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These two WATCHTOWER SOCIETY SPIES & SECRET AGENTS webpages will give visitors to our TWO SISTER WEBSITES a better understanding of the "behind the scenes" workings of the WatchTower Cult and its local Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as a greater appreciation for certain posted court cases and other cases -- particularly those cases posted on our BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY webpage, which includes incidents of SPYING by Jehovah's Witnesses not included on this page.
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For decades, escapees from the WatchTower Cult have FUTILELY warned government officials and the health care industry that the WatchTower Cult started forming local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) around the world, in 1979, for the primary purpose of SURVEILING hospitalized Jehovah's Witness Patients and their Families in order to COERCE them to refuse physician recommended blood transfusions. Secondarily, members of the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) were inserted into hospitals to SURVEIL and COERCE attending physicians, nurses, and hospital administration personnel.

"Safeguarding Your Children From Misuse of Blood. ... When there is a crisis, elders may consider it advisable to arrange a 24-hour watch at the hospital, preferably by an elder with the patient's parent or another close family member. Blood transfusions often are given when all relatives and friends have gone home for the night. In the United States, there are over a hundred Hospital Liaison Committees located in major cities. All congregations are assigned to a committee made up of trained brothers who are available to assist. Call on them, through your elders, when they are needed." -- OUR KINGDOM MINISTRY, September 1992.

Rather than heeding those warnings, some American state governments have effectively MADE IT STATE LAW that the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) be present at certain hospital emergency scenarios. Note the following webpage from Connecticut's Department of Children and Families. In scenarios where a Connecticut hospital is requesting judicial intervention to save the life of a child of Jehovah's Witness Parents who are refusing to give their consent for a life-saving blood transfusion, Connecticut's Department of Children and Families REQUIRES its investigators to make certain that the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEE (HLC) has been notified of the emergency situation. Such state agency policy and policing effectively grants the WatchTower Cult with certain undefined legal status over the lives of its Jehovah's Witness members and their children. Readers can be certain that if the WatchTower Cult has managed to pull off this legal maneuver in one state, then they have done the same in most other states. (Did you also notice that the WatchTower Cult even has persuaded Connecticut's Department of Children and Families to REQUIRE its investigators to make certain that the attending PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS have considered the use of "non-blood medical alternatives and treatment" -- which are medically USELESS in the given emergency situation. One can't help but wonder if Connecticut's DCF officials lined up and kissed the arses of the WatchTower Cult's attorneys and HLC members before they exited that meeting.)

Click this link to read a July 2014 "Directive" from the federal Veterans Health Administration regarding treatment of military veterans who are Jehovah's Witnesses wanting the VA to perform surgery on them without using blood transfusions. Note that this"Directive", which appears to effectively have been authored by WatchTower Society officials (see federal lawsuit CLINTON v. BROWN), REQUIRES the pertinent VA department "Chief" to contact the WatchTower Cult's "Hospital Information Services" at WatchTower World Headquarters in New York, in the event that the WatchTower Cult's local Hospital Liaison Committee has not already been summoned by the JW Patient or their family. Curiously, this same "Directive" also requires VA staff to maintain the confidentiality of their JW Patient's decision to refuse blood transfusions. Once again, the WatchTower Society effectively is granted certain undefined legal status over its Jehovah's Witness members by a government agency -- this one being FEDERAL.


The Argus (UK)

June 10, 2008

Hospitals Must Stop the Blood Martyrs


Nine years ago former Jehovah's Witness Rachel Underhill was forced to refuse a lifesaving blood transfusion while giving birth to her twins. Rachel and her daughters Kira and Zoe survived to tell the tale -- and left the faith a few years later. ... When Rachel Underhill saw media reports about yet another Jehovah's Witness who lay dying in hospital, the bitter memories came flooding back.

John Edwards, 58, from London, needed a blood transfusion after a hit and run accident last week, but his wife Sheila insisted that he would not want the life-saving procedure, which is against their religious beliefs. As a result the couple's sons, who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, would have to watch their father die.

It was an all too familiar situation for Rachel Underhill who walked away from the faith after 30 years. ...

Seven years ago Rachel's case made headlines in The Argus when she rejected a blood transfusion during a Caesarean section. Rachel, of Telscombe Cliffs, later revealed the decision was taken out of her hands by the WatchTower Society's Hospital Liaison Committee.

"Jehovah's Witnesses need protecting from their own religion, and from themselves on this issue. I believe the law should be changed so that hospitals automatically have the power to give Jehovah's Witnesses blood against their wishes.

"Simply saying we can't change the law, because we all have a right to choose our own medical treatment, fails to take adequate consideration of all the behind-the-scenes machinations forcing Jehovah's Witnesses to refuse blood. Theirs is not a truly freewill choice, but one made under enormous pressure from their Jehovah's Witness family and friends, from Kingdom Hall Elders, and from the WatchTower Society's Hospital Liaison Committee.

"Jehovah's Witnesses know that they will be shunned by all their Jehovah's Witness family and friends if they publicly accept a blood transfusion. The Hospital Liaison Committee members -- the Jehovah's Witness Leaders who liaise with hospital staff when cases such as this arise -- campout at their hospital bedside reminding them of the prospect of eternal annihilation should they fail to comply with the WatchTower Cult's particular interpretation of the Bible.

"Because Jehovah's Witness Patients will have had these ideas so drummed into them -- often since childhood -- you have to ask whether or not they, or their next of kin, are actually of sound enough mind to make the decision to refuse a transfusion.

"Worse still, Jehovah's Witness Leaders seem to treat as martyrs those Jehovah's Witnesses who die refusing transfusions. The whole policy itself, and the thinking and teaching around it is, quite simply, sick.

"The Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their policy on similar matters in the past, such as when they began to allow vaccinations, and then later organ transplants, due to practical neccessity. I beg them to change this one to prevent further loss of life."

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Although the WatchTower Society started prohibiting its Jehovah's Witness members from accepting blood transfusions in 1945, those typically obedient members did not immediately snap to attention on this matter -- given that this new prohibition could result in immediate death. In 1949, multiple members of one of the Cult's most prominent extended families blatantly donated blood for the transfusion of one of their "anointed" elderly family members who was dying from leukemia. Into the early 1950s, the "correctness" of the blood transfusion prohibition was occasionally still being debated by some members of the Service and Editorial Departments at WatchTower HQ.

Then, in the January 15, 1961 issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine, WatchTower HQ sent out a firm message that it would no longer tolerate the ignoring of its blanket prohibition against blood transfusions by Jehovah's Witnesses who were quietly treating blood transfusions as "a matter of conscience".

[Receiving a blood transfusion] is a violation of God's command to Christians, the seriousness of which should not be minimized by any passing over it lightly as being an optional matter for the conscience of any individual to decide upon. ... Hence a Christian who deliberately receives a blood transfusion ... must be cut off from God's people by excommunication or disfellowshipping. If the taking of a blood transfusion is the first offense of a dedicated, baptized Christian due to his immaturity or lack of Christian stability and he sees the error of his action and grieves and repents over it and begs divine forgiveness and forgiveness of God's congregation on earth, then mercy should be extended to him and he need not be disfellowshipped. He needs to be put under surveillance and to be instructed thoroughly according to the Scriptures upon this subject, and thereby be helped to acquire strength to make decisions according to the Christian standard in any future cases. If, however, he refuses to acknowledge his nonconformity to the required Christian standard and makes the matter an issue in the Christian congregation and endeavors to influence others therein to his support; or, if in the future he persists in accepting blood transfusions or donating blood ... he must be cut off ... by disfellowshipping.


The following [edited] excerpt is taken from a 2015 article entitled "Patient Autonomy is Held to be Sacrosanct. A Doctor Reconsiders This View", in which an anonymous Medical Doctor advocates that the health care industry and its governmental regulators reevaluate the almost unfettered access to Patients given in hospitals to WatchTower Cult SPIES and SECRET AGENTS:

"A 21-year-old male of African-American descent, a Jehovah's Witness, with a history of sickle cell anemia presents with diffuse pain and weakness. His admission hemoglobin is 6. ... His blood counts continue to fall.He is asked if he would accept transfusion. He seems uncertain, until his mother indicates the entire family are Jehovah's witnesses and under no circumstances would any of the family accept blood. The patient quietly refuses transfusion. [WATCHTOWER HLC] Church officials start to spend a considerable amount of time in the room and waiting area. They approach multiple health professionals and attempt to hand them literature with recommendations for care of patients without [resorting to] transfusion. The president of the hospital is called when the recommendations are not hewed to. ... . ...

"I have witnessed [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials residing at the bedside of our ICU patients with the stated purpose of ensuring no blood products are administered. ... What is the role of these [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials? Is their presence to guard the patient against unwanted medical care, or does their presence serve to intimidate the patient? ... Blood cannot be given quickly and inauspiciously. Might the more realistic fear of [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials be [that] consent [for a blood transfusion be] given freely [by the JW Patient], not [that a] blood [transfusion is] given without [that patient's] consent? ...

********************                                  *********************

How two Jehovah's Witnesses were paid millions to restrict Western Australia blood transfusions

May 14, 2014
(excerpts - edited)

THE W[estern] A[ustralia] Department of Health has paid almost $4 million to two Jehovah's Witnesses, neither of whom is a medical doctor, to roll out a statewide program to cut blood transfusions to thousands of patients being treated in public hospitals.

The Sunday Times can reveal the two men, Axel Hofmann [a/k/a Axel Hofman, a/k/a Axel O. Hofman, a/k/a Axel Olaf Hofman, a/k/a Axel O. Hofmann, Axel Olaf Hofmann] and Shannon Farmer [a/k/a Shannon L. Farmer] whose religion is vehemently opposed to blood transfusions won the lucrative five-year contract in 2008, with an American associate, without having to bid for the job.

The contract was approved by the Health Department for exemption from the usual open-tender rules because, according to the department, the trio were the only ones with the skills to plan and implement a "patient blood management" (PBM) program in WA. ... ...

The Sunday Times can also reveal:

The man who championed the introduction of PBM to WA was the former Chief Medical Officer, Dr Simon Towler, who has known Shannon L. Farmer professionally since the early 1990s.

The PBM rollout was given the go-ahead by the Health Department after receiving presentations from Shannon Farmer and Axel Hofmann in 2007.

The department told The Sunday Times the religion of the two men was "known to the Department's State Health Executive Forum [SHEF] prior to contracts being [a]warded".

However, Dr Neale Fong, who was WA Director-General of Health and head of SHEF at the time, told The Sunday Times that he did not think he was told that the men were Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I don't believe so," he said."You've surprised me by mentioning it. I think it should have been declared." ... ...

"But I think from an ethical point of view it would have been useful for them to declare it." Dr Fong said. ...

Dr Fong said the PBM proposal had made sense in terms of health economics and he had been very pleased to support it.

He stressed that the key consideration for any initiative was the welfare of the patient. ...

When told that the consulting doctor's orders for blood were sometimes overridden at Fremantle Hospital, Dr Fong said,"I would have some concerns over that." ... ... ... ...

The Sunday Times has established that the contract was awarded on April 10, 2008, through an Austrian entity called "Medicine and Economics" ..., which is owned by Axel Hofman, a health economist who has a base there.

Under the contract, [Medicine and Economics] was paid $3,901,703.00The money was paid into a bank account in Austria, according to the Health Department.

It is not clear why the contract was awarded to German-born Axel O. Hofmann's Austrian business entity, since he does not appear to have had any previous experience in establishing and operating a PBM program. He does not have a degree in medicine but he has a Master's in economics and a PhD in health science.

Shannon L. Farmer, who has no tertiary qualifications, and a California-based associate, who also is not a medical doctor but has degrees in economics and health science, have been involved in implementing such hospital programs, even though on a much smaller scale than the statewide program in W[estern] A[ustralia]. Shannon Farmer was the co-founder of a "bloodless" surgery program in 1990 at Fremantle's Kaleeya private hospital.

During the term of the [Medicine and Economics] contract, it is also apparent that Axel Hofman and Shannon Farmer received payments as consultants or guest lecturers from the pharmaceutical companies that make the often expensive drugs used as substitutes for blood transfusions.

Axel Hofman has declared payments or travel support for consulting or lecturing from at least 14 pharmaceutical companies. Shannon Farmer has declared that he received lecturing or consulting payments or travel support from at least six pharmaceutical or related companies. ... ... ... ... ... ...

Per above:

Shannon Farmer elsewhere disclosed receiving money in the form of consulting-lecture honoraria and travel assistance from Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Biosurgery, Australian Red Cross Blood ServiceAustralian National Blood Authority, Australian Jurisdictional Blood Committee, and 4 Australian State Departments of Health.

Axel Hofman elsewhere disclosed receiving money in the form of consulting-lecture honoraria and travel assistance from Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Biosurgery, Amgen, CSL Behring, Fresenius Kabi,Haemonetics, Janssen-Cilag, Pentapharm/TEM, United Biosource Corp, Austrian Ministry of Health, WA Dept of Health, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and The Institute for Patient Blood Management & Bloodless Medicine and Surgery.




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The original name was "Watchtower Bible College of Gilead" in the WatchTower Cult's routine modus operandi of exaggeration. In 1947/48, the WatchTower Cult was forced to change "College" to "School" because "Gilead" did not meet the New York Department of Education's standards for use of the label, "College". The name should have been changed to "The WatchTower Spy School of Gilead", as we show below:
Over the decades, there have been a smattering of media articles reporting various deportations of WatchTower Society Missionaries from countries whose U.S.A.-opposed governments had claimed that such Jehovah's Witness Missionaries had been discovered to have been connected with the C.I.A. Nearly everyone has always dismissed such claims as ludicrous given the Jehovah's Witnesses own well-publicized issues with the Government of the United States, and the widespread impression that Jehovah's Witnesses would never ever partner with a governmental entity to further its own goals. However, given that the WatchTower Society was only recently discovered to have officially affiliated itself in 1992 with the United Nations, an organization which the JWs had strongly condemned for decades, the details of a 1983 deportation of a Jehovah's Witness from the U.S.S.R. may indicate that such previous assessments should not have been made so hastily.

Sometime in 1981, an American Jehovah's Witness, named Sue Pamela Carne, described as "in her 20s", arrived in Moscow, Russia, to work as a "governess" for an unidentified "American Diplomat". In 1982, Sue P. Carne was assigned by the American Embassy to work for William G. Plunkert, who may have replaced the person to whom Carne had previously been assigned. Plunkert has been identified as the then Second Secretary of the Political Section at the American Embassy, which in turn supposedly identifies Plunkert as a C.I.A. operative. By only May 1983, possibly in less than two years, the Russian K.G.B. had already gathered enough intelligence on Sue Carne sufficient to arrest and deport her out of the country.

According to Associated Press reports, Sue Carne was accused of organizing and training a "cell" of Jehovah's Witnesses in the city of Kalinin, which is about 90 miles northwest of Moscow. (Clint Eastwood's 1982 movie FIREFOX will give readers a good feel for what life and travel was like in and around Moscow during this time period.) Soviet officials claimed that Carne had organized, trained, and funded the "cell" while using the alias "Paula Combs". "Paula Combs" had posed in Kalinin as a Russian-language student studying at Moscow's Pushkin Institute. Carne/Combs supposedly supplied the Kalinin group of JWs with banned WatchTower literature, typewriters, tape recorders, and other duplicating equipment, along with funds used to construct a headquarters building -- all of which may indicate that the Kalinin group may have been more than just a local operation.

If one wants to pursue the theory that Sue Pamela Carne was simply a young, single American female who was coincidentally an extremely devout Jehovah's Witness, who wanted the adventure of moving to a then despotic communist country where practicing her own WatchTower religion was outlawed, in order to eek out a living as a "governess", then one must first explain how Carne obtained the necessary diplomatic "security clearances" required for her to be hired and sent to an enemy foreign country to live with and work for a high level C.I.A. operative. In all likelihood, simply being a "Jehovah's Witness" would normally have been an automatic disqualifier.

Then there are questions as to how a "governess" was able to accomplish so much, in so short a period of time, seemingly indicating that Carne had hit the Russian ground running. Her quick accomplishments would seem to indicate that Carne was not only an extraordinary individual with extraordinary intelligence and abilities, but she also would seem to have needed special training in multiple unrelated but coordinated areas that neither the C.I.A. nor the WatchTower Society could have provided individually. It also would seem that Carne's quick accomplishments would have required the support and cooperation of quite a pre-established network both inside and outside the American Embassy. And, if the K.G.B.'s accusations pointed in the right direction, the even better question is whether Carne was a C.I.A.-trained WatchTower operative, or was Carne a WatchTower-trained C.I.A. operative? And, if either the former or latter is true, in how many other "enemy countries" over the decades has the C.I.A. actively promoted and furthered the WatchTower religion as one of its multiple avenues of weakening those countries' governments and social systems?


In June 1986, a UPI news article reported the death of a 45 year-old Jehovah's Witness Missionary, named Norma Jean Waagan, in Guatamala City, Guatamala. Norma Waagan was killed on a Saturday night when her automobile EXPLODED so violently that she did not have the ability nor time to even attempt escaping from the vehicle. Her corpse was burned beyond recognition. The explosion apparently occurred at a location somewhere other than near her residence or workplace given that it took police approximately 24 hours to identify her, and they did so only after finding remnants of WatchTower literature, and then questioning local JWs.

Norma J. Waagan apparently was a WatchTower Bible School of Gilead trained missionary whom had been assigned to the "politically volatile" Guatamala in 1977. However, a spokesperson from the WatchTower Society Branch in Guatamala City told reporters that Waagan had "stopped preaching" for the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1983, but continued to attend "meetings". Waagan spent her time "teaching English". The Branch spokesperson made the point to reporters that he did not believe that Waagan's car had been deliberately blown up, which is the best evidence that such was a good possibility.

There was no mention of a spouse, nor mention of any family, for this middle-aged female, whom was probably age 47, rather than 45, as reported, which would have made her 38 years old when she was first sent to Guatamala. The news article simply stated that Waagan was from Tacoma, Washington. Google indicates that she likely grew up in Rosemead, California.


UNITED STATES v. HAROLD LOUIS ZIMMERMAN. First generation Jehovah's Witness and Founder of the NEW HOLLAND MACHINERY COMPANY Abraham Zimmerman's son, Ivan, married into a "Jehovah's Witness" family, and had two sons. In 1942, Abe's youngest grandson, Harold Zimmerman, was living in a frat house on the campus of Penn State, where Harold was BMOC as the nation's champion collegiate gymnast. It was not until Harold received his draft notice that Harold took his parent's religion seriously. Harold was eventually convicted of draft evasion and given a five year sentence -- of which he served 44 months. Abram Zimmerman died while Harold was in "special training" (federal prison) in Ohio. Fortunately, the WatchTower Society saw to it that Harold was regularly visited in prison by WatchTower legend Alexander H. Macmillan. (It was Mac's visits with Harold Zimmerman from which Mac drew his later tales about imprisoned JWs and "draft-dodging".) It was like money in the bank for the WatchTower Cult! After his release, curiously, Harold Zimmerman and his by-then widowed mother relocated to and "pioneered" in that "isolated territory" known as Washington D.C. In 1951, Harold Zimmerman and his new wife were "invited to Gilead".

INTERESTINGLY, the Zimmermans were sent to Ethiopia (see early 1950s Ethiopia history re United States), where, rather than preach the WatchTower gospel like all other WatchTower Gilead Missionaries, they were sent to TEACH SCHOOL. When the couple's first child was born, which all JWs know gets "regular" WatchTower Missionaries sent back to the United States, Harold Zimmerman instead somehow wound up with an exceptional job with the Ethiopian government -- INTERESTINGLY, a job with the Department of Highways which required Harold to travel all over the country, but took little time to actually perform.

The Zimmermans returned to the United States in 1955, where Harold worked for an "undisclosed company" until 1959. In 1959, the Zimmermans, along with their FOUR CHILDREN (a newborn and three others under age five), decided to go to COLUMBIA as WatchTower Missionaries -- a third-world country where a CIVIL WAR was ongoing. There, once again, instead of preaching the WatchTower gospel, Harold Zimmerman began working for an unnamed "international firm". Occasionally, Zimmerman would travel around Columbia while "substituting" as a WatchTower Circuit Overseer, District Overseer, etc. for the WatchTower Society. 



Government officials, cross-examining attorneys, media reporters, and others need to understand that Jehovah's Witnesses, particularly WatchTower Society officials, are TRAINED and EXPERIENCED LIARS. It would be easier to extract a full confession from Bill Clinton that he did in fact screw Monica Lewinski, than it would be to get a WatchTower official to publicly admit that the WatchTower Society is guilty of some legal, moral, or ethical wrong.

Readers can access the various Newspaper Archives Search Engines to discover multiple media reports from the 1950s through the 1980s reporting instances of Jehovah's Witness "Spies" and "Secret Agents" being convicted of spying, espionage, foreign currency violations, smuggling, etc. in the USSR and its eastern European satellites, and in various communist or dictatorial countries in Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. Some of those convicted Jehovah's Witness "Spies" and "Secret Agents" were citizens of those countries, but many were foreigners. In one media report, Russian authorities smartly noted that smuggled WatchTower literature distributed by Russian Jehovah's Witnesses had "political" content rather than "religious"content. USSR officials further noted that the Jehovah's Witnesses conducted themselves as did "political" organizations, rather than as a "religion". Communists were not the only governments who had issues with the content of WatchTower Cult literature. In 1953, even the government of France banned the WATCHTOWER magazine in France and its territories around the world. Interestingly, the French WATCHTOWER was not even being printed in France, but rather was already being "imported" into France from Switzerland.

The point of this section is that in nearly every one of the media reports covering those criminal convictions that those media reports included a BLANKET DENIAL issued by WatchTower HQ in Brooklyn that the named Jehovah's Witnesses were guilty of ANY of the charges for which they had been convicted. Not only were those multiple repeated DENIALS blatant LIES, the WatchTower Cult spokesperson stating such KNEW THAT HE WAS LYING as he spoke. Although few Jehovah's Witnesses will admit to recognizing the term, "theocratic warfare", the WatchTower Cult has twisted various biblical incidents to "prove" to its Jehovah's Witness members that it is not a sin to LIE in certain circumstances -- particularly that it okay to LIE to and MISLEAD enemies of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the WatchTower Society.

WatchTower Cult officials will even LIE in instances when there is no need to lie, but when all that is needed is an honest explanation. For example, in 1960, in the Belgian Congo, nine Irish United Nations "peacekeepers" were ambushed and killed by a group of native revolutionaries called Kitiwats -- a Congolese term which means "watchtower". When media reporters investigated the massacre, they also learned that the Kitiwats had roots that could be traced back to the WatchTower Society's first missionary efforts in southwestern Africa back in the early 1900s -- which was obviously a nice bit of trivia to make their media report more interesting for readers in America and Europe.

Instead of "owning" and admitting to the decades-old and by then meaningless connection, and simply explaining that there had been several offshoots from its early 1900s missionary efforts which had misappropriated the WatchTower Cult's anti-societal and anti-government teachings, and which had evolved over the decades into religious and political groups which were now nothing like the then current WatchTower Society, the future WatchTower Society President, Milton Henschel, issued a public statement full of lies and misdirection, which also falsely denied that a religious group called "Kitawala", another African term meaning"watchtower", was a WatchTower Cult offshoot:

"In the first place, Jehovah's Witnesses have never had any missionaries working in the territory formerly called the Belgian Congo, now the Republic of the Congo. (LIES: Notice the purposefully chosen verbiage which plays on the definition of the terms "Jehovah's Witnesses", "missionary", "Belgian Congo", and "Republic of the Congo".) Over the years we made efforts to obtain visas for our missionaries, but approval was never granted. (Misdirection which again plays on the definition of "missionary".) ... 'Kitiwats' [may have been confused with] the fanatic group in that part of Africa called Kitawala. Some missionaries and persons of other religious groups have many times circulated rumors designed to link Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society with the Kitawala and we have given evidence time and again to prove that there is no connection between our work and the Kitawala. (LIE -- notice his choice of verbiage.) There are congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the vicinity of Leopoldville and they are people well-known to the authorities as the most law-abiding persons in the Congo (Really!!). Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in killing men in any part of the world, for that would be contrary to the principles of loving our neighbor and loving our brothers which were taught by Jesus Christ. (All misdirection having nothing to do with whether the Kitiwats had historical roots tracing back to the WatchTower Society.)

Questioners of WatchTower Cult officials and other Jehovah's Witnesses need to understand that these trained and experienced LIARS purposefully pick and choose the specific verbiage used by them. When a JW states that "Jehovah's Witnesses" have or have not done something, that does NOT mean that the "Watchtower Society", or the "Watch Tower Society", or the"International Bible Students Association", or one of the other countless subsidiaries, did or did not do whatever that JW indicated. A questioner literally would need to ask the JW user how strictly or broadly that they are using the name of one of the above listed corporate entities.

It is also essential that the precise meaning of chosen verbiage used by WatchTower officials and other JWs be specifically defined. When a WatchTower Cult official speaks about "missionaries", he may be referring strictly to Jehovah's Witnesses who are graduates of the WatchTower Bible School of Gilead. That excludes native proselytizers and even foreign Jehovah's Witnesses who have moved to that country for any number of "other" reasons, such as for employment, business, adventure, etc. The JW speaker could also be excluding Jehovah's Witnesses "unofficially" sent as "missionaries" to foreign countries, who are "unofficially" known as "needgreaters". A questioner literally would need to ask the JW speaker how they are defining the term "missionary".

Frankly, this Editor admittedly would have an extremely difficult time adequately cross-examining a top WatchTower Cult official who has had the time to perfect his selected verbiage in anticipation of being questioned on a particular topic. If Henschel had made this statement during a cross-examination, I doubt whether I would have caught Henschel's denial that "our work" is not"connected" to the Kitawala if I was not already aware of the historical ties between the WatchTower Society and the Kitawala group. This example even shows how common words such as "our", "work", and "connected" would need to be defined by the JW speaker to uncover what he is attempting to hide.

*****************                        *****************

Over the decades, the WatchTower Bible & Tract Society has ILLEGALLY sent SECRET AGENTS into multiple foreign countries in intentional and purposeful violation of the immigration laws of those foreign countries. A number of intentional and purposeful ruses were employed to accomplish such:
1. In some foreign countries, the WatchTower Society obtained residence visas for its specially-trained WatchTower Bible School of Gilead Missionaries by submitting falsified paperwork to "immigration" authorities which both falsely CLAIMED and provided fabricated PROOF (such as "employment contracts") that WatchTower Missionaries legally were "employees" of that WatchTower foreign subsidiary.
2. In other foreign countries, the WatchTower Society obtained residence visas for its specially-trained WatchTower Bible School of Gilead Missionaries by conspiring with Jehovah's Witness Business Owners in those countries to submit falsified paperwork to "immigration" authorities which both falsely CLAIMED and provided fabricated PROOF (such as "employment contracts") that the WatchTower Missionaries legally were "employees" of that citizen Jehovah's Witness Business owner.
3. In some foreign countries, the WatchTower Society obtained residence visas for its specially-trained WatchTower Bible School of Gilead Missionaries by conspiring with American, European, or other foreign Jehovah's Witness Business owners who are involved in international trade, to submit falsified paperwork to those country's "immigration" authorities which both falsely CLAIMED and provided fabricated PROOF that that American, Canadian, European, or Australian company wanted to send one of their Sales/Purchasing Representatives to that foreign country to establish an office to conduct business operations within that country.
In 1991, Noel Steensen, then age 43, who described himself as an "independent businessman" from Brisbane, Australia, was DEPORTED from Shanghai after Chinese authorities discovered that his "home", where lived Steensen, his wife, and their three children, was actually being used as an illegal "Kingdom Hall". Typically, after Steensen was deported, WatchTower HQ put foreign media outlets in touch with Steensen, who interestingly knew a little too much about the ILLEGAL activities of Jehovah's Witnesses in China. This "independent Australian businessman" has since worked from Hong Kong for the WatchTower Society overseeing many of the Cult's "business" interests in China. Google his name.
4. In some foreign countries, WatchTower Bible School of Gilead Missionaries and even experienced WatchTower Branch Office personnel have obtained residence visas by obtaining legitimate "needed" part-time employment which leaves those WatchTower Agents with plenty of time to either work full-time during the day at the WatchTower's local Branch office or door-to-door as WatchTower missionaries.

Teaching "English" for a couple hours or so two or three nights a week has been a favorite "cover" for decades. (See "Norma Jean Waagan" and "Amber Scorah" cases on this page.) In 1985, Turkey arrested two illegal foreign Jehovah's Witness Missionaries. Andrew James Baldwin, from Great Britain, was employed as an English teacher at a local university, while a Canadian named Richard Kirkwood was employed as a translator at a local electronics manufacturer.

In its 2015 YEARBOOK OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, under the section, Missionaries Carry On The Work Underground, it is revealed that teaching "English classes" historically is one of the most frequent "covers" for illegal missionary activity. Their English students quickly become targets for conversion. This article also describes how to covertly mimeograph and transport outlawed WatchTower literature, and how to covertly prepare monthly activity reports which will eventually be transmitted to USA.
5. In some foreign countries, WatchTower Bible School of Gilead Missionaries and even experienced WatchTower Branch Office personnel have obtained student visas, and thereafter enrolled only for the required minimal number of classes at local universities, which left those WatchTower Agents with plenty of time to either work full-time during the day at the WatchTower's local Branch office or door-to-door as WatchTower missionaries.
Onetime WatchTower Cult "Governing Body" member, Raymond Franz, specifically mentions in his book, Crisis of Conscience, that 1958 WatchTower Bible School of Gilead graduates, Rene Vasquez and his wife Elsie Vazquez, who were both American citizens, were assigned for seven long years as the "District Overseer" couple of SPAIN, which at that time had formally "banned" the WatchTower Cult from operating in that country. Franz noted that while traveling all those years all over Spain performing "underground activity", that the Vasquez's had "to be on constant watch for the police and conscious of the danger of being discovered and arrested or deported. All meetings held were clandestine."
Ray Franz was himself a 1944 graduate of the WatchTower SPY School of Gilead. In 1946, Franz was officially assigned as the "Branch Overseer" of Puerto Rico. In his autobiography, Crisis of Conscience, Franz relates his own foreign SPYING and SECRET AGENT activities performed from his base in Puerto Rico (edited):

An added feature was that periodically the [WatchTower] Society asked me to make trips to the Dominican Republic where the work of Jehovah's Witnesses had been banned by the government of dictator Rafael Trujillo. The purpose was primarily to smuggle in copies of Watch Tower literature. I did so a number of times and then, in 1955, was asked to try to deliver a petition personally to the dictator. Knowing that people who incurred his disfavor had a way of simply disappearing, I accepted the assignment with a measure of apprehension. Arriving in Ciudad Trujillo ... , I sent a telegram to the Generalissimo presenting myself solely as a "North American educator with information of great importance to you and your country." The interview was granted at the National Palace and I was able to deliver the petition into his hands. ... The Generalissimo received me in full uniform with all his medals on ... . When he found out what my mission actually was, the interview ended fairly soon. ... To my surprise I was not expelled and [I] continued to make my periodic "smuggling" trips without being apprehended.

Then in 1957 all the [illegal, clandestine] American [WatchTower] missionaries ... were expelled from the Dominican Republic ... . ... The [WatchTower] Society asked me to go in and check on the conditions of the native Dominican Witnesses. I had been in [to the DR] just shortly before to deliver instructions to the [secret American WatchTower] missionaries and had brought out detailed accounts of the harsh persecution and [the WatchTower Society made certain] these were prominently featured in Puerto Rican newspapers. As we learned from a source close to him, this adverse publicity enraged Trujillo. Feeling like a marked man, I recall that my first night at a hotel in Ciudad Trujillo I was given a room on the ground floor with French windows right next to the bed. My sense of real danger was strong enough to move me to rig up the appearance of a form on the bed while I slept on the floor behind it. Again, however, I was able to make it in and out without incident and [I] made other trips in the following years.

****************                           ****************
In October 2014, the WatchTower Society sent Letters to all of its Congregations in the United States, Canada, and possibly other countries, in which hardcore Jehovah's Witnesses in those countries were solicited to travel to Israel in early 2015 to work as door-to-door proselytizers for the WatchTower Cult from February 2015 through April 2015. Insiders allege that Jehovah's Witnesses accepted into this recruitment program were instructed to apply for tourist visas without informing Israeli or other government authorities of the real purpose of their trip to Israel. No WatchTower literature was to be carried through customs, but would be supplied to those proselytizers after arrival in Israel. Interestingly, "unmarried" single females were especially encouraged to apply -- possibly so that they would meet and marry Israeli "citizens", and thus open further "legal" doors for WatchTower proselytizing inside Israel.


The following information can be found "buried" in the 2020 Supreme Court of British Columbia decision, HAILEY DORTHEA CARLETON v. IRENE MAE WARNER.

In August 2016, unmarried sisters Hailey Carleton, age 26, and Carrie Anne Carleton, age 31, were longtime Jehovah's Witness PIONEERS (fulltime proselytizers) in British Columbia, Canada. They, along with two other similarly situated local female JW PIONEERS, named Rebecca Munz and Hannah Schurko, had been planning for two years to travel to Europe "primarily" to conduct proselytizing activities in Spain in behalf of, and undoubtedly, with the assistance of the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY.

This trip not only required Hailey Carleton to give up her then regular employment, but three of the four Canadian JW PIONEERS had been injured in an automobile accident in late July 2016, while proselytizing in their home city of Maple Ridge. However, such did not prevent the four females from fulfilling their commitments to the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY.

The well-planned trip began with one month of sight-seeing in London, Rome, and Paris before the four JW PIONEERS than traveled to Spain, where they spent two months proselytizing a rural section of the country. Spain has historically forbade entry to known foreigner proselytizers.

The following is an [edited] excerpt from an article published in a Sri Lankan newspaper in September 2015 entitled, "Jehovah's Witnesses breaching immigration rules", which was authored by Dushy Ranetunge:

There is an increase in the use of "western" tourists to make house visits in Sri Lanka, to spread the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, a Christian sect. ... Increasingly "western" tourists are being used for this purpose in breach of local immigration rules. Tourist visas are issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration to bona-fide tourists who want to enter Sri Lanka for sightseeing, excursions, relaxation, visit relatives, or yoga training, for a short period of time. Engaging in door-to-door evangelizing work is a breach of these visa conditions.

During our stay in Colombo in July and August this year we were visited on two occasions by young British tourists handing out their evangelical [WatchTower] literature and inviting us to attend [Jehovah's Witness] meetings. ... Others have also commented on a rise of such activity.

On the second occasion, we inquired from the young British couple about their work and they confirmed that they were on a tourist visa. They seem quite naive. When we inquired from them if they were aware that they were breaching immigration rules by engaging in evangelical work, while on a tourist visa, they seem shocked and quite frightened. ...

These tourists are not engaging in evangelical work on their own. They are directed and organised by the local Jehovah's Witnesses organisation and their officials. One would expect the local organisation to be aware that by using "western" tourists for such activity, they are in breach of immigration rules and are placing the young naive tourists in danger of being arrested and prosecuted.

One could not help but wonder if this is a deliberate strategy by the local Jehovah's witnesses organisation to "exploit" western tourists, as "white" visitors may be more successful in evangelical work in convincing the "locals" of their need for a "saviour". When contacted for comment, an official based at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses at Wattala, who identified himself as David, promised to [reply] via email after consulting the organization's president. However, no response was received and neither did he call back to clarify the position.

The WatchTower Cult demands that it get it way -- either by hook, or by crook.
In 1982, Nicaragua rounded up and DEPORTED 19 foreign WatchTower Cult Missionaries (including 11 Americans) who had entered the country using 30-day "tourist visas", and then ILLEGALLY overstayed those visas. Typically, WatchTower HQ in Brooklyn put foreign media outlets in touch with those Jehovah's Witness CRIMINALS, who had the audacity to complain and point fingers at the Nicaraguan government. Included among the 19 JWs were Ian Hunter of Scotland; Kenneth Brian and Sharon Brian of Canada, along with 4 other Canadians; Elfide Urban of West Germany; Reiner Thompson and Jean Thompson of California; Kevin and Ruby Block of Minnesota and Canada; Margaret Foster of Iowa, and Vernon McDaniel and Nola McDaniel of Nebraska. Curiously, the group's spokesperson, Vern McDaniel, via repeated media interviews, kept feeding the Nicaraguan government specific info about the WatchTower Cult's "secret agents' secret" activities, including naming William Roberts and his wife Mavis Roberts as being two British JWs who still remained in Nicaragua, and even specifying their residence and preaching territory???
*****************                    *****************
An excellent example of the audacity and deviousness of the internationally-experienced WatchTower Society occurred in the early 1990s in a southeast Asian Muslim country which had refused to officially-legally "recognize" the WatchTower Society as a religious organization in that country, which meant that the WatchTower Society had not been granted all the "legalities" which were necessary for the WatchTower Society to conduct business as an organization in that country. The WatchTower Society did not allow nitpicky "legalities" to stop it from covertly establishing a "Branch Office" in that Muslim country.

Expectedly, the WatchTower Society selected as the location for its new "Branch Office" a smaller city which was located as far away as possible from that dispersed country's largest city and capital, but a city which was still large enough to have an international airport. Maybe unexpectedly, the WatchTower Society did NOT seek to purchase a low-profile property outside that city which would be located away from as many nosy neighbors as possible. Instead, the widely experienced WatchTower Society selected an expensive multi-building compound located right in the middle of that city which already was completely surrounded by a high wall that would keep out prying eyes and ears. More interestingly, and most importantly, the WatchTower Society had its new expensive property titled and registered in a common name found in that southeast Asian Muslim country which just so happened to be the same name as that of a rich and politically powerful man in that country who conveniently lived far away in that country's capital city.

Typically, as with all WatchTower Society real estate properties, after that southeast Asian "Branch Office" property was completely renovated, the WatchTower Society sent representatives from WatchTower HQ in Brooklyn, New York, to conduct the "Dedication" ceremony. Before making the next point, readers are again reminded that this was a Muslim country in which the WatchTower Society was an ILLEGAL entity, and it was ILLEGAL for the WatchTower Society or any of its representatives to be conducting business in that country. When the WatchTower Society's Caucasian-American representatives arrived at that Muslim city's airport, they were met by a MOTORCADE escorted by that city's police department. The limousine full of WatchTower Society "criminals" LAUGHED THEIR ARSES OFF all the way from the airport to their new "Branch Office" as the city's motorcycle police dangerously rushed the motorcade through heavy city traffic with lights and sirens blasting -- never stopping once for anybody or anything until the motorcade pealed away from its police escort through the quickly opening and closing gates at the WatchTower Society's new "Branch Office". It is a reasonable speculation that the WatchTower Society's local "agents" at its new "Branch Office" were "trading" and would continue to "trade" on the "name" of the rich and powerful man which they used to title and register their property in order to trick and deceive local law enforcement.

Obviously, there is much more to this story than the scattered details to which we are privy. Hopefully, readers doing business with the WatchTower Society and its subsidiaries will still be able to take from this sparsely detailed account that you should NEVER EVER underestimate the "capability" of the WatchTower Society. Specifically, the WatchTower Society has an uncanny expertise at manipulating otherwise despised local government officials to do not only what WatchTower Society Officials want them to do, but often even to lead the fight for them.


A former WatchTower Society Brooklyn Bethelite publicly reports that during the 1980s-90s that the WatchTower Society maintained a clandestine Branch Office in Istanbul, Turkey, (secular Muslim government) despite the fact that that 5-person Branch Office was not registered as a religious organization with the Turkish government. The "Branch Overseer" reportedly was a Jehovah's Witness businessman from Germany, who operated a small business out of the Istanbul premises as the "cover". Former Bethelite relates that in 1989, when two Brooklyn Bethelite Couples decided to travel to Istanbul on vacation, that WatchTower World HQ officials requested that those four Bethelites carry with them smuggled WatchTower Society materials for the Turkish WatchTower Branch Office. One Bethelite couple carried through Turkish customs a packet of WatchTower Society documents, while the other Bethelite couple carried a specially loaded laptop computer.


In her autobiography, Awakening Of A Jehovah's Witness, Diane Wilson related that she had once attended an extracurricular slide-show presentation at the home of a common Jehovah's Witness Friend in California which was conducted by a vacationing WatchTower Branch Office official from Israel whom had been sent to Israel by the WatchTower Cult to oversee the secret construction of the WatchTower Cult's new Branch Office in Israel. Wilson uniquely recalled the part of his tale regarding how the Israeli citizens in that residential neighborhood had eventually become suspicious of the large residential "mansion" which had so many small rooms, which all had their own bath facilities. The WatchTower Branch Office official had cutely claimed that he had posed to the nosey, inquiring Israeli-Jewish neighbors as the mansion's "eccentric millionaire owner", who admittedly was OCD about "cleanliness".

See Israeli newspaper article: JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES GROW BY DEVIOUS METHODS in Israel.


Further documenting the establishing of foreign "Branch Offices" in foreign countries where the WatchTower Society had officially been denied legal permission to do business, or even had been formally "banned", Raymond Franz noted in his book, Crisis of Conscience, that while serving as a member of the Cult's "Governing Body", in 1979, he was sent to perform "zone visits" at multiple Branch Offices located in western Africa, which were located in countries where the WatchTower Society had officially been "banned" by those country's governments. The WatchTower "secret agents" entering/exiting those countries obviously were not being truthful with immigration officials in multiple countries.


"... a Russian branch of Jehovah's Witnesses has used secret transmitting equipment to broadcast religious appeals in the Kazakh Republic." -- John Chamberlain, in 1963.


The 2016 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses discloses much about the WatchTower Cult's "undercover" capabilities even half-way around the world -- within the hostile Muslim country of Indonesia, which had banned the WatchTower Cult in 1976. As you read the WatchTower Cult's own sanitized boastful account, keep in mind the time periods; and keep in mind that the WatchTower Cult has cherry-picked what they would tell us, including the filtered verbiage used to do so:

When the brothers at the branch learned of the ban [1976], they swung into action. "We moved our confidential records, literature supplies, and branch funds to safe houses throughout Jakarta. ... We then moved the branch office to a secret location, and quietly sold the previous branch office buildings."

Most of the local brothers remained active and unafraid. ... A few elders became fearful and signed statements agreeing to stop preaching. Others revealed the names of congregation members. The branch office sent mature brothers to fortify the congregations and to help [disfellowship] those who had compromised. John Booth, a member of the Governing Body, also visited Indonesia and passed on some much-needed fatherly advice [on running an illegal underground BUSINESS operation. (He probably also brought along a suitcase of much needed "cash", which could not be legally transferred after the ban: EDITOR.)]

... the "publishers" found new and discreet ways to preach. ... Many brothers bought copies of a modern, affordable Bible from the Indonesian Bible Society and offered [to sell] them to householders, tactfully including the Kingdom message where possible. Others removed the copyright page from [WatchTower] publications and distributed [sold] them to interested people. Many "pioneers" continued to preach while posing as door-to-door salespeople, ...

During the ban, most congregations continued to meet together for worship in private homes. To avoid attracting undue attention, however, many congregations did not sing Kingdom songs. ...

The brothers often used family reunions or wedding celebrations as occasions [cover] to hold larger assemblies. "Couples typically registered their marriage and obtained a police permit to hold a large wedding reception. ... During the reception, the bridal party sat on the platform while brothers presented a series of Bible talks."

"Most weddings last only two or three hours. Why do your weddings last from morning to evening?" [one] policeman asked. "Some brides and grooms have many troubles and need lots of helpful counsel from God's Word," [a JW leader] replied. ...

Under the cover of a multiple wedding, brothers presented part of the 1983 [WatchTower] District Convention at a large Jakarta sports stadium. ... nearly 4000 ... attended the convention, and 125 people were baptized privately before the program. Later, when the ban was less rigidly enforced, the brothers held even larger conventions, including one attended by over 15,000 people. ...

In 1990, ... a new branch office [began construction] near Bogor, a small city about 25 miles (40 km) south of Jakarta. ... The Brooklyn Construction Office and the Regional Engineering Office in Australia supplied the architectural plans. Some 100 international volunteers provided the needed expertise during the two-year project.

Hosea Mansur, an Indonesian brother who acted as a liaison with various local officials, related: "When Muslim officials saw my initials, H.M., on my hard hat, they assumed that the letter H stood for "Hajji", a highly esteemed title claimed by those who make pilgrimages to Mecca. They thus treated me with great respect. This simple misunderstanding made it easier to organize the work."

[EDITOR: What a load of bull manure!!! How does a BANNED so-called "christian" religion in an avowed Muslim country have a "liaison" with Muslim government officials? And, do all Indonesians automatically assume that everyone with the initials "H.M." on their construction hardhat is a devout Muslim who had pilgrimaged to Mecca? Bullcrap!!! There was lots more and lots different to this BS story. "Someone" has told so many LIES that they don't know when they should stop.]

The new branch facilities were dedicated on July 19, 1996. John Barr, a member of the Governing Body, delivered the dedication talk. The 285 people in the audience included 118 branch representatives and former missionaries from many countries, and the 59 members of the Indonesia Bethel family. In the two days that followed the dedication program, 8793 delegates attended the "Messengers of Godly Peace" District Convention in Jakarta.

[EDITOR: That now makes TWO Governing Body members who visited WatchTower Cult facilities in Indonesia since they had been BANNED. Those two jokers would never have set a foot inside Muslim Indonesia unless they knew for an absolute certainty that there was ZERO POSSIBILTY that they might be arrested and imprisoned. Again, the "rest of the story" is being withheld. The following may give readers a hint.]

While visiting New York in 2001, the Indonesian Secretary of State ... toured [WatchTower Cult World Headquarters] and met with three members of the Governing Body. ... [He] favored lifting the ban, ...

[EDITOR: That was likely due to all the free books and magazines that were being sent to him for his pickup during his stopover in Zurich or Nassau.]

The [Indonesian] Attorney General also favored lifting the ban, but hostile officials in his department kept stalling ...

[EDITOR: Apparently, the Indonesian AG had not shared with his underlings some of the free books and magazines that he too had received.]

... On June 1, 2001, ... the Attorney General .. revok[ed] the ban. ... On March 22, 2002, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses in Indonesia was officially registered by the Department of Religious Affairs. ...


Not all WatchTower "secret agents" originated from the United States, Great Britain, or Europe. The WatchTower Cult is a thoroughly experienced international organization, and the Cult uses background-appropriate personnel depending on the target country. Note the following 1998 media report about a RUSSIAN WatchTower operative sent to Azerbaijan to headup its underground activities in that country. This scenario also discloses the FACT that the WatchTower Cult has long used its "secret agents" to BRIBE government officials to accomplish its goals.

Back around the 1980s-90s that the WatchTower Society publicly admitted to its membership (in either literature or convention sermon) that it had long had a policy of BRIBING FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS in order to "get things done". (WatchTower insiders know that the Cult never makes such public admissions unless first there has already been a widespread disclosure of the "sin" to the public, which we do not now recall or to which we simply were not then privy.) We recall the WatchTower Cult's "rationalization" being that most foreign governments and government officials were already "corrupt", and that BRIBERY had become such a ingrained, normal way of doing business in foreign countries, that if the Cult never paid bribes to foreign government officials then the Cult would never be able to carry on its business in those foreign countries. The Cult proclaimed BRIBERY OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to be a required, necessary evil in"this system of things", which they had come to consider to be no different from paying any other legally imposed GOVERNMENT TAX or FEE.

"In November 1997, after the Jehovah's Witnesses had been trying unsuccessfully to gain registration with the [Azerbaijan] Ministry of Justice for two years, a Ministry official appeared to indicate that registration would become possible on payment of a bribe. The Jehovah's Witness representative, ALEKSANDR USENKO, handed over a $2000.00 BRIBE, and was immediately arrested. Tried in February 1998, Usenko - a Russian citizen - was given a suspended sentence of three years' imprisonment on charges of bribery under Article 171 of the Criminal Code. He was freed and [instructed] to leave Azerbaijan." (Edited for clarity.) -- KESTON NEWS SERVICE.

If the WatchTower Cult can rationalize that paying BRIBES to government officials in third-world countries is nothing more than paying required "additional taxes or fees", then there is no reason to believe that that same rationalization has not since made its way into the Cult's dealings with government officials in the United States and other first-world countries.


Here are edited excerpts from Amber Scorah's published essay about her early life as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Amber Scorah grew up as a Jehovah's Witness in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she became a full-time "Pioneer" in Vancouver the day she graduated from high school. In 2003, Scorah started attending night classes at her local Kingdom Hall in order to learn Mandarin Chinese, so that she could proselytize Chinese immigrants living in Vancouver. By the time Scorah had finished that class in 2004, she had decided that she wanted to go to China as a "secret agent" missionary for the WatchTower Society. Although Scorah does not provide the details of her eventual journey to Shanghai, China (such as, did she attend the WatchTower Bible School of Gilead, or did she receive specialized training somewhere else), Amber Scorah does provide these informative snippets of her covert activities after arriving in Shanghai:

When I got to China, things were really different, by necessity. Proselytizing is illegal. Religious meetings are banned. The preaching work and congregation meetings have to be conducted underground. This means that the handful of [Jehovah's] Witnesses in Shanghai can meet only covertly, which makes seeing each other more than once a week next to impossible. Preaching in the usual structured, door-to-door fashion is also, obviously, out of the question. For me, a [Jehovah's] Witness accustomed to a life of uniform routine, this seemed like an unprecedented adventure.

A couple of weeks after I arrived in Shanghai, I received a cryptic text message from a man who called himself James (some of us used fake names; we knew the Chinese government monitored electronic correspondence). He proposed meeting in a noisy local restaurant in the French Concession. I called his number when I got to the restaurant and he waved so I would know him. We chatted a few minutes, then he immediately got down to business. With a practiced manner, he explained the instructions from the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses as to how to conduct my missionary work. I was to find a job, perhaps teaching English, as a cover. Then I was to start cultivating relationships with worldly people, both Chinese and Westerners. These friendships were to be made with the sole purpose of religious conversion. ... ...

And so, in this fashion -- slowly, inadvertently -- I began to infiltrate this new world. ... I began taking Mandarin classes every day with foreigners from all over the world, none of whom knew my religious affiliation. My teacher was delighted by my progress, ... After class, I would go out with my fellow students, all of whom had different motives for learning Chinese. ... I continued to make vague excuses about why I was learning Chinese. James, a nervous sort, had hammered it into my brain: reveal nothing. And I, trained to be obedient, stuck to my story of being an English teacher with an inexplicable interest in Chinese people.

When I hung out with these worldly people, it was hard to shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong. They swore, they smoked, some of them drank a lot. They often made references to things I didn't get. I didn't understand their innuendos, and I hadn't read their books or seen their movies. But I was a quick study. I had to play along; I didn't want to blow my cover, and besides, it was interesting to learn about their lives. I was following my orders to a tee, and all of this could be done guilt-free.

In addition to my new school friends, I scheduled time each day to look for Chinese people to talk to. I'd sit in restaurants, hang out in Huaihai Park, read books in public squares, or hop on subways and buses, offering fast friendship to anyone patient or chatty enough to put up with my broken Chinese. I prayed for God's help, but it was easy to find people who were interested in a foreigner, especially one who knew some Chinese.

Brother James recommended that before bringing up anything about the Bible with one of our new friends, we find out if that person or their family was affiliated with the Communist Party. Anyone who was a party member posed a potential danger, and contact was to be cut off immediately; a party member might turn in a [Jehovah's] Witness out of loyalty to the regime. ... ...

I still had to be careful. I wasn't supposed to tell her where I lived. At first we would meet for our study sessions in public parks, until one humid day when I noticed two men in polyester suits vigorously snapping photos of us. We separated, and I took the subway in the wrong direction home, just to be safe. After that, I treated Jean to coffee at various Western cafes, but never the same one two weeks in a row. I taped gift wrap over the covers of our Watchtower publications so people couldn't see what they were. ... ...



Here are two excerpts from two different biographies published in the 1960s in the WATCHTOWER magazine. Both of these authors knew the Jehovah's Witnesses terms, "theocratic warfare", or "theocratic war strategy". Given that neither JW author bothered to define the terms for their JW readers, they must have automatically assumed that all Jehovah's Witnesses were familiar with the terms and their definition. So much for all those JWs who have sat on courtroom witness stands after swearing to tell the truth, and then proceeded to testify that they had never heard the terms before, and they had no idea what the terms meant or entailed. But, lying on the witness stand is "theocratic warfare". Although, this first Jehovah's Witness at least admitted using "theocratic war strategy", in hindsight, he apparently was so embarrassed that he refused to provide the interviewer with specific examples.


"Saturday, I had been beaten by the Gestapo, and on the following Monday I was to be interrogated by them again. ... I knew this meant the use of "theocratic war strategy" for the sake of the Kingdom work and the protection of my Christian brothers. -- Life story of German WatchTower leader, Robert Winkler, Watchtower, 3/15/1967, edited. Winkler's use of "theocratic war strategy" approvingly repeated in Watchtower, May 15, 1988.


When Denmark and Norway were occupied by the Nazis in April of 1940, Sweden remained a neutral ... So it became my job to gather information and reports, bring them to Brother Dey in Copenhagen, [Denmark], and then return to Sweden to mail them ... to Brooklyn. However, when I arrived in Copenhagen one morning late in 1940, instead of being met by someone from the branch office, two Danish police officers and [several Gestapo] were waiting for me. They took all my papers and told me they would return them at my hotel. During the day I learned that Brother Dey had been seized, and was in prison. That evening one of the [Gestapo] called at the hotel to return my papers. ...

It now became necessary to use "theocratic war strategy" [aka LYING and DECEIT] in order to maintain desired contact with occupied countries. In order to get a visa to visit Norway, I [claimed to be a salesman] representing a [Jehovah's Witness] who was a wholesale dealer in guts! We solved the problem of getting [current WATCHTOWER literature] into Norway by regularly sending them food packages, especially eggs, with each individual egg wrapped [with pages from the most recent WATCHTOWER magazines]. When this was finally discovered by the Germans, we found another way.

During my visits to Norway, I had [met a local businessman likely married to a Jehovah's Witness Wife], who was forced to lodge a couple of German officers in his house. When these Germans asked him to have some extra foodstuffs brought from Denmark, this [businessman] said that he would arrange it, if he could have a package for himself included in their shipments of food. They agreed, and so [WATCHTOWER LITERATURE was] always included in the foodstuffs that were taken to the military airport at ... Denmark, and carried by Hitler's own aircraft into Norway!

[WATCHTOWER m]agazines were taken into Denmark from Sweden in an equally unusual way. A young [single female] Danish [Jehovah's Witness] was employed as a nurse in the home of an [Nazi official] in Copenhagen, and this man was very willing to bring "gift packages" back to her from Sweden. ...

Another example of where worldly authorities were "outmaneuvered" occurred in Finland. There, our literature was banned, [so] the WatchTower [Society's] printing plant in Helsinki had nothing to do, ... But, since the Finnish government was eager to get Swedish currency into the country, they agreed to let the plant print books and booklets to be exported to Sweden. As a result, not only was [WATCHTOWER] literature supplied for Sweden, but was brought into Finland! -- Life story of Scandanavian WatchTower leader Johan Henrik Eneroth (b1893), Watchtower, 2/1/1965, edited.

*********************************                                 **********************************

The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom
May 1, 1957

Use Theocratic War Strategy

A WITNESS of Jehovah was going from house to house in Eastern Germany when she met a violent opposer. Knowing at once what to expect she changed her red blouse for a green one in the very next hallway. No sooner had she appeared on the street than a Communist officer asked her if she had seen a woman with a red blouse. No, she replied, and went on her way. Did she tell a lie? No, she did not. She was not a liar. Rather, she was using theocratic war strategy, hiding the truth by action and word for the sake of the ministry.

In this she had good Scriptural precedent. Did not *Rahab* hide the Israelite spies by both action and word? Did not Abraham, Isaac, David and others likewise hide the truth at times when faced with a hostile enemy? They certainly did, and never do we read a word of censure for their doing so. Rather, we read of their being termed exemplary servants of Jehovah. Their actions were in line with Jesus' wise counsel: "Look! I am sending you forth as sheep amidst wolves; therefore prove yourselves cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves." -- Matt. 10:16, NW.

Perhaps some will wonder as to where the line is to be drawn between use of theocratic war strategy in hiding the truth and the telling of lies. First of all, let it be noted that whenever one takes an oath to tell the truth he is obligated to do so. By dedicating himself to do God's will each Christian has taken a vow or made an oath to do God's will and to be faithful to him. To this oath he certainly must be true. Likewise, when a Christian is placed on a witness stand he is obligated to speak the truth if he speaks at all. At times he may prefer to refuse to speak and suffer the consequences rather than betray his brothers or the interests of God's work. And, of course, there is no occasion for use of war strategy when dealing with our Christian brothers. In dealing with them we tell the truth or tactfully remind them that what they seek to know does not concern them.

Lies are untruths told for selfish reasons and which work injury to others. Satan told a lie to Eve that worked great harm to her and all the human race. Ananias and Sapphira told lies for selfish reasons. But hiding the truth, which he is not entitled to know, from an enemy does not harm him, especially when he would use such information to harm others who are innocent.

A great work is being done by the witnesses even in lands where their activity is banned. The only way they can fulfill the command to preach the good news of God's kingdom is by use of theocratic war strategy. By underground methods the literature is brought into the country and distributed. Would it make sense to hide this literature by one's actions and then reveal its whereabouts by one's words when queried? Of course not! So in time of spiritual warfare it is proper to misdirect the enemy by hiding the truth. It is done unselfishly; it does not harm anyone; on the contrary, it does much good.

Today God's servants are engaged in a warfare, a spiritual, theocratic warfare, a warfare ordered by God against wicked spirit forces and against false teachings. God's servants are sent forth as sheep among wolves and therefore need to exercise the extreme caution of serpents so as to protect properly the interests of God's kingdom committed to them. At all times they must be very careful not to divulge any information to the enemy that he could use to hamper the preaching work.

EDITOR'S COMMENTARY: This 1957 WATCHTOWER magazine article uses the synonymous terms: "theocratic warfare", "theocratic war strategy", "spiritual warfare", and "war strategy", to identify the same concept -- lying and deceit used to accomplish the goals of the WatchTower Cult. In decades past, the term "Rahab technique" (*see above*) has also been used by Jehovah's Witnesses to describe the same conduct/actions.

Initially, some readers may tend to agree with the WatchTower Cult that use of "theocratic warfare" makes sense under certain circumstances. Those readers should understand that the WatchTower Cult claims to be the only true Christian religion on planet earth, and claims that they have been hand-selected by Jesus Christ as His sole earthly representatives. As the only true followers of Jesus Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses should be able to point to at least one clear and unquestionable example set by their Lord proactively LYING to another human and/or wrongfully DECEIVING (not simply manipulating) another human in order to accomplish His goals.

IF, Jehovah's Witnesses actually ARE who they profess to be, they should be ready to admit such to anyone who so inquires, at any time, OR, they should simply remain silent. In either case, JWs should be ready to suffer any consequences. If you do the crime, you should be willing to do the time.

The WatchTower Cult should STOP glorifying JWs in fascist and communist countries who by their own bad choices and incompetence tell lies and/or use wrongful deception to avoid arrest and/or confiscation of literature, because those same JWs were sufficiently stupid to secret Watchtower literature on their person, or sufficiently stupid to hide WatchTower literature in their homes, or elsewhere on their property, or were sufficiently stupid in the manner/mode of activity/conduct which brought them to the attention of the authorities.

Lastly, the entire "drawing the line" paragraph in the WatchTower article above is complete horse manure. JWs routinely break "oaths"; regularly lie on the witness stand; and regularly lie to their fellow Jehovah's Witnesses. This EDITOR regularly communicated for decades with a "Super-Elder" whom I assumed was maintaining other's "confidentiality" by only telling me partial and filtered bits and pieces of stories, BUT, when I finally figured out that he was simply "making sh!t up", I was able to put together many of the previously indiscernible tales by simply discarding half or more of what he had told. Other XJWs can relate hours of instances of being lied to by JW Elders over periods of decades. Non-JWs should be wary that JW Elders are lying any time their mouths are moving -- just like their "spiritual father", Satan the Devil.

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We believe that we have found good evidence that the WatchTower Society purposefully has been infiltrating government offices and private businesses dating back to the days of Charles Taze Russell. As indicated in our Charles Taze Russell Financial Biography, prominent Bethelite John Adam Bohnet had been a traveling WatchTower Pilgrim and later a Pittsburgh Bethelite during the 1890s. Then, out of nowhere, Bohnet left the Pittsburgh Bible House and took a job with an international marketing organization at their Washington D.C. branch. After working in Washington D.C. for seven years, Bohnet then returned to the Pittsburgh Bible House, where he served the WatchTower Society in multiple official capacities over the following decades. We believe that Bohnet was sent to work for that organization by Pastor Russell to learn certain matters with regard to international corporate affairs which could be used by the WatchTower Society as it began to expand its operations into foreign countries.
Interestingly, during the very same early 1900s time period described above, Pastor Russell brought all the way from Waco, Texas, a Russellite husband-wife couple to work at the Pittsburgh Bible House. More interestingly, instead of living at the Bible House, or even at one of Russell's apartment houses which housed other Bethelites, that new Bethelite couple lived with a local Pittsburgh Russellite couple. After living for exactly one year in Pittsburgh, that Bethelite Man from Texas applied, successfully tested, and received a fulltime job, at the Pittsburgh Post Office. That Russellite Man continued working fulltime at the Pittsburgh Post Office right up until Pastor Russell relocated his religion business out of Pittsburgh, to Brooklyn, in early 1909. At the exact same time that Russell and the WatchTower Society left Pittsburgh, that Waco, Texas Russellite Couple also packed their bags and left to a place unknown. We found them three years later working as WatchTowerevangelists out in California.
Undoubtedly, that Bethelite/Russellite Man was purposefully inserted into the Pittsburgh Post Office for multiple reasons, not the least of which was to facilitate the mailing of certain WatchTower materials at the cheaper/cheapest second-class rate, which should have been charged the higher third-class rate. Pastor Russell likely was motivated to attempt this bolder form of "industrial espionage" against the Post Office only after Russell had already successfully done so in a lessor and more troublesome form. Previously, for 24+ months, Pastor Russell had taken advantage of the conversion to Russellism of the Postmaster of a small, rural Pennsylvania Post Office located about 60 miles outside Allegheny. That Russellite Postmaster had been sufficiently stupid to author, and Russell had been sufficiently egotistical to publish in one of the issues of the WATCHTOWER magazine (Russell's readers were perfectly aware of Russell's ongoing battle with the Post Office, and Russell wanted them to know that he was still somehow sticking it to the Post Office), a Letter from that Postmaster in which he admitted having mailed out 59,000 copies of OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY magazines and other literature for the WatchTower Society within the previous 2+ years -- including mailings to multiple foreign countries.

We assume that readers fully understand the significance of the Post Office to Russell's religion business. Pastor Russell was likely the most hated person at the Pittsburgh Post Office. Almost from the start of his religion business, Pastor Russell and the Post Office began a running battle over rates, and Russell almost always WON -- but Russell did so "by hook or by crook".

When Russell's complaints to the Pittsburgh Postmaster did not get Russell whatever decision that Russell wanted, Russell went over the head of the Pittsburgh Postmaster to the Postmaster-General in Washington D.C. When Russell did not get the decision that he wanted form the Postmaster-General, Russell started mail campaigns in the pages of the WATCHTOWER magazine, in which Russell would provide multiple sample letters for his Russellite followers to copy and mail to the Postmaster-General, then later to their Congressmen and Senators, and eventually even to the President of the United States. When these honest methods failed Russell, Pastor Russell simply CHEATED the Post Office.

Few people familiar with the OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY "magazines" actually understand why they were what they were -- tracts, pamphlets, and booklets of widely varying sizes. What OTQs were -- was a POSTAL RATE SCAM. OTQs were miscellaneous WatchTower literature published in the "disguise" of a regular quarterly "magazine", so that the hoped-for later small quantity orders of such could be mailed out at the CHEAPER/CHEAPEST second-class regular periodical rate, rather than at the higher third-class rate. While the initial mailing of one copy to a subscriber could rightfully be mailed using second-class postage, later mailings of small bulk quantities of original printings and any quantities of later reprints should have been mailed at the higher third-class rate, but they were not.

Pastor Russell pulled the same SCAM with soft-cover DIVINE PLANs and THY KINGDOM COMEs -- despite being repeatedly caught by the Pittsburgh Post Office. Pastor Russell and the Post Officel went back and forth on both these two softcovers and the OTQs, with there being time periods that Russell won out and could legally mail such as second-class matter. However, Pastor Russell continued doing so even during the time periods when such was not legal. Years later, when the Post Office finally permanently stopped mailing these softcover BOOKS out at the cheaper periodical rate, Russell simply stopped publishing the two books as softcovers, and started publishing them in magazine format. That still violated the rules for second-class matter, because such were not part of a regular periodical series, but since the books "looked" like then semi-monthly WATCHTOWER magazines, postal workers never caught on to what Russell was pulling. By then, Pastor Russell had his own personal "secret agent" inside the Pittsburgh Post Office, who would either allow through the improperly classified mailings or warn/tip Russell as how to get such by other Pittsburgh postal employees.

Back in February 1896, the U.S. Attorney General's office had issued this response to an inquiry from the Postmaster-General's office, which was responding to yet another "Appeal" from Pastor Russell of the Pittsburgh Postmaster's refusal to mail certain literature at second-class rates:

"I think you were clearly right in excluding from the mails as second-class matter volumes 1 and 3 of the "Millennial Dawn Series," published by the Tower Publishing Company at Allegheny, Pa., under the title of "Zion's Watch Tower." Those volumes have all the insignia of "books" and not numbers in the series of a periodical publication. Here is a plain attempt to evade the law. Calling these volumes "Special issues of Zion's Watch Tower, representing Nos. 3, 4, 5, vol. 1886, and No. 6, vol. 12, 1891," respectively, does not change their character. They are "books" in every sense of the word, and hence chargeable with the third-class rate of postage. ...

"The company has issued, also, and claims the right to send through the mails at the pound rate what it terms "Extra No. 31, November 1, 1895," of the "Old Theology Quarterly;" ... which is beyond question a circular only, and should be charged with the third-class rate of postage. This is a more palpable evasion of the law than the volumes above mentioned. This circular calls these volumes "books," and is manifestly intended to advertise them to the public. ... ."

We don't know what happened, but after receiving this Advisory Opinion from the U.S. Attorney General's office, the Postmaster-General ignored such and granted Russell his Appeal. However, there were unknown events which years later caused this decision to be reversed. Russell eventually stopped his Appeals and his Letter writing campaigns, and instead, Russell initiated "industrial espionage" -- first with his own out-of-town Postmaster, and then more conveniently, with his own local Postal Clerk. After all, the"Faithful and Discreet Slave" ALWAYS got his way -- either by HOOK, or by CROOK. (See our RUSSELL FINANCIAL BIOGRAPHY and our RUSSELL DIVORCE.)



Beginning in 1912, Pastor Russell oversaw numerous different secret operations scattered across the United States which related to Russell's ongoing overall secret production of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION. In 1912, the operation of the different brands and the different kinds of newfangled motion projection equipment was complicated and dangerous, and at least in NYC, required proper electrical training and licensing. One former Brooklyn Bethelite later revealed the "secret" assignments of multiple different Bethelites who together played one role in the overall production of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION.
Rather than simply sending Brooklyn Bethelites, or even local NYC Russellites, to obtain the required legal training and licensing necessary for the operation of motion projection equipment, Pastor Russell turned this facet of the PHOTO-DRAMA's production into a "secret agent" operation. Pastor Russell individually approached a number of his mechanically-minded male Brooklyn Bethelite volunteers and informed that Bethelite that he was being given a "secret" and "confidential" assignment. Without disclosing what he was doing to other Brooklyn Bethelites, that Bethelite was to travel daily from Brooklyn into New Jersey(where operation of motion projection equipment apparently was not regulated), and obtain employment in a motion picture theater. There, as quickly as possible, the Bethelite was to worm their way into learning how to operate the theater's motion projection equipment. Other Bethelite "secret agents" followed due to the fact that there were different brands and kinds of motion projection equipment, and discovering what brand/kind of equipment best suited Russell's needs was part of the spying operation.
Once those Bethelites became experienced projectionists, the best two were ordered to write a training manual and develop a training curriculum in order to establish a "secret" training academy at WatchTower HQ. Several dozen Bethelites were eventually trained, and managed to obtain proper NYC licenses. Then, because Russell had yet to determine what brand/kind of equipment to purchase, Pastor Russell sent out those Bethelites to obtain jobs at movie theaters scattered around NYC, not only in order to gain more experience with the various brands, but so that Russell could visit them while they were working in the projection booths in order to evaluate the different brands/kinds of equipment.
Notably, one of Pastor Russell's Bethelite "secret agents" outshined the others -- with Russell "promoting" him to more and more responsibility in the PHOTO-DRAMA project. A decade later, "Judge" Rutherford chose that same "secret agent", who was by-then a WatchTower Pilgrim, to headup one of Rutherford's major "secret agent" operations. In 1924, Henry P. Drey was given the lead responsibility for what is still today -- in this 21st century -- one of the WatchTower Society's "best-kept" secrets from the U.S. Government and the general public.
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In 2012, a former WatchTower Society "Bethelite" alleged that during the early 1990s, when once discussing routine business in the Brooklyn, New York WatchTower World HQ office of the Jehovah's Witness who would later be promoted to President of the WatchTower Society, that a telephone call interrupted their conversation. The future WatchTower President took the call -- which mainly consisted of him writing down information supplied by the caller. After hanging up, the future WatchTower Cult President allegedly explained to "Bethelite" that the caller had been a Jehovah's Witness Female who was employed at the U.S. State Department, in Washington D.C., and that she regularly accessed reports coming in from around the world that contained information relating to the activities of the WatchTower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses. Whenever that Jehovah's Witness U.S. State Department Employee ran across any information that might be "helpful" to the WatchTower Society, she would make a telephone call to WatchTower World HQ.


UNITED STATES v. RANDALL MILES JEFFRIES was a 1985-86 District of Columbia federal ESPIONAGE court case which involved a then 26 year-old African-American named Randy Miles Jeffries. Specifics of Randy Jeffries connections with the Jehovah's Witnesses are unclear, but did exist. Jeffries spent four months in drug rehab in mid-1985 as condition of a suspended one-year sentence for his 1983 arrest and conviction on heroin possession charges. It was reported that Randy Jeffries, Naomi Jeffries, and their three children "started attending services at a local Jehovah's Witnesses congregation" after Randy got out of rehab. There is little doubt that the Jeffries family had some prior connection to the Jehovah's Witnesses for the entire family to "start" attending services as soon as Randy Jeffries got out of rehab. "Re-start" would probably have been the more precise term.

After getting out of rehab, Randy Jeffries, who previously had been employed in Washington D.C. by the F.B.I. from 1978-80 (note his then young age) as a "clerk" in its fingerprint section, was hired by Acme Reporting Company in Washington D.C., in October 1985. Acme provided transcription and duplication services for Congress and various government agencies. Acme's services often included making quantities of photocopies, and delivery of such to the intended recipients. Among the transcripts and copies handled by Acme were documents of closed Congressional hearings on SECRET and TOP-SECRET defense matters. Although the obvious employees of Acme were required to have security clearances, employees such as Randy Jeffries, who simply copied, bound, handled, and delivered the secret documents, were overlooked for security purposes. However, the continuous handling of government documents labeled SECRET and TOP SECRET was not lost on Randall Jeffries.
On Saturday, December 14, 1985, Jeffries stole two SECRET documents and one TOP SECRET document. After getting off work, Jeffries telephoned the Soviet Military Office in Wash D.C. and offered to sell them the documents. Jeffries then traveled to their office, where he proceeded to give the Soviets 13 or more pages as "samples" of the several hundreds of pages that he had stolen. The Soviets told Jeffries to wait to hear from them until they had a chance to evaluate the samples. However, Jeffries showed back up at the Soviet Military Office on December 17. Jeffries gave them another 15 or more "samples", but the Soviets gave him only $60.00, and told him they would contact him in April 1986.
On December 20, 1985, Jeffries received a telephone call at home from a person who identified himself as being connected with the Soviet Military Office, and they agreed to meet that evening at a local hotel. There, Jeffries demanded $5000.00 for the balance of the three documents. Jeffries also offered to procure additional SECRET and TOP SECRET documents. Jeffries was arrested on the spot in a F.B.I. sting.
Jeffries was indicted in January 1986 for delivering and attempting to deliver national defense documents to the Soviets, and for attempting to deliver national defense documents to a person not entitled to receive them. For several obvious publicity reasons, Jeffries was allowed to plead guilty to the lesser charge. Jeffries was sentenced to 3-9 years in federal prison. It is not known how many years Jeffries actually served, but it is known that Jeffries was still filing unsuccessful appeals as late as mid-1990.
UNITED STATES v. ERNEST LUDWIG FORBRICH was the 1984 Florida federal ESPIONAGE conviction of a West German National named Ernest L. Forbrich, then age 43, whose Jehovah's Witness Family had decades of connections to the WatchTower Society in both East Germany and West Germany. In 1984, during one of his multiple visits to the United States, Ernest Forbrich was arrested during an FBI SPY STING conducted in Clearwater, Florida, during which Forbrich purchased classified military documents from an undercover F.B.I. agent. Ernst Forbrich was convicted on TWO COUNTS of ESPIONAGE -- purchasing secret U.S. government documents, and attempting to sale such to a foreign government. Forbrich received a mere 15 year prison sentence, and was likely deported after 5 years when he was eligible for parole.
Interestingly, at trial, the U.S. Government provided evidence that Forbrich was a career East German AGENT, who over the previous 17 years had operated an auto repair business near an American military base in West Germany. There, Forbrich attempted to purchase whatever classified materials that he could from U.S. military personnel or from locals who worked on the base. Forbrich eventually graduated to traveling to the United States for the same purpose.
A second Forbrich brother also was arrested in West Germany on charges connected to this case, but outcome is unknown. A third Forbrich brother named Falko Forbrich had immigrated to the United States sometime prior to 1984, and lives in California. At some point, Falko Forbrich was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor of UNKNOWN GENDER.
All of the Forbrich brothers were reared in communist East Germany by active Jehovah's Witness Parents. The Forbrichs boasted that their JW Father spent 8 years in an East German prison due to secret activities performed inside East Germany for the outlawed WatchTower Society. The JW Family eventually somehow managed to escape into West Germany.

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