours Plaintiffs' attorneys expended as excessive, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary. (Doc. 165). WTPA also asks the Court to stay the payment of sanctions pending appeal. (id.). Plaintiffs did not file a reply brief.

For the following reasons, the Court grants Plaintiffs' counsel $154,448.11 and denies WTPA's request to stay payment.

I. Background

The Court outlined the facts of this case in the Order. (Doc. 135 at 1-3). The Court adopts the Order's relevant background and recites only those additional facts necessary to analyzing Plaintiffs' fee request.

The Court granted Plaintiffs' Motion for Sanctions as to Philip Brumley, WTPA's General Counsel, ... The Court ordered Plaintiffs to "submit a financial affidavit of all costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees directly resulting from their efforts to respond to WTPA's motion to dismiss and conducting jurisdictional discovery in response to WTPA's motion to dismiss and Brumley's affidavit." (Id. at 14-15). Brumley timely objected. ...

IV. Conclusion

For these reasons, Plaintiffs' attorneys are awarded $154,448,11 for WTPA's sanctioned conduct in this case and in the companion case, Rowland v. Watchtower Tract and Bible Society of New York, CV 20-59-BLG-SPW. The Court denies WTPA's request to stay payment of this sanction pending appeal.

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TEXAS TEEN SISTERS v. WATCHTOWER SOCIETY was a SETTLED 1998-99 Texas civil lawsuit. In 1988, a 9 year-old Houston-area girl allegedly reported to Jehovah's Witness ELDER, Kerry W. Landers, aka John Landers, that she was being regularly sexually assaulted by her 12 year-old brother. Elder Kerry Landers reported the specifics to WatchTower Society headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, who in turn instructed Elder Landers to handle the matter "in house", and not report the crimes to the local authorities. Elder Landers met with the 12 year-old brother and counseled him to stop sexually assaulting his younger sister. The sexual assaults eventually  resumed, and Elder Landers was so notified in 1992. The BOE formed a Judicial Committee. Outcome unknown, but brother supposedly again repented and stopped his assaults. Circa 1996, a second victimized sister disclosed her lifetime of child sexual abuse during mental health treatment following a failed suicide attempt. Mental health professionals reported the crimes to the proper authorities. Twenty-two year-old Brother was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to lengthy 40 year prison term in 1997. Sisters then sued WatchTower Society for preventing local elders from reporting the crimes to local authorities, and making certain their victimization ceased. Settled.


OHIO v. JESSE COX was a 1990-92 SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER prosecution. Jesse Cox, age 35, of Southington, Ohio, had somehow managed to sexually assault as many as 200 children without being reported by any of his victims. It was not until Jesse Cox was reported by his own psychologist that Trumbull County, Ohio was alerted to the presence of a monster in their midst. Jesse Cox even was granted bail, which he used to fake a drowning suicide, and fled to Canada.Typically, Jesse Cox ultimately pled guilty to only two instances of having sexually assaulted his young step-son, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and would be eligible for parole by 2006. Elders at the Warren Ohio Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses refused to testify about these and other possible admissions of child rape.


By Jessica Roy, 2024.

Raised in a restrictive Jehovah's Witness community in Arkansas, sisters Lori [Sally] and Sam[antha] Sally spent their teens and twenties moving around the South and Midwest, working low-wage jobs and falling in and out of relationships. Caught in an eternal sibling rivalry -- where younger, quieter Lori [Sally] protected outgoing, reckless ["Sam" Sally] -- the two [sisters] eventually married a pair of [Moroccan Muslim immigrant brothers] and settled down in Elkhart, Indiana, just around the corner from each other. And it was there that their lives totally diverged.

While Lori [Elhassani] was ultimately able to leave her violent marriage [to brother Abdelhadi Elhassani], [her sister Samantha Marie Elhassani] was drawn deeper into hers -- and deeper into the control of [Moussa Elhassani], who slowly radicalized, via the internet, into a jihadist. With their daughter and Sam's child from a previous relationship, [accompanied by brother Abdelhadi Elhassani,] the couple moved to Raqqa, Syria, where Moussa [Elhassani] fought for ISIS, and "Sam" [Elhassani], who never even converted to Islam, attempted to survive and protect her children from airstrikes, extremist indoctrination, and the brutality of the ISIS system. In Raqqa, Sam's oldest son appeared in several [ISIS] propaganda videos, and she participated in ISIS's practice of enslaving Yezidi women and children. Sam says her husband coerced her to move, but Lori -- who quit her job and worked tirelessly to try get Sam[antha Elhassani] out of Syria -- isn't so sure.

American Girls combines an in-depth examination of Sam and Lori's lives with on-the-ground reporting from Iraq, providing readers with a rare glimpse into the world of American women who join ISIS. Interweaving deeply reported narrative drama with expert analysis, the book explores how the subjugation and abuse experienced by women in the United States, women like "Sam" [Elhassani] and Lori [Sally], are the same themes that enable the rise of patriarchal, extremist ideologies like the one espoused by ISIS. ...

Chapter One

Samantha Sally was fresh out of a bad marriage when she met Chris Hammer at the Route 66 car rally near Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was the summer of 2004 and she was nineteen years old. ... "Sam" was living with her parents and younger sister in backwater Oklahoma, desperate to escape. Richard [Sally] and Lisa Sally had raised "Sam" and her sister, Lori, in nearby Arkansas as devout Jehovah's Witnesses, a millenarian Christian denomination that believes in an impending Armageddon and rejects most earthly pleasures, like holidays and pop culture. The problem for Sam and Lori was that they liked earthly pleasures -- Gorillaz, Titanic, birthday parties -- and they didn't want to live in the lusterless version of the world in which their parents had raised them.

The sisters had come to the realization over the past few years that the Jehovah's Witness teachings of their childhood weren't for them. Sam had tried to leave the religion once, when she was sixteen, for a marriage to a non-Witness man named Robert. But the relationship ended violently, and it was only a couple of years before she ended up back where she started, stuck with her sister and her overzealous parents in a forest-green log cabin in a remote area of Oklahoma. Though they were young, both sisters had already endured a series of bad relationships: Sam with her ex-husband, Robert, who was violent and abusive, and Lori with an ex-con who'd gotten her pregnant. Now the two were sharing a room at their parents' house while Lori waitressed at Denny's, and Sam stayed home. Sam was seeking a new way out -- and Lori, younger by thirteen months and eleven days, was ready to go with her. ...

... Sam[antha Sally] and Lori [Sally] had grown up in a little Arkansas town called Lowell. ... J. B. Hunt Trucking Company relocated its headquarters to Lowell in 1969, ... Their father, Richard [Sally], was a long-haul driver and their mother, Lisa [Sally], worked long hours as an office secretary, so the Sally sisters were left to their own devices for the majority of their childhood, tasked with feeding themselves and getting themselves to and from school. On the rare occasions Richard [Sally] was home, Sam liked to help him work on the truck, throwing on a pair of too-big Carhartt overalls, eagerly fetching his tools or tagging along to the auto-parts store. Richard [Sally] was six-foot and burly, and when they were kids he'd had a dark full beard, a mustache, and the shaggy black hair of the Cherokee and Seneca ancestors that made up part of his lineage. Lori and Sam used to call him "the Gorilla", but his friends just called him "Blackie". Lisa [Sally], by contrast, was reserved and quiet, prone to crying spells set off by domestic inconveniences like a lost sock or a dirty plate left in the sink. She'd been raised to put her husband first: It was Richard's needs she was primarily there to serve, and her devotion made him ferociously protective. They never fought, especially in front of Sam and Lori, who grew up thinking marriages never had arguments. If they did, they were resolved in secret, with the woman submitting to the man.

As kids, the sisters would go hiking or possum hunting with their cousins, who were also [Jehovah's] Witnesses, and on days when it rained, Lori -- much quieter and more studious by nature -- would curl up on the floor with a book, while Sam watched the few movies her parents allowed. She loved Wishbone and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and The Lion King, and her favorite was The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, the 1962 western starring John Wayne and James Stewart. But even the most innocent-seeming entertainment could prove problematic in the Sally household. Once, when the girls were in elementary school, their mother Lisa [Sally] became so worried [that their] house was being haunted by a demon that she [requested that] the local [Kingdom Hall] elders to come inspect it. When the [Congregation Elders] arrived, they tore through all the family's books and movies before they settled on the source of the evil: an old VHS copy of Dances with Wolves, and one of Field of Dreams. "You have to burn these movies," they told her, apparently not fans of Kevin Costner. "Then you'll get rid of the demons."

Demons, wickedness, the end of the world -- it all loomed large in the Sally sisters' childhoods. Earthly happenings seemed to concern their Jehovah's Witness community only when they affected the afterlife. Their day-to-day lives were simply meant to be endured until the battle of Armageddon. According to the Pew Research Center, 79 percent of Christians believe in the second coming of Christ, but four in five Christians don't believe that coming will happen in their lifetime. For Jehovah's Witnesses like the Sallys, however, Armageddon can happen at any moment. Until then, life was essentially a waiting game that felt at once impossibly urgent -- the world could literally end at any second -- and frustratingly stagnant -- yeah, but it hasn't yet. As the Sally parents saw it, the only thing worth doing in a world facing certain doom was warning other people of that doom, so they spent much of their time preaching to their neighbors. The other kids in their town, mostly your run-of-the-mill Evangelicals, were allowed to participate in extracurricular activities and academic pursuits, but the Sally sisters were sequestered from all that, discouraged by their mother from even doing homework, as it distracted from proselytizing.

As kids, the sisters spent several hours each week worshipping at the Springdale Kingdom Hall, a squat brick building just a short drive down Route 265 from their farmhouse. There are more than 8.5 million [Jehovah's] Witnesses worldwide, but the Sallys were one of only a handful of [Jehovah's] Witness families in Arkansas, where less than 1 percent of residents identify as [Jehovah's] Witnesses, and the vast majority are Evangelical Christian. Every Sunday a public speaker would deliver a ["public talk"] based on scripture, followed by a discussion of an article chosen by the elders from the Watchtower magazine. Sam and Lori would sit beside their mother, Lisa Sally, in straight-backed chairs upholstered in brown wool, and Sam, who was always less interested in religion than her sister, would try not to squirm with boredom as congregants discussed the upcoming Armageddon, a final war between human governments and [Jehovah] God predicted by the New Testament. When that final battle was over, the [Jehovah's] Witnesses believed, [Jehovah] God would prevail and the earth would be cleansed of nonbelievers. Jesus Christ would descend from heaven to create a heaven on earth for [Jehovah's] Witnesses, who would be granted immortality. Since 1914, the [Jehovah's] Witnesses believe, humanity has been living in the "last days", but after a series of failed predictions of Armageddon's arrival, they now believe that it's impossible to predict exactly when Armageddon will come and the last days will end.

Most children think about death as something far-off, a distant horror that can be buried under the immediacy of the present, but for the Sally family, death was happening now, all around them all the time, and if you didn't follow the words of the [Kingdom Hall] elders, you would never make it to Paradise. ...

Sam had stopped attending [Jehovah's] Witness services when she was sixteen, and Lori followed suit a year or two later. To Sam, who'd never really bought into the doom and gloom of her parents' religion, it was almost a non event, but Lori had been a true believer, so losing her faith affected her tremendously. The two sisters were excommunicated from the congregation -- officially known as "disfellowshipping" in the [Jehovah's] Witness faith, a punishment based on a verse from Corinthians that reads, "Stop keeping company with anyone called a brother who is sexually immoral or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man." Their congregation was informed at its weekly meeting that first Sam, and then Lori, were no longer [Jehovah's] Witnesses, and as such were to be shunned by their community. According to [WatchTower] literature, Lisa [Sally] and Richard [Sally] weren't even supposed to say hello to their daughters, because "a simple 'Hello' to someone can be the first step that develops into a conversation and maybe even a friendship. Would we want to take that first step with a disfellowshipped person?" Despite these rules, Lisa maintained a cordial relationship with her daughters, though always secretly, so that she herself didn't risk being disfellowshipped. ...

Lori, for her part, was grateful to Chris for letting her stay with them -- it was certainly a better living situation than staying with her restrictive parents full-time, who since her disfellowshipping barely spoke to her except to enforce their archaic rules -- but she often wished she could afford her own place. Usually she spent her meager time off working on crochet projects, experimenting with new hair colors, or going for long walks. Lori felt lost. Even though she had disavowed many tenets of the [Jehovah's] Witness faith, she was still deeply influenced by the effects of her religious upbringing, whether she wanted to be or not. Lori felt guilty that she'd been disfellowshipped and believed that her parents were good Christian folk, and she was an inherently evil person who didn't deserve stability and happiness. She wasn't sure, yet, what exactly it was that she wanted in life, but she felt like she had already failed to become the person she'd been raised to be: a God-fearing [Jehovah's] Witness wife and mother. ...

Sam had thought it was Robert who would be her savior, a ticket to a new life. Marrying him at only sixteen had meant she'd been officially disfellowshipped from the church, so no more weekly trips to the Kingdom Hall, or forced proselytizing, or arcane rules about what music she could listen to. But Robert was cruel -- a predator, really, who became abusive not long after they started dating. He was a nineteen-year-old ex-sailor who found Sam, a vulnerable teenage girl, on the internet. Chris, by contrast, had no temper and was happy to just go with the flow. He was so nice, Sam thought, but the trouble with niceness is that it is also, sometimes, boring. Even after what she'd been through with Robert, Sam was looking for adventure, for another thrill-seeker -- she was young, after all, and just starting her adult life. She didn't crave stability the way her sister, Lori, did; often when she found it she moved on before it could really take root.

Though Sam was the one with more dating experience, eighteen-year-old Lori had also become intimately acquainted with the unique cruelty of which some men were capable. In elementary school, she and Sam had been sexually abused by a family member. The sisters didn't tell their parents what happened, fearing that Lisa [Sally] and Richard [Sally] pwould take the matter to the [Kingdom Hall] elders instead of the police. Jehovah's Witnesses have a "Two Witness Rule" established by the [WatchTower Society's] judicial policy, and based on chapter 19, verse 15 in the Book of Deuteronomy: If the accused has not confessed to the crime, at least two witnesses -- both Jehovah's Witnesses -- are needed to corroborate that the crime occurred. This can make child sexual abuse, to which there are rarely ever two witnesses, especially hard to tackle. If a member of the congregation is somehow found to have committed child abuse, the Watchtower Society -- the Jehovah's Witnesses' main governing body -- has a peculiar process for reporting. Local [Congregation] elders are instructed to write a report answering twelve specific questions, such as "Does anybody else know about the abuse?" and "Did the abuse happen more than once?", and mail it in a blue envelope to Watchtower headquarters in New York. Sometimes the [WatchTower] Society will suggest a specific punishment for a perpetrator -- typically temporary shunning, or extra Bible study.

Over the last few decades, lawsuits filed against the Watchtower Society across the globe have revealed a long history of sexual abuse allegations, resulting in millions of dollars being paid to complainants as part of settlements. As kids, Sam and Lori saw these dynamics play out in their own family when one of their family members accused her husband of sexually abusing their child. But the local [Kingdom Hall] elders vouched for her husband's character, and told her that she couldn't possibly be telling the truth. Their family member was eventually shunned by the family and the congregation, and Sam and Lori didn't see her again until they were adults. As kids and young adults, the sisters didn't want the same thing to happen to them, so they kept the secret, not talking about it even with each other until their early twenties. Even then Sam was cagey about the abuse depending on her mood, sometimes talking openly with Lori about it, and sometimes denying it happened altogether. Pretending it never happened was easier than admitting that it had, and it had changed her, whether she acknowledged it or not.

As accusations of sexual abuse against Jehovah's Witness elders were cropping up in communities across the country, throughout the '60s and '70s, the nation was in the midst of an awakening about the existence and frequency of child sexual abuse. In 1962, pediatrician Henry Kempe published "The Battered Child Syndrome", a research paper that outlined the symptoms and impact of child sexual abuse. The paper, for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, helped establish child sexual abuse as a growing concern within the medical community, and spurred state and federal governments to enact a host of laws aimed at protecting children from mistreatment throughout the '70s. But despite increasing public awareness around the issue, until the 1980s, there was little information around just exactly how prevalent child sexual abuse was. Dr. David Finkelhor wanted to -- and would -- change all that. ...

In 1985, the year that Sam was born, Finkelhor and fellow researcher Angela Browne proposed a new organizing framework for understanding the impact of childhood sexual abuse. At the time, victims of sexual abuse who suffered symptoms like flashbacks, insomnia, and depression were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder; Drs. Finkelhor and Browne wanted to drill down into the specifics of child sexual abuse, arguing that its differences from traumatic events like war and violent rape meant it deserved a separate, more precise symptom model.

"The literature on child sexual abuse is full of clinical observations about problems that are thought to be associated with a history of abuse, such as sexual dysfunction, depression, and low self-esteem," they wrote. "However, such observations have not yet been organized into a clear model that specifies how and why sexual abuse results in this kind of trauma." Their model proposed four "traumagenic dynamics" which would forever shift the way the psychology community thought about the repercussions of sexual assault. The dynamics -- traumatic sexualization, betrayal, powerlessness, and stigmatization -- gave doctors a vocabulary for symptoms that had previously been grouped simply under PTSD and helped them better understand the specific challenges child sexual abuse survivors faced. It was the beginning of a boom in psychological research on the impact of what would later be termed ACEs -- or Adverse Childhood Experiences -- and how those experiences, like sexual assault, neglect, and abuse, affected people later in life.

The ways in which the Sally sisters would react to the world as adults would, in part, be shaped by the ways in which they reacted to the abuse they'd experienced as kids. Depression, lack of trust, feelings of guilt and shame, revictimization: They would manifest in the sisters' lives in very different ways, leading them down two diverging paths. While Lori would eventually choose to acknowledge and confront what had happened to her, Sam chose a different coping mechanism: pretending it hadn't happened at all.

Trauma, especially trauma experienced as a child, when the brain is still developing, can deeply affect memory and even rewire the way our brains react to stress. If an experience is particularly traumatic or overwhelming, the brain can purposefully wall off that memory, keeping it from being accessed to prevent the victim from being retraumatized. Multiple studies have analyzed the way trauma interacts with memory, and found victims often have memory deficits when it comes to list-learning tasks and narrative recall. Other studies, including one published in 2010 in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Neurology, pushed this theory a bit further, finding that "physical neglect and emotional abuse might be associated with memory deficits in adulthood, which in turn might pose a risk factor for the development of psychopathology."

Some kids cope with trauma by becoming stuck in an obsessive loop, constantly replaying what happened to them in their heads, unable to move on or think about anything else. Another common path for survivors is denial and dissociation. Research collected by the American Counseling Association has shown that some survivors disassociate to protect themselves from recurrent abuse, which, once the abuse is over, can lead to "feelings of confusion, feelings of disorientation, nightmares, flashbacks, and difficulty experiencing feelings." Others deny that it happened altogether, or convince themselves that if something did happen, it wasn't all that bad and they should just get over it. These two survival mechanisms, dissociating and denying, can continue into adulthood, creating an unhealthy pattern that survivors may fall into when encountering difficult life experiences -- experiences like those Sam and Lori would soon confront. ...

Topics & Questions for Discussion

2. Lori blames much of what happened to her and Sam on their upbringing as Jehovah's Witnesses. How did their religious childhood shape their behavior and their understanding of themselves in their youth? How did it continue to affect their lives as adults, even after they left the community? ...

9. Consider the experiences and fates of the children in American Girls, particularly Sam's kids. How do you think she and Lori feel about Nadia, Ilyas, and Aisha being raised as Jehovah's Witnesses by their grandparents?


FLORIDA v. DIHAAN MIKAL SERAAJ is a 2021-23 Osceola County criminal conviction for lewd and lascivious behavior and five year incarceration for engaging in sexual activity within the presence of a female child less than 12 years old. See FLORIDA v. TRACY DENISE GOLDEN. Dihaan M. Seraaj, aka Dihaan Seraaj, allegedly is the son of prominent African-American Florida Black newspaper publishers. DOB:1977. Designation: Sexual Predator. XO3537. Also refer to multiple paternity and divorce (with children) civil cases.

HAWAII v. LOUIS ALBERTO MARTINEZ A/K/A DAVID LOUIS was a Hawaii 2013-16 criminal prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness Minister (Aiea Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses) with multiple aliases -- Louis A. Martinez, David Louis, and David Barber. DOB: 1976. JW Minister claimed to have been a troubled foster child who had been born in Los Angeles, California, and thereafter placed into 30 different foster homes and 19 different schools.
Only in his 30s, JW Minister claimed that he had held a plethora of employment positions over the years working with troubled children. In 2005, using the alias David Louis, JW Minister founded Heart Gallery Hawaii -- the Oahu affiliate of Heart Gallery of America Inc. -- a national organization that recruits parents for hard-to-adopt foster children by publicly displaying photos and biographies of hard-to-place foster children. In 2006, JW Minister authored his autobiography, "Scars That Can Heal", under the alias David Louis. In January 2009, David Louis was named Executive Director of the national organization -- Heart Gallery of America Inc.
In May 2013, JW Minister was indicted for having sexually assaulted in October 2011 a passed-out 16 year-old girl to whom JW Minister had given liquor. Thereafter, JW Minister also was charged with sexually assaulting his 11 year-old daughter in 2011. At some point while out on bail, JW Minister fled to California, and had to be extradited back to Hawaii. In January 2015, a jury deliberated less than three hours before finding JW Minister guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault, one count of attempted felony sexual assault, and two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. In 2016, JW Minister, then age 40, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
TENNESSEE v. TROY LEE LOVE is an ongoing 2013-17 Tennessee criminal court case which involves one of the most prominent Jehovah's Witness Elders in eastern Tennessee. The Love Family of eastern Tennessee is a large, extended, multi-generation family of Jehovah's Witnesses, with the "Love" and "Thomas" branches of this extended family originally being from Michigan. Troy L. Love was a longtime ELDER at the West Knoxville Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, who was regularly chosen to speak at WatchTower conventions and assemblies over the decades. (The introduction of "Brother Love" always brought forth giggles from attendees outside Troy Love's own circuit.)
Troy Love and his now deceased wife, Judy Love, were best friends with infamously murdered Jehovah's Witnesses, Vidar Lillelid and his wife, Delfina Lillelid, whom along with their two young children, were kidnapped and/or murdered after JW Pioneer, Vidar Lillelid, attempted to proselytize a gang of hoodlum teenagers whom also had stopped at the same Tennessee I-81 rest area in April 1997.
Troy Love and Judy Love apparently served as the pre-approved (required) local spokespersons for the WatchTower Cult with regard to the Lillelid family. Multiple newspapers quoted Troy Love and/or Judy Love in their articles about the Lillelid murders, and Troy Love even appeared in a movie about same. (Judith Ellen Thomas Love died in June 2012 due to "complications" during hip surgery -- another "no-blood-transfusion" suicide???)
In 2014, Troy Lee Love, then age 61, was found guilty by a Knoxville jury of two counts of rape of a child, and one count of aggravated sexual battery. Troy Love was sentenced to consecutive terms of twenty-five years each for the rape of a child convictions and to a concurrent term of ten years for aggravated sexual battery, for an effective sentence of fifty years to be served as a Violent Offender. On appeal, in 2017, the conviction on the two counts of rape of a child were affirmed, but the conviction on the one count of aggravated sexual battery was overturned, with the case being remanded for a new trial on that count. Outcome pending.
Troy Lee Love's victim was one of his step-great-granddaughters (Troy Love's only children were Judy Thomas's two daughters from a previous marriage), whom Troy Love sexually assaulted multiple times when she was between the ages of 6 and 8 years old -- at both his home and the home of the victim. The young victim's own mother reported the matter to police in January 2013 after the victim began revealing bits and pieces of her prior sexual molestations to a babysitter. Troy L. Love was arrested in August 2013 after the victim's mother and grandmother assisted police in obtaining partial admissions of the molestations from Troy Love. Typically, the court record indicates that the JW Molester repeatedly blew kisses to his victim during his trial. Also typically, this supposedly was Troy Lee Love's first ever run-in with the law.
INTERESTINGLY, in 2000, Judy Love naively related to one newspaper reporter that over the years that various Lillelid family members, including Tabitha Lillelid, who was 6 years old when she was murdered back in 1997, had been frequent guests at the Love's home. There, Troy Love maintained several different kinds of animals to which children in the congregation were attracted. INTERESTINGLY, on the Sunday of the murders, the Love and Lillelid families had separately traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee, to attend a WatchTower circuit convention. Troy Love later related that the Lillelid Family had been invited to "caravan" with other members of their congregation back to Knoxville after the circuit convention was over, but Vidar Lillelid had declined the invitation. INTERESTINGLY, another author reports that some of the Lillelids' other fellow congregants told the author that the Lillelids kept a close watch on their two children, and refused to allow anyone to babysit Tabitha or Peter. One can't help but wonder if that strict vigilance regarding their children and the distancing of themselves from their fellow JWs actually was a recent change brought on by certain suspicions???
A related Tipster reports that the pending 2017 marriage between a 76 year-old JW Pioneer widow and an 85 year-old JW Elder widower living in both Ohio and Tennessee has been placed on "pause" after the future JW Bride discovered what she believed to be an unhealthy preoccupation with very young females by JW Elder. The Tipster reports that -- like many other Jehovah's Witnesses -- JW Elder's watching of television was publicly constrained to channels like DISNEY, NICK, FAMILY, etc. Tipster alleges, however, that JW Bride gradually began to notice that JW Elder routinely surfed from family channel to family channel so as to constantly watch programs which featured pre-teen and teenaged girls -- despite the juvenile themes of such programs. Tipster alleges that JW Elder seemed to have a special place in his heart for Hannah Montana, in particular.
HONDURAS v. JOSE MANUEL PAVON was a 2011-13 Honduras MURDER court case. In October 2010, a 24 year-old Jehovah's Witness Elder named Jose Manuel Pavon summoned Police to the Colonia Nueva Suyapa Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, located in the capitol city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where Jose Pavon claimed that he had just discovered the body of 16 year-old Cindy Marbella Aleman Cerrato -- a fellow Jehovah's Witness congregant whom Pavron had known since she was 9 years-old and since he was 17 years-old. Cindy Cerrato had been raped and strangled to death. Due to the typical lack of cooperation with the authorities from that Kingdom Hall's Body of Elders, who undoubtedly were following instructions from the WatchTower Society's Honduras Branch Office, eventually, both the JW Parents of the victim and residents of the local neighborhood began protesting the failure of the local JW leaders to help Police solve the Kingdom Hall murder.

More than a year later, in November 2011, Jose Manuel Pavon was arrested for the MURDER of Sindy Cerrato after he was identified as the rapist by a DNA test (not known whether Pavon submitted a sample or whether police surreptitiously obtained a sample). Jose Pavron first denied that he was the rapist/murderer, but Pavon eventually confessed that on the morning of the murder that he had offered the trusting Cindy Cerrato a ride after he drove by her and saw that she had missed her school bus. Pavon then took Cerrato to their local Kingdom Hall with the excuse that he needed to pick up some items. Convincing Cerrato to come inside, Pavon then attacked the trusting teenager in an attempt to rape her. To muffle her screams, Pavon pushed a rag down her throat, plus strangled her with his hands. In Spring 2013, Jose Manuel Pavon was convicted of homicide and sentenced to 17 years in prison.


In 1955, the WatchTower Society's married BRANCH SERVANT in Honduras, Woodrow "Woody" Blackburn, was caught carrying on a sexual affair with a Honduran female whom was described in the WATCHTOWER magazine as a "GIRL of ill fame". CLICK HERE to read more. 


CALIFORNIA v. STEVEN MARTIN LINDHORST was a 2015 California criminal prosecution of a prominent Jehovah's Witness Elder and former WATCHTOWER BETHELITE named Steven M. Lindhorst, of Paso Robles, California. Steven Lindhorst was arrested in early January 2015 after his wife, Wendy Lindhorst, reported to both their local Body of Elders and Paso Robles police that her husband, Steven Lindhorst, was viewing "child pornography" on a computer at their home.
Reportedly, sometime during mid-2014, Wendy Lindhorst had caught her husband viewing on his computer photos of fully/partially-clothed teenage girls in sexually-suggestive poses. Then, in late December 2014, Wendy Lindhorst discovered a "male masturbation device", lubricant, and two pairs of female teenager panties -- one stained -- hidden in a drawer next to her husband's computer. Wendy Lindhorst "suspected" that this had been going on for years. She recalled her husband making comments about the breast size of one of their friend's 12 year old twin daughters. Many years earlier, Wendy Lindhorst had learned that her husband had been buying gifts for an underage girl who then lived in Atascadero, California.
Wendy Lindhorst reported her "discoveries" to the local JW Body of Elders, and that same night, Steven Lindhorst and Wendy Lindhorst met with two local JW Elders, where Steve Lindhorst denied viewing or possessing "child pornography". Three days later, Steven Lindhorst returned home from work to find his computer, hard drive, and his wife, all missing from the couple's home. That night, Steve Lindhorst allegedly "confessed" to two JW Elders that he had been viewing and/or downloading "child pornography" since 1986.
The next day, January 1, 2015, Wendy Lindhorst went to the local police with her story, and with her husband's computer and hard drive. Wendy Lindhorst told police that her husband had "confessed" to her and two JW Elders to downloading and viewing "child pornography". Paso Robles Police then contacted those two JW Elders, who reportedly confirmed Steven Lindhorst's "confession". That information was used by the police to obtain a search warrant which would permit them to search the computer equipment turned over to them by Wendy Lindhorst. Detectives allegedly found 24,000 images and 200 videos on both the computer and hard drive -- much of which reportedly showed pubescent children engaging in sex acts, and some of which appeared to police to have been made by Steven Lindhorst himself.
Steve M. Lindhorst, age 51, was arrested on suspicion of felony charges of a lewd act with a child under the age of 14, possession of child pornography, possession of explicit child pornography, and the posting of intimate photos of another without their consent, a misdemeanor. Investigators reportedly have identified and contacted 14 local victims. As of July 2015, Steve Lindhorst had not yet been released on $160,000.00 bail. Lindhorst has pleaded "not guilty".
In July 2015, Steve Lindhorst's attorney contested the validity of the search warrant, which was partially based on the disclosure of Steve Lindhorst's claimed "privileged" confession to the two JW Elders. However, the judge ruled that Wendy Lindhorst's info alone was sufficient basis for that search warrant. The disclosure of Steve Lindhorst's claimed "confidential" confession to those two JW Elders (assumedly made in the presence of Wendy Lindhorst) will likely be an issue during the pending criminal trial -- if a plea bargain is not accepted.
Steven Lindhorst is/was a Jehovah's Witness Minister who reportedly was a WATCHTOWER BETHELITE who worked at WATCHTOWER WORLD HQ from 1983 until 1986. Steve Lindhorst is a brother-in-law to Allan Sukram and Sarah Sukram who currently work at the HQ of the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Originally from Michigan, the son of Kurt Lindhorst and Sandra Lindhorst, Steve is a prominent internet e-commerce guru, who worked for years for eBay (maybe that explains some things), and who currently operates Lindhorst Consulting.
UPDATE: In September 2015, Lindhorst pleaded "no contest" to one count of lewd act with a child under the age of 14 and one count of possession of matter depicting a minor engaging in sexual conduct., and was sentenced to six years in prison. In July 2016, the Court of Appeals of California affirmed Lindhorst's conviction.

OHIO v. KEVIN M. FOSTER was an "outcome unknown" 2005 CHILD RAPE prosecution. In February 2005, 34 year-old high school teacher and head football coach Kevin Foster, at Ridgewood High School, in West Lafayette, Ohio, was charged with the recent RAPE of an 11 year-old girl. Reared in nearby Warsaw, Ohio, Kevin Foster had been a star football player at River View High School (grad 1988) despite opposition from his local Warsaw, Ohio Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Foster thereafter played NAIA ball at Waynesboro College in PA.


ANDRE DEJESUS v. CRESTON CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ET AL is an ongoing 2021-23 New York civil court case. Edited excerpts from Plaintiff's complaint (allegations only):

Abuser's last name was either Kennedy or Kenny. ... On multiple occasions in or about between 1985 and 1986, while Plaintiff was a minor, Abuser, while acting as an elder, counselor, teacher, trustee, director, officer, employee, agent, servant, or volunteer of the Defendants, sexually assaulted, sexually abused, or had sexual contact with Plaintiff ... Specifically, the abuse included, but was not limited to, Abuser fondling Plaintiff's bare genitals.

Said sexual abuse occurred multiple times at Abuser's home following baseball games, as Abuser used the leadership role he held at the Kingdom Hall to create a youth organization and baseball team amongst infant members of the congregation. ... Abuser held a notorious reputation within the Kingdom Hall and surrounding neighborhood for being inappropriate with other infant male members. Other members of the congregation confronted Plaintiff about whether Abuser had inappropriately touched Plaintiff too. Plaintiff also recalls various young men accusing the Abuser publicly of sexual abuse. Eventually, a family at the Kingdom Hall accused Abuser of having sexually abused their son. ... Abuser was forced to move upstate due to such repeated accusations.

NEW JERSEY v. COLE DYKSTRA was a 2001-03 New Jersey murder court case. In August 2003, a 26 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named Cole Dykstra, son of a JW Mother, named Nancy Dykstra, plea bargained "guilty" to reduced charges of "Aggravated Manslaughter", and was sentenced to 28 years in prison, for the August 2001 murder of 16 year-old Arthur Trussell. Dykstra won't be eligible for parole until May 2025.

Cole Dykstra reportedly had recently served as a BETHELITE at WATCHTOWER SOCIETY world headquarters. Dykstra allegedly either had been kicked out of WatchTower HQ, or had suffered other organizational sanctions, due to alleged homosexual tendencies and/or activities. Dykstra reportedly thereafter attempted suicide. Around October/November 2000, a Ringwood, New Jersey Jehovah's Witness couple, named Terrence Trussell and Vicki Sue Trussell, invited Dykstra to live with them and their two teenaged sons, Andrew Trussell and Arthur Trussell, while he sorted through his personal issues.

It is not known whether the Trussells had known Cole Dykstra prior to his having volunteered at WatchTower HQ, or whether all these Jehovah's Witnesses were recent acquaintances at the West Milford Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. In any event, one can't imagine that the Trussells would have invited Dykstra to live with them and their two teenage sons if they had known the reasons behind his recent failed suicide attempt. And, if they did not know, such raises even more questions as to why they had not been informed about such by their fellow JWs. Over the ten month period that Cole Dykstra, then age 24, had lived with the Trussells, Dykstra had fallen in love with 16 year-old Arthur Trussell, and possibly had made such known via homosexual advances. On the evening of August 5, 2001, 16 year-old Arthur Tressell reportedly had gone out on a date with a female. Such apparently upset Dykstra, and Dykstra and Trussell reportedly argued after Trussell had returned home from the date. Later that night, in the AM hours of August 6, 2001, after Trussell had fallen asleep, Dykstra struck Trussell on the head with a beer bottle, and then stabbed the teenager in his stomach with an 8 inch kitchen knife. Terry Trussell and Vicki Trussell reportedly were alerted to trouble in their home when Dykstra stole and left in one of the family's autos.


PENNSYLVANIA v. ANDREW S. HUGHES was a 2014-15 Pennsylvania criminal court case in which a 27 year-old Jehovah's Witness named Andrew Steven Hughes, of Bradford, Pennsylvania, who had had a sexual relationship with an unidentified 15 year-old girl in February 2013, pled guilty to only one count of statutory sexual assault. In March 2015, the sentencing judge actually INCREASED Hughes sentence from whatever was agreed to in the plea deal made by the local prosecutor. Andrew Hughes will serve one to three years in state prison, and he will have to register as a sex offender for 25 years after his release.

STATE v. ANDREW S. HUGHES. During the above proceedings, it was disclosed that Andrew Steven Hughes had sexually assaulted another female when he lived in another state (probably New York) when he was a juvenile -- and apparently received the typical "juvenile" hand slap.


OHIO v. JORDAN ABRAHAM LINTON was a 2010-11 Ohio criminal court case. In March 2010, a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Jordan A. Linton, then age 25, was arrested and charged with Gross Sexual Imposition committed against his 11 year-old niece (or, wife's niece). Charges were filed by the girl's mother (unidentified) after the young girl returned home and reported being sexually molested while she spent the night at the home of Jordan and Erica LaShone Allen Linton. (The Lintons and Allens are large, extended Jehovah's Witness families living in Ohio and Florida.)

Jordan A. Linton (Computer Programmer/Networker) was arrested and taken to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail in April 2010. Linton spent three days in jail until his JW Parents, Tamera Lee Linton and Jess Sayre Linton, posted $5000.00 bond. In a November 2010 plea deal, Jordan A. Linton pleaded guilty to one count of Gross Sexual Imposition in exchange for 3 years in prison, 5 years probation thereafter, and registration as a sex offender for 25 years. Sentenced January 2011.


UNITED STATES v. BRIAN C. WILKERSON was a 2009-10 Massachusetts federal prosecution of an African-American Jehovah's Witness Firefighter named Brian Wilkerson, of Springfield, Massachusetts. Brian Wilkerson had worked as a Springfield Mass firefighter for 11 years prior to being arrested at department headquarters in June 2009. Brian Wilkerson was accused of both receiving and viewing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY at both his home and while at work on the station's computer -- from August 2005 through September 2008. In October 2009, Wilkerson pled guilty to four counts of receiving child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography, and was sentenced to five years in prison.


JOSE LOPEZ v. WATCHTOWER SOCIETY. In October 2014, a San Diego, California trial court judge awarded Jehovah's Witness child molestation victim Jose Lopez a total of $13,500,000.00 in his civil lawsuit against the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York. The award included $3,000,000.00 compensatory damages and $10,500,000.00 PUNITIVE damages. This civil award is significant in that it is believed to be the second largest total judgement against the WatchTower Society made to a single victim of child molestation (settlements excluded). The largest total judgment of $28,000,000.00, in CANDACE CONTI v. WATCHTOWER ET AL (June 2012), also a California civil case, was split between multiple defendants, and is currently being appealed/settled for a lower amount, as will this judgment.
TIMOTHY LOPEZ v. WATCHTOWER SOCIETY ET AL (2014). Timothy Lopez, now age 38, was sexually molested in 1992, when he was 16 years-old, by a member of the Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which was located in Orange County, California. In December 2014, the Park Congregation and the WatchTower Society were granted a summary dismissal of this lawsuit based on expiration of the statute of limitations.
*************************                              **************************

The following 1982 NEW YORK criminal prosecution and conviction of a prominent Jehovah's Witness Elder CHILD MOLESTER is a highly significant court case in this genre because it was this case which likely "motivated" the WatchTower Society Leadership to make the move to eliminate SWORN POLICE OFFICERS from serving as "Elders" in local congregations, where those Sworn Police Officers were privy to the Cult's various internal secrets, including criminal conduct of its growing membership, which the "FAITHFUL & DISCREET SLAVE" wanted to kept hidden from public view.
NEW YORK v. DONALD J. NICHOLSON JR was the 1982-83 New York state criminal prosecution and conviction of a POPULAR and PROMINENT Jehovah's Witness Elder named Donald Nicholson Jr., then age 45, of the Warrensburg, New York Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Donald Nicholson is reported to have served as Convention Overseer or Department Head at multiple WatchTower conventions over the years.

The charismatic and previously well-liked Donald J. Nicholson is alleged to have sexually molested multiple children of his fellow Jehovah's Witnesses over the years before finally being publicly exposed as a pedophile. It is further alleged that multiple reports of alleged molestations may have been "buried" for many years before Don Nicholson finally made the mistake of molesting the young daughter of his own congregation's Presiding Overseer, Lee Steele, who just so happened to be a retired New York State Trooper.

Allegedly, when Lee Steele initially learned of his daughter's molestation, Steele was pressured to keep the matter within the organization and out of public view. Having  been a sworn Police Officer, Steele refused to "play ball" with the Circuit Overseer and other WatchTower Cult representatives as to keeping the matter within the organization, or thereafter "shaping" his testimony so as to keep the WatchTower's teachings and policies out of the matter. In June 1982, with the cooperation of Steele and others, Don Nicholson was indicted on two counts of RAPE and two counts of sexual abuse committed against two females less than 11 years-old committed during Summer 1979.

In November 1982, when alleged efforts to intimidate other local JW Elders failed, with Steele and at least one other local JW Elder agreeing to testify honestly and completely against Nicholson, Donald J. Nicholson thereafter agreed to plead "guilty" to only the two counts of sexual abuse -- for which he received a sentence of 27 to 84 months in prison. Affirmed on appeal in December 1983.


Although the WatchTower Society had taught since World War I that its members should not bear arms in the Military, it was not until immediately after this case, where the WatchTower Society was unable to control the Presiding Overseer, that the "FAITHFUL & DISCREET SLAVE" decided that it was no longer a very good idea to continue to allow Sworn Police Officers to serve as "Elders" in its local congregations. Although issued earlier, the new policy was announced to the entire public in the July 15, 1983 issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine, which stated in part:

"During these 'last days,' many employees are expected to carry a firearm. Bank or security guards, watchmen and policemen may even be required to do so to hold employment. But what of the Christian, who is obligated to 'provide for those who are his own? ... His Bible-trained viewpoint would be different from that of worldly persons, who feel free to carry such weapons and to use them as they see fit in any dangerous situation that may arise. ... He will want to avoid bloodguilt, having in mind Jehovah's viewpoint on the sanctity of blood. ... A mature Christian should try to find unarmed employment. Some Witnesses by talking with their employer have been successful in changing to a job that does not require carrying a weapon. As the world becomes increasingly violent we can no longer regard as exemplary a brother who continues in armed employment. He could be allowed six months to make a change. If he does not make a change, he would not be in a position to hold special privileges of service and responsibility in the congregation."


HEATHER STEELE v. DONALD J. NICHOLSON, WARRENSBURG NY CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ET AL was a confidentially settled 2021-23 New York civil court case. The following are edited excerpts from Plaintiff's Complaint (allegations denied entirely by defendants):

STEELE was raised a Jehovah's Witness and was a congregant at defendant CONGREGATION as a child. STEELE regularly attended meetings and events organized by, and affiliated with, the Jehovah's Witness organization. ... STEELE was trained by WATCHTOWER, CONGREGATION, and GOVERNING BODY that she should obey, trust and respect the individuals appointed as elders, including [DONALD J.] NICHOLSON. ... NICHOLSON used his position as an elder to gain access to STEELE and used that access to accomplish the acts of molestation of STEELE alleged herein.

[DONALD J.] NICHOLSON molested several minors over the course of nearly two decades or more. Defendant NICHOLSON'S abuse of STEELE commenced when she was two years of age and continued until she was ten years of age. The molestation included fondling, to which NICHOLSON admitted, oral copulation and other egregious acts of sexual molestation.

... one or more elders at defendant CONGREGATION were aware of reports of defendant NICHOLSON'S sexual molectation of a minor relative before the abuse of STEELE concluded. Despite this report, defendants CONGREGATION, WATCHTOWER and GOVERNING BODY did nothing to remove defendant NICHOLSON from his appointed position as an elder and provided no warning to members of defendant CONGREGATION whose children were put at risk of being molested, including STEELE and
her family.

... in late 1981 or early 1982, one or more elders at defendant CONGREGATION were informed of defendant NICHOLSON'S sexual molestation of additional minor congregants, including STEELE. In addition to the elders assigned to defendant CONGREGATION, the circuit overseer who had been appointed by defendant WATCHTOWER was involved in meetings regarding defendant NICHOLSON'S molestation of STEELE. ... defendant CONGREGATION formed a judicial committee, and although defendant NICHOLSON originally denied the accusations, he later changed course and admitted to the misconduct. Defendant NICHOLSON was removed as an elder and disfellowshipped.

... the school STEELE attended at the time of the judicial committee in 1982 had been informed that NICHOLSON had molested STEELE. As mandated reporters, STEELE'S family expected a report to be made to law enforcement and questioned the elders and circuit overseer as to how to proceed with the criminal investigation. The circuit overseer, BROTHER CHIMIKILIS [Chimicles] cautioned against aiding any investigation by law enforcement or social services because it could have very serious consequences for CONGREGATION and bring reproach on Jehovah's name. One of the elders, ROSS PERSONS, stated that these same concerns about CONGREGATION'S reputation had caused the elders not to report the abuse to law enforcement when they learned of it.

On or about March 2, 1982, STEELE'S father [who was a retired NY State Trooper] sent a detailed letter to defendant WATCHTOWER explaining how they had been pressured not to cooperate with law enforcement. ... law enforcement was contacted about NICHOLSON'S molestation of STEELE. Despite the attempts to dissuade STEELE'S family from cooperating with law enforcement, STEELE did cooperate.

Defendant NICHOLSON was charged criminally for molesting STEELE. STEELE was forced to go through a criminal process that resulted in defendant NICHOLSON being sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. ... after he was released from prison, defendant NICHOLSON reunited with his family in Clinton, New Jersey, where the family had relocated to escape the notoriety of defendant NICHOLSON'S actions. ... [DONALD J.] NICHOLSON was reinstated as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1992.

... shortly after [DONALD] NICHOLSON'S reinstatement as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, a letter was sent to WATCHTOWER explaining the deficiencies in its policies for responding to child molestation and highlighting the story of NICHOLSON'S molestation of STEELE and others. The letter forecast that as a result of NICHOLSON'S reinstatement other children were put at risk, and that the disfellowshipping years before had done nothing to aid his victims, including STEELE, who the writer explained was suffering greatly.

... additional allegations of child molestation by defendant NICHOLSON were raised in 1995. Defendant NICHOLSON was not forthcoming with the judicial committee and was disfellowshipped again. ... defendant NICHOLSON was reinstated as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2007. He was disfellowshipped again in 2014.

***************************                                 ****************************
OHIO v. JOEL EDWARD COVENDER was a 1994-2014 Ohio criminal prosecution. In April 1996, a Jehovah's Witness Minister named Joel Edward Covender, then age 27, and then of Amherst, Ohio, was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED BY A JURY of two counts each of gross sexual imposition and felonious sexual penetration for sexually molesting both his Stepdaughter, Amber Slone, (when she was around 5 to 6 years-old) and his Stepson, Joshua Slone, (when he was around 3 to 4 years-old). Joel E. Covender was sentenced to 15 to 50 years in prison. In 1997, the Ohio Court of Appeals AFFIRMED Joel E. Covender's wrongful conviction.
As best as we can put together from media reports, the false accusations of child molestation against Joel Covender began around late 1993 after the paternal grandparents of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone, and parents of the childrens' father, David Slone, discovered the then 6 year-old Amber Slone fondling the genitals of the then 4 year-old Joshua Slone. Thereafter, during multiple recorded inquiries, the then 6 year-old Amber Slone falsely described how her new Stepfather, "Daddy Joel", had been fondling her genitals since she was around 5 years-old. Joel E. Covender was formally charged in April 1994. Amber Slone later gave the same false testimony during the 1996 prosecution, along with false accusations of non-sexual physical and psychological abuse by Joel Covender to both herself and her mother, including Amber Slone falsely alleging that "Daddy Joel" even had told her that there were "demons" hiding under her bed -- all of which resulted in apparently unnecessary extensive counseling therapy for Amber Slone.
In December 2006, Joshua Slone and Amber Slone appeared at a parole hearing for Joel E. Covender, and fully/partially recanted their accusations, and asked that he be set free. Ohio's Parole Board did in fact parole Joel Edward Covender in February 2007. Thereafter, 18 year-old Joshua Slone and 20 year-old Amber Slone began to assist Joel Covender in an effort to gain a new trial. David Slone, natural father of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone, even joined the effort. In 2008, David Slone testified that he had personally "witnessed" his own Mother coaching Amber and Joshua to LIE regarding being sexually molested by Joel Covender. David Slone's testimony is especially interesting given that Joel Covender and April Covender reportedly had had to pursue David Slone for child support payments back in the 1990s -- thus the Covenders evidently had not always had a good relationship with David Slone.
In July 2007, Lorain County Judge James Miraldi granted Joel Covender a new trial, but a series of appeals ensued by both sides. Because Joshua Slone emphatically maintained that he had LIED when he accused Joel Covender of molesting him when he was a young child, the Prosecutor was forced to drop the charges relating to Joshua Slone and proceed only with the charges relating to Amber Slone Broadwater, since Amber Broadwater had simply declared that she had no present memory of being molested by Joel Covender. After seven years of multiple appeals by both sides, the new trial took place in October 2014 -- with the 2014 Prosecutor tasked with the job of proving "beyond a reasonable doubt"that in 1993-94 that Joel Covender had molested two young children, who as adults were now recanting their prior accusations.
Joel Covender's basic defense, in both 1996 and 2014, was the same "defense" which was used by the WatchTower Society for decades to deflect accusations of child molestation within its midst -- children are "liars" who are easily manipulated by Satan and his earthly opposers of the WatchTower Society.
At the October 2014 trial, Amber Broadwater reportedly claimed that she had no memory of ever being molested by Joel Covender, no memory of her accusations of such, and no memory of testifying during Joel Covender's 1994-96 prosecution. Amber Broadwater stopped short of testifying that she had lied when she accused Joel Covender of molesting her back in 1994-96, but Amber did testify that she lied lots of times during that same time period, and that she now "believes" that she was NOT molested by him. Amber Slone's Aunt testified during the 2014 re-trial that back around 2007-08 that Amber Slone had told the Aunt that she was assisting Joel Covender to rid himself of his "registered sex offender" status so that Joel Covender could have a relationship with her younger half-sister and half-brother. The Prosecutor has a tape recording of that conversation. (April Kullman-Slone-Covender-Goode married Joel Covender in Feb 1991, and had another son and another daughter with Joel Covender in 1992 and 1993. One of those children has already produced a granddaughter for Joel Covender.)
Jehovah's Witness Ex-Wife/Mother April Goode reportedly had never ever believed that Joel Covender had sexually molested her two children from her previous marriage, and because she fully supported her JW Husband, she even lost custody of Amber Slone and Joshua Slone from 1996 until 2000. April Covender divorced Joel Covender in June 2000, but April reportedly was pleased that Joel Covender was able to rid himself of all these false charges. It would be interesting to know what Jehovah's Witness connections, if any, which the Kullman, Covender, Goode, Broadwater, and Slone families had/have during this travesty of justice. Although the "Slone" Grandparents reportedly objected to their grandchildren being reared as "Jehovah's Witnesses", there are media "hints" that seem to point to some of the Slone Family having JW connections.
In October 2014, Judge James Miraldi, the same Lorain County judge who ordered a new trial for Joel Covender back in 2007, and who presided over most if not all of the local hearings held regarding such between 2007 and 2014, granted Joel Edward Covender a verdict of NOT GUILTY. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
JOEL EDWARD COVENDER v. OHIO is an ongoing 2013 Ohio civil lawsuit in which Joel E. Covender seeks unspecified damages for "wrongful imprisonment" from the State of Ohio for his conviction related to Joshua Slone's false allegations. Covender's attorney has stated that they will now file a second civil lawsuit for Covender's conviction on Amber Slone's false allegations.
TEXAS v. REGINALD TYRONE JACKSON was a 2005-07 Texas criminal court case. Reginald T. Jackson, then age 50, was arrested in August 2005 on charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Reginald Jackson was convicted in April 2007 of Indecency With a Child - Sexual Contact, and spent approximately six months in jail, and is currently a Registered Sex Offender living in Dallas, Texas.
FIVE FEMALE JW DOES v. REGINALD TYRONE JACKSON ET AL is an ongoing October 2014 Texas civil lawsuit in which Reginald Jackson is accused of sexually assaulting five different Jehovah's Witness Female Children who attended the Greenville Texas Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses during the 1980s and 1990s, where Reginald Jackson, himself the African-American father of three sons and one daughter, served as both a Ministerial Servant and an Elder. Jackson allegedly would begin molesting his victims when they were as young as 4 years-old, and continued molesting them until they were teenagers, or as available.
INDIANA v. MICHAEL P. SHENEMAN was a 2006-08 Indiana criminal prosecution which involved Michael Sheneman, age 56, of South Bend, Indiana. In April 2008, Mike Sheneman plea bargained guilty to Class D felony sexual misconduct with a minor under the age of 16 after the 15 year-old girl whom Sheneman had allegedly paid for sex refused to testify against him. Sheneman was sentenced to one year in jail, with that time suspended, and three years of probation. Sheneman was also ordered to perform 1,000 hours of community service and pay a $5,000 fine. The Judge also stated that if he hears that Michael Sheneman is telling people he did not really commit the crime to which he pleaded guilty, he will send him to jail for contempt of court. INTERESTINGLY, Sheneman's probation was ended early in February 2010 after Sheneman supposedly completed 1200 hours of "community service" -- 200 hours more than ordered.
INDIANA v. ANDREW J. BEAM was a 2006-07 Indiana criminal prosecution of a person whose name appears in court cases involving Sheneman business operations. Andrew Beam, then age 39, was charged with "Criminal Deviate Conduct" in November 2006, which was the same month during which Mike Sheneman was charged above. In 2008, Andy Beam was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
MISSOURI v. MATTHEW JAMES TULLER was a 2003-04 Missouri state criminal court case. In June 2003, a Jehovah's Witness named Matthew J. Tuller, age 29, of Carthage, Missouri, was arrested for child molestation after his 13 year-old sister-in-law alleged to her mother and police that her brother-in-law had sexually assaulted her hundreds of times over the course of the previous four years whenever she visited at the home of Tuller and her older sister. The victim alleged that Matthew Tuller gained her temporary confidentiality by telling her that he was in love with her. Matthew James Tuller was convicted of first degree child molestation in June 2004, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Tuller was released from prison in June 2011. Matthew James Tuller is the son of a well known Jehovah's Witness in Carthage, named Ronald Tuller, who operated Ron's Mug & Brush Barber Shop until his death in 2013.
MISSOURI v. MATTHEW TULLER was a 2006 pending prosecution in Carthage, Missouri, of "a" Matthew Tuller on charges of "promoting child pornography in the first degree". Outcome unknown. Unknown if this "Matthew Tuller" is "Matthew James Tuller".
MISSOURI v. ROBERT J. EISENHOUER ET AL was a 2001 Missouri Supreme Court decision. This case demonstrates how cooperative are Jehovah's Witness Elders and the WatchTower Society when it comes to criminal prosecutions of accused child molesters who are members of their Congregations. Missouri officials had accused a Jehovah's Witness, named Robert Eisenhouer, of Cabool, Missouri, of sexually abusing his two stepdaughters -- ages three and four. Eisenhouer had been charged with two counts of statutory rape in the first degree, and two counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree. From their investigation, Missouri officials believed that Eisenhouer had admitted such to Richard Bloom and Charles Graham, who were elders in the Cabool, Missouri Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.
The two JW Elders apparently refused to disclose such information, so the state issued investigative subpoenas ordering Bloom and Graham to appear at the Texas County prosecuting attorney's office and "to bring the following: any and all relevant materials, including personal knowledge, regarding State v. Eisenhower".
In response, Bloom and Graham filed a motion to quash the subpoenas. (Bloom and Graham would have been following directions from WatchTower Headquarters.)In their motion to quash, the Jehovah's Witnesses argued that the subpoenas required them to disclose a "privileged communication" made to them in their capacity as ministers providing spiritual advice and counseling. They argued that compelling them to disclose this information violated their right to "free exercise of religion".
In response, the state argued that the Missouri law which deals with child sex abuse negated the "minister-communicant privilege" in cases of known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Together, Robert Eisenhouer, Richard Bloom, and Charles Graham, argued that the Missouri child abuse law was unconstitutional, because it violated the Jehovah's Witnesses right to "free exercise of religion".
The trial court ruled in the three JWs favor, and quashed the subpoenas. The state appealed. The Supreme Court of Missouri declined to rule on the constitutionality of the Missouri law, but affirmed the quashing of the subpoenas on the grounds that the pertinent statute permitted the subpoenas to be used to obtain only "books, papers, records, or other material."
Interestingly, the criminal prosecution has been repeatedly "continued" up until 2012. Current status unknown. Despite public expressions of outrage by the victims' mother, indications are that she and the victims have been less than fully cooperative with this prosecution.
INDIANA v. JEFFREY CHARLES BUZZARD was a 2013-14 Indiana criminal court case. In 2009, Jeffrey C. Buzzard and his newly wedded wife (his second), Stacy Alane Buzzard, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, were the subjects of multiple articles published in the general media and medical journals which chronicled Jehovah's Witness Stacy Buzzard's much heralded "miraculous" recovery after a complicated surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. Stacy Buzzard died in January 2012. Stacy Hendry Buzzard left behind a teenage son and a teenage daughter from a previous marriage.

In March 2013, Jeffrey Buzzard, age 43, reportedly a member of the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Edgewood Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, was arrested on five counts of child molestation and five counts of child seduction after Buzzard's 19 year-old step-daughter was voluntarily admitted to a hospital for treatment for mental health issues. During treatment, she disclosed that Buzzard had started molesting her when she was in the 4th grade, that Buzzard had started having intercourse with her during her 6th grade in school, and that Buzzard had continued doing so until she reached age 18, in June 2011. The step-daughter told police that Buzzard had threatened to commit suicide when she informed him of her plans to report him to authorities. At trial, the step-daughter described how Buzzard used her mother's terminal illness to manipulate the relationship and to trap and isolate her.

In January 2014, Jeffrey Charles Buzzard was convicted on all ten counts, and in February 2014 was sentenced to a total of 126 years in prison. Throughout his arrest and prosecution, Buzzard adamantly denied every allegation, posed himself as the actual victim, and compared his prosecution to that of the "Salem Witch Trials" -- a "typical" Jehovah's Witness.


SOUTH CAROLINA v. CLIFTON REED JR was a 2008-09 South Carolina criminal court case which involved an African-American male Jehovah's Witness, named Clifton Reed Jr., aka Reed Clifton Jr., then age 28, who apparently was originally from the New York City area, and whom may currently be living in NYC, or elsewhere. In February 2008, Clifton Reed was arrested on charges of Obscene/Criminal Solicitation of a Minor. Interestingly, Reed had made the acquaintance of a 14 year-old female minor while attending a Jehovah's Witnesses "Get-Together" held in Charleston, South Carolina, which had been held two months earlier back during the Christmas - New Years holidays. Thereafter, the 27 year-old Reed began communicating with the 14 year-old teenager via text, telephone, and social media. Those communications rapidly evolved into solicitations for sex with the minor. The teenager reported the inappropriate communications to her JW Parents, who in turn reported Reed to local police. Clifton Reed was convicted in March 2009, and apparently served an unknown short jail or prison term. Clifton Reed Jr. is supposed to be a registered sex offender, but his current residence is unknown.


OKLAHOMA v. STACEY GARRETT BEGAY and OKLAHOMA v. TERRY D. BEGAY were related but separate 2011-14 Oklahoma criminal court prosecutions. In April 2011, Tahlequah, Oklahoma police rushed to the rental home of Stacey Begay, age 46, and Terry Begay, age 46, after neighbors reported gunfire. There, Tahlequah police discovered that Terry Begay had fired a 9mm pistol four times at her husband, Stacey Begay, and once at the couple's adopted 16 year-old daughter, Christina Begay. Noone was struck by the gunshots -- although four bullet holes were found in the walls, and a fifth found in a couch. Terry Begay told police that she had returned home and discovered her husband and her adopted daughter engaging in sexual activity in the daughter's bedroom. Stacey Begay was arrested on child abuse charges, while Terry D. Begay was arrested on multiple assault charges.

Stacey Begay and Christina Begay both provided written statements to investigators admitting to having had a sexual relationship for about five months. For unknown reasons, the local Cherokee County Prosecutor dropped the assault charges against former police officer and local Cherokee tribe member Terry Begay and gave her immunity in exchange for her testifying against the self-confessed (Nevada Shoshone tribe member) Stacey Begay. However, during the September 2012 trial, Terry Begay refused to uphold her side of the bargain. At the September 2012 trial of Stacey Begay, not only did Terry Begay refuse to testify against her husband, but Stacey Begay even recanted his earlier confession, and claimed that he did not remember making the confession, and that he had signed the confession while in a "zombie state", while on unspecified "medication". Despite such, Stacey Garratt Begay was convicted by a jury of his peers. In November 2012, Stacey G. Begay was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Interestingly, three members -- probably the "Elders" -- of the Tahlequah, Oklahoma Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses submitted positive "character" statements to the court on behalf of Stacey Begay. According to the pre-sentence report, Stacey G. Begay asked the court to consider his plea for parole so that "I can keep on doing Jehovahs will."

After Stacey Begay was convicted, Christina Begay began to publicly proclaim that police and prosecutors had forced her and her father to say they had been having sex for several months. She also claimed the DA threatened her and prevented her from testifying on her fathers behalf. She said she was determined to bring the truth to light that her father was innocent. Christina Begay eventually testified to the trial judge that her father never touched her or did anything wrong, and said that they both had tried to tell authorities the truth when Stacey and Terry Begay were first arrested. The trial judge then ordered a new trial for Stacey Begay.

However, at that second trial, the prosecutor submitted DNA test results which proved that Christina's baby -- born in December 2011 -- belonged to Stacey Begay. (Why did this not occur in first trial?) Stacey Begay was convicted a second time, and his sentence was increased to 37 years in prison, of which 85% must be served.

In October 2012, Terry D. Begay was charged with perjury. In January 2014, those charges were dropped -- reportedly due to Begay's "ongoing medical evaluations" -- in exchange for Terry Begay agreeing to pay the court costs.


COLORADO v. ZURI-KYE LATIFBAY McGHEE and COLORADO v. SOLEDAD McGHEE (Outcome unknown.) were related 2005-06 Colorado state SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER prosecutions. Appeal denied by Colorado Supreme Court in 2010. In August 2006, Zuri-Kye Latifbay McGhee, of Aurora, Colorado, was convicted of 63 sexual assault related charges involving 18 boys and one girl between the ages of 9 and 16, from 2000 until his arrest in July 2005. McGhee was sentenced to 508 years, and barring a miracle, he will never be released from prison.

Zuri McGhee, age 32, was an effeminate African-American male, WHO WITH THE HELP OF HIS MOTHER, Soledad McGhee, age 54, posed as an early-teens male in order to make the acquaintance of, and entrap, his young victims. Zuri McGhee dressed like a teenager, rode bikes and skateboards, played video games, hosted sleepovers at his own apartment, and hosted parties at motel rooms. He even once dressed up like Michael Jackson during Halloween. Soledad McGhee allegedly also introduced her son to two families with young boys, and even would drive her adult son to overnight sleepovers at the home of child victims. Soledad McGhee was herself also charged with 4 counts of sexual assault.

NEW MEXICO v. ZURI-KYE LATIFBAY McGHEE was a previous 1998 CHILD MOLESTATION prosecution. Prior to relocating to Aurora, Colorado, in April 1999, McGhee was charged with 23 counts of "criminal sexual contact with a minor" in his hometown of Roswell, New Mexico. Those charges involved 6 youthful victims. However, the Roswell Prosecutor allowed McGhee to plead guilty to "contributing to the delinquency of a minor", and McGhee served less than 11 months in jail, and came out with no sex offender record. This is why some Prosecutors will also serve time in HELL.

At the Colorado trial, McGhee's defense attorney attempted to use the "Jehovah's Witness Defense", but the jury did not buy into such. McGhee's attorney claimed that McGhee was a "lost soul" who had been psychologically and emotionally damaged by his upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness. McGhee's unidentified older sister confirmed to reporters that they both had been reared as JWs by Soledad McGhee back in Roswell, NM. The sister even told reporters that when her ex-husband learned that McGhee was relocating to Aurora to live with her, that the (JW?) ex-husband filed a restraining order to keep McGhee away from HIS KIDS.


WASHINGTON v. JASCHA GABRIEL KOZELISKY was a 2002 state of Washington criminal case. According to state records, Jascha G. Kozelisky was convicted (possibly a plea bargain) of fourth-degree assault in 2002. Reportedly, Kozelisky had assaulted (non-sexual) a young female child. (Some former members of Josh Kozelisky's congregation have publicly alleged that the "original" charge/investigation was "sexually-related".)

WASHINGTON v. JASCHA G. KOZELISKY is an ongoing 2008-2012 state of Washington criminal case. In December 2007, then 34 year-old Jascha Kozelisky was caught molesting an "unidentified" ten year-old female (possibly Kozelisky's niece), in her own bedroom, which apparently was located in another residence also located on the same property where Kozelisky resided. Kozelisky was caught by an adult female identified only as the "victim's mother" (possibly Kozelisky's aunt). Allegedly, the victim's mother instructed her young daughter not to tell anyone about the molestation. Thus, it is unclear exactly how authorities were alerted to the ongoing molestations. Reportedly, the later police investigation revealed that Josh Kozelisky had molested the ten year-old female approximately 10 times -- starting when she was only nine years-old.
Reportedly, after a local newspaper published an article about Kozelisky, five persons approached local law enforcement to report that they knew of other young girls who had claimed that they had been molested by Kozelisky, but the people whom those young girls had told about their molestation had failed to report those allegations to law enforcement.
In June 2008, Jascha Gabriel Koselisky, of Port Townsend, Washington, was allowed to "plead guilty" to second-degree child molestation. Stating that Kozelisky was a "perfect candidate" for Washington's Special Sex Offender Alternative Sentencing program, Judge Craddock Verser sentenced Kozelisky to a mere six months in county jail, and thereafter to undergo sex offender treatment for three years. Judge Verser even approved Kozelisky for "work release". Koselisky possibly served only 30 days in jail. Why was Josh Kozelisky worthy of such leniency? Kozelisky was a Jehovah's Witness -- possibly a Ministerial Servant or even an Elder at one time. According to state records, Jascha Kozelisky is a partner with his father, Jaime Kozelisky, at Kozelisky's Home Service, Inc. Jaime Kozelisky was at one time the Presiding Overseer at the Port Townsend, Washington Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jascha Kozelisky was reared as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Kozelisky was allowed to move back to the family compound in October 2010. The "victim's mother" was even appointed as Kozelisky's "supervisor". In November 2011, Josh Kozelisky was arrested on charges of violating the terms of his probation/supervision after the 2008 victim, now age 14, reported that Kozelisky had started entering her bedroom, which she shares with her five year-old sister, without the required supervision of her mother. The "victim's mother" allegedly knew of the repeated violations, but failed to report such to authorities. Jascha Kozelisky faces only another 15-21 months in jail per the terms of his 2008 plea bargain. He will also receive credit for the 30 days jail time served in 2008.
Some former members of Josh Kozelisky's congregation have publicly alleged that this is actually the second "pedophile scandal" which has recently occurred at the Port Townsend, Washington Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It has been alleged that in the mid-1990s, another ELDER confessed to the local Body of Elders to having had sexually molested his own nephew -- assumed to have also been a member of this congregation. It is further alleged that that Child Molestor was NOT reported to police, but simply made to "step down" (resign) as an Elder, and for his home to no longer be used as one of the congregation's "Book Studies".


TEXAS v. ROBERT ALLEN LEE was a 1992-1997 Texas criminal court case. Robert Lee is a lifelong registered sex offender who currently resides in Roberts County, Miami, Texas. In February 1993, Robert A. Lee, then age 43, was indicted for aggravated sexual contact with a 13 year-old female. Pursuant to a plea bargain agreement, Robert Lee pleaded guilty to the reduced offense of sexual assault. Lee was sentenced to 10 years in prison, probated for 8 years, and a small fine. Bob Lee was released from prison in April 1995 under multiple terms of probation, including that he have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

In June 1995, Lee reported to his probation officer that he was spending two days per week in field service activity. Lee stated that he was going door-to-door in residential neighborhoods and "witnessing" as a Jehovah's Witness, along with other members of his JW congregation. Lee refused to identify the neighborhoods; refused to specifically define "witnessing", and refused to identify the JWs who accompanied him. Lee's probation officer concluded that through these activities Lee could come into contact with children in violation of a condition of his probation. Upon receiving the probation officer's report, the trial court conducted a hearing and ordered Lee to stop witnessing door-to-door. However, Lee was told that he could continue "witnessing" in places where there were no children, such as nursing homes.

Lee supposedly stopped witnessing door-to-door, but began witnessing by telephone. Lee's probation officer then became concerned that Lee might be telephoning children. In July 1995, Lee refused to answer questions whether he was having contact with children, and Lee also refused to answer questions about his telephone witnessing activities -- contending that his "witnessing" was none of the probation officer's business. For those, and other probation violations, Lee's probation was revoked, and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. On Lee's appeal, the Texas Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's sentence, stating in part:

In applying the three Simpson factors for determining whether probationary conditions are valid to a determination of whether [probation officer's] questions were valid, we note that [probation officer's] questions regarding appellant's religious activities, although probably poorly phrased, were directly related to the crime of sexual assault, were directly related to criminal conduct, were designed to prohibit conduct that was reasonably related to future episodes of sexual assault, and served the statutory ends of probation that appellant successfully complete his probation without committing further acts of sexual assault. [Probation officer] was attempting to determine whether appellant was complying with the condition of his probation prohibiting contact with minors. Restricting a sex offender's right to roam residential neighborhoods and telephone strangers contributes significantly both to the rehabilitation of the convicted person and to the protection of society.

In applying Simpson's analysis of this issue to our case, we note that [probation officer's] questions did not relegate to a nonjudicial officer the unrestricted right to make appellant's religious decisions, were not subjective and ambiguous, and did not exceed the diminished expectation of privacy of a probationer allowed to remain at conditional liberty after conviction of a crime. Any convicted sex offender can expect questions from his probation officer regarding his or her contact with minors, even if this contact is made in connection with "religious activities."... ...

In applying the Macias factors to [probation officer's] questions, we note that [probation officer's] questions were reasonably related to the purposes of probation because they were designed to provide [probation officer] with information necessary to determine whether appellant was contacting minors in violation of a condition of his probation. [Probation officer's] questions also advanced the probationary purposes of protecting society from the wanderings of a sex offender and deterring appellant from using his religious activities as a means for finding potential victims. We conclude that application of the analyses of both Simpson and Macias to this case leads to the reasonable conclusion that [probation officer's] questions were not unduly intrusive into appellant's religious freedom.


VIRGINIA v. PAUL SUTHERLAND was a 2011-12 Virginia criminal court case. In April 2012, Paul Sutherland, age 46, of Lebanon, Virginia, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of carnal knowledge of a minor and three counts of forcible sodomy related to his having sexually molested his youngest daughter over a lengthy period of time. In May 2012, Sutherland was sentenced to 90 years in state prison, of which, 45 years must be served. Two to four local JWs reportedly testified on Sutherland's behalf during the sentencing phase of the trial.

Local JW leaders attempted to claim that Sutherland was merely a recent convert, whose recent conversion led him to ceasing the molestation. However, other locals have alleged that Sutherland's wife and other family members were longtime Jehovah's Witnesses, and that Suherland had "been around" the WatchTower religion for several years. Interestingly, they also allege that the molestation had continued throughout Sutherland's "conversion", and for eight months thereafter, until the molestation was finally made public after Sutherland and his wife separated -- possibly after JW Wife discovered that Sutherland had a girlfriend on the side.


MISSOURI v. JIM MAZUR was a 2005-07 Missouri state criminal court case. In June 2005, Jim N. Mazur, then age 63, who then lived in Missouri Valley, Iowa, was charged in Taney County (Branson), Missouri with statutory sodomy relating to the February 2005 molestation of his 7 year-old granddaughter while he and his wife, Bonnie Mazur, visited overnight at the home of a son living in Branson. In June 2007, Mazur pleaded guilty to an amended charge of first degree child molestation, and was sentenced to five years in state prison. Mazur served less than his full sentence. After Mazur's release on bond after arrest, and until time of trial, Mazur allegedly lived with Jehovah's Witness in-laws in Blair, Nebraska -- allegedly a JW Elder and Elderette. This court case was submitted by a tipster who alleges that Jim Mazur was a longtime JW Elder (for several years the Presiding Overseer at the Fort Scott Kansas Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses) who is a member of a large extended, multi-generation family of Jehovah's Witnesses (including family names other than Mazur) who have held prominent Elder and Presiding Overseer positions in Jehovah's Witness Congregations and WatchTower circuits located in Missouri, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and possibly other western states. A second tipster insider alleges that this large, extended MAZUR Family of prominent JW Elders and JW COBEs has multiple secret alcoholics and multiple secret child molesters which has resulted in many of the family's children being "messed up" as adults, plus alleges that there even has been at least one suicide by a family incest victim. Additional documented info welcomed.


CALIFORNIA v. JASON GLENN HALVERSON was a 2002 California appellate court case which affirmed the 2001 conviction of Jason G. Halverson on the charges of "sexual battery" and "assault with the intent to commit rape" for which Halverson was sentenced to two years in prison. This conviction related to 26 year-old Jason Halverson's April 2000 sexual assault on an 18 year-old LOWES co-worker at her apartment during her lunch break. Halverson apparently followed his co-worker home and made up an excuse to enter her apartment. There, Halverson repeatedly fondled her, and forced her to fondle him. The non-JW female reported the sexual assault to LOWES management as soon as she returned to work, and thereafter to local police.


ALLEGED CALIFORNIA JEHOVAH'S WITNESS RAPIST. In 1995 and 1996, an early 20s age Married JW Male reportedly sexually assaulted two different teenage fellow Jehovah's Witness females living in Riverside, California , but he was never prosecuted for those specific crimes. Married JW Male was eventually convicted of sexually assaulting a youthful non-JW coworker in the early 2000s, and served a short prison term, after that non-JW Victim reported his assault to the authorities.

JW Teen #1 alleged that in 1995, when she was only 14 years-old, that Married JW Male, who occasionally worked for her JW Father, unexpectedly came to her home, while she home-alone, and persuaded her to go with him to his home to see his new pet birds. After showing JW Teen his pet birds, Married JW Male allegedly showed JW Teen his other "bird", and forced her to perform oral sex on him. JW Teen #1 claimed that she did not tell anyone about that first incident because she was afraid she would be disfellowshipped, and that it would break up Married JW Male's marriage.

JW Teen alleged that Married JW Male continued to come to her home when her parents weren't there, but she would not let him inside. JW Teen #1 further alleged that, in August 1996, on a day when she was again home alone, and while she had been smoking marijuana and drinking wine, that Married JW Male entered her home through an unlocked door. Married JW Male and JW Teen ended up performing oral sex on each other.

JW Teen #1 has publicly stated that she EVENTUALLY confessed the events to her local Jehovah's Witness Elders, and that it was only SOMETIME THEREAFTER that she reported the alleged sexual assaults to the local police.

JW Teen #2 publicly alleged that she was also sexually assaulted by that very same early 20s aged Married JW Male during the same time period that he sexually assaulted JW Teen #1. JW Teen #2 alleges that around 1995/6, when she was 15 years-old, that she attended a pool-party "get-together" at the home of a fellow Jehovah's Witness, which was also attended by Married JW Male and his JW Wife. JW Teen alleges that that JW Wife left the party at some point. JW Teen claims that when the other partying JWs eventually went inside to eat, that Married JW Male got into the jacuzzi with her. Married JW Male allegedly proceeded to fondle her. He also allegedly forced her to masturbate him. JW Teen #2 eventually told her Psychologist about the sexual assault, who encouraged that such be reported to the police. Again, Married JW Male was never prosecuted.

It was not until the early 2000s that these two former Jehovah's Witness Females took the witness stand and told their stories during Married JW Male's later prosecution and conviction for having sexually assaulted a youthful non-JW co-worker. Does anyone else suspect that there is more to these accounts, and that the lack of the two earlier prosecutions were not the fault of the local police or the local Prosecutor's office? Me suspects that the local JW Elders did not become anxious to nail Married JW Male until after he was disfellowshipped after being publicly charged for sexual assault by his non-JW co-worker.




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