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These three WATCHTOWER SOCIETY SPIES & SECRET AGENTS webpages will give visitors to our TWO SISTER WEBSITES a better understanding of the "behind the scenes" workings of the WatchTower Cult and its local Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as a greater appreciation for certain posted court cases and other cases -- particularly those cases posted on our BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY webpage, which includes incidents of SPYING by Jehovah's Witnesses not included on this page.


In 2008, the international news media barely reported that Rwanda's new head of the country's Department of Education had FIRED a number of its public school teachers who were "Jehovah's Witnesses", who apparently had been refusing for some time to do all the things that JW school teachers refuse to do in the United States and all other countries, but had been allowed to get away with such by previous administrations. Since this was an old, worn-out story with nothing more than new geography, about which no one cared, few international readers gave this news any particular attention.

HOWEVER, this story contained a highly significant piece of info which merely needed proper interpretation. In 2008, Rwanda's dense population roughly was the same as the state of North Carolina -- slightly less than 10 million. (Breeding like rats, Rwanda's current population is approaching 15 million.) While promoting this story, the Rwanda branch office of the WatchTower Society specified 410 JW public school teachers in two specified categories, with an unspecified number of even more JW public school teachers.

Does any reader believe for a second that in 2008 that there were 400-500 Jehovah's Witness public school teachers in the entire United States, much less only in the state of North Carolina? How about the entire English speaking world? It is a safe bet that this "targeting of third-world children" has been a corporate strategy of the WatchTower Cult for decades.

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The linked Spanish language newspaper article contains a clickable 24-page PDF of a Resolution issued in 2018 by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection against Spain's branch of the WatchTower Cult -- JEHOVAH'S CHRISTIAN WITNESSES -- for violation of article 6.1 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13/12, Protection of Personal Data, classified as "serious". Note that Google will automatically translate this newspaper article, but you will have to specifically translate the PDF.

Apparently, in 2017, a "whistleblower" had informed a Spanish hospital that he and other members of the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEE had been FOR YEARS surveiling and spying on hospitals, staff, doctors, and patients, without their knowledge or authorization, in order to gather information that was forwarded to and stored at the WatchTower Cult's Branch headquarters in Spain. Collected information included data which was confidential, professional, personal, private, and public.

"Whistleblower", who was a Jehovah's Witness Elder for many years, understood that this systematic surveiling and spying on hospitals, staff, doctors, and patients by HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEE members occurs WORLDWIDE under the orders, direction, and control of the WatchTower Cult's world headquarters in New York, USA. The illegally collected information is intended to facilitate the WatchTower Cult's efforts to prevent its members and associates from consenting to blood transfusions.

**********************                           **********************






For decades, escapees from the WatchTower Cult have FUTILELY warned government officials and the health care industry that the WatchTower Cult started forming local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) around the world, in 1979, for the primary purpose of SURVEILING hospitalized Jehovah's Witness Patients and their Families in order to COERCE them to refuse physician recommended blood transfusions. Secondarily, members of the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) were inserted into hospitals to SURVEIL and COERCE attending physicians, nurses, and hospital administration personnel.

"Safeguarding Your Children From Misuse of Blood. ... When there is a crisis, elders may consider it advisable to arrange a 24-hour watch at the hospital, preferably by an elder with the patient's parent or another close family member. Blood transfusions often are given when all relatives and friends have gone home for the night. In the United States, there are over a hundred Hospital Liaison Committees located in major cities. All congregations are assigned to a committee made up of trained brothers who are available to assist. Call on them, through your elders, when they are needed." -- OUR KINGDOM MINISTRY, September 1992.

Rather than heeding those warnings, some American state governments have effectively MADE IT STATE LAW that the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEES (HLCs) be present at certain hospital emergency scenarios. Note the following webpage from Connecticut's Department of Children and Families. In scenarios where a Connecticut hospital is requesting judicial intervention to save the life of a child of Jehovah's Witness Parents who are refusing to give their consent for a life-saving blood transfusion, Connecticut's Department of Children and Families REQUIRES its investigators to make certain that the WatchTower Cult's local HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEE (HLC) has been notified of the emergency situation. Such state agency policy and policing effectively grants the WatchTower Cult with certain undefined legal status over the lives of its Jehovah's Witness members and their children. Readers can be certain that if the WatchTower Cult has managed to pull off this legal maneuver in one state, then they have done the same in most other states. (Did you also notice that the WatchTower Cult even has persuaded Connecticut's Department of Children and Families to REQUIRE its investigators to make certain that the attending PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS have considered the use of "non-blood medical alternatives and treatment" -- which are medically USELESS in the given emergency situation. One can't help but wonder if Connecticut's DCF officials lined up and kissed the arses of the WatchTower Cult's attorneys and HLC members before they exited that meeting.)

Click this link to read a July 2014 "Directive" from the federal Veterans Health Administration regarding treatment of military veterans who are Jehovah's Witnesses wanting the VA to perform surgery on them without using blood transfusions. Note that this"Directive", which appears to effectively have been authored by WatchTower Society officials (see federal lawsuit CLINTON v. BROWN), REQUIRES the pertinent VA department "Chief" to contact the WatchTower Cult's "Hospital Information Services" at WatchTower World Headquarters in New York, in the event that the WatchTower Cult's local Hospital Liaison Committee has not already been summoned by the JW Patient or their family. Curiously, this same "Directive" also requires VA staff to maintain the confidentiality of their JW Patient's decision to refuse blood transfusions. Once again, the WatchTower Society effectively is granted certain undefined legal status over its Jehovah's Witness members by a government agency -- this one being FEDERAL.


In the course of the proceedings before the High Court, Mr AC said that he was the eldest of Mrs ES's siblings, and a pastor in the Pentecostal Church. Mr AC testified that he had attempted to speak with his sister on the subject of the blood transfusion, but that "she kept still saying that she still believes a miracle will happen." ... Except for reiterating that she was a Jehovah's Witness, [and] why in her faith drinking of blood is prohibited ... (Non-JW readers should know that decades ago the WatchTower Cult disclaimed its one-time teaching that receiving a blood transfusion was "drinking blood". Also, while still occasionally waffling on the rare "possibility" of "miraculous healings", such are not a regular teaching of the Cult. Apparently, in distant Africa, the Cult continues to use whatever tickles the natives' ears.)

Mr AC also testified that he realised that Mrs ES underwent a lot of pressure from members of her faith who were advising her, and one member of her faith had to be forcefully removed from the hospital ...

Mr AC also said that he believed that Mrs ES had been placed under a substantial amount of pressure from other Jehovah's Witnesses. He reported that there had been others at the hospital who claimed membership of a health committee of the Jehovah's Witnesses (Hospital Liaison Committee). Mr AC referred in particular to an incident that had occurred on the previous Thursday, which had resulted in efforts by himself and his siblings to expel the members of the health committee (HLC) from the hospital. The incident resulted in the hospital security staff being called to the scene. One of the individuals specifically mentioned was a lawyer, who subsequently withdrew from this case in the High Court as junior counsel. According to Mr AC, the lawyer told a doctor present at the hospital that she risked a legal suit if she transfused blood. Mr AC expressed serious concern that others appeared to be involved in the making of important decisions that Mr AC considered should be the domain of Mrs ES's family. -- ES v AC, THE SUPREME COURT OF NAMIBIA, 2015.

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Paediatrics & Child Health

April 2008

Letters  To The Editor (Edited)

Re: Teenage decision-making in the context of the Jehovah's Witness faith (again)

... Harrison's article ... addresses only one of three necessary elements of consent: competence. Not discussed are the two other requirements -- adequate information and voluntariness.

Full discussion of the three elements that are necessary for consent to medical treatment is particularly important when the adolescent patient is a member of a Jehovah's Witness (JW) family. ... Our paper on this topic was published in the 2006 issue of Paediatrics & Child Health.

Indeed, the governing body of JWs, the Watchtower Society (WTS), wrote to the Journal in protest over our then unpublished article, which had been accepted after two rounds of peer review. The editors of the Journal resisted the WTS's representations.

Our article presented details about three real cases of adolescents who refused blood transfusions. In each case, the information we offered came from publicly available sources, such as court transcripts or reports of court hearings. Our article, therefore, had rich grounding in actual cases and in reported alleged practices of JWs, the WTS and WTS lawyers. By contrast, the Harrison article presented and then discussed a hypothetical case. ... A recent edition of the Hasting's Center report presented a short hypothetical case of a JW teenager, ... ...

In our article, we gave specific detail about possible problems in the quality of information an individual JW patient may have about the risks and benefits of blood. We also addressed problems of voluntariness in decisionmaking among teenagers. In other words, we described clearly that two of the three elements of informed consent may well have been absent -- ie, adequate information and voluntariness. This discussion made it apparent that, even if an adolescent is assessed to be fully mature, the assessment does not, by itself, solve the problem of whether he or she can accept or refuse proposedmedical treatment.

Indeed, cases of adolescent refusal of blood would be relatively easy if the only issue was maturity. But what is concerning are the issues that the recent article does not address: How does one establish that a young patient has good medical information when (among other problems) the [WatchTower Society's (WTS) website] contains misleading excerpts from dated medical journals, when medical personnel statements can be contradicted by religious people who visit hospitals, and when the credibility and good faith of medical personnel are constantly in question because they, like all other non-JWs, are said to be subjects of "Satan the Devil [who] really is the unseen ruler of the world!"? How do physicians assure themselves that a patient is choosing without coercion when a particular medical choice will cause the loss of family and friends, when the patient's lawyer appears to also represent the religious authority and when the WTS instructs individual JWs "to squeal" -- to breach medical confidentiality if, in their work as health care providers, they learn that a patient has accepted blood? ...

Finding answers to these questions ... are of vital practical importance to paediatricians and other physicians who must assess capacity to consent in a social context in which preventable death is a distinct possibility. ... we strongly disagree that it is "consistent with legal and professional standards" to accept the teenager's 'decision' when the patient's quality of information and degree of voluntariness have not been considered, let alone assessed.

In a supplement to our paper, we wrote: Paediatricians must look for all elements of consent: competence, information and voluntariness. ... In some situations, reporting to Child Welfare is a statutory duty and legal help is required.

Ian Mitchell MA MB FRCPC

Department of Paediatrics,

Juliet Guichon BA BCL MA SJD 

Office of Medical Bioethics, 

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta


The Argus (UK)

June 10, 2008

Hospitals Must Stop the Blood Martyrs


Nine years ago former Jehovah's Witness Rachel Underhill was forced to refuse a lifesaving blood transfusion while giving birth to her twins. Rachel and her daughters Kira and Zoe survived to tell the tale -- and left the faith a few years later. ... When Rachel Underhill saw media reports about yet another Jehovah's Witness who lay dying in hospital, the bitter memories came flooding back.

John Edwards, 58, from London, needed a blood transfusion after a hit and run accident last week, but his wife Sheila insisted that he would not want the life-saving procedure, which is against their religious beliefs. As a result the couple's sons, who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, would have to watch their father die.

It was an all too familiar situation for Rachel Underhill who walked away from the faith after 30 years. ...

Seven years ago Rachel's case made headlines in The Argus when she rejected a blood transfusion during a Caesarean section. Rachel, of Telscombe Cliffs, later revealed the decision was taken out of her hands by the WatchTower Society's Hospital Liaison Committee.

"Jehovah's Witnesses need protecting from their own religion, and from themselves on this issue. I believe the law should be changed so that hospitals automatically have the power to give Jehovah's Witnesses blood against their wishes.

"Simply saying we can't change the law, because we all have a right to choose our own medical treatment, fails to take adequate consideration of all the behind-the-scenes machinations forcing Jehovah's Witnesses to refuse blood. Theirs is not a truly freewill choice, but one made under enormous pressure from their Jehovah's Witness family and friends, from Kingdom Hall Elders, and from the WatchTower Society's Hospital Liaison Committee.

"Jehovah's Witnesses know that they will be shunned by all their Jehovah's Witness family and friends if they publicly accept a blood transfusion. The Hospital Liaison Committee members -- the Jehovah's Witness Leaders who liaise with hospital staff when cases such as this arise -- campout at their hospital bedside reminding them of the prospect of eternal annihilation should they fail to comply with the WatchTower Cult's particular interpretation of the Bible.

"Because Jehovah's Witness Patients will have had these ideas so drummed into them -- often since childhood -- you have to ask whether or not they, or their next of kin, are actually of sound enough mind to make the decision to refuse a transfusion.

"Worse still, Jehovah's Witness Leaders seem to treat as martyrs those Jehovah's Witnesses who die refusing transfusions. The whole policy itself, and the thinking and teaching around it is, quite simply, sick.

"The Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their policy on similar matters in the past, such as when they began to allow vaccinations, and then later organ transplants, due to practical neccessity. I beg them to change this one to prevent further loss of life."

*********************                          **********************


Although the WatchTower Society started prohibiting its Jehovah's Witness members from accepting blood transfusions in 1945, those typically obedient members did not immediately snap to attention on this matter -- given that this new prohibition could result in immediate death. In 1949, multiple members of one of the Cult's most prominent extended families blatantly donated blood for the transfusion of one of their "anointed" elderly family members who was dying from leukemia. Into the early 1950s, the "correctness" of the blood transfusion prohibition was occasionally still being debated by some members of the Service and Editorial Departments at WatchTower HQ.

Then, in the January 15, 1961 issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine, WatchTower HQ sent out a firm message that it would no longer tolerate the ignoring of its blanket prohibition against blood transfusions by Jehovah's Witnesses who were quietly treating blood transfusions as "a matter of conscience".

[Receiving a blood transfusion] is a violation of God's command to Christians, the seriousness of which should not be minimized by any passing over it lightly as being an optional matter for the conscience of any individual to decide upon. ... Hence a Christian who deliberately receives a blood transfusion ... must be cut off from God's people by excommunication or disfellowshipping. If the taking of a blood transfusion is the first offense of a dedicated, baptized Christian due to his immaturity or lack of Christian stability and he sees the error of his action and grieves and repents over it and begs divine forgiveness and forgiveness of God's congregation on earth, then mercy should be extended to him and he need not be disfellowshipped. He needs to be put under surveillance and to be instructed thoroughly according to the Scriptures upon this subject, and thereby be helped to acquire strength to make decisions according to the Christian standard in any future cases. If, however, he refuses to acknowledge his nonconformity to the required Christian standard and makes the matter an issue in the Christian congregation and endeavors to influence others therein to his support; or, if in the future he persists in accepting blood transfusions or donating blood ... he must be cut off ... by disfellowshipping.


The following [edited] excerpt is taken from a 2015 article entitled "Patient Autonomy is Held to be Sacrosanct. A Doctor Reconsiders This View", in which an anonymous Medical Doctor advocates that the health care industry and its governmental regulators reevaluate the almost unfettered access to Patients given in hospitals to WatchTower Cult SPIES and SECRET AGENTS:

"A 21-year-old male of African-American descent, a Jehovah's Witness, with a history of sickle cell anemia presents with diffuse pain and weakness. His admission hemoglobin is 6. ... His blood counts continue to fall.He is asked if he would accept transfusion. He seems uncertain, until his mother indicates the entire family are Jehovah's witnesses and under no circumstances would any of the family accept blood. The patient quietly refuses transfusion. [WATCHTOWER HLC] Church officials start to spend a considerable amount of time in the room and waiting area. They approach multiple health professionals and attempt to hand them literature with recommendations for care of patients without [resorting to] transfusion. The president of the hospital is called when the recommendations are not hewed to. ... . ...

"I have witnessed [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials residing at the bedside of our ICU patients with the stated purpose of ensuring no blood products are administered. ... What is the role of these [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials? Is their presence to guard the patient against unwanted medical care, or does their presence serve to intimidate the patient? ... Blood cannot be given quickly and inauspiciously. Might the more realistic fear of [WATCHTOWER HLC] church officials be [that] consent [for a blood transfusion be] given freely [by the JW Patient], not [that a] blood [transfusion is] given without [that patient's] consent? ...

********************                                  *********************

How two Jehovah's Witnesses were paid millions to restrict Western Australia blood transfusions

May 14, 2014
(excerpts - edited)

THE W[estern] A[ustralia] Department of Health has paid almost $4 million to two Jehovah's Witnesses, neither of whom is a medical doctor, to roll out a statewide program to cut blood transfusions to thousands of patients being treated in public hospitals.

The Sunday Times can reveal the two men, Axel Hofmann [a/k/a Axel Hofman, a/k/a Axel O. Hofman, a/k/a Axel Olaf Hofman, a/k/a Axel O. Hofmann, Axel Olaf Hofmann] and Shannon Farmer [a/k/a Shannon L. Farmer] whose religion is vehemently opposed to blood transfusions won the lucrative five-year contract in 2008, with an American associate, without having to bid for the job.

The contract was approved by the Health Department for exemption from the usual open-tender rules because, according to the department, the trio were the only ones with the skills to plan and implement a "patient blood management" (PBM) program in WA. ... ...

The Sunday Times can also reveal:

The man who championed the introduction of PBM to WA was the former Chief Medical Officer, Dr Simon Towler, who has known Shannon L. Farmer professionally since the early 1990s.

The PBM rollout was given the go-ahead by the Health Department after receiving presentations from Shannon Farmer and Axel Hofmann in 2007.

The department told The Sunday Times the religion of the two men was "known to the Department's State Health Executive Forum [SHEF] prior to contracts being [a]warded".

However, Dr Neale Fong, who was WA Director-General of Health and head of SHEF at the time, told The Sunday Times that he did not think he was told that the men were Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I don't believe so," he said."You've surprised me by mentioning it. I think it should have been declared." ... ...

"But I think from an ethical point of view it would have been useful for them to declare it." Dr Fong said. ...

Dr Fong said the PBM proposal had made sense in terms of health economics and he had been very pleased to support it.

He stressed that the key consideration for any initiative was the welfare of the patient. ...

When told that the consulting doctor's orders for blood were sometimes overridden at Fremantle Hospital, Dr Fong said,"I would have some concerns over that." ... ... ... ...

The Sunday Times has established that the contract was awarded on April 10, 2008, through an Austrian entity called "Medicine and Economics" ..., which is owned by Axel Hofman, a health economist who has a base there.

Under the contract, [Medicine and Economics] was paid $3,901,703.00The money was paid into a bank account in Austria, according to the Health Department.

It is not clear why the contract was awarded to German-born Axel O. Hofmann's Austrian business entity, since he does not appear to have had any previous experience in establishing and operating a PBM program. He does not have a degree in medicine but he has a Master's in economics and a PhD in health science.

Shannon L. Farmer, who has no tertiary qualifications, and a California-based associate, who also is not a medical doctor but has degrees in economics and health science, have been involved in implementing such hospital programs, even though on a much smaller scale than the statewide program in W[estern] A[ustralia]. Shannon Farmer was the co-founder of a "bloodless" surgery program in 1990 at Fremantle's Kaleeya private hospital.

During the term of the [Medicine and Economics] contract, it is also apparent that Axel Hofman and Shannon Farmer received payments as consultants or guest lecturers from the pharmaceutical companies that make the often expensive drugs used as substitutes for blood transfusions.

Axel Hofman has declared payments or travel support for consulting or lecturing from at least 14 pharmaceutical companies. Shannon Farmer has declared that he received lecturing or consulting payments or travel support from at least six pharmaceutical or related companies. ... ... ... ... ... ...

Per above:

Shannon Farmer elsewhere disclosed receiving money in the form of consulting-lecture honoraria and travel assistance from Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Biosurgery, Australian Red Cross Blood ServiceAustralian National Blood Authority, Australian Jurisdictional Blood Committee, and 4 Australian State Departments of Health.

Axel Hofman elsewhere disclosed receiving money in the form of consulting-lecture honoraria and travel assistance from Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Biosurgery, Amgen, CSL Behring, Fresenius Kabi,Haemonetics, Janssen-Cilag, Pentapharm/TEM, United Biosource Corp, Austrian Ministry of Health, WA Dept of Health, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and The Institute for Patient Blood Management & Bloodless Medicine and Surgery.




*************************                           **************************


The following excerpt is taken from "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES: Victims of Deception", by Ralph T. Miller, Retired Captain, Madisonville Police Department. The identity of the two anonymous "California" Jehovah's Witness Elders is known. They actually were both "elders" in the same Kentucky congregation about four hours drive from Madisonville. "Scarface" Elder actually was a native Californian -- from Oxnard, who had been sent to Kentucky as a "Special Pioneer" about four years previous. "Backup" Elder was a "needgreater" from Ohio, who had come to Kentucky about three years previous. Having successfully completed this "contract", both "secret agents" were thereafter used in both domestic and even international operations.

These two WatchTower "Secret Agents" had not driven four hours to "turn around" a wayward brother. Their "specialty" was pissing-off "rebellious" baptized male JWs who the WatchTower Cult had determined could never be fully controlled by the cult's bureaucracy; and who could never be fully trusted by WatchTower HQ -- thus making them useless to the WatchTower Cult. Detective Ralph Miller's reaction was 100% exactly for what they had hoped. Multiple similar "hits" were performed by these same two WatchTower Cult "hitmen". This editor even knows of an instance when one such baptized JW male was deceived into "disassociating" themself for doing something that was not even against WatchTower Cult rules. This is a WatchTower Cult phenomenon which likely has been going on for decades inside the WatchTower Cult, but has never previously been exposed.  

Readers -- especially law enforcement officers -- should take from the following account the FACT that the WatchTower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses are fully capable of sending to your hometown one or more out-of-town or even out-of-state "mafioso hitmen" with the intent of intimidating ANYONE -- including pistol and badge packing police officers (edited):
"With the appointment of a new Police Chief and a subsequent reorganization of the department, I was promoted to Detective Sergeant. ... It was now sometime in the Fall of 1979, and I was getting dressed to go to work on the three-to-eleven shift at the Police Department. 

My wife Linnie came into our bedroom and informed me that there were two Elders from the Kingdom Hall in the living room, and that they wanted to speak to me. I asked Linnie if she knew what they wanted. My wife had a very puzzled look on her face, and replied that she didn't know. I couldn't imagine why they would want to see me. I had not attended a meeting in several years, and only had occasional contact with the Witnesses, usually when they came to the house to visit with Linnie, or when I met one of them on the street. 

I walked into the living room and greeted our visitors. After they had introduced themselves, we shook hands, and I invited them to sit down on the couch -- opposite me. Both men were dressed in business suits and ties, wearing overcoats, and appeared to be thirty to forty years of age. One of the men was tall and slender looking, and the other man was of medium height and stocky build and had several scars on his face. 

I remember thinking they looked more like Mafia hit-men than "Elders" of Jehovah's Witnesses. Their ominous appearance and nervousness, coupled with the fact that I didn't recognize them as members of the local congregation concerned me. When I asked the two men what I could do for them, they informed me that they had been sent from California to Madisonville by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. They further stated that Jehovah's Spirit was being hindered here in Madisonville, as evidenced by the fact that there had been no growth in the congregation for some time. Their job, they informed me, was to determine what the problem was and to take whatever action was necessary to correct it. The men further related that they felt that perhaps there were people in the congregation that were involved in wrongdoing which was grieving God's Holy Spirit. 

At that point, I asked the scar-faced man doing most of the talking what that had to do with me. The [scar-faced] man replied that it had been brought to their attention by members of the congregation that I had been seen smoking. The scarfaced man then brazenly informed me that, even though I was inactive, I was still considered to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. If the report about my smoking was true, I would be given a short period of time in which to correct the problem and, if I refused, I would be disfellowshipped (excommunicated). 

I felt humiliated and embarrassed by these complete strangers' accusation, and I could feel my face growing flushed as the resentment welled up inside of me. I had willingly "kicked" the cigarette habit back in 1973, when the Society had ordered all of their followers to stop using tobacco in any form. The organization had determined it was an "unclean habit" that was injurious to people's health, and therefore a sin to use it. I had started smoking again in 1976, when I stopped attending meetings and going out in service. 

However, I really didn't think that these two coarse looking characters from the Watchtower Society had any right to come into my home and dictate to me how to live my life. Looking at the two men with the hardest, coldest stare I could muster, I reached into my inside coat pocket and pulled out a cigar. As I lit up and puffed several times to get it started, the two men abruptly stood. The man with the scars on his face angrily stated, "Well, I guess you've made your decision." I calmly retorted, "I certainly have, and now it's time for you to leave." I got out of my chair and followed the two men as they quickly walked to the front door and exited our house. 

The Thursday night following my confrontation with the elders, my wife and youngest son Chris, who was now seven or eight years of age, attended the Ministry School and Service Meeting at the Kingdom Hall. When they returned home, my wife somberly informed me that one of the elders had made the formal announcement that I had been disfellowshipped. I was disconcerted by this news. Not because of being disfellowshipped; I was expecting that. Rather, I was offended and annoyed by the way the elders had vilified me in the presence of my youngest son. I am sure that Chris was too young to fully understand the proceedings and everything that took place. However, I was equally sure that Chris got the distinct impression that his [Police Officer] "Daddy" had done something very bad. According to my wife, the elder making the announcement didn't state the reason for my being disfellowshipped. That was left to the imagination of the congregation, to figure out what terrible sin of which I was guilty. 

After my being disfellowshipped, I had no further contact with Jehovah's Witnesses for the next four or five years. Even though my wife Linnie continued in the organization as a member in good standing, because of my being disfellowshipped, none of the Witnesses ever visited her in our home. I continued my career with the Madisonville Police Department, having been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, ... ."

*****************                             *****************


*****************                             *****************

"Secret Service" Man

W. S. McGregor, a "brother" in the [International Bible Students] Association from Brooklyn unguardedly allowed the news [-- mutilated --] that he is a "secret service [-- mutilated --]. I'm a Federal man,'' he (said) [--mutilated --] "One shrill blast (from my whistle) and 15 men would assist [Philip] Sidersky out of this hall." McGregor explained that the [International Bible Students] Association has gathered into its fold men of all callings and that aside from detectives who are followers of "Pastor" Russell, there were men present who were phrenologists, and that they had given Sidersky's head the "once over" and could certify to his mental and other deficiencies ... . -- Asbury Park Press, June 29, 1914, edited.

EDITOR: In 1914, "detective" was a nicer term for "bodyguard", who in those days often were for-hire thugs. Only three weeks earlier, in one of only a few newspaper advertisements found which announced one of his IBSA sermons, WatchTower "Pilgrim" W. S. McGregor had been identified as living in Boston.

Philip Sidersky was a physically and verbally non-threatening, yet unafraid, prominent Jewish-Christian exposer of "Pastor" Russell, who sometimes attended public CTR lectures and passed out exposing literature. Sidersky only increased his activities from "pen" to "presence" after CTR slandered Sidersky in the press. Sidersky initially filed a defamation lawsuit, but when that went nowhere, the Jewish Sidersky took on CTR face-to-face. (TYPICAL. Law enforcement, the judiciary, and the general public still have not figured out that 90% of the time when JWs are being attacked by some group or individual, it was the JWs who started the fight, and then when the situation turned against them, they run crying to the authorities that they are being "persecuted".) Sidersky's mere presence at WatchTower meetings and conventions highly disturbed CTR and his sychophants that anyone would have the audacity to personally challenge God's "faithful and wise servant". In recent years, the easiest way to spot an online WatchTower "double agent", or a halfwit tool of the double agents, is to see if they previously have discouraged lawful protests or denigrated lawful protesters at WatchTower conventions and meetings. 

*****************                             *****************
*****************                            *****************

We believe that we have found good evidence that the WatchTower Society purposefully has been infiltrating government offices and private businesses dating back to the days of Charles Taze Russell. As indicated in our Charles Taze Russell Financial Biography, prominent Bethelite John Adam Bohnet had been a traveling WatchTower Pilgrim and later a Pittsburgh Bethelite during the 1890s. Then, out of nowhere, Bohnet left the Pittsburgh Bible House and took a job with an international marketing organization at their Washington D.C. branch. After working in Washington D.C. for seven years, Bohnet then returned to the Pittsburgh Bible House, where he served the WatchTower Society in multiple official capacities over the following decades. We believe that Bohnet was sent to work for that organization by Pastor Russell to learn certain matters with regard to international corporate affairs which could be used by the WatchTower Society as it began to expand its operations into foreign countries.
Interestingly, during the very same early 1900s time period described above, Pastor Russell brought all the way from Waco, Texas, a Russellite husband-wife couple to work at the Pittsburgh Bible House. More interestingly, instead of living at the Bible House, or even at one of Russell's apartment houses which housed other Bethelites, that new Bethelite couple lived with a local Pittsburgh Russellite couple. After living for exactly one year in Pittsburgh, that Bethelite Man from Texas applied, successfully tested, and received a fulltime job, at the Pittsburgh Post Office. That Russellite Man continued working fulltime at the Pittsburgh Post Office right up until Pastor Russell relocated his religion business out of Pittsburgh, to Brooklyn, in early 1909. At the exact same time that Russell and the WatchTower Society left Pittsburgh, that Waco, Texas Russellite Couple also packed their bags and left to a place unknown. We found them three years later working as WatchTowerevangelists out in California.
Undoubtedly, that Bethelite/Russellite Man was purposefully inserted into the Pittsburgh Post Office for multiple reasons, not the least of which was to facilitate the mailing of certain WatchTower materials at the cheaper/cheapest second-class rate, which should have been charged the higher third-class rate. Pastor Russell likely was motivated to attempt this bolder form of "industrial espionage" against the Post Office only after Russell had already successfully done so in a lessor and more troublesome form. Previously, for 24+ months, Pastor Russell had taken advantage of the conversion to Russellism of the Postmaster of a small, rural Pennsylvania Post Office located about 60 miles outside Allegheny. That Russellite Postmaster had been sufficiently stupid to author, and Russell had been sufficiently egotistical to publish in one of the issues of the WATCHTOWER magazine (Russell's readers were perfectly aware of Russell's ongoing battle with the Post Office, and Russell wanted them to know that he was still somehow sticking it to the Post Office), a Letter from that Postmaster in which he admitted having mailed out 59,000 copies of OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY magazines and other literature for the WatchTower Society within the previous 2+ years -- including mailings to multiple foreign countries.

We assume that readers fully understand the significance of the Post Office to Russell's religion business. Pastor Russell was likely the most hated person at the Pittsburgh Post Office. Almost from the start of his religion business, Pastor Russell and the Post Office began a running battle over rates, and Russell almost always WON -- but Russell did so "by hook or by crook".

When Russell's complaints to the Pittsburgh Postmaster did not get Russell whatever decision that Russell wanted, Russell went over the head of the Pittsburgh Postmaster to the Postmaster-General in Washington D.C. When Russell did not get the decision that he wanted form the Postmaster-General, Russell started mail campaigns in the pages of the WATCHTOWER magazine, in which Russell would provide multiple sample letters for his Russellite followers to copy and mail to the Postmaster-General, then later to their Congressmen and Senators, and eventually even to the President of the United States. When these honest methods failed Russell, Pastor Russell simply CHEATED the Post Office.

Few people familiar with the OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY "magazines" actually understand why they were what they were -- tracts, pamphlets, and booklets of widely varying sizes. What OTQs were -- was a POSTAL RATE SCAM. OTQs were miscellaneous WatchTower literature published in the "disguise" of a regular quarterly "magazine", so that the hoped-for later small quantity orders of such could be mailed out at the CHEAPER/CHEAPEST second-class regular periodical rate, rather than at the higher third-class rate. While the initial mailing of one copy to a subscriber could rightfully be mailed using second-class postage, later mailings of small bulk quantities of original printings and any quantities of later reprints should have been mailed at the higher third-class rate, but they were not.

Pastor Russell pulled the same SCAM with soft-cover DIVINE PLANs and THY KINGDOM COMEs -- despite being repeatedly caught by the Pittsburgh Post Office. Pastor Russell and the Post Officel went back and forth on both these two softcovers and the OTQs, with there being time periods that Russell won out and could legally mail such as second-class matter. However, Pastor Russell continued doing so even during the time periods when such was not legal. Years later, when the Post Office finally permanently stopped mailing these softcover BOOKS out at the cheaper periodical rate, Russell simply stopped publishing the two books as softcovers, and started publishing them in magazine format. That still violated the rules for second-class matter, because such were not part of a regular periodical series, but since the books "looked" like then semi-monthly WATCHTOWER magazines, postal workers never caught on to what Russell was pulling. By then, Pastor Russell had his own personal "secret agent" inside the Pittsburgh Post Office, who would either allow through the improperly classified mailings or warn/tip Russell as how to get such by other Pittsburgh postal employees.

Back in February 1896, the U.S. Attorney General's office had issued this response to an inquiry from the Postmaster-General's office, which was responding to yet another "Appeal" from Pastor Russell of the Pittsburgh Postmaster's refusal to mail certain literature at second-class rates:

"I think you were clearly right in excluding from the mails as second-class matter volumes 1 and 3 of the "Millennial Dawn Series," published by the Tower Publishing Company at Allegheny, Pa., under the title of "Zion's Watch Tower." Those volumes have all the insignia of "books" and not numbers in the series of a periodical publication. Here is a plain attempt to evade the law. Calling these volumes "Special issues of Zion's Watch Tower, representing Nos. 3, 4, 5, vol. 1886, and No. 6, vol. 12, 1891," respectively, does not change their character. They are "books" in every sense of the word, and hence chargeable with the third-class rate of postage. ...

"The company has issued, also, and claims the right to send through the mails at the pound rate what it terms "Extra No. 31, November 1, 1895," of the "Old Theology Quarterly;" ... which is beyond question a circular only, and should be charged with the third-class rate of postage. This is a more palpable evasion of the law than the volumes above mentioned. This circular calls these volumes "books," and is manifestly intended to advertise them to the public. ... ."

We don't know what happened, but after receiving this Advisory Opinion from the U.S. Attorney General's office, the Postmaster-General ignored such and granted Russell his Appeal. However, there were unknown events which years later caused this decision to be reversed. Russell eventually stopped his Appeals and his Letter writing campaigns, and instead, Russell initiated "industrial espionage" -- first with his own out-of-town Postmaster, and then more conveniently, with his own local Postal Clerk. After all, the"Faithful and Discreet Slave" ALWAYS got his way -- either by HOOK, or by CROOK. (See our RUSSELL FINANCIAL BIOGRAPHY and our RUSSELL DIVORCE.)



Beginning in 1912, Pastor Russell oversaw numerous different secret operations scattered across the United States which related to Russell's ongoing overall secret production of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION. In 1912, the operation of the different brands and the different kinds of newfangled motion projection equipment was complicated and dangerous, and at least in NYC, required proper electrical training and licensing. One former Brooklyn Bethelite later revealed the "secret" assignments of multiple different Bethelites who together played one role in the overall production of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION.
Rather than simply sending Brooklyn Bethelites, or even local NYC Russellites, to obtain the required legal training and licensing necessary for the operation of motion projection equipment, Pastor Russell turned this facet of the PHOTO-DRAMA's production into a "secret agent" operation. Pastor Russell individually approached a number of his mechanically-minded male Brooklyn Bethelite volunteers and informed that Bethelite that he was being given a "secret" and "confidential" assignment. Without disclosing what he was doing to other Brooklyn Bethelites, that Bethelite was to travel daily from Brooklyn into New Jersey(where operation of motion projection equipment apparently was not regulated), and obtain employment in a motion picture theater. There, as quickly as possible, the Bethelite was to worm their way into learning how to operate the theater's motion projection equipment. Other Bethelite "secret agents" followed due to the fact that there were different brands and kinds of motion projection equipment, and discovering what brand/kind of equipment best suited Russell's needs was part of the spying operation.
Once those Bethelites became experienced projectionists, the best two were ordered to write a training manual and develop a training curriculum in order to establish a "secret" training academy at WatchTower HQ. Several dozen Bethelites were eventually trained, and managed to obtain proper NYC licenses. Then, because Russell had yet to determine what brand/kind of equipment to purchase, Pastor Russell sent out those Bethelites to obtain jobs at movie theaters scattered around NYC, not only in order to gain more experience with the various brands, but so that Russell could visit them while they were working in the projection booths in order to evaluate the different brands/kinds of equipment.
Notably, one of Pastor Russell's Bethelite "secret agents" outshined the others -- with Russell "promoting" him to more and more responsibility in the PHOTO-DRAMA project. A decade later, "Judge" Rutherford chose that same "secret agent", who was by-then a WatchTower Pilgrim, to headup one of Rutherford's major "secret agent" operations. In 1924, Henry P. Drey was given the lead responsibility for what is still today -- in this 21st century -- one of the WatchTower Society's "best-kept" secrets from the U.S. Government and the general public.

***************************                                  ***************************



Genuine XJW activists, have you never wondered why the vast majority of forecasted "guaranteed victories" against the Cult which included significant assistance from XJW activists turned out to be a marginal victory at best -- if not a loss? Have you never wondered why certain "assured situations" produced and managed by XJW activists turned out as if the Cult had been secretly listening to what was going on behind the scenes? Have you never wondered why questionable if not doubtful copyright violations are routinely removed by Cult Legal, when other undoubtedly and unquestionably ongoing copyright violations go unbothered? Have you never wondered why easily terminated and/or easily bankrupted host websites of regular copyright violations are permitted to exist for years? Have you never wondered why OUR SISTER WEBSITES, which are the BEST SOURCES EVER for WatchTower Cult hidden history, are quietly blackballed behind the scenes by some prominent "apostates" and their "teams" of ***sycophants -- including what has become the XJW community's most popular website. Such is no surprise to us, since we have long known that the WatchTower Cult itself has controlled the XJW community for decades. (***Many such XJW sycophants could care less since their "leader" supports those suckup-ophants' own deviant lifestyle and satanic goals. Other XJW sycophants are simply FOOLS -- too ignorant and too unintelligent to understand what is occurring.)
Approximately two decades ago, during a S.A.D., this Editor, who was then a hard-nosed ***"koolaid-drinker"***, but who had no assigned duties at that S.A.D., was specifically tracked down out of the audience and asked to personally take care of the "security" situation at an entrance where it was feared that outside "apostate" protesters were going to attempt to enter the Assembly Hall. Of course, nothing happened. Those "apostates" protested peacefully, legally, and apparently successfully. Thereafter, during a conversation with an "Anointed Elder" regarding that "security" situation, this Editor brought up their own personal concerns to that AnointedElder regarding the Society's seeming inattention to the activities of "apostates" in general. AnointedElder showed no sign of concern whatsoever regarding this Editor's concerns, and when I persisted, AnointedElder told me to relax and that he would share something with me that I could never disclose to anyone. (***In 1995, at the WatchTower District Convention, while the Sunday afternoon closing talk was ongoing, this Editor stood up, chewed out, and shamed portions of two upper arena sections for talking, making noise, and generally disrespecting the Governing Body Member who was delivering that talk; and no, I was not an "Attendant".)

AnointedElder declared that the Governing Body looked to the Bible for direction for everything that it did as "Jehovah's organization" -- including how it dealt with "apostates" and other opposers. AnointedElder asked me if I did not recall how Jehovah had directed both Moses and Joshua to use MULTIPLE EMBEDDED INFILTRATORS to SPY on "Jehovah's enemies". Further pointing out that Joseph, Daniel, and other faithful servants of Jehovah had been placed in high positions of responsibility within governments opposed to Jehovah and His people, AnointedElder then went on to allege that the Society not only had been INFILTRATING various "apostate" groups FOR DECADES, but even alleged that the Society had managed to maneuver (how?) some of those INFILTRATORS into LEADERSHIP POSITIONS within some "apostate" groups. (How would a new "apostate" spy QUICKLY gain the trust of the XJW community, and how would a new "apostate" spy QUICKLY ascend to prominence within the XJW community -- besides their being endorsed by already imbedded prominent "apostate" spies and their teams of online half-wit sycophants?) AnointedElder alleged that through those PROMINENT APOSTATE LEADERS that the Society manipulated, if not controlled, much of the agenda and activities of its' "apostate" opposers. AnointedElder further explained that if any one of us individual JWs outside of HQ were to interfere with an "apostate" group's activities, then we very well might be unwittingly interfering with or even countering one of the Society's own schemes.
SIDEBAR: Only one year after Charles Taze Russell had put down the 1894 WatchTower Headquarters Rebellion, "Pastor" Russell was faced with an EVEN MORE SIGNIFICANT AND DANGEROUS SCHISM -- INTERESTINGLY, although well documented, and thus easily discovered "schism", a schism which has received ZERO COVERAGE from the decades-long train of supposed "apostate" WatchTower historians -- alive and dead -- on whom the "apostate" community has relied without question to keep "apostates" informed about all of the WatchTower Cult's secret baggage. WHY? Continue reading to discover the HIGHLIGHT of that schism which the WatchTower Society had every reason to make absolutely certain was kept a SECRET from its' "apostate" opposers for as long as possible. Give 'em a dime, and hope that pacifies them sufficiently to keep them from looking for the dollar that is left hidden.

In 1892, "Pastor" Russell's personal secretary, Ulysses Morrow, had left the Watch Tower Society due to doctrinal differences, and had founded in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, a second "Second Adventist" magazine named THE HERALD OF GLAD TIDINGS. In early 1895, Ulysses Morrow became a follower of Cyrus Teed and his Koreshan Unity cult. By Spring 1895, Morrow was spreading Cyrus Teed's teachings amongst the growing crowd of former Russellites living in and around Pittsburgh. (Notably, just like Charles Taze Russell, Cyrus Teed claimed to be a successor to William Miller, rather than a follower.)

By Summer 1895, Teed and Morrow were openly challenging "Pastor" Russell and his teachings in the Pittsburgh newspapers. Russell initially ignored attempts by the Pittsburgh newspapers to draw him into the fray. However, after Teed and Morrow began having some success in drawing active Russellites to their meetings,"Pastor" Russell evidently decided that he needed to "infiltrate" his up-until-then insignificant competition, so as to gain accurate inside "intelligence".

Russell's chosen SPY easily infiltrated the welcoming group of former Russellites. However, Russell and his INFILTRATOR made an easy mistake -- a mistake which likely has been long remembered at WatchTower HQ. Russell and his INFILTRATOR over did it. Within only a matter of weeks, Russell's INFILTRATOR seemingly had done such a good job of infiltrating the group, including endearing themself to the local cultists, and gaining their trust, that when the Koreshan Unity cult decided to legally incorporate its' Pittsburgh Branch in June 1895, Russell's INFILTRATOR was elected corporate "PRESIDENT".

That organizational meeting had occurred on a Sunday. On Monday, one of the ELDERS in Russell's Allegheny congregation, whom also was a prominent Pittsburgh businessman, learned that local newspapers were reporting that his WIFE was now "President" of the Pittsburgh branch of Koreshan Unity, which was targeting for its own membership followers of the Watch Tower Society. Probably at Russell's insistence, Husband hurried to the newspapers and attempted "damage control". Husband told the Pittsburgh newspapers that his WIFE had attended only four Koreshan Unity meetings; that she had done so merely as an "investigator"; and that she had not even been present at the organizational meeting where she had been elected "President"without her knowledge or consent. Husband further related that his WIFE denied any connection whatsoever to the Koreshan Unity, and that she totally repudiated Cyrus Teed and his teachings.
Russell's fumbled attempt to secretly infiltrate the local branch of the Koreshan Unity only lent credibility to the cult amongst his own followers. By September 1895, as many as six dozen former and current Russellites were attending local meetings of the Koreshan Unity. That included at least two prominent Bethelites -- James and Elizabeth Weimar -- whom Russell promptly disfellowshipped. (Notably, the Weimars had played a leading role in helping Russell to crush the 1894 WatchTower HQ Rebellion.)

Given that that was the 1890s, it is especially interesting that Russell decided on a FEMALE as the person best suited for the job of infiltrating, deceiving, and spying on the very people whom best knew the internal workings of Russell and his cult. (See Page 2 of this section for instances where Charles Taze Russell used MALE spies and infiltrators on outside targets.)
In the latter 1990s, not long after this Editor exited the Cult, a prominent XJW oldtimer cautioned this Editor about communicating personal/private information to other XJWs -- even prominent XJWs with unquestionable credentials and track record. XJW oldtimer never mentioned that the XJW community might have been infiltrated by HQ's SPIES, but given what I had been told by AnointedElder only a few years earlier, it was obvious to me what was occurring when XJW oldtimer warned me that"everything of significance" within the XJW community seemed to somehow find its way back to WatchTower HQ.

Of course, that was pre-internet times. Now, the internet is the Society's biggest enemy -- or is it? How difficult is it to adapt strategies, tactics, and plans to the now more dispersed individual "apostates" and the fewer and smaller organized "apostate" groups? Some "things" may be more difficult, while other "things" may even be easier. In fact, nothing has done a better job for the Society of culling "undesirables" from its membership than the internet -- with those "culls" thereafter being used as easily-manipulated "tools" by the Cult's infiltrators(The primary, longterm function of these super-intelligent infiltrators is the collecting and reporting of information helpful to the Cult. Misdirection, disruption, and erosion of the Cult's opposition are merely opportunistic, ancillary activities, which these infiltrators would never intentionally allow singularly or cumulatively to "blow their cover".) The Society's recent full embrace of the internet proves that the Society has secretly long considered the internet to be a "blessing" -- despite how the internet will continue to occasionally be portrayed to the rank-n-file.

Three guesses as to which demographic group of XJWs that Cult HQ has most successfully "used" for its own purposes for decades. It's the same morally-deficient demographic group that is infamous for having been successfully exploited for centuries by government spy agencies. (Do you recall being shocked nearly a decade ago, when for promotional purposes, Cult HQ made the mis-step of openly working hand-in-hand with persons of that demographic group whom even had past JW ties??? The Cult temporarily allowed its guard to drop in that too-public instance because working with former JWs of that demographic group had become routine after decades of having done so behind the scenes.) Has the XJW community never stopped to wonder why XJWs of that demographic group waste even one second of their future fighting against the Cult after their forced exit? The Cult is NEVER going to accept them back. No subgroup of XJWs have a clearer path to a Cult-free future than persons of that demographic group. Forget JWs. Move on. No, XJWs of that demographic group simply take up another "cause" -- forcing the acceptance of their deviant lifestyle down the throats of other XJWs. If XJWs will watch closely, they will see that many of the "back-stabbing bitches" whom make up that demographic group spend more time fighting against XJWs not accepting of their lifestyle than they do fighting against the Cult itself. XJWs of that demographic group do not merely sew seeds of discord within the general XJW community. No, they have erected a barrier separating those XJWs not accepting of their deviant lifestyle from XJWs who are accepting of their deviant lifestyle. Pick a side, and if you dare pick the wrong side, there will be hell to pay. Who do XJWs suppose benefits from this fracturing of the XJW community? Who do XJWs think are the "handlers" of these "tools"?

Read this LOSER July 2017 Canadian court decision which will define the XJW community and XJW child custody contest issues for decades to come with judges, lawyers, and others. WatchTower HQ is still celebrating. Read the decision thoroughly. Use pen and paper to record the "positives" and "negatives" for both the JW side and the XJW side. Anyone who finds ANY expectation -- reasonable or unreasonable -- that the JWs might possibly lose this case, please forward your argument to us for our personal education.

Lastly, I find it unbelievable that this next point should even have to be made to intelligent, educated people 2017. Three guesses as to which type of specialized XJW website that Cult HQ and its infiltrators are most thankful for making their job of monitoring the XJW community over the past 20 years simpler, easier, and more successful. It is these same specialized XJW websites which kowtow to the aforementioned morally-deficient demographic group which tolerates no person whom is unaccepting of their deviant lifestyle. These specialized XJW websites are the ones where innocent and naive first-time JW questioners of Cult teachings and practices quickly run headfirst into the very "god-hating" "moral degenerates" whom the Cult has long warned its' JW members make up the world of former Jehovah's Witnesses.

It is some of these same constantly-online, god-denying moral degenerates whom send first-time JW questioners scampering back to "mother" whom have the temerity to continuously condemn Convention and Kingdom Hall protesting for supposedly feeding the paranoia of active Jehovah's Witnesses. Ever wonder why certain constantly-online "apostates" continuously discourage those anti-WatchTower "warriors" who havebthe courage to protest at conventions and Kingdom Halls when many of us still recall the first protest message that we ever saw: 1-800-WHY-1914?

XJWs who publicly condemn protesters are either FOOLS or cult spies and their halfwit sycophants. Even those protesters whom do things which we don't approve (commit felonies - minor misdemeanors okay), at a minimum, burst the psychological bubble of invincibility which surrounds JW attendees -- especially the elders and ministerial servants, and their "royal" families. Claiming that such protesters even have an overall "positive" effect on JW attendees is simply ignorant, stupid, or probably something worse.

Ever wonder why some online "apostates" continuously waste people's internet time with half-witted nonsense about "beards" or the lack of "windows" in KHs, or other obvious low-IQ nonsense? Ever wonder why there are literally dozens if not hundreds of poorly edited opposition websites clogging up GOOGLE that accomplish nothing but wasting researchers' time by doing nothing more than duplicating the EXACT SAME CONTENT of other opposition websites? All of this is a drip-drip-drip against the XJW movement by cult infiltrators and their halfwit sycophants.

In November 2017, a "thread" posted on what is now the largest EXJW discussion forum (EXJW-SODOMITES.COM) perfectly illustrates our point. A thread was started to notify readers about the WatchTower Cult's annual recruitment in Canada and the USA of Jewish speaking JWs who can ILLEGALLY travel to Israel in February - March 2018 to serve as ILLEGAL proselytizers. One poster took the time to find what was likely an ultra-orthodox Jewish organization located in Israel to whom could be forwarded notification and proof of the WatchTower Cult's ILLEGAL proselytizing campaign. Quickly, a probable SODOMITE poster quashed that idea because Sodomite Poster believed the suggested ultra-orthodox Jewish organization located in Israel was "fundamentalist" and "extremist" -- specifically, the Israeli group was ANTI-SODOMITE. SODOMITE POSTER instead recommended the contacting of a PRO-SODOMITE Jewish organization located in Los Angeles*** -- as if they could do anything about illegal WatchTower Missionaries infiltrating Israel. Just as quickly, the previous poster DELETED their post and "idea", while "thanking" the FOOL for "its" great advice. No other reader on that large forum had the guts to speak up about this absurdity!!! Who cares if the Israeli group is ANTI-SODOMITE? The suggestion to "sic" that Israeli group onto the WatchTower Cult and its illegal missionaries has NOTHING to do with how that Israeli group feels about Sodomites. This is a perfect example of EXJW Sodomites not only choosing pro-sodomite activism over anti-WatchTower activism, but essentially stopping anti-WatchTower activism in favor of pro-sodomite activism. That very same EXJW discussion forum blackballs our two websites because of our position that EXJW Sodomites should keep separate their campaign against the WatchTower Cult and their pro-sodomites campaign -- or, simply move on with their immoral, deviant lives. (***Its just like the SUPPOSED Christian Family Reality Television series which ACTUALLY is owned/operated by SODOMITES. Every caterer, physician, dog-trainer, "new friend", etc., etc. selected to appear as "guest stars" on the program are LOCAL SODOMITES, as undoubtedly is every supplier and subcontractor used by the production company. An entire SODOMITE community is getting rich "using" a family of hell-bound FAKE CHRISTIANS wearing rainbow flags just so they can eat the sodomites' leftovers.)

These specialized XJW websites are not only used by Cult HQ, but are and have since their inception both monitored and infiltrated by both American and international law enforcement agencies, as well as by American and international non-governmental Human Rights organizations which have both used and supported the WatchTower Cult for decades. Simply take a look at April 2017 postings. Even prior to April 2017, we regularly spotted NGO infiltrators on these specialized XJW websites by watching for them to post and promote "talking points" from recent NGO mailings. One NGO in particular has inserted agents -- both former JWs and never-were JWs -- inside the activist XJW community to make certain that its own agents control the direction of the XJW community, including but not limited to, countering as much as possible any effort by XJWs to reverse themselves on their previous anti-American Flag and anti-National Anthem positions. That NGO, which has a foot planted in each camp, cares nothing about JWs nor XJWs. It cares only about how it can use both JWs and EXJWs to meet its own anti-American goals of stomping out the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and standing for the National Anthem(These JERKS current anti-Pledge, anti-Flag, and anti-Anthem campaigns which attempt to equate civil rights protests with pissing on the Flag, Pledge, and Anthem should demonstrate to EXJWs to what lengths these JERKS will go to -- and have gone to for decades. These issues may seem relatively inconsequential to most of us, even former JWs, but to these JERKS, the 100 year anniversary of their ongoing fight is almost here. See LINK posted above.)

Finally, anti-cult activists must understand the principals of "amputation" and "insurance", as applied to this topic, to understand this warning. It is ALWAYS better to go ahead and sacrifice a small "asset" of your own choosing when doing so will sustain assets of much greater quality and/or quantity. Is a current small loss worth the potential future gain --especially when the small loss is inevitable? It's simply a matter of weighing the values and weighing the odds. Spending a dime today beats spending a dollar next week.

For those whom still don't get it, a genuine lengthy track record of anti-cultism can be owned by an infiltrator as much as by a genuine XJW activist. Review their work. Are they regularly and continuously bringing something NEW to the fight, or do they decade-in and decade-out simply re-work, re-hash, and duplicate the same tired decades-old material, which they understand does not and never did accomplish anything of significance against the Cult? We can spot these people miles off. NGO agents can be spotted miles off. Law enforcement infiltrators can be spotted miles off. Wake up, folks!!!

2022 UPDATE!!!! Well, its actually November 2021, but WatchTower HQ just sacrificed the identity of one of its active double-agents in an attempt to gain intelligence from the XJW community to help them put out their latest fire. Everything stated above held accurate. At this late date, any XJW gathering/distributing sensitive insider info should be assumed to be one of WatchTower HQ's "12 spies".

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